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PTT Energy Card



System Overview • PTT Energy Card is a Credit Card provided by PTT Public Company incorporation with Kasikornbank Public Company Limited (KBANK). • PTT provides branding and retail customer points of sale. KBANK provides credit and card issue services • PTT Energy Card will be offered to government bureaus and commercial organizations, to individual car licenses, according to the client’s policy and requirements. Cards will be valid for 3 years. • PTT Energy Card can be used like cash or credit coupon for fuel or lubricant purchases at more than 1,000 service stations nationwide (including PTTRM service stations) • PTT Energy Card can be used with PTT-approved NGV Cards at PTT NGV service stations.


Benefits of PTT Energy Card Finance • To purchased fuel and lubricant purchases, with 55 days credit terms. • Can select from two account reporting cycles - 25th or month-end. • To increases business liquidity • Can check available balance in sale slips • Auditable against sale slips Convenience • Can be used at all participating PTT & PTTRM service stations displaying the card signage • Can limit card usage up to 30 specific stations • KBANK-generated online statements reduce paper processing and admin costs HTTPS://KBANKFLEETCARD.KASIKORNBANK.COM/fcweb - Transaction Report: to show details usage per card related by sale slips - Management Report : inform the cards conclusions. - Detail Report • Convenient payment can be made in several methods. (See more details in Payment) • PIN resets can be made without renewing the card. Security and Controls • Have Pin Security (like ATM card) to prevent other person’s access to the card’s accounts. • Captures Odometer and EDC numbers with purchases. • 24-hour call center for card activation, suspension, PIN resets, lost, stolen, or damaged cards. • If input wrong PIN for more than 3 times, the card will be locked atomically • Increased visibility and control of vehicle expenses.

• Less risk since cash reserve for fuel purchase to the Company’s driver is not necessary • Can control budget by limit maximum fuel purchases per time, per day, per week and/or per month. • Capability to budget, monitor, and limit maximum fuel purchases • Can be purchase fuel with oil tank or executive car to mention by VIP on card. Application 1. Credit account by KBank 2. Requires 200% bank guarantee. Document of the application of the PTT Energy Card for the credit extended by KBank 1. For Public Co.,Ltd. Co., Ltd., Partnership 1.1 PTT Energy Card Application Form 1.2 A copy of company’s meeting report or required letter for PTT Energy card that must stamp company’s logo and signed by authorized person 1.3 A copy of juristic Registration Certificate of not later than 90 days from application date 1.4 A copy of company prospectus and stock holders accounts. 1.5 Latest balance sheet and Finance statement (3 latest months) 1.6 A copy of 6 month account statement 1.7 A copy of ID card or Passport for authorized user (In case of authorize person is foreigner : require valid copies of Passport and Work permit) 2. For government agencies, state enterprises and charity organizations 2.1 PTT Energy Card Application. 2.2 Letter on company letterhead requesting PTT Energy Card carrying organization’s stamp, logo, and signed by authorized person. 2.3 Copy of royalty legislation or The Handover Power Letter. 2.4 Copy of ID card of authorized user.

Payment can be made by 10 convenient methods: 1. Balance transfer or direct debit – On the date of purchase, payment is automatically deducted from company’s saving current accounts by KBank as indicated in the Letter of Consent to Debit Account. 2. Telephone payment from company’s saving current accounts, call KContact Center tel. (02) 888-8888 or K-mBanking Service or ATM payment from credit card account. 3. Cash payment or Cheque payment at every KBank Branch 4. Cheque payment by mail, write on a cheque out to “Kasikornbank Public Company Limited for Credit Card Account”. Indicate car brand, car number and card number then send to Kasikornbank Public Company Limited for Credit Card Account, Address at 400/22 Phaholyotin Road, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400 5. Cash payment with cash payment form and card statement. 5.1 At Counter Service. Maximum payment is Baht 30,000/statement/service point. A fee is Baht 15 per transaction applies. 5.2 At “TOT Just Pay” counter. Maximum payment is Baht 30,000/statement/service point. A service fee of Baht 15 per transaction applies. 5.3 At “AIS” and “Telewiz Shop”. Maximum payment is Baht 30,000/statement/service point. A service fee of Baht 15 per transaction applies. 5.4 At Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) Branch. A service fee of Baht 10 for Bangkok and boundary and Baht 15 for provincial transactions applies. 5.5 At “Jay Mart One Stop Service”. No limit on maximum payment per transaction. A service fee of Baht 15 per transaction applies. 5.6 At “Tesco Lotus Express”. No limit the maximum payment per transaction. A service fee of Baht 15 per transaction applies. Remarks: - Cheque payments must be made at least two days before due date.


Interest and Card fee Free first year entrance fee Annual fee : baht 300 per card per year. Baht 50 for new, lost, damaged or stolen card replacement For late payment interest fee is 20% per year.

Post Service after the application - Training on card usage will be provided for the company’s driver - Calls for card freeze 24 hours a day and any other services at K-Contact Center 24 hours a day at 0-2888-8888 Procedure of using the PTT Energy Card at PTT Service Station

o Attendant swipes card through the electronic date capture (EDC) device and online information transfer occurs. o Cardholder enters pin code and mileage. (Note: If incorrectly input pin code, EDC will automatically reject the transaction.) o Attendant checks and keys fuel type and purchase transaction data . System checks that transaction does not exceed the maximum budget settings. o Attendant confirms KBank’s transaction approval. o Upon approval, EDC prints receipt (2copies) and tax invoice (2 copies) o The cardholder signs two duplicate receipts and receives one copy, the original tax invoice, and the card. Cardholder must retain both documents and submit to company’s Accounting Department for further VAT arrangements and monthly report.


For more information, please contact : Mr. Pongdit Vacharamateevoranun Ms. Piyanuj Suvarnasuddhi Ms. Sompeeti Teepirach Ms.Vinita Painter Ms.Warisarang Jongsirikarnkha Mr. Wongprom Promwong Service Station Development and Management Division PTT Public Company Limited 555 PTT Bld. 6th Fl. Vibhadi Rangsit Rd.,Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 THAILAND Tel. 0-2537-2446, 0-2537-2434-5, 0-2537-2385, 0-2537-1936 Fax. : 0-2537-2432 Or K-Contact Center Tel. 0 2888-8888


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