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The pages of PACE are always open to editorial contributions. Whether it's a case study, technical article, new product or even an opinion, we are waiting to hear from you. Please note that while our editorial calendar remains mostly the same for 2009, new topics have been added: Energy Management and Wireless Technology. CONTENTS Case applications Interviews* Opinion pieces* Technical analysis, Analysis of issues/industry trends New product releases, official product launches, product re-launches Technical hints and suggestions SECTION Behind the scenes/Features ❶ In conversation with ❷ Viewpoint ❸ Features (In focus) ❹ WORD COUNT 500-1500

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tool to sit develop a drilling determine that the its extensive geoin order to It is THE project followswork in this off- seabed were worth uncovering. logical exploration location in recent minerals to get good recoveries PNG too challenging mounted drilling shore deep water granting by the from surface years and the added. exploration licences. now machines,” he government of Perry Slingsby, chief development Rogers said in conjuncBrisbane based that the the Triton group, experts in Rogers, said two part of officer, Stephen Offshore, contract for with Canyon design and build Tools (SMTs), an- tion design, manufacdeepwater robotics were contractSeafloor Mining Minerals Austraturing and operations, mounted nounced by Nautilus December, the ROVdrill Heydon in ed to develop completed and lian CEO, David with a sophisticattool which was are to be integratedsystem (RALS) and drilling less than 12 months. “This in ed riser and lifting vessel (MSV). The tested Nautilus to drill the Solwara a mining support that the design and allowed to a depth of up to 18 metres in 2007.” company expects the RALS will be 1 deposit for quantify the resource be used to vessel and build contract will March 31. The The machinery unchartered subawarded by is still underway. is explore previously from the tool selection process the SMTs drawing cutting seafloor mining of sea levels, “Our newest highly specialised story,” says Rogers after company’s focused on mining and only part of the was sparked the project which identified by geo- technology dredging specifics. and build had the site was initially ic researchThe SMT design logical and oceanographCSIRO. The step towards developing Australia’s begun its first ers, including extraction capabilappraisal processcompany’s ore company’s complex years have com- the the start of operareadiness for two timescan ity in es in the past PNG Government developed side as tions in 2010, prised purpose robotic as well lines permitting. the first of its kind, sonar techniques, drilling tools Believed to be on experience quanpurpose developed to identify and SMT draws heavily trenching for the (ROVdrill) used pipeline com- in deepwatergas industry as well on tify the resources. time a mining in at the oil and “It is the first dredging, and into exploration experience in pany has gone sulphide strong mining applications. for massive gas surface the company’s these depths, the oil and Rogers is leading on page 32) deposits, although operating in ultra(Continued been industries have some time,” said deepwater for

Minaki and Masatoshi
First we had Minaki-san, and we were lucky that his trip to Russia was cancelled and he had some for us. time

Behind the scenes

the sea Pioneers under

in the rich ore deposits nt for mineral Guinea is mining equipme off Papua New team. ing trials of undersea the western Pacific Ocean s through its Brisbane Conducting engineer up to 1,700 metres in standof Nautilus Mineral an exploration to Rogers. “From seafloor at depths Canadian owned challenge was challenges for D SHORT on the point, our biggest posing unique

PACE celebrate d Singapore. Miguelboth the Lunar New Year and the release of Yokogawa’s the Japanese giant’sGonzalez sat down with Teruyos CENTUM VP future on the in way to its 2010 hi Minaki and Masatoshi Nakahara to world dominat discuss ion target.

One is the only number

Nakahara, Yokogawa


In 2005, Yokogawa’s PERSONAL PROFILE President and CEO Isao Uchida announced that company had the set a Born in the Yamaguchi become the global target for 2010: to Prefecture of Japan, automation. We leader in industrial Minaki graduated Teruyoshi away from that are only two years from the date and this is Faculty of the case. Is this not Engineering still a corporate yet at Waseda University and if so, how goal in 1971. will it be achieved He then joined the time that in is left? Electric and has Yokogawa It’s always good been with the to reach a target. company ever We have a since, in a varilong-term plan ety of roles such VISION-21 and called as ACTION-21, dent of the Field Vice Presiand target for our Second Milestone the Division or Vice Instruments 2010. By then, is President of Yokogawa will Corporate Marketing. become number He curone rently holds automation business. in the industrial the positions of Director and We have already Executive Vice moved closer President of this target, to Yokogawa Elecand now that tric Corporation launching our we’re , and Managnew ing Director VP, we will surely DCS CENTUM and reach the top Yokogawa Electric CEO of We rank at number spot. Internatwo in transmittional. ters, but we’re catching up in tories like China, terriwhere in a leading position. we’re already We’re also leading in vortex If I were a big meters, client tivity transmitters. pH and conducheard of Yokogawa, who has never how would you are concentrating At the moment, we introduce me to it? Pretend on process plants. I represent a big contract, worth millions What happens lars… of dolafter Our CENTUM CENTUM VP? We have something VP is very strong, prepared for which means those occasions that we will provide (Minaki produces VigilantPlant bilingual plastic the a concept to our card – Japanese customers; accelerating and English – from one lence and using Operational Excelof his pockets). We aim for Yokogawa’s cuttingedge technology. profitable operation a healthy and From all the different to uphold our data sources that responsibilities come together to our customers can colleagues, shareholders customers, in VP, use the right You’re leaders COMPANY PROFILE and sociinformationat the right ety. in the Japanese time. market. What are the But it doesn’t We will achieve main challenges stop there. After overseas growth? for three initiatives: this target through we need to work that, Yokogawa’s global on We offer the tion of production further optimisagawa, customer One Global Yoko18 manufacturin network of latest centric solutions, and business g facilities, 84 we keep the highest technology and leading-edge our customers, companies, and and quality standards technology. (the who require high with over 650 sales and people. Our customisation last line card’s and engineering that has to be level offices spans what we start, promise is to finish watchingreads ‘Be prudent, the sun oped according devel33 countries. is that’s our culture. us!’). to their requests Since its foundthe Asian market, needs. We can ing in 1915, including Japan, In provide that with and the US$4 billion have a predominant we Can you lantPlant, and Vigicompany has share of the marelaborate on we’ll continue been engaged ket, but in North this ‘One its development. Global Yokogawa’ in cutting-edge America and Europe research and initiative? our company We also have That innovation, does a securing more level of recognition not have the same Second is very important within we would like target at Yokogawa; than 7,000 patents our to become a let people know yet, so we need to unity. Milestone, because it gives company which, service trations, including and regisus There are many after installation, many customers who we are. But companies the Yokogawa also provide first digital sensors world's are discovering operating more value-added can Yokogawa and for flow vices throughout but for the customer outside Japan, and pressure serthey customer plant measurement. we are working are coming to us; only there should cycle.Because lifeIndustrial automation be one global Yokogawa. each Chemical, Chevronwith Shell Norco share and We can ferent know-how, customer has a difcontrol, test information, Oil refineries it’s about providing and measureBP-Sonatrach. and all 19,286 and employees that service and ment, information North America work for one working with growing at a very global Yokosystems is gawa. them. and industry support are the dispatched almost high speed; we have Do you have And since core businesses the of Yokogawa. staff, and we’re 20 of our Japanese al service we aim to become a globrequired to provide human resources targeting new company, it is such tomers. Once cus- the customer important for Yokogawa’s business services? our customers to know use our 20 products and is expanding, even in Japan. years after we’ve that 10, 15, or services, they good people, We will surely continue installed our prothe best, in Japan and fortunately, need skilled people, overseas. ducts, we’ll be and expansion to use Yokogawa. This there we can still However, we support they require. to provide the has been successful, select more always need skilled staff. now roughly and half of our automation 16 March 2008 business comes PACE Do you find from outside that being a Japan. Japanese
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PACE 10 March 2008


2000-2500 500 1000-2500

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In focus: Environme nt and sustainabi lity

Going green … again



e rship – into the futur Engineering leade


tank innovative water dynamics and with swim team tational fluid they our Olympic Most of all, testing to equip of those times. g swimsuits. to the Auseconomic fabric tools such as I was world record-beatin and their vision times past. When even more amazing, a team of Aussold themselves is a relic of And what is by a marvellous A SLIDE rule used recently engineers to build tralian public. engineer, it was expected its these have been to design and You could easthose times a young undergrad and social a school students Australia in modern technology. (it was almost car that won tralian high of its economic piece of then model race – he be at the forefront acclaimed what was being an engineer graftthe CO2-powered by ily recognise had a slide rule have progress. Australia innovation and with in those days) innovation worldwide contest. engineering always a he made it possible, for engineering achieved through tools are left hand that So our tools leadership. into reality these better ed onto his s way – and hand, to design strong engineering professional come a long of his right the help of all engineering engineering immortality. of engineering Bradwithin the reach if our leaders speaking his dreams that Dr. J.J. but I wonder the of technology of pace with and students, Are we as engineering arena? It was the kind reality his vision has been keeping engineering and he brought to – voice in the public leadership make innovation field used when with too soft a we have to of engineering opportunities count. in public debate the kind of techthat masterpiece innovation really Bridge. It was Where is our viewpoint engineering have an engineerwhen he created Sydney’s Harbour business leaders Hudson used social issues? well for busiMany of our equips them Hydro project. nology Sir William economic and on that leadSnowy Mountains ing background engineering made it tools his visionary device. What But are we as public many more was a simple ness leadership. we have so a voice in the innovation The slide rule more innowith too soft Of course today viewpoint in us better and the great engineering mysterious. ers speaking central in rules to make ters that the engineering not at all is Is is than slide s of its day arena? Where because We have supercompu and social issues? eleachievement on economic s came about vative engineers. central complex finite public debate innovation a to perform The great achievement dreamed of what might and engineering make it possible and even forecast leaders slide engineering of structures great engineering help of their ment analyses have used compuout – with the not just a systems. We be and worked should be – complex weather and it could be and to the social rules – how masterful addition dream, but a

Concerns about energy efficiency and environmental practices are back and gaining momentum, so automation vendors and their customers are helping ensure that manufacturing is greenest sectors one of the of the economy.


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14 June 2008 PACE

Today’s moves FEW would disagree. The and environment to become more energy efficient world is going Whether through ally conscious green. ous differ from previefforts largely measures, safety energy efficiency, environment because of the and al fuelling drivers that are above, consumers health practices, or all of the manager, it. Brandon Henning, and manufacture global industry striving to earn food and beverage, rs alike are the label “green.” GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, cites Thirty-plus three primary years ago, similar green movement reasons the current underway. Oil efforts were will hold and shortages, Earth “major retailers grow. First, he energy management Day, says, are demanding systems, all surged recycling, turers they that the manufac– then faded. buy from to the fore Now they’re prove it. Companies be greener … and that back. Technologica they l advances have must be green going to desirable: the if they are monitoring and made possible and retailers continue to sell to large measuring, the retailers, mation and controls auto- chants are not flexible about compliance. and that are critical and remaining such as Wal-Mart to becoming energy in the USA audit Mermuch energy, ly friendly. Beyond efficient and environment water, and other how al- er uses that, however, resources a suppliand sustainable and vendors a more serious need to show atmosphere pervades after year.” reductions year movement to the 2008 “go green”: Second, sustainabilit consumer pressure, growing global demand for y and energy make good finite resources knowledge advances efficiency business sense, are driving manufacture and costs out of because they develop more the manufacturi drive efficient products rs to evaluate implement more and ways to operate ng process. “As plants responsible ways processes, and also are more effectively, getting smarter of operating. they about it. the benefits of Why green? Why efficiency efforts If done correctly, now? the costs,” says are greater than “This time, I think we have trols, automation Henning. “Investments in gence of concerns a perfect converconequipment, production about climate ment systems, energy prices managelike GE Fanuc to drive an interest change and high and Plant Applications ERP systems, says John White, in sustainability ,” all effectiveness come together to improve energy management ronmental solutions over.” and envimanager for Third, resources Most manufacture Eaton Corp. rs cially in industries are becoming scarce. “Early adopters agree. “Espewho address changing weather such as food and beverage, and become green initiatives patterns and more socially availability of climates affect responsible will themselves at raw materials,” the a competitive advantage,” says find “Companies are looking says Henning. Ellsworth, vice Rod on the at their long-term consulting and president of business solutions environment impact and their ability enterprise asset raw materials to acquire the Infor. “Products management they need.” at companies will will be better received and their Practicing flexible.” Info’s be more financially viable green enterprise software and Green initiatives manufacturing ous manufacture and sustainability rs’ green initiatives.supports vari- workings pervade the of many major manufacturers’ tions today. If operayours is not among them, there are

New Products

JUNE 5-6 Minerals Processing course, Perth u, (08) 9421 9000 11-12 (Adelaide), 24, 26 (Melbourne) Rockwell Automation’s Automation University 13 Flow measurement workshop, Sydney info@au.endress .com 16-17 The 7th Annual SCADA Brisbane michael.casey@i Conference, (02) 9080 4351 , 16-19 Master series: Instrumentatio Control, Brisbane n and www.idc-online .com 18 PACE Zenith Awards, Sydney ashley.buncher@ .au 17 Hands-on introduction to graphical programming with NI workshop, Melbourne LabVIEW, free niaustralia.regis JULY 1 (Traralgon), 3 (Wangaratta), 16-17 (Auckland), 25 (Christchurch) Rockwell Automation’s Automation University 4 Turbidity, dissolved workshop, Sydney oxygen and pH info@au.endress .com 7-15 Energy efficiency, Sydney estherw@marcu 7-10 Wonderware Historian Factory Fundamentals, and Active Sydney kevin.adair@wo u 17-18 (Perth), 21-22 (Melbourne), 24-25 (Brisbane) Practical specification writing for engineers and technical and technical professionals idc@idc-online.c om 21-24 Foodpro 2008, Sydney www.foodproex 24-25 (Melbourne), 28-29 (Brisbane) Practical hazardous areas for engineers and technicians idc@idc-online.c om 25 Pressure and temperature workshop, Sydney info@au.endress .com 30-31 Carbon footprints in your supply chain, Sydney estherw@marcu AUGUST 11-15 (Melbourne), 18-22 (Brisbane) PAS Alarm/ProSys control workshopsEngineering Process www.prosysengi 15 Radiometric level and density measurement by gamma Sydney info@au.endress workshop, .com

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200-300 300-500 10-20

vortex meters Flowmeters and enhancement to its OPTIFLUX an

lined KROHNE has released flanged ceramic flowmeters: the to supplement the range of magnetic It covers sizes 15-100mm range model 5000-FL. 150-250mm. The models in sizes stabilised zirconium existing flanged tech liner of partially aluminium oxide. features a high the more conventional shock characteroxide rather than has enhanced temperature to aluminium Zirconium oxide force stability compared diamond and in istics and bending hard as oxide is nearly as makes it well suited oxide. Zirconium accuits cermet electrodes, conjunction with 5000-FL has a base applications. The better than 0.06%. to very abrasive rate with repeatability racy of 0.15% of vortex meters, OPTISWIRL, a new range of They also have an integrated PT1000 to 300mm, with pickup. The sensing covering sizes 15 built into its sensing temperature sensor elements which are fed into a piezo pickup has two with a newly developed This combined provides differential amplifier. processor; the OPTISWIRL signals and intelligent signal even with disturbing accurate measurement

a very robust design than 70%.It has process noise greater shedder bar and can therefore in 4070 C is the only with a totally welded shocks. OPTISWIRL withstand pressure integrated pressure and temperature with it provides accurate vortex flowmeter 2- wire technology; mass volumetric and compensation in operating, standard liquids, gases and measurement of and non-conductive and temperatures. flow of conductive fluctuating pressures vapours even with 88446 1700, KROHNE Australia,(02)

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central control SIMATIC PCS substations to the for the alarm signalling, connecting distant philosophy and In terms of operating no difference between local/distant is or radio plant operator there lines, dial-up connections stations. Dedicated for communication . The application to the systems are available oil and gas industry through the range extends from Simatic PCS 7 TeleControl treatment sector. and a central water supply and distant substations integrates distributed, a homogeneous overall solution. to form control system Siemens, 131 773.

is a Hand Pump CHP or 28.8 THE Series up to 100 psi and for applications Acetel plastic rugged pump The Durable prevents body Hg Vacuum. construction readanodized aluminium in drift-free accurate resulting with oversized heat transfer, CHP is equipped smooth and conings. The Series in order to provide all pistons ensure check valves Dual o-rings on is ideal for trolled operation. The series CHP the pump is leak-free. pressure or vacuum gauges, of checking calibration switches, or transmitters. 4272 2055, info@dwyerInstruments, (02) l Dwyer under TeleContro telecontrol functions, with system. 7 has been expanded

pump Calibration handCalibration

Question of the Month answer: THE reader who sent in this question run at between said he normally 75% and 100% sizes motors to driving by 150% of rated speed, but Hz, rather than by setting the variable frequency asks about over60 drive (VFD) at Most AC motors Hz. 90 but not for continuous can take it for short bursts provided the load duty. The drive and voltage stay is light, can certainly take it as long as current doesn’t get too within specifications. The motor can take hot. it as long as John Mazurkiewic it z at the Variable Frequency Baldor Electric Company says there is no Drive (VFD) VFD can supply issue in the required frequency an over-speeding application. for the mechanical above 60 Hz continuously “The characteristics terms of a conventional of the motor are the determining ; however, standard efficient the motor insulation factor. In three speeding the motor. and type of bearings shouldphase AC induction motor, be reviewed prior The heat inside to overmotor must have the motor will increase in an over-speed condition an insulation rating that can A Class F or and the Class withstand the increase in heat. induction motor. H motor insulation is preferred when over-speeding In an over-speed an condition, the peratures and therefore becomes bearing grease is subjected to higher temsive heat buildup thinner. Bearings can lock-up due in the bearing becomes thin journal. Additionally, to excesit can once the grease the motor. Bearingsleak from the bearing journal into the stator that are not properly eventually fail.” lubricated become assembly of hot and will Review the motor specifications tinuous duty. carefully before A call to the attempting it manufacturer’s would be in in conorder as well. tech support Overspeeding line probably probably void on a continuous any motor warranty service life. basis would and likely would shorten the motor’s A better choice speed, or adding would be to look into getting a motor rated a a waste of money, gear drive to provide the for the higher higher shaft speed. vice life is a lot but buying a single motor that It seems like less lasts through its motor every, say, expensive in the long run normal serthan replacing two years. the lower-rated


Proximity sensors is Clone

sensor, featuring delay, inductive proximity a versatile adjustable output over s such as s from EATON’S iProx e characteristic sensor configurationcustomising advanced programmabl ability to “clone” by and the own sensor speed detection can create your and noise immunimodels. You response time 4,800 competitive sensor configusensing range, can save your output mode, sensors. The output type, Software, you to other iProx iProx Programming techconfiguration ty. With the and clone the or with SmartSense extended ration to a database an embedded microprocess functions at utilise unique sensing iProx sensors to perform enabling them nology, sensing ranges. 4333, www.eatonele Eaton, (02) 9693

Technical literature ❼

web devices Securing embeddedWeb Application Kit com-


and software THE Secure Embedded sample programs and bines new security use it to implement web can tools. Customers into their embedded application, are data security easily for design engineers who a guide security, getting and it offers of embedded code for new to the challenges quickly and developing conthem up-to-speed and data exchanges. The kit mini secure web pages RabbitCore with a 512MB and tains: a RCM4300 board, accessories, a prototyping quickly. SDTM card, and running tools to get up the book Practical development is a limited time Included for by Tim Stapko. 6988, Embedded Security, (02) 9906 Dominion Electronics,

41 PACE June 2008

42 June 2008 PACE


PM 27/5/08 1:12 PM 10 Page 1 1 5/27/08, 1:15 ACE_JUN08_P_P10.PDF Page PACE_JUN08

G Y AND PURCHASIN MRO INVENTOR Press ■ $66 ■ Industrial 8311-3329-0 in Terry Wireman’s THE second tome Strategy Maintenance 10-volume PurchasInventory and series, MRO develop reader how to ing, shows the purchasing program part an inventory and and supplies as the for MRO spares strategy. Specifically,of a of an overall the importance and text focuses on storage location well organised numbering system effecpart inventory reader the most detailing to the this goal. tive ways to accomplish issues disciand parts a The receiving in detail with plines are discussed proposition for value focus on the and justification spare parts controls addition, overhead. In of of storeroom provide examples the appendixes storage conditions or parts and detail in developing that can be utilized storage location. refining an inventory

Terry Wireman
■, News, Cover stories ❽


ovation Never-ending inn
PROBLEM N THROUGH Press ■ Industrial US INNOVATIO CONTINUO ■ ISBN 978-0-8311-3275-0 SUSTAINING Armstrong ■ SOLVING Stephen

Technical literature

ISBN 978-0-

$87 how ProbTHIS book demonstrates Process Management lem Solving and continuous business of are at the heart with a n and renewal, transformatio on how to step-by-step introduction processes, suscreatively re-engineer continually imand tain innovation through proven prove an enterprise Unlike other a repetitive methods. subject it offers books on the approach that practical step-by-step templates, and the includes the steps, it on track. to keep 17the metrics tested, practical and The tried and Problem Solving step how to t methodology Process Managemen environany business can be used in numerous it includes ment, and of charts and figures and examples step of the at each documents used process. corporate manSenior managers, managers, superl scienagers, departmenta technologists, visors, engineers,


Print Post Approved PP255003/00539

find it people will all tists and trades useful.


Elsevier Australia erviceau@ or customers 1800 263 951

direct from are available Both books Customer Service,

lez@reedbusiness. books, email miguel.gonza General Managof one of these what was Advantech’s would prefer. To win a copy this question, book you and answer job? Please specify which first er Santo Gazzo’s


ALMOST one hundred Danfoss VLT6000 drives from 1.1KW to 250KW have been installed in the air conditioning system at the new es of China Central premisTelevision (CCTV), which will serve as the international broadcasting centre for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The chief designer of the new premises is Rem Koolhaas, founder of for Metropolitan The Office Architecture (OMA), based in dam. The building Rotteris 234 broke metres tall and Beijing’s building feature two codes leaning towers and a special that form a review panel continuous loop. had to approve The towers struction. They their conwere named

Drives at China’s new

jointly issue an FOUR major vendors have open letter on publicly help shared their position customers enjoy WirelessHART lessHART standard on the Wire- wireless, the benefits of today and tors, and introduced with their customers, suppliers to the market A multi-vendor into the future. September last in , interoperable the automation and other players in less “As automation year. standard, WirelessHAR wireindustry. suppliers, we The a responsibility Co-signed by have T was field standard was designed defined Sean and ver technologies to innovate and deliproven for reliability, President Technology, Keeping (Vice- ments specifically for the requirepower conthat help customers of Process field sumption, security, ABB), Mark Schumacher realise new device netexpandability, works. The standard (President, Rosemount levels of performance other factors and while Division, Emerson was initiated against many , ensuring open, in including use cases, technology Process Maninteroperable wireless based agement), Frank platforms. This control. WirelessHART requires a Director, Projects Hils (Corporate dedicated focus will fully meet on customer and Solutions, the present and Endress+Hauser) and a spirit process industries future needs of of collaboration needs, and Hans-Georg for a wireless the Kumpfmuelle develop these to field device network. r (President, AG game-changing, coProcess early Instrumentation easily accessible yet 2004 and developed and Analytics sion, Siemens), customers expecttechnologies. Our Divi- HART by 37 the document Communications no less. Wire“All of these factors says their respective lessHART is just Foundation and more give companies are that (HCF) companies. such a technology.” great confidence us siastic in the enthu- was WirelessHAR The executives that the WirelessHAR approved by T standard also announced belief that T they will a vote of the will lessHART is Wire- member that all be delivering 210 the process fully meet the needs of the solution that will ratified general HCF membership, lessHART products Wireindustries by the HCF field device network for a wireless expect this year, and Board of Direcother HART – now, and for many years to companies to the same, as the come,” reads industry’s interest do the letter. this standard in grows.

ABB, Emerson , Endress+Hauser

From the bottom
and Siemens

May 2008 • volume 61 • no 5

of their HARTs

wonder towers

one of the Ten Wonders of the New China by BusinessWeek Magazine, ranking at number five.

THE 5th Annual Zenith Awards finally announce are almost here, the names of and we can those companies and hard work have made whose ideas a significant respective industries, contribution to their both in Australia The number and overseas. of entries surpassed years and we the results now have four of previous finalists in each egories. The of our eight Zeniths will catalso make breakfast event the transition to a gala dinner, from a Sydney. If you’re on June 18, 2008 in Pyrmont, interested in attending, please ley Buncher on (02) 9422 contact Ash2944. None of this would be possible Instrumentati without our on & Calibration, sponsors, AMS bold Instruments, Citect, Mitsubishi Electric, Endress+Hauser, KoSchneider Electric Pilz Safe Automation, and Siemens. celebrate and Their support promote leadership, allows us to The list of finalists excellence and innovation. begins on page reports are available 31, and extended on our website, project awards.aspx www.pacetod

Finalists, get read y! ❾


PACE 10 June 2008


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