Summary of EU Card Fraud Forum by fjzhxb


									Summary of EU Card Fraud Forum

The primary objective of the EU Fraud Forum was to raise the awareness of payment card
fraud within Senior Law Enforcement Officers, Prosecutors and Magistrates across the EU
and the accession countries. A secondary objective was to generate an atmosphere where
information and experience could be exchanged. Lastly the Forum should allow for the
attendees to meet each other and thereby improve contacts between the organisations
across the EU.

To achieve the objectives a two-day event was organised in Brussels.

An agenda covering all areas of payment card fraud was organised, the speakers coming
from the payment card industry, Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and the EU Commission.

The attendees totalled 125 and were from all current 15 Member States as well as from all 10
accession countries, they also represented all aspects of the target audience as they came
from Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Magistrates.

The key messages of the meeting were:

1. Co-operation
                  •   An enhanced co-operation between Law Enforcement, Judiciary and the
                      Payment Card Industry is essential to achieve a cost-effective prevention
                      of payment fraud.

2. Training
                  •   Successful results in the combating of payment card fraud can be
                      achieved only if law enforcement, public prosecutors and magistrates
                      have sufficient and up-to-date knowledge about such a fast developing
                      crime as payment card fraud.

                  •   All police officers should have a basic knowledge about fraudulent
                      techniques using payment cards. Basic training on payment fraud could
                      be offered at the Police Academies, where the industry could periodically
                      train the trainers.

3. Legislation
                  •   A harmonised EU legal framework to combat fraud already exists. It now
                      needs to be implemented and enforced effectively.

                  •   Clarification of existing legislation such as data protection may be needed
                      to further strengthen fraud prevention

                  •   Another question to be addressed is the question of "proofing" new
                      legislation to ensure that new EU rules do not increase the number of
                      opportunities to commit fraud. The introduction of such a mechanism at
                      the EU level could be envisaged and might be of great importance for
                      fraud prevention.

Overall the forum was very successful and all attendees agreed that this type of event should
be held again on a regular basis in the future and found it very beneficial to meet new
contacts within the EU.

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