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									16th Annual Elvis Aaron Presley Memorial Quiz Tournament University of Wisconsin - Madison, January 31 - February 1, 2003 Packet by UW-Madison Team Players Round 8 Bonii 1.) The mapping of the human genome may be the greatest scientific breakthrough of our lifetimes. Answer these questions about it, FTP each: A. This private company agreed to publish their work simultaneously with the Human Genome Project, ending a dispute over credit. Answer: Celera Genomics

B. This founder of Celera Genomics developed what has become known as the "shotgun" technique of genome mapping, which involves breaking DNA into small pieces, sequencing those, then assembling the fragments. Answer: J. Craig Venter

C. While a scientist at the NIH, Venter developed a method of finding expressed genes using these unique stretches of DNA within a gene's coding region. Answer: Expressed Sequence Tag or Sequence Tagged Site

2.) Sometimes fathers do strange things. Answer these questions about musical fathers FTSNOP: A. For 5: This titular character gets an assassin to murder the Duke, but his own daughter Gilda allows herself to be killed in his place. Oops. Answer: Rigoletto

B. For 10. In Wagner‟s Ring Cycle, this father puts his daughter, Brunnhilde, inside a ring of fire for disobeying him. Answer: Wotan

C. For 15: Here we have two fathers, but you only have to name the first one. He is a Russian ruler who has been imprisoned by Khan Konchak (the second father). The Russian father escapes without his son, Vladimir, who is saved from death when Khan Konchak allows him to marry his daughter. Then he marches on Russia. Answer: 3.) Fun Bonus... 4.) Name these rulers of the Congo, FTP each: Prince Igor

A. fief.

In the late 19th century, this Belgian king established the Congo Free State as a personal


Leopold II

B. In 1960, this founder of the Congolese National Movement became Congo's first Prime Minister. Answer: Patrice Hemery Lumumba

C. This military ruler changed his original name of Joseph to one meaning "The allpowerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, will go from conquest to conquest leaving fire in his wake." Answer: Mobutu Sese Seko Koko Ngbendu Wa Za Bang

5.) FTPE, name these superlative elements. A. The most electronegative? flourine

Answer: B.

The most reactively stable element? helium

Answer: C.

The highest nuclear stability? iron


6.) Answer the following questions about copyright law, FTPE. A. This defense to a claim of copyright infringement allows quotation from a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. ANSWER: _fair use_ B. Congress named the 1998 law that extended all copyrights by 20 years, retroactively, after this then-recently-deceased congressman. ANSWER: Sonny _Bono_ C. The Supreme Court in January, 2003 declared the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act constitutional in its ruling on this case. ANSWER: _Eldred_ v. Ashcroft (or v. Reno) 7.) Fans know Don McLean‟s “American Pie” references the life and death Buddy Holly, but some diehards swear the song is about the baby boom generation and the climate of the 1960s. McLean's mum, so answer some questions about possible interpretations. A. The lyrics "The courtroom was adjourned/No verdict was returned" could reference the trial of this group which included Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Answer: Chicago Seven

"So come on Jack be nimble Jack be quick/Jack Flash sat on a candlestick/Cause fire is the devil's only friend." Here McLean could be singing the praises of this president's quick decisions during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Answer: John F. Kennedy

"No angel born in hell/Could shake that Satan's spell."This could reference a Rolling Stones concert at this venue where Hell's Angels working as security guards beat and stabbed a fan to death in front of the stage. Answer: Altamont Speedway

8.) Identify the following principles or laws from physics, for 10 points each. A. An object will remain at rest or continue in motion at a constant velocity unless acted upon by a force. Answer: Newton’s First Law of Motion

B. The change in internal energy of a system is equal to the difference between the heat gained by that system and the work it does on its environment. Answer: The First Law of Thermodynamics

C. The EMF induced around a closed loop is directly proportional to the change in magnetic flux through the loop. Answer: Faraday‟s Law

9.) Many authors have found following a family through time an effective way of chronicling the changes and exploitation of the developing world. FTP each: A. This magical realist novel chronicles the life of the Buendias of Macondo. One Hundred Years of Solitude

Answer: B.

The descendants of Tauliopepe form the subject of this Albert Wendt novel. Leaves of the Banyan Tree


C. In this novel, Taha Hussein became the first Arabic writer to produce a multi-generation family epic. Answer: The Tree of Misery

10.) FTPE, give the alma mater of the following NBA stars (past and present) A. Jason Kidd

Answer: B.

University of California - Berkeley

Wally Szczerbiak (ZER-bee-yak) Miami University

Answer: C.

Charles Barkley Auburn University


11.) Given a description of the molding process, name the pasta FTPE A. The pasta is put through a number of very small openings, and sliced at long length, giving a very thin, drawn out noodle. Answer: Angel Hair or Capellini

B. The dough is heated, and then divided into 26 different channels, each channel being forced through a mold before being thinly sliced. Answer: Alphabet noodles

C. Made with a mold that changes shape, this pasta can either be made in its proper form, or it‟s characteristic hour glass shape can be added by a special folding machine Answer: Farfalle or bow tie

12.) Most Greek tragedies have a mythological setting, but not all. FTP each: A. Whose The Persians was set shortly after the Battle of Salamis? Aeschylus

Answer: B.

What Persian emperor returns home during the play? Xerxes


C. What mother of Xerxes is the play's only female character, and the first character to speak? Answer: Atossa

13.) Why were the Pilgrims so thankful to land at Plymouth Rock? Maybe it's because they finally got off their ship that hauled 102 passengers in the space of an average living room. Answer some questions about them FTSNOP. A. For 5 points, what document, signed by 41 of the ship's male passengers, became the foundation of Plymouth government?


The Mayflower Compact

B. For 10 points, before sailing for America, to what nation did the Pilgrims originally flee to escape religious persecution in England? Answer: C. The Netherlands

Who was the first governor of Plymouth? John Carver


14.) The Solomon Islands are a country which should have a greater place in the quiz bowl canon. FTP each: A. The Solomons form part of what region of Oceania, located northeast of Australia south of the Equator and named for its people's dark skin. Answer: B. Melanesia

This city on the island of Guadalcanal is the capital of the Solomon Islands. Honiara


C. Buka and Bougainville islands, although part of the Solomons geographically, belong to what other nation. Answer: Papua New Guinea

15.) Identify the John Steinbeck works in which the following characters appear, F5P@: A. Jim Casy The Grapes of Wrath

Answer: B.

Jesus Maria Corcoran Tortilla Flat

Answer: C.

Jim Nolan and Doc Burton In Dubious Battle

Answer: D.

Adam Trask East of Eden

Answer: E.

George Milton Of Mice and Men



Billy Buck and Jody The Red Pony


16.) Name the following about the Fourth Crusade, FTP each: A. In lieu of payment for their transportation, the Crusaders agreed to assist Venice in capturing this Hungarian port. Answer: Zara

B. This pope reluctantly absolved the Crusaders, though not the Venetians, for attacking a Christian city. Answer: Innocent III

C. Despite papal opposition, the Crusaders went on to take Constantinople and make this man the first Latin Emperor of Constantinople. Answer: Baldwin IX of Flanders or Baldwin VI of Hainaut or Baldwin I

17.) FTP each, answer the following obscure questions about the movie American Beauty. A. Surrounded by the towns of Lawndale, Redondo Beach, Lomita, Palos Verdes Estates and Hermosa Beach with a population of 137, 946 people, name the Los Angeles suburb where American Beauty was filmed. Answer: B. Torrance Using your imagination, give the real-life name of the high school where the movie was filmed. Torrance South High School (prompt on “Torrance High School”)

Answer: C.

Name South High‟s mascot, the same as a certain Big Ten university. Spartan


18.) Answer the following questions about works of Henry Fielding, FTPE. A. This novel of Fielding‟s follows the title character from the time he was a baby being raised by Squire Allworthy, through his marriage to the Allworthy‟s neighbor, Sophia Western. Answer: The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling.

B. The title character of this novel, the brother of Pamela, is fired by his widowed employer Lady Booby when he refuses her sexual advances. The hero then flees to London where he can

be with his true love, Fanny Goodwill. The novel‟s timeline coincides with Pamela, a novel by another authors, and begins as a parady of it. Answer: Joseph Andrews

C. Later Fielding wrote “An apology for the life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews” continuing from Joseph Andrews the parady of Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded written by this man. Answer: Samuel Richardson

19.) Given clues about a particular artist who painted a version of Susanna and the Elders, name that artist FTPE. A. He painted two completely different versions of the Biblical story in 1636 and 1647 while in between he painted The Nightwatch. Answer: Rembrandt van Rijn

B. Her 1610 version is one of the few in which Susanna shows genuine horror and disgust on her face. Perhaps this is because the artist was raped herself by one of her father‟s friends, Agostino Tassi. Answer: Artemisia Gentileschi

C. This artist‟s version is one of the major works of Venetian Mannerism. Completed in Venice in 1556 while the artist was working on St. George and the Dragon, the real name of the artist is Jacobo Robusti, but he is better known by this name. Answer: Tintoretto or Jacopo Robusti

20.) Name the type of sequential logic flip-flop from description, FTP each. A. This most simple of all flip-flops is just an SR latch with a single control input. If the inputs for both S and R are 1 at the same time, the circuit could malfunction. Answer: SR flip-flop

B. This more commonly used type of flip-flop consists of an SR latch with control input and an inverter placed at one input signal so that a “hanging ones” scenario causes the flip-flop to change its state. Answer: JK flip-flop

C. This flip-flop commonly used in counters and timers connects both inputs of an SR latch together as a single input. When the input is 0, the state is held while when the input is 1, the state is changed. Answer: toggle or T flip-flop

21.) Answer the following questions about the stories concerning Persephone FTPE. A. After Persephone had been captured by Hades, Peirithous, King of the Lapiths, thought that she would be happier with him so he went to rescue her enlisting the help of this friend, a hero whom Peirithous had helped to abduct Helen of Sparta. Answer: Theseus

B. When this trickster was called to the underworld, he told his wife not to bury him. Then he urged Persephone, as queen of the underworld, to let him return to the surface to remedy the situation. She let him go, and of course he „forgot‟ his promise to Persephone to return. Answer: Sisyphus

C. Aphrodite fell in love with this beautiful boy and hid him from the gods in a chest which she then entrusted to Persephone. However Persephone fell in love with him as well and eventually Zeus had to step in and decree that this man was to spend half the year with each woman. Answer: Adonis

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