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Bauko, Mountain Province (Philippines) PRELIMINARY NOTE
The Isneg inhabit the subprovince of Apayaw, Mountain Province, Luzon. Key to Pronunciation : a as A in bAr, Arm; Spanish pAdre, cAridAd; Dutch M t , bAn, mAn (not English cat, ban, man). d (long a) as AA in Dutch bAAn (road), mAAn (moon). 2 as A in cAt, bAn, mAn; as E in Dutch En (and), zEnd (send). This sound occurs only in the combination 31. e as E in bEt, mEt. a (long e) as A1 in 1AIr; French mAIre; as E in French fEte (feast). i as I in fIsh. Final i is often pronounced indifferently i or e ; for instance : idi or idi, here ; si or se, and ; ki or ke (oblique of personal article). i (long i) as EA in dEAr ; as E E in bEEr; as IE in Dutch bIEr (beer). o as 0 in cot, Odd, n o t . 5 (long o) as 0 in Old, bone. 6 as 0 in horse; as A in dAwn. a (long 6). This sound occurs only in a very few words; it is mostly a contraction of a and zi, as in n&nawin,tired, from the prefix na, the stem zinbw and the suffix iin. zi as U in full. J (long zi) as 00 in g o o d . g as G in Get, Guilty, Great. x as H in Horse; as J in Spanish Jaula. n as NG in briNg. b, d, k, 1: m, n, p, r, s, t, w, and 9,as in other Philippine languages. - represents the glottal catch. The consecutive vowels are always pronounced separately; the glottal catch, which necessarily keeps them separated in pronui~ciation, has not been marked in writing, in order to simplify the latter. [ l l



In cases where the sounds i, o and u are joined to a subsequent vowel with no glottal catch intervening, I have written 9 , ow and uw, respectively. For instance, I write the Isneg equivalent of the Iloko bibg (life) as bbdg (if written biig, it would be pronounced bi-dg). The Isneg equivalent of the Iloko dtra' (two), I write duwd (if written dud, it would be pronounced du-d). The separate pronunciation of consecutive vowels is in many cases much more accentuated in Isneg than in either Iloko or Icankanay. For instance, the prefix i followed by a stem beginning with a vowel:
Iloko Kankanay Isneg

(a man from Apayaw) (to soak, to steep)

yapdyaw yziper

&apLi_Ya w

iapiyaw izipar


The same may be said of the insertion o f y after i and of w after a and Where the Iloko and Kankanay pronounce dub (two) almost as dwa~ the Isneg clearly pronounce dtlwal, and to this I adhere in writing. Bidg (life) is pronounced by the Iloko almost as bag, while the Isneg clearly pronounce b&&. In Isneg there are two principal dialects which I call the 0 and the B o dialect, respectively, according to the affirmative particle used by the people. The Isneg living in the southernmost part of Apayaw use bo" (yes) for the affirmative, while the others use o". The 0 dialect is further subdivided into four branches : the Main branch (M), the K branch (K), the Abbil branch (A), and the Bayag branch (B). The following two schemes showing the sequence of the gutturals within the 0 dialect, will make the matter clear: Schema I : Coming down the Apayaw river from Bayag to Tawit :
(to bear fruit) (mosquito) (nail)

( 4 (A) (K) (M) (M) (8)

Abbil Musimut Kabugaw Tawit


agoxzip agozip axokzlp axozip axozipl, agoxzip

xoxd 00' koki od 00'
xoxd 00'

Schema I1 : Crossing the mountains from Bayag to Tawit:

(M) Dangla


(1) In Tawit the x is often scarcely audible, especially at the beginning of a word, and the glottal catch would very often be taken for a n x by inexperienced ears. Thus moup might sound almost as aoxup. (2) This is they of the Anthropos alphabet. For the sake of uniformity, however, and to avoid confusion (as we use the sign y for another consonant), we always write x for all texts in M of the 0 dialect, even for those that originated in Dangla and the surrounding villages.

(M) (M) Kabugaw Tawit


axozlp axozlpl,

od od

I refer the reader t o the following papers o n the Isneg:
(1) T h e Isneg. Publications of t h e Catholic Anthropological Conference (CAC), Vol. 3, Washington, D. C., pp. 1-80. 1932. O n page 13 I wrote:
" In this and subsequent papers, I shall take the pronunciation used in the K branch as the standard pronunciation of Isneg, not because it is the most important . . . but because it is the most convenient, as a few examples will amply show. 1. In the main branch two successive vowels are pronounced in the same way, whether or not a k has been superseded by a glottal catch, which renders it exceedingly difficult to find the complete stem, while in the K branch the k retains its legitimate place. Besides, in the main branch, the k has a way of popping up unexpectedly in one or more combinations, so that it is much more convenient to follow the pronunciation of the K branch, which solves all difficulties at once, and gives the real complete original stem without having to resort to any manipulations or adjusting of combinations. 2. A glottal catch at the beginning of a word is hardly audible, usually not at all; consequently in the main branch, initial k seems to be or is really eliminated, so that all words that begin with k in the K branch, would at first sight be classified under a, e, i, o or u in the main branch, in this way bringing disorder and confusion in a vocabulary or dictionary. O n the contrary in giving the k its due, there is no difficulty in placing the different Isneg words at once in their proper alphabetical order."

(2) T h e Isneg Life Cycle. I. Birth, Education and Daily Routine. Publ. 1936. CAC, Vol. 3, pp. 80-186. 1 T h e Isneg Life Cycle. 1 . Marriage, Death and Burial. Publ. CAC, (3) Vol. 3, pp. 187-280. 1938. On pp. 263-264 I wrote :
" In this connection I should like to warn the reader that the text of a given informant does not always and in every particular render faithfully his own special .dialect or branch of a dialect, and this for the following reasons :

1. On the part of the informant : Communication between the different parts of the subprovince is increasing at a rapid pace ; and so, except for old women (who are rarely available informants for investigators) and a few exceptionally backward persons (from whom no reliable information can be obtained), the Isneg tends to adopt, at least occasionally, a pronunciation which is not strictly his own. At first, marriage and marriage ceremonies were almost the only means of bringing together persons who pronounced their gutturals in a different way. Later on, however, more extensive travelling brought male representatives of every district into contact with one another. This was mostly due to the gradual elimination of head-hunting raids and, although in a less marked degree, to the building of better roads. Now again, with the opening

ISNEG RIDDLES of schools in the larger centers and the introduction of compulsory education, boys and girls flock together from all parts of the subprovince, and differences in pronunciation tend to become obliterated, or rather, the language actually spoken by most of them offers to the ear a confused medley of gutturals. Besides, an educated Isneg, and, incidentally, a good many others who can lay no claim to education, very often affect the use of Iloko words and sentences, pronounced as in Iloko ( x none, glottal catch rare), or at least affect the pronunciation of the gutturals as in Iloko, although using pure Isneg words.

2. On my own part: In my dealings with the Isneg I use the Main branch of the 0 dialect, while in writing I use the K branch for reasons given before. So it may have happened that, in writing down texts, my own ordinary use of M has influenced me to write down a given word as I myself would have pronounced it, or my use of K in writing has caused me to put down K's where they were absent in the informants pronunciation. Nevertheless I have always tried to write down texts as faithfully as possible, and now I start publishing them as I have them, without trying to correct anything, even though an occasional guttural that appears in a given term does not belong to the correct language of a given informant. The above warning is given here once for all, and it refers to all Isneg texts that I shall publish in the future."
(4) The Isneg Farmer. Publ. CAC, Vol. 3, pp. 281-386. 1941. (5) Isneg Buildings. The Philippine Journal of Science, Vol. 82, No. 1, March, 1953 (Manila). (6) The Isneg Body and its Ailments. Annali Lateranensi, Citth del Vaticano, Vol. 14, pp. 193-293. 1950. (7) Isneg Domestic Economy. Annali Lateranensi (in print). Here follows a collection of riddles, which I gathered from different parts of Apayaw. First I give the Isneg text, and then the English translation. I a l s ~ separate the riddles from their answers. Each riddle is numbered, and the same number is repeated before the answer to the same riddle and before the translation of both riddle and answer. T o the Isneg text of both riddle and its answer I add the abbreviated name of my informant, and whenever there are variants in the text of the same riddle, as given me by different informants, I subjoin them to the first text prefixing " var.". All my informants spoke one of the four branches of the 0 dialect; but, as has been hinted at in a former publication, the speech of a given informant is not always free from alien influence. Nevertheless I always wrote down the text as I heard it, whether it was pure or affected by the pronunciation of Isneg speaking another branch of the same dialect.



Here are the names of my thirteen informants ; abbreviations in parenthesis : K branch or K : B4dn'aw (Bw) from Musimut ~cllindi?~ from Musimut (Py) Yaddn (Y) from Nagbabalayan Main Branch or M : Lampd (L) from Dangla PzSlog (Pg) from Dangla K h a t (Kt) from Baliwanan Daxidi (D) from Baliwanan B@ddn (Bn) from Tawit Appald (Ap) from Tawit Bayag branch or B : ~ a g $ ~ ~(Mm) from Bayag am Salinen (S) from Bayag Pokdl (Pl) from Nagilian Abbil branch or A : UmiM (U) from Abbil

Bajziko (Bw, U) var. Bant'ko (Y, Py) var. Banio (L, Pg, Kt, D, Ap) var. Bant'o (Bn) var. Banixo (Mm, S, P1)

A. Riddles given by nine informants
1 Bi-biti- babbala'san' pan'mar@n ka xdtad (Bw) . var. Bi-biti- balbaldsan' pan'ur4in ka xdtan' (Y) var. Bitti- balbaldsan' pan'ur&n ka xdtan' (L, Pg) var. Bittk- balbaldsan' pan'ur$itz k a xdtan' ( K t ) var. Bitti- a balbaldsan' pan'ur4in ka xdtan' ( D ) var. Bitti- balbaldsati pan'ammow2n ka xhtan' (Bn) var. Titti- bagbagd p a n ' u r ~ i nka lbko (Mn) var. Bitti- balbaldsan' pan'ur&n ka gdtati ( S )

2. Kan-anan'd ZwLin kapkapann2n (Bw) var. Sikkaanan'd madin (Y, D, S) var. Sikkaanan'd atin kam (L) var. Sikkaanan'd atatin kam (Kt) var. Sikkaanan'd ataatin Ram (Bn, Ap) var. Makakanan'd at-at& kam ( U )

Bi-biti- dinamp& di ntapadalk& (Bw) var. Bi-bid- dinamp& di mapadpadalk& (Y) var. Bitti- didinam& dim0 padpadal-& (L) var. Bitti- didinampig di mapadpadal-ig (Pg)

var. var. var. var. var.



Bitti- dinamp& maddi mapadab& (Kt) Bitti- dapda'pig rti mabalbalikid (D) Bitti- didinamp& nzan'di mapadal-& (Bn) BittL- dapda'pig di malikkalikk& (S) Ata'n isa' dinamp& maddi mapadpadal-& (U) Tagtaglid manurig bogbogtdn' k a duwig (Bw). Cf. 608. var. Magtagtaglid aruwig magbogbogtdn' k a duzvig (Y) var. Tagtaglid battuwig bogbogtdn' k a duwa'g (L, Pg) var. Taglid battuzvig bogbogtdn' k a duwig (Kt) var. Managlid bathwig sikkaagtd a duwa'g (D) var. Tagtaglid bata'wag bogbogtdn' k a duwa'g (Bn) var. Magtagtaglid kabtiwa'g bogbogtdn' k a &wig (Ap) var. Managl6d batttrwig a magbogbotdn' k a duwig (U)

B. Riddles given by eight informants

5. Magpdto- umzilug (Bw, Y, D, Ap, Mm) var. Pdto- umzilug (Py, L, Kt) 6. Duwida duwida &a ammd mina (L) var. Duwida mamagna' dita ammd mina (Pg) var. Duwida &a ammd mina (Kt) var. Duw~duwiduwa'dadita ammo' mina (D) var. Duwiduwa'da dita ammd _ya mina (Bn) var. DuwZduwiduwa'da dita ammd y a mina (Ap) var. A t i n duwi magwagi dwandzir@ midi (Mm) var. ~udduwa'magi& awandzir@ m6na (S) 7. Tadapin ~abdxandi malipzit a'r& (Y, L, Pg, D, Ap) var. Tan'apin ~aba'gandi alipzit a'rin (Mm) var. Tatjapin sabhgan n'i liptit a'rin (S) var. Tan'apin saba'gan di malipzit a'r& (U) 8. Magk$in' umzmi- (Bw, L, Kt, D, Ap, U) var. Magk@k@a'n' umuni- (Y) var. Makk&n' zlmtmi?- (Mm) 9. KuIkulkulan'lin' nagpaninlasi t d i d (Bw) var. KulikuIZkda&la'n' paninlaxi y a tdin' (Y) var . Kul5kul5k~lan'I~n' wa'xa- tula'n' (L) tali var. KuIan'kuZan'kulan'ld~paninlad n'a tulin' (Pg) var. Kulkdan'lin' paninlasz' tulin' (D) var. KuIdkulZkuladla'n' paninlabit matulin' (Bn) var. KulkulkuZan'lin' nagpaninlabit tulin' (Ap) var. Kul~kul5kulan'Zin' paninlabit ta tali& ( U ) 10. Man'a'mat sina'dag (Bw, Y, L, Bn, Ap, U) var. M a f i x @ sina'dag (Pg, Kt)


11. Umaw-awiwit ad-adanni (Bw) var. Umaw-adwit k a sisinnrin (Y) var. Man'awiwit ad-adanni (Kt) var. Umaw-awiwit mapidpidit (Bn) var. Umaw-awiwit mapipidit (Ap) var. Sirsirpin sinsinndn (Ap, PI) var. Sisirpdn sisinndn (S, U) 12. Tdl9 k a bunt& sissiddn agtBy (Bw) var. A t i n t d l 9 ka diva masissin'dn baxd (Y) var. Tdl@ a bunt& silsilig agt& (L) var. Tdl9 bandy sisblig a g d y (Kt) var. Babbin' k a bunt& sissilia'n agt& (Bn) var. Tdl* a bandy sissin'dn agt& (Ap) var. TdI2'y a d2ya masisiddn y a bagd (Mm) var. Tdldy diva isilig bagd (S) 13. Aligmamin lz'liZn di mapzi-pzikZn (Y) var. Tabbzig lz'n'Zn mad& mapzi-pzikZn (Pg) var. Tabbzig ni liddn maddi mapzi-pddn (Kt) var. Tabbdg lin'Zn bakkdn mapzi-pdan (Bn) var. Tabbdg malinddw di marawrdw (Ap) var. Tabbzig i lin'dn addi mapz~-pzixan (S) var. Tabbzig gin~lin'inaddi mapzi-pzi-pzixan (PI) var. Tabbdg ni malinddw bakkkn marawrawrdw ( U ) 14. TagtagIid szmat& mat& n'ammin t d I 4 (Bw) var. Umbbt ags~matzymat& n'dmin tdl2'y ( Y ) var. Magpakkdw balakdy mat& da'min tdl@ (Y) var. L m b b t Izik* matiyta dimin tdl2'y (L) var. Umbbt gibin' mat&ta liammin (Kt) var. Umbe't y a assz'd mat&ta n'amin'dmin (Ap) var. Lmbe't artirili matlra&nta n'dmin (Ap) var. UmbLt pzllpzil si-pzha n'dmin (S) var. Lmbe't ne arzirid mdrindlnta n'dmin (PI) var. Lzimiwdn agggmat& mat& n'dmin tdL& (U)
C. Riddles given by seven informants

15. D i mame-bb tardn'an di pikei- ambin (Bw) var. D i mame-bC tardlian no di pikzlpi-am@n (Y) var. D i manzilzili tardlian no di pi@- anbin (L, Pg, Ap) var. Mandlzid tarddan magpi@- ambin ( D ) var. A d i mandlzid tarddan no di piz[Pi- ambin (Bn) 16. Maglikikzid magax&am (Y) var. Maglilizid x&amna (L)









var. Maglillikdd ka xax&amna (Pg) var. Maglidd ka xaxGamna (Kt) var. Magliliud paggag@min (D) var. Macplilid a x&amna (Ap) var. Lixzidinna gag@minna (PI) Nadtudin ka Qil bab& magpilpildipil (Bw) var. Nuntadin ka @il bab$ mapilpildpil (Y) var. Nagtadin ka darig bab& maxiy-@Lag (L) var. Bitti- bu-budd awdn na di madigndd (L) var. Nadtudin ka dnut Zwdn na di madigndd (D) var. Bulindwan ka xanndd lipul$dt amldd (Ap) var. Tabbdg buldbug Zwdn di umigndd (S) var. Bitti- bu-budd Zwdn na di kzmaigndd (U) Tanili ixanndd awdn na makapdsag (Bw) var. Tan& ibanndg awdn makapdsag (Y, Pg, L) var. Tantli iitdnndg bakkdn maapdsag (Bn) var. Tanili ixanndd idwdn maapdsag (Ap) var. Tdl@ bannkg awdn maxapdsag (Mm) ~ m & Z btan29 (Bw, Y, Kt, Bn, Ap) var. Kum&ib tanzp (Pg) var. Tum&o- tanip (U) ~agranranniptan;$ (Bw, Pg, U ) var. Rannip tanip (L) var. Nagrannip tan;) (Kt) var . Nagrantzarannip tanip (Bn) var. Nagranrannip tanip (Ap) Bdlo ka aggaribZn di milap pampowin (Bw) var. Bdlo k a an@& di mtlap padgadin (Y) var. Unit lattara'n dita anzmd padgadin (L) var. Unit tattaxadin dita ammd pampowa'n (Pg) var. Bdlo an@& bakkdnta ammd padgadin (Bn) var. Bdlo an@zn di masin'dn padgadin (Ap) var. Unit tagaddn di milap padgadin (S) Lumbdn ka a n 4 i n ap@t ximjor9a'n (Bw, Py, Y) var. Lumbdn k a n 9 i n appit ximputin'an (L, Ap) var. L m b d n tabbin tall6 ximputidan (Pg) var. Lumbdn ka andjtin tall6 a gimputin'Zn ( U ) Umar~adkjbbiitdka (Bw, U ) var. Magtatardut binitdka (Y) var. Konkgni binitdka (L, Pg) var. Maxdni binitdka (Kt) var. Makonkzni binitdka (Ap)


D. Riddles given by six informants 24. Bitti- balbaldsan' bmtdn' sapdlan (L, Pg, Bn) var. Bitti- balbaMsan' mapapdkn' sapdlan (D) var. Bitti- balbaldsan' bumtdn' apdlan (Ap) var. Tittk- balbaldsan' umtdi sapdlan (Mm) 25. Smdn'it pan'andn (Bw, U) var. Sumdn'it pamon'kdlan (Y, L, Kt, U) var. Szlmdn'it panzllan'dn (D) 26. A d a magwawhxi magpupdnoda k a tdmi (Y) var. Adzidd magwawdxi pzlpzinoda tdmi (L) var. Ad& magwawdxi nagpupdnoda a tdmi (Pg, Ap) var. Add lid magwawdxi nagpupdno a tdmi (D) var. A d d magwawhxi pupzino k a thmi (Bn) 27. An-an& sipo-pd- sibnd a p - a ~ d -(L, Kt) var. An-ani- sipo-$0'-sibnd a p p o a ~ 6 -(Pg) var. An-and' sipo-pd- di &law m a x a ~ 6 -(D, Ap) var. An;- ni asipo-$6- mepagappoappd- (U) 28. TagtagloLd e madin taliwadin' tzllin' (Bw) var. Tagtaglid batuZin taliwdxa- a tulin' (L) var. Tagtaglid batulin taliwdxa- fulin' (Pg) var. Tagtaglgd battulin' taliwdxa- t d s d (Kt) var. ManagloLd batulin mataliwdxa- tdin' (D) var. Managlid aggbwlin' nawalawalin' tdin' ( U ) 29. I-lzig takkit takildn ta namit (Y, Bw) var. Ki-lzig takkit takild~zta kamit (L) var. I-ldg takkit takildn ta kamit (Bn) var. I-Lug takkit takildm ta kamit (Ap) var. I-ldg takkit takildm ta namit (U) 30. Bi-biti- la-lak$y mixilit k i bal& (Bw). Cf. 222. var. Bitti- la-lakG maxilit k a baliy (L) var. Bitti- la-lak& di mhan' ka bal& (Pg) var. Bittk- la-la&y maxilit a baliy (Kt) var. Bitti- la-lak& maxilit a bal& (Bn) var. Bitti- la-la&y mexilit ka bal& (Ap) 31. Ding iwaxin matzidog tundran (L) var. Tan'dli ni iwaxaLn malzinzg tundran (Pg) var. Tan'kli ne iwaxin matddog tunkran (Kt) var. Tan'dli i m x i n matddog lanixan (Bn) var. Batd sabddan malzinag tunbran (Mm) var. Dinu ni iwagin matddog lunigan (U)



32. BdxZndZ- Iumgdpp(Z- (Bw) var. XapzitandZ- IumgdppZ- (L) var. XapdtandZ- ta l ~ ~ ~ g k p p a - Ap) (Pg, var. ApzitannZ- ta IumgdppZ- (Bn) var. Gapzitand& ta IumgrippZ- (U) 33. Nariso-sd- n'zIpan subsubbi_ykg talndn (Bw) var. Naxun'rarAw wa n'zIpan subbi_yig ga talndn (L) var. Magkadun'gisdw n'a n'&an sibsibboril a talndn (Pg) var. Nagkadun'gisdw n'&anna sibb&ig talndnna (Kt) var. Nagkadun'gisdw n'a n'zlpan sibsibbi_yig ga talnin (Bn) var. Nataddm n'zIpan sibbi_yig talndn (Ap) 34. T d l g k a ban& na-madin kid* (Bw, Y) var. Tdl* a bant& na-madin id$ (L, Ap) var. Tdl+ ban& na-madin id* (Kt) var. Babbin' k a bant& na-madin n'a id* (Bn) 35. Manalzig binalbig (Y, L, Pg, Kt) var. Manaldg binalbil (Ap) var. Lumgdp inbabald (Mm) 36. Manalzig binondn' (L, Pg, Kt, Ap) var. Lumgdp binondn' (Mm, S) 37. D i lzrmawin ind&o no di magkabkab&o (Bw, L) var. Di tumpit indiYo no di y a man'ab&o (Y) var. Di makaddl~nind5o no di magkab@o (Pg) var. D i l m a w i n ind&o no di makab-abGo (Ap) var. D i lmazvin ind&o no di makakabGo (U) 38. Kawe'l xokdn' napaptdn' (Bw, Y) var. Paptdn' awil xokdn' (L, Pg) var. Mapapt& awil boxdn' (Mm) var. Napaptdn' awil god& (U) 39. Kawil x+ii napafir2t.i (Bw, Y) var. Papti- awil xa@- (L, Pg) var. Mapafirs& awil ggy& (Mm) var. Napapprin' awil g$in' (U) 40. MakabalbalGt Zwdn xZyx&t (Bw, Y) var. Makaballaballit Zwrin x&t (L) var. M a k a l a j a p a d Zwdn x+x$if (Pg) var. MakabalbalGt awdn x @ i t (Kt) var. Makaballa't Zwin g a i t ( U ) 41. Tan'aputdd unit dita madawdawit (Y) var. Taialdwat unit ditd madawdawit (L) var. Taialkwat unit di madawd't (Kt) var. Tada-ldn' n'a unit dita madawdawd't (Ap)



var. Nepanibma'n' dalgtanna nepaxankyon bakkdnna madalzitin (Ap) var. Aye a kallakalldn' di madatadatin' (Mm) var. N o ata'n k a damma'n' dawata'nna no nepaxan&on akkdnna a dawit (PI) 42. Takal9an'in kzilit (Bw) var. Takala-bd kdko- (Bw) var. Tdn'ala-b6 kdko (Y) var. Tan'al@an'a'n d l i t (L, Kt, Ap) var. Tan'al9an'a'n n'a zilit ( U ) 43. Bi-bid- puppusd- kabblan'in bankko- (Bw) var. Bi-biti- paro-pd- kabblan'in bankko- (Y) var. Bitti- a paparo-pd- babblan'a'n baniko- ( L ) var. Bitti- banbanio pagballan'a'n banbo- (Bn) var. Titte- parpard- pagballan'a'n banixo- (Mm) var. Bitti- pzlrpur6 pagballa&n baniko- ( U ) E. Riddles given by five informants

44. Mammasbin ne bawwdt pani-gdd watdwat ( Y ) var. Mammas&a'n bawwdt pani-gdd watdwat (L) var. Mammas$n ni bawwdt nagpani-gdd watdwat (D) var. Mammaszjin ni xamma'd nagpani-gdd watdwat (Ap) var. Mammasi_ya'n ni bawwdt nepani-gdd watdwat ( U ) 45. Adzida magbubzilon pgnoda k a lolidn (Bw) var. Adzida magbubdlon magpupzinoda k a lon'dn (Y) var. Addda magbubzilon nagpzlpzinoda a lon'dn (Pg) var. Add magbubdlon nagpupzinoda lon'dn (Kt) var. Ata'nda magkadbon' nagpzlpzinoda a lon'dn (D) 46. Dabbir i_zikan sissd palbzix&a ( Y , Pg) var. Dabbir i _ h n sissa' palbzixin (L, D, Ap) 47. Bal& busixixi sissd adixi (Y) var. Bal& pasuxixi sissa' adz% (D, Ap) var. Bal& ni mantzlg-i'gi manin'ddo ad& ( S ) var. Bal& ni pasugi'gi sissa' ad& ( U ) 48. Bitti- takkit taluxa'n nadnip (Bw) var. Magtaltalip dupappb danzim maxal-alalld- (L, Pg) var. Bitti- dipdipddip buma-ldn' dr* man'dnip (Pg) var. Bitti- dipdipa'dip magtattal& makdnip (D) var. Bitti- dipdipddip dmaldit k a makdnip (Bn) 49. Kintdb balakki_dw bal&na (Y, Pg) var. Inta'b balan'k9dw bal&na (Kt, Bn, Ap) 50. Si-dzig iwaxa'n sumgdb tidan (Bw) var. An-and'-kddzg smdrat atid (Y) var. Magpadaxdt si-ddg (D)












var. Manaxzit si-ddg (Ap) var. Si-ddg k a bandg sumdrat ambdwna (U) Tan'fli itawa'w Zwdn na makataxdw (Bw) var. Tan'fli idmaw Zwdn makatuxdw (L) var. Tan'fli ikzirnaw Zwdn makataxdw (Pg) var. Tan'fli itawdw bakkdn maataxdw (Bn) var. Tan'ili idmaw &dn maataxa'w (Ap) Tan'aldwat pa-li makaxabsi tan'ili (L, Ap) var. Tan'aldwat a pa-li maxabsi tan'&' (Pg) var. Tan'aldwat pa-li madbag si tan'ili (Kt) var. Tan'apatdd pa-li maxabsi tan'ili (Bn) Pgninna y a maxatdp se kard n'a magrdrat ( Y ) var. P6ninna maxatdp se la magrdrat (Pg) var. P6ninna maxatdp sbna magrdrat ( D ) var. Pgninna maxatdp se _ya la magrdrat (Ap) var. Pgninna magatdp sbna la magrdrat (PI) D u w i baran'iy isd magtdk& (Bw, Py) var. Dawi baran'& sissd magtaki (Pg) var. ~ u w baran'& isd magtaiy (Kt) i var. D a w i baran'iy sissd magta& (Ap) Ta-mdg $&on' di maka-ddn' (Bw) var. A b i y $&on' maddi maka-ddn' (Y) var. Dabbir pivon' di maa-ddn' (Pg) var. Dabbe'r piyon' maddi maa-ddn' (Kt) var. Dabbir piyon' di maka-ddn' (U) Killoxdn' ildko naltd- alintotdxo (Bw, Pg) var. Killoxdn' ildo naltd- alintotdxo (L) var. Tadddn' ildo naltd- alintotdxo (Ap) var. Allogdn' ilob naltd- alintatdbo (U) Bisi- urard bid- k a talld (Bw) var. Bdn'a iyo bdlid taltallo' (Pg) var. Magtarolib6 bdlo magtaron'bd tall6 (Ap) var. Bdn'a tallo' (S) var. Inapti_y lzisi_yo talld man'ldto (S) var. Banixo banixo magbdn'a tall6 (Mm) Makkitna bardn' akkdnna m a k k i t ddxam (L) var. Dina m a k k i t ddxam makkatinna bardn' (Pg) var. Akkatdnna bardn' dina m a k k i t ddxum (Kt) var. Ba-14~annaj a abzy akkdnna aba-l& y a tittdy (Mm) var. Ba-liyanna minammdm akkdnna ba-liy dd'gam (S) Tdl* k a baggabagga'w kamaniraw magpakkdw (Y) var. Tdl* k a baggdw umaniraw magpakkdw (L)


var. TdI* ambdw kmaniraw magpakkdw (Pg) var. Tdl* a baggabagga'w pumaniraw pakkdw (Kt) var. ~ a k & a baggabaggdw pumaniraw magpakkdw (Ap) k L;yug k a siddg di matu@ig ddpag (Bw) var. Bdxat k a siddg (Y) var. D i mayagydg k a ddpag mata@ig k a yagjdg (L, Ap) var. D i mataajhg k a ddpag mata0ig no maliyagydg (Pg) var. Bdxat k a siddg di mata-ta@ig (Ap) Iydg k a talifdgu makakkaddt maxddo (Bw) var. Qdg k a talapdxo makadkadddt maxdn'o (Y) var. Iydg k a talifdgu kadkaddzit maldto (L) var. Qzig k a pallokdxo makadkadddt maxdn'o (Pg) var. Bisi- &o k a ddto makadkaddzit maxddo (Ap) Umabdy palpalpil (Bw, L, Ap) var. Umababiy pa&a@l (Pg) var. Dumaxdl babdut (Mm) Bi-biti- la-la,&@ silsilpdt k a banti& (Bw) var. Bi-biti- la-lak& magsilsilpdt k$d ban& (Y) var. Bitti- la-lak& silsi&zit k a (L) var. Tadan&on uw& mags@& a bandy (Kt) var. Bitti- mala,&& sztmilsi&zit bantiy (S) D i magttlgantd- di untd- baldko- (Y) var. D i makatuxdw we lan'kd- no di untd- baldo- (L) var. D i magtuxdw ladkd- no di mtd- baldko- (Pg) var. D i magttxdw baldko- no di mtd- baldo-z(Ap) var. Magguunantd- unntd- baldo- (U) var. Maggzunampt zmtd- anitij (U) K a d kusd nagpon'td nabasd (Bw, L, Py) var. 6 b a t kusd napon'td nabasd (Y) var. A i o balintsnzis nagpon'td natialzig (Mm) Sissidd' k a d&a nagsi-si- k a bdxa (Bw, Y ) var. Tbl* k a d&a magsi-si- k a bdxa (L) var. Sissidd d&a nagsi-si- tz~mbdga(S) var. Sissidd a dGa nagsi-si- k a abdga ( U ) Tadala-bd ruxit sissd nabadsit (Bw, Y, L) var. Tadala-bd tuki- sissd naban'sit (Ap) var. Tandla-bd lia rugit sissd naban'sit (U) Manamndmit sissd bib& (Bw) var. Makanamndmit sissd bib& (Y, U) var. Namndmit sissd bib& (L) var. Manamindmit sissd bib& (Ap) Bi-biti- ba-bakdt Zwdn a di iwaMt (Bw)







var. ~ r $ ikalsitta iwala'tnaka kammala' (Y) var. Bitti- ba-bakdt pktnata iwaldt (L) var. ~ r 4 sinnd ulnitmo iwaMtnaa ammala' (Ap) i var. ~ r $ j a ktllnitta iwahtnata amla' (Mm) n'an Ta-mzig batikon' magdaxzin magdin (Bw) var. Takapin batikok managdaxzin madin (Y, L) var. S i w 4 k o dzrmmalikdn' managdagzin magdin (Mm) var. Siw$-o na banikon' managdagzn magdin ( U ) Sissida' k a b 3 b i y ktlwh- dlona awa'n makakond (Bw) var. A t i n sissida' k a diva kztwk- - @ y n a iwdn makakona' (Y) var. Sissida' k a d&a kuwh- dona Zwa'n makokona' (Y) var. Sissidd a diya awa'n mimad dlona (L) var. Sissida' ka diya nagsi-si- k a ba'xa uwh- dlona uwk- zlputna ZIP^'^ makaond (AP) var. Sissida' k a d41a uwd- dlona dwa'n makaona' ( U ) Ababbin' k a d a p i t rtln'rziliit (L) var. Ababbin' k a dappit narzin'rziliit (Ap) var. An-an:- a d a * narun'arzin'it (Mm) var. An-an:- dappit nardarzin'it ( S ) var. An-ani- k a d a e i t narun'irzikit ( U ) Umab2y kagkaddzit (Bw) var. Umabiy kadkaddzlt (L) var. Umabiy ad-addzit (Ap) var. Dumaxa'l ad-addzit (Mm) var. Dtlmakkdl ad-addzit (PI)

F. Riddles given by four informants 74. X i g i n n a gag3minna (D, Ap) var. Gisdinna gag&amna (S) var. Gi-&nna gag@minna (PI) 75. Manal@ k@i datgg Zwa'nna sanaesGg manalzlp k$d pinat $ nasanagsig ( Y ) var. D i makasanagsig manalz[p k a datig sumanagsig manalzlp k a pinit (L)
var. Manalzlp k a pinat smanasanags:g manalzlp k a datig Zwa'nna sanagsig (Bn) var. Sumanagsig manali$ pinat (S) 76. Lumga'rip xatawa'n metan'adaxzn aw-dwan (Y) var. Tada'li iwaxin matan'adaxzin rid awa'n (Bn) var. Lun'ga'p xatawa'n matakadaxzin aw6n (Ap) var. Ltlmga'p gatawrin maxatagadagzin awdn (Mm) 77. Ktllktllkulan'sit nagpani~lasitabbit (Bw) var. Kz~laktllaktllan'lin'panillabit ta bnttzig ( L ) var. KzrlZkzllakula-bit paninlasi tabbit (Bn)


var. KulkztIkulubit nagpinlabit tubbit (Ap) 78. Silulzixan at-atin (Y) var. M u k u l ~ l z i x a n Zwa'n up-upanin (Pg) var. Silulzixan Zwa'tz puxul-ulita'n (Bn) var. Silulzixan u t i n kum (Ap) 79. D~lzlmpbmgk u atz$a'n uggamrain kawitan (Bw) var. Dalzrmpbnag ka darnmid damluxin uwitin (Pg) var. Dalz/mpeizag k a dumma'n' bilbilaxin awitZn (Bn) var. Dalzqbhzag Aa dammiti uggumr&n uwit2n (Ap) 80. XzibZt no melztltdbtig bittzlwa'n no manugtig (Y) var. XzibZt no melulubta'g bittawin no ttlmagtig (L) var. Xzibat melubtkg bittzrwa'n no manugtig (Kt) var. X i b a t melulubta'g bitttrwin no munugtig (Bn) 81. Palilan' k u an@& xztmu-dd'n' p$zidan (Y, Bn) var. PuliIati k a anaa'n l m z v a ' n p$ziddn (L) var. Pulilan' k a an@& tma-da'n' p$ddZn (Ap) 82. Ta'daw add$& dita mummin mzinb (L) var. Ta'daw ni xuddi- ddita mummin mdnE- (Pg) var. Tadtada'w putti- ddita mummin namzinz- (Bn) var. Ta'daw nuntf di mrimin mzinF (S) 83. Nun'tuddn k a ddig dwa'n nu di mumuldit (L) var. Nun'tuda'n k a a'dig nusap-atin k u dbig awa'n di mumuldit (Pg) var. Attzid a'dig nupnd 6big (Kt) var. AttzSd a'dig nusup-atin k a Lib& (Ap) ~ 84. P ~ r g ;mait awdn di mun'iId'xib (Y) var. Parg& nmit awa'n na di mariilhxib (L) var. Mait a puddk Zwa'n di mun'la'xib ( D ) var. Mamargzy a muit Zwdn di mun'ila'xib (Ap) 85. Ata'ndu muxuta'wa dida mapagkitkita (Pg) var. Pa'du na@zrszrdda dida pua'm nugkita (Ap) var. Panda' mutdl$du ukka'ndu pum nugsin'a'n (S) var. Panda' nepursuwidu ukkdnda j a m nagsin'a'n (PI) 86. Ammina'n'ko ninnu atin karnmala' bunna'na (Bw) var. ~ r d amnzina'nnu ata'n kammula' bunna'na (Y) j var. Bitti- ruprupin' d t mammammin (Pg) id var. ~ r @ bittb- bunna'nna amla' (S) 87. Adzidu n'u muggztxzinud bigdu nupugbzig (Y) var. Adddu mugguxdnud pabig nupup-db (L) var. Adzida mugkaat$yzig publzigda kubbdb (Pg) var. Adzida magguxzinud pubigdu napablzig (Ap) 88. Ditu makupugkugkuxi no di ugguxa'ni (Y) var. Ditd mugkug-ax! no di ugguxdni ( L )



var. Dita mapagkag-axi no di aggaxdni (Pg) var. D i maaxiaxi no di aggdni (Ap) Bdlo no misagpit dabbi no milubtig (Bw) var. Ldwat no alxa'w tanip no xabi (Y) var. Bo'lo no alxa'w tanip no xabi (L) var. Tanip no xabi ldwat no alxdw (Pg) Do-ddan da&n' n'isit (L) var. Do-do'kan d a ~ i n n'isit (Kt) ' var. Sursurstir ni daggin' dbat nan'isit (Bn) var. D i @ t ~ n ne daggin' ne pugit (Mm) Bi-biti- pugpuxd paxan-anutpd'n mapdlo (Y) var. Bitti- pztgpuxd agan-an@& mapdlo (L, Pg) var. Bitti- p u g p x d anupin mapdlo (Ap) Si-si- ne duwawwdw duzva' mamakkiyaw (Y) var. San'ki dtlwawwdw duzva' makikzjaw (L, Pg) var. San'ki duwawwdw duwi mamakkzjaw (Ap) NasasdtZn Zwdn ZydsZn (Bw) var. MasasdtZn awdn ewaj,a'dZn (L) var. Masashtan awdn epy-dsan (Pg) var. MasasdtZn awdn w@w@ddZn (Kt) MagkawiZ manuwil duwi man'$akawil (Bw, L) var. Nagkawil manuwil duwi man'@aawil (Kt) var. Nagkawil manuwil duwi mamakawil (Ap) Lumb6t ne am6 di mjlaw makak-akkin (Y) var. Labb6t ni amd di mjlaw maka-nd (L) var. Labb6t ni kamd di mjlaw maka-nd (Kt) var. Labbo't ne kamd di la mjlaw maka-na' (S) Xamnidanta pot66 sugnidta don'ddn' (Bw) var. Sumridta Zy 6bud xamnidanta @ pothi (Kt) var. Medurzn a'6bun' gycdan pot2 (Mm) var. Medurin kotdn' magiyud dbun' ( S ) Lumgdp paluddp balin'kba'w maxidddg (Bw) var. Lumgdp paluddp balan'kiya'w maxidddg (L, Kt) var. Lumgdp ta-dhg duman'kikbdw maginddg (Mm) Ugtd k a an@& sumanir naniwan' (Bw) var. Ugta' kanZyin sumane'r naniwzn' (Py) var. Sumanir naniwzn' (Y) var. Sumanirub naniwzn' (L) D i tumdbo san'ki no di pun'dt adixi (Bw, Ap) var. D i tumdbo don' no di pun'dt alton' (Py) var. D i tumdbo don' no di lindn' (Y) Makal-aliydg naagtin bdn'ug (Y)


var. Maagtin zibdt man'ibanig (L, U) var. Maagtin Abatna no umdn' k a alhd (Ap) 101. XyAdanta xiwi kaligdd k a dabbi (Bw) var. Nz'kat xiwi makaligdd k a dabbi (L) var. Xamnz'ddnta ya pdsi makaligdd k a dabbi (Bn) var. Xamnidanta y a pdsi maaligda' k a dabbi (Ap) 102. N o man'& k a n'iisit n'isit matdna (Y, U) var. Man'& k a n'ild n'ild matdna (L) var. N o madin daggid daggin' matdna (S) var. N o madin k a daggid dagin' m a t h a (U) var. N o mada'n k a n'ild n'ild matdna (U) 103. Max&-utig y a duwi apdwan limmd (Bw) var. Maxutig duwa' tappowdn limmd (Y) var. Maxutig duwa' ta-pdwan limmd (L) var. Magzltig duwi ta-mdn limd (Mm) 104. Miptdn' bdbug mat3ta maglidzag (Y) var. Ta-nkg adin maduxiy y a tan'abaZ& (L) var. Meta-nig adin tabbdg mammhta a maZbdg ( D ) var. Ta-nig adin bdbug mat&ta maglidug (Ap) 105. Piniton ni bilk nagpanin'ddo n'a ass@ (Bw) var. Mam&on bin& magpanin'ddo ass& (Y) var. Inap* ne kus@ panin'ddo ass& (Mm) var. Inapt@ kuszIp namiliddo ass& (S) 106. A d i n unit agk5nan6t (Bw, Y) var. A d i n unit agkdnibit adin at& agkdnindn' (L). Cf. 150. var. A d i n unit agg5nibit (Ap) 107. D i max*@d no di mtd- balutd- (Y) var. D i pagkagkaxi no di untd- mila' (L) var. D i max*+d no di untd- umild (Ap) var. D i la magpag++d no di zmtd- umild (S) 108. Xadir k a d 3 a napatan'alin k a bastd (Bw) var. Xan'ir k a dzya nam-tin k a bastd (Y, L) var. Xan'ir k a d i y a tzasap-atdln k a bastd (Ap) var. Ban'dd'l ka masz' nasin'n'atin k a busi (Ap) 109. Lddzg k a an4a'n aappit panibabsn (Y) var. Lddzg kan&n a ~ i annababin (L) t var. ~ a m m a s ~ y d lin'Zin' appit sisibbabin (Ap) n var. LddZg k a banig adppdt manibdlb (U) 110. K+k+d ka siddg kabkabkdb danig (Bw) var. Bdxat k a siddg kabkabkdb danig (Y) var. Bdxat k a siddg kinawkawdr danig (L) var. Bddot a siddg kinawkawdr danig (U)



111. Anti- da maMwi nagpodto' i a lawi (L) var. Sissidd k a d&a poitd lawina (L) var. Anti- k a d a a magpolitd lawina (Ap) var. Anti- a mas; nagpoito' naglawi (Mm) var. Anti- anhni politd naglawi (S) 112. Bal& agght naxi-xi-bht (Bw) var. Mirmirbht balZy agght (L, Pg) var. Bal& agght naxi-bht (Ap)
G. Riddles given by three informants

iannh boxhlna libanna ammald zibatna (Pg) var. o r & h n n h boxhlna libanna tibatna (L, D) 114. I-lzig pirokh simbh- si bakh (Bn, Ap, U) 115. Ligmamin liiZn pamurbtrriianihn (Kt, D) var. Ligmamin l&Zn napnd sinikirzn (S) 116. Bintd- binoidn piri- pinamofin (Bw) var. Biikd- binolidn piri- pinamoidn (Kt) var. Intdm bakitom per;- pinamolidn (Bn) 117. Sissd tulin' bagbaggh- (Pg, D) var. Sissd t u l i i babaggd- (Bn) 118. Sissh du-dzit bokhl (Bn, Ap) var. Sissd du-dzit boxhl (Mm) 119. Anti- ka pipp$aig&magdhpon a masdxd- (Pg) var. Bitti- p$pi,yaigb- magddpon a mashxd- (Bn) var. Anti- ni pippi_yagg$- magdhpon mashxd- (Ap) 120. Tariyan n*h innit j a sibbi,ykg (Bn) var. Tariyan innit sibb$ig (Ap) var. TzrmandraJi innit nab$ig (S) 121. Taia-lid i a bdai apphgta am (Bn) var. Tadaputhd bdan' a@dgta am (Ap) var. Taialadtdd bo-bdai pagtalaiyin (S) 122. Adixiko wa la-git martlpd- no pagmakkt (Y) , var. A& t a g i t mek+a- pagmait (Bn) var. A d k i ala-git marapd- no jagmakit (U) 123. PaliIan' k a dhsan ramagszid i-pdn (L, Ap) var. Palilan' k a dhsan rzlmagstid k a a@in (Bn) 1 24. Bali y aggamarhnzn kamhwad ampdkzn anndina saloddkZn kapalondd- paZht&i (Bw) var. Bal& ni kamarknZn zlmhwad amphzn (L) var. Bal& kamardnZn amdwad da ampdZn (Bn) 125. D i m a x a r a ne bdkat no di ant& b*hbat (L) var. D i maxar2y bikat no di untd- b4hbat (Bn)

113. rir*


var. Di maxariy ni bikat no di .unto'- b@dbat (Ap) 126. Kmdmat an-anal-na bakkdn ya inina (Bw) var. Maxadin' inina magsiZd an-anal-na (Pg) var. Min'al an-ani-na mataMw amina (Kt) 127. Mhn'aw tan'n'dd madin (L, Pg) var. Mhna w tan'n'ddna madin (Ap) 128. Tdl@ ka poldn panpanon'kdn' (L) var. Tdl@ a polpoldn nagbhdo kotkotdn' tmantanon'tdn' (Pg) var. Tdl@ poboldn tzlmantanon'tdn' (Kt) 129. Bisibisi- ka appdt (Bw) var. Bisi p$t magbisi- ka appit bisi- arard magbisi- ka talk ( Y ) var. Bzida pz$it bzlda appalt (Pg) 130. Battdn' ka baxin'idin' namarmarilimin' manidid (Pg) var. Battdn' ka makzllalin' namarin'min' manidin' (Ap) var. Danzim marzirdt malibat maniuwit (Mm) 131. Tattandb soldddo taggdd malabddo (L) var. Tattandb soldddo taggdd di malabddo (Pg, Kt) 132. Kulibaribin padg@at2n duzit pan'malinin (Bw) var. Kzrliban'bin' n'a zin@ kotdkot no maxdn'3 (Pg) var. Kzrliban'bin' kandjin duzit pagbalinin (Ap) 133. ~~o ta podto' bal@yin' ta podto' (L) var. Nagpolitd xzibdt se pin& (Pg) var. Pon'td pindt se gzibdt (S) 134. Danzim a pallodxo maab9ig ka tdo (Pg) var. Bitti- bibb9ankd maabi_yalgka tho (Ap) var. Danzim bnnbadyan mat&ta no Zwdn (Mm) 135. Sissd xzlpin tan'ili (Y) var. Sissd xzlpin tan'jli (Pg) var. Sissh gupin tan'ili (U) 136. Yagyaggdnta k i pzln'zitna a-namdnta k i untd-na (Bw) var. Yagjdgta unt-na maxam-smta pzln'zitna (L) var. Yagjaggdnta pun'zitna maxa-nimta mtd-na (Pg) 137. Taliasu-lit ta bdlo masissin'dn kaddjyo' (Pg) var. Magsabbit sind&o masissin'dn kaddjyd (Mm) var. Tan'asi-lit ta bdlo masissilicin ka addjy' (U) var. Tan'asi-l2t a bdlo masissin'dn ad@yd (U) 138. I-lzig tatardk9 dita mammin mazik41 (Bw) var. I-ldg tatardka dita mammin mhk@ (Y) var. I-ltg aliliwzt dita mammin m&ip (Y) var. I-lzig bibbirikzn dita mammin mabilZn' (Kt) 139. Maxadin' an-anal-na magtutkxaw idna (Kt) var. Magtuxdw an-anal-na magkaxaddin inina (Ap)



var. Magtugtugdw an;-na magkar&ap inina (Mm) 140. Bunnd dito' mandkam maddi mapip$nrin (Y) var. Intdb datd mandam maddi mapapp$in~n ( K t ) var. Atthb datd mandam cli mafi$~p$nrin (Ap) 141. Tan'aptltdd inalzapdt stlmildn' kiyd naxi-bdt (Bw) var. Inanapdt bikat stlmildn' ta xi-bdt (Py) var. Tan'aputdd inntlpdt sumildn' naxi-bdt (L) 142. Bztmdn'on xurzit manarzit (Bw) var. Bumdn'on xar&t to nebdn'on manarzit (Py) var. Bumdn'on urdt tdna la balidnan manartit (L) b $ baggi- (Py) 143. Silldn & var. Sillkn doll- baggi- (L) var. Talndnna baggi- (Ap) 144. Bisbisin ininin (Bw) var. Bibisin ininin (Py) var. Bisbksin ininin (L) 145. Mamanagtig @ xi-xi-phta @ no maxan-anannit 4 xi-si-jdnintd (Y) var. Akkdnta maxi-mit no magpalallin masi-mitta no magtulndg (L) var. Managtig mataktakkdm no maplpabllin bakkdnda ma-kdm (Ap) a 146. Ttl~~zibos i j (Y, L, Ap) 147. Bilig balzikzt akkondnna sminag (Bw) var. Binilig bindnag akkondnna no sminag (Y) var. Asszip marannig admnna no sminZg (L) 148. Bal& tokkdn' dita ma-gdn' (Bw) var. Baliv tdkog di ma-kdn' (Y) var. Bal& tdkon dita ma-gdn' (Ap) 149. Ta-nig ad& tdnza- bagbag$- andnd- (Bw) var. Meta-nig adin tdma- panagsagQi- andnn- (Y) var. Ta-nig adin tdma- panagsag$- andni- (Ap) 150. A d i n at& agk6nandn' (Bw, Y1, Y2) var. A d & ata'd aggonina'n' (Ap). Cf. 106. 151. Tun'$ t baba-nin' kalddaxin kapitin (Bw) var. L m a u Q n baba-nin kalddaxin kapitin (Y) var. Mandl~nkapitin alridaxin aparsn (Ap) 152. Tdl* k a xinzibat nakalkalobix~t(Y) var. Tdl* xin&bZt pinilapilat (Ap) var. Tdl* ginzibzt pinilapilzt (PI) 153. Batd a b3b@yan' liplipzit palilan' (D) var. Batd sabdn'an agamrain palilan' (Ap) var. Batd sabdn'an aRdmlag;n palilan' (PI) 154. Bi-biti- babattdn' sussurzibcin axoddn' (Y) var. Bitti- pispisdn' susstlrdban axoddn' (L)


var. Bitti- pi-pisdn' szlsszlrzib2n agoddn ( U ) dapdpa- napnd k a sinzlpd- (Y) 155. ~ a l i y var. Bal& dzlpappd- napnd sinzlpd- (L, Ap) 156. D i maxzini zlnni no di magbisi- mawini (Y, Ap) var. D i maxzini no di magbisi- mawini (L) 157. An-an& xzlsin' xzlsin'da dammin (Bw, Y) var. An-an;- ni xzlsin' xasin'da n'ald himin (L) 158. Sissd maxidddg k a tar@a ( Y ) var. Adzida magwazvdgi sissd sin&da (Mm) var. A d i n tazlddw manaliadddw (U) 159. Paspasowdn dwdn ki-lamin (Bw) var. Makaak-akkin dwdn kiki-lamin (Y) var. Makkaakin dwdn a fa-ta-mzitzn (Ap) 160. Dagdagnz- baxd maxani- (Ap) var. Dagdagnd- bag2 magani- (Mm) var. Dagdagni- tagdin magan;- (S) 161. Bitti- la-lak& rzl-rzit awiy (L) var. Bitti- la-lak& magrz~-rzl-rzitk a a w i y (Ap) var. Bitti- malak& magrzl-rzl-rzit a w i y (S) 162. Baran'iy k a b ~ b &nagpolitd zip* (Bw) var. Sissidd b 9 b i y nagpon'td nag@* (Mm, S) 163. L m i w Z n bannit amnit ( L ) var. Ababbin' k a da@it lzlmiwdn zlmnit (Ap) var. Tagtaglid bannit szlmibd zlmnit (S) 164. Aw-awf at-at; k a m (L) var. Napdnni-nin ninna a t i n kam (Mm) var. A w-aw&n at-atin kam (U) 165. Xapzitandz- man'iyzittz- (L) var. Xaptitandd- ta magiyzittd- (Ap) var. Gapzitannz- ta man'iyzittd- (U) 166. I-lzig kalla'w lan'lan'pdw (Bw) var. Ki-lzig kalla'w lan'lallipdw (L) var. I-lzig kalla'w nalan'lan'pa'w (U) 167. Bdxat lilliwindn malzito padditdn (Bw) var. Bdxat k a lilliw;n& malzito maglammdn (L) var. Bhxat a lilliw2n~nmaldto maglammdn (Ap) 168. Adzida magkaat4zig daddzlwi natzllndg (L) var. Anndmda magkaatazig dzlwi natzllndg (Ap) var. A d d magkaata)Sg dzlddawi natzllndg ( U ) 169. NZr-drat dlona sissd lziboha (L) var. Nazlr-Zsrzlp lzibolind sissd dlona (Ap) var. Awwgg k a magzlbzlbzin' nadoroddros lzibon' (U)



170. Maxani- ulapd maxani- k a boxdn'na (Bw) var. I h a ani-na (L) var. Maxani- ulapd maxani- mdton'na (Ap) 171. Mat& ba-nin' ttdta iwarsin' mat& ad&an tdta pompdnan (L) var. Mat$! baba-nin' ittdda iwarsdn' mat&] ad&an itto'da panpanndn (Ap) var. Mat& ba-nin' meualin' mat& d&an mepanpa'n (Mm) 172. Anarstirin dyo Zwdn bokd napon'td (Bw) var. U n i t lapoin Zwa'n pagboowin (L) var. Bdlo tal;fdga &dn bokobokd (Ap) 173. LJm2yib tarmid (Bw, L) var. Tumdyo- tarmid (Mm) 174. Ubat ka@it magn'an'addit (Bw) var. Magn'addit nasulit (L) var. Magn'an'addit nasulit (Ap) 175. Maxassi panda' in'kiili manakkdl pandd mikmin'ka'l (L) var. Maxassiassi panda' in'kikili manakkdl pandd mimin'kdl (Pg) var. Maxassiassi pandd in'kiili madalldm pandd tdman' (Ap) 176. Dandm k a a b d g daldaltidzg (Bw) var. Si-ddg k a abulzig nadaldalddug (Ap) var. Si-dig abuldg magar-ardrut (S)

H. Riddles given by two informants
177. KuZak~/lakulalikdgpaninlidd da utdd (L) var. Kulkulan'kdg paninlidd utdd (D) 178. X i b i t melubtig baldsan' no magbaliwig ( K t ) var. X d b i t melulubtig bab& magbali-tig ( D ) 179. Bitti- balbaldsan' man'ar-arib&an (Bn) var. Bittk- balbaldsan' man'ar-aribdyan (S) 180. Bat& lalaxiban lttmsdp no umdlitd da-&n (Bn) var. A d e y d lalagiban iwdn' no mapdnta da-kin ( U ) 181. BaZ& ti dsin'ko b a l 5 ti btmkn'ko ( D ) var. Baldy dsin'ko bal& aliwa'o (Mm) 182. Man'sin'da no addda akkdnda man'sin' no sissd (Bn) var. A k k d n na mansin' kiyd add mansin' k 9 d sissd (Mm) 183. Baliy in kamardnin nagpdat ka bula'wan (Kt) var. Baliy iwaxin pan'tdd ka bulkwan (Bn) 184. BalG in ikit tma'wid k a ildliit (L) var. Balbaldy ni ikit t m d w i d k a ildn'it (Bn) 185. Sissidd a masi nasz/mi- ddri (D) var. Sissida' a masi nasurnit ta ddri (Mm) 186. Bitti- p+piyan'g$- mapdlo man'&$ (Bn) var. And- p&biyagg8- taglilimma' man'ktd- (Ap)



187. Agmzilan'a- k a mait bantiy ban'kirig dp@ ta nasidit bantiy a nalamiis (Bn) var. NagmtiladZ- k a mait bantiy ban'kirig bakkdn umabiy @ bantiy a nalamiis (Ap) 188. Babzy k a lilliwin~nxumdput l i w i n ~ n(Bn) var. Bab& a baliwin~nmatiy liwincin ( U ) 189. Tan'aputdd banbdkaw naphud dam apiyaw ( Y ) var. Tan'asu-lit banbdaw naphud am apiyazv (Pg) 190. Aw-awili madnix9 (L) var. Man'Gaw baturi umdn' n'ald magkawili (Pg) 191. To'laji a r~reriretnagkin k a rubrubiket agkedupidupi-rit (L) var. To'@ k a r~reriretnagkin k a rubrubiket agkedtlpedqe-rit (Pg) 192. Madnix@ magtutdxaw (Pg, Kt) 193. D i l m a w i n bulillit no di man'litilet (L, Pg) 194. L m a w i n kba' inina magpat&da ( L ) var. Mulmulmtilda lumnd-da magpathda no lmawinda (L) var. MagkQonda no lumnd-da magpat&da no lmawinda (Pg) 195. fidg k a tattanugttig masidihn lid pun'& (Pg) var. ijtigko a labdga magbaa y a pun'titna (Mm) 196. Lumgdp ximpuptiln' lambit tam mekakdlin (L) var. Lumgdp xin'kukilin' l m b k t dam mekakdlin (Pg) 197. To-rit magpadaldit nuwin' no magpasu-nit ( L ) var. To-rit magpasu-nit bundg dunzaldit (D) 198. A-bdn'ko akkdnko ma-tdb (L) var. ~isn'iyan'koabd- di mabisn'& (L) var. Ka-ba'n'ko map& (Pg) 199. Dalawddzv dalawddw magbdlin k a babbaladdw (Pg) var. Iddw iddw dalawddw nagbdlin k a baladdw kito'l (Ap) 200. Xmatdn' dantim (L) var. Danzim k a tabb@dxan xumdtad si-dJxan (Pg) 201. no lumna'- awitan no lumawin (Pg, Kt) 202. Danzim k a tabb@dxan basbas@ran mathtadin no awdn (L) var. Dantim k a bassindwan matiytan'in no Zwdn (Pg) 203. Tantanapa'n paxuwd sissd nagbtilid (L) var. Tan'apin paxuwd sissd magbzin'a (Pg) 204. Bal& ni kubhbdkub dita ammo' panal-z5b (L) var. Balzy h b k u b M u b dita ammo' panal-tib (Pg) 205. Duwida duzva'da parin'da liald (L) var. Magparid di kada-sin .re k a p b i n (Kt) 206. Bisbisin midal (L) var. Magbibisin min'al (Kt) 207. Umiwid pandwZn (L) var. Bdbali buldzvan umiwid pandlvan (D)




~l 208. ~ b t r a n a h addda magpakkin twdn nald magniwd (Kt) var. AbY an@& Z w n di mamakkin (S) 209. A k k magl~lakkn'di madnsdassdm (Kt) var. A k i n padamd di nzabasabask (Ap) 210. L m b L t am; sadiha thmina (L) var. UmbLt piyin sadinna thinakin (Kt) 211. Mags@-km me xattzit zlmhn'ta la sumadzit (L) var. Mags@-dm dadp zmmdn'da la smadzit (Kt) 212. Adanin baba-nin' maddina mix-zlxatin (Bw) var. Xzrpin ba-nin' di m t i n (10) 213. Bibisin pdso (Kt) var. Magbibisin pdso (Ap) 214. Tan'aiban na mzltit nammin nagkabzl-sit (Kt) var. Tan'atanapin mutit pabigda nabzl-sit (Mm) 215. Kilmit tzlki- tadpit la-git ( L ) var. Magkil&t tzrG- m a x a q i d la-git (Kt) 216. Killokillokilld natdnhg mano-dd (Py) var. Killokillokillb bzlmilag mano-dd (Pg) 217. Ta-nig adin lipa'wan ta-pkwanda danandan (L) var. Meta-nig adin lipdwan ta-pdwan lippokdn ( D ) 218. Namagmaxi szlwakkhn dzlmdxa nadnddan (Y) var. Magmaxi szlwian dumdxa nadnddan (Ap) 219. Pagpon'towin na alxdw man'isag@.- k a ddlaw (Y, Ap) 220. Bkn@ di ixannkd narbhn' tan'n'dd (Py) var. Tdl& ka xannkd narbdn' n'kmin na tan'n'dd (Ap) 221. Ag-agtdnd bald' bal5na (Pg) var. Magag-agtd bal&na (Mm) 222. Bi-biti- Ia-laGy nexilit kiyh b a l 5 (Y). Cf. 30. var. Tan'abgit a m m h maxilit k a b a l b (L) 223. Makan'gdm magtamkn (Y) var. Kadkan'gdm xadt magtamdn (L) 224. K&o bikat k b o pinamsit (Y) var. ~ j ni bdkat o passit (L) 225. Da-nig ibanig kzlmdsil kzrmaxit (Y) var. Da-nig k a banig kzlmasi- kzrmaxit (Ap) 226. An-ani- e madin di miwewadin (Y) var. An-an;- di an*& di miwewadin (L) 227. Tan'a-jig dbi xamdtnd n'ammin iddi ( Y ) var. Gamzit 9dg k a paddig d m t d n ' kannid ( U ) 228. Umad-add pagdzldzlwin (Bw) var. Umadd pagdodoliliowin (Y) 229. Babbarawkd ?ze ta-dkg bahn'k&kw i-tkb (Y)




var. Uabbarawdd ta-ddg balan'kQdw i-tdb (Ap) 230. Medu-lip maggabuwdlt (Y, Ap) 231. Linzito k a paratig awdn makadtig no dind nabauwit ( Y ) var. T 4 ye oldiwawdxi sapkdtta ko tarambi bauwig no atin maadtgg (Pg) t 232. ~ V a m i kawil E7alaLn'an (Y) var. Namit k a ~ i L bakelkil (Pg) 233. Umzili tumakki umzilug matzidog (L) var. Maxatdp kawe'lna (L) var. ~Vame-gddbaliyna namin'ddo awilna (S) 234. Mabtzig no mawi mabisin no urnbit ( Y ) var. Mabtzig mawi mabisin lunzbht ( L ) 235. Magbzilig is-isb (Bn) var. Tumurdtud sissd (Ap) 236. Tdl* ambdw turdp masars&raw (Ap) var. An-an;- arnbdw ta-ndd la m m a r d w (S) 237. Inaddwan ba-nsn' m6na $axzit m a h n ( L ) var. Laddwan ni ba-nin' m6na puxzit man'& (Pg) 238. Maxzini kakutin doma- baba-nid (Bn) var. Maxzini katkattin' doddma- baba-nin' (Ap) 239. Namit digd duskapit (Mm, S) 240. Isd y a osdxan duwi y a kawdlan (Mm) var. Sissd osdkan du& kawdlan (S) 241. Magittdrdkut magSandy Zzin'og (Mm) var. Magit-ittardkut maggi_yin k a lzin'og (S) 242. Sissd siliit tan'fli (Ap) var. Sissd sin'it tan'ili (PI) 243. Lczkdsa k a b@n di malu-lu-tin (Ap) var. Lakdsa a b&in addi malu-lu-tin (PI) 244. ~ r + apan'rdt akinna masissin'dk zibatna (Ap) j~ var. ~ r * panrdt akinna masin'dn' zibatna (PI) 4 245. ~ r matzin'al amm&na pattukklanna ammald (Ap) var. Ur@ matzilidl amm&na pattukklanna amld (PI) 246. Magnikkard- y a tzlk2maaskdd- ( K t ) var. Ritth- dapdappZg di masigdd- maszin'it (S) 247. Ali-d2- at;n~- matapri (L) var. Ali-EZ- waxi a t i h - matapri ammd- pa man'ali- atin.- mat@$- (Pg) 248. Mat& pin'gabdn (L, Ap) 249. &kabarbaran'$Y mag$n k a bantiy ( D ) var. M a m m a r ~ l i & ~ bantdy (Ap) ka 250. k y o k a hito tall6 karipsd (Ap) var. Siko ban-d talld karipsd (PI) 251. Xdlzlt datd mandam xdlutda pep4an' (L)



var. Xappa't ni bzilan di mis-ussadin (Ap) 252. Xaptitandz- ma&@-Z- (L, Ap) 253. A d i n bbn* makapil* (L) var. Dam-inta adin bbn@ madltitta da mapil* (Ap) 254. Bitti- kalamattin namit zwa'n adn (L, Ap) 255. Bunna' datd mana'nm di masansan6dZn (L) var. Pakka'l datd mana'am di masansanid~n(Ap) 256. Lu-sa'w madippi- kadga'm makasmi- (L) var. Maxad-adgrim madippi- malu-sdw makasmi- (Ap) 257. Paladddanna medal (L) var. Palada'dan n$k ~ g - i g a milid/ (Ap) y 258. Bisbisin kawil kt0 (L) var. Besibisin awil dto (Ap) 259. AgtowdnnZ- agtowa'dko (L) var. Agtowa'n'ko agtowa'nnZ- (Mm) 260. A t i n bab& k a bzbiy magdammid sallzib$ magba'do tab binalti- tappa'l ta p a b i t (L) var. A t i n babdjl a bandy nagdammiti tanltib4~(Ap) 261. k a lap6 sissa' t m a p t a p 9 0 (L, Ap) 262. I n t h bakitdm dlom (L) Intdn' bakitdn' dlom (Ap) 263. Magladd2d soltakka'n (Bw, L) 264. ~ a n t 2 ya lallaxiban tanip no uma'dta da-din (L) var. Bantdy a lalagiban tan@ no wita da-din ( U ) 265. Tdl* k a ltidog kakdta k a ltipug (L) var. Bolbold ka ddto napnd k a dinu (Ap) 266. Baran'& dali-nig b ~ g ldxzn (L) tali var. Barad& da agk~limin pabig tali y a ItigZn ( U ) 267. To magkin an;-na bakkkn magkin inina (Bw) var. Magkin ani-na sdba i n h a (L) 268. Tan'aZa'lii bowa' magkawili k a daxa'ra (Bw) var. Tan'aMlii da bowa' magkawili k a manila (Bn) 269. Managdaxtin maxdni (L, Ap) 270. Saliigdf nalapa't (L) var. Sal'amm+a't nalapa't (Mm) 271. To']@ k a bant& taraxindin lumid& ( L ) var. TdI* k a bandy mataraxind2n lmin'iy (Ap) 272. Bitti- agdrnrain dita mammin madam-in (L) var. Bitti- agamra2n dita n'ammin madam-in (Ap) 273. A b & sinandila' sissa' la'da-na (Bw) var. Tadasi-lit araba'sa sissa' boxa'lna (Mm) 274. Bolbolo' pudzitna abatowin unntd-na (Ap)

var. Bolowin pun'zitna darisq unntd-na (Mm)


D u w i maxalikagtd sissb aan'agtd (Bw)
var. D u w i magalixagtd sissLi matiagtd (Mm)

276. Tdtulld dwbn ol-dl0 (Bw) var. Magkud-uddd Zwbn dlo (U) 277. K$k$d k a mandl basbasikorkdr (Bw) var. Oblbg k a mandl pammasibasikorkdr (Ap) 278. Maggaxalb- m a k s b w (Bw) var. Maaxalaxalb- malzr-sbw (Ap) 279. Aliliddo no magtuxbw ani-gLid no magsidd (Ap) var. N o magtugbw nasbwa no magsidd ababbb- (U) 280. Sitatalkdb Zwbn balbblat (Bw) var. Sitatal-Lib awdn balabblat (Ap) 281. Baribarbo-yd- naxalxalzitan k a bbno- (Y) var. Baribarbo-yd- nagalzitdn k a bbno- (U) 282. , Akkbnta madawit magsi~ddawitta no magtuxdwta ( L ) var. Akkbnta madawit no magsikadta madawitta no magtuxbu~ta(Pg) 283. Adzida magdadbtag pzinoda k a baxdkat (Bw) var. A t i n d a ba-bakbt pupzinoda k a baxbat (Ap) I. Riddles given by B&yciriaw (K)
Tan'atanapin alimbtaAn-ani- ne xabbbn' dwbn rabrabbbn' mat&lta k a innn'gbm Daragbd daragbd nagpaninlasi bn'at Taxata-ta-mzil taxaoGoM Addinzr kinikinin agipp$in k a a@bn' Talin'a buzva'wa balitd- buwdwa An-an;- balzikat di bumutabzitZt D u w i maxal-alzidug di makapaalzidug Ta-nsg bisi- barinit ta-pbwan palbzixan dl& Tan'a-& maili mat6b lidmein tan'ts'li Nagpalhiti i-lzig Tagtagsdt mabzit D i magdattig iwaxin no di tzilad kadbnan T d l a k a daflit nagbbdo k a xurxur-it Magmzilaha- k a kakil t a ~ o w b n ' k o m$ di ma-n'il $abin'ko takkil kaduwimagdaggl Magdian'd- k a karubdsa magbisi- k a sissb Sin'sinbb battuI&an bagbag&;- ladbxdn Ugpd ni ban'kiriri natubowin k a riri T a d g adin basikkalzn' xumindin xumikkarin' P~nsnnamaxbdaw se karb mamgdn'



304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338.

KgkQd k a pinat bisi- masir2.p Tan'apatdd balagbdg nasatsrit k a bdlat Balanuxin and50 aggapdtan' babbdxo Taran'tan'dnta alld x e u d n'dmin soldrido P+pa'y-dw batalin dton k a bun'kn And- baldktit tlmpdn Ra jagmakit Bal& bo-to' tan'ajon'td paxah-d Bi-biti- xoggokdn' di mammin mamatdn' Taripktanta tdbon' dantim a di mnon-dn Tan'taxa-lit ta kiddi masisa- paniki Kalakkinda- ta pa-LindaKatantcinib Zwhn sinakit Buwiya k a tambxa- Zwdn di manigddBi-biti- d y d y d g ag-agtd marialbdg Pattdk idddn k a sindno Maxarkt@ innkt ljdg k a $add& tada-p& tan'isip Part&- k a bMa bakkdnnti- makapigsd no ad+& tardpa Sososowaddin' pirk- bal& pinkdid Barari- bindnag man'aw-lit k a banig Addda magdaddtag Z w d ~magpanimbikat Makasaksakid awdn x41xg~it Ba-nkn' parat& kuwkra ki amuwig KindktRo basin'dlan k a lindn' balinfixin Tadabalsig banbdkaw damakdkit k a ap$aw Kulambdg k a taggda7 magkammd k a lintkg Pagpagnd awdn sdka KLiXdw k i amuwig sdra k i sirit Kiyo iwaxin ;Ppana ki xag&hn'Zn bdlin k a baldwan Magrakkdb &wk magkatLiJldg Balubdlan ar-aribon'bdn'an I-Zdg kalla'w tumpdt k a ap&aw Nan'tadkn k a pita- nasap-atkn k n pirkMewdrit bokdl taplit Tumdbo mi-mi-

(K) J. Riddles given by ~ u l i n d & ~ 339. X m n e k d t x a m m b man&nikdt alimbd340. Tdl* k a bandy rZi makasin'dn k a tdl* . K. Riddles given by Ya&n (K)

341. Taliatanapkn kobdban'


Maidy kadn'zltdn Makabalbalih dwdn ~ w d y Kalkalankxat la-lapdt Magbalbalijdn atkn malzlkig Baldy sztssztwilld magpanin-ztndg A n t $ - mepalantd- baldton' mepardtod Ddlgn k n bantdy ddlzn damin tdl+ Bi-biti- laldkan &a mak-akka'n Basikdt basikdt mapdlo manztkdt Aw-awixdndd- lid-sdwdnddBi-biti- kQk+d mal~bztta'n a lito k K+k~i~)d o h dappit nagbisi- xarandkit k Minal3jo ne inddyo mapnit no madalintotdxo Kztmd ydb karabddan sinidrdd bztsibdtzn A l a k k i n balatin'te'd pagtzlbowdn balakidke'd Tan'aphnid tabdko man'likdt k a l&o Barobaro-kdt panin-ztndg xdlzlt T o magkin an-an$-na akkdn man'& in&a Xddin' k a lztgs$d w&a da mar-aratgt Manaxid& matd manaxid& k a dild ~ V a m i no dwdnnn asin nasabl2- no a t i n nsinnn t T o nasablf an-ani-na 3 namit inina no magldko ninna to neldko dlona A n d - k a dal+dpnn nagdzt-ddt k a baldwan Magsa-ldw bzilig o r @ isd bdxatna lumbdn na knmmald Nasikdn no ztmztni- natakalin no ztmdllg Tan'ap~~tdd bdbztg n'i magpanpanabtdb
L. Riddles given by Lampci (M)

Bdlo an@kz tadtan'apidit jagboo wn'n Rmanranin'dt dwdn zeta-nig Magtotdn k a szt-bdt Ta-nig apil am; Dattig daxztwi- ztrita- maxawa't Datta'g babskrdn ladzn'it ba-n$n' Taddli i w a x i n man'ztndg k a bztldwan No-nodno- sissd An-and- k a tabb4~dxan Bitti- awitZn magkaw-awili amkrika Nadtztdin k a t a r m ~ a d i n 4 bab& n i t i n man'tS'b41 1 Bittk- a xiwxiwatdn' aldt babdy adgammdn Bittztwdn k a manila dmn'zima labbktna



3 82. 383. 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. 390. 391. 392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411.

Lddaw an$& maggi-bcit paddtltin Sissci tammdd manaxd Uwalldnna pzisagna mamixdt Mammas&n k a pili balbaldi aggzini Tagszit matin& Ki-lzig basosd- mesoso-sdIggandm zisin amim ikkis dki inim Talltatiabgit bdlon mahbanig Nibsdd di kalibsdti narcipon di kandw* tadabaliy Maidbig naniwZd Barbarawdd k$- nammit bdkog kane' di- i-tdb Magkila'w ka bydNadtudin k a pa-li napnd k a paDalaggi Tztbciti datd mandam maxaligmamin p&ati Dordori a masi natizlniy k a pappalaggi Siksikkintim mag-ag@n ka battdn' Kakkakn ad-adanni Magniwd makak-akkin Sadapisnit da Zziwit dumalipd+ k a Iddit b i g k a malagdtmo napabbdg ga btlnkt Bisbe'sin sintlzit Gal-alit ta madin An-a&- di abtrlzig di makazilug Manalzig tarmid Magbal& tdk* di magtaxizlw& Tan'an&on barambin arat&in baba-nid Atinda dudzlwi magkdpon mat& to isd bant&& natd isci Tatiasi-lit bdlo ItllZuwe'sZn btlwe'bo Natitzldin k a sial napnd pakkapakkdl bzibzi_yo-babanddl Sin'sin' sipapcit sikalzlwa' maddmat binin n i maggasilZ- pinaiali- k a ttirZt n bin& ne kaldmit pinahli- k a pdtis 412. Ttlmzibo maldon' k a pdton danzim 413. Tdta ali- paxzllatinta 414. Tdtd ali- pa-n6nta 415. Tadala-bd andnta tadala-bd bzlnndta 416. Magkin kawjlna 417. Tadarzlszid tadab-d 418. Magsappdt &ian awdn pagsaptin 419. Abd- ni mari_lld ditd magpd 420. Kabatowin tlnhgna kasiitin lasina 421. Kabatowin z~na'gnakabantiy2n Zasina 422. Sissd aminaw tad&



423. 424. 425. 426. 427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439.

441. 442. 443.

Tdta pannowhn dadin napnowin tdta ass$& dadin nauwan'in Ba'si abi_yhwan s m i n a tabhwan Tatia-mzilzn srira Magka2yzn' maxan-an;Maxan-ani- magkdrag maxin-inzint~d Mabtzig di magkuwd bat kush nabash Tan'ala-bh tan'addwa Tziptlt dukamkim dhata da am-& $p2yna din k a kabin akkhn' mee'yad Min'aw addhg man'ibanig D i mapagkag-axiye $dhw no di mawi ambdw Szigut gumzisit patdula'n k a sabit Dandm k a malagdfmo agtammd agtammd ~maba" ton'ton'sdlan y Imzilata k a laddh m a d y imzilata k a bant2y toy a m a b 3 Aligmamin k a banndd duwa' maxakkaakkdb k i h t naxundg TdZ9 k a dGa b ~ sib kanhnna g D i lamawin barigkawhg no di magbarbarigkawcin' Tdla k a batzt@ kalaman't3 Y a a n i n uwiddin Iwdxa-na lzibo-na

M. Riddles given by Pzilog (M)

444. Palapalaphlad kasmi- n'a balikaldhg kilyd pun'zit amarhg nilnd-ko ko pasassht maxariaritadthd baladhb D i magbal$ padddxa no di ran'dd xadd& 445. 446. I-l.dg takkit di mapsit no di magsalsal-it 447. KukkuZd&lan'kdg paninlikzid battzig 448. alzlmmaxzjdn nagpolitd an'aluxin 449. Bitti- xiggimthn' Zwdn na dald pabilan 450. Bisir xina-din dita mammin meta-din' 451. Tan'ili iabuldg melaxht matzidog 452. Addda dodon;_Yhmagg$itda si pan$ dudduwi piyinta 453. Dita ammd to siya't no di i'zrmbit to bigit 454. Tan'aputhd a la-git nebdt sa amuwig dwdn innlakalan'i_yitl a n ' b i t ~ n dur@Zt parparagrig 455. Pitzta'n' paxithn' turdn matambilhkoti 456. NammashxZtz balbaldsan' ~umalaxibabn2~an 457. Bitti- tatatzip k9-$bdt d a p h t 458. Ragragkd sdra Zwdn mimad x a i t n a



N. Riddles given by Kimat (M)
459. 460. 461. 462. 463.
A ~ i magpapait isa' nagtaxisasaplit t Man'omdmdn k a d a d g Appdn datd mandam maddi malaxiwdn Bd'lon bzilut nagsarsarundzikr Ukisna yan baggitna yan ibaga'm

0. Riddles given by Daxidi (M)
Danzim a xaddaxaddiy lunzb6t a xanxdndj Sin'sin' si kdmat silowin malia'mat Sissk putin'anta talld paggkjatinna Tan'n'dd ni aggawita- nagtubowin pzitaB a n d y a sampdxa agki-lin mald'xa Magbzin'a buradin' magbzin'a daggin' A ~ O latdba- nagdzn lia dbaDudduwi b i d tinid iNaxdsat natin man'labbk- tZnnd dawddwat Tdl* a bant& paninlasi sin&

P. Riddles given by Bciydan (M) Bziri- datd bakkdn maluglzixin ~ j & o n 'k a dabbzin @&on' k a danzim Abb& abf umdn'ta magkawiA>-$6 k a nilbotin aryowa'n k a ditin Magdidixut y a ba-ba-nin' ttzlo'n madupin'in Apil iggit dwd'n na di mamilga't Limbd- ni bdkat m s @ a taggdd A d i x i a IaldtZd madagdaguwa'sin Xamnidanta y a u w i y makaligdd k a bal& Agmzilan'd- k a Gzig bant& ban'kzirzg dp* ta nabaludbzid ban& a napudpzidot
Q. Riddles given by Appald (M) Max*-$d'w ambjlag Tdl* amba'w taraxindin Imam-a'v Intdn' bakitdn' imam ~ a r i & a wdlo malidlo Man'iyaw durit maxawwdt Lalamddmn ni in'lin taraxindin malu-tin Tdput d u p b robrobbb Tziput man'gdt nasalin'ga't I-lzig daxobn bauwig tZn man'mdon




493. MaliaZ&i- ka uwdy inardyabna dcimin bantdy uwacin ka aratdy bakkdn ma&an& 494. YZt toni ninna $ Zwcinna math 495. B3cibat a batowin Zwdnna ximputin'2n 496. Tdl$ k a d@a maxciliat taliliana 497. Tan'alcilii xiwi milncip k a taliz'li 498. Piniton sib$& duwi pagbalinin 499. Awwig k a dammili nagbato' k a ran'din 500. Nasikin' matcina no mabisin 501. Bilagka tfibibbi- lattokin ta Mn'it 502. Panidsin'bci- ladcigzn padzit e basin& abd- adlallr- nasihi- am patalld503. A ~ z i t 504. Atinda duwk matianzip no atin m&-da maglitidda a dfiwi 9 ~matupci-to lamcin k 505. Bal& pasfixixi inal~bfitin a buddi 506. T&l$k a d@a talk mata'na sissd nawadd 507. Magtfirdp maxalnci sissd ergidna 508. Man'nix3 sin2y 509. Magtarodbd pasidan magtarolibd k a s$m t 510. AlupitZn ni baldd- a ~ i mi-tdddddon 511. AVO manododddon ~blkxZn 512. Sinabld- lasina rfi-rkf undgna 513. Tarogtdxan takkirin'an 514. Bitti- lill$id napnd k a tulhi 515. Kfirikziranmo pzisagko 316. D i maalbkt silsiltkt no di pinapgfixkpfit 517. Bdlo talifgfi mataraxindin marpd518. Adzida magkaatazig dida mapagkaorno's no awci~ a ginzldgzid y 519. Balballoit taldkon' 520. Maxan-andn baxaliy magsidsidbci- xuscim@ 521. Magpanndw magmatdon mamilig dton danzim 522. A e t d a maggaami magbadban'kcilda no maxiddcida 523. Dfiwida maxata'wa maxaltitZnda 524. Bab& k a bamdg dfiwi tampasiwig 525. Bassciw k a dawdawwin nagtanlawi' kawi'tzn 526. Taldb ni xammdd pabig napalakkdb 527. Y Zton&% idijin ya 528. Mammas$in ni in'lin pdto- aggabyowin 529. @fitabldn mapalepalion fimmin kba' maxan-an-anndn 530. Maka-sig +hag 531. Maglattit bikkig 532. A d i n bassciw smansanawsciw



533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. 539. 540. 541. 542. 543. 544. 545. 546. 547. 548. 549. 550.

Bddo ddliit pan'rinirinit BadQd xamd- pamalasindDaggin' ninta nzd k i karkdr daggin' ninta ma- k a min'al Sagzlw@ passuwiw@ panassuassuzviwwkb Adzida magkadsud sissd mababtzig Barawdd kalilaw t z $a-kdw m% Sidddzilaw magtutzixaw LakSuwit ni paddk awdn di mamtlit. Cf. 550. Xawdd k a an@& magszilap pahldzitzn Tappid k a an@& nzatartarbin' patfa-bin Magdaldalddl b y d Baldbag bok&o nesadzil nagpon'td Xitappcin' ni ski- napnd k a x e 6 Ba-bb kabatowin tarnzid karanutin ~ r @ n'annd ani-gddna maxal-aldnta ammala' Pahmmdg padunzmdg nada'mag @ man'hmat ~ r @ n'annd I ~ ~ ~ T T Lmaxatdpta ammald TZU Lan'guwit nipadd2 zwdtz d mamdit Zwdnna la nzaggaddi- no di tittd ni marun'zit. i Cf. 540. 551. Bdka ,&an@& magkdrab k a b a l ~ i ~ ~ ~ i n ' 552. Basbaszjidn in-inndn' 553. Man'; jtaw da inzand&a ittbda ali- sa-gzidna 554. Tdl* k a danaddnas makutakzitad dwdnna w@aw&ad 555. Udin magdaggadaggdt sindg ga dita ni-n'dt tittd sidudna mag$556. Si$a baliSi nakawkawdn' tan'ili 557. Ldn'it nagn'dmmin' b$b& nagsiln'atin 558. Adzida magguxzinud nagtotdnda n'a'min k a xu-bzit 559. Tdl@ k a Izibon' pabzg okkdn' 560. Taka-dit siw* naglibowin k a b ~ b 4 ,

R. Riddles given by ~ a ~ 6 ~ (B) n a r

4 0 piddig magbzin'a sinan-upit ancintan &mo 1 ddgo

arbis A t i n 30 &go bzibug magbzin'a simsa-gzid A t i n i y o ddgo lbko magbzida sinanpziso andntan ddmo tzido A t i n $10 &o sarit magbzin'a sinandurnit andntan da'mo arnib A t i n dman'ko tittill adaddi n'am ababbdn' szjtim @yon apitan A d & parda' n'a san'apa'da Lo-ditammo a n h m o 568. Umd'n'd- nan'&o awa'n adaddzi n'am pabig ah' A 0 Zatdba- nagdanim nzadba2 Ru-rzitammo sir&-o ta nzapdnnz- a n'ddo Siw+ko bzlrilia't di matultzilkdt Tittk- kzllibakbin' managdagh man'in


k y o baladdbon' di maxy@on ubiyin nahldg talndn Ndntudidko dddon pagam-ambdsdn dddon Ddlan uxdm ddlan otdn Magurddo tabbit Maksdbud sinanmalokdd magbdda sinanbotiliya Memdla malon'tdt magb$g mapdrut a makta-ta-nig dandmmin no magdattig Dadkili bziliana dudkLi3/dp ad6nna Si-r2jdbdnna sissd abd-na Bal& a susuwalld puma2 Ia p u m b i Magad-ddat dadin ubdg Tadaladtd'd bo-bodd madadadin k a passdxan $@it Iakdvan ba-nid natin manan'tdn' Bo-bokdl sdpd- ba-nid nata'n madaliPmanirZt Zwd'n gdyg$a't Magun-tin; Zwd'n baggibaggi Di mit dri di mit pdri naktrixa sinanragddi A t i n &a!anzko kito naszgtldda i a dmo n'am ixansz'n'mo A t i n &amku pod- nadmo dam nadtap Taluntdn taluntzin Napit digd tarit Dikkadikkadikkit dida maxapagdidkkit di Iutnbdt dikkit Nalsdm digd limdxan Nat& ne kanndwd3r_n atin kam ne kalissddin Idkd- ya pinarsuwi ne Zpd diydsya dagd da nepasibnd' Sdbun' alzlpadpus name-ld napikkdt A t i n baldy-o ab& dam ya l a s h t a a pagagg@annidko


S. Riddles given by Salinen (B)
Ta-mdg ga bdda dudduwi pahi Kuladla'd k a balqvid Tag16d pagard linumtit a matd I-ldg apullo~z~lld sadapdlo maiitoldd Si-ddg adddg ballakd Tmaig@ud naniwZn' kiyd nalu-mrig Maggdni bard&- simbri- siddlZTagtagl6d iiszlwig tagtagiduwig. Cf. 4. Sabbawil awiyan namarsuwi anndm Bitti- malakiy aginbabakl$ Tadala-bd' suwriko sissd napdn'sd Labbdd datd mandam pandd gagapddn



Bitti- bikalldg magam-amdl basinag La-git masishian tarpd- no metada-n'in Bdn'ot alit pon'td nasit Inapziy nap6 namin'ddo rl'on'sd Dabbir tar+a sissh magsalld Pa-ldnna gag&amna Pan'hna bdn'ana Bitti- ba-bakdt mepappalan'dt ~ a m i ~ gantdn' oUmdlag mabanndg aman$- mabdlad D i la mapagbal; no rli pigipiger Tagamokdl arimziran Zwdn na di damkin Piniton malakanig amir-ir ass+ Pin& a aisinna'n dandm no mhn'ta da-din T d l a k a bandw sdrap makkdxaw Millid l h d apdwan is& D i mirap ligatin an;- ligdba'

T. Riddle given by Pokbl (B)
630. A t i n ammill-o i n i simmi- k a patizit umild gatdlian ne in2 gana'wan dawi pdlo bzilhwan gattodm

U. Riddles given by Umila (A)
A t i n kkdlio a nagbdlia sinammaldon' A d & dahld managipQ'i TagkLl ni dardt bakkhn maba-ddt La'siw a pinapitzzt ~zasab-it& k a irZb DalwqGnag n'a bat6 A>IO a mz/_l,dmzt_i'nagbzin'a k a ap-np@ Ddros banikalddg pabigla n'a nabilag Lampkg alld nabddo Lamgdp magatarmid ambittin magabinalbig Alo"a16 ali-dz- pagan-an-an&d~iAwwLg k a tagga'd sindda k a tabbhg Uma'n' k a amba'w maddli magpawpa'w La-ba' ni g i n ~ l i d i nna'min n'a naLans6dZn Bintin' sikalimi sikawald sikappit Sa'ban' la sdbun' xa6n n'a ngbuldn'

1. Igtappa'n' (Bw, Y , L)
var. Xitappdn' (Pg, K t , D )



var. var. var. 2. Kokd var. var. 3. Dila




8. 9.



13. 14.

15. 16.

Itappan' (Bn) Agsalupdn (Mm) S@u (S) (Bw, Y, D, L, Kt, U) Xoxd (S) Od (Bn, Ap) (Bw, Y, L, Pg, Kt, D, Bn, s, U) Lagddw (Bw, U). Cf. 608. var. Lasi- (Y, L, Pg, Kt, D, Ap) var. Pildlat (Bn) A t o (Bw, Y, D, Ap, Mm, Py, L, Kt) Biliil (L, Pg, Kt, D, Bn, Ap, Mrn) var. Tdxa (S) Basdn' (Y, L, Pg, D, Ap, Mm, S, u) Xawdd (Bw, L, Kt, D, Ap, Y) var. Gawdd (U, Mm) Daxikun (Bw) var. Barikdko (Y, U) var. Passd- (L) var. bzig (Pg) var. Ridzima (D) var. Kaxoddn' (Bn, Ap) Balit (Bw, Y, L, Bn, Ap, U, Pg, Kt) Ixdn' (Bw, Y, Kt, Bn, Apl, Ap2) var. Igdn' (PI, S, U) Aridzima (Bw, Y, Bn, Mm) var. Ridzima (L, Kt) var. D i m (Ap) var. Tan'dli (S) gzig (Y, Pg, Kt, Ap, S, PI, U) var. Dixd @dg (Bn) Xabi (Bw, Y1, L, Kt, Apl, Ap2) var. Matidog (Y2, S) var. Maggdni (PI) var. Gabi (U) Pisd- (Bw, Y) var. Taddo' (L, Pg, Ap, D, Bn) Taxdn' (Y, L, Pg, Kt, D, Ap)

var. Tagin' (PI) 17. Altdn' (Bw, Y, L1, L2, D, Ap, s , U) 18. And- (Bw, Y, Pg, L, Bn, Ap, Mm) 19. Tabzikol (Bw, Y, Pg, U) var. Tabziol (Kt, Bn, Ap) 20. Bokd (Bw) var. Bdlo (Pg) var. Bokd kaw2yan (U) var. Tabzikol (L) var. Bokd bdlo (Kt, Bn, Ap) 21. Abd- (Bw, Y, L, Pg, Bn, Ap, S) 22. A y d d (Bw, Py, Y, Ap, Pg) var. ~ r a t i y U) (L, Bal2y (Bw, U, Y, L, Pg, Kt) 23. var. Tdl9 (Ap) 24. A/& (L, Pg, Bn, D, Ap, Mm) 25. ,4bY (Bw, L, Kt, D) var. Matd (Ul) var. Xansd (Y) var. Gansd (U2) 26. Rowd (Y, L, Pg, D, Bn) var. Litag (Ap) 27. fxzd (L, 1<t, ~ g D, ~ p ) , var. fgzd (U) 28. Dan& (Bw, U) var. Passo'- (L, Pg, Kt) var. Parrzid (D) 29. Tardsi (Y, Bw, L, Bn, U) var. Ka-puIdn (Ap) 30. A)@ (Bw). Cf. 222. var. A t d - (L, Pg, Kt, Bn, Ap) 31. Ki-lzig (L) var. I-ldg (Pg, Kt, Bn, U) var. Buli (Mm) 32. Bura-bd- (Bw, L, Pg, Ap, Bn, U) 33. Bura-bd ( (Bw, L, Pg, Kt, Bn, AP) 34. P a t h - (Bw, Y) var. Tziid (L, Ap, Bn) var. Tdkid (Kt)


ISNEG RIDDLES var. Paldli (D, PI) var. Sawsawilld (Ap)

35. Kiwat (Y) var. fwat (L, Pg, Kt, Ap, Mm) 36. Axam; (L, Pg, Kt) var. Kaxam; (Ap) var. Agam; (Mm, S) 37. Amotd (Bw, L, Y, Pg, Ap, U) 38. Ldddg (Bw, Y, L, Pg, Mm, U) 39. Xansd (Bw, Y, L, Pg) var. Gansd (Mm, U) 40. And- (Bw, L, Kt, U) var. Mamildxa (Y) var. Mamarad& (Pg) 41. Siko (Y, L, Kt) var. Sio (Apl, Ap2) var. Sixo (Mm, PI) 42. NQan (Bwl, Y, L, Kt, Ap, U) var. X@sn (Bw2) 43. Bu-ldw (Bw, Y) var. Alintotdxo (L) var. Palso' (Bn) var. Pinuddn' (Mm) var. Alintutdbo (U) 44. To-rit (Y, D, U) var. Simtd- to-rit (L) var. Ta'mi (Ap) 45. Anti- (Bw, Y, Pg, Kt, D) 46. lad (Y, Pg, L, D, Ap) 47. bdkan (Y) var. A1uid (D, S) var. ~ @ y a(Ap) var. Bintodl (U) 48. Sibkdkan (Bw) var. Sibagkdan (L, Pg2, D) var. Mammas&& (Pgl) var. Asibagkdan (Bn) 49. Lalamda'wan (Y, Pg, Kt, Bn, Ap) 50. Xaddiy (Bw, Y, D, Ap) var. Gadd& (U) 51. And- (Bw, L, Pg, Bn, Ap) 52. Palattzig (L, Ap, Pg, Kt, Bn) 53. Ants- (Y) var. &@an (Pg)

54. Pillokd (Bw, Py, Pg, Kt) var. Sapdtut (Ap) 55. Ldliit (Bw, Y, Pg, Kt, U) 56. ~ s i n (Bw, Pg, Ap, U) var. Lattd- (L) 57. Taxid (Bw, Pg, Ap) var. Tag& (S1, S2) var. Dapzjg (Mm) 58. Dandn~(L, Pg, Kt, Mm, S) 59. Tuka'- (Y, L, Pg, Kt) var. Kasi (Ap) 60. Dissl (Bw, L, Apl, Pg, Ap2) var. Dapdg (Y) 61. B2jdbat (Bw, Y, L, Pg, Ap) 62. Taddd (L, Pg) var. Pisd- (Bw) var. La-bd (Ap) var. Apat (Mm) 63. Ddxum (Bw, Y, L, Kt) var. Ddgum (S) 64. Ton'tdn' (Y, U2) var. B $ I I(L, ~Pg, U1) ~ var. Limbd- (Ap) 65. Patdna- (Bw, Py) var. ~ a g m a i ts xidam (L) e var. P+ok-d (Y) var. Alddw s gidam (Mm) e 66. Pin@ (Bw, Y, L, S, U) 67. Atta' (Bw, Y, L, Ap, U) 68. Ixdw (Bw, Y, L, Ap) var. Iga'w (U) 69. Ula't (Bw, Y, L, Ap, Mm) 70. Kukkurdbdn (Bw) var. Disdl (Y, U) var. Pataxb (L) var. Ddkon (Mm) 71. A x a m i (Bw, Y1, Y2, L) var. Kaxams (Ap) var. Agami (U) 72. Tuki- (L, Mm)


var. Mddi (Ap, U) var. Girgird- (S)

73. La-bh (Bw, L) var. A b b (Ap, Mm, PI) 74. udag (D, Ap, S, PI) 75. Bontd- (Y) var. Magbattil (L) var. Ton'tdn' (Bn) var. Piri- (S) 76. Binald (Y, Ap, Mm) var. ~ b (Bn) i 77. Rinzidu- (Bw) var. Rzidu- (L, Bn, Ap) 78. Phxa (Y, Pg, Bn, Ap) 79. Sin'isin' (Bw, Pg) var. Tutzixan (Bn) var. Abd- (Ap) 80. Palattzig (Y, L, Bn) var. Bhlat (Kt) 81. Anzsi- (Y, Bn, L, Ap) 82. Naggani_l,in (L) var. Awn+& (Pg) var. Daxhmi (Bn) var. Dagamziyin (S) 83. Anit& (L) var. Anitan (Pg) var, Bdtan' (Kt) var. Sarikaw (Ap) 84. Bzin'a (Y, L, Ap) var. Manzilaw (D) 85. Talilid (Pg, Ap, S , PI) 86. Apphn' (Bw, Y, Pg, S) 87. Balakkuwit (Y) var. flug (L, Pg, Ap) 88. Baniko (Y) var. Banio (L, Pg, Ap) 89. A b h (Bw, Y, L, Pg) 90. Apzi_y (L) var. A$@ se bd'ia (Kt, Mm) var. Bd'h (Bn) 91. 0lo (Y, L, Pg, Ap) 92. LutuIzitZn (Y, L, Pg, Ap)

93. Sinun'lsg (Bw, L, Pg) var. Bd'li (Kt) 94. Danznzit (Bw, L, Ap) var. MaglzinZg (Kt) 95. XagQdkan (Y, Kt) var. Xagg~'d'n'2n(L) var. Ag;_IId'n'in(S) 96. ~dyon'(Bw, Kt, Mm, S) 97. Xalnd' (Bw) var. Tappzit (L, Mm) var. Batz-bh- (Kt) 98. Thlan' (Bw, PJT) var. Makixub (Y, L) 99. Bd'lo (Bw, Ap, Y) var. La-bd' (Py) 100. T a k k i n (Y, L, U, Ap) 101. Tzisi (Bw, Bn, Ap) var. Nd'dat (L) 102. ~-jlzid(Y, L) var. Pnsiin' (Ul, U2, U3) var. B~lzilan'(S) 103. Sipzin (Bw, Y, L, Mm) 104. Xabi (Y, D) var. Xallowid (L) var. Dddon (Ap) 105. Takkd'b n+d bd'si (Bw) var. Bd'si (Y, Mm, S) 106. Baliin'. (Bw) var. BalzXin' (Y) var. Palsin' (L) var. Xarasib (Ap) 107. Barikdko (Y, L, Ap) var. Barakdko (S) 108. 0 k i (Bw, Y, Ap2) var. Busil (L) var. Talzit (Apl) 109. Balikin' (Y) var. Baliin' (L, Ap, U) 110. Arumn;Sna't (Bw, U) var. Xhtat (Y) var. Tamtami (L) 111. Bobdn' (Ll)


var. Lukdsa (L2) var. Alan' (Ap, Mm) var. Dubd (S) var. XAtat (Ap) var. Gattd- (Mm)

112. 113. 114. 115.

Bakdba- (Bw, L, Pg, Ap) Limdta- (Pg, L, D) Lisd (Bn, Ap, U) Rimdran (Kt) var. Pkpigkd (D) var. PikpiMd (S) 116. I-lz& (Bw, ICt, Bn) 117. Binaladdibdd (Pg) var. &dun (D) var. Anan'kd (Bn) 118. Laxirna (Bn, Ap) var. Tarnid (Mm) 119. Abd- se uldt (Pg) var. Ula't (Bn, Ap) 120. U n i t (Bn, S) var. Putzina- (Ap) 121. To-dd (Bn, Ap) var. Toto-dowin (S) 122. Kawil (Y, U) var. A w i l (Bn) 123. ~ a d d i y(L, Ap, Bn) 124. AndnZn (Bw) var. Dimin (L, Bn) 125. Paniki (L) var. Panii (Bn, Ap) 126. Tabbdn' (Bw, Pg, ICt) 127. Uwid (L) var. Kuwid (Pg) var. l x ~ d (Ap) 128. Kaluttaxd (L) var. Kalittaxd (Pg, Kt) 129. Puxciro (Bw, Pg) var. Dap5g (Y) 130. Linan'cig (Pg, Ap, Mm) 131. Kusd (L, Pg, Kt) 132. A n t i - (Bw, Ap) var. f t ~ b (Pg) 133. Aliwb (L, Pg, S) 134. Xattd- (Pg)

135. Anugnadin (Y, Pg, U) 136. Asgg (Bw, L, Pg) 137. Danzh (Pg) var. Bun'lzin (Mm, U1) var. Kalsdda (U2) 138. Ragg& (Bw, Y2, Kt) var. Lapd- (Y 1) 139. Labcisa (Kt) var. A s i m m (Ap) var. Arabdsa (Mm) 140. Mdton' (Y) var. Xisi (Kt) var. 0 k i (Ap) 141. Linti (Bw, Py) var. Llnti (L) 142. Pitdta (Bw, Py, L) 143. Rcido (Py, L, Ap) 144. ~ l & a n(Bw, Py, L) 145. AagiJIdw (Y) var. Bdli (L, Ap) 146. Rondbon (Y, L, Ap) 147. A i d ) (Bw, Y, L) 148. KLixdb (Bw) var. Kordn' (Y) var. Kasdw (Ap) 149. Mags@~dm(Bw, Y, Ap) 150. Oritd'n' (Bw, Y1) var. Abrdw (Y2, Ap) 151. Aniniwin' (Bw, Y, Ap) 152. Siban'rin (Y, Ap) var. Siban'lin (PI) 153. RaZiy (D) var. Abd- (Ap) var. Eskbl (PI) 154. 0 k i (Y, L, U ) 155. p~zan'+an' (Y, L, ~ p ) 156. Addig (Y, Ap, L) 157. fisci (Bw, Y, L) 158. Aziliot (Y, Mm, U ) 159. Kuwid (Bw)


var. DadapilZn (Y, Ap) 160. Pziso bdxat (Ap) var. Pziso bkgat (Mm) var. Pziso (S) 161. Bzltit (L, Ap, S) 162. Bala"y (Bw) var. ~ a r a d 2 y(Mm, S) 163. Stdin' (L) var. A w i t (Ap, S) 164. Matd (L, Mm, U ) 165. Manw szir (L) var. AnzlrzirZn (Ap) var. Iszlszlrszir (U) 166. Tobdl (Bw, L, U) 167. Xdtat (Bw, L, Ap) 168. Tzlbtzibo (L) var. Atzlbtdbo (Ap, U) 169. Lalipd (L, Ap, U) 170. Bdxat (Bw, L, Ap) 171. Rzlszid se xhi (L) var. Xzisi se tdl@ (Ap) var. Pidgdn se ammdy (Mm) 172. Paldbo (Bw) var. Bamba'n (L) var. Abd- (Ap) 173. Kzlliban'bin' (Bw, L, Mm) 174. Bzxindt (Bw, L, Ap) 175. Lilia't (L) var. Sinan'la'g (Pg) var. Bdsi (Ap) 176. Balanda'n (Bw) var. Butt& (Ap) var. Dinagtt (S) 177. A t o (L, D) ' 178. ~ i y o n (Kt) var. Allo' (D) 179. Agda'n (Bn) var. Szlwalla' (S) 180. An'dp (Bn, U) 181. Abiig (D, Mm) 182. A r d t 4 1 (Bn, Mm) 183. Sisiwalld (Kt)

var. P&on' (Bn) 184. Pdo- (L) var. A 6 ' (Bn) yn 185. Raxddi (D) var. Ragddi (Mm) 186. Bowd (Bn) var. Mada'n (Ap) 187. Kobdban' (Bn, Ap) 188. Ada's (Bn) var. Bain (U) 189. Bzilan (Y, Pg) 190. Sizlwit (L, Pg) 191. Taxokd- (L, Pg) 192. Pal&dw (Pg, Kt) 193. Bzldlzin (L, Pg) 194. Palsin' (L1, L2, Pg) 195. Tardsi (Pg, Mm) 196. o b i (L, Pg) 197. Bzl-sit (L) var. Barad2 y (D) 198. D a n h (L1, L2, Pg) 199. Kasiro (Pg) var. ftZb (Ap) 200. Gas (L, Pg) 201. Mama'n (Pg, Kt) 202. Ddxa (L, Pg) 203. Sibbin (L, Pg) 204. Rzlszid (L, Pg) 205. Ldn'it se lzlsd- (L, Kt) 206. S i b (L, Kt) 207. Papparikdt (L) var. fpzlt (D) 208. A n i t & (Kt, S) 209. A t d d (Kt, Ap) 210. Si&l (L) var. S@-in' (Kt) 211. Magkawil (L, 10) 212. Tdxo- (Bw) var. Padana'n dto (Kt) 213. Madgd (Kt, Ap) 214. Mait (Kt, Mm) 215. Kawil (L)



var. Bzilizlg (Kt) 216. Atzi- (Py) var. An'a'p (Pg) 2 17. M a d g (L) var. AnixZn (D) 218. Sabdn (Y, Ap) 219. AnwszirZn (Y, Ap) 220. Parakdl (Py) var. Xa'it (Ap) 221. Barikdko (Pg) var. Sawit (Mm) 222. Dilag (Y, L). Cf. 30. 223. Magpintd- (Y, L) 224. Altdd (Y, L) 225. Kampd (Y, Ap) 226. Ldiaw (Y, L) 227. Da'l~n(Y, U) 228. Adusin (Bw) var. Mhdzlsin (Y) 229. U p a d (Y, Ap) 230. Ba'lat (Y) var. Ba-la't (Ap) 231. Sin'isin' (Y) var. Sibsib2 (Pg) 232. Linan'a'g (Y) var. Sinandila' (Pg) 233. Aloi (L1, L2) L o x i (S) 234. D$j$t (Y) var. Ka'dzls (L) 235. Pitzit+ (Bn) var. Tappzit (Ap) 236. Paro-p6 (Ap) var. Barrdn' (S) 237. Lddaw (L) var. Ban'gdw (Pg) 238. Kalin'kin' (Bn, Ap) 239. Mattidog (Mm, S) 240. Bddo (Mm, S) 241. A t t d t (Mm, S) 242. Preside'nte (Ap, PI) 243. U b o - (Ap, PI)

Wa't$ (Ap) var. Parakdl (PI) 245. Iwid (Ap) var. Uwid (PI) 246. Dattd (Kt) var. Ban'ibZn' (S) 247. Dzln'gali (L) var. Talin'a si lzib$ (Pg) 248. An-anzi- (L) var. Anti- (Ap) 249. Tainaw (D) var. Otomdbil (Ap) 250. Daxa'dag (Ap) var. Daga'dag (PI)


251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256.

Xisi (L, Ap) X i 4 (L, Ap) K a d l (L, Ap) 6 k i (L, Ap) Sili (L, Ap) Kawfl (L) var. A w f l (Ap) 257. D4og (L)
var. Urzid se d@og (Ap) 258. Balba'l (L, Ap) 259. Pilloka' (L) var. Sapa'tzlt (Mm) 260. Lakdsa (L, Ap) 26 1. Alimpzpzinnzlt (L) var. asin (Ap) 262. Ladddn' (L) var. Killoxdn' (Ap) 263. Lakdsa (Bw, L) 264. Bal& (L, U) 265. ~ s i n Ap) (L, 266. sin& (L, U) 267. Bdlo (Bw, L) 268. Bowa' (Bw) var. Talgono (Bn) 269. Barrf (L) var. Dolddli (Ap) 270. Nan'na' (L) var. ~ a ~ b (Mm) z ~ o


271. Siwdj (L) var. Atdn' (Ap) 272. Dapkg (L) var. Apzi_y (Ap) 273. 0 k i (Bw, Mm) 274. ~ m m G y (Ap, Mm) 275. Btl-sit (Bw, Mm) 276. Alld (Bwy U) 277. Pald- (Bw) var. Pandards (Ap) 278. to (Bw, Ap) 279. to (Ap, U) 280. 0 k i (Bw, Ap) 281. Lolidn (Y) var. N a t i y (U) 282. Tabbzig (L, Pn) 283. Takdd (Bw) var. U n i t (Ap) 284. Takdd 285. D a x i y 286. Daxiy 287. Alizrsin 288. Pintldbh 289. Talzlid anti290. Lalamddwan 291. LzidZg se xansd 292. A p p i n sidih 293. Bzilan 294. Lish 295. Pallzn' 296. To-rdn' 297. Mbdi 298. Mamdsi 299. ljzikan 300. Babtalin 301. Ktlrdp 302. Pasin'an 303. Magtamdn 304. Karinsddon' 305. A n t i 306. Agdin 307. Sdj-ih

308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331.. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349.

Ay6h Ula't AntiTabbtig Unit Lallaxd ~mmiy BakdbaAgnddan Utzid An-antiBdra btikan Mamd Aminaw Dantim Dabbi Taxtlwin Lintito Palilan' Kiwat Kandddo Kiwat BagQdw SilliPallin' Innit Amotd , KzilZt Bilowdn Nan'nd utzid Xaggdg Nan'nd PaliIan' Mandbon Abig Tan'ddl Xdl& Amotd Kal~dda Dila



350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 378. 379. 380. 381. 382. 383. 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. 390. 391.

Manaxtit Ud5n asin Arm& Dermdn LzrtaltitZn Bzrni Papkl Sipi Kawhn Bisin Ban'ltin Dankm $%an Dklaw Lish

Sipk?z ~sin Lito Maggdni Xdpat Pala-ph MagparhKalidktd ~p&a Dan& Bdlag Aeroplhno Sin'il Ikd Kandkla Mamiton Mandrat AMtag P$it Xaph Asiman Kidkiii To-rit PassdDanzim


392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 4 02. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 4 16. 417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422. 423. 424. 425. 426. 427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433.

Kokd Palkt Warwarhd Disdl Apiya Tainaw MaggammdAliwb Kilit LO-td AntiKokd BakdbaSissidh Babbalhk* Talgono Ktil~p Balan'dbzh Abrhw tisin PiriXidh AntiMaduma' Ridran Ba-bkTabbdg Asin DhAn Nan'kh Kakdw BziIan Maglimit Xanhb Tamtami TakbLasi~

X &
Daba' Bhxat Ttisi ~aran'i~ MaxkxZt


434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. 440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475.

6ki Linkwan' ~a~battil

Kabibi AnwszirZn Bagkdn' Kc@&! SinZg Tziman' Anodidn'Zn Pigpixdw Mawini Bassit SinZg Wdt@ InixzibZn Lilin Math si bzi!an Alipatpdt Banddra PaltdAgallQd Pa'lad Sibagkdan Abgy Papdl A n n i p dapzig Nimdlon anziLasond Dhu Anzip Taxin' Ugtd waldiy Xaflfi~abiy AndMaxatdwa Kaddzid Andzri Bun'Izin

476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 4.89. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517.

Anadd Pard_yog Abzy AnitZn At& Ikkdg XalbaAlintotdxo Sa-gdd nuwin' Attdt Sinali Szixud SaxZys&l Electric light Arimzirdn Xiwi Xzisi AbdIntotollb' I-lzig Sissidd Awwig Sinan'lig Ulaldxo Kddus Bc@dMagshn'it Pagpaxilin' Od Ap&a Qzig ApgiZixZn Bannuwit Ton'tdn' Alati Paxuwa' Kabatiti Ba~a-bdMdton' Lakdsa papi ytlt Ton'tdn'


518. Datig 519. Tabziol 520. LaddxZn 521. An'@ 522. Uxdro 523. Ragpit la-bd 524. ~ i r i y 525. Tdlan' 526. Dala-dit 527. Intotoldd 528. Tabbd 529. Bun'lzin 530. Bdtog 531. Latdwan 532. Bdli 533. Saxabdn 534. Bz'sin 535. Dan'& 536. B d 537. Mahimat 538. Tatid 539. AnurszirZn 540, Pon'td agdsn 541. Man'iyaw 542. Nabdw 543. D 8 Z n 544. A x i m i t 545. Pinuddn' 546. Mdtdn' 547. X u p h 548. ~ u m a t i y 549. Uldt 550. Bdx* 551. Bontd552. ~ Z i y a n 553. Mambdg 554. ~ a n ' l i y 555. amm mas bin 556. L& z557. bzig 558. Agtd 559. A n h a -

560. Piri561. Tan'in'i 562. Mait 563. Man'gd 564. Lumbd_v 565. ~ ~ l a b i v Z n 566. N@an 567. Sabd 568. Bulbzil 569. Xdtat 570. I/-illdw 571. Battdn' 572. Rakdm 573. I-lzig 574. Danzim 575. Bansz' 576. Kaldda 577. ~ g a w 578. Tardi 579. Tdipaw 580. Udin 581. P ~ r d 582. ~ m m a ' y 583. Ikdt 584. ~ ~ k a r u b a ' n 585. Bastoiz 586. Bastdn 587. Bulbwan 588. Udin 589. Bdli 590. Dddon 591. A p @ 592. Lddaw 593. Awl? 594. Tabdo 595. Taxdd 596. Bdos 597. AgsaidZn 598. A s i n 599. Mzisiko 600. Gixdp lalamddwan 601. Sa-gbd ngwin'


602. 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608. 609. 610. 611. 612. 613. 614. 615. 616. 617. 618. 619. 620. 621. 622. 623.

Sawit LasiAmotd TalldTali Baliin' Laxiyan. Cf. 4. AbV Sidit Pre sidhte Ta-gdd Ttipaw AtdBagdt Szlwdko Ba~a-bdSizlwdt AbdUZdt Alig Uwid Talida'

624. 625. 626. 627. 628. 629. 630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635. 636. 637. 638. 639. 640. 641. 642. 643. 644. 645.

Matd Pzira- bdsi Battdn' Dila

TdiSiw@ Galid Apiya Bzllriwan Usin Kaladkin' Sinandila' SarawLnet Ad& Mawini Piddabr Ikb Sag6


Pikjikkb NagpziItin gabi si a&iw Talihi

1. A small girl, a measure for buying. var. 1-4, 7 : A small girl, for thinking about what is bought. var. 5 : A small girl, for knowing what is bought. var. 6 : A small young man, for thinking about what is sold. 2. It puts on its raincoat, but has nowhere to go. var. 1 : It eats wearing a raincoat. var. 2-4: It is wearing a raincoat, and is still here. var. 5 : It always wears a raincoat, and is still here. 3. A small board which cannot be made to stand on its side. var. 2 : A small board, you cannot make it stand on its side. var. 5, 7 : A small board which cannot be turned over. var. 8 : There is a small board which cannot be made to stand on its side. 4. Manurag is walking downstream carrying a forked stick. var. 1 : Aruwag is . . .



5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

10. 11.





var. 2-4, 7 : Battuwag is . . . var. 5 : Batawag is . . . var. 6 : Kabuwag is . . . It descends the ladder head down. They are always two, we do not know which is the first. var. 1 : They are two walking, we . . . var. 6 : There are two brothers, none of them is the last. var. 7 : They are only two, mother and child, none of them is the first. A cluster of sabagan-grass around which aran-spirits cannot walk. It enters the house lying on its back. K. (no meaning), bones at the outside. var. 2 : I<., scattering bones. var. 5 : K., bony at the outside. I t pursues lying down. var. It catches its prey lying down. It seems far away, it is very near, var. It seems far away to one's sight. var. 3-4: It seems far away, it can be picked up. var. 5-6 : Peeping at it, seeing it. A man on a mountain, his liver is visible. var. 1 : There is a man upstream, his lungs are visible. var. 2-3 : A man on a mountain, his liver is plainly visible. var. 4 : A child on a mountain, its liver is visible. var. 6 : A man upstream, his lungs are visible. var. 7 : A man upstream, his lungs are plainly visible. Lingan's aligmnman-basket, it cannot be dirtied. var. 1-3, 5 : Lingan's well, it . . . var. 4, 7 : Malindaw's well, it cannot be touched. var. 6 : Ginalingan's well, it cannot be dirtied. Sematay walks downstream, all people die. var. 1 : Agsematay comes, all . . var. 2 : Balakay shouts, all . . . var. 3 : Lukay comes, all of us, men, die. var. 4 : Gobing comes, we all die. var. 5 : The water snake comes, and absolutely all of us die. var. 6, 8 : Aruring comes, we are all covered with soot. var. 7 : Pulpul comes, we are all felled down. var. 9 : Aggematay passes by, all people die. Tarongan does not slap except in the middle of the cold season. var. 2 : Tarongan does not walk upstream except in the middle of the time of the harvest. var. 3 : Tarongan walks upstream in the middle of the cold season.







20. 21.



24. 25.



var. 4 : Tarongan does not walk upstream except in the middle of the cold season. It turns its back while entertaining a visitor. var. 1-6: I t turns its back on its visitor. Stump of an @-tree surrounded by women. var. 2 : Stump of a darag-tree, women are singing. var. 3, 7 : A little widow, everybody presses around her. var. 4 : Stump of an anztt-tree, everybody presses around it. var. 5 : Black stone at Gannad, surrounded by little pieces. var. 6 : Bulabug7s well, everybody presses around it. All the citizens of Gannad, none can urinate. var. 1 : All the citizens of Bannag, none . . . var. 2 : All the citizens of Tannag, they cannot urinate. var. 4: People at Bannag, none can urinate. It flies, a plain. var. 2 : It soars, a plain. One above another, plains. Bamboo at Aggareban, the place where to get at it cannot be noticed. var. 1 : Bamboo at Anayan, the place where to cut it cannot . . . var. 2 : Lattaran7ssugar cane, we do not know where to cut it. var. 3 : Sugar cane at Tattagadan, we do not know where to get at it. var. 4: Bamboo at Anayan, we do not know where to cut it. var. 5 : Bamboo at Anayan, the place where to cut it cannot be seen. var. 6 : Sugar cane at Tagadan, the place where to cut it cannot be noticed. Pomelo at Anayan with four strings. var. 1 : Pomelo at Anayan with four stems. var. 2 : Pomelo of Tubban with three stems. var. 3 : Pomelo at Anayan with three stems. The inside of the stomach sounds confusedly. var. 1 : The inside of the stomach crows. var. 2, 4 : The inside of the stomach is talking. var. 3 : The inside of the stomach talks. A small girl, your heart beats looking for her. It weeps when fed. var. 1 : It weeps when you feed it large bones. var. 2 : It weeps when you feed it bones. Many brothers filling a cheek. var. 1-2: They are many brothers filling a cheek. Sipokpok's child, it leaves its roof always eating in other people's houses. var. 2 : Sipokpok's child, it does not get dizzy eating . . . var. 3 : Asipokpok's child, it is continually brought to eat in . .








32. 33.

34. 35. 36. 37.

38. 39. 40.


Madan walks downstream, bones are strewn. var. 1-2, 4 : Batulan walks . . . var. 3 : Battulang walks . . . var. 5 : Aggewalang walks downstream, bones are lying strewn around. Egg of the takkit-bird, it should be alone as it is tasty. N . It should be eaten without rice. var. 3-4 : Egg of the takkit-bird, take it alone as it . . . A small old man, extending beyond the (walls of the) house. var. 2 : A small old man, who cannot be contained in the house. Iwagan's coconut oil, it sleeps being placed over the fire. var. 1 : Iwagan's bottle, it melts being . . . var. 2 : Iwagan's bottle, it sleeps being . . . var. 3 : Iwagan's bottle, it sleeps being melted. var. 4 : A stone at Sabangan, it melts being placed over the fire. var. 5 : Iwagan's coconut oil, it sleeps being melted. Tie a string to me so that I dive. var. 1-4: Take hold of me so that I dive. Sharp-pointed teeth swallowing alive. var. 2 : Sharp-pointed teeth swallowing the whole. var. 3 : Its teeth are sharp-pointed, it swallows alive. var. 5 : Sharp teeth swallowing alive. A man on a mountain with notched forehead. var. 3 : A child on a . . . A splinter of wood swims. var. 2 : A dibble for planting yams dives. A parcel swims. var. A parcel dives. Indayo does not go out except on horseback. var. 1 : Indayo does not travel except . . . var. 2 : Indayo cannot travel except . . . Dung of a sow having a low voice. Dung of a crow having a loud voice. It is weeding without reason. var. 2 : It is paddling all the time without reason. A section of sugar cane, we cannot reach it. var. 1 : An internode of sugar cane, we . . . var. 2 : An internode of sugar cane, it cannot be reached. var. 3 : A piece of sugar cane, we cannot reach it. var. 4 : Being at the other side, he reaches it ; being at the same side, he cannot reach it. var. 5 : A tree at Icallakallang that cannot be reached. var. 6 : If he is at the other side, he reaches i t ; if he is at the same


side, he does not reach it. 42. A cave full of bracket fungi. var. 1 : A basket full of kokok (no meaning). var. 2 : A basket full of koko-cloth. Note. A kind of plain white cotton cloih. 43. Little Puppusok, the strongest kind (of bamboo), my riddle. var. 1 : Small rapids, the strongest . . . var. 2 : Small rapids, a place full of hard bamboos, my riddle. var. 3 : A small riddle, a place where hard bamboos grow, my . . . var. 4-5 : A small sterile patch of ground on the hill where . . . 44. Bawwat's sugar mill, whose pole is at the lower side. var. 3 : Xammad's sugar . . . 45. They are many companions, filling a cof3n. var. 3 : Many . . . var. 4 : There are some who live under the same roof, filling . . . 46. A large bee, one that looks for honey. 47. Busigigi's house, one post. var. 1, 3 : Pasugigi's house . . . var. 2 : Mantug-igi's house, the post is at the upper side. 48. A small takkit-bird swimming over an overflowing river. var. 1 : Dupappak is dancing over a broad stretch of water. var. 2 : A small d. (no meaning), it wades a river although overflowing. var. 3 : A small d., it is dancing over an overflowing river. var. 4 : A small d., it crosses by itself an . . . 49. Balangkiyaw slashed his house. 50. Iwagan's burning, the lower end of the field flares up. var. 1 : Kadag's child, the lower end of the field burns. var. 2 : The burning goes downwards. var. 3 : The burning descends. var. 4 : The burning at Banug, it burns below. 51. All the citizens of Tuwaw, none can sit down. var. 1-2, 4 : All the citizens of Kumaw, none . . . 52. An internode of pakli-bamboo, all the citizens are withered. Note. Xubd refers to field recently burned and full of dry canes. var. 2 : An internode . . . are driven away. var. 3 : A section of pakli-bamboo . . . 53. It begins with placing the thatch and then places the substratum of canes. 54. Two canoes, one rider. 55. A very large umbrella, it affords no shade. var. 1-4 : A large umbrella . . . 56. An Iloko hat perforated at the top. var. 2 : An Iloko head covering perforated . . .



57. Fruits of the araro-tree, fruits three. var. 1 : Fruits of a tree, fruits only three. var. 2 : The bamboo produces shoots, it produces three shoots. var. 3 : Fruits three. var. 4 : Lucio's rice, t&ee cook it. var. 5 : A riddle, a riddle, it produces three fruits. 58. It can lift up a barong-tree, it cannot lift up a needle. var. 1 : (The same, transposed) var. 3 : It carries something large, it cannot carry something small. var. 4: It carries a heap of grass, it does not carry a needle. 59. A man in a thick forest shrieking and shouting. var. 2 : A man below shrieking . . . var. 4 : An old man in a thick . . . 60. Something tall in the corner, it does not shake during a typhoon. var. 1 : A banana plant in the corner. var. 2-3: It does not shake during a typhoon, it shakes during an earthquake. var. 4 : A banana plant in the corner, it does not shake. 61. A coconut at Talifugu, drying when nipped. var. 1 : A coconut at Talapugo, drying . . . var. 2 : A coconut at Talifugu, ripening when nipped. var. 3 : A coconut at Pallokago, drying . . . var. 4: Fruit of a tree above, drying . . . 62. It grows when clubbed. var. 2 : It grows when beaten. 63. A little old man, perforating a mountain. var. 3 : One stem of rattan perforating . . . 64. It cannot pound rice in company (three by three) except on top of a balokok-tree. var. 1-2 : Langkok cannot sit down except . . . var. 3 : Balokok cannot sit down . . . var. 4 : It pounds rice in company (three by three) on top . . . var. 5 : It pounds rice in company (four by four) on top of an anitap-tree, 65. Dung of a cat, wet at both ends. var. 1 : Rump of a cat, wet at the end. var. 2 : A tree at Balinusnus, soft at both ends. 66. A fish upstream with scales of brass. var. 1 : A man upstream with . . . var. 2: A fish upstream with scales of gold alloy. 67. A basket full of chicken dung, one stinks. 68. It is smacking with one lip. 69. A little old woman, there is none she does not throw.





72. 73. 74. 75.


77. 78.


80. 81.


var. 1 : Even though we chisel it, nevertheless it throws you. var. 2 : A little old woman, and still she throws us. var. 3 : Whatsoever your strength, nevertheless it throws you. var. 4 : Whatsoever the strength, nevertheless it throws us. Very large butikong-taro, after one year it produces a leaf. var. 1 : One plant of Datikong-taro, it produces a leaf each year. var. 2 : My taro at Dummalikong, it produces . . . var. 3 : My banikong-taro, it . . . A fish in the sea, mine is its head, nobody can say anything. var. 1 : There is a fish upstream, mine is its tail, nobody . . . var. 2 : A fish upstream, mine is its head, nothing can be said. var. 3 : A fish upstream, nobody can locate its head. var. 4 : A fish upstream with scales of brass, mine is its head, mine is its tail, nobody can say anything. var. 5 : A fish upstream, mine is its head, nobody . . . A child at the bank of the river, covered with dirt. It grows when pinched. It closes the door behind its visitor. It dances on the flooi and has no sound, it dances on the rocks and resounds. var. 1 : It cannot resound when dancing on the floor, it resounds when dancing on the rocks. var. 2 : It dances on the rocks and is resounding loudly, it dances on the floor and has no sound. var. 3 : It resounds when it dances on the rocks. Gatawan dives, to be pulled out after a year. var. 1 : Iwagan's bottle, it stays away for a pear. var. 2-3 : Gatawan dives, he stays . . . K. (no meaning), meat at the outside. var. 1 : K., satiety at the outside. Riding, being here. var. 1 : Mounting a vehicle, no place to go to. var. 2 : Riding, no place to be transferred to. var. 3 : Riding, still here. A flat stone at Anayan, I<awitan7splayground. var. 1, 3 : A flat stone at the other side, Kawitan's . . . var. 2 : A flat stone at the other side, Kawitan shines upon it. A tree when lying down, a star when running. A paldung-fish at Anayan, it leaves the water when you approach it. var. 1 : A pulilang-fish at Anayan, it comes out when . . . Addayek's branchless tree, we do not all climb it. var. 1 : Gaddek's branchless . . .











91. 92.

93. 94. 95.

var. 2 : Pattek's branchless tree, we did not . . . var. 3 : Nantek's branchless tree, not all climb it. Stump of an adig-tree, they all cut it. var. 1 : Stump of an adzg-tree besmeared with fat, they . . . var. 2 : Stump of an adig-tree full of fat. var. 3 : Stump of an adig-tree besmeared with fat. Male flowers of the Indian corn, they all look at it. var. 2 : Indian corn at Paddig, they . . . var. 3 : Indian corn with male flowers, they . . . They are a married couple and cannot see one another. var. 1 : They were created equally and did not yet see . . . var. 2 : Since they were made men they did not yet see . . . var. 3 : Since they were created they did . . . " I finish it ", he says, nevertheless there is still some remnant. var. 1 : Even though he finishes it, nevertheless . . . var. 2 : Little Rupruping, we do not finish it. var. 3 : Although little, nevertheless he leaves some. They are many following one another, all of them carved. var. 1 : They . . ., all of them bent down. var. 2 : They are many brothers-in-law, they face in the same direction and are bent down. var. 3 : They are many following one another, all of them facing in the same direction. We cannot say it except at the time of the harvest. var. 1 : We do not say . . . var. 3 : It cannot be said except when harvesting. A bamboo when placed on a shelf, a board when put down. var. 1 : An internode in the daytime, a plain at night. var. 2 : A bamboo in the . . . var. 3 : A plain at night, an internode in the daytime. The red pricks the black. var. 2 : Cooking of the Red One, a black base. Note. Szmzir means : cooking vegetables, etc. mashed with chile. var. 3 : The Red One licks the black fellow. A small island, a hunting ground for ten. Duwawwaw's scale, two make it shout. var. 1 : Duwawwaw's pipe, two are shouting. var. 2 : Duwawwaw's pipe, two make it shout. Roaring, no outlet. Emmanuel defecates, two make him defecate. var. 1-2: Emmanuel defecated, two . . . Kama passes through, he does not get dizzy eating.



var. 1-3 : Kama's pitfall, it does not get dizzy catching prey. 96. We pull it towards us and it is a bamboo tube, we distribute it and it is a dongdong-jar. var. 1 : We push it and it is a hut, we pull it towards us and it is a bamboo tube. var. 2 : Pushed, it is a hut; pulling, it is a bamboo tube. var. 3 : Pushed, it is a section of bamboo ; pulled, it is a hut. 97. Paludap dives, he is very light and waits. var. 2 : Ta-dag dives, he grows yellow waiting. 98. A deer at Anayan, it crackles and is thin. var. 2-3 : It crackles . . . 99. The pipe does not grow except at the base of a post. var. 1 : The mushroom does not grow except at the base of a mortar. var. 2 : The mushroom does not grow except under the house. 100. It goes to the lowlands and its anus is worm-eaten. var. 1 : The rump of the one that goes to Abulug becomes worm-eaten. var. 2 : Its rump becomes worm-eaten if it goes downstream. 101. We pull the giwi-rattan to strengthen the board. var. 1 : Resin of the giwi-rattan, it is able to strengthen . . . var. 2-3: We pull a young shoot of rattan towards us, it is . . . 102. If it eats black things, its eyes are black. var. 1 : It eats yellow things and its eyes are yellow. var. 2-3: If it eats red things, its eyes are red. var. 4 : If it eats yellow things, its eyes are yellow. 103. Two ride downstream, five catch them. var. 1 : Two . . ., five cut them. 104. A bubug-tree falls down, we die worrying. var. 1 : A leaf falls down, the whole household crumbles down. var. 2 : A leaf of the tabbag-tree is thrown down, we all decay. var. 3 : A leaf of the bubug-tree falls down, we die worrying. 105. Bilig's cooked rice, the toasted part stays at the upper side. var. 1 : Binig cooks rice, the toasted . . . var. 2-3 : Joseph's cooked rice, the toasted . . . 106. A leaf of the sugar cane, it is slender. var. 1 : A leaf . . ., it is slender; a leaf of the taro, it is slippery. 107. It does not sing except on top of a prop. var. 1 : It has no means of talking except on top of an umila-tree. var. 2 : It does not sing except on top of an umila-tree. var. 3 : It cannot sing at all except on . . . 108. A cut in a stone upstream with a bundle in the middle. var. 1 : A cut in a stone upstream rolled up into a bundle. var. 2 : A cut in a stone upstream overlaid with a bundle.



var. 3 : A coconut cracker at Masi with popped corn in the middle. 109. A drum at Anayan with four holes. var. 2 : Inglang's sugar mill with four holes. var. 3 : A drum at Abulug, four cover its holes. 110. A tree in the corner embraced by a danag-spirit. var. 1-2 : A banana in the . . . var. 3 : Beads in the . . . 111. A fowl of Malawi and family, sickle feathers at both ends. var. 1 : A fish upstream with sickle . . . var. 2 : A fowl upstream with sickle . . var. 3 : A fowl at Masi with sickle . . . var. 4 : A fowl at Anani with sickle . . . 112. The worm's den is very dark. var. 1 : The worm's den is in the dark. var. 2 : The worm's den is dark. 113. Although much in a hurry, it smells its breech nevertheless. var. Although . . . breech. 114. Egg of the piroka-bird, Baka's beads. 115. Lingan's lig~aman-basket,speckled all over. var. Lingan's ligmaman-basket, full of spots. 116. Bintok is enveloped, silver was used to envelop it. var. 1 : Bingkok is . . . var. 2 : I, b. (no meaning), silver . . . 117. The sucking pig has only one bone. 118. The round thing has only one hair. 119. A fowl at Pippiyanggok, it roosts in the morning. var. 1 : Little Pippiyanggok, it . . . var. 2 : Pippiyanggok's fowl, it . . . 120. The corpse props the living. 121. A section of bokang-sugar cane, it suffices to satiate us. var. 2 : A severed end of bokang-sugar cane, enough to satiate you. 122. My post of heartwood, it decays to-morrow. var. 1 : A post of taggat-wood, turned into dust the next morning. var. 2 : A post of heartwood, it . . . 123. Palilang-fish at Dasan, it snaps its rope when you ensnare it. var. Palilang-fish at Dasan, it snaps the rope of the spear. 124. Aggamaranan's house, it does not reach the tiebeam, it exactly s. (no known meaning) the tip of a coco leaf. house, it does not reach the tiebeam. var. 1-2: I<amarananYs 125. Bokat does not dry his coconuts except on top of a guava shrub. var. 1-2: Bekat does not . . . 126. Her child pursues you, not so its mother.


var. 1 : Its mother creeps, her child stands. var. 2 : His child is valiant, its father is a coward. 127. Its neck is worn out eating. 128. A person at Polon, a knocker. var. 1 : A person at Polpolon, wearing a coat of kotkotong-cloth and pounding with bamboos. var. 2 : A person at Polpolon, pounding . . . 129. Fruits of a $@at-tree, fruits four. var. 1 : Fruits of a $Gat-tree, it bears four fruits; fruits of an ayarotree, it bears three fruits. 130. A pond at Bagingiding, people crowd on its banks fishing with hoolis. var. 1 : A pond at Makulaling, people . . . var. 2 : Water at Marurat, surrounded by people using snares. 131. A soldier lying in ambush below Malabado. 132. A butterfly at the beginning, it ends by becoming a dibble. var. 1 : A butterfly very much, a stick in the afternoon. var. 2 : A butterfly at Anayan, it ends . . . 133. Its one end is wood, its other end is iron. var. 1 : Both ends a tree and a rock. var. 2 : Both ends a rocli and a tree. 134. Water at Palloago, it makes man live. var. 1 : A small bibbbangko-squash, it . . . var. 2 : Water at Banbanayan, without it we die. 135. One plate for the whole town. 136. We shake it at its base, we pick up the fruits at its top. var. 1 : We shake it at its top, we pick up the fruits at its base. 137. Half a bamboo that can be seen from afar. var. 1 : Sindayo meets it, it can be . . . 138. Eggs of the tatarakgy-ant, we cannot overthrow them all. var. 2 : Eggs of the aliliwat-insect, we cannot count them ail. var. 3 : Eggs of the bibbirikan, we cannot count . . . 139. Her child creeps, its mother sits down. var. 1 : Her child sits down, its mother creeps. var. 2 : Her child is sitting down, its . . . 140. Remnant of the wise, it cannot be cured. var. 1-2 : Slashed by the wise, it . . . 141. A section of inanapat-pudding, it glistens in the dark. var. 1 : Bekat's inanapat-pudding . . . var. 2 : A section of a stick, it . . . 142. Gurut arises, he beheads people. var. 1 : Garut arises, he beheads the arisen one. var. 2 : Urat arises, he beheads the one he raises.



143. Bigek swallowed my body. var. 1 : Dollik swallowed . . . var. 2 : He swallows my body. 144. A pot of cooked rice that has been put off the fire, hanging. we 145. It runs and we catch it, and if it goes slowlj~ catch it. We cannot overtake it if it goes slowly, we can overtake it, var. 1 : if it goes fast. var. 2 : It runs and is being caught, if it goes slowly they cannot catch it. 146. Husk of rice that sprouts. 147. What Balukat dries in the sun, he takes it away when the sun shines. var. 1 : What Binunag put in the sun to dry, he takes . . . var. 2 : Marannag's rice placed over the fire to dry, he takes it out when . . . 148. Tokkong's house, we cannot smell it. var. 1 : Tokog's house that cannot be approached. var. 2 : Tokong's house, we . . . 149. A leaf of the tamak-tree falling down, happiness for children. var. 1 : A leaf of the tamak-tree is thrown down, a cause of happiness to children. var. 2 : A leaf of the tamak-tree falling down, a . . . 150. A taro leaf, it is slippery. 151. A rich man travels, a captain accompanying him. var. 1 : A rich man comes out, a . . . var. 2 : A captain walks, Aparan accompanying him. 152. A man in the forest full of holes. var. 1-2 : A man in the forest covered with scars. 153. A stone at Baybayuyang, surrounded by palilang-fish. var. 1-2 : A stone at Sabangan, a playground for palilang-fish. 154. A small deep pond in which an agodong-shell dives. var. 1-2 : A small pond in which . . . 155. Dapapak's house full of meat cut into pieces. var. Dupappak's house . . . 156. Unni does not talk except when the mawini-vine bears fruit. var. It does not talk . . . 157. Child of the harelip, they are all harelipped. var. Child of the harelip, they are absolutely all . . . 158. One waits for a troop. var. 1 : They are many brothers, they have only one belly. var. 2 : A leaf of the taudaw-tree selecting a partner. 159. Being heated and never tasting anything. var. 1 : It is always eating and never tasting anything.


var. 2 : It is always eating and never satisfied. 160. A dropping lung that gives birth. var. 2 : It falls down under the one that . . . 161. A little old man dragging a piece of rattan. 162. A canoe on the sea with a tail at both ends. var. A fish of the sea having a tail . . . 163. Bannit passes by and bites. var. 1 : A child on the bank of the river, it passes . . . var. 2 : Bannit is walking dowlistream; when he stops on the way, he bites. 164. Just gone, still here. var. 1 : " I have gone already," it says, and it is still here. 165. Seize me and I copulate. 166. Egg of the hornbill, quite light. 167. A banana at a place where all pass, it ripens by being pressed. var. 1-2: A banana . . . by being pressed with the tips of one's fingers. 168. They are many brothers-in-law, only two are fast. var. 1 : They are six brothers-in-law, two . . . var. 2 : Many brothers-in-law, only two . . . 169. Its sources are numerous, its mouth is one. var. 1 : Its mouths are numerous, its source is one. var. 2 : A brook at Magububung, its mouth has many sources. 170. Ulapa brings forth her child, she brings forth her child through her mouth. var. 1 : She vomits her child. 171. The rich man dies, that is the one we throw away; the servant dies, that is the one we inter. var. 1 : The rich . . . one they throw away . . . one they inter. var. 2 : The rich man dies and is thrown away, the servant dies and is interred. 172. A wooden stick for mashing vegetables, without nodes on either side. var. 1 : Sugar cane on a patch of river sand, without nodes. var. 2 : A bamboo at Talifugu, without any nodes. 173. Splinters flying. var. Splinters soaring. 174. Kappit's rump opens its lips. var. 1-2: It opens its lips, it is difficult. 175. It decreases till it reaches the armpit, it increases till it reaches the malleolus. var. 2 : It decreases . . . , it grows deeper till it reaches the wrist bone.



176. Water at Abulug, in rows. var. 1-2: A burnt field at Abulug, it stands in rows. 177. K. (no meaning), the knee at the backside. 178. A tree on the ground, a girl when spread. var. A tree on the ground, women turn it. 179. A small girl, she stays at the eaves. 180. A deep pond when viewing it, it sinks down if we go to reach it. var. Far away when viewing it, it is not there if we . . . 181. Housing my penis, housing my cutlass. var. Housing . . . my hatchet. 182. They are afraid if there are many, they are not afraid if there is one. var. He is not afraid of many, he is afraid of one. 183. Icamaranan's house, bdazz'an-beads serve it for a ladder. var. Iwagan's house, supporting bdawan-beads. 184. My aunt's house where ilansit-spirits have to stay. 185. A fish at Masi with an overturned backbone. 186. Little Pippiyanggok, ten chew it. var. Pippiyaggok's fowl, they chew it five by five. 187. I plant Indian corn on mount Bangkirig, why is it close, a cold mountain. var. I planted Indian corn on mount Bankgirig, it does not grow tall, such a cold mountain. A woman at a place where all pass, she catches those who pass by. 188. var. A woman at Baliwanan, she dies if you pass by. 189. A section of the ban4akaw-tree, higher than the Apayaw river. var. Half a stem of the ban5akaw-tree. . . 190. It catches its prey in one day. var. Baturi goes headhunting, he always comes back the same day. 191. A person of the bushes, she wears a ragged tapis and walks unsteadily. 192. It catches its prey sitting. 193. Bulillet does not go out except when wearing a headband of different colors. 194. It gets out of its mother, they kill one another. var. 1 : They kiss one another entering, they kill one another when they get out. var. 2 : They are friends when they enter, they . . . 195. A coco at Tattanugtug, with a base that bears fruit. var. My yellow coco, its base bears fruit. 196. Gimpupuling dives, he comes but rolls down. var. Gingkukuling dives . . . 197. A halfbeak when it crosses the river, a carabao when it comes back. var. A halfbeak coming back, a coconut spathe crossing the river.


198. I cut it, I cannot cut it. var. 1 : I part the mat, it cannot be parted. var. 2 : I cut it, it repents. 199. D. d. (no meaning), it is changed into a hatchet. var. A snake, Dalawdaw's snake, it is changed into a hatchet and resounds. 200. Burning water. var. Water at Tabbayagan, buy it and burn it. 201. A hen when it enters, a rooster when it leaves. 202. Water at Tabbayagan that is moving, without it we have to die. var. Water at Bassinawan, without . . . 203. A plain full of wild banana plants, only one bears fruit. var. A cluster of wild . . . 204. I<ubkubakub's house, we do not know its dimensions. 205. Two of them, two of them, they always face one another. var. The worst and the best face . . . 206. The valiant one hangs. 207. It accompanies you when you go away from it. var. B. (no meaning), bulawan-beads, it accompanies . . 208. A hog at Anayan, many feed it, nevertheless it continues growing thin. var. A hog at Anayan, everybody feeds it. 209. Maglelalang's tapis, it does not get wet. var. Padama's tapis, it never gets wet. 210. The father comes, his barbs are his cheeks. var. Let him come now, his barbs are his cheeks now. 211. Gattut offers a sq-am-sacrifice, we only come laxily. Note. We have to be urged on. var. Daup offers a sq-am-sacrifice, they only . . . 212. A rich man's eating receptacle, it cannot be cleaned. var. A rich man's plate, it . . . 213. A hanging heart. 214. A mountain full of squirrels, all of them pregnant. var. A plain full of squirrels, they are all pregnant. 215. A frog winking and cleaving heartwood. var. The frog winks, heartwood is at the upper end. 216. All in curves, it quickly ascends. var. All in curves, it ascends a slope full of strength. 217. A leaf of the Zipawan-tree falling down, the old men catch it. var. A leaf of the Zipawan-tree is thrown down, a lippokan-banana catches it. 218. Dry when you find it, rub it and it bleeds.




var. Dry when you prick it, rub . . . 219. At both ends of a day it pounds a bunch of feathers. 220. Bang-plant of the Gannad people, its neck is perforated. var. A man at Gannad, his whole neck . . . 221. It always carries its house. var. It is carrying its house. 222. A small old man extending beyond the (walls of the) house. var. A kernel of rice in the husk extending . . . 223. Interring and being happy. var. Being happy because interring. 224. Bikat's wood, wood tied in a fagot. var. Bokat's wood, wood in a fagot. 225. A dry leaf of the Abulug people, it bites with its back. var. A dry leaf at Abulug, when touched it bites. 226. Madan's child, it cannot be taught to behave. var. A child from Anayan, it . . . 227. A piece of yam, all its roots are here. var. A coco7s root at Paddig, it reaches this place. 228. It increases by being surrounded by inquisitive people. var. It increases by being faced. 229. Ta-dag's hatchet cutting lightly. 230. It stumbles down running after its prey. 231. Ripe things on the paratag-shelf, nobody can take them down except if he can reach them. var. Oldiwawagi is dead, let us put him high up on the shelf, if somebody can take him down he is a rich man. 232. Balaengan's excrements are tasty. var. Balselkel's excrements . . . 233. Going up it defecates, going down it sleeps. var. 1 : It makes a roof with its dung. var. 2 : Its house is at the lower side, its dung is at the upper side. 234. It is satiated when it goes away, it is hungry when it comes. 235. He carries (two by two) alone. var. He can do the work by himself. 236. A man below (at the river), he shouts protractedly. var. A child below (at the river), it shouts all the time. 237. Rice of a rich man talien out of the pot, the black fellow eats first. var. Image of a rich man, the black . . . 238. Icakutan talks and the rich bow down. var. Icatkattang talks . . . 239. The broth of the dz~sknpit-fishis tasty. 240. One to put your head through, two to put your arms through.


241. It crows, it comes from a hollow. var. It is crowing, it dwells in a hollow. 242. One singit-post for the whole town. 243. A trunk at Vigan that cannot be opened. 244. Although her tapis is new, her buttocks can be seen. 245. Although he has one thousand bundles of rice, nevertheless he carries it on one side. 246. The frog kneels down, nobody can pass over it. var. A small clapdappig-plant, the intrepid cannot pass over it. 247. Take me, I am about to fall. var. " Take me, brother, I am about to fall." " How can I take you, I am about to fall." 248. It dies when given meat to eat. 249. It rides a canoe and stays on the mountain. var. It rides a canoe on . . . 250. A tree above, three internodes. var. Ban-0's elbow, three internodes. 251. Tie of the wise, always their tie. var. Bulan's tie, it cannot be loosened. 252. Seize me and I bark. 253. A leaf of the bang-plant, it makes you lame. var. We step on a leaf of the ba~zg-plant,we immediately get lame. 254. A small squash, tasty without salt. 255. Remnant of the wise, it cannot become cold. var. Provisions (of cooked rice) of the wise, they cannot . . . 256. Angry when throwing it away, happy when finding it. var. He is very happy when he throws it away, he is angry when he finds it. 257. It makes the valiant look upward. var. The fool makes . . . 258. Dog's excrements are hanging. 259. It carries me, I carry it. var. (The same, transposed) 260. There is a woman at the sea, ear pendants are on both sides, she wears a jacket made of cracked bamboos, with stolen goods she walks with long strides. var. There is a woman on the mountain, things like ear pendants are on both sides. 261. Coco palms on a patch of river sand, one is protruding above the others. 262. I. b. (no meaning), your head. 263. It opens its eyes to have your finger stuck into them.



264. A mountain when looking at it, a plain when we reach it. var. A mountain . . . when we go to reach it. 265. A man in a hollow, vomiting soft coconut meat. var. A bamboo above full of coconut oil. 266. Dali-nag's canoe, its load is nothing but ropes. var. The canoe of Agkoliman and his people, its . . . 267. The one who wears a tapis is her child, its mother does not wear a tapis. var. Her child wears a tapis, its mother is naked. 268. A bunch of betel nuts, in one day it is back from Dagara. var. A bunch . . . from Manila. 269. It talks once a year. 270. Difficult, easy. 271. Men on a mountain, turning their heads at the same time. 272. A small playground, we cannot all step on it. 273. A large sinandila-pudding, it has one grain of oilless coconut meat. var. Half a squash, it has one seed. 274. Its base is bamboo, its top is a place full of stones. var. Its base is a bamboo thicket, its top is a tuft of hair. 275. Two arrange the load, one carries it. 276. Up and down, no head. var. It rises, no head. 277. Wood at Manol, very uneven. var. An abandoned rice field at Manol . . . 278. It laughs and is angry. 279. On top when sitting, below when standing. var. When it sits down it is tall, when it stands it is tall. 280. Covered, no revenge. 281. Very heavy and tied with the core of rattan. 282. We cannot reach it standing, we reach it if we sit down. var. We cannot reach it if we stand, we can reach . . . 283. They are many who weave flooring, they fill a girdle. var. There are old women, they fill . . . 284. A plain full of leeches. 285. Gabbang's child, no hole in the ear lobe, we die of joy. 286. Spinning, spinning, breath at the outside. 287. Putting in the mouth all the time, throwing out of the mouth all the time. 288. Do not touch that on which is placed the stump of a cigar. 289. Buwawa's ear, Buwawa's gold. 290. Balukat's child, it never goes from place to place. 291. Two constant companions who cannot come very near to each other.



292. The fruit of the bramble falling down, the alig-bee that goes out to look for honey catches it. 293. A piece of the maili-mushroom, the whole town has a share in it. 294. An egg with a spur. 295. Up and down, being covered (sexually). 296. Iwagan does not alight except in the middle of the garden. 297. A man on the bank of the river, he wears a coat of different colors. 298. I plant sugar cane, I cut it, but it cannot be severed, I call Takkel to help me crush it. 299. I plant squashes, it bears one fruit. 300. Battulayan hissing, the ladagan-bird singing. 301. Bangkiriri's thigh, grown on r. (no meaning). 302. A leaf of the basikkalang-tree falling down, it closes up at the same time. 303. He begins with extracting things, and then he puts them in. 304. A tree on the rock, the fruits are masirap-beads. 305. A section of balagbag-bamboo, crammed with bullets. 306. Andayo's arm seized by young men. 307. We make a pestle ring that draws along all soldiers. 308. Batulan walking on top of a forest of tall trees. 309. Balukat's fowl, it goes up in the morning. 310. Bo-to's house with a lean-to at one end. 311. A small sow, the participants in a feast cannot consume it. 312. We cleave tabong-reed, water that does not subside. 313. Tangtaga-lat-reed here, sucked by fruit bats. 314. Have mercy on me and throttle me. 315. Always wearing an amulet, never any sickness. 316. A crocodile at Tamogak, everybody steps over it. 317. A small drinking cup carried by those who go to the lowlands. 318. Throttled, given to be roasted. 319. The corpse passes over a bridge. 320. Coconut at Paddig, one piece, one spit. 321. I slaughter a cow, I am not strong if I am not one of a troop. 322. S. (no meaning), silver, den of the spirit Pinading. 323. Binunag's sound that reaches Abulug. 324. They are many who weave flooring, none is at the edge of the field. 325. It is making rungs without reason. 326. A rich man on the paratag-shelf, spreading over the house yard. 327. I pinched Basingulan under the balintzgan-stone. 328. A piece of bani_akaw-wood cut for fuel, it crosses the Apayaw river by itself. 329. A bat below, it knows the law.



330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368.

It walks without legs. An itch mite in the house yard, a large deer in the bushes. Iwagan's wood, he puts it at the door, it becomes a bulawan-bead. Two brothers-in-law meet. A moon in a halo. An egg of the hornbill, it goes down to the Apayaw river. Stump of a pitak-tree overlaid with silver. The seeds of the taplit-tree are scattered. A little wee thing sprouts. Gamrnak stands up, alimbak-pudding gets up. A man on the mountain, he cannot see men. A plain full of hair of the eyebrows. It dies when pinched. It can make a house without rattan. Just tightened strongly, loose again. It is moving, there it is awaking. A spider's den, it goes toward the inside. Cowpea when remaining in its place, green gram when placed over something. A path on a mountain, a path for all men. A small Ialakan-insect, we cannot eat it. Tired, tired, ten roll cigars. They call me, they hate me. A small tree, surrounded by schizaeaceous ferns. A tree on the bank of the river, its fruits are garanakit-beads. Indayo's minalqo-jar, it drops down when the sun is overhead. The karabongan-bird flies, Busibutan becomes hot. Balatingteng takes pity on it, Balakingkeng makes it grow. A leaf of tobacco, it goes around the Ilocos provinces. Tying, ties at the inside. The one who eats is her child, its mother does not eat. Going to Lugsad, we go whispering. The sun gathers leaves, she gathers yellow ones. It is tasty when it has no salt, it is insipid when it has salt. The one whose child is insipid, but whose mother is tasty, when it says it will sell things, its head is what is sold. A fowl at Dalayapan, its feathers are bulawan-beads. It carries (two by two) crosswise. Even though it has one banana, nevertheless it is a pomelo. A hard worker when it goes up the ladder, it is slow when it goes down. A section of babag-wood, it is not able to pound.


369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 378. 379. 380. 381. 382. 383. 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. 390. 391. 392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407.

A bamboo at Anayan, it has nodes only at the tip. They seem to be falling down, none fell down. It carries a nest on the head. The side of the father's thigh falls down. What the heron puts down, scattered it is looted. What Babseran puts down is the sorrow of the rich. Iwagan's bottle, containing bulawan-beads. One who is walking in groups. A bird at Tabbayagan. A small rooster going to America and coming back the same day. The stump of a tarztmpangiaq-tree, if there is a woman, she puts her arm over its neck. A little stick all too much played with by women. A star at Manila, it seldom comes. A fly at h a y a n , it becomes dark pinching it. One last small amount of basi-beer, m. (no meaning). It puts its hand in its navel tightening it. A sugar mill at Pili, it talks with a different voice. Up and down, getting food. Egg of the basosok-bird, hidden in the bushes. Seize your father's penis and your mother's vulva shouts. With only one kernel of rice for provisions he goes to Abulug. ICalibsong put things in the water, Icanaway and his whole family died at once. It has fat and is thin. A small hatchet when I got it, it became a large hatchet and then did not cut. It eats rotten things raw. A stump of pa-li-bamboo, full of pafialatgg-beads. Coco seedling of the wise, it always carries an aligmaman-basket. A clordori-jar at Masi, containing pafialaggi-beads. Always thirsty and staying in a pond. Always eating, very near. It becomes thin eating. A small piece of a stick, it reaches the sky. A coconut at Malagatmo, coir enveloping it. Rolled tobacco hanging. I t moves to eat. A child from Abulug, it cannot go down the ladder. Splinters swimming. Tukay builds a house, he does not gather rattan. A long piece of baramban-vine, the rich use it as a bridge.



408. There are two friends, one dies, the other one guards him. 409. Half a bamboo opened by the spirit Buwebo. 410. A stump of sikal-reed full of cooked rice (used for provisions), rotten and spreading a bad smell. 411. Sipapat's ring, it pursues you shedding tears, the Spaniard sent it to get a letter, I<alamit sent it to get a pass. The large cup grows upon the water. 412. 413. That is what we take for our blanket. 414. That is what we take for our anvil. 415. A basket full of what we eat, a basket full of what we leave. 416. It eats its dung. 417. A large iron pot full, half a coconut full. 418. The bee sucks, there is nothing to suck from. 419. Mary's mat, we cannot measure it with our arms. 420. Its inside, a place full of stones ; its outside, a place full of thorns. 421. (Cf. prec.) . . . full of hills. 422. One mirror for the whole town. 423. That is what we fill, very soon it is full; that is what we lessen, very soon it is empty. Abiyawan's basi-beer, it is infected, t. (no meaning). 424. 425. A mouthful of large deer. 426. She gives birth lying face downwards. 427. Magkarag gives birth walking backwards. 428. It is satiated and does not work. 429. A cat's rump that is wet. 430. One ear (of grain), one basketful. 431. Dukamkam's pouch, it does not pick us ap one by one, it puts that in the trunk, it cannot accommodate it. 432. The back of the one that goes to Abulug is tlie container. 433. Ipngaw cannot talk if he does not go down (to the river). 434. Gumusit's hollow with barbs inside. 435. Water at Malagatmo, meeting, meeting. 436. It grows when pounded. 437. We plant it in a muddy place, it dies ; we plant it on a hill, there it grows. 438. Aligmaman-baskets at Bannad, two join their rims, a worm entered. 439. A man upstream, he eats nothing but chile. 440. Barigkawag does not come out except when frisking. 441. A man on a mountain, like a mountain. 442. There now, here it is already. 443. He loses his tomb. 444. How lucky to have found a playmate at the base of an amardg-tree,



I brought him into the assembly, he is shaking and thumps down. Paddugay does not make his den except on the brink of a landslide. The egg of the takkii-bird, it does not get smashed except when there is lightning. K. (no meaning), satiety is at the back. AIammagi_yan-heartwood, its softest parts are at both ends. Little Giggiwatang, nobody can ever get the better of him. Gina-dads fruits, we cannot take them all out. All the inhabitants of Abulug, they sleep forever. They are many ladies, they come from Paniya, we only like two. We do not know the fire except when the morning comes. A section of heartwood placed in the house yard, nobody can climb it, Durepat climbs it, sweet-scenting herbs on the head. Pagitang stretched it, it continues to be bent. The place where the girl urinated, it spreads an agreeable odor. A small plain with river banks in all directions. A large deer jumping, nobody can detect its track. Four sustain it, one whips it. It talks with a dry leaf. Roost of the wise, it cannot be covered with soot. Bulut's provisions, all piled up. There is its bark, there is its tuber, tell it. Water at the landslide, it passes through ganganq-grass. Kamat's ring, noosed it pursues something. We break off one, it comes from three. Aggawetak's neck on which grow patak-bamboos. A mountain at Sampaga to whose top the malaga-snake climbs. The buraddfig-taro bears fruit, it bears red fruits. A Iatabak-tree, its waist bears a leaf. Only two legs, t. (no meaning). It is lucky if there is someone to prepare pudding of immature rice, why is it begging? A man on a mountain with intestines outside. Dapple of the Anayan people, it does not become old. Stepping on the earth, stepping on the water. Something Abek carries on the hips, we go to defecate. A tree at Nilbutan tied with ditan-rattan. The rich man takes a bath, he continues to be covered with soot. The side of Iggat's thigh, everybody scrapes it. Bokat's limbak-pudding, it spreads below. A post of lalatang-wood, it lasts longer. We pull rattan, it is able to strengthen a house.


I plant coconuts on mount Bangkurug, why are they robust, such a warm mountain. A boy and a girl are dancing, a slanting tree. A man below, he looks out of the window at once. I. b. (no meaning), your hand. 010 goes headhunting, he gets heads. Durat goes headhunting, he gets nothing. Inglang's window, it is opened at once. Dupoy's pouch, untied. Manggat's pouch, tied. Egg of the dagoon-bird, if somebody gets it he is rich. I go to get rattan, it spreads over the whole mountain; to make an aratq-shelf of it, it does not suffice. " There," he says, and he has no eyes. A guava at a place full of stones, it has no stem. A man upstream, his ears breathe. A bunch of giwi-rattan, it overflows the whole town. Sibayan's cooked rice, changed into two. A brook at the other side, its stones are rangdan-beads. Its eyes are bright when it is hungry. Use your strength, Tubibbik, perforating in the sky. The ladagan-bird is hissing at the base of a cluster of basan-reeds. Alallak's mat folded into two, spinning better than a spindle. They are two hunters, when they catch something, both turn their backs to cut up the wild boar. Pasugigi's house surrounded by bgddi-jars. A man upstream, he has three eyes, one is clear. He prepares basi-beer protractedly, he has one ember. It catches intestines for its prey. The pasingan-bamboo shoots, it puts forth nine shoots. Baldak's helves, four are stuck in. Trees in thick groups, shunned by locusts. Its outside is repulsive, its inside is threadbare. Icnocking, looking. A small cave full of bones. Turn a stick in my navel. Silsiltut does not arrive except at the time of roasting immature rice. A bamboo at Talifugu, it decays at once. They are many brothers-in-law, they cannot be in harmony except if there is one affected with itch. The talokong (material) goes across back and forth. Bagalay talks, Gusamay hisses.



521. She cleans her held at noon, she suns rice upon the water. 522. They are four, father and children, when they lie down they are crossing one another. 523. They are two married people, they are tied. 524. A woman at Bannag, there are two that look like having themselves swing back and forth. 525. Bamboo grass at Dawdawwan, it wears something like the sickles of a rooster. 526. Gammad's penthouse, everything face down. 527. There now, here now. 528. Inglan's sugar mill, the place of the sap is head down. 529. Tail of the wild cat, entirely curved, looking like one who m. (no known meaning). 530. It resounds emitting urine. 531. The bikkag-charcoal floats with full cargo. 532. A leaf of the bamboo grass that is howling. 533. Dongit's coat, of all different colors. 534. Gamak's jacket, reflectingly white. 535. "It is red," we now say to Karkar; "it is red," we say though to the valiant. 536. Branches cut off from a passzlwiwep-tree, all clinging together. 537. They are many pounding together, one resounds. 538. Kalelaw's hatchet, it comes back having been lent. 539. It sits down with a bunch of feathers. 540. Paddig's language, everybody presses it with the fingers. 541. Betel at Anayan, to be picked in the dark. 542. A precipice at Anayan, it falls down in big pieces when cut. 543. It is longing for things although decayed. 544. Bokayo's spear with removable head, it is joined at both ends. 545. Akok's gitappang-measure, full of green pepper. 546. Hammering at a place full of stones, swallowing at a place full of vines. 547. Even though it is at the lower side, nevertheless we have it as a hunting ground. 548. I?. p. (no known meaning), it is rumored that there is one who pursues. 549. Even thoughit is in the shade, nevertheless we make a roof. 550. (Cf. 540) . . . fingers, nobody helps it except only the Wild Boar. 551. A cow at Anayan grazing on iron. 552. In-innong makes basi-beer from it. 553. The people up\stream go headhunting, they are those who get his horns. A man at Danadanas, he has a firm purpose, but he has no means of 554. doing it.



555. Rain that is exceedingly strong, sunshine we could not endure, and there below it is wet. 556. A branch of the balisi-tree, roomy enough for a whole town. 557. Sky on both sides, sea in the middle. 558. They are many following one another, they all carry a nest on the head. 559. Men at the mouth of the stream, all of them hairless. 560. A piece of taro overspread by the sea. 561. A tree near Piddig, it bears fruits like @it-baskets, we eat them at the beginning of the drizzle. 562. There is a tree near Bubug, it bears fruits like horns. 563. There is a tree near the Ilocos provinces, it bears fruits like hearts, we eat them at the beginning of the rain. 564. There is a tree near Sarat, it bears fruits like Amat-beads, we eat them at the beginning of the heavy rain. 565. I have a field a little longer than broad, nine hundred bundles to be harvested. Leaves of the partla-beans, all alike. 566. 567. Circumcize it, eat it. 568. I went to gather fuel, there is nothing long, but all are pestles. 569. A tree at Latabak, it poured out its sap and loses in the contest. 570. Drag my intestines so that I go above. 571. My taro at Buringat, it cannot be sounded. 572. A small butterfly, it eats once a year. 573. Wood at Balangubong, it cannot be tied into a bundle. 574. Heartwood of the &&an-tree, soft when swallowing it. 575. My stump of donton-wood, a trial for locusts. 576. Path of the judge, path of ants. 577. Meat that flows. 578. It bears flowers like large cups, it bears fruits like bottles. 579. Planted, it rots ; it lives, pulled out. 580. Wood falling down, it is water already when it alights. 581. Its fruit is a cluster of berries, its leaves spread. 582. It burns its one hair. 583. A spider's den, it becomes better and better. 584. It is breathing, very soon it is a piece of wood cut for fuel. 585. A short stick of bokboka~q-wood,it is very soon at Passogan. 586. A lobster's chela, if there is a rich man he owns it. 587. Seed of a watermelon, if there is a rich man he takes it. 588. It is noisy without reason. 589. It talks without body. 590. Neither a king nor a priest, it has legs like a saw.



I have dogs for pets, they are naturally tame, but you are afraid of them. I have a chick for a pet, it is tame, but wild. Dropping, dropping. The broth of the fret-bird is bitter. D. (no meaning), they cannot be arranged nicely, Dikkit not coming. The broth of the li#zogan-bird is sour. Kannaway is already dead, Kalissud is still here now. What has the Lord God created? The earth of distinct importance. Flower of the alztpalatpas-plant, thrice curved. I have a large house, but it is at the outside that I have my place. A very large banga-tree with only two branches. Kulanglang at Iron. Walking downstream to Pagara, it is very roomy at the eyes. Apullopullo's egg, ten point at it. Burning of Ballako's back. The thin drags the fat. Bararak speaks, shedding beads for tears. A Suwag man walking downstream and gathering forked sticks. A bamboo shoot creating six. A little old man, he seems to carry a load on his shoulder. A basket full of pipes, one smells bad. Pool of the wise, reaching the front (of hair). A small bikallag-basket, it is holding broken rice kernels in its mouth. Heartwood when seen, soft when it is reached. Alet's bangot-beads, sharpened at both ends. Napo's cooked rice with the fuel at the upper side. A large troop, one lies in wait. It throttles its visitor. Its branch is its fruit. A little old woman, she is made to fly. Gantong flies. It gets tired coming down, it is jailed coming up (or entering). I t cannot make its den except on a rock. Resembling the fruit of the arinztiran-rattan, it steps on everything. Malukanig's cooked rice, the toasted part sinks down. A rock when looked at, water when we go to reach it. A man at Banaw, immovable and getting dizzy. Five float down, one catches them. They cannot be pulled out, the roots of the ligaba-taro's child. " I have rice, mother, I found it at the base of an amila-tree " ; Mother Ganawan buys it for twenty balawan-beads, guess it.



There is a tree, it bears flowers like large cups.

A leaf of the ti, selecting the best.
Driven in by Durut, it cannot be pulled out. A vine on the rocks through which scraped coconut meat has been thrusted. A flat stone. A tree at Muyumuy, it bears fire for flowers. Banikaldag's spears, all of them strong. A section of a pestle with stinging hairs. It dives, a little splinter of wood; it comes now, a long splinter of wood. A. (no meaning), they take me, they make use of me. A brook below whose water was made to pass through a tube of tabbagwood. He goes down (to the river), he does not want to wash himself. Ginalingan's baskets, all are nearly full. Twenty-five, a fifth, an eighth, a fourth. Flowers all the time, it does not produce leaves.

1. A small measure for rice, 113 of a liter. var. 6 (Mm) : A measure for rice, 3 liters. var. 7 (S) : A small measure for rice, 113 of a liter. 2. Nail (of finger or toe). 3. Tongue. 4. A kind of shrimp. Cf. 608. var. 1-4, 6 (Y, etc.): Shrimp. var. 5 (Bn): A kind of shrimp. 5. Dog. 6. Legs. 7. Ginger. Note. The sabag~n a kind of hard bamboo grass. Ginger is used to drive is
away evil spirits.

8. Betel: the vine of the betel pepper. 9. A small agodong-shell, a fresh-water gastropod having a long tapering spire. var. 1, 7 (Y, U) : Land shell. var. 2 (L) : Pounded tobacco mixed with ashes, scattered in rivers, to poison fish. var. 3 (Pg) : Coconut. var. 4 (D) : Bottle.


var. 5-6 (Bn, Ap) : The agodong-shell. 10. A catapultic trap. 11. Nose. 12. Bottle. var. 5 (Ap) : Coconut oil (contained in a bottle) 13. Coconut. var. 3 (Bn): Coconut milk (inside the closed nut). 14. Night. var. 2, 7 (Y2, S): To sleep. var. 8 (PI) : T o harvest rice. 15. A device of woven bamboo used for roasting immature rice in the husk. Note. Mame-bC means : to slap a box, etc., in order to gather the contents in the center. This roasting is done during the harvest. var. 2-4 (L, etc.) : A kind of basket used for the same purpose. 16. The three stones of the hearth (on which pots and pans are placed). 17. Mortar (for pounding rice). 18. Fowl. 19. A kind of casting net. 20. Nodes (of bamboo, etc.) var. (Pg) : A kind of bamboo. var. (U) : Nodes of kawqan-bamboo. var. 1 (L): A kind of casting net. Cf. 19. var. 2-4 (Kt, etc.) : Nodes of bolo-bamboo. 21. Hair. 22. A square piece of woven bamboo, suspended from the ceiling and used for storing banga-jars. var. 1 (L), 3 (U): A suspended basket used for storing plates, etc. 23. House. var. 4 (Ap) : Men (inside the house). 24. A kind of small bee. 25. Hog. var. (Ul) : Eye. var. 1 (Y, U2) : Timbrel. 26. Betel nuts (in their spathe). var. 2 (Ap) : A kind of small betel nut. 27. Coconut scraper, which is borrowed from house to house. 28. Water. var. 1-3 (L, etc.) : Pounded tobacco mixed with ashes, scattered in rivers at night, to poison fish. var. 4 (D): Pounded tobacco mixed with ashes, scattered in brooks in the daytime, to poison fish.



29. A kind of fruit that grows at the base of the plant. var. 3 (Ap) : A kind of plant. 30. Fire. Cf. 222. var. 1-5 (L, etc.) : Smoke. 31. Egg. var. 4 (Mm) : Lead. 32. Bow net. 33. Bow net. 34. Prop (of a fence). 35. Eel. 36. Crab. 37. A kind of jar for carrying water. Note. Kzbdjo, from the Spanish caballo, " horse." 38. Drum. 39. Timbrel. 40. Fowl. var. (Y) : Oarsman. var. 2 (Pg): Rider of a canoe. 41. Elbow. 42. Teeth. var. 1 (Bw2) : Plate (consisting in a cleaned coconut shell). 43. Throat. var. 2, 5 (L, U): Crown of the head. var. 3 (Bn) : Pulse. Note. From the Spanish pzllso. var. 4 (hlm) : Rice tied up at the beginning of the harvest. 44. A kind of fresh-water halfbeak. var. 1 (L) : Lip of the to-rit-halfbeak. var. 3 (Ap) : Cheek (of animals). 45. Cowpeas. 46. Granary. 47. Bee. var. 1 (D), 2 (S) : A square piece of woven bamboo, suspended from the ceiling and used for storing bangs-jars. var. 1 (Ap): Papaw or papaya. var. 3 (U) : A kind of granary with only one post. 48. Whirligig beetle. var. 1 (Pgl) : Sugar mill. 49. Window. 50. Landslide. 51. Fowl. 52. Gun.


53. Cowpeas. var. 1 (Pg) : Teeth. var. 2, 4 (D, PI): A kind of tree with very sour fruits. var. 3 (Ap) : Spider. 54. Sandals. var. 3 (Ap) : Shoes. Note. From the Spanish aapatos, " shoes." 55. Sky. 56. Penis. var. 1 (L) : Orifice of the penis. 57. The three stones of the hearth. var. 5 (Mm) :. Hearth. 58. Water. 59. Frog. var. 4 (Ap) : Jungle fowl. 60. Kaempferia, a stemless herb with two orbicular leaves. var. 1 (Y): Hearth. 61. Guava. 62. A kind of basket used for roasting immature rice in the husk. var. (Bw): A device of woven bamboo used for the same purpose. var. (Ap) : Basket. var. 2 (Mm): Cotton. 63. Needle. 64. A bamboo pole with which a stone is pounded during some sacrifices. var. 1-2, 4 (L, etc.) : A broken stick in a native game. var. 3 (Ap) : A kind of pudding made of immature rice, coconut meat, etc. 65. Prop (of a fence). var. (L) : Morning and evening. var. 1 (Y): End of the ridge of a roof. var. 2 (Mm) : Day and night. 66. Pineapple. Note. From the Spanish piiia. 67. Kernel of rice in the husk left amid pounded rice. 68. Winnow. 69. Blanket. 70. A kind of large bee. var. 1 (Y), 3 (U): Kaempfeerid, a stemless herb with two orbicular leaves. var. 1 (L) : Screw pine. var. 2 (Mm) : The dongon-tree. 71. Crab.



72. Frog. var. 1, 4 (Ap, U ) : A kind of fresh-water fish. var. 3 (S) : A kind of small frog. 73. Basket. var. 2-4 (Ap, etc.) : Mat. 74. A kind of elongated bow net used for catching eels. 75. Blacksmith's hammer. var. 1 (L) : T o forge. var. 2 (Bn) : A bamboo pole with which a stone is pounded during some sacrifices. var. 3 (S) : Coin. 76. Yam. 77. A string of pieces of meat. 78. A shelf above the hearth. 79. A saucer used by shamans.
Note. Kawitan is a spirit residing in the sun.

var. 2 (Bn) : A bead lying on the singising-saucer. var. 3 (Ap): Mat (used by shamans). 80. Gun. var. 2 (Kt) : Bullet.
Note. From the Spanish bala.

81. A kind of red ant. 82. Rice field that has been harvested. var. 1 (Pg) : Rice field that is being harvested. var. 2 (Bn): Straw. var. 3 (S) : Straw that remains in the rice field after reaping. 83. Hone. var. 2 (Kt) : A kind of large bracket fungus. var. 3 (Ap) : A large native hat. 84. A large tree. var. 2 (D) : A person who holds a bunch of bright-colored feathers in the hand while dancing. 85. Ears. 86. Stump (of a cigar). 87. A kind of open fence used for a scarecrow. var. 1-3 (L, etc.) : A kind of snare for jungle fowls. 88. Riddle. 89. Mat. 90. Fire. var. 1, 3 (Kt, Mm): Fire and cooking pot. var. 2 (Bn) : Cooking pot. 91. Head.


92. Bellows. 93. Boiling coconut meat (when extracting the oil). var. 3 (Kt) : Strong wind. 94. A kind of bag to press beeswax, etc. var. 1 (Kt) : To melt (beeswax, etc.). 95. Door. 96. Umbrella. 97. Leaves of a tree placed in basi-beer. var. 1 (L), 2 (Mm) : A jar of basi-beer as yet unopened. var. 1 (Kt) : Bow net. 98. Pitch pine. var. 2-3 (Y, L) : To roast immature rice in the husk. 99. Widow(er). var. 1 (Py) : Basket. 100. Pole (used when driving a canoe). 101. Key. var. 1 (L) : Gum (of the teeth). 102. A square piece of woven bamboo, suspended from the ceiling and used for storing banga-jars. var. (Ul), 3-4 (U2, U3) : A kind of basket usually carried along when travelling, etc. var. 2 (S) : A kind of very large basket. 103. Nasal mucus. 104. Night. var. 1 (L) : A short pointed stick stuck in the ground. var. 3 (Ap) : Locust. 105. Cover of the (jar of) basi-beer. var. 1-3 (Y, etc.) : Ba.ri-beer. 106. Nose flute. var. 1 (L): Flint and steel. var. 2 (Ap) : Scissors. 107. Land shell. 108. Vulva. var. 2 (Apl) : Women's G-string. 109. Nose flute. 110. Acacia. var. 1 (Y) : Woman's breast. var. 2 (L) : Rhinoceros beetle. 111. Ridging. var. 1 (L2) : Trunk. Note. From the Spanish la casa, "the house". var. 2-3 (Ap, Mm) : Granary.



112. 113. 114. 115.

var. 4 (S) : Gable. Calabash (used for storing rice). Leech. Nit. A kind of rattan. var. (D), 1 (S) : A kind of mushroom. 116. Egg. 117. A kind of pudding enveloped in leaves. var. (D): Bee. var. 1 (Bn): Jack fruit. 118. Frying pan. var. (Mm) : A kind of stinging caterpillar. 119. Mat and blanket. var. 1-2 (Bn, Ap) : Blanket. 120. Sugar cane. var. 1 (Ap) : Prop (of a fence). 121. Ascent of a hill. 122. Dung. 123. Landslide. 124. A small plate used during some sacrifices. var. 1-2 (L, Bn) : Den of a wild boar. 125. Fruit bat. 126. Cogoc grass. 127. Wooden laddle. var. (Ap) : Coconut scraper. 128. Woodpecker. 129. Curb of the hearth. var. 1 (Y) : Hearth. 130. Sugar cooked with slices of bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. 131. Cat. 132. Cowpea (flower-pod). var. 1 (Pg) : Lima bean. 133. Hatchet. 134. Milk. var. 1 (Ap) : Woman's breast. 135. The place at the base of a tree where offerings to the spirits are deposited. 136. A huge contrivance put up in running water for catching fish. 137. Water. var. 1-2 (Mm, U1) : Rainbow. var. 3 (U2) : Road. Note. From the Spanish calyada.


138. Rice. var. 1 (Y1) : A patch of sand. 139. Squash.
Note. From the Spanish calabaya.

var. 1 (Ap) : Cucumber. 140. Mouth. var. 1 (Kt) : Tattoo. var. 2 (Ap) : Vulva. 141. Flash light.
Note. From the Spanish l'ente,

magnifying glass."

142. 143. 144. 145.

A ring of rattan used for taking pots from the fire. Coat. A kind of tree (referring to the shape of its fruits). Wind. var. 1-2 (L, Ap) : Strong wind. 146. Tobacco seedling. 147. Mist. 148. Coop. var. 1 (Y) : Leg of a fowl. var. 2 (Ap) : Large coop. 149. T o offer a sgy-am-sacrifice. 150. Native guitar. var. (Y2), 1 (Ap): Fermented remnants of coconut meat after the oil has been extracted. 151. Shadow.
Note. From the Spanish capitin.

152. Tree fern. 153. House. var. 1 (Ap) : Mat. var. 2 (PI) : School.
Note. From the English


154. Vulva. 155. A kind of large fern.
Note. The base of the petiole is placed near the meat that is being cut into pieces : it is supposed to increase the lard.

156. Thunder. 157. Cat. 158. A kind of beads (on a string).
Note. Tartipa, from the Spanish tropa,


159. Wooden ladle. var. 1-2 (Y, Ap): Sugar mill. 160. Unopened part of the inflorescence of a banana.



161. Rat. 162. House. var. 1 (Mm, S): Canoe. 163. A small fishhook. var. 1-2 (Ap, S) : Fishhook. 164. Eye. 165. To smash vegetables, etc. in a bamboo tube over the fire, with a stick. var. 1-2 (Ap, U) : The stick used for smashing vegetables . . . 166. Meat of a shooting coconut. 167. Woman's breast. 168. The two posts of the house that reach the ridge of the roof. 169. Leaf of the Livistona palm. 170. Banana. 171. A large iron pot and a kind of precious jar. var. 1 (Ap) : A kind of precious jar and a man. var. 2 (Mm) : A plate and rice in the husk. 172. Helve (of a hatchet). var. 1 (L) : A kind of Donax reed. var. 2 (Ap) : Hair. 173. Butterfly. 174. Sorghum. 175. Perspiration. var. 1 (Pg): Coconut meat boiled to extract the oil. var. 2 (Ap) : Basi-beer. 176. A kind of striped blanket. var. 1 (Ap) : Fringes of different colors. var. 2 (S) : A kind of striped tapis. 177. Dog. 178. Umbrella. var. Pestle. 179. Ladder. var. Spider. 180. Mist. 181. G-string. 182. Temporary bridge. 183. Spider. var. Umbrella. 184. Pigsty. var. Monkey (caught in a trap). 185. Saw. 186. Betel nut. var. T o eat.


187. Hair of the eyebrows. 188. A kind of sedge whose leaves have cutting edges. var. Mimosa, the common sensitive plant. 189. Moon. 190. A kind of snare for birds. 191. A kind of cuckoo. ,192. A short sharp stick stuck in the ground. 193. Rainbow. 194. Flint and steel. 195. A kind of plant bearing its fruit at the base. 196. Yam. 197. Fetus. var. Canoe. 198. Water. 199. Steel.
Note. From the Spanish acero.

var. Lima bean. 200. Petroleum. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207.
Note. A Spanish term meaning " gas." Chewing betel. Blood. Church. A large iron pot used for boiling the juice of the sugar cane, etc. Sky and earth. Chile (its fruit). Beggar-tick. var. Hind part of a G-string. 208. Hone. 209. Taro leaf. 210. Spear. 211. To defecate. 212. Half a coconut shell. var. A dog's eating receptacle. 213. Mango. 214. Indian corn. 215. Dung. var. Anus. 216. Smoke. var. Mist. 217. To distribute basi-beer. var. Drinking cup. 218. Soap.


ISNEG RIDDLES Note. From the Spanish jab&.

219. A stick used for smashing vegetables, etc., in a bamboo tube over the fire. 220. Large ax. var. Raft. 221. Land shell. var. A fresh-water gastropod having a very long tapering shell. 222. Light. Cf. 30. 223. To store the harvest. 224. Mortar. 225. A kind of fish with poisonous sting. 226. Fly. 227. Path. 228. Sugar cane that is being chewed. 229. Paddle. 230. Bullet. 230. Bullet.
Note. From the Spanish bala.

var. Boa. 231. A saucer used by shamans. var. A small saucer used in sacrifices. 232. Sugar cooked with slices of bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. var. A kind of pudding. 233. Earthworm. 234. A large bag. var. A small bag. 235. A rattan ring used for removing pots from the fire. var. Jar of basi-beer still untouched. 236. Rapids. var. Waterfall. 237. Fly. var. A kind of large fly. 238. Bell. 239. To sleep. 240. Coat. 241. Wind from the bowels. 242. Mayor.
Note. From the Spanish presidente,


243. Occupied tomb. 244. Ax. var. Large ax. 245. Ladle.

MORICE VANOVERBERGH 246. Heap of rice consisting of large bundles and counted. var. Heap of rice consisting of small bundles not yet counted. Note. Passing over the datto and the bangibang is tabbooed. 247. Wheat rust. var. Ear and ear pendant. 248. Bird. var. Fowl. 249. A coconut shell used for drawing water from a jar. var. Automobile. Note. From the Spanish atltomdbil. 250. Rice straw after the harvest. 251. Tattoo. 252. A kind of club used for pounding bark into cloth. 253. Dung. 254. Vulva. 255. Chile or spur pepper. 256. Dung. 257. A drinking cup made from a coconut shell. var. A bamboo tube used for carrying water and a drinking . 258. Mallotus (tree). 259. Sandal. var. Shoe. Note. From the Spanish yapato, " shoe." 260. Trunk. Note. From the Spanish la casa, " the house." 261. Middle finger. var. Penis. 262. A woman's headband. var. Hat. 263. Trunk. 264. House. 265. Penis. 266. Belly. 267. Bamboo. 268. Betel nut. var. Telephone. Note. From the Spanish telqono. 269. Cicada. var. The doldoli-insect. 270. Italian millet. var. To pound rice. 271. Taro.



var. Taro leaf. 272. Hearth. var. Fire. 273. Vulva. 274. Rice in the husk. 275. Fetus. 276. Pestle. 277. Hoe. var. Adze. 278. Dog. 279. Dog. 280. Vulva. 281. Coffin. var. A dead person. 282. Well. 283. Ties of flooring. var. Sugar cane. 284. Ties of flooring. 285. Spinning top. 286. Spinning top. 287. Sugar cane that is being chewed. 288. Rice tied up at the beginning of the harvest. 289. Ear of a fowl. 290. Window. 291. Drum and timbrel. 292. Bait of a small fishhook. 293. Moon. 294. Nit. 295. A kind of marine gastropod. 296. Chile or spur pepper. 297. A kind of fish. 298. To crush sugar cane. 299. Bee. 300. Forge. 301. A kind of small bracket fungus. 302. A kind of bamboo. 303. T o inter a corpse. 304. A kind of shrub. 305. Cowpea. 306. Ladder. 307. Spear. Note. Isneg hunters beat their hatchet against their spear in order to

MORICE VANOVERBERGH 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. muster their dogs. Sol'dado is a Spanish term. Monkey. Blanket. Fowl. Well. Sugar cane. A kind of large brown ant. Rice in the husk. A calabash for storing food. Note. The Isneg always tie takkag-ferns to the neck of the bakobak for magical purposes. A beam that runs all around the house at the height of the floor. Knee. Bird. Articles of food prepared for a feast. Bee. Betel nut (chewed) with lime and betel leaf. Note. Parti from the Spanish partir, " to divide " ; bdka from the Spanish vaca; tarzipa from the Spanish tropa. Mirror. Water. Board. Oar. Ripened bananas (a bunch or a hand of bananas placed over the fire to ripen, the skins spread all over the house yard). A kind of fish. Eel. Padlock. Note. From the Spanish candado. Eel. Wind. A tripartite strip of skin used for religious purposes in some sacrifices. A kind of marine gastropod used by shamans. Corpse (surrounded by mourners). Jar (for holding water). Bracket fungus. Fruits of the bilowan. Italian millet. Knee. A giant spirit. Italian millet. A kind of fish.

316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321.

322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342.



343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348.

T o dam a stream (for fishing). G-string. A kind of scooping net. Tie. Jar (for holding water). Road. Note. From the Spanish calyada. 349. Tongue. 350. T o go down a slope. 351. Rain. 352. Penis. 353. A kind of tree. 354. Dew. 355. Bellows. 356. Tetter. 357. Paper. Note. From the Spanish papel. 358. A kind of small granary. 359. Pig. 360. An ornament hanging from the neck. 361. Rainbow. 362. Water. 363. Bee. 364. A bunch of feathers used by dancers. 365. Nit. 366. Buttocks. 367. Nasal mucus. 368. Penis. 369. A kind of schizaeaceous fern. 370. T o harvest rice. 371. Rice in the husk, whether immature or unable to be tied into a bundle. 372. Coco leaf. 373. To feed the chickens. 374. Bell. 375. Papaya. 376. Water. 377. Wood pigeon. 378. Airplane. Note. From the Spanish aeroplane. 379. Spear (used by a shaman). 380. A woman's knife. 381. Candle.

Note. From the Spanish candela. To cook rice. To behead someone. Shield. Harmonicon. A plate (consisting in a coconut shell). Cucumber. Bell. A kind of halfbeak. Pounded tobacco mixed with ashes, scattered in rivers at night, to poison fish. Water. Nail (of fingers or toes). A kind of very small bee. Wiggler. Kaempferia, a stemless herb with two orbicular leaves. Papaya. A coconut shell used for drawing water. T o put rice in the plate. Hatchet. Bolt of lightning. A kind of yam. Cowpea. Nail (of fingers). A calabash for storing food. Fish. A kind of large spider. Telephone. Note. From the Spanish telgono. Blind. Ghost. Smegma. Money. Note. Maggasilri- for kastila (from the Spanish castellano, " castilian "), the ordinary term for Spaniard ; pdfis from the Spanish paso, " passage.'" Shell. Fowl, its feathers. T o clear a field. The fruits of a kind of rattan. Weevil. Well. Salt.

391. 392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411.

412. 413. 414. 415. 416. 317. 418.


419. Path. 420. Jack fruit. 421. Cacao. Note. From the Spanish cacao. 422. Moon. 423. To bail. 424. Indigo. 425. Rhinoceros beetle. 426. Frog. 427. Shrimp. 428. Raft. 429. Gable. 430. Banana, the bunch of fruits. 431. Key. 432. Canoe. 433. T o cleanse (jars, etc.). 434. Vulva. 435. Channel around the house. 436. To forge. 437. Fire. 438. A kind of mussel. 439. A stick for mashing vegetables, chile, etc. in a bamboo tube over the fire. 440. Earthworm. 441. Monkey. 442. Sunshine. 443. Heel. 444. A stone on which they pound with bamboos during some sacrifices. 445. A kind of bird. 446. A kind of vine. 447. Calf of the leg. 448. Sunbeam. 449. Ax. 450. Burnt immature rice. 451. Wax. 452. Sun and moon. 453. Firefly. 454. Flag. Note. From the Spanish bandera. 455. Arrow (with bow). 456. Wild cat. 457. Lines (of the hand).


458. Whirliging beetle. 459. Hog. 460. Paper. Note. From the Spanish papel. Layer (of leaves) of the hearth. 461. 462. Contents of the crop of a fowl. 463. Onion. 464. Coconut oil (a cosmetic for the hair). 465. Hunter (a dog). 466. The three stones of the hearth. 467. Deer. 468. Clothes, leaves, etc. hung up in the house where a solemn sacrifice takes place. 469. Green pepper. 470. Woman. 471. Fowl. 472. T o marry. 473. A kind of large shrimp. 474. A kind of tattoo. 475. Rainbow. 476. A raincoat made of palm leaves. 477. A set of tubes used for distributing basi-beer in some sacrifices. 478. Hog. 479. Hone. 480. Wind from the bowels. 481. Charcoal. 482. A kind of rattan prop. 483. Crown of the head. 484. Horns of the carabao. 485. A kind of insect. 486. Bracelet. 487. Fine comb. 488. Ordinary comb. 489. (Answer given in English : electric light). 490. A kind of rattan. 491. A kind of rattan. 492. A kind of precious jar. 493. Hair. 494. Index finger. 495. Egg. 496. Fish. 497. Brook.



498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518. 519. 520. 521. 522. 523. 524. 525. 526. 527. 528. 529. 530. 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. 539.

Coconut meat boiled to extract the oil. Hail. A small bag. Tadpole. T o weep. Corn grinder. Finger nails. Papaya. Coconut. Lamp. Fishhook. Bamboo poles used for pounding a stone during some sacrifices. Granary. Wild banana. A cucurbitaceous fruit. Bow net. Mouth. Trunk. il kind of insect. Bamboo poles used for pounding a stone during some sacrifices. Flooring. X kind of casting net. h kind of bird. Mist. Curb of the hearth. Mold of a basket. Canoe with outriggers. Pitch pine. Bamboo flooring. Index finger. Bnsi brewery. Rainbow. Bow (and arrow). Light dried wood. Strong wind. Crown of beads. Ornament of shell hanging from the neck. T i or palm lily. Tetter. To pursue (headhunting). Spear (in fighting). A stick used for mashing vegetables, etc. in a tube over the fire.


Top of the ladder.
Note. Laligawit from the English


T o go headhunting. Cooked rice. Cloth hammock. A kind of tree whose bark is used for women's G-strings. Rice tied up at the beginning of tlie harvest. Mouth. A kind of plate made from a coconut shell. T o kill. Blanket. A Tawit man often caught by Magapta people but always escaping. Smith's hammer.
Note. Bdka from the Spanish vaca.

A tree whose bark is used in the brewing of bnsi-beer.
T o cut a bunch of bananas.

A Tawit man never able to take a head although telling people he
would. Sugar mill. Earth. Coconut. Negrito. Children. Silver. Lima beans. Indian corn. Mango. Java plum. Spool. Teeth. Banana. Pubes. Woman's breast. Kite. Pond (in a river). Reaping knife. Eggs. Water. Leaves placed at a dam (a scarecrow for fish). Road.
Note. From the Spanish calzada.

Itch mite.



578. Eggplant. Note. Botiliya from the Spanish botella, " bottle." 579. A kind of plant growing in streams. 580. Rain. 581. Fruit of the betel pepper. 582. Rice in the husk. 583. Net. 584. Bellows. 585. Walking stick. Note. A Spanish term. 586. Walking stick. 587. A kind of beads. 588. Rain. 589. Strong wind. 590. Locust. Note Pdri from the Spanish padre, " father." 591. Fire. 592. Fly. 593. Dung. 594. Tobacco. Note. From the Spanish tabaco. 595. Ties of flooring. 596. A kind of ant. 597. Lamp. 598. Salt. Note. D+ds from the Spanish Dios, " God." 599. Trombone. Note. From the Spanish mtisico, " musician." 600. Window shutter. 601. Horns of the carabao. 602. A fresh-water gastropod having a very long tapering spire. 603. Shrimp. 604. Jar (for carrying water). 605. Bark used for roasting immature rice. 606. Rope. 607. Nose flute. 608. Lobster. Cf. 4. 609. Hog. 610. Short post. 611. Mayor. Note. From the Spanish presidente, " president." 612. Staff.


A calabash used for storing rice.
Smoke. Rice. Pipe. Bow net. Note. Tartpa from the Spanish tropa, " troop." A kind of snare for birds. Hair. Blanket. A kind of small bee. Ladle. Ear. Eye. Lees of basi-beer. Pond (in a stream). Tongue. Frog. Taro. Armlet. Papaya. A kind of bead. Penis. A string around the waist used for keeping a woman's G-string in place. A kind of pudding. Peacock flower. Post (of a house). A kind of vine with stinging hairs. A kind of elongated yam. Woman's knife. Matter exuding from corpses. Dog. A kind of mushroom. Cf. 115. Dawn or twilight. Literally: Night and day snatching (things) from one another's hands. Ear.