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Three Gorges Project Management System(TGPMS) & Its Applications
Jin Heping (China Three Gorges Project Corporation 443002 JINHEPING@CTGPC.COM.CN) Abstract: This paper will give you a brief introduction to the constructing background, constitution, technology characteristics and applications of Three Gorges Project Management Information System (TGPMS), and also make an analysis on the benefits yielded from its applications, and conclude an outline of its construction. Keywords: Project Management, Integrated Project Management System 1. Introduction Three Gorges Project has a huge investment, a long constructing term, a broad involvement, a heavy workload on the data & information processing, and a complicated management, all of which urgently demand a scientific and efficient management system to do a systematic, comprehensive, modern command and management over such a huge project. Therefore, China Three Gorges Project Corporation decided to work in modern information technology, scientific theories & methods of modern management, to construct a large integrated project management system – TGPMS. Via an effort over 6 years, this system has been comprehensively utilized in Three Gorges Project, and also has begun to be adopted by the managements of other projects in China. This paper will make a brief description to the structure, technology characteristics and application of the system and also make an analysis on the benefits yielded from the system.

2. TGPMS and Its Technology Characteristics TGPMS is such a project management system that not only contains advanced management conceptions, but also has Chinese distinguishing features, and also works well in China’s actual conditions. On the basis of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), TGPMS adopts advanced management concepts, methods, patterns, and links the practice of China and Three Gorges Project Construction, and then reforges and develops the model of western project management system with more than 10 years’ successful application, in such a way, it finally has its formation. TGPMS is not only a package of management software, but also a project management pattern, which both embodies advanced management methods and works well in China’s conditions. It not only takes into accounts the management patterns of inspections and audits etc. made by the nation on the key projects in the Planned Economy System, but also considers a series of marketing management mechanisms and methods adopted by the constructing units when operating the 1

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detailed works. At the point of technology, it has taken the software commonality into accounts with the design, and it has relatively high values in repeatable and spreadable applications from the purification of the model to the system structure and technology achievement. The more pivotal thing is that, a set of business models, coding criterions, data resource processing systems (report, KPI etc.) and valuable executive experiences suitable for China’s project management characteristics are made available, via its work in the projects of Three Gorges, Hongjiadu, Jilintai, Shuibuya, Suofengying, Xiluodu, Xiangjiaba and so on. In any basic construction project that has project management characteristics, TGPMS can realize a management objective of “three controls” in contracted schedule, quality and cost. The management and control mechanism it embodies is shown as Fig. 1.
授 权


组 织

工程管 理计划


进展报告 调整计划



组织Organization 工作实施Work Implementation (EPC) 授权Authorize 监督进度、成本、质量 Monitor Progress, Cost and Quality 工程管理计划Project Management Plan 进展报告 Progress Report 主进度 Master Progress 调整计划 Adjust Plan 慨预算 Approximate Budget 比较分析 Comparative Analysis 质量标准 Quality Standard 反馈 Feedback
Fig. 1 TGPMS Project Management & Control Mechanism TGPMS comprises the following 13 sub-systems: Coding Management, Position & HR Management, Capital & Cost Control, Plan & Progress Management, Contract Management, Project Design Management, Goods & Materials Management, Facility Management, Finance & Accounting, Documents Management, Quality Control, 2

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Security Management, Dam-area Public Facility Management etc. Additionally, it has a sub-system that is specially used to manage the system and allocate the authorities. Its overall structure is shown as Fig. 2.
一般 用 户

工程设计 工程设计 物资管理 物资管理


系 统 安 全

设备管理 设备管理 施工管理 施工管理 计划合同 计划合同 工程财务会计 工程财务会计

报表生成 报表生成 (SQR) SQR) (

报 表 报 表


Oracle 数 据 库
用户界面 用户界面

工程设计Project Design 物资管理Goods & Materials Management 设备管理Facility Management 施工管理Construction Management 计划合同Scheme Contract 工程财务会计Project Finance & Accounting 应用程序Application 系统安全System Security 数据库Database 报表生成Report Generation 用户界面User Interface 报表Reports 一般用户Ordinary Users Fig. 2 Overall Structure of TGPMS TGPMS adopts mature industrial standards and broadly adopts C/S and B/S system structure, whose technical hierarchy is shown as Fig. 3.


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WEB Request System (EIS/DSS System) 编 码 管 理 岗 位 管 理 成 本 管 理 合 同 管 理 物 资 管 理 设 备 管 理 财 务 会 计 文 档 管 理 设 计 管 理 质 量 管 理 安 全 管 理 进 度 管 理

坝 区 管 理

4 th generation Language Developing Tools

CPM Software (PROJECT/P3)

Database (RDBMS/ORACLE) Network Operating System Computer Network 编 编码管理 岗位管理 成本管理 合同管理 物资管理 设备管理 财务会计 文档管理 设计管理 质量管理 安全管理 进度管理 坝区管理 Coding Management Position Management Cost Control Contract Management Goods & Materials Management Facility Management Finance & Accounting Documents Management Design Management Quality Control Security Management Progress Management Dam-area Management Fig. 3 Technical Hierarchy of TGPMS TGPMS has its advantages such as commonality, augmentability, flexibility, good adaptiveness, advanced and mature technology, secure and reliable system. Its technology characteristics are as following: Completeness: The integrated Project Management System mixes the mature project management program and the computer technology together, enabling to trace the construction progress, quality and cost bottom line, so as to, from start to finish, concentrate on the comparing between the present situation and the bottom target line, which can meet the comprehensive demands of the project managers and support them in their foreseeing and decision making. Integration: Sharing database and unified information resources make no redundant communicating actions and accelerate information sharing and exchanging.


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Real time: It offers online data, by which constructing developments can be known in a timely manner. Functional domains and objects can be flexibly configured and extended. Functions can be achieved by means of structured modules and designed around the data as a core, which will not be affected by the department alternation. Reliability and Security: It has a multi-level fault-tolerance mechanism and cryptosecurities, under which, only the authorized user can have access to corresponding data. Unity and Standardization: It utilizes template to achieve a unified and standard graphical user interface and an all-purpose coding structural criterion. Testability: It continues to have the original data ready to be re-examined. Economical: Project management technology is utilized to develop and maintain TGPMS and the users’ Total Cost of Owning (TCO) is completely controlled. Adopting strict software engineering management methods and technology, TGPMS supports extensive transnational corps development, and make sure of its software quality and maintainability. Opening Property and Interface: It’s an open system, in the light of mature industrial standards. It can offer interfaces to other systems such as OA, GIS, Program Proceeding Software (PROJECT, P3 etc.). Multilanguage Support: It supports multiple languages (Chinese and English) and the screen tags, online help can be switched between Chinese and English displays. 3. Broad Application of TGPMS Presently, TGPMS has also been sufficiently applied in the project managements of the contractors, supervisors, and owners in the Three Gorges Project. In addition, it has also been extended and applied in other projects. All of these are offering an integrated and advanced managing tool and platform to the construction management. In Three Gorges Project, TGPMS has been thoroughly applied in the fields of cost, contract, finance, goods & materials, installation, documents, quality, security and so on. In many user departments, TGPMS has come to be their powerful tools. Nowadays, there are averagely 3,000 to 4,000 records entering the database system of TGPMS. Via continuous applying coordination, the on-going contracts of Three Gorges Project has been managed through TGPMS and the system has been able to 5

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trace the happened costs & budgets, capital sources and capital employing of the same; final accounting, paying and accounting examinations of the project amounts, are all done through the system; the system has also been applied in the program management and progress tracing control of large constructions; managements of goods, materials and installations purchases, as well as materials circulation tracing, business value examinations are all done through this system; quality control information of on-going constructions, data (including QC criterions, examination, acceptance and evaluating of unit dividing, working procedure QC, material test item examination) managements and the submitting of design drawings are being traced and recorded by this system; additionally, security information such as accidents & casualties, measures taken, hidden dangers, examinations and meetings, has also been managed through this system. In several projects happened in Jilintai, Qiabuqihai of Xinjiang, Hongjiadu, Suofengying of Guizhou, Shuibuya, Xiluodu Jinshajiang River of Hubei, as well as in Taiwan, TGPMS was extended and applied. 4. Analysis on Application Benefits The continuous deepening and perfecting of TGPMS application exerts very good effects to improve the constructing management of the TG project, promote the standardization and science popularization in the business administration, and consequently brings out impressive economic and social results. The application benefits of TGPMS mainly embody in following respects: 1) Improving the standardization degree of project management and consolidating basic work of management Computerizing the managing operation flow and standard system, it averts the work errors and disposition problems easily occurred in manual operation, successfully resolves some weaknesses or problems which can not be easily settled in manual management, and also standardizes the operation and data of contract management, final accounting management, finance management, quality & security management, goods & facility management etc. As a result, the standardization, accuracy and integration of data have been visibly increased, which promotes the standardization of the project managing operation. 2) Promoting and realizing the harmonious work of project managing operation Formulating a series of operation norms for TGPMS running, with the position duties computerized, we have primarily established a highly integrated operation and data responsibility system, in which all project managing units and departments have a good work division and work harmoniously, and we have also achieved the hierarchy management, level control and standard and harmonious operation between operations such as investment, contract, project financial accounting, materials & 6

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facilities, quality and security. This successfully averts the data and machine accounts differences from different resources (which easily causes confusion) easily occurred in the manual management. 3) There has primarily formed relatively integrated and highly compositive sharing information database about contracts, contracted costs arising, scheduled payments, financial accountings, materials, facilities, quality and security, which can avert data-input repeating and make the input data continuously increase its value with the utilizations. Being used as a resource, by the project managers and decision makers, it also has made a better data basis for the periodical finish, check & acceptance and the financial final accounts. 4) Further improving operation quality and efficiency Via TGPMS, vast data storing, calculating, disposing, transferring are achieved, manual operations are reduced, data transmission and disposal are quickened, the accuracy and consistency are improved and the operation quality & efficiency are enhanced, enabling the managers to concentrate more energy on the analysis and forecasts. 5) Enabling optimized management and resource allocation, reducing construction cost. By utilizing the integrated project management system, bring forwards a higher requirement to the operation and also offer an instrument to optimize the work flow. The examples to optimize work flow include optimizing final accounting flow, integrated accounting of materials and facilities etc. It plays an energetic role to reduce the stock and occupied capital, speed up capital turnover, increase facility utilization ratio, and decrease the construction cost. 6) Making the management more foreseeable, and the decision-making more accurate and more reliable. By transmitting and processing the information in time, the information feedback will be quickened and, on the basis of the recorded information, the managers can rapidly make forecast upon the construction progress, cost etc., discover some problems, adjust the managing program and make decisions. In this way, they can “shoot the arrow at the target”, to propose solutions before the problems occurring and discover an optimized solution. Make the operation data standardized, clear and detailed and integrated, and also make it possible to do deepened statistics, decision and analysis. 7) Reinforcing position-responsibility mechanism and responsibility consciousness and facilitating position performance assess. Taking TGPMS as a carrier, position-responsibility mechanism can clearly open out the workload and performance of each position, so as to be consolidated and strengthened.


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8) Making people to further understand the Project Management Information System (PMIS), promoting people to update the modern project management conception, enhancing the standardization and scientific management consciousness and advancing the personnel quality. TGPMS construction has also offered reference to other large project management systems and its value has overtaken the one of TGPMS construction itself.

5. Conclusion TGPMS is a very complicated system that involves multiple project-managing units and departments, multiple managing targets and operations, multiple high and new technique applications and multiple complex dynamic factors. Linking to the TGPMS construction practice, we can conclude as following: 1) TGPMS is not a pure software system, but an integration of Project Management, human resources and computer. A successful TGPMS must be established only on the basis of scientific and standardized management and high personnel quality. 2) TGPMS is not only a database to store, research and inquire Project Management information, but also a tool to the Project Management, which has to incarnate corresponding management thoughts and the cooperated working relationship between different user groups (departments).The reliant relationship between all sections of the system, incarnates the working relationship between different departments. The system must be established on the basis of the cooperated working of all departments. 3) The constructing process of TGPMS is not only the one of software development, and more importantly is the one to gradually improve and deepen the Project Management, establish information resources and improve personnel quality, also the one to standardize working behavior, quantify and control work and the one to reform the management. 4) However, we can’t sit back and wait for the perfecting and standardizing of all managing work to construct TGPMS, but we should promote the modification of managing work and the improvement of personnel quality along with the system construction, on the other hand, the gradual improvement of the managing work and the personnel quality can also accelerate the system construction. 5) The core is the data but not the software, and the key is the management but not the computer. 6) TGPMS is a tool to assist the management decision, but not a panacea for all management problems. 7) The system can assist the management decision, but can not take the place of management and decision-making process. References [1] Jin Heping, Design, Development and Implementation of Large Integrated Project 8

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Management System TGPMS, ENGINEERING SCIENCE, Issue No. 3, 2004, PP 80-85. [2] Jin Heping, Design, Development and Implementation of Three Gorges Project Management System (TGPMS), WATER POWER, Issue No. 6, 2000, PP 52-55. [3] Jin Heping, Three Gorges Project Management System (TGPMS), Computer World, Issue No. 21, 2000, C10-11. [4] Jin Heping, The Application System of Three Gorges Project Management System (TGPMS), Computer World, Issue No. 21, 2000, C12-13. [5]Jin Heping, Design, Development and Implementation of TGP Management System, ENGINEERING SCIENCES, Issue No.1, Sept. 2003 [6] Jin Heping and Ao Lin, The Overall Structure of Three Gorges Project Management System (TGPMS), China Three Gorges Construction, Issue No. 9, 1999.


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