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									                                                      Obituary Search
For a $5 fee the Burlington Public Library staff will search our local newspapers for an obituary. A complete date of death
(month, day, and year) is required for this search. We will search the date you provide plus a maximum of 5 additional days.

If we locate an obituary, we will mail you a copy and provide full documentation for the article. If no such item is found, we will
inform you as to what newspaper was searched and for which dates. To continue the search, you may want to contact the Des
Moines Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 493, Burlington, IA 52601 or email them at dmcgs@ You are also welcome
to come to the Burlington Public Library to viewthe microfilm at no charge. Copies from microfilm are 25 cents per page.

Please send your payment (checks or money orders can be made out to the Burlington Public Library) along with this completed
form to:

                                                    Burlington Public Library
                                                        210 Court Street
                                                     Burlington, IA 52601

                                                      Obituary Search

Name of deceased: _______________________________________________________

Date of death (month, day, year): ___________________________

Any special circumstances of death (optional): ________________________________________________________


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