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A Weekly Review of Social and Cultural Activities
During the Winter Resort Season
Entered us second-class matter January 8, 1937, at the Post Office, at Winter Park, Fin., under Act of March &, 1897.

Vol. 18-No. 5

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George A. Brett

Begum Ago Khan Raza

John Haynes Holmes

Thomas S. Matthews

Pioneer Air Corps Pilot-

Leads Pakistan Women

Liberal Churchman

Time's Editor

Merrill C. Meigs Bigtime Publisher

Horace Newman

Shiekh Turned Broker

Basil Rathbone Suave Star

Larry LeSueur

Te Ata
Chickasaw Ambassadress

Charles Percy

Reported London's Blitz

Youthful Executive

Foreword 1. 2. Leading Editorial .: President of Rollins Collego Paul Alexander Wagner Thomas S. Matthews Editor, Time Magazine Human Understanding in American Industry Charles H. Percy President, Bell and Howell Company 3. Allah Be With You. , Horace Newman French Foreign Legion and Sheikh of the Sidi-el-Hanl Tribe 4. A Report on Conditions at Lackland Airfield _. Merrill C. Meigs Vice-President, Hearst Corporation 5: Sports Page .Leo Durocher Manager, New York Giants 6. Potentiality of Air Power Related to U. S. Military Policy ... General George H. Brett U. S. Army Air Force, Retired 7. The Magic of the Theatre Basil Rathbone Noted Star of Stage, Screen and Radio Advertising Insert Edwin Osgood Grover Publisher and Vice-President of Rollins College . '• The entire proceeds from this "Advertising Insert" will be devoted to the Rollins College Scholarship Fund 8. Cartoon Strip ... Roy Crane Author of Cartoon Strip "Buz Sawyer" 9. Nehru, America and the War in the East Rev. John Haynes Holmes Pastor Emeritus, Community Church of New York City 10. The United Nations in The World Crisis Larry LeSueur News Analyst, Columbia Broadcasting System 11. Civil Aviation for Defense ....Donald W . Nyrop Administrator, Civil Aeronautics Authority 12. Can Communism Be Stopped in the East .......Begum Aga Khan Raza Pakistan Political Leader 13. Hawaii and Our Future in the Pacific Joseph R. Farrington Congressional Delegate from Hawaii and Publisher of Honolulu Star Bulletin 14. Along the Moccasin Trail Te Ata : American Indian Folklore Interpreter

THOMAS S. MATTHEWS Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of Rt, Kev. Paul Matthews, retired Episcopal bishop of New Jersey and a well-known Winter Park resident. Attended Princeton (B.A. 1922) and Oxford University. Became staff member of New Republic in 1925. Left post as Associate Editor in 1929 to go to Time, Inc. Was appointed Edi'or, the post he now holds, in 1950. Author of two books: "To the Gallows I Must Go,", 1931; and "The Moon's No Fool," 1936. 1951 Animated Magazine Comes to Life on Sunday Rollins College will publish the 24th edition of its famed Animated Magazine Sunday, Feb. 25 at 2:30 P.M. as a highlight of the Founder's Week celebration. As in ihe past, "the magazine that comes alive" yirill be published in the Sandspur Bowl directly behind ihe Administration Building. CHARLES PERCY Born in Chicago. Worked way (Continued on Page 2)

"Editor" Paul A. Wagner

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vertising director of the Chicago Evening American from 1918 to through high school and the Uni- '26. Served three years as publishversity of Chicago where he was er of the Chicago Herald and Exclassmate of another young man aminer and then an equal stint as going places—Rollins Prexy Paul vice president of the American Wagner. Percy got to his destina- Weekly. Has been publisher of the tion in 1948 by becoming president Chicago American since 1933. of Bell and Howell (camera manu- Took leave oil absence during facturers) at the tender age of 29— World War II to serve as chief of the youngest head of a major in- the aircraft section of the War dustrial firm in the United States. Production Board. Now a vice He achieved this distinction just president of the Hearst Corporaas he achieved his education, by tion. "working his way through." And GENERAL GEORGE BRETT when he made it to the top, the Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Gradunumber two man on his manage- ated from Virginia Military Instiment team was his college friend, in 1909. Commissioned Sec• Paul Wagner. The U. S. Junior tute Lieutenant with the Philipond Chamber of Commerce elected pine Scouts in 1910. In 1916 bePercy one of the 10 outstanding came 23rd army officer to qualify young business executives of 1950. as a pilot. Served overseas with Aviation Section of Signal Corps HORACE NEWMAN Bom in Danville, 111. Attended for 13 months in World War I. from Air Corps TactiNorthwestern University and the Graduated in 1928. Had command School Sorbonne in Paris. Took part in cal Crissy Field, San Francisco, Raven-Hart expedition to the of Field, and Land of the Hogar in the South- Patterson Field, Dayton, Ohio, 1941 Michigan. In Central Sahara Desert in 1930-31. Selfridge Chief of the Army Air While on trek met Ettri galah, son became Corps. as deputy comof the Caid of the Susa—Ettri mander Served British General Sir under Bouraii, Joined the French For- Archibald Wavell in the Southeign Legion and was discharged west Pacific area in after being wounded in action taking part in Java January, 1942, campaign. On during the spring of '32. Went to 1, went to Australia to be live with the Caid in Susa where Marchchief of the American forces he was appointed Sheikh of the ecme in that country. Upon arrival Sidi-el-Hani Tribe. Returned to then of General MacArthur he assumed the U. S. in Pall of '33 after being command of the Allied air forces awarded LaMedaille Militaire and operating in the Southwest Pacific. the • Nizam d'Ifte Kar—the only Returned to the United States in decoration of this type ever to be August, 1942, to be appointed given to a legionnaire by the commanding general of the CaribTunisian government. Now a real bean Defense Commission and estate broker in Orlando. Panama CanalDepartment, a post he served until October, 1945, MERRILL C. MEIGS when he retired as Lieutenant Born in Malcom, Iowa. Attended General. He holds the DistinMarshalltown Business College guished Service Medal for his acand the University of Chicago complishments as U. S. member of C05-'06), Climaxed an early career War Councils and among other in advertising by serving as ad-

honors won a Presidential Citation for the New Guinea campaign. He now lives in Winter Park. BASIL RATHBONE Bprn in Johannesburg, South Africa, of English, Scotch and Irish heritage. Attended Repton School in England before beginning stage career at the age of 18. During his stay with the Sir Frank Benson Company he played some 47 roles in 22 Shakespearean plays. He first visited this country with the Benson players in 1912, but Broadway most remembers him at a later date when he was the first star to introduce Shakespeare-In-the-Round to the Great White Way with his performance as Cassius in "Julius Caesar." Halted dramatic career to serve with the Liverpool Scottish Regiment in World War I and received military cross. Upon his return from battlefields he created the role of Peter Ibbetson, one of his most famous. Rathbone's first appearance on Broadway was in 1922 playing opposite Doris Keane in "The Czarina." He climaxed a long line of stellar roles with his memorable characterization of Dr. Sloper in "The Heiress." Last appeared in the 1950 production of Aldous Huxley's "The Gioconda Smile." Motion picture goers will ' remember Rathbone in such hits as "David Oopperfield" and "Anna Karenina." Radio listeners enjoyed his portrayal of the famous British detective in the "Sherlock Holmes" series. Record lovers are

hailing his brilliant narration of "Masterpieces of Literature" as a collector's items. ROY CRANE Spent childhood in Sweetwater, Texas, and the "three happiest years of his life" as a sophomore at Texas U. Was drawing pictures before he could read or write and has kept on at a financially rewarding pace ever since. After stint as perennial sophomore, worked way to Europe as ordinary seaman on tramp freighter. Returned stateside to get job as "combination office boy and car-

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ORANGE AVENUE - ORLANDO Deliveries to Winter Park toonist" on the New York World. After two years joined the NE_A and started the cartoon strip "Captain Easy" in Cleveland, Ohio, inking in its daily adventures for 19 years. In 1943, Crane moved to King Features and launched a new cartoon strip "Buz Sawyer" which appears in several hundred U. S. papers and startles its author every once in awhile by turning up with Finnish, Swedish or Spanish subtitles. Crane is a resident of Orlando. JOHN HAYNES HOLMES Born in Philadelphia. Attended Harvard (S.T.B. '04), Jewish Institute of Keligion (D.D, '30), St. Lawrence University ('31) and Meadville-Theological School ('45). Ordained a minister of the Unitarian Church in 1904 and in 1907 was installed as pastor of the Community Church of New York, a post he held for the better part of a half-century. He soon, became an acknowledged leader in the fight against two of society's greatest evils, War and Prejudice. Served as vice president of the National Association for Advancement of Colored People and chairman of the board of the American Civil Liberties Union since 1939.

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Has been president of the All In Orlando on Patio from 120 N. Orange & 35 W. Washington World Gandhi Fellowship for two Excellent parking in rear Closed Saturdays at 1 p.m. decades and during the 30's headed the War Resisters League. In 1933, Dr. Holmes was awarded the after the start of World War II, he to become Gottheil medal for service to Jews, joined the Columbia Broadcasting mortar board Aeronautics attorney Authorfour years after a special mission System giving on-the-scene ac- for the Civil to. the to Palestine. Meanwhile Dr. counts of the blitz of London and ity. Was executive officer he left chairman of the CAB when Holmes' writings on religious sub- the swaying tide of battle for Mos- to go on duty with the Air Transjects gained international fame. cow and Stalingrad. LeSueur re- port Command in September, 1942. Among his most noted books are: turned to New York in 1943 to Was released in 1946 with the "Religion for Today," "New Wars write a more detailed Lt, Col, and the Legion of for Old," "Is Violence the Way his experiences in account of rank ofNyrop then)joined the Air the book Out" and the "Grail of Life." He "Twelve Months that Changed the Merit. Transport Association was the co-author of a play pro- World." But he was back on the in international policy specializing matters. duced by the N. Y. Theatre Guild firing line the following year, wad- '46 and '47, he was a member In in 1935 entitled, "If This Be Trea- ing in with the troops on the Nor- the United States delegation of to son." His hymns are sung by mandy Beachhead on D-Day, the International Civil Aviation church choirs in the United States, broadcasting the first news of the Organization, Was appointed England and Japan. Dr. Holmes liberation of Paris and finally be- Deputy Administrator of the Civil left the Unitarian fold in 1919 and ing chosen as official eye witness Aeronautics Authority in 1048 and since that time has been non-sec- of the final surrender of the Ger- was named Administrator in Septarian. man High Command, After the tember, 1950. war, LeSueur covered the infant LARRY LESUEUR BEGUM AGA KHAN HAZA United Nations and won the PeaA Third Generation newsman, body award • for his excellent The noted young woman leader born in New York City where his analysis of diplomatic news in of the new state of Pakistan is of father served on the staff of the 1949. Persian descent and grew up in Herald-Tribune, Before the ink Singapore. She studied English exdried on his N. Y. U. diploma DONALD W. NYROP tensively during her college years (class of '32), LeSueur joined the Born in Elgin, Nebraska. Re- and is equally fluent in the Malay, staff of the United Press which ceived B.A. Degree from Doane Persian and the Urdu tongue. She used his by-line on such top stories College in his home state in 1934 taught in a Christian Missionary as the Lindberg case and the burn- and his LL.B. from George Wash- School and later worked in press ing of the Hindenburg. Shortly ing University in 1939. Doffed his (Continued on Page 14)

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WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1951 interesting events which take place during the season, Mr. and Mrs. J, Cameron Aspley, of 980 Lincoln Circle," have had as their guests Dr. and Mrs. Louis G. Hoffman, of Glencoe, 111., who have now taken an apartment at the Eola Plaza in Orlando. Also visiting the Aspleys were Mr. and Mrs. George K. Bauer, of Wilmette, 111., who came up from Sarasota where they are staying. Dr. and Mrs, Henry C. Link are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Freeman, 1170 Washington Ave. This morning (Fri, Feb. 23), Dr. Link will speak before Professor Freeman's class in advertising at Rollins College. He is the author of "Return to Religion," "The Rediscovery of Man" and numerous other books. /"Mrs. Link is a poetess of note. • : Walter Hirshberg, who has just finished at. Harvard, arrived for a short visit this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Hirshberg before he leaves to join the armed forces. Accompanying him south were John and Garry Blake, of Wellesley Hills, Mass., who have been visiting in Palm Bsach. Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Phillips, of East Winter Park Rd. have as their guests for three weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Earle Briggs and son Charles, of Norwood, Mass. Mr. Briggs is a candy manufacturer with headquarters in Cambridge. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Gillette, of Pelham, N. H, with their two children have returned North after a week's visit with Mr, Gillette's aunt, Mrs. Sidney W. Haley, and Mr. Haley, of 900 Palmer Avenue, Dr. A. A. Knapp and his daughter, Miss Mary Knapp are; motoring this week to Babson Park to visit Dr. and Mrs. Palmer T. Hogenson. Dr. Hogenson, formerly of Washington, D, C, is president of Webber College at Babson Park and, with his wife, will come to Winter Park this weekend to be guests of Dr. Knapp and his daughter over the Animated Magazine. Mr. Sherman T. Smith, of Toronto, Canada, came yesterday to visit over the weekend with

Social Notes
President and Mrs. Wagner's house guests over the Animated Magazine will include two of the contributors, Senator Paul Douglas and Mr. Charles Percy. The latter will be accompanied by his wile. Also here for the festivities will be Dr. Wagner's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Wagner, of Chicago, and a girlhood friend of Mrs. Paul Wagner, Miss Charlirie Osgood, former actress, now a fashion designer of New York. Members of the Board of Trustees of Rollins College, with their wives, will be guests of President and Mrs, Wagner at a buffet luncheon on Monday following convocation. On Sunday, the contributors to the 'Magazine" will be guests at a luncheon on the terrace of the President's house. Mrs. Elizabeth Irwin, of St. Joseph, Mich,, has leased Col. Falkenau's house at 1841 Englewood Avenue for the season and has with her her brother, Mr. Edward Salisbury. Mrs. Irwin has been confined to the house by illness almost since her arrival here, so it is hoped that she will soon be able to enjoy the many

Weekend Events Siill to Come Friday, February 23 2:00 p.m.—Acceptance Ceremony of first Rollins class bell. In front of Alumni House. 3:30 p.m.—Rollins Crew Races. Lake Maitland. 4:30 p.m.—Conservatory Student Recital. Woman's Club. 8:15 p.m.—"Harvey." Annie Russell Theatre. 8:15 p.m.—"Her Husband's Wife." Fred Stone Theatre. 8:30 p.m.—Central Florida Symphony Orchestra Concert. High School Auditorium. Saturday, February 24—Alumni Day 12:15 p.m.—Alumni Luncheon. Rollins Center. 2:00 p.m.—Rededication of Knowles Hall. 2:30 p.m.—"Harvey." Annie Russell Theatre. 2:45 p.m.—Cornerstone Ceremonies for Mills Memorial Library. The Horseshoe. 4:00 p.m.—Gay 90's Tea. Henry Mowbray, host. 442 Chase Avenue. 4:00 p.m.—Open House for visiting Alumni. Alumni Club. 8:15 p.m.—Formal Opening of Polynesian Art Exhibit. Morse Gallery. 8:15 p.m.—"Harvey." Annie Russell Theatre. 8:15 p.m.—-"Her Husband's Wife." Fred Stone Theatre. 9:00 p.m.—Plantation Ball for Rollins students and alumni. Orange Court, Orlando. Sunday, February 25 9:45 a.m.—Homecoming Service. Knowles Chapel. Guest speaker, Dr. John Haynes Holmes. 2:30 p.m.—Rollins Animated Magazine. Sandspur Bowl. 8:15 p.m.—Concert by Central Florida Symphony with Rollins Student soloists. (Open to Rollins students, faculty and alumni.) Annie Russ;ll Theatre. Monday, February 26 10:00 a.m.—Mid-winter Convocation. Knowles Chapel. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Quarrie of Park Avenue North, and will continue on to Miami next weak. Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Holmes, of Douglaston, L. L, were in Winter Park this week to visit briefly with their friends of long standing, Mrs, John More and her daughter, Mrs. Charlotte More Melony, of 780 Bonita Drive, The party all dined together with other friends, Mr, and Mrs. Herbert S. Hirshberg of 788 Bonita Dr. on Monday evening. Mrs. Meloney's daughter married Robert Hirshberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hirshberg. "Bob" is director of the program review for the E.C.A. Mission in Greece and Mrs. Meloney has just recently returned from visiting them in Athens. Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Phillips, Jr., have visiting them Mr, and Mrs. Fred Malchoff, of Lyons, N. Y. The Malchoffs are extensive growers of apples and cherries.
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DOUGLAS, MATTHEWS TO SPEAK AT CONVOCATION Illinois Senator Paul H. Douglas and Thomas S. Matthews, editor of Time Magazine, will give the main addresses at the Mid-Winter Con-

118 Greeneda Court
9:30 a.m. Admission will be by ticket only until 9:50 when the public will be admitted. Honorary degrees will be presented to three outstanding Americans by President Paul Wagner assisted by Dr. Royal France, Dr. Nathan C. Starr and Dr. Paul FenIon. The Reverend Theodore Darrah, dean of the Chapel, will award the Sullivan Medallion. Robert Kee will be at the console of the organ and the Chapel Choir will sing under the direction of Harvey Woodruff. The Rev. William Abbott Constable, associate professor of English and pastor of the Orlando Unitarian Church, will offer the invocation,

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Monday, Feb. 26 at 8:15 p.m.
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REDEDICATION OF KNOWLES HALL SATURDAY On Saturday, Feb. 24th, there will be another ceremony marking a milestone of Rollins . . . the rededication of the renovated Science Building, Knowles Hall. Dr. Eugene Randolph Smith will speak for the Rollins Trustees, Dr. Paul A. Vestal for the science division, President Wagner for the SEN. PAUL II. DOUGLAS administration, Kenneth Horton vocation which opens at 10 a.m. for the student council, Howard Monday in the Knowles Memorial Show alter for the alumni and Chapel. Senator Douglas has George Cartwright, Si\, for the chosen for his subject, "Culture Rollins staff. . and Character." Mrs, George E, Warren, beneThe ceremonies observing the factress of Rollins and daughter of 66th anniversary of the founding one of the founding fathers, will of Rollins College—the oldest in cut the ribbon across the doorway the state—will get underway at of the renovated building. After a 9:30 when' the academic proces- benediction by Dean Theodore S. sion, forms at Carnegie Hall. It Darrah, the public will be invited will take its traditional course to inspect the modernized classacross the campus, arriving at the rooms and new equipment. The chapel in time for the start of the renovation cost about 95 thousand service. Doors will be opened at dollars.


Early Winter Parisians may remember that the first Knawles Hall was dedicated March 9, 1886, and served as the academic, social and religious center of Rollins until it.was destroyed by fire nearly a quarter of a century later. The rebuilt structure was dedicated March 9, 1911, and became the Science Building for students of recent years. HAMILTON HOLT AWARD Rollins Freshman Ray D. McMullen received the Hamilton Holt Award Monday afternoon at Knowles Chapel for his oration on the subject, "Segregation in a Democracy; the American Dilemma." The Los Angeles student is the first freshman in the history of the event to win the General

Reeve Literary and Oratorical competition. Other contestants, all winners of the Reeve Essay Contest, were: Derek DurmRankin, Norby Mintz, Walter Roose, Jack McCausliij, and David Estes. ' . •. .
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WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1951 orchid should go to Peggy Burnett for the professional touch she put in her brief appearance as Betty Chumley, wife of the sanitarium owner who learned too late that big rabbits have ears. David Estes didn't quite make it as William E. Chumley, M.D. . , . but almost. On the whole, we had a pleasant evening with Director Howard Bailey's cast finding plenty of fresh laughs despite two previous viewings of "Harvey" on Broadway. The Mary Chase comedy will have three more performances— tonight (Feb. 23) and tomorrow night at 8:15, plus a Saturday matinee at 2:30 p.m. Other members of the cast include: Anthony Perkins, Betty Lou Kepler, Gerald O'Brien, Edward Wells and Waldo Moon.

"There's nobody there but people" on the stage of' the Annie Russell Theatre this week but somehow or other the audience is soon made fully aware of the allpervading presence of a certain out-sized white rabbit who not only takes over the role of title character but most of the plot machinations as well. We'd like to say that "Harvey" looked good in the part. But the fact is we didn't see him. That pleasure was confined chiefly to his rum-soaked and gentle pal, Elwood P. Dowd, a role handled most capably by a newcomer to the Rollins Players, Jerry Clark. Jerry's experience in summer stock showed to good advantage as the bemused barflly who is so sincerely interested in his fellow human beings that his literal translations of social inanities are of solid discomfort to those around : hm. Janet Stanaland held up nobly as the long-suffering sister of Elwood and his invisible companion. But it seemed to us that her daughter, Myrtle Mae, was portrayed a bit too enthusiastically by Catherine Johnson. Ranny Walker did a fine job as the young physchiatrist who understandably ends up with the wrong person in a strait jacket and blonde Karen Steele is eyecatching as his harassed nurse. An

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Social Notes
Mr. and Mrs. Houston Thompson, of Washington, D. C, have been guests of Miss Loretta Salmon for the past ten days. Mr. Thompson is chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, and during Wilson's administration was first assistant to the Attorney General. They are long time friends of Mrs. J. C. W. Beckham, of El Cortez Apartments. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Smith, of North Park Avenue, have had a number of Chicago friends as their guests the past week, who were touring Florida. Included were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lotz, the former a wholesale wool merchant, and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Porter, of East Chicago, Ind., who have been enjoying several weeks' golfing at Howie-in-the-Hills. Mr. Archibald Bush has joined his wife here after a two weeks stay in St. Paul, Minn., where he was called on account of the disaster at the Minnesota Mining Company plant. Mr. Bush is an official of the company. Dr. and Mrs. Louis Schulz, of Alexander Place, will be hosts during the Bach Festival to Miss Ruth Diehl and Miss Lydia Summers, soprano and contralto soloists who will arrive from New York the first of next week. The noted explorer, Victor W. von Hagen, who will lecture at Casa Iberia March 6 and 7 on his expeditions to South America, will be the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Dolge, of Via Tuscany, who
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64 N. Orange Ave. are his summer neighbors in Westport, Conn. Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Dolge, of Via Tuscany, entertained friends last week who were touring southward, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fownes, of Stepney, Conn., who were on their way to Cuba, and Mr. and Mrs. Redfield Gillett, of Smethport, Pa., who are taking a trip into Mexico. Mrs. Harry A. Carpenter, of Rochester, N. Y,, and Mrs. Harrison E. Howe, of Washington, D. C, are spending the season until the first of April with Mrs. William F. Yust, of Glencoe Avenue.

Orlando Mrs. Harold Krebs, of Pine Tree Road, who is vacationing at Sarasota, came up for the week-end with her children, Ventress and Edwin, to be with her mother, Mrs. Mary E. Trainor, of 245 Alexander Place.

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tion is a community service that should be fully appreciated. No better publicity could be devised for our City, and the thousands of visitors will long.remember a wonderful afternoon.

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in-law of Mrs. Norman W. Storer, of Cortland Street. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Edmunds, of Mrs. William Chart Sanders ex- Benton Harbor, Mich., have repects her stepdaughter, Mrs. cently arrived in Florida and are Laurel J. Leake, of Fort Thomas, at the Gurtler Apartments in OrKy., to visit her shortly as she lando. Mr. Edmunds is a wellpasses through Winter Park on known choir director and-soloist her way to Coral Gables, Miami and his sister, Mrs. Edmunds Hemingway is a professional and Nassau. A delightful surprise bridge whistler. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith luncheon was given last Saturday to honor Mrs. Frank G. Wilkins, of have ' arrived from Chicago and Warner, N. H., on her birthday, by are getting settled in their house her daughters, Miss Estelle and at 461 Huntington Avenue. Mr. Miss Sibley Wilkins, at the home Smith is a brother of Mrs. John of Mrs. Robert H. Walker, of Balti- M. Gullans and his wife is Mr. more, Md. Guests invited included Gullans' daughter. They are both Mrs. Betsy M. Chaffee, Mrs. Rob- talented musicians. Mr, and Mrs. Robert E. Kagsert P. Howell, Mrs. George Martin, Miss Julia Leary, Miss Madge dale, of Strathey Lane, are an r Haskell and Mrs. Max Brodel. The nouncing the birth of their third affair was held on the wide veran- daughter, Margaret Anne, born Feb. 15th at Florida Sanitarioum. da of the Walker residence. Mrs. Ragsdale is the former MarMrs. William Melcher enter- garet Clarke, daughter of Mrs. tained at a small neighborhood Edwin L. Clarke, of Washington luncheon at her home on Glencoe Avenue, and the late Dr. Clarke, Road for Mrs. Ernestine Coburn for many years on the faculty of Beyer, who is occupying the Rollins College. Mr. Ragsdale has Melcher apartment. Other guests just received a master's degree in will be Mrs. Arthur Cone, Mrs. accounting at college in TallahasTerry Morehouse who with her see. husband occupies Mrs. Cone's Mrs. E. J. Mautz has returned to north apartment; Mme. Soo Yong and Mrs. Mary Jarman Nelson. her home at Fort Worth, Texas, Mrs. Beyer, who is spending her after a fortnight's visit with Mrs. first season here, has had a long William Trufant Foster. Dr. John career in opera and as Maria Haynes Holmes and his daughter, Condi was a well known singer. Mrs. Brown, will be Mrs. Foster's She now has. turned to writing house guests over Founders' Week. and has had many poems for chil- On March 1st Mrs. Foster will dren published in the current move to her newly purchased magazines. Mrs. Beyer is a sister- house at 1399 Aloma Avenue, and Dr. and Mrs. Lee Galloway will take possession of the Foster residence which they have purchased. Mr. and Mrs. Carl L, Weyand, of 115 Palmer Avenue, have their daughter, Mrs. Wendell Johnson, Mr. Johnson, and little son, Larry, 4 of Owatonna, Minn., visiting them MEN'S WEAR until the first of March. Mr. Weyand's brother, Mr. Leonard Weyand and his wife, came from The Better Brands At Their Fort Lauderdale yesterday to visit a week before returning to their Nationally Advertised Prices home at Woodbury, Conn. Miss Caroline B. Goff, of Cleveland, O., and Mrs, J. Lloyd RalsTailoring Alterations ton, of Melrose, Mass, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hathaway and Dr. William S. Briry, of Custom-made Slacks Osceola Court. Miss Goff's grandfather was founder of the Cleveand Suits land Trust Co. Dr. Briry, who is Mrs. Hathaway's father, is the retired president of the Massachu538 South Park-Phone 4-6751 setts College of Pharmacy, in Cambridge and was on its board for 37 years. He enjoys the Men's

Social Notes

Winter Park's Finest

A Delightful Place to Dine
Dinner Served from 5-11 P.M.
Phone 3-9511 for Reservations When the new road is completed, we will resume our daily luncheon and will remain open on Sundays

Cocktail Bar and Package Store
539 West Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park

University Club and plans to General. They are long time make Winter Park his permanent friends of Mrs. J. C. W. Beckham, home. of ElCortez Apartments. Mrs. Philip Edwards of Chase Ave., is entertaining two houseDon't miss Winter guests from Rockford, 111., who Park Topics ifany copies of be inyou want to will remain until the first of March, Mrs. W. C. Sproul and Miss formed. Olive Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. Houston ThompThough eighty-six, son, of Washington, D. C, have And near the Styx, been guests of Miss Loretta SalOld Charon I defy mon for the past ten days. Mr. I'm full, you see, Thompson is chairman of the FedOf energy,— eral Trade Commission, and durIt's Winter Park, say I. ing Wilson's administration was —Senex first assistant to the Attorney

The Toggery

These famous factory marks, Meissen, Dresden, Sevres, Old Vienna, Capo-di-Monte, Worcester, and Royal Berlin, identify the rare 18th Century China and porcelains at

340 Park Avenue, North Winter Park
One Block North of Post Office

Well-dressed Winter Park Women are Wearing the New Spring Dresses by • ANN ETTA • MYNETTE • BETTY HARTFORD • PACKARD
and HATS by GAGE and KUTZ Now Being Shown in Winter Park's Own Department Store

Phone 4-5541 We welcome visitors to see our collections of fine antiques and objects of art. We feature a large selection of Antique Lamp Bases, electrified, with custom made shades.

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Hamilton arid Elgin Watches FINE DIAMONDS GROVER MORGAN

Drawings in Pen and Ink by

Josepha Whitney
At 516 Henkel Circle, Winter Park Friday and Saturday, February 23rd and 24th 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. All interested are cordially invited In 1943 he was cited by the National Headliners Club for "consistently accurate and interesting accounts" of the war's progress. A graduate of Cornell University, Collingwood received a Rhodes scholarship and a fellowship with the Students International Union, Switzerland. Late in 1939 while at Oxford, he faced the choice of continuing with his scholastic work or taking a full-time job with the United Press in London. By May, 1940, he was a full-time member of the UP news staff in London and a year later joined CBS as a war correspondent. He is married to Louise Allbritton, the television and screen star, who will accompany him to Winter Park. They will be guests at the Alabama Hotel during their stay here. Miss Dorothy Lockhart announces that there are a limited number of reserved seats still available for this event. Tickets may ( be purchased from Peggy Walton in the Bailey-Cooper office, 115 East Morse Boulevard, Winter Park, telephone 4-1701, and from Edna Paul on the mezzanine of the San Juan Hotel in Orlando, telephone 2-5366.

Founder's Week not only looks to the past but also ahead to the future, and many an old grad will be on hand for the laying of the cornerstone of the new half-million dollar library which will service Rollins students for generations to come. Paul Hudson, president of the Davella Mills Foundation which donated the fund for the new campus building, will speak at the ceremony to be held on the campus Horseshoe tomorrow (Sat. Feb. 24) afternoon at 2:45 p.m. Other short addresses will be made by Mayor William McCaully, college Librarian Horace Tollefson, Dr. Ainslie Minor, Mrs. George .Warren, George Cartwright, Jr., and representatives of the architectural and contracting firms who are translating the new Mills Memorial Library froma n idea to actuality. Each man will put an object of his own choosing into the cornerstone, after which benediction will be pronounced by Dean Theodore Darrah. A reception will follow in Woolson English House. It is hoped that 'the new library will be completed by the end of the current academic year. It will combine the interior functional features of modern architecture with the basic exterior design of the other college buildings which reflect the Spanish-Mediterranean influence. Mr. Tollefson estimates that 150,000 volumes can be placed in its five-story air-conditioned book stack area. Further space for books will be available in. the reading arid reference rooms.

The east and west perimeter of stack tiers will be lined with about 80 cubicles for individual reading. Faculty studies and conference rooms will be on the south perimeter. The architects are< providing a walled-in Spanish-type garden and a loggia overlooking it to adapt the library to Florida's sub-tropical climate. There will be four balconies, two covered and two for sunning. A glass par-, tition will separate all reading rooms and work areas. A broadcasting studio and audio-visual aids laboratory will be built into the basement.

The final event of the current Town Hall Series will be held Monday evening, Feb. 26, at 8:15 p.m. when the CBS White House Correspondent, Charles . Collingwood, comes to the Winter Park High School Auditorium to give his "Report from Washington." The 33-year-old radio news analyst already has many friends in Winter Park who tune into his weekly broadcasts over WDBO each Sunday at 12:45 p.m. Collingwood has won many awards for his astute commentaries on the crucial decisions facing our.nation's leaders in these days of crisis. His latest honor is the National Headliners Club award. Previously he had won the coveted Peabody Award for his reporting from Africa, with a citation for the best news broadcast of 1942.

Students at the Rollins Conservatory of Music will hold a recital this afternoon (Fri., Feb. 23) at 4:30 p.m. at the Winter Park Woman's Club. The public is invited to attend without charge. Those taking part include: Iris Johnson, Jane Hood and Jeannine Romer, pianists; Jacqueline Biggerstaff, soprano, and Frederick McTalls, violinist, with Katherine Carlo at the piano; John Reardon, baritone with Marion Beakley at the piano.

In Orlando at 476 N. Orange Ave.
(Formerly the Book Nook) '

In Winter Park at 342 Park Ave. S.
(Opposite Colony Theatre)

Florida Books for Adults and Children Rental Library - Greeting Cards - Stationery

Florida Pottery - Shell Jewelry - Tino Straw Bags American Modern Dinnerware by Russel Wright

Sea Gull Gift Shop
Gifts and Greeting Cards for All Occasions
The Annie Russell Theatre and Knowles Memorial Chapel on the Rollins College Campus


St. Patrick and Easter Cards
Orders taken for Indian River Fruit 152 Park Ave., S. Winter Park

We invite your inspection of our available homes and apartments for sale and for rent.

Realtor 112 SOUTH PARK AVENUE Phone 4-1281 WINTER PARK


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Ross Rosazza Baritone

Lydia Summers Contralto

Ruth Diehl Soprano

Harold Haugh Tenor

Harvey Woodruff Director

Robert Kee Organist


Music—the music of religious faith—will send its beneficent influence over 'Winter Park next Thursday, March 1, when the 16th annual Bach Festival will open in Knowles Memorial Chapel. The occasion affords a welcome contrast to- the atmosphere of strident anxieties that beset the world, for this music will be a lift, a blessed intermezzo, during which one can hear—if only briefly—the still, small voice of man's divine spirit. Bach Festivals are not . given alone because Johann Sebastian Bach was probably the greatest of the world's musical geniuses, but because he was one of the men of greatest religious faith—and was marvelously able to express that faith in the soul language of music. Three of his beautiful short Cantatas are on the program for the opening day of the Festival— Thursday at 3 p.m. They are, No. 78, "Jesus, Thou My Wearied Spirit;" No. 106, "God's Time is Best;" and No. 140, "Sleepers, Wake." On Friday, March 2, the choir

will sing "The Passion According to St. Matthew" in its entirety With English text—Part I at 3 p.m. and Part II at 7 p.m. On Saturday morning the same program (with cuts) will be repeated for students of the state of Florida. This great dramatic oratorio is the most typical of Bach's genius, combining an unparalleled technical mastery of composition with an emotional sensitivity that makes use of every detail of his art to interpret both the narrative and the sympathetic comment of the Christian as the sorrowful story is unfolded. To hear the "St. Matthew Passion" completely interpreted is a precious experience that one carries through life. Three of the four distinguished

artists who will sing leading roles in the Passion" are well-known for their previous appearances at the Winter Park Bach Festival. Ruth Diehl—a soloist at New York's famous St. Bartholomews Church—has a brilliant and dramatic soprano which interprets the immortal Bach arias with compelling poignancy. The popular soloist was so much in demand this winter that she did five performances of the Messiah in 13 days, one in Constitution Hall, Washington, D. C, singing with the National Symphony. Lydia Summers—who also is soloist at St. Bartholomews—will be remembered by Winter Park music lovers for her rich contralto-that is so admirably suited to the heart-felt, compassionate expressions which Bach writes for

the alto voice. She was unable to appear in the-1950 Bach Festival because she was singing in Menotti's prize-winning opera "The Consul." Last fall she was given the lead role of the mother, following Marie Powers, and her performance was acclaimed by the critics.' ;; -••.'•' The third artist to return to Knowles Chapel for another welcome appearance is Harold Haugh who is now teaching at the University of Michigan School of Music. In the difficult role of the Evangelist, Mr. Haugh sings with great dramatic feeling the recitatives and solos which tell the story of the Passion, His exceptional range and excellent diction make his performance unforgettable. Mr. Haugh recently sang solos in Die
(Continued on Page 12)

^headline 9I Match iltk
For renewing present membership subscriptions to the CENTRAL FLORIDA CIVIC MUSIC ASSOCIATION
All subscribers who wish to retain their membership in the •Central Florida Civic Music Association for the 1951-52 season; and thereby enjoy the famous musical attractions which it brings to Orlando, should not fail to send in their membership dues before Monday, March 12. After March 12, new applications for membership will be placed in the order they are received. Present members are protected until March 12, the deadline for renewals. The Association wishes to give present members ample time to renew, but also welcomes newcomers as far as the limitations of the Municipal Auditorium seating capacity will permit, The CIVIC MUSIC ASSOCIATION demonstrates its magnificent success each year by bringing world famous artists of the musical field to Orlando. The public fully appreciates the immense value of these concerts to the cultural life of the community, and by its enthusiastic-support insures' the continuance of the series, Among the renowned artists who have appeared in Orlando under.the sponsorship of the Civic Music Association are: Kirsteh Flagstad, Helen Traubel, Ezio Pinza, Jan Peerce, Artur Rubinstein, Robert Casadesus, Alexander Brailowsky, Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Theatre,

Charming Small Home For Sale
For Only $8,000 -Ccnveniently located near High School. -Two lots with large oak trees, also pine and fruit trees. .'.:.. -3 bedrooms (or 2 bedrooms and study), and bath. -Screened porch, living room and kitchen.
For Inspection Call

W W I N T E R FAR it '
E. Morse Blvd. Tel. Winter Park 4-4801

MEMBERSHIPS FOR THE 1951-52 SEASON are: Adults, $6.15 (Dues, $5.00, Fed. Tax $1,00, State Tax, 15c). Students, $3.08, (Dues $2.50, Fed. Tax, 50c, State Tax, 8c) Applications and Checks should be sent to


Page Ten THE UNIVERSITY CLUB AND THE COMMUNITY The University C l u b h a s brought together a large number "of able men whose combined experience covers a great part of the world and a wide, range of occupations. The enjoyment and stimulus afforded to its members by such an association is easy to understand and is evidenced by the rapid growth during sixteen years of existence to its present membership of nearly seven hundred. This mutual benefit within the organization is of course one of its purposes but the cbarter states two others: one to give financial help when needed to enable promising students to pursue their education; the other "to share with the community such benefits as prove desirable." This last purpose began to command the attention of the. officers of the Club when the prospect of a new clubhouse suggested possibilities for service to the public. The problem is still and will continue to be unsolved, always open to improvement. Thus far, three types of service have been offered: Addresses, forums, and exhibits. At our regular meetings we hear many fine addresses and occasionally something so, outstanding that it ought to reach a wider' audience. Sometimes the speaker is invited to give his lecture ber fore other organizations. At other times the Club announces an "open meeting" when the speech will be repeated for the benefit "Life Insurance & Annuities" KAY A.TROVILLION, Agent

WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1951 of the public. Examples of this type of service are Dr. Widmer Doremus' paper, "On Being Married," a choice bit from the program of two years ago; Rabbi Morris LaEaron's address of last year entitled "Mr. Rabbi," and during the current season the reading of "The New England Yankee," a papar written for the Club by the late William Trufant Foster, and an explanation of semantics with the title "Do We Know What We Are Talking About?" by Dr. James F. Hosic. This is the third year of the Club's program of "open forums" on topics of general importance, The series opened in November with a panel discussion,on Foreign Affairs by Representative (now Senator) George Smathers, Walter Duranty, noted foreign correspondent, Edward Ray, editor, and James F. Hosic, educator. An address in January by Mr. Duranty on the question, "Is China Shackled to Russia?" drew an attendance beyond the proper capacity of the clubhouse. Then a few days ago, we had another panel discussion led by Dr. Louis Schulz, Rabbi Morris Lazaron, and Dean Theodore S. Darrah. This
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The most informal meal can be festive with the addition of a delicious

ZJable Wine
Sherry, Claret, Burgundy, Sauterne, Chablis Your guests will feel complimented when they are served wines and liqueurs from our fine selection.
A Complete Line of Schoonmaker Wines - Imported and California

306 Park Ave., Winter Park 'Overture and Allegro," Mozart's G. Minor Symphony, Bizet's "Children's Games Suite," Ravel's "Pavane" and the "Rosenkavalier Suite" by Richard Strauss. The Winter Park concerts are part of the regular subscription series that have been held in the O r l a n d o civic auditorium. A limited number of unreserved balcony seats will be sold at the box office this evening.

Tel. 4-5551
After reading your copy of Winter Park Topics send it to your friends up North, it will save writing a long letter. Edgar N. Smart Mary Louise Smart'

The Smarts
ANTIQUES Furniture, Glass, China
Winter Park 2-2074 U. S. Highway 17-92 MAITLAND, FLORIDA

Equitable Life Assurance Society 133 E. Welbourne Dial 3-8372

New and Used Books . . . Current Magazines % and 1/3 Reg. Price

Unusual Buy Back Plan—We Buy -Sell-Trade and Rent Comics 25c Pocket Editions-lOc Trade Two for One

Phono 36549-Orlando 608 N. OKANGE AVE. Evenings 'Till 9:00

FLORIDA SYMPHONY PLAYS TONIGHT IN WINTER PARK Winter Park at last has the opportunity of playing host to Conductor Yves Chardon and the new Central Florida Symphony Orchestra which has thrilled concert goers and won the acclaim of critics earlier this season at its three performances in Orlando. Last night those Winter Park music lovers Who have not been able to attend the out-of-town concerts were given the opportunity to hear at first hand what Mr. Chardon has accomplished in a few short weeks of rehearsals. It was apparent that they agreed with the critics who maintain that the new symphony could only be brought to its present state of excellence by a man who possesses the qualities of a drillmaster with the keen sensitivity of an outstanding artist and the lofty purpose of high musical ideals. Tonight, Frjday, Feb. 23, at 8:30 p.m., the Central Florida Symphony will again appear at the Winter Park High School Auditorium to present a duplicate concert of the one given last evening. It includes the Couperin-Milhaud

Room 10, Lypar Bldg.
Winter Park - Phone 4-3481


Hd College
We extend to the Officers, Trustees, Faculty and Student body of Rollins College our warmest greetings during the celebration of FOUNDER'S WEEK which marks the sixtysixth year of its history. The growth of Rollins College and its increasing usefulness to the educational development of the community is an achievement in which we all share the benefits. The addition of so many beautiful buildings to the Campus, greatly enhances the attractiveness of. our city. Winter Park is proud of the nation-wide distinction Rollins College has given us.

Here is one of Winter Park's FINEST LOCATIONS
Beautiful modern home set in spacious grounds, landscaped to the lakefront. Living room and screened porch with tile floors, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, electric kitchen. Automatic oil furnace. Sandy beach for bathing.

With lakefront property becoming more scarce each year, it is unusual to find a home which offers so much luxury at such a .modest, price.

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA "Your Personal Bank"
Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

133 E. Morse Blvd. Phone Winter Park 4-3171 "For your protection, deal with a realtor"



Page Eleven

A beautiful exhibit of table silver with designs of shells and sea life is on display at the Heal-


Maltbie Shell Museum on the Rollins campus. Visitors marvel at the skill of the silversmith in his imaginative use of various shells, mermaids and seahorses in making his designs. The chest that holds the silver is a work of art in itself. The display is from the Ormond Beach home of Mrs. Hope Strong, Sr.—La Casita Eosada del Mar. It will be shown for one week, beginning Friday, Feb. 23.

THE BOOKERY The Newest Books for Sale and Rent Greeting Cards — Stationery •
New Location: 119 E. Morse Blvd., Tel. 3-7041 through the generosity of Mr. be emphasized is that the club is Hamilton Gibson, a collection of a part of the community and aims Japanese prints, loaned by the to be a useful part. Metropolitan Museum of Art, was William E. Stark. exhibited for a period of several weeks. The other exhibits have Don't miss any copies of Winter consisted of treasures loaned by members of the Club. This year Park Topics if you want to be inMr. Ihna T. Frary is arranging a formed. series of small exhibits of various types. The current one is a choice selection of etchings loaned by Mrs; Tucker's our member, Frank O. Butler. It is misleading to think of the PIE SHOP University Club and the community as if the two were distinct. In fact, a large proportion Homemade Pies of our members are citizens of French Crullers Winter Park or Orlando, The business and professional men of Old Fashioned Crullers this region are well represented. Even those whose legal residences Fried Cakes - Cookies remain in other parts of the country take an active part in 1209 N. Mills St. Tel. 6227 community affairs through their Colonialtown connection with the churches and civic organizations. The point to

1911 North Mills Cocktail Lounge


Large Assortment Picture Frames rind Mirrors ~ Prints and Oil Paintings 0 Years Experience in Orlando Prompt Service 1207 N. Mills St. Tel. 3-0155 Colonialtown

The local board of the Florida Chain of Missionary Assemblies elected officers recently a n d evaluated the success of recent meetings. $106.50 was collected in offerings for work among the migrants in Florida, Sales at the book table totaled $113.80. Other offerings will be divided between home and foreign missions according to the vote at the coming state meeting in Winter Haven, April 16-7. Delegates to it are Mrs. A. B. Morgan, Mrs. Charles Gilchrist, Miss Mary Knapp and Dr. Helen Cole. Newly-elected officers for the local board include: Mrs. A. B. Morgan, chairman; Mrs. John Gullans, vice chairman; Mrs. Charles Gilchrist, secretary, and Mrs. Arthur Webster, secretary.
UNIVERSITY CLUB (Continued from Page 10)

"A Paradise of Playthings" Exclusive Dealers for the Glamorous Terry Lee Doll
Come see hor amazing wardrobe of lovely handmade clothes! — Toys o-f every kind for children of all ages —

discussion by three keen thinkers and exceptionally gifted speakers on the great unsolved problem, "War and Conscience," will long be remembered by those who heard it. Each year since the new clubhouse was opened loan art exhibits have been assembled and made accessible to the public as well as to members. Last year,
BEAUTIFUL & REASONABLE From $5.00 to $50.00
See our fine collection




"The Beautiful shop with the wrought Iron gates"

Next ta Western Union Winter Park Tel. 3-8961

66 E. Pine St.



PERFECTION IN THE ART OF New Location Lypar Building Arcade Next to Colony Theatre

Remember your friends in the North with the gift they most enjoy—a box of citrus that has fully ripened on the tree. Our fruit is now at its best and we invite you to stop at the packing house a short distance up Route 17 at Maitland and personally select the assortment you wish to have sent. Assortment of our four most' select varieties in season at this time, decorated with Kumquats:— Full box. $9.00 1 Bushel.. $6.15 Half box 5.65 Vi Bushel „ „ „ 3.85
Regular packs available, also packs as selected by you at popular prices

Phone 4-3521 Winter Park

We will care for your yard while you are away . . . and all year too! For Dependable Service Call

PRICES INCLUDE EXPRESS CHARGES to your nearest express office In states south ef CANADA and east of the MISSISSIPPI and those bordering an the river,

Lawn and Shrubbery Caretaking Tel. 3-6652 or 4-7904

Visit my packing house at Maitland, Fla., Rte. 17-92, 7 miles north of Orlando just above Winter Park on road to Sanford THE EMBARGO IS LIFTED!

Ship Your Fruit NOW Before Express Rates Increase


Forrest B. Stone
Maitland, Florida GROWER—PACKER Tel. 2-2931 Office, 2-2762 Residence
Orders may be left at the ROLLINS PRESS 252 Park Avenue North Winter Park Where we have a special display of Gift Packages

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. WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1951 stained with cruelty, but relieved in a way by the glamor that lights even Spain's sordid greed for gold; of progress, successively, under British and American rule, interrupted later by the War Between the States and the ugly backwash of the carpet-baggers. The story is rich in incidents regarding Indian Massacres, pirates, wreckers, Confederate blockade runners, rum racketeers, and a multitude of picturesque happenings that reveal years of patient labor on the part of the two authors, in assembling and organizing the wealth of data which they have written into the book. "Whether concerned with the Spanish conquistidores; with Dr. Turnbull's ill fated settlement at New Smyrna; the inglorious treatment of the Indians;, the promotion of Miami by Mrs. Julia D. Tuttle and Henry M. Flagler; the "boom and bust" of a quarter century ago; or the recent solid growth of the state; the authors have given their story fascination as well as authenticity. "Florida's Golden Sands" and other books by the Hannas have made Florida history available to all, and have made it easy to take. I. T. FRARY, FLORIDA SYMPHONY GIVES SPECIAL ROLLINS CONCERT The Central Florida Symphony Orchestra will give a special concert for Rollins College music lovers Sunday evening, Feb. 25th, in the Annie Russell Theatre as a welcome highlight to Founders' Week. Soloists will be two Conservatory students who won an audition for the honor—pianist Jeannine Homer and soprano Shirley Christensen. Miss Romer is playing the Hungarian Fantasy by Liszt, and Miss Christensen will sing L'Amero Saro Costante from Mozar's II Re Pastore. The other numbers on the program include the Lenore Overture No. 3 by Beethoven, the Unfinished Symphony by Schubert and L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1, by Bizet. Rollins Alumni as well as members of the student body and faculty are invited to be guests at the special concert. The public may secure remaining tickets by applying at the theatre box office from 2 to 5 p.m. today and tomorrow, Feb. 23 and 24. BACH FESTIVAL Gurre Lieder by Schonberg with the Cincinnati Symphony at its second performance in the United States. The fourth soloist, Ross Rosazza, will make his first appearance with the Bach Festival, but his rich baritone has already received much acclaim in Winter Park. The new member of the Conservatory faculty recently returned from Europe upon the completion of his studies as winner of the Fulbright Award, specializing in French song. For the first time in the history of the Festival, members of the Bach Choir will be presented in solo, parts. .They include"Jacqueline Biggerstaff, soprano,- as the first maid; Betty Woodruff, soprano, as the second maid, the false witness and Pilate's wife; Richard Farrell, baritone, as the high priest; Jack Reardori, baritone as the second priest and Pilate; and Arthur Gregory, bass, as Judas.. Also the arias generally sung by^ a second baritone or bass will.this year be rendered by a selected group of voices from the bass section of the Rollins Chapel Choir. . Director Harvey Woodruff has another innovation in using the Rollins Community Junior Choir of 45 voices to sing the first, chorus in the Passion from the Triforium. Yves Chardon, brilliant director of the Central Florida Symphony, will lend his talents as a 'cellist in the Bach Festival orchestra. Other
Complete Typewriter Stock and Service . . .
• Underwood • Remington • Smith-Corona • Royal • Portables and standard typewriters, Complete, fast and guaranteed service.

FLORIDA'S GOLDEN SANDS By A. J. Hanna and Kaihryn Abbey Hanna. The complex story of Florida's •• east coast has been brought skillfully together by Winter Park's distinguished historians, the Hannas,. in their recently published, book, "Florida's Golden Sands." Into a single volume they have compressed a wealth of information which affords a comprehensive record of five hundred and more miles of sandy beach and far flung islands, The succession of chapters reveals a history replete with tragic, kindly, cruel, inspiring, degrading and uplifting episodes, but always of compelling interest. '• Beginning with. so-called "prehistory" the authors raise somewhat the veil of mystery which surrounds Florida's earliest inhabitants, a veil which is being pierced slowly by the researches of archaeologists. One by one the various periods of Florida's historical, cultural and commercial development are recalled in chapters with such provocative headings as "Sniping at the Spaniards," "Here Come the Yankees," "Miami Dropped Her Rompers on the Beach," and "YoHo-Ho and a Bottle of Rum." Under such headings are told stories of Spanish discovery, that are HOTEL DWELLERE
The Delightful All-Ycm-Round Hotel Daily, Weekly and Season Rates 304 E. Central Aye., Opp. Xnke Eola Tel. 8000 ; GRACE BOWEN, Owner-Manager

(Continued from Page 0)

Florida Symphony artists who will play for the musical event are: Alphonse Carlo, concertmaster of the Bach Orchestra; Fred McFalls, Ruth Miller and Jane Rubin, violins; Rudolph Fischer, 'cello, and Jean Stillman, viola. Natalie Miller of Rollins will also be in the instrumental section. . Robert Kee, FAGO, acting organist at the Knowles Chapel, will be at the console. On Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 8 p.m. a special program will be given for friends of the Choir, admission by invitation only. Sponsors cards can be obtained by sending a remittance of $12 to the Bach Festival Committee, Box 745, Winter Park. There are no tickets sold, as cards of admission are available only to those who become sponsors.
Don't miss any copies of Winter Park Topics if you want to be informed,

White cook and housekeeper to live in. Must have references and Swedish or German prBferrea.

Call 2-2484 Orlando
Mrs. Wooten

Winter Park's Newest

515 Park Ave. South Now Serving Special

Business Men's LUNCH Steaks — Chicken — Shrimp


Opposite Colofiy Theatre Prescriptions — Drugs . Fountain Service

WE DELIVER Telephone 4-6101


Year in and year out you'll do well with the HARTFORD

For Accurate Information and Tickets SEE

13 South Main, Orlando Dial 8158


Phone 8393

Mount Dora, Florida

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• S I C Fi M l N .•* • DORA CANAL • DEAD RIVER • LAKE APOPKA M a k e Reservations Now for a Comfortable Tour o f Florida's Beautiful •Inland Lakes Bordered by Semi-Tropical Woodlands in Our Modern Power Boats. ( . TelepKbne Mt. Dora 5644 Regular Trips WEDNESDAYS 1:30 P.M. SUNDAYS 2:30 P.M. 3-Hour Trip Through Dora Canal and Dead River,. $1.50. plus t a x . All-Day Trips t o Silver Springs throilgh the" Oklawdria RiVer. •• . Charter Boats-, by the. Hour a t Reasonable Rates.- -. ALL BOATS LEAVE FROM MOUNT DORA YACHT CLUB DOCK M t . Dora is Northwest.'of Winter rar&> .20 miles via R t r ' 4 4 1 ; Good Roads west-OT w i n r e r f=ark> z u miles via KTI•'

Winter Park
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Quartet piaying as polished and exquisitely detailed as one is rarely privileged to hear was provided by the London String Quartet last Monday evening in the next-tolast of the season's Town Hall attractions. Richard Farrell, the young New Zealand pianist, joined the four instrumentalists in the playing of the Dvorak and the Schumann Quintets and was recognized immediately as a master of the difficult art of ensemble playing. The five musicians played with meticulous discipline and with well-balanced blend of tone. Most important of all, however, was the emotional quality of thsir interpretations which sets them far above the average. The gentlemen of the Quartet graciously gave over the stage to Mr. Farrell at the end of the concert. In just two pieces, the favorite Waltz in C Sharp Minor by Chopin and the Liszt Hungarian R h a p s o d y this exceptionally gifted pianist proved his versatility. Few pianists could play the former with more grace and charm and the latter with more dazzling bravura and crashing power. Altogether, it was a thoroughly ingratiating concert.

second piano, This program will be followed at 4:30 p.m. by the annual recital of Rollins Conservatory students for members of the Woman's Club and the general public. On Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 1:30 p.m. a complimentary dessert card party will be given Woman's Club members and their guests with Mrs. Robert Johnson as hostess. There will be no morning lecture program. Reservations must be made with Mrs. Ray Trovillion not later than noon on Monday. On Friday, March 2, the annual luncheon of the Woman's Club will be held followed by a meeting and election of officers. Reservations should be made by card to Mrs. William McCaully by Wednesday, Feb. 28. There will be no program so that those who are attending the Bach Festival may leave for the matinee at 3 p.m. The luncheon is open to members and their guests.

2 Bedroom, 2 bath home in beautiful location

3 Bedrooms, 2l/j baths, servants' quarters. 5 acres of land in beautiful rustic setting.

150 Park Avenue, Winter Park Phone 4-5521 water, N. J., and a son, James B., of Longmeadow, Mass. Another daughter, Mrs. Hugh C. Burr, of Rochester, N. Y., survives. The Williams had celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on Jan. 9th at the Inn where they have many friends. The family wishes to express their deep appreciation to the guests at the Inn for their many acts of kindness and sympathy. JUNIOR FLOWER SHOW OPENS NEXT THURSDAY Teen-age horticulturists will take their bow in the limelight when the Winter Park Junior Flower,Show opens in its colorful array at the All Saints Episcopal Parish House on Lyman Avenue, next Thursday and Friday, March 1 and 2. The show, staged by the Garden Club, is complete in every respect. Besides a featured stage garden, it will include horticultural specimens, arrangements, corsages and sections for dish and tray gardens as well as terrariums and flowers used with doll furniture, The juniors are also making garden furnishings from native materials for entry in the show which was adjudged the best in the state in 1950. The scrap books and collections on Central Florida flowers and birds should be of special interest to visitors. The public is invited to attend the Show from 9 to 3 p.m.
No Organ Vespers This Week

Members of the Woman's Club are invited to enjoy an afternoon of music today (Fri., Feb. 23) at 3 p.m. when Kirby Duckworth, young pianist of Orlando, will present a program of numbers including a Grieg Concerto with her father, Manly Duckworth, at a

Memorial services were held yesterday for Mr. Samuel Hubbard Williams, 86, retired president and chairman of the board of the J. B. Williams Co., soap manufacturers, Glastonbury, Conn., from the Congregational Church with the Rev. Dr. Louis Schulz officiating. Mr. Williams, who had been a winter guest for many years at the Virginia Inn, died Sunday night after a brief illness. Burial will be at Glastonbury later in the spring. Mrs. Williams was with him at the time of his death. Other members of his family who came for the services were his daughter, Miss Martha Williams, of Edge-

There will be no Vesper Service at the Knowles Memorial Chapel on Wednesday, Feb. 28, because of the Bach Festival. Your Dependable Druggist


Winter Park - Florida PRESCRIPTIONS
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WILCOX, Inc., is your
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hels to:

.1ST Fla.

Premium Citrus Fruit at Amazing Low Price—$5.25 per bushel
Pack No. 1—All Oranges Pack No. 2 — A l l Grapefruit Pack No. 3—Oranges and Grapefruit mixed j Clip order blank and moll (Designate Pack No.) (50c per bushel extra West of Mississippi) ;

• • • •







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Q ai Ul O

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,O,,: u. O m _

} M' | U ! >

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Z. "7

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' 1

Shipping Office: DeLand, Fla.

LL a ii

Page Fourteen SKETCHES (Continued from Page 3) '•


department of the Ministry of Information at I Singapore from which she was evacuated at the time of the Japanese invasion. She 'traveled widely through the infant republics of India and Pakistan since the war and has become a leading figure in the All Pakistan Women's Association, Begum Raza is now living in Washington where her husband is military attache at the Pakistan embassy.

his current job. Off-duty he squires about one of the prettiest gals ever to heave a pop bottle at the umpire—his wife, screen star Laraine Day.




Born in Washington, D. C. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin in class of '19 and immediately launched his journalistic career by getting a job as reporter on the Philadelphia Ledger. He soon moved to Washington as correspondent for both the Ledger and Honolulu Star Bulletin. After LEO DUHOCHER One of baseball's most colorful a four-year stint he was appointed and verbose personalities. "Lip- managing editor of the Bulletin py" Leo' started his career as and has served as its president shortstop to the N. Y, Yankees, and general manager since 1934. later moving ori to the St. Louis That same year Farrington beCardinals and Cincinnati Reds. came a member of the territorial He really came into his own how- senate in Hawaii. In 1942, he was ever as manager of the Brooklyn* elected Hawaiian delegate to ConDodgers—and no one was a more gress, a post he currently holds. vociferous defender of "dose TE ATA bums," The compliment was returned in kind not only by the Born in Oklahoma where her bums themselves, but also, their father was a member of the last vast following. And Durocher's council of the Chickasaw Nation. 12-month suspension from duty Te Ata left tribal school to enter caused a bigger explosion than the the Oklahoma' College for Women atomic tests at Bikini. Brooklyn and then went on to the Theatre said goodby to Leo a short time School of Carnegie Tech in Pittslater when he moved across the burgh. She won her spurs on river to manage the N. Y. Giants, Broadway in the role of Andromache in "The Trojan Women" but left the lights of the Great White Way to do something closer TAYLOR'S PHARMACY to her heart—interpret the rich folklore of the American Indians both here in the United States and , "The- drug store on the corner" abroad. The comely Indian girl played a 'command performance" W. J. Taylor, R.Ph. before the King and Queen of England during their visit to the -. 102 NJ SPARK AVE. Roosevelt home at Hyde Park. She has also appeared at the White Reliable Prescription Service House.
Newspapers and Periodicals Free Delivery Phone 4-3701

Serving 5*11, Closed Sundays For reservations call Winter Paris 3-9612

Needless to say this is not ordinary "shellcraft." Shells are used with great imagination and feeling for beauty, showing what amazing things can be done with Florida shells in their natural colors when handled by real artists. Everything shown will be for sale. The showing starts Monday, February 26th and ends Saturday noon, March 10th. Visitors are cordially invited. Water Color Exhibit Several water-colors by Julia C. Pratt have been added to the current exhibition of oils by Annabel Ledlie Berry at the Interlachen, Interlachen Avenue and Lyman. Miss Pratt, who is a New Yorker, spent the winter here two years ago, as these pictures attest. She also made many friends who will enjoy seeing her impressions.
After reading your copy of Winter Park Topics send it to your friends up North, it will save writing a long letter.

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MIMEOGRAPHING Upstairs, New P. O. Bldg., Winter Park All the regular lettershop services plus Color Mimeo - Red, Blue, Green Oversize Mimeo up to 14 x 17 Varl-Typed Stencil Mimeographing Tel. 4^5092 For Every Photographic Need . . .

Next to the Post Office

Planting time is now, for Spring Bloom Named Varieties and Choice Collections Our Own Hybrids and Those, of Other Growers Special Collections Mostly yellow, gqld and orange shades

EVERGLADES CLUB SHOWING OF ART IN SHELLS AT WHISTLING OYSTER Everyone remembers what a sensation was created by the fascinating exhibition of "Art in Shells" which was shown at The Whistling Oyster last year. This unusual treat is to be repeated now. Next Monday the Second Annual Exhibition is coming to The Whistling Oyster from the Everglades Club in Palm Beach where it was one of the affairs of the season last week.





New York Stock Exchange Investment Securities
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This attractive two-bedroom, two-bathroom home, situated in the finest residential section, features spacious rooms throughout. Must be seen to be fully appreciated.

346 Park Ave., S.

Winter Park

$5.00 and $10.00
Dauntless, Patricia, Soudan, J. C. Crawford, Sir Michael Foster, The Gem, Mrs. Perry, Ophir, Rajah, Vulcan, Caballero, Starlight All for 510.00 >

Call SAM J. WRIGHT, Jr., Broker
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138 Park Avenue, South Winter Park Phone 3-4021 THE WOOD SHOP
Bicycle Rental Hour - Day - Week SALES AND SERVICE

Escorted lecture tours to Cypress Gardens, Bok Tower, Silver Springs, St. Augustine and Marine Studios. San Juan Hotel Orlando Havana Tours All expense tours from Miami by sea or air Phone 6628

Duchess of Windsor,'Star of Gold, June Boissier, Ramona, Emily Hume, Chisca, Babetre, Tahiti Belle,. Sirtton's Gold, Sachem, indian Chief, Salmon Rose | " i All far $15.00 MANY OTHER VARIETIES


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TRUST DEPARTMENT Orlando Tel. 5184 or 5185

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WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1951 Mrs. J. H. Smithwick, who recently purchased the Bradwell property at 971 Georgia Avenue, Mrs. C. A. Stone, of Joplin, Mo., is now occupying it and has with is with her brother-in-law and her her grandson, James Moriarty, sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Jr., who is spending his vacation Stone, of Interlachen Avenue, for from The Citadel, Charleston, S. C. Young Moriarty is also visitmost of the season. Miss Helen Steinmetz, who is ing his parents; Brig. Gen. and occupying her new house at Cort- Mrs. Moriarty in Orlando. land Street, has as her guest Mrs. At a dinner meeting of the Ernest Scribner, of West Chelms- Princeton Club of Central Florida ford, Mass., who will remain for held last week at the Aviation an indefinite stay. Mr. Scribner, Country Club on Lake Killarney, who accompanied her south, had Dr. J. Spencer Voorhees, wellto return to business by plane yes- known Winter Park resident, was terday. unanimously elected honorary Dr. Henry B. Mowbray, of 442 president of the group. Dr. VoorChase Avenue, will be host at his hees, oldest alumnus of Princeton, annual Gay Nineties Tea on Sat- is spending the winter at Florida urday afternoon, Rollins alumni of Sanitarium. that period always look forward to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tompkins this affair with greatest pleasure and Dr. Mowbray is always sure and Mrs. Clarence Rathgeb, all of of plenty of help from his guests Highland, N, Y., are stopping this week on their way from a tour of in planning and serving the tea. Florida, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Rabbi Morris Lazaron, visiting Irving Rathbeg of 951 Palmer professor at Rollins, and Mrs. Avenue. Lazaron will entertain this afterMr. and Mrs. Dean Gregg ennoon in honor of Dr. John Haynes Holmes. The Lazarons are occupy- joyed a week-end visit with their ing Mrs. Mabel H. Kirk's residence son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Don Ogilvie, and three chilon Alonaa Avenue. dren, who motored down from Jacksonville. Miss Janelle Gregg and her roommate, Miss Collette Crawford, arrived by plane ORLANDO Wednesday from New York for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Gregg FORGE will go to their home in Los Angeles, California, April first and Hand-Wrought Metals on their return to Winter Park in September will occupy their new unusual gifts in house on Cortland Street, known as the Waldo Plympton property. WROUGHT Mrs. Frederick D.Trismen has had her mother, Mrs. L. Maude IRON Cisney, of Huntington, L. I , with her for a several weeks' visit and BPASS her brother, Mr, William R. Cisney, of Washington, N. J,, flew in and for a visit this week on his way to the Middle West on business. COPPER Mrs. James Paige, of Minneapolis, Minn., who is residing at 152 Cortland Street, has-had a 711 ORANGE AVE. number of house guests which include Mrs. J. E. Oren and Mrs. W. WINTER PARK E, Boddy, of Minneapolis, Mrs, Grace Dunn, owner and editor of the Princeton, Minn,, "Union," and Miss May McDonald, of Albany, Personal Protection for your home (luring your summer absence. Telophone N. Y. Orlando 7541 Day or Orlando 8849 Miss Sally Crane, who has such Night- for details, rates and references. a wide circle of friends in Winter ORLANDO NATIONAL Park, is absent from the winter colony this season and visiting DETECTIVE AGENCY with a niece, Mrs, Wortham ColEstablished 1928 lins, at 4572 Bordeaux Street, Dallas, Texas.

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Social Notes

"DELIGHTFULLY DIFFERENT" Delicious Food Prepared for the Discriminating LUNCHEON 1 2 : 1 5 - 2 : 0 0 P . M . — DINNER 5 : 1 5 - 7 : 3 0 P . M . Please Phone M t . Dora'5332 in advance for Reservations

10 Miles North of Apopka — Follow the Arrows

tender and delicate than the variety from Northern waters. Delectable sizzling steaks have always been a Harper's specialty. It was certainly good news to We noted with the local gourmets last Fall when tangy sauce with the pleasurecockshrimp Francis Harper re-opened his tail and superb French dressing famous restaurant on West Fair- on the tossed green salad. which, banks Avenue after several years. by the way, is always prepared Ravishing new decorations with under the personal supervision of a decided French impressionist Mrs. Harper. flavor have made "Harper's" into How fortunate to have such an a most charming place to dine. excellent restaurant as Harper's And a welcome innovation is the so close at hand! intimate inner dining room, ideal for private parties and quiet conversation. ... On Motile 17-BS 1 mile north at Maitland _ The sea food is particularly delicious at Harper's, with special QUALITY MARMALADES emphasis on the broiled Florida Gift Packages — Mail Orders lobster—which is even more Phone 87-S787

Joining, Out

Wakefield Preserving Co.

Real Estate
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Wintet Park, Florida

The Pioneer Cleaners of Winter Park
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a •




Earle H. Shannon
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Fine Printing and Engraving

252 Park Avenue, North, Winter Park Tel. 3-2871

FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD $1.00 to $50.00

Raymond Holton
INSURANCE AGENCY "Insure a n d b e Sure" 150 Park Ave., S. P.O. Box 688 Telephone 4-1421

Expert Repairing on All Makes of Automobiles Wheel Aligning and Balancing Painting—Body and Fender Work 500 Holt Ave. Winter Park Tel. 3-2101-3-4783 (Night)

"The Beautiful Shop with the Wrought Iron Gates"

Office, Greeneda Court, Opp. Railroad Station Phone 4-1281

For hard to get HARDWARE see

Wm, Ildurdnll, Pros.

G. M. B e . , 0 , Sen,

Welbourne Avenue Repair Shop 4-4971 ' 120 E. Welbourne

Over Sixty-six Years Experience in the Title and Abstract Business

60 N. Court Street ORLANDO, FLORIDA Phone 4131

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Uue. Cyti


111 E. Welbourne Hosiery Robes Herb Farm Perfumes

Lingerie Blouses Foundations

Alive, and lifted LIBRARY OF CONGRESS By pinions MAKES BRAILLE EDITION Of integrity and fantasyOF EUDY VOLUME Our noted Winter Park poet, Mary Cummings Eudy, has re- Eyery word pliant ceived much acclaim from critics With the endurance and the public alike for her vol- Of the soft edge ume of stirring verse, "Quicken Of any feather— the Current." And now she has received another honor. The Then—fly lightly Library of Congress asked permis- In fair or foul weather. sion to set the book of poetry in braille for the blind. POLYNESIAN EXHIBIT ; Among the noted leaders who OPENS TOMORROW Art lovers attending Founders' have expressed their admiration for Mrs. Eudy's poems is John Week activities are invited to the Haynes Holmes, pastor emeritus Morse Gallery tomorrow evening of the Community Church of New (Saturday, Feb. 24) at 8:15 for a York and well-known author on formal reception opening the new religious subjects. He comments, Polynesian exhibit, prepared espe"What Mrs. Eudy can do with cially for Winter Park by the diwords is almost a miracle. Vivid rector of the Honolulu Academy ideas set forth with flaming of Arts. beauty characterize her work Mrs. Betty Farrington, wife of throughout, and her book is a the Hawaiian delegate to Conprecious contribution to our litera- gress, will officially open the show ture." which will be exhibited nowhere The local poet's reverence for else in the United States. On diswords can well be seen in the fol- play will be many examples of lowing selection from her latest pre-19th century living on the South Sea isle. Feathered shoulder volume: capes, stone fish gods, bamboo THOUGHT IN FLIGHT nose flutes and Polynesian quilts are included in the exhibit which A poem must be will run through March 21st. Bone-strong

We specialize in the financing of homes, and feel that our broad experience in serving local homeowners qualifies us to advise you on many problems involved in financing the purchase or construction of a home, or in re-financing an old home mortgage. Helping people to become home owners on a sound basis and encouraging savings is our principal business.

AND LOAN 224 Park Ave., South Wilhelmina Greene's Pictures Wilhelmina Greene will give an exhibition of her beautiful botanical sketches in water color and tempera at the Woman's Club beginning March 2 and continuing to the 15th. The exhibition "Flowers of the Americas" is the result of Mrs. Greene's trip around the Carribean, Central and South America and on Friday, March 9 the artist will describe the pictures at the Art Department meeting. ASSOCIATION Telephone 3-1041 RESEARCH STUDIO The Research Studio in Maitland will open an exhibition of three of its resident artists on Tuesday, Feb. 27, Milton Avery, Sally Michell and Wallace Putnams will display paintings inspired by Florida scenes. The exhibition will run through the 18th of March. Don't miss any copies of Winter Park Topics if you want to be informed.

Our Salutations to Rollins College

The New Mills Memorial Library at ihe Head of The Horseshoe on Rollins Campus -on the occasion of the laying of the cornerstone for! its handsome new library Saturday, February 24th, at 2:45 P.M. The completion of this impressive building on Rollins' steadily growing campus will add further to the cultural distinction and architectural beauty that make Winter Park outstanding in Florida.

128 Park Avenue, South



Tel. 4-3401

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