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Volume 29, Number 1-2
references in the form M283-4" indicate the last time the Journal was cited in mechanics: v. 28, n. 3-4, in this case. Awards AAM Founders Prize and Grant Mechanicists at the New Millennium Announcements Application for Membership II III IV V BC 1

January-February 2000
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theoretical and applied mechanics, and serves as a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues related to the development of the science and profession of mechanics. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily re ect o cial points of views of AAM or the institutions with which the authors are a liated. Editor: Horacio D. Espinosa Purdue University, U.S.A. Associate Editors: Gustavo Buscaglia Balseiro Institute, Argentina, Eduardo Dvorkin Univ. Nac. de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Robert Haythornthwaite Temple University, U.S.A, Dean T.Mook Virginia Tech, U.S.A, Djenane Pamplona PUC-Rio, Brazil, G.Ravichandran Caltech, U.S.A. The American Academy of Mechanics is a non-pro t corporation incorporated in 1969 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its objective is to advance the science and profession of mechanics, with particular reference to the countries of North, South, and Central America. It aims to facilitate cooperation among mechanicists, to encourage recognition of achievements in mechanics, and to promote public understanding of the work of the mechanicist. Board of Directors 2000: D. Krajcinovic Arizona State University, President and Chairman of the Board; F. Moon Cornell University, President-elect; D. Bogy University of California, Berkeley, Immediate past President; D.T. Mook VPI and State University, Secretary; R.A. Heller VPI and State University, Treasurer; Open position formerly held by F. Moon, current PresidentElect, Director, Region IA Eastern USA; S. Datta University of Colorado, Director, Region IB Central and Western USA; Open position formerly held by the late B. Tabarrok, U. of Victoria, Director, Region II Canada; P. Kittl University of Chile, Chile Director, Region III Central and South America; R.M. Haythornthwaite Temple University, Publisher; C.W.Bert Univ. of Oklahoma, Secretary to the Fellows. mechanics ISSN 0076-5783 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to mechanics, Subscription and Membership, ESM, MC 0219, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061 Tel. 540-231-6871: Fax 540-231-2290. Editorial and Advertising: Horacio D. Espinosa, Purdue University, 1282 Grissom Hall, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1282 Tel. 765-494-4784, Fax 765-494-0307. Membership in the American Academy of Mechanics includes the subscription to mechanics.
mechanics provides its readers with news in the eld of

American Academy of Mechanics


Up to $10,000 For the Academic Year 2000-2001
Deadline: July 1, 2000

American Academy of Mechanics Founders Prize and Grant

The American Academy of Mechanics is pleased to announce the availability of a Founders Prize and Grant to be awarded in September 2000 to a doctoral candidate in the eld of Mechanics. Funding has been arranged by the Robert M. and Mary Haythornthwaite Foundation through the good o ces of Professor Haythornthwaite, founder and rst President of the Academy. The award will be made on the recommendation of an AAM committee. The Prize consists of a Certi cate and $1,000 that will be presented at the annual meeting of the Academy, usually held in November. The Grant will be made to that same person in two installments, $6,000 in September 2000 and up to $3,000 in January 2001, the latter dependent on the size of the approved budget and receipt by the AAM committee of an acceptable progress report. In order to encourage contestants to think constructively about the impact of new and pending developments, they will be asked to compose an original essay of no more than a thousand words under the title Progress through Mechanics". The winning essay will be published in mechanics. The award is open to those who, as of July 1, 2000, are registered as graduate students at a degree granting institution within the Americas, have completed at least one year of full-time graduate study at that institution, have been assigned a thesis advisor at the institution and have had a doctoral thesis topic emphasizing mechanics approved by the institution following candidacy or equivalent procedures. There are no restrictions with regard to citizenship, residency, race, religion or sex. Letters of support will be required of the thesis advisor and in addition one from either a Member or a Fellow of AAM. Contestants will be judged on the basis of the essay, plans, references and academic history. The intent of the Grant is to support the research of the student through an approved combination of equipment purchases, information access, travel, etc., but not routine living expenses or fees. Detailed rules for the competition will be issued soon: to receive them, express your interest to the committee by FAX to 215 204-6936, or by writing to: AAM Founders Prize and Grant Committee c o Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Temple University 084-53 Philadelphia, PA 19122


Mechanicists at the New Millennium
Or are we celebrating a year early? Each of us is entitled to an opinion, perhaps best kept to ourselves, but we should at least take the opportunity to ask what there is to celebrate. Certainly mechanics has a glorious history of achievement and a huge current output watched over by our own Mechanics Contents" and by Applied Mechanics Reviews A.S.M.E., the latter culled from more than four hundred journals. But what about the visibility of mechanics as a professional eld of endeavor? That is a di erent story. Mechanics per se is invisible to the public at large and mechanicists themselves are buried under titles like applied mathematician or applied physicist, engineering scientist, and engineers of various stripes. It is time we encouraged public recognition of the mechanicist. Let's face it: in a democracy, every eld of endeavor relies on implicit acceptance by the larger community and some level of respect. What is being done to promote the former and earn the latter? Yes, we do have a task for the new millennium: to create a public image. First we have to get it straight in our own minds as to which speci c advancements in the eld of mechanics can be demonstrated to be of bene t to society, then we need to publicize them and link them to the calling of the mechanicist. If the e ort is successful we will generate support and acceptance, even gratitude, among the public at large. For mechanicists, that would foster feelings of self-worth over and above their private satisfaction in a job well done. New initiatives by the Academy are needed. A rst step announced in the December issue of mechanics invites advanced graduate students to think constructively about new and pending developments and to incorporate their thoughts in an essay on "Progress through Mechanics". A carrot is o ered in the form of a monetary prize and support for equipment purchases. Incidentally, we will see how and whether! the future mechanicists respond to the opportunity. The feedback promises to be invaluable. R.M. Haythornthwaite, Publisher
Dictionaries have yet to de ne mechanicist. The closest listed word is mechanician, de ned as a person skilled in constructing, working or repairing machines" which is a poor t in both scope and function for the eld in its entirety; however, it is used by the Applied Mechanics Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. For an earlier discussion, see the editorial De ning," Mechanics, Vol. 19, No. 10, p.187, September 1990.


STLE Annual Meeting 2000 Heads to Nashville
STLE will hold its 55th Annual Meeting & Exhibit program on May 7-11, 2000, at Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tenn. This rst gathering of the new century o ers one of the premier education experiences available anywhere for tribologists, lubrication engineers, and just about anyone who is involved in the world of lubrication. Nearly 1,500 technical professionals from around the world are expected to attend the Nashville meeting. The participants will include men and women from corporate research and development, marketing and sales, manufacturing, academia, and government. This attendance pro le makes the STLE Annual Meeting and extraordinary business and professional networking opportunity. The Annual Meeting technical program will start o with a bang, as James A. Spearot of General Motors will deliver the plenary session address. Spearot, Director of the Chemical and Environmental Sciences Laboratory at GM's Research and Development Center, will discuss Friction, Wear, Health and Environmental Impacts - Tribology in the New Millennium". New to the education program for this year is a greatly improved Bearings and Their Lubrication" course. It is based on the highly acclaimed Bearing Technology courses o ered by the American Bearings Manufacturers Association ABMA and Penn State University. The course represents and excellent lead-in for ABMA's more advanced and comprehensive courses. Information and registration material for the 2000 Annual Meeting and Exhibition are mailed in January to STLE members, past attendees, and interested parties. To request registration materials or more information, call 847-825-5536 or E-mail Meeting registration and hotel registration forms can also be found at the Society's web site For exhibit space, advertising, hospitality suite, or sponsorship opportunities, contact STLE at 847-698-5234.


VISIT the AAM Website at http: AAM

Acta Materialia
3937 Proceedings of the acta materialia workshop on "materials science & mechanics of interfaces" - la jolla, ca - 25-30 october 1998 - preface 3939 Atomic-scale structure and chemistry of ceramic metal interfaces - i. atomic structure of 222 mgo cu ag interfaces 3953 Atomic-scale structure and chemistry of ceramic metal interfaces - ii. solute segregation at mgo cu ag and cdo ag au interfaces 3965 Thermal stability of a cu ta multilayer: an intriguing interfacial reaction 3977 Atomic structure of the sigma 5 310 001 symmetric tilt grain boundary in molybdenum 3987 Structure and morphology of s-phase precipitates in aluminum 3999 4009 4019 4025 4031 4041 4047 4061 4069 4077 4093 4115 4125 4131 4143 4153 4161 4171 4187 4197 4209 4221 4225 4233 4245 Thomas G.

4715-16 1999
Shashkov DA. Chisholm MF. Seidman DN. Shashkov DA. Muller DA. Seidman DN. Lee HJ. Kwon KW. Ryu C. Sinclair R. Campbell GH. Belak J. Moriarty JA.


Radmilovic V. Kilaas R. Dahmen U. Shi et GJ. Quantitative compositional mapping of bi segregation to grain boundaries in cu Keast VJ. Williams DB. An eels study of segregation-induced grain-boundary embrittlement of copper Bruley J. Keast VJ. Williams DB. Three-dimensional atom probe studies of metallic multilayers Larson DJ. Petford-LongAK. Cerezo A. Smith GDW. Use of novel methods for the investigation of the boron distribution in cvd Steeds JW. Gilmore A. Charles S. Heard P. diamond Howarth B. Butler JE. Grain boundary chemistry of alumina by high-resolution imaging sims Gavrilov KL. Bennison SJ. Mikeska KR. LeviSetti R. Thermodynamic aspects of the grain boundary segregation in cubi alloys Chang LS. Rabkin E. Straumal BB. Baretzky B. Gust W. Bismuth segregation at copper grain boundaries Alber U. Mullejans H. Ruhle M. Direct atomic-scale imaging of ceramic interfaces Dickey EC. Fan X. Pennycock SJ. Calculation of cohesion and changes in electronic structure due to impurity seg- Rez P. Alvarez JR. regation at boundaries in iron Metal-ceramic interfaces studied with high-resolution transmission electron De Hosson JTM. Goren HB. Kooi BJ. Vitek microscopy V. Interface adhesion: e ects of plasticity and segregation Evans AG. Hutchinson JW. Wei Y. Nanoindentation-induced defect-interface interactions: phenomena, methods and Gerberich WW. Kramer DE. Tymiak NI. limitations Volinsky AA. Bahr DF. Kriese MD. Evidence for excess vacancies at sliding grain boundaries during superplastic Vetrano JS. Simonen EP. Bruemmer SM. deformation The e ect of moisture on the fracture energy of tin sio2 interfaces in multi-layer Xu G. He MY. Clarke DR. thin lms Structure of mis t dislocations in niobium-sapphire interfaces and strength of Levay A. Mobus G. Vitek V. Ruhle M. Tichy interfacial bonding: an atomistic study G. Atomistics and mechanical properties of silicon Spence JCH. Polymer interfacial fracture simulations using cohesive elements Rahul-KumarP. Jagota A. Bennison SJ. Saigal S. Muralidhar S. The control of brittleness and development of desirable mechanical properties in Watanabe T. Tsurekawa S. polycrystalline systems by grain boundary engineering Mechanism of twinning-induced grain boundary engineering in low stacking-fault Randle V. energy materials Role of segregating dopants on the improved creep resistance of aluminum oxide Cho J. Wang CM. Chan HM. Rickman JM. Harmer MP. Energetics and atomic transport at liquid metal al2o3 interfaces Saiz E. Cannon RM. Tomsia AP. Fabrication and characterization of a bioactive glass coating on titanium implant Bloyer DR. Gomez-Vega JM. Saiz E. McNaney alloys JM. Cannon RM. Tomsia AP. Stability of f.c.c. titanium in titanium aluminum multilayers Banerjee R. Dregia SA. Fraser HL. Magnetism and microstructure: the role of interfaces Krishnan KM. Evolution of the gmr-e ectamplitudein copper permalloy-multilayeredthin lms Hutten A. Mrozek S. Heitmann S. Hempel T. Bruckl H. Reiss G.

Acta Materialia
0 Untitled 4253 Numerical modeling of solidi cation morphologies and segregation patterns in cast dendritic alloys 4263 Correlation between the crystallography and morphology of proeutectoid widmanstatten cementite precipitates 4275 A model for the longitudinal primary creep of a long- ber composite 4283 Simulation for f.c.c. deformation texture by modi ed pencil glide theory 4299 A new fracture mechanics model for multiple matrix cracks of sic ber reinforced brittle-matrix composites 4311 Measurement of liquid metal viscosity by rotational technique 4321 E ect of particle size on light transmittance of glass particle dispersed epoxy matrix optical composites 4329 Non-linear surface deformation of the 101over-bar-0 plane of sapphire: identi cation of the linear features around spherical impressions Suresh S. Gschneidner KA. Nastac L.

4717 1999
Mangan MA. Kral MV. Spanos G. Venkatesh TA. Dunand DC. Masui H. Okabe T. Takeda N. Komotori J. Shimizu M. Curtin WA. Bakhtiyarov SI. Overfelt RA. Naganuma T. Kagawa Y. Nowak R. Sekino T. Niihara K.


4339 Initiation of dynamic recrystallization under inhomogeneous stress states in pure copper 4355 Microstructural evolution of 7012 alloy during the early stages of arti cial ageing 4365 Solute drag e ects during the dynamic recrystallization of nickel 4375 E ect of elastic interaction on the formation of a complex multi-domain microstructural pattern during a coherent hexagonal to orthorhombic transformation 4387 The e ect of vanadium and grain re ner additions on the nucleation of secondary phases in 1xxx al alloys 4405 Cross-sectional nanoindentation: a new technique for thin lm interfacial adhesion characterization 4415 4427 4435 4449

Manonukul A. Dunne FPE. Ferragut R. Somoza A. Tolley A. Le Gall R. Jonas JJ. Wen YH. Wang Y. Chen LQ.

Allen CM. O'Reilly KAQ. Evans PV. Cantor B. Sanchez JM. El-Mansy S. Sun B. Scherban T. Fang N. Pantuso D. Ford W. Elizalde MR. Martinez-Esnaola JM. Martin-Meizoso A. GilSevillano J. Fuentes M. Maiz J. Nonlinear constitutive behavior of soft and hard pzt: experiments and modeling Fan J. Stoll WA. Lynch CS. Tem study on the origin of cabbage-shaped mica crystal aggregates in machinable Gebhardt A. Hoche T. Carl G. Khodos II. glass-ceramics On the generation of microstrains during the plastic deformation of waspaloy Stone HJ. Holden TM. Reed RC. Interfacial adsorption in ternary alloys Huang C. De la Cruz MO. Voorhees PW.

Acta Materialia
4461 Overview no. 134: pressure in ltration of packed ceramic particulates by liquid metals 4481 Overview no. 135: solute drag, solute trapping and di usional disspation of gibbs energy 4507 Simulation of grain growth in thin lms with columnar microstructure 4515 A discrete lattice plane analysis of coherent f.c.c. b1 interfacial energy 4525 Martensitic transitions and mechanical spectroscopy of ni50.8ti49.2 alloy containing hydrogen a biscarim, r campanella, b coluzzi, g mazzolai, l trotta, a tuissi, 4535 Encapsulation of protein molecules in transparent porous silica matrices via an aqueous colloidal sol-gel process 4545 Deformation induced transformations and grain boundary thickness in nanocrystalline b2 feal 4555 Austenite phase formation in rapidly solidi ed fe-cr-mn-c steels 4571 In-situ p m alzrb2+al2o3 mmcs: processing, microstructure and mechanical characterization 4585 Evolution of hot rolling textures in a two-phase a2+ b ti3 al-base alloy 4599 Stability of rolling texture during heat treatment in a two-phase ti3al base intermetallic alloy 4615 Densi cation and shape retention in supersolidus liquid phase sintering 4627 On the co-existence and stability of trijunctions and quadrijunctions in a simple model 4641 Microstructural evolution of fe3b nd2fe14b nanocomposite magnets microalloyed with cu and nb 4653 The role of adhesion in contact fatigue 4665 4683 4695 4711 Structures and superparamagnetic properties of overaged fe-al-mn-c alloys Electric- eld induced crack closure in linear piezoelectric media High temperature deformation behavior of solid and semi-solid alloy 718 Cyclic fatigue of intrinsically brittle ceramics in contact with spheres M Hillert V Novikov ZG Yang, M Enomoto FM Mazzolai DM Liu, IW Chen D Negri, AR Yavari, A Deriu

4718 1999
C Garcia-Cordovilla, E Louis, J Narciso

SR Chen, HA Davies, WM Rainforth CF Feng, L Froyen S Suwas, RK Ray, AK Singh, S Bhargava S Suwas, RK Ray J Liu, A Lal, RM German JW Cahn, ES Van Vleck DH Ping, K Hono, H Kanekiyo, S Hirosawa AE Giannakopoulos, TA Venkatesh, TC Lindley, S Suresh YC Lin C Ru MS Lewandowski, RA Overfelt DK Kim, YG Jung, IM Peterson, BR Lawn

Acta Materialia
385 Intrinsic di usion and kirkendall e ect in ni-pd and fe-pd solid solutions 397 405 419 433 445 453 461 469 481 493 505

482 2000

MJH Van Dal, MCLP Pleumeekers, AA Kodentsov, FJJ Van Loo The e ect of triple-junction drag on grain growth G Gottstein, AH King, LS Shvindlerman Di usion controlled growth of hydrogen pores in aluminium-silicon castings: in RC Atwood, S Sridhar, W Zhang, PD Lee situ observation and modelling Unidirectional solidi cation of zn-rich zn-cu peritectic alloys-i. microstructure D Ma, Y Li, SC Ng, H Jones selection Super cial stress and stain at coherent interfaces WC Johnson Additivity and isokinetic behaviour in relation to di usion controlled growth O Grong, OR Myhr Tensile properties if ti3sic2 in the 25-1300 oc temperature range M Radovic, MW Barsoum, T El-Raghy, J Seidensticker, S Wiederhorn Modeling of solute drag in the massive phase transformation M Hillert, M Schalin Deformation and fracture of the pwa1472 superalloy single crystal F Ebrahimi, J Yanevich, DP Deluca On the properties of a a + b ternary di usion couples WJ Boettinger, SR Coriell, CE Campbell, GB Mcfadden Plastic deformation behaviour of ne grained materials HS Kim, Y Estrin, MB Bush Low cycle fatigue behaviour of b treated zirconium: partial irreversibility of twin- J Crepin, T Bretheau, D Caldemaison, F ning ans consequences for damage Ferrer

517 Ultrasonic attenuation peak during fatigue of polycrystalline copper 525 Fracture mechanical character of small cracks in polycrystalline materials: concept and numerical k calculations 541 Phenomenological observations of lamellar orientation e ects on the creep behavior of ti-48at. al pst crystals 553 Measured and predicted intergranular strains in textured austenitic steel 565 Crack stability and strenght variabilityin alumina ceramics with rising toughnesscurve behavior 579 Modelling mechanical properties of core-shell rubber modi ed epoxies

M Hirao, H Ogi, N Suzuki, T Ohtani RKS Ravichandran, XD Li TA Parthasarathy, PR Subramanian, MG Mendiratta, DM Dimiduk M Daymond, CN Tome, MAM Bourke D Kovar, SJ Bennison, MJ Readey X Wang, K Xiao, L Ye, YW Mai, C Wang, LRF Rose


Acta Materialia
589 Overview no. 136: di usion in the ti-al system 625 Activation volume for inelastic deformation in polycrystalline ag thin lms 635 Latent strain in titanium-nickel thin lms modi ed by irradiation of the plastically-deformed martensite phase with 5 mev ni 647 Inversion of tantalummicromechanicalpowder consolidationand sintering models using bayesian inference and genetic algorithms 659 High-temperature cyclic fatigue-crack growth behavior in an in situ toughened silicon carbide 675 Ebsd characterisation and modelling of columnar dendritic grains growing in the presence of uid ow 689 Modelling the orientation and direction dependence of the critical resolved shear stress of nickel-base superalloy single crystals 701 Early-stage decomposition kinetics in ni-al alloys: i.small and wide-angle neutron scattering investigation on ni-13 at. al and clusterdynamic modelling 713 Early-stage decomposition kinetics in ni-al alloys: ii.clusterdynamic modelling of former experimental results 721 On the use of the micromarker technique for studying the growth mechanism of thin oxide lms 735 Initiation toughness of silicon glass anodic bonds 745 The mechanics of delocalization and energy absorption in chain composites 755 The energy absorption potential of chain composites Y Mishin, CHR Herzig MJ Kobrinsky, CV Thompson DS Grummon, R Gotthardt BJ Reardon, SR Bingert

483 2000

D Chen, CJ Gilbert, XF Zhang, RO Ritchie H Takatani, CHA Gandin, M Rappaz W Osterle, D Bettge, B Fedelich, H Klingelho er P Staron, R Kampmann P Staron, R Kampmann F Czerwinski

ML Dunn, SJ Cunningham, PEW Labossiere XY Gong, FW Zok, B Cox, J Davis B Cox, N Sridhar, JB Davis, XY Gong, FW Zok 767 Notch e ect of surface compression and the toughening of graded al2o3 tic ni JS Lin, Y Miyamoto materials 777 High temperaturemechanical spectroscopyof yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia L Donzel, E Conforto, R Schaller polycrystals y-tzp with di erent amount of intergranular phase 789 Phosphorus segregation in nanocrystalline ni-3.6 at. p alloy investigated with B Farber, E Cadel, A Menand, G Schmitz, R the tomographic atomprobe tap Kircheim

Acta Materialia
797 827 835 851 863 875 891 903 911 925 933 943 953 969 985 993 Overview no 137: grain boundaries in deielectric and mixed-conducting ceramics Permeation of hydrogen in ni-based superalloy cmsx-4 Thermal behavior during droplet-based deposition Crystallographic aspects of deformation twinning and consequences for plastic deformation processes in y-tial A thermodynamics model for solder pro le evolution Instability mechanisms in lamellar microstructures Steady-state creep of a particulate sic 6061 al composite Determination of the chemical width of grain boundaries of boron- and carbondoped hot-pressed beta-sic by haadf imaging and elnes line-pro le Structural stability of the laves phase cr2ta in a two-phase cr-cr2ta alloy

484 2000
R Waser, R Hagenbeck V Rothova, I Stloukal, J Cermak Q Xu, VV Gupta, EJ Lavernia B Skrotzki

YX Gao, H Fan, Z Xiao G Sharma, RV Ramanujan, GP Tiwari K Wakashima, T Moriyama, T Mori K Kaneko, M Kawasaki, T Nagano, N Tamari, S Tsurekawa KS Kumar, L Pang, CT Liu, J Horton, EA Kenik Rapid solution hardening at elevated temperatures by substitutional re alloying A Misra, AA Sharif, JJ Petrovic, TE Mitchell in mosi2 Nanocrystalline ni-3.6 at. p and its tranformation sequence studied by atom- TH Hentschel, D Isheim, R Kircheim, F probe eld-ion microscopy Muller, H Kreye Deformation induced defects controlling fracture toughness of steel revealed by M Nagumo, T Yagi, H Saitoh tritium desorption behaviors Nanoparticles from compounds with layered structures D Vollath, DV Szabo Decomposition of martensite by discontinuous-like precipitaition reaction in an D Shtansky, K Nakai, Y Ohmori fe-17cr-0.5c alloy In uence of the metal particle size on toughness of al2o3 mo composite O Sbaizero, G Pezzotti Modeling the e ect of temperature on the wear resistance of metals reinforced J Rodriguez, A Martin, J Llorca with ceramic particles

Acta Mechanica


1381-2 1999

Forced convection over a continuous sheet with suction or injection moving in a Chen CH. owing uid 13 Flow past an accelerated horizontal plate in a rotating uid Deka RK. Gupta AS. Takhar HS. Soundalgekar VM. 21 Theoretical magnetohydrodynamic analysis of mixed convection boundary-layer Nanousis ND. ow over a wedge with uniform suction or injection 31 Existence and uniqueness of the integrable-exactly hypoelastic equation Xiao H. Bruhns OT. Meyers A. tauover-circle*=lambdatrdi+2 mu d and its signi cance to nite inelasticity 51 The euler and navier-stokes solutions of a 3-d wing with aileron Li J. Zhu ZQ. Chen ZM. Li HM. 61 On the structure of an inviscid shock wave Hamad H. 75 A frictional cosserat model for the ow of granular materials through a vertical Mohan LS. Nott PR. Rao KK. channel 97 A new thermoelectroelastic solution for piezoelectric materials with various Qin QH. Mai YW. opening 113 Thermal boundary layer ow of a micropolar uid past a wedge with constant Kim YJ. wall temperature 123 Application of the newton method to the so-called integral equation method in Heynatz JT. transonic ow

Acta Mechanica
131 A generalized micromechanics model with shear-coupling 155 Nonlinear behavior of some hydrostatically stressed isotropic elastomeric foams 163 E ective electroelastic properties of polycrystalline ferroelectric ceramics predicted by a statistical model 177 Nonuniqueness of transonic ows 185 A micromechanical method for predicting the precipitation hardening response of particle strengthened alloys hardened by ordered precipitates 211 E ect of through ow on marangoni convection in micropolar uids 219 On the rocking-uplifting motion of a rigid block in free and forced motion: in uence of sliding and bouncing 243 Heat and mass transfer by natural convection in a non-darcy porous medium 255 Axisymmetric compressible boundary layer on a long thin moving cylinder Williams TO. Aboudi J. Dienes JK. Solem JC. Cheng J. Wang B. Du S.

1383-4 1999
Hafez MM. Guo WH. Fragomeni JM. Hillberry BM. Murty YN. Rao VVR. Andreaus U. Casini P. Murthy PVSN. Singh P. Na TY. Pop I.

Acta Mechanica
1 15 33 General slow viscous ows in a two- uid system Constraint handling in genetic algorithm integrated structural optimization Integral representations of the solutions for a bending plate on an elastic foundation 43 Nonuniform slot injection suction into a compressible ow 57 A variational principle motivated by the optimal rod theory 73 A study of non-oscillatory schemes based on led principle for inviscid ow computation past airfoils 91 Some comments on objective rates of symmetric eulerian tensors with application to eulerian strain rates 105 Analytical determination of cyclic hydrostatic stress-strain relations for a composite sphere with a soft inclusion and a hard bilinear, isotropically hardening matrix 129 Bifurcation indicators 143 161 171 201 231

1391-4 2000
Palaniappan D. Hasancebi O. Erbatur F. Chudinovich I. Constanda C. Roy S. Atanackovic TM. Vujanovic BD. Baclic BS. Ghosh S. Niyogi P. Meyers A. Schiesse P. Bruhns OT. Appiah EJ. Bhattacharyya A.

Jamal M. Elasmar H. Braikat B. Boutyour E. Cochelin B. Damil N. Potier-Ferry M. An approximate scheme for considering e ects of microcrack interaction on the Feng XQ. Gross D. overall constitutive relation of brittle solids under complex loading Shape and drag of a bulging rope in uniform cross ow Peters F. The temperature drops in glassy polymers while strained Drozdov AD. Uniform asymptotic analysis for transient waves in a pre-stressed compressible Dai HH. Cai Z. hyperelastic rod Eshelby's stress tensors in nite elastoplasticity Cleja-Tigoiu S. Maugin GA.

AIAA Journal
1337 1355 1363 1370 1378 Avionics: a "new" senior partner in aeronautics Limit cycle oscillations of delta wing models in low subsonic ow Measurements of supersonic helium air mixture jets E ect of isolated micron-sized roughness on transition in swept-wing ows Steady and unsteady ow simulations using the hybrid ow solver avbp

3711 1999
Loewy RG. Tang DM. Henry JK. Dowell EH. Kinzie KW. McLaughlin DK. Radeztsky RH. Reibert MS. Saric WS. Schonfeld T. Rudgyard M.

1386 Numerical simulation of dynamic stall using an improved advection upwind splitting method 1393 Aerodynamic in uence coe cient computations using euler navier-stokes equations on parallel computers 1401 Large eddy simulation of rearward-facing step ow 1411 Aerodynamic design optimization on unstructured meshes using the navier-stokes equations 1420 Simulations of reacting droplets dispersed in isotropic turbulence 1426 Theory of ame histories in droplet combustion at small stoichiometric fuel-air ratios 1436 Conditional analysis of wall pressure uctuations in plume-induced separated ow elds 1444 Extraction of substructural exibility from global frequencies and mode shapes 1452 Rates of change of eigenvalues and eigenvectors in damped dynamic system 1459 Distributed piezoelectric element method for vibration control of smart plates 1464 Analytical solution for rectangular thick laminated plates subjected to arbitrary boundary conditions 1474 Nonlinear behavior of sandwich panels with a transversely exible core 1483 Bidirectional evolutionary method for sti ness optimization 1489 Nonlinear dynamic nite element analysis of composite cylindrical shells considering large rotations 1495 Basic development of hybrid nite element method for midfrequency structural vibrations 1506 Structural redesign for forced response with proportional damping by large admissible perturbations 1514 Structural optimization with static aeroelastic and stress constraints using expandable modal basis 1520 Vibration of thermally stressed composite cylinders 1521 Stability of inviscid, compressible subsonic ow in variable area duct

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AIAA Journal
1529 1538 1544 1551 1558 Jet characteristics of a plunging airfoil Quantitative analysis of air convection caused by magnetic- uid coupling Thermal e ects on chaotic vibrations of plates Flow simulation using generalized static and dynamic grids Staggered mixed nite volume nite element method for the navier-stokes equations 1572 In uence of forced perturbations in the stagnation region on gortler instability 1578 1588 1602 1609 1617 1625 1633 1639 1648 1656 1663 1670 1673

3712 1999
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AIAA Journal
16 22 30 39 44 50 57 Staggered-mesh computation for aerodynamic sound Numerical solution of acoustic propagation problems using linearized euler equations Impedance and its time-domain extensions Four-channel suction distribution optimization experiments for laminar ow control Inverse solution uniqueness and domain of existence for space-marching applications Finite element adaptive multigrid euler solver for rotary wing aerodynamics Rotor wake modeling for ight dynamic simulation of helicopters

381 2000
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64 73 79 87 95 102 110 115 123 131 139 147 155 164 173 183 186 188 189

E ects of injection angle on atomization of liquid jets in transverse air ow Direct numerical simulation and modeling of a nonequilibrium turbulent plasma Two interacting vortex ring pairs and their sound generation Turbulence e ect on frequency characteristics of unsteady motions in wake of wing Measurement of transient temperature eld within a falling droplet Investigation of equivalent system modeling and dynamic characteristics using reduced models Strength prediction of ber reinforced plastics with a hole under compressiontension Sensitivity derivatives of eigendata of one-dimensional structural systems Combined nite element analysis and statistical energy analysis in mechanical intensity calculations Multibody implementation of nite volume c-0 beams Structural modeling of parachute dynamics Redesigning the dynamics of structural systems From dubious construction of objective functions to the application of physical programming Bilevel integrated system synthesis

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AIAA Journal
193 Absorption of sound near abrupt area expansions 203 Inverse aeroacoustic problem for a rectangular wing 211 Variable n-factor method for transition prediction in three-dimensional boundary layers 217 Two-dimensional elliptic grid solver using boundary grid control and curvature correction 225 Iterative space-marching method for compressible sub-, trans-, and supersonic ows 234 E cient computational model for inductive plasma ows 243 Accurate aerodynamic sensitivity analysis using adjoint equations 251 Traveling instability waves in a mach 8 ow over an elliptic cone 259 Turbulence production and transport in quasi-two-dimensional wake boundarylayer interaction 266 Separated ow surface pressure uctuations and pressure-velocity correlations on prolate spheroid 275 Numerical study of shock-re ection hysteresis in an underexpanded jet 284 Incidence e ects on chordwise bending cascade unsteady aerodynamics 292 Large eddy simulation of aircraft wake vortices within homogeneous turbulence: crow instability 301 Correlation of helicopter rotor tip vortex measurements 309 Determination of nonideal beam boundary conditions: a spectral element approach 317 Three-dimensional asymptotic analysis of multiple-electroded piezoelectric laminates 325 Adaptive control of shape memory alloy actuators for underwater biomimetic applications 335 Generalized plane solution for monoclinic piezoelectric laminates 342 Single- vs multilayer plate modeling on the basis of reissner's mixed theorem 353 Dynamic stability of rectangular plates subjected to pulsating follower forces 362 Theory of cylindrical sandwich shells with dissimilar facings subjected to thermomechanical loads 368 Application of lighthill's equation to mach 1.92 turbulent jet 370 Numerical optimization of the suction distribution for laminar ow control 372 Channel ow instability in presence of weak distributed surface suction 374 Vibration of thermally stressed pretwisted cantilever composite plates 377 Comment on "jet mixing noise from ne-scale turbulence" 378 Reply by the authors to h.s. ribner 379 Reply by the authors to m.j. sher Dupere IDJ. Dowling AP. Wood TH. Grace SM. Crouch JD. Ng LL. Jeng YN. Kuo WJ. Yamaleev NK. Ballmann J.

382 2000

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Applied Mathematical Modelling
247 The regulation of mechanical drive systems 263 Analysis of three-dimensional ow in a cylindrical sediment oxygen demand sod chamber 279 On the relation between the methods of averaging and normal forms 297 Simulation of homogeneous and incompresible cinlar ows 315 Current modeling practices in bank courier scheduling R Whalley JHW Lee W Zhang, K Huseyin M Caglar CJ Malmborg

244 2000


Applied Mathematical Modelling
327 Modelling of optimal speci cation regions 343 Hydrodynamics and thermal characteristics of corrugated channels: computational approach 365 Some quantitative methods for determining capacities and locations of military emergency medical facilities 391 A vacation queueing model with service breakdowns 401 Stochastic nit element analysis of two-dimensional eddy current problems 407 Asymptotic solutins for mode ii dynamic rupture with nonlinear damping 419 Modelling of stretched natural gas di usion ames 437 Erratum to 'new e cient second derivative multistep methods for sti systems' RS Segall WJ Gray, PP Wang A Sluzalec FAN Jiashen HH Liakos, NC Markatos GAF Ismail

245-6 2000
MD Phillips, BYUNGRAE Cho MA Mehrabian

Archive of Applied Mechanics
501 503 529 543 Untitled Unilateral problems of dynamics The analysis of arbitrarily-damped linear mechanical systems Some advantages of stochasticmethods in multicriteriaoptimizationof multibody systems 555 Control techniques for impacting exible systems 569 Basin boundaries and robustness of nonlinear dynamic systems 585 A review of development and implementation of an active nonlinear vibration absorber

698 1999
Pfei er F. Pfei er F. Angeles J. Zanganeh KE. Ostrovskaya S. Eberhard P. Schiehlen W. Bestle D. Marghitu DB. Diaconescu CI. Guder R. Kreuzer E. Oueini SS. Nayfeh AH. Pratt JR.

Archive of Applied Mechanics
621 623 635 655 677 691 703 727 751 765 Untitled Application of shakedown analysis to the plastic design of composites Material interpolation schemes in topology optimization Deterministicand stochasticanalysis of size e ects and damage evolutionin quasibrittle materials On the accuracy of the asymptotic theory for cylindrical shells Determination of the impact force on a plate by piezoelectric lm sensors Size e ect on structural strength: a review review On material immanent ratchetting of two-phase materials under cyclic purely thermal loading Shakedown analysis of defective pressure vessels by a kinematic approach On the stochastic response of nonlinear fe models

699-10 1999
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Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics

5212 1999

1477 The cauchy problem for davey-stewartson systems Guo BL. Wang BX. 1491 Strong asymptoticsof orthogonalpolynomialswith respect to exponential weights Deift P. Kriecherbauer T. McLaughlin KTR. Venakides S. Zhou X. 1553 Well-posedness theory for hyperbolic conservation laws Liu TP. Yang T. 1587 Relaxation schemes for curvature-dependent front propagation Jin S. Katsoulakis MA. Xin ZP. 1617 A perturbation theory of resonances vol 51, pg 1255, 1998 Agmon S.

Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics
1 Backlund transformations and loop group actions 76 Equilibrium statistical theory for nearly parallel vortex laments Terng CL. Uhlenbeck K. Lions PL. Majda A.

531 2000

Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics
143 Bohr-sommerfeld conditions for integrable systems with critical manifolds of focus-focus type 218 Shape and morse theory of attractors 243 Modulated waves in a semiclassical continuum limit of an integrable nls chain 280 Homogenization limits and wigner transforms vol 50, pg 323, 1997 San VN.


532 2000
Kapitanski L. Rodnianski I. Shipman SP. Gerard P. Markowich PA. Mauser NJ. Poupaud F.

Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics
283 Homoclinic orbits for the perturbed sine-gordon equation 300 Exact relations for e ective tensors of composites: necessary conditions and sufcient conditions 354 Control of nonlinear underactuated systems 370 Central limit theorem for maxwellian molecules and truncation of the wild expansion

533 2000
Shatah J. Zheng CC. Grabovsky Y. Milton GW. Sage DS. Auckly D. Kapitanski L. White W. Carlen EA. Carvalho MC. Gabetta E.

Composites Part A
197 The potential of knitting for engineering composite - a review 221 235 245 259 273 283

313 2000

KH Leong, S Ramakrishna, GA Bibo, ZM Huang Compression strength of concrete columns reinforced by non-adhesive lament HSIENK Liu, HYANHWA Tai, CHIHCHEN wound hydbrid composites Chen Fibre structure and anisotropy of glass reinforced thermoplastics MA Dweib, CF Vahlund, CM O'Bradaigh The design and fabrication of an alumina reinforced aluminium composite XX Yu, WB Lee material Behavior of 3d orthogonal woven cfrp composites part i: experimental P Tan, LIYONG Tong, GP Steven, T Ishikawa investigation Behavior of 3d orthogonal woven cfrp composites part ii: fea and analytical mod- P Tan, LIYONG Tong, GP Steven eling approaches The mechanical properties of a composite manufactured from non- brous veg- DG Hepworth, DM Bruce etable tissue and pva

Computational Mechanics
217 Local analysis and global nonlinear behaviour of periodic assemblies of bodies in elastic contact 230 The in uence of neglecting small harmonic terms on estimation of dynamical stability of the response of non-linear oscillators 238 Consistent linearization in nite element analysis of coupled chemo-thermal problems with exo- or endothermal reactions 245 Curvature controlled arc-length method 258 An e cient algorithm for propagating uid-driven fractures 268 A semi-analytic method for solving some 2-d elastodynamic problems in semiin nite media 273 Completeness of corrective smoothed particle method for linear elastodynamics 286 New identities for fundamental solutions and their applications to non-singular boundary element formulations 293 Computational strategy for capturing localization in undrained soil 304 Transformation of domain integrals to boundary integrals in bem analysis of shear deformable plate bending problems 310 An optimum spacing problemfor ve chips on a horizontalsubstratein a vertically insulated enclosure Wolf H. Stegic M.

244 1999
Zhang HW. Galvanetto U. Schre er BA. Hellmich C. Ulm FJ. Mang HA. Szyszkowski W. Husband JB. Papanastasiou P. Golubchick A. Altus E. Chen JK. Beraun JE. Jih CJ. Liu YJ. Rudolphi TJ. Larsson J. Larsson R. Wen PH. Aliabadi MH. Young A. Liu Y. Phan-Thien N. Leung CW. Chan TL.

Computational Mechanics
319 Limit analysis of cracked structures by mathematical programming and nite element technique 334 Analysis of thin beams, using the meshless local petrov-galerkin method, with generalized moving least squares interpolations 348 A critical assessment of the truly meshless local petrov-galerkin mlpg, and local boundary integral equation lbie methods 373 An automated process for 3d hexahedral mesh regeneration in metal forming 386 Finite elements in space and time for parallel computing of viscoelastic deformation Yan AM. Nguyen-Dang H. Atluri SN. Cho JY. Kim HG. Atluri SN. Kim HG. Cho JY.

245 1999

Zhu J. Gotoh M. Buch M. Idesman A. Niekamp R. Stein E.

396 Mechanical analysis of edge bending mode for four-roll plate bending process 408 A new nine dof triangular element for analysis of thick and thin plates

Lin YH. Hua M. Soh AK. Long ZF. Cen S.


Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering
241 Advances in computational methods for non-newtonian uids - preface 243 Viscoelastic ow past a cylinder: drag coe cient 267 Numerical modeling of the mixing ow of second-order uids with helical ribbon impellers 281 Simulation for viscoelastic ow by a nite volume element method 305 Three-dimensional numerical simulations of viscoelastic ows - predictability and accuracy 333 Three-dimensional non-newtonian computations of extrudate swell with the nite element method 345 The adaptive lagrangian particle method for macroscopic and micro-macro computations of time-dependent viscoelastic ows 365 Pseudospectral simulation of turbulent viscoelastic channel ow 393 Numerical simulation of weissenberg phenomena - the rod-climbing of viscoelastic uids 413 3d viscoelastic analysis of a polymer solution in a complex ow

1803-4 1999
Gartling DK. Phan-Thien N. Dou HS. Bertrand F. Tanguy PA. de la Fuente EB. Carreau P. Wapperom P. Webster MF. Xue SC. Tanner RI. Phan-Thien N. Mitsoulis E. Gallez X. Halin P. Lielens G. Keunings R. Legat V. Beris AN. Dimitropoulos CD. Luo XL.

Bogaerds ACB. Verbeeten WMH. Peters GWM. Baaijens FPT. 431 Least-squares p-r nite element methods for incompressible non-newtonian ows Bose A. Carey GF.

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering
1 21 43 71 87 107 117 147 161 191 237 261 295 345 Identi cation of geometric shapes and material properties of inclusions in twodimensional nite bodies by boundary parameterization Error estimation including pollution assessment for nonlinear nite element analysis The design and analysis of the generalized nite element method Integrated computer program for simulation of meshing and contact of gear drives Huerta A. Diez P.

1811-3 2000
Lee HS. Park CJ. Park HW.

Strouboulis T. Babuska I. Copps KL. Litvin FL. De Donno M. Peng A. Vorontsov A. Handschuh RF. On the modeling of prismatic joints in exible multi-body systems Bauchau OA. Incompressible turbulent ow simulation using a galerkin least-squares formula- Hannani SK. Stanislas M. tion and a low reynolds number kappa-epsilon model An improved reproducing kernel particle method for nearly incompressible nite Chen JS. Yoon S. Wang HP. Liu WK. elasticity Coupling of nite elements and boundary elements methods for study of the Guyot N. Kosior F. Maurice G. frictional contact problem A nite element formulation of compressible ows using various sets of indepen- Elkadri NE. Soulaimani A. Deschenes C. dent variables Synthetic division based integration of rational functions of bivariate polynomial Rathod HT. Karim MDS. numerators with linear denominatorsover a unit triangle 0 = ;  = 1;  + = 1 in the local parametric space ;  A hierarchical iterative procedure for the analysis of composite laminates Mitchell JA. Reddy JN. A posteriori estimation and adaptive control of the error in the quantity of inter- Strouboulis T. Babuska I. Datta DK. Copps est. part i: a posteriori estimation of the error in the von mises stress and the K. Gangaraj SK. stress intensity factor General complete lagrange family for the cube in nite element interpolations Rathod HT. Kilari S. Application of cass to iterative solution of nonlinear analysis of shallow conical Lu JM. Ye ZM. shell

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering

1814 2000

363 Special topics in computational microelectronics - preface Carey GF. 365 Mapped discretization strategies for curvilinear adaptively redistributed grids in Pardhanani AL. Carey GF. semiconductor device modeling 381 Device benchmark comparisons via kinetic, hydrodynamic, and high- eld models Cercignani C. Gamba IM. Jerome JW. Shu CW. 393 Numerical simulation of the smooth quantum hydrodynamic model for semicon- Gardner CL. Ringhofer C. ductor devices 403 A distributed memory parallel element-by-element scheme for semiconductor de- Bova SW. Carey GF. vice simulation 425 Sobolev preconditioning for the poisson-boltzmann equation Richardson WB. 437 Computational issues in the simulation of semiconductor quantum wires Trellakis A. Ravaioli U. 451 A robust and e cient oscillator analysis technique using harmonic balance Gourary M. Ulyanov S. Zharov M. Rusakov S. Gullapalli KK. Mulvaney BJ. 467 Physics-based simulation of nonlinear distortion in semiconductor devices using Troyanovsky B. Yu ZP. Dutton RW. the harmonic balance method


Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering
1 17 39 55 73 89 109 135 163 177 187 205 217 A higher-order hybrid-mixed harmonic shell-of-revolution element Adaptive nite element analysis of fractal interfaces in contact problems

1821-2 2000

Kim JG. Kim YY. Hu GD. Panagiotopoulos PD. Panagouli. Scherf O. Wriggers P. On the computation of the thermoelastic characteristics of a perforated plate of Aoubiza B. Taghite MB. Lanchon-Ducauquis a heat exchanger H. Application of an extrapolation method in thermocyclic failure analysis Kiewel H. Aktaa J. Munz D. Shape-stress trade-o design of membrane structures for speci ed sequence of Ohsaki M. Uetani K. boundary shapes An element-free galerkin method for simulation of stationary two-dimensional Du CJ. shallow water ows in rivers Special quadratic quadrilateral nite elements for local re nement with irregular Wang W. nodes Bounding surface plasticity model with extended masing behavior Montans FJ. Hybrid modelling for analysis and identi cation of rotors Aleyaasin M. Ebrahimi M. A neurocomputing model for the elastoplasticity Sun DH. Hu Q. Xu H. The nite deformation theory for beam, plate and shell. part iv. the fe formula- Li MR. Zhan FL. tion of mindlin plate and shell based on green-lagrangian strain Least-squares quadratic b-spline nite element method for the regularised long Dag I. wave equation The tric shell element: theoretical and numerical investigation Argyris JH. Papadrakakis M. Apostolopoulou C. Koutsourelakis S.

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering
247 Special issue: papers presented at ivwccm, buenos aires, 1998 - preface 249 High-order accurate time-stepping schemes for convection-di usion problems 277 Stabilized nite element method for the transient navier-stokes equations based on a pressure gradient projection 301 A uni ed analysis of mixed and stabilized nite element solutions of navier-stokes equations 333 Recovering supg using petrov-galerkin formulations enriched with adjoint residual-free bubbles 341 Variational formulationsof transmissionproblems via fem, bem and dtn mappings 355 A stabilized nite element method for incompressible viscous ows using a nite increment calculus formulation 371 All-hexahedral element meshing: generation of the dual mesh by recurrent subdivision 379 Adaptive nite element computational uid dynamics using an anisotropic error estimator 401 An unstructured nite volume procedure for simulating ows with moving fronts 421 Instability and damage e ects in the modeling of metal forming 439 Thermomechanical model of a continuous casting process 457 A segregated nite element solution for non-isothermal ow 483 The dnl absorbing boundary condition: applications to wave problems Rebollo TC. Delgado AD. Franca LP. Russo A. Gatica GN. Onate E. Calvo NA. Idelsohn SR.

1823-4 2000
Idelsohn SR. Onate E. Bugeda G. Donea J. Roig B. Huerta A. Codina R. Blasco J.

Almeida RC. Feijoo RA. Galeao AC. Padra C. Silva RS. Maliska CR. de Vasconcellos JFV. Creus GJ. Huespe AE. Cardona A. Fachinotti V. du Toit CG. Storti MA. D'Elia J. Chaple RPB. Nigro NM. Idelsohn SR. 499 Two e cient staggered algorithms for the serial and parallel solution of three- Farhat C. Lesoinne M. dimensional nonlinear transient aeroelastic problems

Computers and Fluids
119 149 179 197 An algorithm for low mach number unsteady ows Numerical calculations of laminar ows using contravariant velocity uxes Flow structure around trains under side wind conditiond: a numerical study Turbulent ow in a 90o pipe junction; part 1 decay of uctuations upstream the ow bifurcation 215 Turbulent ow in a 90o pipe junction: part 2 reverse ow at the branch exit

292 1999
I Mary, P Sagaut, M Deville HAO Xu, C Zhang W Khier, M Breuer, F Durst F Sierra-Espinosa, CJ Bates, T O'Doherty F Sierra-Espinosa, CJ Bates, T O'Doherty

Computers and Fluids
235 Wave paths in transient polytropic ow 261 Modifying a reattaching shear layer using a rotating cylinder 275 Turbulence model assessment for shock wave turbulent boundary-layer interaction in transonic and supersonic ows 301 Parallelization of a lagrange-euler-model for 3d free surface ow and transport processes AE Vardy, Z Pan BAK Abu-Hijeh WW Liou, G Huang, TH Shih R Hinkelmann, W Zielke

293 2000

327 Nonparallel and nonlinear stability of supersonic jet ow

MR Malik, CL Chang


Computers and Fluids
367 Preface. 369 Dispersion of neutrally buoyant solids falling vertically into stationary liquid and horizontal channel ow. 385 Explicit nite di erence methods for variable velocity in the presence of a source. 401 Numerical design tools for thermal replication of optical-quality surfaces. 415 Three-dimensional simulation of a side discharge into a cross channel ow. 435 Droplet interactions in creeping ow. 451 Numerical simulation of ship airwake. BJ Noye YM Stokes X Wang, L Cheng J Roumeliotis, GR Fulford KR Reddy, R To oletto

294 2000
A Gill K Smith, MR Davidson, NJ Lawson

Computers & Structures
385 Optimum design of cantilevered columns under the combined action of conservative and nonconservative loads part i: the undamped case 399 Optimum design of cantilevered columns under the combined action of conservative and nonconservative loads part ii: the damped case 409 Free-vibration analysis of thin thick laminated structures by layer-wise shell models 429 Vibrations of complex shells of revolution using b-spline nite elements 441 Eight-node brick, pn340, represents constant stress elds exactly 461 The in uence of circumferential thickness variations on the buckling of cylindrical shells under external pressure 479 Torsion and exure of a prismatic isotropic beam using the boundary element method 495 Stability of galerkin and collocation time domain boundary element methods as applied to the scalar equation wave Langthjem MA. Sugiyama Y. Langthjem MA. Sugiyama Y. Basar Y. Omurtag MH.

744 2000

Benjeddou A. Bassayya K. Bhattacharya K. Shrinivasa U. Gusic G. Combescure A. Jullien JF. Friedman Z. Kosmatka JB. Yu GY. Mansur WJ. Carrer JAM. Gong L.

Computers & Structures
507 521 535 547 559 571 583 601 Structures technology for future aerospace systems Optimal control of seismically-excited building structures Application of a fractional step method to localization problems Boundary conditioning for structural tuning using fuzzy logic approach

745 2000

Noor AK. Venneri SL. Paul DB. Hopkins MA. Mahmoud MS. Zribi M. Soh YC. Quecedo M. Pastor M. Zienkiewicz OC. Muthukumaran P. Demirli K. Stiharu I. Bhat RB. Assessment of damage in continuum structures based on incomplete modal Chen HP. Bicanic N. information Elastic deformation of ribbed plates under static, transverse and inplane loading Sapountzakis EJ. Katsikadelis JT. Long-term behavior of composite girder bridges Kwak HG. Seo YJ. Robust integration schemes for generalized viscoplasticity with internal-state Saleeb AF. Wilt TE. Li W. variables

Computers and Structures
629 The in uence of ribs sti ness and shape imperfections on stability of a ribbed folded plate structure 639 Optimum structural design via convex model superposition 649 Structural design optimization of wind turbine towers 667 System identi cation of torsionally-coupled buildings 687 A node-centric indirect boundary element method: three-dimensional displacement discontinuities 705 Computer program for determination of geometrical properties of thin-walled beams with open-closed section 717 The galerkin element method applied to the vibration of rectangular damped sandwich plates 731 Optimum design of frames with multiple constraints using an evolutionary method

746 2000
EA Gotsulyak, YZ Totoev, DE Prusov S Ganzerli, CP Pantelides HM Negm, KY Maalawi JM Ueng, CC Lin, PL Lin S Vijayakumar, TE Yacoub, JH Curran A Prokic QJ Zhang, MG Sainsbury D Manickarajah, YM Xie, GP Steven

Computers and Structures
1 An evaluation of the mitc shell elements. 31 Prediction of wind-induced fatigue on claddings of low buildings 45 Optimisation of columns and frames against buckling

751 2000
KJ Bathe, A Iosilevich, D Chapelle KS Kumar D Manickarajah, YM Xie, GP Steven


55 Elasto-plastic stress analysis of aluminium metal-matrix composite laminated plates under in-plane loading 65 Non-linear analysis of disposable knee bracing 73 Squeeze lm characteristics between a sphere and a at plate: couple stress uid model 81 Lateral buckling of thin-walled members with shear lag using spline nite member element method 93 Uni ed topolgy design of static and vibrating structures using multiobjective optimization

O Sayman, H Akbulut, C Meric M Mo d, P Khosravi JAWREN Lin Q Wang, WY Li S Min, S Nishiwaki, N Kikuchi

Engineering Fracture Mechanics
271 Analysis of dynamic fracture mechanisms in gas pipelines 291 A study of some issues in stable tearing crack growth simulations 305 Modi cations of the beremin model for cleavage fracture in the transition region of a ferritic steel 327 Application of instrumented impact test for studying dynamic fracture property of 9cr-1mo-v-nb-n steel 337 Analysis of curved cracks emanating from adjacent holes 357 Estimated stress intensity factors for semi-elliptical cracks in front of narrow circular notches

643 1999
Zhuang Z. Guo YJ. Deng XM. Newman JC. Bernauer G. Brocks W. Schmitt W. Zhu LH. Zhao QX. Gu HC. Lu YS. Wang XD. Meguid SA. Papanikos P. Fett T.

Engineering Fracture Mechanics
0 Foreword 367 On the interrelationship between fracture toughness and material mismatch for cracks located at the fusion line of weldments 383 Analytical yield load solution for overmatched center cracked tension specimen 401 Fracture behaviour of welded joints fabricated in hsla steels di erent strength level 417 Investigation of dynamic fracture toughness jid behaviour of strength mismatched q & t steel weldments using instrumented charpy impact testing 433 The e ects of weld mismatch on j-integrals and q-values for semi-elliptical surface aws 459 Fracture behaviour of circumferential through wall cracked welded pipes in four point bending 473 The fracture behaviourof mismatchedcentre-cracked welded specimens in tension 485 Residual stresses in strength-mismatched welds and implications on fracture behaviour 507 Limit load solutions for bilayer plates with a through crack subject to tension

644 1999
M Kocak, C Thaulow C Thaulow, M Hauge, ZL Zhang, O Ranestad S Alexandrov, N Chicanova, M Kocak I Rak, A Treiber K Angamuthu, B Guha, DRG Achar DP Boothman, MMK Lee, AR Luxmoore P Hornet, C Eripret BK Neale P Dong, Z Zhang S Alexandrov, M Kocak

Engineering Structures

225 1999

401 An analysis of the global structural behaviour of the cardington steel-framed YC Wang building during the two bre re tests 413 E ect of compressive strength and tensile reinforcement ratio on exural be- SA Ashour haviour of high-strength concrete beams 424 Damage criterion and safety assessment approach to tubular joints B Wang, N Hu, Y Kurobane, Y Makino, ST Lie 435 Comparison of asynchronous and stochastic dynamic responses of a cable-stayed K Soyluk, AA Dumanoglu bridge 446 Improved formulation for spatial stability and free vibration of thin-walled ta- SB Kim, MY Kim pered beams and space frames 459 Assessment of seismic pounding hazard for taipei city V Jeng 472 Elastic limit state exural-torsional postbuckling analysis of bars with open thin GI Ioannidis, DJ Polyzois, AN Kounadis walled cross-sections under axial thrust 480 Nonlinear analysis of a rc cooling tower with geometrical imperfections and a Z Waszczyszyn, E Pabisek, J Pamin, M technological cut-out Radwanska 490 Evaluation of retro t strategies for rc columns - a case study A Ghobarah, M El-Attar, NM Aly 502 In uence of coupling of two box decks A Raithel, F Ricciardelli 513 Seismic response reduction of irregular buildings using passive tuned mass CC Lin, JM Ueng, TC Huang dampers 525 Free vibration analysis of cantilevered tall structures under various axial loads QS Li, JQ Fang, AP Jeary 535 Buckling of cylindrical shells under static and dynamic shear loading G Michel, A Limam, JF Jullien 544 Improved response surface method and its applicationto sti ened plate reliability Y Zheng, PK Das analysis 552 A simple method of conditional random eld simulation of ground motions for R Jankowski, K Wilde long structures 562 Book review: practical ship design D Faulkner


European Journal of Mechanics A-Solids
939 963 987 995 1013 1027 1045 1061 On coupled gradient-dependent plasticity and damage theories with a view to localization analysis Higher order elds for damaged nonlinear antiplane shear notch, crack and inclusion problems A note on the e ect of surface energy and void size to void growth A two-phase elastoplastic model for unidirectionally-reinforced materials High frequency scattering due to a pair of time-harmonic antiplane forces on the faces of a nite interface crack between dissimilar anisotropic materials New phenomenological behavior laws for rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers Simpli ed prediction of the creep buckling of cylinders under external pressure. part 2: experimental veri cation Optimization of travelling wave ultrasonic motors using a three-dimensional analysis of the contact mechanism at the stator-rotor interface Wang TJ. Kishimoto K.

186 1999
de Borst R. Pamin J. Geers MGD. Huo B. Zheng QS. Huang Y. de Buhan P. Sudret B. Pramanik R. Pal SC. Ghosh ML. Lambert-Diani J. Rey C. Combescure A. Le Moal P. Cusin P.

European Journal of Mechanics B-Fluids

185 1999

783 Three-dimensional mixing in stokes ow: the partitioned pipe mixer problem Meleshko VV. Galaktinov OS. Peters GWM. revisited Meijer HEH. 793 Mixing in stokes ow in an annular wedge cavity Krasnopolskaya TS. Meleshko VV. Peters GWM. Meijer HEH. 823 Wall shear stress and void fraction in poiseuille bubbly ows: part i: simple Riviere N. Cartellier A. analytic predictions 847 Wall shear stress and void fraction in poiseuille bubbly ows: part ii: experiments Riviere N. Cartellier A. Timkin L. Kashinsky and validity of analytical predictions O. 869 Fast deterministic method of solving the boltzmann equation for hard spheres Bobylev AV. Rjasanow S. 889 On short-crested waves: experimental and analytical investigations Kimmoun O. Branger H. Kharif C. 931 Over-re ection and instabilities in shear ows of shallow water with bottom Yakubenko PA. Shugai GA. friction 959 Fractal analysis of a circulating ow eld with two di erent velocity laws Ueki Y. Tsuji Y. Nakamura I.

European Journal of Mechanics B-Fluids

186 1999

Domain perturbation method and shape of a bubble in a uniform ow of an Sero-Guillaume O. Er-Riani M. inviscid liquid 1005 Spiral thermocapillary ows in two-layer systems Nepomnyashchy AA. Simanovskii IB. Braverman LM. 1027 On pre-dissipative 'bumps' and a reynolds-number-dependent spectral parame- Coantic M. Lasserre JJ. terization of turbulence 1049 A bypass wake induced laminar turbulent transition Kyriakides NK. Kastrinakis EG. Nychas SG. Goulas A. 1067 Inviscid evolution of incompressible swirling ows in pipes: the dependence of the Ortega-Casanova J. Fernandez-Feria R. ow structure upon the inlet velocity eld 1085 Stability of plane-parallel vibrational ow in a two-layer system Khenner MV. Lyubimov DV. Belozerova TS. Roux B.

Experimental Mechanics
249 The problems of holographic interferometry 256 Axial crack propagation and arrest in a pressurized cylinder: an experimentalnumerical analysis 265 The application of evolutionary and maximum entropy algorithms to photoelastic spectral analysis 274 Two-wavelength method for full- eld automated photoelasticity 278 Experimental examination of bicycle chain forces 284 Determination of shear modulus of single bers 287 Separation of elastic waves in split hopkinson bars using one-point strain measurements 295 A modi ed torsional kolsky bar for investigating dynamic friction 304 A multilevel treatment of moire fringe data using nite elements 311 Impact-inducedtransient deformationanalysis by means of digital speckle pattern interferometry 317 Static and dynamic response of a multiplexed-array piezoresistive contact sensor 324 Simpli ed experimentalcalibrationfor a tridilosa-typebridge nite element model

394 1999
Stetson KA. Kosai M. Shimamoto A. Yu CT. Kobayashi AS. Tan PW. Pacey MN. Wang XZ. Haake SJ. Patterson EA. Plouzennec N. Lagarde A. Kidd MD. Loch NE. Reuben RL. Tsai CL. Daniel IM. Park SW. Zhou M. Rajagopalan S. Prakash V. Freese CE. Gee L. Diaz FV. Kaufmann GH. Otto JK. Brown TD. Callaghan JJ. Carrion FJ. Lozano A. Fabela MJ. VazquezVega D.


329 High-sensitivity laser-based ultrasonic c-scan system for materials inspection 335 The e ects of surface topography on the method of caustics 343 Limiting conditions for compression testing of at specimens in the split hopkinson pressure bar 349 Thermoelastic-numerical hybrid analysis of holes and cracks in composites 356 Interpretation of experimental data for poisson's ratio of highly nonlinear materials

di Scalea FL. Green RE. Tomlinson RA. Patterson EA. Zencker U. Clos R. Rhee J. Rowlands RE. Smith CW. Wootton RJ. Evans KE.

Experiments in Fluids
473 Considerations about the phase averaging method with application to eldv and piv measurements over pitching airfoils 484 The control of turbulent end-wall boundary layers using surface suction 497 Supercritical nitrogen free jet investigated by spontaneous raman scattering 507 Planar measurements of the full three-dimensional scalar dissipation rate in gasphase turbulent ows 522 Three-dimensional lda measurements in the impeller region of a turbulently stirred tank 533 In uence of strain rate on a premixed turbulent ame stabilized in a stagnating ow 542 An extended algebraic reconstruction technique art for density-gradient projections: laser speckle photographic tomography Wernert P. Favier D. Seal CV. Smith CR. Oschwald M. Schik A. Su LK. Clemens NT.

276 1999

Derksen JJ. Doelman MS. Van den Akker HEA. Escudie D. Haddar E. Brun M. Ko HS. Khim KD.

Experiments in Fluids
1 11 21 29 36 45 51 58 64 74 86 93 Propeller wake ow eld analysis by means of ldv phase sampling techniques Helical-mode excitation of lifted ames using piezoelectric actuators Pressure-sensitive paint measurements in a shock tube Pda measurements of droplet size and mass ux in the three-dimensional atomisation region of water jet in air cross- ow A comparative study of the mqd method and several correlation-based piv evaluation algorithms Calibration of a temperature dissipation probe in decaying grid turbulence Experimental investigation on turbulent ow through a circular-sectioned 180 degrees bend Measurements and treatment of lda signals, comparison with hot-wire signals Skin friction measurements on re ective surfaces using nematic liquid crystal Drag reduction of motor vehicles by active ow control using the coanda e ect Interferometric spark calorimetry Centreline mixing characteristics of jets from nine di erently shaped nozzles

281 2000
Stella A. Guj G. Di Felice F. Chao YC. Jong YC. Sheu HW. Hubner JP. Carroll BF. Schanze KS. Ji HF. Zhang Z. Ziada S. Gui L. Merzkirch W. Danaila L. Zhou T. Anselmet F. Antonia RA. Sudo K. Sumida M. Hibara H. Ramond A. Millan P. Buttsworth DR. Elston SJ. Jones TV. Geropp D. Odenthal HJ. Verhoeven D. Mi J. Nathan GJ. Luxton RE.

Finite Elements in Analysis & Design
1 25

341 2000

An internet-4mat-cal system for adaptive nite element mesh re nement Isreb M. Jarvis JR. Khan AI. Stress-based convergence analysis for p-adaptive hierarchical nite element Ho man RM. Busby HR. analysis 37 Smoothing by optimisation for a quadrilateral mesh with invalid elements Li TS. Wong SM. Hon YC. Armstrong CG. McKeag RM. 61 Elastic beam nite element with a transverse elasto-plastic crack Krawczuk M. Zak A. Ostachowicz W. 75 Interval nite element method for beam structures Chen SH. Yang XW. 89 Performance of a nite element procedure for hyperelastic-viscoplastic large de- Arif AFM. Pervez T. Mughal MP. formation problems 113 Finite element and boundary element modelling of surface engineering systems - Mackerle J. a bibliography 1996-1998

Finite Elements in Analysis & Design
125 A numerical algorithm for prediction of thermomechanical deformation during the casting of aluminium alloy ingots 145 Roadmap for crashworthiness nite element simulation of roadside safety structures 159 Performance characteristics of resizing algorithms for thickness optimization of plate structures 175 The application of a re lled non-conforming quadrilateral plate bending element in thin plate vibration and stability analysis 193 The optimal design of interfacial heat transfer coe cients via a thermal stress model Barral P. Quintela P. Tabiei A. Wu J.

342 2000
Lam YC. Manickarajah D. Bertolini A. Cheung YK. Zhang YX. Chen WJ. Lewis RW. Ransing RS.

211 A comparison of models for uncertainty analysis by the nite element method

de Lima BSLP. Ebecken NFF.


Finite Elements in Analysis & Design
233 A nite element approachto the position problems in open-loop variablegeometry trusses 257 Structural design and analysis for a sensor-integrated ball bearing 271 A posteriori nite element bounds for sensitivity derivativesof partial-di erentialequation outputs 291 Evolutionary structural optimisation using an additive algorithm 309 Heat transfer analyses by nite elemtn and boundary element methods a biliography 1997-1998 R Aviles BT Holm-Hansen, RX Gao RM Lewis OM Querin, G Steven J Mackerle

343-4 2000

IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics

633 1999

217 Vacuum moulding of a superplastic in two dimensions Chapman SJ. Fitt AD. Pulos GC. 247 Modelling and control of natural convection in canned foods Alvarez-Vazquez LJ. Martinez A. 267 The competition between nonlinearity, dispersion and randomness in signal Komarova NL. Newell AC. propagation 287 Three-dimensional blow-up solutions of the navier-stokes equations Grundy RE. McLaughlin R. 307 A simple model for a two-stage chemical reaction with di usion Cli ord MJ. Cox SM.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
1163 The boundary node method for three-dimensional linear elasticity 1185 Computation of collapse states with von mises type yield condition 1203 Di erential quadrature element method for static analysis of shear deformable cross-ply laminates 1221 Meshing curved wire-frame models through energy minimization and packing of ellipses 1237 A new meshless regular local boundary integral equation mrlbie approach 1253 Complex-time-step methods for transient analysis 1273 Quadratic nms mindlin-plate-bending element 1291 Computational uid dynamics by boundary-domain integral method 1313 Finite strip buckling and free vibration analysis of stepped rectangular composite laminated plates 1335 The boundary element method applied to a moving free boundary problem

468 1999

Chati MK. Mukherjee S. Mukherjee YX. Christiansen E. Andersen KD. Liu FL. Yamada A. Shimada K. Itoh T. Zhu TL. Fung TC. Choi CK. Park YM. Skerget L. Hribersek M. Kuhn G. Dawe DJ. Tan DY. Quinn DW. Oxley ME. Vosika DC.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
1349 Special issue - papers presented at the fourth world congress on computational mechanics iv wccm - buenos aires, argentina, 29 june-2 july 1998 - solid and uid numerical models for advanced engineering applications 1351 Mixed nite volume methods 1367 Finite element analysis of geometrically non-linear structures using translational variables 1385 Shape sensitivity analysis for structural problems with non-linear material behaviour 1405 Corrections to b-models for fatigue life prediction of metals during crack propagation 1421 A mixed elastoplastic rigid-plastic material model 1435 1463 1505 1521 1541 1559 1575 Thomas JM. Trujillo D. Ander MKA. Samuelsson AG. Bugeda G. Gil L.

469 1999

Dvorkin EN. Onate E. Bugeda G.

Bea JA. Doblare M. Villanueva I. Gracia L.

Huetink J. Van den Boogaard AH. Rietman AD. Lof J. Meinders T. Numerical formulations and algorithms for solving contact problems in metal Fourment L. Chenot JL. Mocellin K. forming simulation Spectral asymptotics of the helmholtz model in uid-solid structures Allaire G. Conca C. Vanninathan M. Applications of a k-epsilon model for the analysis of continuous casting Goldschmit MB. Principe RJ. Koslowski M. processes. Mathematical modelling of ow towards an oil well Jacovkis PM. Savioli GB. Bidner MS. Structure- uid interaction model of tuned liquid dampers Kanok-Nukulchai W. Tam BT. Finite element simulation of the lling of thin moulds Codina R. Soto O. Thermo-mechanical analysis of industrial solidi cation processes Cervera M. De Saracibar CA. Chiumenti M.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

4610 1999

1593 Papers presented at the fourth world congress on computational mechanics iv Sonzogni V. Bugeda G. Idelsohn S. wccm - buenos aires, argentina, 29 june-2 july 1998


1595 A large strain explicit formulation for composites 1609 1639 1651 1673 1699 1721 1741 1763 1781 1803

Rubert JB. Oller S. Las Casas EB. Proenca SPB. Onate E. Numerical homogenization of periodic composite materials with non-linear ma- Pellegrino C. Galvanetto U. Schre er BA. terial components A fast numerical homogenization algorithm for nite element analysis Cecchi MM. Marcuzzi F. A homogeneous constitutive model for masonry Lopez J. Oller S. Onate E. Lubliner J. An analysis of strong discontinuities in a saturated poro-plastic solid Armero F. Callari C. Friction and instability of steady sliding: squeal of a rubber glass contact Vola D. Raous M. Martins JAC. New development of numerical methods for contact analysis with jifex software Gu YX. Zhang HW. Zhong WX. Finite element analysis of base isolated buildings subjected to earthquake loads Salomon O. Oller S. Barbat A. Modelling and numerical solution of elastoacoustic vibrations with interface Bermudez L. Rodriguez R. damping Adaptive nite element procedures for linear and non-linear dynamics Wiberg NE. Li XD. Adaptive nite element strategies based on error assessment Huerta A. Rodriguez-FerranA. Diez P. Sarrate J.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
1819 Implementation of a symmetric boundary element method in transient heat conduction with semi-analytical integrations 1845 Boundary element analysis of kirchho plates with direct evaluation of hypersingular integrals 1865 Transient non-linear heat conduction-radiation problems - a boundary element formulation 1883 The traction boundary contour method for linear elasticity 1897 Stochastic nite element method for elasto-plastic body 1917 An iteration method using arti cial boundary for some elliptic boundary value problems with singularities 1933 Anisotropic mesh re nement for problems with internal and boundary layers Frangi A. Guiggiani M.

4611 1999

Carini A. Diligenti M. Salvadori A. Blobner J. Bialecki RA. Kuhn G. Zhou SJ. Cao ZY. Sun SX. Anders M. Hori M. Wu XN. Cheung CCY. Skalicky T. Roos HG.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
1961 Collapse of thin shell structures - stress resultant plasticity modelling within a co-rotated andes nite element formulation 1987 Solving systems of non-linear equations with both free and positive variables 1997 Extending integral equation time domain acoustic scattering analysis to larger problems 2011 Adapting broyden method to handle linear constraints imposed via lagrange multipliers 2027 A nite element constitutive update scheme for anisotropic, viscoelastic solids exhibiting non-linearity of the schapery type 2043 Modelling ion di usion mechanisms in porous media 2061 A nite-volume method for deformation analysis of woven fabrics Skallerud B. Haugen B.

4612 1999

Burns SA. Mueller KM. Suchivoraphanpong V. Walker SP. Bluck MJ. Rodriguez-Ferran A. Huerta A. Poon H. Ahmad MF. Samson E. Marchand J. Robert JL. Bournzel JP. Teng JG. Chen SF. Hu JL.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
3 9 29 61 75 101 129 141 169 191 205 229 255 275 287 317 341 359 In memoriam to a great engineering scientist and educator - professor richard hugo gallagher - 17 november 1927-30 september 1997 Achievements and some unsolved problems of the nite element method Finite element simulation of metal casting An adaptive-order discontinuous galerkin method for the solution of the euler equations of gas dynamics Consistent return mapping algorithm for chemoplastic constitutive laws with internal couplings A survey of recent shell nite elements review Further discussion on four-node isoparametric quadrilateral elements in plane bending Shakedown analysis in poroplasticity by linear programming Meshing environment for geometry-based analysis On mixed nite element formulations and stress recovery techniques A mixed-enhanced formulation for tetrahedral nite elements Automated 3-d crack growth simulation Analysis and load carrying behaviour of imperfection sensitive shells The force method revisited Triangular composite nite elements On upwind methods for parabolic nite elements in incompressible ows On modelling thermal oxidation of silicon i: theory On modelling thermal oxidation of silicon ii: numerical aspects Zienkiewicz OC. Lewis RW. Zienkiwicz OC. Lewis RW. Ravindren K. Baumann CE. Oden JT.

471-3 2000

Sercombe J. Ulm FJ. Mang HA. Yang HTY. Saigal S. Masud A. Kapania RK. Lautersztajn-S N. Samuelsson A. Cocchetti G. Maier G. Shephard MS. Mota A. Abel JF. Taylor RL. Carter BJ. Wawrzynek PA. Ingra ea AR. Wunderlich W. Albertin U. Kawai T. Guo Y. Ortiz M. Belytschko T. Repetto EA. Hendriana D. Bathe KJ. Rao VS. Hughes TJR. Rao VS. Hughes TJR. Garikipati K.

379 A posteriori error estimation and adaptivity for elastoplasticity using the reciprocal theorem 395 A variational principle for the formulation of partitioned structural systems 419 Some notes on the early history of hybrid stress nite element method 427 Guaranteed computable bounds for the exact error in the nite element solution - part ii: bounds for the energy norm of the error in two dimensions 477 Accurate determination of transverse normal stresses in hybrid laminated panels subjected to electro-thermo-mechanical loadings 497 Surface mesh sizing control 513 Application of the feti method to asci problems - scalability results on 1000 processors and discussion of highly heterogeneous problems 537 New concepts in meshless methods 557 Rotation-free triangular plate and shell elements 605 Re ned quadrilateral element based on mindlin reissner plate theory 629 Adaptive mesh generation for uid mechanics problems 663 Analysis of functionally graded plates 685 Compatibility conditions of structural mechanics 705 E cient interfacing of uid and structure for aeroelastic instability predictions 729 Interdisciplinary computational mechanics - some computational problems in naval ship design 735 Calculation of pressure in a mushy zone 749 A discontinuous galerkin model for precipitate nucleation and growth in aluminium alloy quench processes

Cirak F. Ramm E. Park KC. Felippa CA. Pian THH. Strouboulis T. Babuska I. Gangaraj SK. Malik M. Noor AK.


Owen SJ. Saigal S. Bhardwaj M. Day D. Farhat C. Lesoinne M. Pierson K. Rixen D. Atluri SN. Zhu TL. Onate E. Zarate F. Chen WJ. Cheung YK. Nithiarasu P. Zienkiewicz OC. Reddy JN. Patnaik SN. Coroneos RM. Hopkins DA. Sarigul-Klijn N. Barsoum RGS. Heinrich JC. McBride E. Sobh N. Huang J. Yin L. Haber RB. Tortorelli DA. Hyland RW.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
777 Intersecting and trimming parametric meshes on nite element shells 801 A boundary-perturbation nite element approach for shape optimization 821 On the solution of an inverse natural convection problem using various conjugate gradient methods 843 Shell topology optimization using the layered arti cial material model 869 The iterative group implicit algorithm for parallel transient nite element analysis 887 Qualitative measures for initial meshes 907 On immunizing ve-beta hybrid-stress element models from 'trapezoidal locking' in practical analyses Lee SJ. Bae JE. Hinton E. Modak S. Sotelino ED. Field DA. Sze KY.

474 2000

Coelho LCG. Gattass M. de Figueiredo LH. Givoli D. Demchenko T. Park HM. Chung OY.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
927 951 Three-dimensional hybrid-tre tz stress elements Singular-ended spline interpolation for two-dimensional boundary element analysis 969 Non-re ective planar boundary condition based on gauss lter 985 Using mathematical optimization in the cfd analysis of a continuous quenching process 1001 Numerical homogenization of n-component composites including stochastic interface defects 1029 A practical rule for the derivation of transition nite elements 1057 Methods for connecting dissimilar three-dimensional nite element meshes

475 2000

de Freitas JAT. Bussamra FLS. Barros PL. Neto ED. Bonet RP. Nigro N. Storti MA. Idelsohn S. de Kock DJ. Craig KJ. Snyman JA. Kaminski M. Kleiber M. Guzelbey IH. Kanber B. Dohrmann CR. Key SW. Heinstein MW.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
1083 A point collocation method based on reproducing kernel approximations 1123 Numerical implementation of a shape memory alloy thermomechanical constitutive model using return mapping algorithms 1169 One-dimensional dispersion analysis for the element-free galerkin method for the helmholtz equation 1189 Correction and stabilization of smooth particle hydrodynamics methods with applications in metal forming simulations 1215 Element free analyses of shell and spatial structures Aluru NR. Qidwai MA. Lagoudas DC. Suleau S. Bouillard P. Bonet J. Kulasegaram S.

476 2000

Noguchi H. Kawashima T. Miyamura T.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
787 Numerical simulation of incompressible ow driven by density variations during phase change 801 Application of the lattice-boltzmann method to study ow and dispersion in channels with and without expansion and contraction geometry 821 A cfd euler solver from a physical acoustics - convection ux jacobian decomposition

315 1999
Mcbride E. Heinrich JC. Poirier DR. Kumar R. Nivarthi SS. Davis HT. Kroll DM. Maier RS. Iannelli J.


861 Mixed boundary elements for laminar ows Ramsak M. Skerget L. 879 Upwind schemes and large eddy simulation Sengupta TK. Nair MT. 891 Fast boundary-domain integral algorithm for the computation of incompressible Hribersek M. Skerget L. uid ow problems

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
911 937 Parallel solution of three-dimensional marangoni ow in liquid bridges The solution of two-dimensional free-surface problems using automatic mesh generation 961 Comparison of extended and ensemble kalman lters for data assimilation in coastal area modelling 983 An unsteady incompressible navier-stokes solver for large eddy simulation of turbulent ows 1019 Lattice-boltzmann and nite element simulations of uid ow in a smrx static mixer reactor Madsen H. Canizares R. Kim WW. Menon S.

316 1999
Lappa M. Savino R. Peterson RC. Jimack PK. Kelmanson MA.

Kandhai D. Vidal DJE. Hoekstra AG. Hoefsloot H. Iedema P. Sloot PMA.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
1037 Improvement and generalization of a nite element shallow-water solver to multilayer systems 1061 Solution of the incompressible navier-stokes equations on domains with one or several open boundaries 1087 Finite element study of vortex-induced cross- ow and in-line oscillations of a circular cylinder at low reynolds numbers 1121 An adaptive least-squares method for the compressible euler equations Macias J. Pares C. Castro MJ. Bertagnolio F. Mittal S. Kumar V.

317 1999

Taghaddosi F. Habashi WG. Guevremont G. Ait-Ali-Yahia D. 1141 Preconditioned krylov subspace methods used in solving two-dimensional tran- Nordsveen M. Moe R. sient two-phase ows 1157 A local grid re nement method for three-dimensional turbulentrecirculating ows Papadakis G. Bergeles G. 1173 A boundary element analysis of multiply connected three-dimensional cavity mix- Khayat RE. ing ow of polymer solutions

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
1195 Discrete lters for large eddy simulation 1221 A multi-level adaptation model of circulation for the western indian ocean 1265 Comparison of using cartesian and covariant velocity components on nonorthogonal collocated grids 1281 Numerical prediction of the formation of goertler vortices on a concave surface with suction and blowing 1297 Consistent petrov-galerkin nite element simulation of channel ows 1311 Simulation of three-dimensional bubbles using desingularized boundary integral method 1321 A numerical model for run-up of breaking waves 1333 An experimental and numerical investigation of container lling with viscous liquids Lin MH. Hwang GJ.

318 1999
Sagaut P. Grohens R. Shaji C. Bahulayan N. Dube SK. Rao AD. Wang YL. Komori S. Sheu TWH. Tsai SF. Zhang YL. Yeo KS. Khoo BC. Chong WK. Johnsgard H. Tome MF. McKee S. Barratt L. Jarvis DA. Patrick AJ.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
1 29 51 79 97 Iterative solution of panel method discretizations for potential ow problems. the modal multipolar preconditioning Vortex particle-in-cell method for three-dimensional viscous unbounded ow computations A new nite element formulation for both compressible and nearly incompressible uid dynamics A boundary element method and spectral analysis model for small-amplitude viscous uid sloshing in couple with structural vibrations Numerical investigation of the aerodynamics of the near-slot lm cooling D'Elia J. Storti M. Idelsohn S. Liu CH. Doorly DJ. De Sampaio PAB. Moreira ML. Zang YL. Xue ST. Kurita S.

321 2000

Kassimatis PG. Bergeles GC. Jones TV. Chew JW. 119 Computational aspects of the spectral galerkin fem for the orr-sommerfeld Kirchner NP. equation

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids

322 2000


141 Schwarz domain decomposition for the incompressible navier-stokes equations in Brakkee E. Wesseling P. Kassels CGM. general co-ordinates 175 O2-symmetry breaking bifurcation: with application to the ow past a sphere Cli e KA. Spence A. Tavener SJ. in a pipe 201 An adaptive front tracking technique for three-dimensional transient ows Galaktionov OS. Anderson PD. Peters GWM. Van de Vosse FN. 219 A numerical method for simulating discontinuous shallow ow over an in ltrating Fiedler FR. Ramirez JA. surface 241 One-dimensional nite element grids based on a localizedtruncationerror analysis Hagen SC. Westerink JJ. Kolar RL.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
263 Simulation of non-hydrostatic, density-strati ed ow in irregular domains 285 A grid deformation technique for unsteady ow computations

323 2000

Winters KB. Seim HE. Finnigan TD. Dubuc L. Cantariti F. Woodgate M. Gribben B. Badcock KJ. Richards BE. 313 Flows through plane sudden-expansions De Zilwa SRN. Khezzar L. Whitelaw JH. 331 An unstructured grid, three-dimensional model based on the shallow water Casulli V. Walters RA. equations 349 Colocated schemes for the incompressible navier-stokes equations on non-smooth Moulinec C. Wesseling P. grids for two-dimensional problems

International Journal of Engineering Science
121 Stress intensity factors around two co-planar gri th cracks in an orthotropiclayer sandwiched between two identical orthotropic half planes 135 A thermodynamic eld theory for anodic bonding of micro electro-mechanical systems mems 159 Magnetic uid systems of nite geometry with surface adsorption 175 Flow induced by non-coaxialrotation of a disk executingnon-torsional oscillations and a uid rotating at in nity 197 In uence of a curvature discontinuity on the pressure distribution in twodimensional frictionless contact problems 207 Free convection ow with variableviscosity and thermal di usivityalong a vertical plate in the presence of the magnetic eld 215 Mathematical model of pulsatile blood ow in a distensible aortic bifurcation subject to body acceleration 239 Finite-time exergoeconomic performance bound for a quantum stirling engine Das S. Patra B. Debnath L. Enikov ET. Boyd JG. Bajaj R. Malik SK. Erdogan ME.

382 2000

Mechain-Renaud C. Cimetiere A. Elbashbeshy EMA. Chakravarty S. Mandal PK. Mandal A. Wu F. Chen LG. Sun FR. Wu C.

International Journal of Engineering Science
251 The displacement, and strain-stress elds of a general circular volterra dislocation loop 267 Optimal quasiperiodic design for a heat transfer problem 275 Bending analysis of micropolar elastic beam using a 3-d nite element method 287 A numerical and experimental study of transient torsional waves in stepped circular bars 309 Low-reynolds-number ow of micropolar uid between converging spheres 325 Acoustic scattering by transversely isotropic cylinders 337 Some unsteady unidirectional ows of a non-newtonian uid 347 On theories for reacting immiscible mixtures

383 2000
Khraishi TA. Hirth JP. Zbib HM. Khaleel MA. Polisevski D. Huang FY. Yan BH. Yan JL. Yang DU. Yokoyama T. Liu K. Kucaba-Pietal A. Ahmad F. Rahman A. Hayat T. Asghar S. Siddiqui AM. Drumheller DS.

International Journal of Engineering Science
383 Numerical study of heat transfer characteristics of the micropolar boundary layer near a stagnation point on a moving wall 395 Two plane punches on a nonlocal elastic half plane 405 Homogenized properties of periodic n-component composites 429 On time-dependent material systems 453 A new framework in nonlocal mechanics Bhargava R. Takhar HS. Artan R. Omurtag M. Kaminski M. Murdoch AI. Gangho er JF. de Borst R.

384 2000

International Journal of Engineering Science
487 Derivation of macroscopic ltration law for transient linear viscoelastic uid ow in porous media 505 Wave motion in a viscous uid- lled fracture 517 Thermomechanical theories for swelling porous media with microstructure 565 Complex potentials and sigular integral for curve crack problem in antiplane elasticity 575 Algorithms and convergence results for an inverse problem in heat propagation AS Ashour MA Murad, JH Cushman YZ Chen A Capatina, R Stavre


385 2000
B Khuzhayorov, JL Auriault, P Royer

International Journal of Engineering Science
589 Impact of an elastic pseudo-rigid body on a rigid foundation 605 Determination of piezoelectric eshelby tensor in transversely isotropic piezoelectric solids 643 Canonical forms of constitutive equations of mixtures. 673 Crack branch in piezoelectric bimaterial system. 695 The vibration and dynamic stability of viscoelastic plates. JM Solberg, P Papadopoulos Y Mikata K Buchacek QH Qin, YW Mai MH Ilyasov, Y Akoz

386 2000

International Journal of Engineering Science
715 Explicit determination of isovector elds of equivalence groups for second order balance equations. 737 Nonlinear elasto-plastic deformations of transversely isotropic material and plastic spin 765 Unsteady convective di usion with heterogeneous chemical reaction in a planepoiseuille ow of a micropolar uid 785 Control of burgers equation by means of mode reduction 807 Boussinesq type solution for a transversely isotropic half-space coated with a thin lm 823 E ects of microstructure on natural convection ow of micropolar uids in a vertical cylinder heated from below ES Suhubi S Cleja-Tigoiu PG Siddheshwar, S Manjunath HM Park, YD Jang M Rahman, GM Newaz

387 2000

A Mrabti, K Gueraoui, A Hihi, A Echchelh, O Terhmina

International Journal of Fatigue
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211001 1999

AK Vasudevan, JC Cammett, T Nicholas, K Jata Tailoring the structural integrity process to meet the challenges of aging aircraft DL Simpson, CL Brooks Near threshold fatigue: a review L Lawson, EY Chen, M Meshi Service load fatigue damage - a historical perspective PC Paris, H Tada, JK Donald An evaluation of ke estimation procedures on 6061-t6 and 2024-t3 aluminium K Donald, PC Paris alloys Fatigue crack growth from simulated ight cycles involving superimposed M Hawkyard, BE Powell, JM Stephenson, M vibrations Mcelhone The e ects of environment and loading waveform on fatigue crack growth in MR Bache, WJ Evans, MC Hardy inconel 718 Creep-fatigue small crack propagation in a single crystal ni-base superalloy, cmsx- Masakazu Okazaki, Yasuhiro Yamazaki 2: microstructural in uences and environmental e ects In uence of stress state on high cycle fatigue of notched ti-6a1-4v specimens DB Lanning, GK Haritos, T Nicholas Phase morphology and fatigue lives of nitrogen alloyed duplex stainless steels N Akdut Processing titanium alloys for optimum fatigue performance MR Bache Fatigue damage of structural materials ii crack nucleation and crack growth aki- Nakamura hiko ohta, naoyuki suzuki, yoshio maeda, kazuo hiraoka, teruyoshi E ect of testing atmosphere air in vacuo on low cycle fatigue characteristics of L Llanes, A Mateo, P Villechaise, J Mendez, a duplex stainless steel M Anglada E ects of microstructural modi ciation on fatigue crack growth resistance of ti- SM Kazanjian, EA Starke, Jr. 15v-3a1-3sn-3cr Fatigue thresholds of ni-ti alloy near the shape memory transition temperature RL Holtz, K Sadananda, MA Imam The compatibility of crack closure and kmax dependent models of fatigue crack CR Krenn, JW Morris Jr. growth Modeling interfacial conditions in nominally at contacts for application to fret- PA Mcveigh, G Harish, TN Farris, MP ting fatigue of turbine engine components Szolwinski Approximate stresses in 2-d at elastic contact fretting problems MR Urban Use of fracture mechanicsto predict fatigue initiationlife under multiaxialloading Y Wang, J Pan conditions Comparison of contemporary fcg life prediction tools JA Harter Fatigue life prediction techniques for notch geometries in titanium alloys MR Bache, M Tasleem, AQ Khan

199 Fatigue crack nucleation & growth rate behaviour of laser shock peened titanium JJ Ruschau, R John, SR Thompson, T Nicholas 211 A comparison of fatigue crack formation at holes in 2024-t3 and 2524-t3 alu- PJ Golden, AF Grandt, Jr., GH Bray minium alloy specimens 221 Critical issues in high cycle fatigue T Nicholas 233 Analysis of overload e ects and related phenomena. K Sadananda, AK Vasudevan, RL Holz, EU Lee 247 E ect of texture and ramp loading on the cyclic response and dislocation sub- P Peralta, K Obergfell, L Llanes, C Laird, TE structure of copper polycrystals. Mitchell 255 In uence of microstructure and load ratio on fatigue threshold behaviour in 7075 SE Stanzl-Tschegg, O Plasser, EK Tschegg, aluminium alloy. AK Vasudevan 263 Application of uni ed fatigue damage approach to compression-tension region. AK Vasudevan, K Sadananda 275 Random fatigue crack gowth in aluminium alloys. S Ustilovsky, R Arone


International Journal of Fatigue
1 11 23 41 53 65 75 Fatigue growth simulationof part-through aws in thick-walledpipes under rotary bending. Predicting fatigue lives for bi-modal stress spectral densities Evaluation of an energy-based approach and a critical plane approach for predicting constant amplitude multilaxial fatigue life A method for the evaluation of the fatigue operational life of submarines' pressure hulls. Characterization of fatigue and combined environment on durability performance of glass vinyl ester composite for infrastructure applications Thermographic methodology for rapid determination of the fatigue limit of materials and mechanical components An improved algorithm for parameter estimation suitable for mixed weibull distributions TT Fu, D Cebon J Park, D Nelson

221 1999
A Carpinteri, R Brighenti, Spagnolia.

LBR Robles, MA Buelta, E Goncalves, GFM Souza F Mcbagonluri, K Garcia, M Hayes, KNE Verghese, JJ Lesko G La Rosa, A Risitano M Nagode, M Fajdiga

International Journal of Fatigue
85 93 101 121 137 147 161 Hot spot stress evaluation of fatigue in welded structural connections supported by nite element analysis Cyclic behaviourconcerningthe response of material subjectedto tension levelling A critical plane approach for life prediction of high cycle fatigue under multiaxial variable amplitude loading Sheave-bending and tensile fatigue of aramid- ber strength members for communications cables. On the fatigue limit of ductile metals under complex multiaxial loading Implications of engine's deterioration upon an aero-engine hp turbine blade's thermal-fatigue life Fatigue crack propagation and fracture characteristics of in-situ titanium-matrix composites G Savaidis, M Vormwald

222 2000
JW Morris, SJ Hardy, AW Lees, JT Thomas F Morel TODD Mower H Zenner, A Simburger, J Liu M Naeem, R Singh, D Probert S Dubey, Srivatsan, WO Soboyejo

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
125 134 146 156 Complex turbulent wakes generated by two and three side-by-side cylinders Heat transfer on a lm-cooled rotating blade Film-cooling holes with expanded exits: near-hole heat transfer coe cients The e ect of inclination on the heat transfer between a at surface and an impinging two-dimensional air jet 164 E ects of near-wall reynolds-stress modeling on the calculation of the turbulent thermal eld 176 Chaotic uid mixing in non-quasi-static time-periodic cavity ows 186 197 207 213 221 228

212 2000
Y Zhou, R.M.C. So, M.H. Liu, H.J. Zhang VK Garg M Gritsch , Achmed Schulz, Sigmar Wittig AH BeitelmalMichel A. Saad, ChandrakantD. Patel RMC So T.P. Sommer, C.Y. Zhao

PD Anderson Oleksiy S. Galaktionov, Gerrit W.M. Peters, Frans N. van de Vosse, Han E.H. Meijer Accurate computations of the laminar ow past a square cylinder based on the M Breuer J. Bernsdorf, T. Zeiser, F. Durst di erent methods: lattice-botzmann and nite volume Finite element analysis of incompressible viscous ow with moving free surface SUHO Shin, WOOIL Lee, Suho Shin by selective volume of uid method E ects of viscosity of uids on centrifugal pump performance and ow pattern in WENGUANG Li the impeller Flow through a rotating helical pipe with circular cross-section K Yamamoto , Md. Mahmud Alam, Junich Yasuhara, Agus Aribowo In uence of n spacing and rotational speed on the convective heat exchanges B Watel, , Souad Harmand, Bernard Desmet from a rotating nned tube Temperature responseof a single blow regeneratorusing axially dispersivethermal VS Prasad, SK Das wave of nite propagation velocity - analysis and experiment


International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
653 E ect of interface thermal resistance on heat transfer in a composite medium using the thermal wave model 665 Revisiting the reynolds-averaged energy equation in near-wall turbulence models 677 The e ect of free- oating dendrites and convection on macrosegregation in direct chill cast aluminum alloys part i: model development 687 The e ect of free- oating dendrites and convection on macrosegregation in direct chill cast aluminum alloys - part ii: predictions for a1-cu and a1-mg alloys 705 Subcritical transitions to chaos and hysteresis in a uid layer heated from below 725 Forced convection with slug ow and viscous dissipation in a rectangular duct 741 Analytical determination of the temperature distribution and nusselt numbers in rectangular ducts under constant axial heat ux 757 Crystal ice formation of solution and its removal phenomena at cooled horizontal solid surface part ii: onset of ice removal condition 767 Optimum shape and dimensions of ducts for convective heat transfer in laminar ow at constant wall temperature 777 Evaporative cooling of continuously drawn glass bers by water sprays 791 Echange thermique convectif local dans la zone de recirculation en aval d'une marche 807 Mass transfer within the gas-phase of porous media 825 Natural convection around horizontal downward-facing plate with rectangular grooves: experiments and numerical simulation 839 "wall-adjacent layer" analysis for developed- ow laminar heat transfer of gases in microchannels

435 1999
WHEYBIN Lor, HSINSEN Chu KC Chang, MJ Shyu CJ Vreeman, MJM Krane, FP Incropera CJ Vreeman, FP Incropera P Vadasz A Barletta, B Pulvirenti GL Morini T Hirata, MITSUTOSHI Kato, KOJI Nagasaka, MASAAKI Ishikawa A Yilmaz, O Buyukalaca, T Yilmaz M Sweetland, JH Lienhard F Boizumault, S Harmand, B Desmet W Kast, CR Hohenthanner CE Kwak, TH Song JM Li, BX Wang, XF Peng

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
849 Low turbulencenatural convectionin an air lled square cavity part i: the thermal and uid ow elds 867 Low turbulence natural convection in an air lled square cavity part ii: the turbulence quantities 885 Flow bifurcation and heat transfer in a spherical gap 901 Flow transition in a multilouvered n array 921 Heat transfer analysis of a di usion ame leading near a cold, chemically inert surface 935 Ray e ect mitigation in jet re radiation modelling 945 The e ect of hydrodynamic conditions on heat transfer in a complex viscoplastic ow eld 963 A computational study of transient plane front solidi cation of alloys in a bridgman apparatus under microgravity conditions 981 Radiative characteristics of bers with a large size parameter 993 Temperature decay in two-phase turbulent ows 1007 Combined evaporating meniscus-driven convection and radiation in annular microchannels for electronics cooling application 1025 The e ect of surfactants on interfacial mass transfer in binary liquid-liquid systems 1035 The heating, by viscous dissipation, of liquids owing across an enclosed rotating disc YS Tian, TG Karayiannis YS Tian, TG Karayiannis WJ Luo, RJ Yang DK Tafti, G Wang, W Lin R Vance, IS Wichman PS Cumber KJ Hammad

436 2000

V Timchenko, PYP Chen, E Leonardi, G De Vahl Davis, R Abbaschian J Yamada, Y Kurosaki FA Jaberi, F Mashayek CHIHPING Tso, SP Mahulikar D Agble, MA Mendes-Tatsis CM Ellwood, WJ Korchinsky

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
1053 Phasewise numerical integration of nite element method applied to solidi cation processes. 1067 Combined laminar forced convection and thermal radiation in a helical pipe 1079 Acoustic wave prediction in owing steam-water two-phase mixture 1089 A visual study of phase-change heat transfer in a two-dimensional porous structure with a partial heating boundry 1103 Experimental investigation of laminar mixed convection in an inclined semicircular duct under buoyancy assisted and opposed conditions. 1113 Laminar free convection from a vertical plate in partly dissociated gases.

437 2000
NM Nigro, A Huespe, V Fachinotti B Zheng, CX Lin, MA Ebadian J Xu, T Chen Q Liao, TS Zhao AA Busedra, HM Soliman

DM Fontana, M Corcione, A Lo Monaco, L Santarpia 1121 Coupling of conduction and convection past an impulsively started semi-in nite A Pozzi, R Tognaccini at plate. 1133 E ects of nozzle-inlet chamfering on pressure drop and heat transfer in con ned LA Brignoni, SV Garimella air jet impingement. 1141 On capillary-driven ow and phase-change heat transfer in a porous structure TS Zhao, Q Liao heated by a nned surface: measurements and modeling.

1157 Transient supercritical droplet evaporation with emphasis on the e ects of equation of state 1173 Suspension-to-membrane-wall heat transfer in a circulating uidized bed combustor 1187 Some expermentalinvestigationson the concentrationvariance and its dissipation rate in a grid generated turbulent ow. 1201 Relative stability of subcooled ow boiling on non-uniformly heated, inclined at surface. 1209 Modelling of an electric ir heater at transient and steady state conditions. part i: model and validation 1223 Modelling of an electric ir heater at transient and steady state conditions. part ii: modelling a paper dryer 1233 A new angular discretization scheme of the nite volume method for 3-d radiative heat transfer in absorbing, emitting and anisotropically scattering media. 1243 Large eddy simulation with a dynamic subgrid-scale model of turbulent heat transfer in an orgonally rotating rectangular duct with transverse rib turbulators. 1261 Determination of the temperature dependent thermophysical properties from temperature responses measured at medium's boundaries

GS Zhu, SK Aggarwal


W Luan, BD Bowen, CJ Lim, CMH Brereton, JR Grace F Lemoine, Y Antoine, M Wol , M Lebouche WW Lin, DJ Lee, JC Yang M Pettersson, S Stenstrom M Pettersson, S Stenstrom SH Kim, KY Huh A Murata, S Mochizuki CY Yang

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
1273 Heat transfer a review of 1996 literature erg eckert, rj goldstein, we ibele, tw simon, th kuehn, pj strykowski, kk tamma, a bar-cohen, jvr heberlein, jh davidson, j 1373 A nite element free convection model for the side wall heated cavity. 1391 Condensation on the outside surface of a small mini diameter tube for vapor owing through a horizontal annulus surrounded by an adiabatic concentric tube. 1399 Prediction of heat and mass transfer for fully developed turbulent uid ow through tubes 1409 Transient, three-dimensional heat transfer model for the laser assisted machining of silicon nitride: i. comparisonof predictions with measured surface temperature histories 1425 Transient, three-dimensional heat transfer model for the laser assisted machining of silicon nitride: ii. assessment of parametric e ects 1439 A nonlinear low-reynolds-number heat transfer model for turbulent separated and reattaching ows 1449 Buoyant heat transfer in a rotating cup-like cavity 1457 Analytical solutions to the unsteady close-contact melting on a at plate 1469 Entropy generation in turbulent liquid ow through a smooth duct subjected to constant wall temperature. 1479 Detailed mass transfer distribution in a ribbed coolant passage with a 180o bend KAR Ismail, VL Scalon BX Wang, XZ Du S Aravinth

438 2000
Bischof, F Kulacki, U Kortshagen

JC Rozzi, FE Pfe erkorn, FP Incropera, YUNGC Shin JC Rozzi, FP Incropera, YC Shin GH Rhee, HJ Sung WN Kim, HS Kwak, JAEMIN Hyun H Yoo AZ Sahin Y Chen, DE Nikitopoulos, R Hibbs, S Acharya, TA Myrum

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
1505 Onset of double-di usive convection in a rectangular porous cavity subject to mixed boundary conditions 1523 Mixed convection in radial ow between horizontal plates - i. numerical simulations 1537 Mixed convection in radial ow between horizontal plates - ii. experiments 1547 1563 1573 1591 1603 1617 1629 1637 1651 1661 1673

439 2000
A Mahidjiba, M Mamou, P Vasseur

H Van Santen, CR Kleijn, HEA Van Den Akker H Van Santen, CR Kleijn, HEA Van Den Akker Terrestrial and microgravity boiling heat transfer in a dielectrophoretic force eld TJ Snyder, JN Chung Mixed convection of micropolar uids in a cavity TH Hsu, SG Wang Entrainment and desposition of droplets in annular two-phase ow I Kataoka, M Ishii, A Nakayama The e ect of concentration gradient on the melting of a horizontal ice plate from M Sugawara, TF Irvine above Computation of heat transfer in rotating two-pass square channels by a second- HC Chen, YJ Jang, JC Han moment closure model. Convective stability of a particle-laden uid system in the presence of C Mackie solidi cation. Metastable pin n boiling WW Lin, JC Yang, DJ Lee Thermophoretic separation of ultra ne particles in ferro uids in thermal di usion E Blums, S Odenbach column under the e ect of a mhd convection Heat transfer and friction characteristics of n-and-tube heat exchangers. WEIMON Yan, PJ Sheen Thermal radiation from nonisothermal spherical particles of a semitransparent LA Dombrovsky material Evolution of liquid solid contact area of a drop impinging on a solid surface H Fujimoto, H Shiraishi, N Hatta

International Journal of Impact Engineering
0 1 13 27 39 51 63 67 77 87 101 113 125 137 169 181 193 205 215 225 237 249 261 271 283 295 307 319 331 341 353 365 377 391 401 409 421 431 443 455 467 477 Tribute to burton g. cour-palais Long-rod penetration into highly oblique, water- lled targets Behind armor blast bab caused by shaped charges Use of z-pinch sources for high-pressure equation-of-state studies


231 Part 2 1999

Orphal DL. Anderson CE. Wilbeck JS. Elder JS. Arnold W. Schafer FK. Asay JR. Hall CA. Konrad CH. Trott WM. Chandler GA. Fleming KJ. Holland KG. Chhabildas LC. Mehlhorn TA. Vesey R. Trucano TG. Hauer A. Cauble R. Foord M. A wien displacement law for impact radiation Baird JK. King TR. Interactions between an impact generated ejecta curtain and an atmosphere Barnouin-Jha OS. Schultz PH. Penetration of compact steel projectiles in to heterogeneous metal target of tied Belov GV. Dyakin EP. Protasov SA. Petrushin - wire fabric twf type AV. Smirnov GS. A plasma drag hypervelocity particle accelerator hyper Best SR. Rose MF. Transverse loads on a yawed projectile Bless SJ. Satapathy S. Normandia MJ. Laboratory measurements of materials in extreme conditions: the use of high Cauble R. Remington BA. Campbell EM. energy radiation sources for high pressure studies A methodology to validate 3d arbitrary lagrangian eulerian codes with applica- Chhabildas LC. Konrad CH. Mosher DA. tions to alegra Reinhart WD. Duggins BD. Trucano TG. Summers RM. Peery JS. Extravehicular activity suit penetration resistance Christiansen EL. Cour-Palais BG. Friesen LJ. Flexible and deployable meteoroid debris shielding for spacecraft Christiansen EL. Kerr JH. De la Fuente HM. Schneider WC. A career in applied physics: apollo through space station Cour-Palais BG. Electromagnetic properties of impact-generated plasma, vapor and debris Crawford DA. Schultz PH. Columbus debris shielding experiments and ballistic limit curves Destefanis R. Faraud M. Trucchi M. The impact of long rods into spaced-plate arrays Dickinson DL. Wilson LT. About the state of two-metal contact boundary at a high-velocity oblique impact Drennov OB. Hypervelocity impact testing of the pressurized mating adapters for the interna- Dvorak BD. tional space station E ects of uncertainty in hypervelocity impact performance equations and other Evans HJ. Williamsen J. parameters on variance in spacecraft vulnerability predictions A hybrid particle- nite element method for hypervelocity impact simulation Fahrenthold EP. Horban BA. Sph simulations of debris impacts using two di erent computer codes Faraud M. Destefanis R. Palmieri D. Marchetti M. Time-resolved particle velocity measurements at impact velocities of 10 km s Furnish MD. Chhabildas LC. Reinhart WD. Numerical modeling of damage in various types of hypervelocity experiments Geille A. Investigation of shock and detonation waves by optical pyrometry Gogulya MF. Dolgoborodov AY. Brazhnikov MA. Ballistic limit velocity for long rods from ordnance velocity through hypervelocity Grace FI. impact Impact failure and fragmentation properties of tungsten carbide Grady D. Natural and simulated hypervelocity impacts into solar cells. Graham GA. Kearsley AT. Grady MM. Wright IP. Herbert MK. McDonnell JAM. Evaluating the evolution of process speci c degradationsignatures around impact Grant JA. craters Shock hugoniot and release in concrete with di erent aggregate sizes from 3 to Hall CA. Chhabildas LC. Reinhart WD. 23 gpa Jet penetration for a class of cumulative mass pro les Hancock SL. Development of material models for nextel and kevlar-epoxy for high pressures Hayhurst CJ. Hiermaier SJ. Clegg RA. Riedel and strain rates W. Lambert M. Characterisation of rear incident hypervelocity impact phenomena on hubble Herbert MK. space telescope solar arrays Hypervelocity impact fragment clouds in high pressure gas numerical and exper- Hiermaier S. Schafer F. imental investigations Mass spectrometer calibration of high-velocity impact ionization based cosmic Jyoti G. Gupta SC. Ahrens TJ. Kossakovski dust analyzer D. Beauchamp JL. High pressure solid state experiments on the nova laser Kalantar DH. Remington BA. Chandler EA. Colvin JD. Gold DM. Mikaelian KO. Weber SV. Wiley LG. Wark JS. Hauer AA. Meyers MA. Applications of the ion beam technique for investigationsof hypervelocityimpacts Kanel GI. Asay JR. Baumung K. Bluhm H. Chhabildas LC. Fortov VE. Goel B. Hoppe P. Mehlhorn T. Razorenov SV. Rusch D. Utkin AV. Concept of ultimate fracture velocity in the analysis of spherical cavity expansion Kartuzov VV. Galanov BA. Ivanov SM. in brittle materials: application to penetration problems Analysis of jet formation and penetration by conical shaped charge with the Katayama M. Takeba A. Toda S. Kibe S. inhibitor Shock-data constraints on interatomic potentials for condensed matter King T. Shively J. Possible detection of failure wave velocity using hypervelocity penetration Kozhushko AA. Orphal DL. Sinani AB. experiments Franzen RR. Relation between spall strength and mesoparticle velocity dispersion Krivtsov AM.

489 Testing and simulation of microdebris from impacts with complex targets 501 509 519 533 547 561 573 585 597 621 629 639 651 663 675 687 699 711 723 735 745 757 771 783 795 803 811 823 835 847 859 869 883 895 905 921 933 945 957 967 981 989

Kruse GR. Mendes WR. Sommers WJ. Weed RA. Nash KD. Mayo DV. Review of investigations under way on the large-scale tsniimash ballistic facility Kryukov PV. Comparison of nitrogen alloyed austenitic steels and high strength armor steels Lach E. Koerber G. Scharf M. Bohmann A. impacted at high velocity Normal and oblique hypervelocity impacts on carbon bre peek composites Lamontage CG. Manuelpillai GN. Taylor EA. Tennyson RC. Ram-accelerator: a new hypervelocity launcher for ballistic studies Legendre JF. Giraud M. Henner M. The e ect of o set on the performance of segmented penetrators Little eld DL. Garcia RM. Bless SJ. Active attitude control of gun launched projectiles Liquornik DJ. Yang FW. Zwiener MC. Hayami RA. Constant kinetic energy impacts of scale size ke projectiles at ordnance and Lynch NJ. hypervelocity Jet penetration into low density targets Mayseless M. Genussov R. Hvi phenomena: applications to space missions MacDonnell JAM. Numerical simulations of low l d rod aluminum into aluminum impacts compared Mchenry MR. Choo Y. Orphal DL. to the tate cratering model Mechanical properties, indentation and dynamic yield stress of ceramic targets Milman YV. Chugunova SI. Statistical analysis of nrl 1964-1969 hypervelocity rod-plateimpact data and com- Nebolsine PE. Humer ND. Harmon NF. Baker parison to recent data JR. Expansion, radiation and condensation of vapor cloud, created by high-velocity Nemtchinov IV. Shuvalov VV. Artemieva NA. impact onto a target in vacuum Kosarev IB. Trubetskaya IA. Eroded length model for yawed penetrators impacting nite thickness targets at Normandia MJ. normal and oblique incidence Penetration performance of multiple segmented rods at 2.6 km s Normandia MJ. Lee MY. Highly oblique impact and penetration of thin targets by steel spheres Orphal DL. Streamline reversal in hypervelocity penetration Orphal DL. Anderson CE. Holes producedin thin aluminum sheets by the hypervelocityimpact of aluminum Piekutowski AJ. spheres Penetration of 6061-t6511 aluminum targets by ogive-nose steel projectiles with Piekutowski AJ. Forrestal MJ. Poormon KL. striking velocities between 0.5 and 3.0 km s Warren TL. Numerical simulation of oblique impact on orbital debris shielding Rabb RJ. Fahrenthold EP. Research on features of behaviour of isotropic and anisotropic materials under Radchenko AV. Kobenko SV. Marzenyuk IN. impact Khorev IE. Kanel GI. Fortov VE. Metallographic observations of armor steel specimens from plates perforated by Raftenberg MN. Krause CD. shaped charge jets Impact studies of ve ceramic materials and pyrex Reaugh JE. Holt AC. Wilkins ML. Cunningham BJ. Hord BL. Kusubov AS. Orbital debris impact damage to reusable launch vehicles Robinson JH. On the interaction between shaped charge jets and con ned explosives at normal Rosenberg Z. Dekel E. incidence Material properties experiments using the awe high power laser, helen Rothman SD. Evans AM. Eagleton RT. Pearson LB. Simulated space debris impact experiments on toughened laminated thin solar Roybal R. Tlomak P. Stein C. Stokes H. cell cover glass Modelling oblique hypervelocity impact phenomena using elementary shock Schonberg WP. Ebrahim AR. physics Analytical hole diameter and crack length models for multi-wall systems under Schonberg WP. Mohamed E. hypervelocity projectile impact 3d hydrodynamiccode sova for multimaterial ows, applicationto shoemaker-levy Shuvalov VV. Artem'eva NA. Kosarev IB. 9 comet impact problem An investigation of ceramic aluminium composites as shields for hypervelocity Silvestrov VV. Plastinin AV. Pai VV. Yakovlev impacts IV. Application of steady state maximum entropy methods to high kinetic energy Smalley LL. Woosley JK. impacts on ceramic targets Hypervelocity impact on carbon bre reinforced plastic aluminium honeycomb: Taylor EA. Herbert MK. Vaughan BAM. Mccomparison with whipple bumper shields Donnell JAM. Hydrocode modelling of hypervelocity impact on brittle materials: depth of pen- Taylor EA. Tsembelis K. Hayhurst CJ. Kay L. etration and conchoidal diameter Burchell MJ. Analysis of the fracture of gas- lled pressure vessels under hypervelocity impact Telitchev IY. SchafertFK. Schneider EF. Lambert M. Cratering model of asteroid and comet impact on a planetary surface Teterev AV. Hypervelocity shrapnel damage assessment in nif target chamber Tokheim RE. Curran DR. Seaman L. Cooper T. Anderson AT. Burnham AK. Scott JM. Latkowski J. Schirmann D. A penalty approach for contact in smoothed particle hydrodynamics Vignjevic R. Campbell J. A model for penetration by very low aspect ratio projectiles Walker JD. Transverse loading and response of long rod penetratorsduring high velocity plate Yatteau JD. Recht GW. Edquist KT. perforation Applied research of shaped charge technology Yu CA. Tong YJ. Yan CL. Li FB. Gui YL. Zhang M. Wang BR. Xie PH. Li LZ. A simple analysis model for the hypervelocity cratering of semi-in nite targets Zhou N. by projectile



995 Failure wave e ects in hypervelocity penetration

Zilberbrand EL. Vlasov AS. Cazamias JU. Bless SJ. Kozhushko AA.

International Journal of Impact Engineering
1 Negative phase blast e ects on glass panels 19 Pseudo-shakedown in the collision mechanics of ships 33 Scaling of non-proportional non-deforming projectiles impacting reinforced concrete barriers 57 Penetration experiments with 6061-t6511 aluminum targets and spherical-nose steel projectiles at striking velocities between 0.5 and 3.0 km s 69 Dimple fracture under short pulse loading 85 Further examination of long rod penetration: the role of penetrator strength at hypervelocity impacts Forrestal MJ. Piekutowski AJ. Rizal S. Homma H. Rosenberg Z. Dekel E.

241 2000
Krauthammer T. Altenberg A. Huang ZQ. Chen QS. Zhang WT. Dancygier AN.

International Journal of Impact Engineering
219 Methodology for a hopkinson test with a non-uniform viscoelastic bar 231 Shear failure of a steel member due to a blast. 239 Finite cavity expansion method for near-surface e ects and layering during earth penetration 259 Impact of metallic projectiles on ceramic targets: transition between interface defeat and penetration. 277 High strain compressive behaviour of aluminium alloy foams. 299 Damage evaluation of two-layer targets impacted by a projectile 313 Impact failure mechanisms in alumina tiles on nite thickness support and the e ect of con nement C Bacon, A Brun T Nonaka RW Macek, TA Du ey

243 2000
P Lundberg, R Renstrom, B Lundberg VS Deshpande, NA Fleck CK Chao, RC Chang D Sherman

International Journal of Impact Engineering
329 Lateral collapse of composite cylindrical tubes between at platens 347 Static and dynamic crushing of square aluminium extrusions with aluminium foam ller. 385 Axial impact behavior and energy absorption e ciency of composite wrapped metal tubes 403 On the optimal nose geometry for a rigid penetrator, including the e ects of pressure-dependant friction 417 Short unpublished manuscripts of benjamin robins. 429 A note on casting iron cannon balls: ideality and porosity

244 2000
NK Gupta, H Abbas AG Hanssen, M Langseth, OS Hopperstad HONGWEI Song, ZHIMIN Wan, ZHIMIN Xie, XINGWEN Du SE Jones, WK Rule W Johnson DJ Williams, W Johnson

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
645 Modelling fatigue damage accumulation in two-dimensional voronoi honeycombs 657 Basic two-dimensional core types for sandwich structures 677 E ect of deformation-dependent material parameters on forming limits of thin sheets 693 Analysis of ribbed-strip rolling by rigid-viscoplastic fem 705 A new cyclic anisotropic model for plane strain sheet metal forming 729 A continuum plasticity model for the constitutive and indentation behaviour of foamed metals 755 Creep damage evolution equations expressed in terms of dissipated power 771 Post-buckling behavior of poroelastic columns 785 Finite element analysis of limit strains in biaxial stretching of sheet metals allowing for ductile fracture 799 Numerical modelling of cyclic plasticity and fatigue damage in cold-forging tools 819 From local failure toward global collapse of elastic-plastic structures in uctuating elds

424 2000
Scha ner G. Guo XDE. Silva MJ. Gibson LJ. Kim B. Christensen RM. Xu SG. Weinmann KJ. Jiang ZY. Liu XL. Liu XH. Wang GD. Sanchez LR. Miller RE. Zyczkowski M. Cederbaum G. Takuda H. Mori K. Takakura N. Yamaguchi K. Pedersen TO. Chinh PD.

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
831 843 867 889 Elastic-plastic solid disk with nonuniform heat source subjected to external pressure Paradoxical buckling behaviour of a thin cylindrical shell under axial compression E ect of strain path change on limits to ductility of anisotropic metal sheets An experimental investigation on cut surface and burr in trimming aluminum autobody sheet Guven U. Altay O.

425 2000
Lancaster ER. Calladine CR. Palmer SC. Kuroda M. Tvergaard V. Li M.

907 925 943

Micromechanisms of deformation and fracture in shearing aluminum alloy sheet The mechanical behaviour of interpenetrating phase composites - i: modelling The mechanical behaviour of interpenetrating phase composites - ii: a case study of a three-dimensionally printed material 965 Process optimal design in non-steady forming of porous metals by the nite element method 991 Impact of rigid angular particles with fully-plastic targets - part i: analysis 1007 Impact of rigid angular particles with fully-plastic targets - part ii: parametric study of erosion phenomena

Li M. Wegner LD. Gibson LJ. Wegner LD. Gibson LJ. Chung SH. Lee JH. Chung HS. Hwang SM. Papini M. Spelt JK. Papini M. Spelt JK.


International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
1027 A new procedure based on sachs' boring for measuring non-axisymmetric residual stresses 1049 Hydro-rim deep-drawing processes of hardening and rate-sensitive materials 1069 Finite element analysis of the e ect of sequential cuts and tool-chip friction on residual stresses in a machined layer 1087 An evaluation of the errors in the yield surface for a rotationally symmetric this shell due to neglecting transverse normal stresses and shell cuurvature 1097 Failure of aluminum foams under multiaxial loads 1119 Plane frames as semi-underconstrained systems 1135 Exact solutions for longitudinal vibration of rods coupled by translational springs 1153 Linear free vibration analysis of cross-ply laminated cylindrical helical springs 1171 Postbuckling of shear deformable laminated plates under biaxial compression and lateral pressure and resting on elastic foundations 1197 Polynomial solutions for thin plates 1205 Thermoviscoplastic modelling of oblique cutting: forces and chip ow predictions

426 2000
AA Garcia-Granada, DJ Smith, MJ Pavier J Tirosh, A Shirizly, D Ben-David, S Stanger CR Liu, YB Guo M Robinson G Gioux, TM Mccormack, LJ Gibson KYU Volokh, O Vilnay QIUSHENG Li, GQ Li, DK Liu V Yildirim, E Sancaktar Hui-Shen Shen GA Mohr A Moufki, D Dudzinski, A Molinari, M Rausch

International Journal of Plasticity
1 Instability of sintering of porous bodies 39 On the mechanism of void growth and the e ect of straining mode in ductile materials 59 Thin shear boundary layers in ow of hot aluminium 73 Texture gradient simulations for extrusion and reversible rolling of fcc metals 91 Accelerated void growth in porous ductile solids containing two populations of cavities Olevsky E. Molinari A. Li GC. Ling XW. Shen H. Aukrust T. LaZghab S. Perocheau F. Driver JH. Perrin G. Leblond JB.

161 2000

International Journal of Plasticity
121 A stress point algorithm for an elastoplastic model in unsaturated soils 143 A consistent nite elastoplasticity theory combining additive and multiplicative decomposition of the stretching and the deformation gradient 179 Rate-independent crystalline and polycrystalline plasticity, application to fcc materials 199 Dual nite element methods in homogenization for elastic-plastic brous composite material

162 2000
J Vaunat, JC Cante, A Ledesma, A Gens H Xiao, OT Bruhns, A Meyers R Knockaert, Y Chastel, E Massoni Z Wieckowski

International Journal of Pressure Vessels & Piping
873 Tagsi: the uk technical advisory group on structural integrity of nuclear plant 875 On the onset of upper shelf transition temperature behaviour in ferritic steels 879 Tagsi views on aspects of crack arrest philosophies for pressure vessels with thicknesses up to 100 mm 885 Views of tagsi on the current position with regard to bene ts of warm prestressing 891 Views of tagsi on the principles underlying the assessment of the mechanical properties of irradiated ferritic steel reactor pressure vessels 909 A review of methods and applications of reliabilityanalysis for structural integrity assessment of uk nuclear plant

7613 1999
Tomkins B. Burdekin FM. Lidbury DPG. Moskovic R. Burdekin FM. Knott JF. Sumpter JDG. Sherry AH. Burdekin FM. Lidbury DPG. Knott JF. English CA. Bullough R. Green VR. Tomkins B. Wilson R. Wintle JB.

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping

7614-15 2000

923 Editorial B Tomkins 925 Prediction of creep failure life of internally pressurised thick walled crmov pipes TH Hyde, W Sun, JA Williams 935 Assessment of the integrity of pipes containing circumferential defects using the VM Markotchev, YUV Shamraev method of real elements


945 E ect of dynamic strain aging on mechanical and fracture properties of a516 gr70 CHANGSUNG Seok, KL Murty steel 955 Failure pressure estimations on a solid propellant rocket motor with a circular K Renganathan, B Nageswara Rao, MK Jana perforated grain 965 Book review - ndt methods for monitoring degredation C Scruby

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping
1 Editorial 3 Probabilistic analysis of o -center cracks in cylindrical structures 17 Lower and upper bound limit analyses for pipeline with multi-slots of various con gurations 27 Burg spectrum estimation of neutron noise for the monitoring of reactor internal vibration with a hypothesis test 35 Reference stress solutions of at end to cylindrical shell connection and comparison with design stresses predicted by codes 41 Fracture toughness of 15x2mfa steel and its weldments 79 Book review - fatigue design and reliability edited by g. marquis and j. solin

771 2000
No Author S Rahman, G Chen, R Firmature HF Chen, DW Shu CM Sim, KO Chang, JM Sohn, BS Chon, HK Baik T Vilhelmsen BT Timofeev, GP Karzov, AA Blumin, VV Anikovsky XB Lin

International Journal of Solids & Structures
1103 1119 1133 1145 1165 1177 1191 1211 Exact and approximate dynamic analysis of circular arches using dqm The reissner-sagoci problem for a half-space under buried torsional forces Intergranular squirt ow in sand: grains with viscous cement A one-dimensional continuum model for thermoelectric phase transformations in ferroelectrics The cosserat spectrum for cylindrical geometries part 1: discrete subspace The cosserat spectrum for cylindrical geometries part 2: uover-tilde-1 subspace and applications E ects of periodic and localized imperfections on struts on nonlinear foundations and compression sandwich panels Limit analysis of the hearing capacity of ssured materials De Rosa MA. Franciosi C. Rahman M. Leurer KC. Dvorkin J. Kim SJ. Liu W. Markensco X. Liu W. Markensco X. Wadee MA.

378 2000

Zheng X. Booker JR. Carter JP.

International Journal of Solids & Structures
1251 Cracks problem for non-homogeneous composite material subjected to dynamic Wang BL. Han JC. Du SY. loading 1275 Stress-strain elds and the e ectivene

379 2000

1561 Direct calculation of buckling strength of imperfect structures 1577 Micromechanics modeling of composite with ductile matrix and shape memory alloy reinforcement 1595 Crack kinking from an initially closed crack 1615 Derivation of the fourth-order tangent operator based on a generalized eigenvalue problem 1629 Closed form solutions of t-stress in plane elasticity crack problems 1639 Dynamic fundamental solutions for transversely isotropic piezoelectric materials of crystal class 6 mm

Wu BS. Cherkaoui M. Sun QP. Song GQ. Leblond JB. Frelat J. Betsch P. Steinmann P. Chen YZ. Daros CH. Antes H.


International Journal of Solids & Structures
1663 1679 1701 1727 1743 Active control of nonlinear piezoelectric circular shallow spherical shells High-strain-rate pressure-shear recovery: a new experimental technique Wave re ection from the free end of a cylinder with an arbitrary cross-section Decohesive carrying capacity of a disk under tension and in-plane torsion Rectangular thick plates on winkler foundation: di erential quadrature element solution 1765 Composite failure under combined compression and shear 1793 A symmetry extension of maxwell's rule for rigidity of frames

3712 2000
Zhou YH. Tzou H. Jia D. Lennon AM. Ramesh KT. Taweel H. Dong SB. Kazic M. Latas W. Zyczkowski M. Liu FL. Vogler TJ. Hsu SY. Kyriakides S. Fowler PW. Guest SD.

International Journal of Solids & Structures
1809 Why pre-tensioning sti ens cable systems 1817 An asymptotic theory for circular cylindrical shells 1841 Mechanical and numerical modeling of a porous elastic-viscoplastic material with tensile failure 1873 Cohesive element modeling of viscoelastic fracture: application to peel testing of polymers 1899 Asymptotic analysis for cracks in a catalytic monolith combustor 1931 The in-plane non-linear compression of regular honeycombs

3713 2000
Volokh KY. Vilnay O. Niordson FI. Rubin MB. Vorobiev OY. Glenn LA. Rahulkumar P. Jagota A. Bennison SJ. Saigal S. Antipov YA. Kolaczkowski ST. Movchan AB. Spence A. Zhu HX. Mills NJ.

International Journal of Solids & Structures
1955 1975 1997 2005 2035 2059 On the lateral collapse of an identical pair of cylinders Bifurcation results for plasticity coupled to damage with mcr-e ect Transient thermoelastic contact problems for an elastic foundation Dynamic elastic-plastic buckling of circular cylindrical shells under axial impact Singularity in rotating orthotropic discs and shells The e ect of nite primary deformations on harmonic waves in layered elastic media

3714 2000
Abdul-Latif A. Ekh M. Runesson K. Jang YH. Karagiozova D. Jones N. Jain R. Ramachandra K. Simha KRY. Rogerson GA. Sandiford KJ.

International Journal of Solids & Structures
2093 Galin's problem for a periodic system of stamps with friction and adhesion 2127 In uence of imperfect interfaces on bending and vibration of laminated composite shells 2151 Growth of interfacial cracks in a tbc superalloy system due to oxide volume induced internal pressure and thermal loading 2167 Perturbation boundary- nite element combined method for solving the linear creep problem 2185 A viscoplastic approach to model the ow of granular solids 2215 On the evaluation of statical-kinematic sti ness matrix for underconstrained structural systems Nusier SQ. Newaz GM. Yang HT. Guo XL.

3715 2000
Antipov YA. Cheng ZQ. He LH. Kitipornchai S.

Elaskar SA. Godoy LA. Gray DD. Stiles JM. Kuznetsov EN.

International Journal of Solids & Structures
2363 2377 2405 2429 Thermal stress modeling in cryosurgery On the kern of a general cross section Modeling of compressive failure in ber reinforced composites Connection between interface corner and interfacial fracture analysis of an adhesively-bonded butt joint 2443 Boundary layer realization in thin elastic 3-d domains and 2-d hierarchic plate models Y Rabin, PS Steif M Mo d, A Yavari K Niu, R Talreja ED Reedy, Jr. M Dauge, Z Yosibash

3717 2000


2473 Fracture analysis of cracked orthotropic skin panels with riveted sti eners JR Yeh, M Kulak 2489 Erratum to " bonded contact of a exible elliptical disk with a transversely M Rahman isotropic half-space"

International Journal of Solids & Structures
2495 Experimental and analytical evaluation of damage process in thermal barrier coatings 2507 Elastica and buckling load of simple tapered columns with constant volume 2519 Stability of nite dimensional nonlinear elastic systems with unilateral contact and friction 2565 On the conditions of potentiality in nite elasticity and hypo-elasticity 2577 A new geometrical nonlinear laminated theory for large deformation analysis 2591 Universal connections of elastic brous composites: some new results 2603 Complete and exact solutions of a penny-shaped crack in a piezoelectric solid: antisymmetric shear loadings

3718 2000
SQ Nusier, GM Newaz, ZA Chaudhury BK Lee, SJ Oh JAC Martins, A Pinto Da Costa AI Leonov HF Tan, ZH Tian, XW Du T Chen, QS Zheng Weiqiu Chen, T Shioya

International Journal of Solids & Structures
2625 Saint-venant end e ects in piezoceramic materials 2639 Analysis of perfectly bonded wedges and bonded wedges with an interfacial crack under antiplane shear loading 2651 Mode iii near and far elds for a crack lying in or along a joint 2673 E ect of material nonlinearity in unidirectional composites on the behavior of beam structures 2695 Optimization of plastic conical shells loaded by a rigid central boss 2709 Optimal design of elastic rods under axial gravitational load using the maximum principle 2727 Hybrid method for stress analysis of nite three-dimensional elastic components

3719 2000
TW Chou, SC Danforth, A Safari, TW Chou AR Shahani, S Adibnazari D Leguillon, R Abdelmoula GA Abu-Farsakh, SA Barakat, NR Al-Zoubi J Lellep WH Warner XL Gao, RE Rowlands

International Journal of Solids & Structures
2757 Microbuckle initiation from a hole and from the free edge of a bre composite 2777 Modeling the thermomechanical e ects of crystallization in natural rubber: i. the theoretical structure 2791 Modeling the thermomechanical e ects of crystallization in natural rubber: ii. elementary thermodynamic properties 2811 Modeling the thermomechanical e ects of crystallization in natural rubber: iii. mechanical properties 2825 Canonical representations of complex vibratory subsystems time domain dirichlet to neumann maps 2859 Time resolved friction during dry sliding of metal on metal NA Fleck, D Liu, JY Shu M Negahban M Negahban M Negahban

3720 2000

PE Barbone, A Cherukuri, D Goldman MA Irfan, V Prakash

International Journal of Solids & Structures

3721 2000

2887 Strength prediction of composite laminates with multiple elliptical holes X Xu, HC Man, TM Yue 2901 Experimental investigation of transient thermoplastic e ects in dynamic fracture D Rittel 2915 A multidimensional anisotropic strength criterion based on kelvin modes YP Arramon, MM Mehrabadi, DW Martin, SC Cowin 2937 On the physical realizability of singular structural systems EN Kuznetsov 2951 Large-deformation tests and total-lagrangian nite-element analyses of exible PF Pai, TJ Anderson, EA Wheater beams 2981 Closed-form solutions for the magnetoelectric coupling coe cients in brous com- Tsung-Lin Wu, Jin H. Huang posites with piezoelectric and piezoelectric and piezomagnetic phases

Inverse Problems in Engineering

75 1999

409 A numerical method for an inverse biharmonic problem Lesnic D. Elliott L. Ingham DB. Zeb A. 433 On the regularization of the inverse laplace transform in grazing-emission x-ray Kok C. Urbach HP. uorescence spectroscopy 471 On the use of regularisation techniques for nite element model updating Ziaei-Rad S. Imregun M.

Inverse Problems in Engineering
505 519 537 565 Travel time inversion for the determination of stress elds in granular soil media Inverse optimization of supersonic wing design with twist speci cation Estimation of the initial temperature eld during cooling of a 1-d three layer body Boundary inverse problems of heat exchange for sliding bearing control and diagnostics 581 Enlargement of the frequency validity domain of the guyan transformation

76 1999
Samani AMV. Gladwell GML. Jeong S. Obayashi S. Nakahashi K. Mousseau P. Jarny Y. Delaunay D. Starostin NP. Kondakov AS. Lallement G. Ramanitranja A. Piranda J.


Journal of Applied Mechanics-Transactions of the ASME
585 Penetration of rigid projectiles through quasi-brittle materials 593 Reduction of the sanders-koiter equations for fully anisotropic circular cylindrical shells to two coupled equations for a stress and a curvature function 598 Elasticity solution for a radially nonhomogeneous hollow circular cylinder 607 Conditions for dual compression in perfectly elastic three-dimensional collisions 612 Some problems of a rigid elliptical disk-inclusion bonded inside a transversely isotropic space: part i 621 Some problems of a rigid elliptical disk-inclusion bonded inside a transversely isotropic space, part ii: solutions of the integral equations 631 Finite elastic behavior of exible fabric composite under biaxial loading 639 The full-space elastodynamic green's functions for time-harmonic radial and axial ring sources in a homogeneous isotropic medium 646 Prediction of plastic wrinkling using the energy method 653 Dynamic response of complex structural intersections using hybrid methods 660 A stability criterion for parameter-dependent gyroscopic systems 665 Elastodynamic green's function for laminated anisotropic circular cylinders 675 Half-space green's functions for transversely isotropic piezoelectric solids 680 E ective elastic sti nesses of an anisotropic medium permeated by tilted cracks 687 Approximate analysis of a shear band in a thermoviscoplastic material 695 A discrete model of an extensible string in three-dimensional space 702 A model for mechanically induced densi cation of glassy polymers 709 Anisotropic e ective moduli of cracked short- ber reinforced composites 714 On thermal stress in a bituminous pavement: analytic solutions and applications 720 Heteroclinic bifurcations in rigid bodies containing internally moving parts and a viscous damper 729 Transmission of sh waves through an elastic layer between two solids with frictional contact interfaces 738 A "second law" for structures: an insightful approach to the design of plane frames 742 Dynamic analysis of rotating nonuniform timoshenko beams with an elastically restrained root 750 Elastic-plastic stress eld in a coated continuous brous composite subjected to thermomechanical loading 758 Free vibration of axially loaded laminated conical shells 764 The elasto-electric eld for a rigid conical punch on a transversely isotropic piezoelectric half-space 772 Experimental and numerical studies on microscale bending of stainless steel with pulsed laser 780 Nonlinear analysis of particle cavitation and matrix yielding under equitriaxial stress 786 Dynamic analysis of systems with varying constraints 794 Instability of pipelines on slopes 800 806 808 811 814 815 818 821 824 826 Mastilovic S. Krajcinovic D. McDevitt TJ. Simmonds JG. Zhang XZ. Hasebe N. Batlle JA. Rahman M. Rahman M. Luo SY. Mitra A. Lu Y.

663 1999

Cao J. Halliday PJ. Grosh K. Hryniv RO. Lancaster P. Renshaw AA. Zhuang W. Shah AH. Dong SB. Dunn ML. Wienecke HA. Barret C. Baste S. Kim HG. Im S. Nishinari K. Drozdov AD. Feltman RS. Santare MH. Dai HH. Wu G. Gray GL. Kammer DC. Dobson I. Miller AJ. Wang YS. Yu GL. French MJ. Lin SM. You L. Long S. Rohr L. Tong L. Chen WQ. Shioya T. Ding HJ. Chen G. Xu X. Poon CC. Tam AC. Biwa S.

Djerassi S. Palmer AC. Tebboth L. Miles D. Calladine CR. Self-excited vibration in exible rotating disks subjected to various transverse Tian J. Hutton SG. interactive forces: a general approach Thermoelastic contact problems for the layer Barber JL. Hector LG. On the application of potential theory in piezoelasticity Chen WQ. Application of the cosserat spectrum theory to stokes ow Liu W. Plotkin A. Nonlinear thermal vibrations on elastic shallow spherical shell under linear and Mandal UK. Biswas P. parabolic temperature distributions Moment value at the center of circular plates under central point load Wang CM. Ang CH. The e ect of strain rate on the dynamic expansion of cylindrical cavities Warren TL. An asymmetric interface edge of bonded transversely isotropic piezoelectric ma- Liu YH. Xu JQ. Ding HJ. terials under torsion Hybrid stochastic nite elements and generalized monte carlo simulation Ostoja-Starzewski M. Asi remember Zienkiewicz OC.

Journal of Applied Mechanics-Transactions of the ASME
837 839 847 858 867 872 879 885 891 898 904 913 918 926 934 937 940 945 952 963 964 974 978 986 997 1004 1013 1015 1017 1021 1023 1026 1028 1032 1034 1037 1040 1043 1046 1048 A. e. green - in memory On the imperfectly bonded spherical inclusion problem An analysis of intersonic crack growth under shear loading Consistent hashin-shtrikman bounds on the e ective properties of periodic composite materials Singular solutions in second-order elasticity An approach to characterize nonlinear viscoelastic material behavior using dynamic mechanical tests and analyses On the dynamic growth of a spherical inclusion with dilatational transformation strain in in nite elastic domain Application of nite-partintegrals to planar interfacialfracture problems in threedimensional bimaterials Lateral thermal buckling of pipelines on the sea bed A strip element method for analyzing wave scattering by a crack in an immersed composite laminate Analysis of thin-walled closed beams with general quadrilateral cross sections An energy method for analyzing magnetoelastic buckling and bending of ferromagnetic plates in static magnetic elds E ective constitutive properties of linear elastic cellular solids with randomly oriented cells The onset of tear propagation at slits in stressed uncoated plain weave fabrics Microstructural stress tensor of granular assemblies with volume forces On the equilibrium conditions of nonstationary mechanical systems Representation of stokes ow through a planar contraction by papkovich-fadle eigenfunctions Impulsive squeezing with suction and injection A thermodynamic approach to nonlocal plasticity and related variational principles Some problems of a rigid elliptical disk-inclusion bonded inside a transversely isotropic space: part i vol 66, pg 612, 1999 The nonlinear gaussian spectrum of log-normal stochastic processes and variables An exact periodic solution of a hydromagnetic ow of an oldroyd uid in a channel Integration scheme for elastic deformation and stresses Dynamics of serial multibody systems using the decoupled natural orthogonal complement matrices Response bounds for linear damped systems Transverse normal stress e ects in multilayered plates Applying the lagrange method to solve problems of control constraints Steady-state de ection of a circular plate rotating near its critical speed Maximizing the natural frequencies and transverse sti ness of centrally clamped, circular disks by thickening the clamped part of the disk Magnetohydrodynamic squeeze lm characteristics between parallel circular plates containing a single central air bubble in the inertial ow regime Generation or degeneration of a separation bubble in a liquid- lled cylinder through spin-up or spin-down process A condition of the existence of a conductive liquid meniscus in an external electric eld An approximate analytic solution of the one-dimensional foil bearing problem The nonlinear sloshing of liquid in tank with pitching A generalization of cattaneo-mindlin for thin strips Interfacial debonding of an elliptical inhomogeneity in piezoelectric solids A numerical study on the free vibration of symmetric cross-ply laminated cylindrical helical springs Application of laser ultrasonics to develop dispersion curves for elastic plates Dynamic buckling and post-buckling of imperfect cylindrical shells under mechanical and thermal loads, based on the three-dimensional theory of elasticity discussion Tangential loading of general three-dimensional contacts' Shield RT. Zhong Z. Meguid SA. Needleman A. Bisegna P. Luciano R.


664 1999

Carroll MM. Rooney FJ. Golden HJ. Strganac TW. Schapery RA. Wang B. Sun Q. Xiao Z. Chen MC. Noda NA. Tang RJ. Miles DJ. Calladine CR. Liu GR. Xi ZC. Lam KY. Shang HM. Kim JH. Kim YY. Yang W. Pan H. Zheng D. Cai Q. Dimitrovova Z. Godfrey TA. Rossettos JN. Bagi K. Kazic M. Bulatovic R. Rogerson MA. Yeow YL. Hamza EA. Borino G. Fuschi P. Polizzotto C. Rahman M. Ghanem R. Ray RN. Samad A. Chaudhury TK. Lee SL. Ou CR. Saha SK. Hu B. Eberhard P. Carrera E. Rosen A. Chen JS. Renshaw AA. Usha R. Vimala P. Bhattacharyya S. Pal A. Spivak AF. Dzenis YA. Renshaw AA. Yin L. Wang B. Ma X. Zou J. Jager J. Deng W. Meguid SA. Yildirim V. Eisenhardt C. Jacobs LJ. Qu J. Citerley RL. Jager J.

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

1215 1999

433 E ect of impact load on articular cartilage: cell metabolism and viability, and Torzilli PA. Grigiene R. Borrelli J. Helfet DL. matrix water content 442 Strain distribution in the layered wall of the esophagus Gregersen H. Lee TC. Chien S. Skalak R. Fung YC. 449 A poroelasticcontinuummodel of the cupula partition and the response dynamics Damiano ER. of the vestibular semicircular canal 462 Analysis of indentation: implications for measuring mechanical properties with Costa KD. Yin FCP. atomic force microscopy

472 Chained vesicles in vascular endothelial cells 480 487 494 502 505 514 521 525 533 542 551

Kosawada T. Skalak R. Schmid-Schonbein GW. Dynamic contrast-enhanced mri and fractal characteristics of percolation clusters Craciunescu OI. Das SK. Clegg ST. in two-dimensional tumor blood perfusion Airway closure: occluding liquid bridges in strongly buckled elastic tubes Heil M. A nonlinear axisymmetric model with uid-wall interactions for steady viscous Tang D. Yang J. Yang C. Ku DN. ow in stenotic elastic tubes A perturbation model for the oscillatory ow of a bingham plastic in rigid and De Chant LJ. periodically displaced tubes Mathematical model of gas bubble evolution in a straight tube Halpern D. Jiang Y. Himm JF. Conditions for equivalency of countercurrent vessel heat transfer formulations Roemer RB. Signi cance of nonsagittal power terms in analysis of a dynamic elastic response Geil MD. Parnianpour M. Berme N. prosthetic foot Joint surface modeling with thin-plate splines Boyd SK. Ronsky JL. Lichti DD. Salkauskas D. Chapman MA. A damage model for nonlinear tensile behavior of cortical bone Fondrk MT. Bahniuk EH. Davy DT. Finite element analysis of vertebral body mechanics with a nonlinear microstruc- Overaker DW. Langrana NA. Cuitino AM. tural model for the trabecular core A method for planar biaxial mechanical testing that includes in-plane shear Sacks MS.


Journal of Biomechanics
1 3 15 23 35 45 53 63 73 81 Cell mechanics Techniques for mechanical stimulation of cells in vitro: a review review Micropipette aspiration of living cells review Kinetics and mechanics of cell adhesion review Biomechanics of cell rolling: shear ow, cell-surface adhesion, and cell deformability Dynamic cell stretching increases human osteoblast proliferation and cicp synthesis but decreases osteocalcin synthesis and alkaline phosphatase activity Mechanical stress induces cox-2 mrna expression in bone cells from elderly women Primary human bone cultures from older patients do not respond at continuum levels of in vivo strain magnitudes Mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling in bovine articular chondrocytes in response to uid ow does not require calcium mobilization

331 2000
Guilak F. Sato M. Stanford CM. Brand RA. Brown TD. Hochmuth RM. Zhu C. Dong C. Lei XX. Kaspar D. Seidl W. Neidlinger-Wilke C. Ignatius A. Claes L. Joldersma M. Burger EH. Semeins CM. KleinNulend J. Stanford CM. Welsch F. Kastner N. Thomas G. Zaharias R. Holtman K. Brand RA. Hung CT. Henshaw DR. Wang CCB. Mauck RL. Raia F. Palmer G. Chao PHG. Mow VC. Ratcli e A. Valhmu WB. Lee DA. Knight MM. Bolton JF. Idowu BD. Kayser MV. Bader DL. Miyazaki H. Hasegawa Y. Hayashi K. Cheng Y. Hartemink CA. Hartwig JH. Dewey CF. Yamaguchi T. Yamamoto Y. Liu H.

Chondrocyte deformation within compressed agarose constructs at the cellular and sub-cellular levels 97 A newly designed tensile tester for cells and its application to broblasts 105 Three-dimensional reconstruction of the actin cytoskeleton from stereo images

115 Computational mechanical model studies on the spontaneous emergent morphogenesis of the cultured endothelial cells 127 Local mechanical properties measured by atomic force microscopy for cultured Sato M. Nagayama K. Kataoka N. Sasaki M. bovine endothelial cells exposed to shear stress Hane K.

Journal of Biomechanics
137 Hemodynamicsin the carotid artery bifurcation: a comparison between numerical simulations and in vitro mri measurements 145 Moment distribution among human elbow extensor muscles during isometric and submaximal extension 155 Muscle contributions to speci c biomechanical functions do not change in forward versus backward pedaling 165 Adaptation of muscle coordination to altered task mechanics during steady-state cycling 173 Is a joint moment-based cost function associated with preferred cycling cadence? 181 Strain relief from the cerebral ventricles during head impact: experimentalstudies on natural protection of the brain 191 Inertial properties and loading rates a ect buckling modes and injury mechanisms in the cervical spine 199 Bioprosthetic heart valve lea et motion monitored by dual camera stereo photogrammetry 209 Prediction of femoral fracture load using nite element models: an examination of stress- and strain-based failure theories 215 In vivo moment arm determination using b-mode ultrasonography 219 A mechanical model to determine the in uence of masses and mass distribution on the impact force during running 225 E ect of optimizationcriterion on spinal force estimates during asymmetriclifting

332 2000
Botnar R. RappitschG. Scheidegger MB. Liepsch D. Perktold K. Boesiger P. Zhang LQ. Nuber GW. Neptune RR. Kautz SA. Zajac FE. Neptune RR. Herzog W. Marsh AP. Martin PE. Sanderson DJ. Ivarsson J. Viano DC. Lovsund P. Aldman B. Nightingale RW. Camacho DL. Armstrong AJ. Robinette JJ. Myers BS. Gao ZB. Pandya S. Hosein N. Sacks MS. Hwang NHC. Keyak JH. Rossi SA. Ito M. Akima H. Fukunaga T. Liu W. Nigg BM. Hughes RE.


231 In vitro sodium uoride exposure decreases torsional and bending strength and increases ductility of mouse femora 235 Theoretical solutions for internal bone remodelingof diaphysealshafts using adaptive elasticity theory 241 A new instrumentation system for training rowers 247 An ex vivo model to study transport processes and uid ow in loaded bone 255 Improving the local solution accuracy of large-scale digital image-based nite element analyses 261 A paper by jones et al. alterations in the young's modulus and volumetric properties of chondrocytes isolated from normal and osteoarthritic human cartilage journal of biomechanics 32, 1999, 119-127. 263 A paper by jones et al. alterations in the young's modulus and volumetric properties of chondrocytes isolated from normal and osteoarthritic human cartilage journal of biomechanics 32, 1999, 119-127. reply

Silva MJ. Ulrich SR. Tsili MC. Hawkins D. Tate MLK. Knothe U. Charras GT. Guldberg RE. Levin SM. Jones WR. Ting-Beall HP. Lee GM. Kelley SS. Hochmuth RM. Guilak F.

Journal of Biomechanics
269 Biomechanical analysis of the stance phase during barefoot and shod running 279 Mechanical validation of whole bone composite tibia models 289 Bone mineral density and bone structure parameters as predictors of bone strength: an analysis using computerized microtomography and gastrectomyinduced osteopenia in the rat 299 Role of tapering in aortic wave re ection: hydraulic and mathematical model study 307 Three-dimensional nite element analysis of the human temporomandibular joint disc 317 Quantifying the strain history of bone: spatial uniformity and self-similarity of low-magnitude strains 327 How do changes to plate thickness, length, and face-connectivity a ect femoral cancellous bone's density and surface area? an investigation using regular cellular models 337 The e ects of damage and microcracking on the impact strength of bone 345 Modeling the stability of the human glenohumeral joint during external rotation 355 Study on blood constitutive parameters in di erent blood constitutive equations 361 A telemetry-based device to determine the force-displacement behaviour of materials in high impact loading situations 367 Constitutive modelling of abdominal organs 375 In vivo measurement-based estimations of the moment arm in the human tibialis anterior muscle-tendon unit 381 Characterization of load-length-velocity relationships of nine di erent skeletal muscles 387 Thresholds for step initiation induced by support-surface translation: a dynamic center-of-mass model provides much better prediction than a static model 393 Comments on 'a multi-phase optimal control technique for the simulation of a human vertical jump'

333 2000
De Wit B. De Clercq D. Aerts P. Cristofolini L. Viceconti M. Stenstrom M. Olander B. Lehto-Axtelius D. Madsen JE. Nordsletten L. Carlsson GA. Segers P. Verdonck P. Beek M. Koolstra JH. van Ruijven LJ. van Eijden TMGJ. Fritton SP. McLeod KJ. Rubin CT. Anderson IA. Carman JB. Reilly GC. Currey JD. Novotny JE. Beynnon BD. Nichols CE. Zhang JB. Kuang ZB. Chadwick EKJ. Nicol AC. Floyd S. Gray TGF. Miller K. Maganaris CN. Baratta RV. Solomonow M. Nguyen G. D'Ambrosia R. Pai YC. Maki BE. Iqbal K. McIlroy WE. Perry SD. Hatze H.

Journal of Composite Materials
1758 A micromechanical approach to the tensile strength of a knitted fabric composite 1792 Ductility of concrete beams reinforced with frp bars and steel bers 1807 Inelastic response of a woven carbon copper composite, part i: experimental characterization 1843 A study of negative poisson's ratio in randomly oriented quasi-isotropiccomposite laminates

3319 1999
Huang ZM. Ramakrishna S. Tay AOA. Alsayed SH. Alhozaimy AM. Bednarcyk BA. Pindera MJ. Yeh HL. Yeh HY. Zhang RG.

Journal of Composite Materials
1860 Fiber-optic and ultrasonic measurements for in-situ cure monitoring of graphite epoxy composites 1882 Strength prediction of random ber composite beams using a phenomenologicalmechanistic model 1897 Strength of adhesively-bonded tubular single lap carbon epoxy composite-steel joints 1918 In uence of matrix chemistry on the short term, hydrothermal aging of vinyl ester matrix and composites under both isothermal and thermal spiking conditions 1939 A procedure for designing laminated plates with required sti ness properties. application to thin quasi-isotropic quasi-homogeneous uncoupled laminates Zhang Y. Sikarskie DL. Kim YG. Oh JH. Lee DG.

3320 1999
Chen JY. Hoa SV. Jen CK. Wang H.

Verghese KNE. Hayes MD. Garcia K. Carrier C. Wood J. Ri e JR. Lesko JJ. Grediac M.

Journal of Composite Materials
1958 Evaluation of various approximate analyses for plain weave composites 1981 Elasto-plastic analysis of the iosipescu shear test 2002 The in uence of aspect ratio of voids on the e ective elastic moduli of foamed metals 2017 Direct measurement of invariant mechanical parameters of composite plates

3321 1999
Whitcomb J. Noh J. Chapman C. Odegard G. Kumosa M. Chao LP. Huang JH. Huang YS. Grediac M. Fournier N. Paris PA. Surrel Y.


Journal of Composite Materials

3322 1999

2038 Failure investigation of graphite polyimide fabric composites at room and ele- Searles K. Odegard G. Kumosa M. Castelli M. vated temperatures using the biaxial iosipescu test 2080 Interlaminar shear behavior of thick carbon epoxy composite materials Oh JH. Kim JK. Lee DG. Jeong KS. 2116 Characterization of reinforcing web structures in needle punched nonwoven Kang TJ. Lee SH. composites

Journal of Computational Physics
223 A numerical study of undulatory swimming 248 Extension of nite volume compressible ow solvers to multi-dimensional, variable density zero mach number ows 287 Spectral collocation time-domain modeling of di ractive optical elements 307 An accurate curved boundary treatment in the lattice boltzmann method 331 E cient and rapid evaluation of three-center two electron coulomb and hybrid integrals using nonlinear transformations 348 A computational model for suspended large rigid bodies in 3d unsteady viscous ows 380 A new technique for sampling multi-modal distributions 387 On a wind-driven, double-gyre, quasi-geostrophic ocean model: numerical simulations and structural analysis 410 A pde-based fast local level set method 439 Numerical simulation of free surface ows 456 A fast spectral algorithm for nonlinear wave equations with linear dispersion 468 A fast adaptive multipole algorithm in three dimensions

1552 1999
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Journal of Computational Physics
1 12 Generation of short and long range temporal correlated noises Aspen: a fully kinetic, reduced-description particle-in-cell model for simulating parametric instabilities 43 A uid-mixture type algorithm for compressible multicomponent ow with van der waals equation of state 89 The space-time conservation element and solution element method: a new highresolution and genuinely multidimensional paradigm for solving conservation laws 137 On a class of pade nite volume methods 181 Finite di erence schemes for partial derivative u partial derivative t=partial derivative partial derivative xalpha delta g delta u that inherit energy conservation or dissipation property 206 An r-adaptive nite element method based upon moving mesh pdes vol 149, pg 221, 1999 Shyue KM.

1561 1999
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Journal of Computational Physics
209 An accurate cartesian grid method for viscous incompressible ows with complex immersed boundaries 241 An optimization approach to a nite dimensional parameter estimation problem in semiconductor device design 257 Integration by cell algorithm for slater integrals in a spline basis 272 Implicit, high-resolution, compact schemes for gas dynamics and aeroacoustics 300 Di erent modes of rayleigh-benard instability in two- and three-dimensional rectangular enclosures 325 Direct simulations of 2d uid-particle ows in biperiodic domains 352 Numerical solution of a generalized elliptic partial di erential eigenvalue problem 360 A spectral-element method for particulate stokes ow 382 About the random walk from many injection points Lee WR. Wang S. Teo KL. Qiu YH. Fischer CF. Ekaterinaris JA. Gelfgat AY. Maury B. Otto SR. Denier JP. Pozrikidis C. Zaninetti L.

1562 1999
Ye T. Mittal R. Udaykumar HS. Shyy W.


393 Closed-form expressionsfor certain induction integralsinvolvingjacobi and cheby- Sen R. shev polynomials

Journal of Computational Physics
1 2 44 89 120 143 181 199 234 256 280 302 327 350 371 404 Untitled Grid overlapping for implicit parallel computation of compressible ows Microstructural evolution in orthotropic elastic media A compatible, energy and symmetry preserving lagrangian hydrodynamics algorithm in three-dimensional cartesian geometry A computational study of rising plane taylor bubbles A cartesian grid nite-volume method for the advection-di usion equation in irregular geometries A time-splitting technique for the advection-dispersion equation in groundwater Numerical simulations for radiation hydrodynamics - ii. transport limit E cient calculation of jacobian and adjoint vector products in the wave propagational inverse problem using automatic di erentiation Multi-block large-eddy simulations of turbulent boundary layers Comparison of parametric and nonparametric methods for the analysis and inversion of immittance data: critique of earlier work Simpli ed discretization of systems of hyperbolic conservation laws containing advection equations Double fourier series on a sphere: applications to elliptic and vorticity equations Eigenmode solution of 2-d and 3-d electromagnetic cavities containing absorbing materials using the jacobi-davidson algorithm A compact-di erence scheme for the navier-stokes equations in vorticity-velocity formulation Exploring sparsity in three-dimensional integration for density-functional calculations

1571 2000
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Journal of Computational Physics
419 Tensorial basis spline collocation method for poisson's equation 441 Numerical simulation of axisymmetric free surface ows 473 500 539 588 618 654 683 707 727 746 762 787 796

1572 2000

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Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
0 1 13 23 35 51 63 87 Preface, proceedings of iccam-98 Group theoretic methods applied to burgers' equation The distributional product of dirac delta in a hypercone Analysis of the truncation errors in the fast multipole method for scattering problems Fourier frequency adaptive regularization for smoothing data Parallel electomagnetic modelling for the nonlinear electrotechnic systems

1151-2 2000
L Wuytack MB Abd-El-Malek, Samy M.A. El-Mansi M Aguirre Tellez S Amini, Anthony Pro t

C Angelini and Daniela De Canditiis M Aziz, E.M. Daoudi, R. El Hani and A. Lakhouaja Numerical analysis of a viscoplastic problem with contact condition taking place P Barral, and P. Quintela in an aluminium casting A note on the the koekoeks' di erential equation for generalized jacobi H Bavinck polynomials


Generalized hypergeometric functions and the evaluation of scalar one-loop inte- LG Cabral-Rosetti, MA Sanchis-Lozano grals in feynman diagrams 101 A regularizing lanczos iteration method for underdetermined linear systems D Calvetti, L Reichel F. Sgallari and G. Spaletta 121 On the numerical integration of orthogonal ows with runge-kutta methods M Calvo, MP Laburta, J.I. Montijano and L. Rndez 137 An enhanced pseudospectral chebyshev method for dissipativ partial di erential J De Frutos, J Novo equations 151 On the numerical approximation of some types of nonstandard 2nd order eigen- H De Schepper, R Van Keer value problems for vector valued functions 169 Modelling multicomponent adsorption process by a moving nite element method M Do Carmo Coimbra , Carlos Sereno and Alrio Rodrigues 181 A discretization scheme for some conservative problems JA Ezquerro , M.A. Hernndez and M.A. Salanova 193 Variable transformations in the numerical solution of second kind volterra integral EA Galperin, A Makroglou and S.A. Nelson equations with continuous and weakly singular kernels; extensions to fredholm integral equations 213 Parallel shooting with error estimate for increasing the accuracy G Gheri and P. Marzulli 229 An approximation method for the hypersingular heat operator equation M Hamina 245 Secant-like methods for solving nonlinear integral equations of the hammerstein MA Hernandez , M.J. Rubio and J.A. type Ezquerro 255 Continuity of approximation by least sqares multivariate pade approximants A Huard, V Robin 269 Scalar boundary integral equation formulas for the biharmonic equation- J Youngmok numerical experiments 283 A collocation method for nonlinear cauchy singular integral equations P Junghanns and Katja Muller 301 On the convolution equation related to the n-dimentional ultra-hyperbolic A Kananthai operator 309 Chebyshev spectral collocation methods for nonlinear isothermal magnetostatic AH Khater , A.B. Shamardan, D.K. Callebaut atmospheres and R.S. Ibrahim 331 Iterative functional equation xxt=ft with ft piecewise linear J Kobza 349 An iterative test for h-matrix T Kohno Hiroshi Niki, Hideo Sawami and Yiming Gao 357 Newton type methods for solving nonlinear equations on quadratic matrix groups L Lopez, T Politi 369 Construction of curves with parallelism conditions M Lopez De Silanes M. Pasadas and J.J. Torrens 383 On the convexity of bezier nets of quadratic powell-sabin splines on 12-fold re ned J Lorente-Pardo, MC Serrano-Perez triangulations 397 Convergence analysis of iterative methods by pseudodi erence operators P Lotstedt 419 On computing jacobi matrices associated with recurrent and mobius iterated G Mantica function systems 433 The numerical computation of some integrals on the real line N Mastronardi and D. Occorsio 451 Energy estimates for area minimizing hypersurfaces with arbitrary boundaries HR Parks and Jon T. Pitts 461 A new numerical method for sdes and its application in circuit simulation C Penski 471 Addition formulas for polynomials built on classical combinatorial sequences C Radoux 479 Discrete-time lyapunov stability of large matrices M Robbe, M Sadkane 495 Quintic c2 -spline integration methods for solving second-order ordinary initial S Sallam and M. Naim Anwar value problems 503 Conserving rst integrals under discretization with variable step size integration J Schropp procedures 519 On using cell discretization algorithm for mixed boundary value problems and H Swann domain decomposition 535 Accurate numericalboundsfor the spectralpoints of singular sturm-liouvilleprob- H Taseli lems over - 1 x 1 547 Oscillatory stormer-cowell methods PJ Van Der Houwen 565 Stability of backward di erentiation formulas for volterra integro-di ential A Vecchio equations 577 Numerical solution for various inverse problems R Weber 593 The particle method for the vlasov-poisson system using equally spaced initial S Wollman data points 601 Numerical hopf bifurcation for a class of delay di erential equations V Wulf, NJ Ford


Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
1 Adaptive defect correction methods for convection dominated, convection di usion problems 23 Condition numbers for singular integral equations in weighted l2 spaces 41 Blended block bvms b3vms: a family of economical implicit methods for odes 63 Ratio and plancherel-rotach asymptotics for meixner-sobolev orthogonal polynomials 77 On the exact distribution of the isotropic planar point processes of phase-type 93 Use of renyi's divergence to test for the equality of the coe cients of variation 105 Alternative stepsize strategies for adams predictor-corrector codes

1161 2000
ME Cawood, V.J. Ervin, W.J. Layton and J.M. Maubach C Laurita L Brugnano I Area, JJ Moreno-Balcazar MA Remiche JA Pardo, Pardo A Usman and George Hall


121 Numerical solution of a singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problem using equidistribution: analysis of convergence 145 Approximation by discrete variational splines 157 On some general hybrid transforms 167 On the uniqueness of the shape of a penetrable, anisotropic obstacle 181 Resonances and analytic continuation for exponentially decaying sturm-liouville potentials 195 Newton's method and generation of a determinantal family of iteration

Y Qui, D Sloan and T. Tang A Kouibia and M. Pasadas A Chakrabarti and Hamsapriye P Hahner BM Brown , M.S.P. Eastham and D.K.R. McCormack B Kalantari and Jurgen Gerlach

Journal of Elasticity
1 27 43 73 89 Jump conditions in the non-linear theory of thin irregular shells On inclusions at a bi-material elastic interface Finite elastic deformations of a tyre modelled as an ideal bre-reinforced shell Anti-plane shear deformations in compressible transversely isotropic materials The representation theorem for linear, isotropic tensor functions revisited

541 1999
Makowski J. Pietraszkiewicz W. Stumpf H. Gladwell GML. England AH. Tsai HY. Fan XJ. Martins LC.

Journal of Elasticity
93 113 129 141 On the boundary value problems of linear elasticity with constraints The cosserat subspace uover-tilde-1 for bodies of spherical geometry Time rates of hill's strain tensors An explicit formula for the minimum free energy in linear viscoelasticity

542 1999
Dantas MJH. Liu WS. Markensco X. Paukshto M. Dui GS. Ren QW. Shen ZJ. Deseri L. Gentili G. Golden M.

Journal of Elasticity
187 On korn's inequality in the second case 193 On the general structure of small on large problems for elastic deformations of varga materials i: plane strain deformations 213 On the general structure of small on large problems for elastic deformations of varga materials ii: axially symmetric deformations 229 Bounds for the e ective elastic properties of completely random planar polycrystals 253 On the existence of longitudinal plane waves in general elastic anisotropic media Tiero A. Hill JM. Arrigo DJ. Hill JM. Arrigo DJ. Chinh PD. Geymonat G. Gilormini P.

543 1999

Journal of Elasticity

551 1999

An isoperimetric inequality for the torsional rigidity of imperfectly bonded ber Lipton R. reinforced cylinders 11 On the compatibility of wells Silhavy M. 19 A circular inclusion with inhomogeneously imperfect interface in plane elasticity Sudak LJ. Ru CQ. Schiavone P. Mioduchowski A. 43 The pressurized hollow cylinder or disk problem for functionally graded isotropic Horgan CO. Chan AM. linearly elastic materials 61 Independence of the presence of cracks or inclusions of the net interaction force Ting TCT. acting on a dislocation by a skewed line singularity 73 Linear constitutive relations in isotropic nite viscoelasticity Batra RC. Yu JH.

Journal of Engineering Materials & Technology-Transactions of the ASME 1221 2000
1 10 18 29 35 42 49 56 A simple model for stable cyclic stress-strain relationship of type 304 stainless steel under nonproportional loading Representing the e ect of crystallographictexture on the anisotropicperformance behavior of rolled aluminum plate Anisotropic nonlinear kinematic hardening rule parameters from reversed proportional axial-torsional cycling Uniaxial ratchetting of 316fr steel at room temperature - part i: experiments Uniaxial ratchetting of 316fr steel at room temperature - part ii: constitutive modeling and simulation Cyclic deformationbehavior and dislocation substructures of hexagonal zircaloy-4 under out-of-phase loading Models for cyclic ratchetting plasticity - integration and calibration Itoh T. Chen X. Nakagawa T. Sakane M. Miller MP. Barton NR. Moosbrugger JC. Mizuno M. Mima Y. Abdel-Karim M. Ohno N. Ohno N. Abdel-Karim M. Lin X.

Ekh M. Johansson A. Thorberntsson H. Josefson BL. Model of grain deformation method for evaluation of creep life in in-service Kim HJ. Jung JJ. components

60 67 74 80 86 93 98 104 108 113 119 129 135 141

Modeling of irradiation embrittlement of reactor pressure vessel steels High strain extension of open-cell foams In uence of heat treatment on the mechanical properties and damage development in a sic ti-15-3 mmc Failure of a ductile adhesive layer constrained by hard adherends Interfacial stresses and void nucleation in discontinuously reinforced composites An investigation of yield potentials in superplastic deformation Numerical analysis of welding residual stress and its veri cation using neutron di raction measurement E ect of laser shock processing lsp on the fatigue resistance of an aluminum alloy Residual stress reductionand fatigue strengthimprovementby controllingwelding pass sequences Consistent and minimal springback using a stepped binder force trajectory and neural network control Cold compaction of composite powders On the limit of surface integrity of alumina by ductile-mode grinding Measurement of the axial residual stresses using the initial strain approach E ect of plasma cutting on the fatigue resistance of fe510 d1 steel

Murakami S. Miyazaki A. Mizuno M. Mills NJ. Gilchrist A. Miller DA. Lagoudas DC. Ikeda T. Yamashita A. Lee D. Miyazaki M. Tszeng TC. Khraisheh MK. Mochizuki M. Hayashi M. Hattori T. Tang YX. Zhang YK. Zhang H. Yu CY. Mochizuki M. Hattori T. Nakakado K. Cao JA. Kinsey B. Solla SA. Kim KT. Cho JH. Kim JS. Zarudi I. Zhang LC. Cheng WL. Chiarelli M. Lanciotti A. Sacchi M.


Journal of Engineering Mathematics
289 The james lighthill memorial papers 291 A dynamic model for a thermostat 311 Analysis of ux ow and the formation of oscillation marks in the continuous caster 327 Preventing buoyancy-driven ows of two bingham uids in a closed pipe - uid rheology design for oil eld plug cementing 349 Cusp ows due to an extended sink in two dimensions 361 The 1999 james lighthill memorial paper: scaling laws for turbulent wall-bounded shear ows at very large reynolds numbers Frigaard IA. Crawshaw JP. Koerber AJ. Forbes LK. Barenblatt GI.

364 1999
Kuiken HK. Riley N. Smith FT. Zou X. Jordan JA. Shillor M. Hill JM. Wu YH. Wiwatanapataphee B.

Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE
1331 1344 1349 1358 1365 1372 1380 1390 1395 1403 1411 Cyclic hardening rule for structural steels with yield plateau Nonlinear analysis of uniform pantographic columns in compression Analytic solution for axial point load strength test on solid circular cylinders Tracing secondary equilibrium paths of elastic framed structures Three-dimensional vibration analysis of thick shells of revolution Modal analysis of linear asymmetric nonconservative systems Random lock-in intervals for tubular structural elements subject to simulated natural wind Fabric study of granular materials after compaction Martingale approach to monte carlo simulation and linear random vibration New approach to strain rate sensitivity of concrete in compression Strain-rate-sensitive constitutive law for concrete

12512 1999
Rodzik P. Raskin I. Roorda J. Wei XX. Chau KT. Wong RHC. Teh LH. Clarke MJ. Leissa AW. Kang JH. Adhikari S. Christensen CF. Ditlevsen O. Ng TT. Grigoriu M. Zheng S. Haussler-Combe U. Eibl J. Eibl J. Schmidt-Hurtienne B.

Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE
1 7 17 27 35 43 51 60 66 76 84 93 102 112 Simulation of stochastic wind velocity eld on long-span bridges Time domain utter and bu eting response analysis of bridges Aerodynamic coupling e ects on utter and bu eting of bridges Vibration and stability of thick plates on elastic foundations Predicting shrinkage stress eld in concrete slab on elastic subgrade Damage identi cation using committee of neural networks Observations on ow around bridge abutment Experimental and numerical study of damaged cantilever Direct generation of non-gaussian weighted integrals Soil spring constants of buried pipelines for seismic design Theory of combined sway and nonsway frames buckling In uence of specimen size geometry on shrinkage cracking of rings Two tangential forces and a penny-shaped crack: a complete solution Application of lade's criterion to cam-clay model

1261 2000
Cao YH. Xiang HF. Zhou Y. Chen XZ. Matsumoto M. Kareem A. Chen XH. Matsumoto M. Kareem A. Matsunaga H. Yang W. Weiss WJ. Shah SP. Marwala T. Ahmed P. Rajaratnam N. Rytter A. Krawczuk M. Kirkegaard PH. Micaletti RC. Matsubara K. Hoshiya M. Lokkas P. Croll JGA. Weiss WJ. Yang W. Shah SP. Fabrikant VI. Yao YP. Sun DA.

Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE
123 Response of damped oscillators to cycloidal pulses Makris N. Chang SP.

1262 2000


132 General thin rod model for preslip bending response of strand 140 149 157 166 175 186 194 201 206 215 219 223

Sathikh S. Rajasekaran S. Jayakumar. Jebaraj C. Bench-scale experiment for structural control Battaini M. Yang G. Spencer BF. High-accuracy analysis of beams of bimodulus materials Iwase T. Hirashima K. Plastic deformations of impulsively loaded, rigid-plastic beams Fatt MSH. Liu Y. Wang ZB. Probabilistic nonlocal theory for quasibrittle fracture initiation and size e ect. i: Bazant ZP. Novak D. theory Probabilistic nonlocal theory for quasibrittle fracture initiation and size e ect. ii: Bazant ZP. Novak D. application Les and rans studies of oscillating ows over at plate Hsu CS. Lu XY. Kwan MK. P-wave arrival determination and ae characterization of concrete Li ZJ. Li FM. Li XS. Yang WL. Optimal structural control using neural networks Kim JT. Jung HJ. Lee IW. Green's functions of thin plate bending problem under xed boundary Hasebe N. Wang XF. Material constitutive law for large strains and strain rates Alves M. Semiexplicit random response and sensitivity of simple ssi system Takewaki I. Modal analysis of linear asymmetric nonconservative systems vol 125, pg 1372, Adhikari S. 1999

Journal of Fluid Mechanics
1 45 61 87 109 155 181 225 245 271 299 The ow structure in the near eld of jets and its e ect on cavitation inception Steady nite-amplitude waves on a horizontal seabed of arbitrary depth Nonlinear stability of mixed convection ow under non-boussinesq conditions. part 1. analysis and bifurcations Nonlinear stability of mixed convection ow under non-boussinesq conditions. part 2. mean ow characteristics Simulation of boundary layer transition induced by periodically passing wakes Buoyancy-driven mean ow in a long channel with a hydraulically constrained exit condition On the spatial evolution of a wall-imposed periodic disturbance in pipe poiseuille ow at re=3000. part 1. subcritical disturbance Interfacial dynamics of stationary gas bubbles in ows in inclined tubes The spiral wind-up and dissipation of vorticity and a passive scalar in a strained planar vortex Gravito-inertial waves in a rotating strati ed sphere or spherical shell Miscible displacement in a hele-shaw cell at high rates Gopalan S. Katz J. Knio O. Clamond D. Suslov SA. Paolucci S. Suslov SA. Paolucci S.

398 1999

Wu XH. Jacobs RG. Hunt JCR. Durbin PA. Grimm T. Maxworthy T. Ma B. van Doorne CWH. Zhang Z. Nieuwstadt FTM. Cavanagh DP. Eckmann DM. Bassom AP. Gilbert AD. Dintrans B. Rieutord M. Valdettaro L. Lajeunesse E. Martin J. RakotomalalaN. Salin D. Yortsos YC. Langford JA. Moser RD.

321 Optimal les formulations for isotropic turbulence

Journal of Fluid Mechanics
1 Self-similarity and internal structure of turbulence induced by rayleigh-taylor instability 49 Observations of ribbing instabilities in elastic uid ows with gravity stabilization 85 Secondary instability of cross ow vortices and swept-wing boundary-layer transition 117 A uni ed analysis of planar homogeneous turbulence using single-point closure equations 151 Evaporation of acoustically levitated droplets 205 237 251 277 301 319 335 355 377

399 1999
Dalziel SB. Linden PF. Youngs DL. Grillet AM. Lee AG. Shaqfeh ESG. Malik MR. Li F. Choudhari MM. Chang CL. Jongen T. Gatski TB.

Yarin AL. Brenn G. Kastner O. Rensink D. Tropea C. Flow regimes in a wide 'sliced-cylinder' model of homogeneous beta-plane Gri ths RW. Kiss AE. circulation The e ect of non-uniformity of modulated wavepackets on the mechanism of van Duin CA. benjamin-feir instability Benard-marangoni convection at low prandtl number Boeck T. Thess A. Bow and stern ows with constant vorticity McCue SW. Forbes LK. The production of subharmonic waves in the nonlinear evolution of wavepackets Medeiros MAF. Gaster M. in boundary layers A new approach to high-order boussinesq models Agnon Y. Madsen PA. Scha er HA. The current-modi ed nonlinear schrodinger equation Stocker JR. Peregrine DH. Experimental investigation of the global instability of plane sheet ows de Luca L. The ickering candle: transition to a global oscillation in a thermal plume vol Maxworthy T. 390, pg 297, 1999

Journal of Fluid Mechanics
1 33 Development and stability of gyrotactic plumes in bioconvection Finite-amplitude taylor-vortex ow of viscoelastic uids Ghorai S. Hill NA. Khayat RE.

400 1999

59 91 125 163 199 229 265 295 333 355

Buoyancy-driven convection with a uniform magnetic eld. part 2. experimental investigation Dynamics and ow structures in the turbulent wake of rigid and exible cylinders subject to vortex-induced vibrations Non-similarity solutions to the corner boundary-layer equations and the e ects of wall transpiration Examination of hypotheses in the kolmogorov re ned turbulence theory through high-resolution simulations. part 2. passive scalar eld Experimental study of collisional granular ows down an inclined plane Particle pressure and marginal stability limits for a homogeneous monodisperse gas- uidized bed: kinetic theory and numerical simulations Singularity formation in the strongly nonlinear wide-vortex tollmien-schlichtingwave interaction equations A nonlinear model of ow in meandering submarine and subaerial channels Three-dimensional double-di usive convection in a porous cubic enclosure due to opposing gradients of temperature and concentration Convergence of a cylindrical liquid shell and the formation of a bore in a rotating uid

Davoust L. Cowley MD. Moreau R. Bolcato R. Evangelinos C. Karniadakis GEM. Duck PW. Stow SR. Dhanak MR. Wang LP. Chen SY. Brasseur JG. Azanza E. Chevoir F. Moucheront P. Koch DL. Sangani AS. Walton AG. Patel RA. Imran J. Parker G. Pirmez C. Sezai I. Mohamad AA. Kedrinskii VK. Nikulin VV.


Journal of Fluid Mechanics
1 27 55 85 123 157 183 209 243 275 293 311 339 365 The vortices of homogeneous geostrophic turbulence Dispersive e ects in rossby-wave hydraulics Experimental study of the stability of deep-water wave trains including wind e ects Filtered mass density function for large-eddy simulation of turbulent reacting ows Suboptimal feedback control of vortex shedding at low reynolds numbers On the breakup of an air bubble injected into a fully developed turbulent ow. part 1. breakup frequency On the breakup of an air bubble injected into a fully developed turbulent ow. part 2. size pdf of the resulting daughter bubbles Dissipation-range geometry and scalar spectra in sheared strati ed turbulence Self-di usion in sheared suspensions by dynamic simulation Streamline topology of steady axisymmetric vortex breakdown in a cylinder with co- and counter-rotating end-covers Coalescence of liquid drops Linear stability of pathological detonations Steady ow in a dividing pipe Fully developed laminar buoyant ow in vertical cavities and ducts of bounded section

401 1999
McWilliams JC. Weiss JB. Yavneh I. Johnson ER. Clarke SR. Waseda T. Tulin MP. Jaberi FA. Colucci PJ. James S. Givi P. Pope SB. Min CH. Choi HC. Martinez-BazanC. Montanes JL. Lasheras JC. Martinez-BazanC. Montanes JL. Lasheras JC. Smyth WD. Foss DR. Brady JF. Brons M. Voigt LK. Sorensen JN. Eggers J. Lister JR. Stone HA. Sharpe GJ. Blyth MG. Mestel AJ. McBain GD.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics
1 33 57 89 109 137 163 195 211 225 255 291 311 329 349 Numerical studies of two-dimensional faraday oscillations of inviscid uids On the competition between centrifugal and shear instability in spiral couette ow Contact-line dynamics of a di use uid interface Spatio-temporal instability in mixed convection boundary layers Experimental study of the wake behind a surface-piercing cylinder for a clean and contaminated free surface Experimental probability density functions of small-scale uctuations in the stably strati ed atmosphere Nonlinear dynamics in horizontal lm boiling A simple hydrodynamic model for transition boiling Scattering of an eddy advected by a current towards a topographic obstacle Turbulent heat and momentum transport on a rotating disk Dynamical properties of forced shear layers in an annular geometry Wright J. Yon S. Pozrikidis C. Meseguer A. Marques F. Jacqmin D. Moresco P. Healey JJ. Lang AW. Gharib M. Alisse JR. Sidi C.

402 2000

Panzarella CH. Davis SH. Banko SG. Joo SW. Davis SH. Banko SG. Stern ME. Elkins CJ. Eaton JK. Bergeron K. Coutsias EA. Lynov JP. Nielsen AH. On hydrostatic ows in isentropic coordinates Bokhove O. Suppression of vertical di usion in strongly strati ed turbulence Kaneda Y. Ishida T. An energy criterion for the linear stability of conservative ows Davidson PA. Linear and nonlinear interactions between a columnar vortex and external Miyazaki T. Hunt JCR. turbulence

Journal of Fluids & Structures

137-8 1999

Special issue on blu -body uid dynamics in memory of professor yasuharu naka- Paidoussis MP. Hayama S. Matsumoto M. mura - preface


791 813 853 865 877 907 935 955 967 987 999 1017 1029 1041 1069 1097

Vortex shedding of blu bodies: a review Motions, forces and mode transitions in vortex-induced vibrations at low massdamping Some experiments on ow-induced vibration of a circular cylinder with surface roughness Robust control of vortex-induced vibration of a rigid cylinder supported by an elastic beam using mu-synthesis Gust bu eting and aeroelastic behaviour of poles and monotubular towers Pressure and force uctuations on isolated roughened circular cylinders of nite height in boundary layer ows Free surface wave interaction with a horizontal cylinder Tandem cylinders in impulsively started ow The uid and mechanical coupling between two circular cylinders in tandem arrangement Interference e ects for a group of two reinforced concrete chimneys Aerodynamic stability of long-span box girder bridges and anti-vibration design considerations A form of aerodynamic admittance for use in bridge aeroelastic analysis Experimental determination of the aerodynamic admittance of a bridge deck segment Turbulent elliptic wakes Proper orthogonal decomposition of random wind pressure eld Cfd analysis of turbulent ow past square cylinder using dynamic les

Matsumoto M. Khalak A. Williamson CHK. Okajima A. Nagamori T. Matsunaga F. Kiwata T. Tani J. Qiu J. Liu Y. Solari G. Pagnini LC. Kareem A. Cheng CM. Oshkai P. Rockwell D. Sumner D. Price SJ. Paidoussis MP. Laneville A. Brika D. Niemann HJ. Kasperski M. Saito T. Sakata H. Scanlan RH. Jones NP. Larose GL. Kiya M. Abe Y. Tamura Y. Suganuma S. Kikuchi H. Hibi K. Murakami S. Iizuka S. Ooka R.

Journal of Fluids Engineering-Transactions of the ASME
713 720 725 735 747 757 762 766 773 781 788 798 804 808 813 824 834 841 850 857 866 872 881 887 895 902 908 914 917 Numerical study of developing ow and heat transfer in a wavy passage Cinema piv and its application to impinging vortex systems Turbulent ow in a rotating two pass smooth channel Comparison and scaling of the bursting period in rough and smooth walls channel ows A modi ed model for di usion in second-moment turbulence closures Analytical and experimental investigation of laminar channel ow with respect to ow metering Single jet mixing at arbitrary angle in turbulent tube ow E ect of injected longitudinalvorticity on particle dispersion in a swirling, coaxial jet Re-entrant jet modeling of partial cavity ow on two-dimensional hydrofoils Re-entrant jet modeling of partial cavity ow on three-dimensional hydrofoils Experimental investigation of the ow eld in an automotive torque converter stator Field study on pump vibration and iso's new criteria Three-dimensional numerical analysis of ow-induced vibration in turbomachinery Study of several jets impinging on a plane wall: visualizations and laser velocimetry investigations Experimental investigation of blade loading e ects at design ow in rotating passages of centrifugal impellers Turbulence modeling and computation of viscous transitional ows for low pressure turbines Analysis of rotating cavitationin a nite pitch cascade using a closed cavity model and a singularity method Transient behavior of a cavitating centrifugal pump at rapid change in operating conditions - part 1: transient phenomena at opening closure of discharge valve Transient behavior of a cavitating centrifugal pump at rapid change in operating conditions - part 2: transient phenomena at pump startup shutdown Transient behavior of a cavitating centrifugal pump at rapid change in operating conditions - part 3: classi cations of transient phenomena Three-dimensional linear analysis of rotating cavitation in inducers using an annular cascade model Numerical computation of shock waves in a spherical cloud of cavitation bubbles E ects of nuclei size distributionon the dynamics of a sphericalcloud of cavitation bubbles Monitoring uidization dynamics for detection of changes in uidized bed composition and operating conditions Flow pattern transitionduring gas liquid up ow throughvertical concentricannuli - part i: experimental investigations Flow pattern transitionduring gas liquid up ow throughvertical concentricannuli - part ii: mechanistic models Dusty gas ow in a converging-diverging nozzle Aerodynamic torque acting on a butter y valve. comparison and choice of a torque coe cient A model for ows with massive separation

1214 1999
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Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
349 A multilink active catheter with polyimide-based integrated cmos interface circuits 358 Phase change in microchannel heat sinks with integrated temperature sensors 366 Germanium as a versatile material for low-temperature micromachining 373 Electrochemically driven polypyrrole bilayers for moving and positioning bulk micromachined silicon plates 384 High-rate through-mold electrodeposition of thick  200 mu m nife mems components with uniform composition 393 Design, fabrication, and testing of micromachined silicone rubber membrane valves 403 An inertial sensor technology using drie and wafer bonding with interconnecting capability 409 The surface bulk micromachining sbm process: a new method for fabricating released mems in single crystal silicon 417 Pattern transfer by direct photo etching of polyvinylidene uoride using x rays 423 433 439 448 456 466 473 483 497 506 514 523 529 534 Park KT. Esashi M.

84 1999
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Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
1 45 63 97 117 133 165 187 209 Dynamics of weakly strain-hardening uids in lament stretching devices Numerical study of heat transfer in a non-newtonian carreau- uid between rotating concentric vertical cylinders Weakly nonlinear analysis of benard-marangoni instability in viscoelastic uids Stability of a two-layer blown lm coextrusion Wall slip and shear stresses of polymer melts at high shear rates without pressure and viscous heating e ects Non-isothermal viscoelastic ow through an axisymmetric sudden contraction Thermodynamically admissible reptation models with anisotropic tube cross sections and convective constraint release Contraction and expansion ows of langmuir monolayers Instationary eulerian viscoelastic ow simulations using time separable rivlinsawyers constitutive equations

891-2 2000
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Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
231 Computational studies of the fene-cr model in a two-roll mill 251 An arbitrary lagrangian-eulerian approach for simulating strati ed viscoelastic uids 273 Analysis of melt spinning 287 Description of uniaxial, biaxial, and planar elongational viscosities of polystyrene melt by the k-bkz model 303 Slipping uids: a uni ed transient network model 337 Buckling instabilities in models of viscoelastic free surface ows J Remmelgas, LG Leal H Yamaguchi JC Slattery A Nishioka, K Koyama YM Joshi, RA Mashelkar MD Graham

893 1999

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
1 13 The tensile behaviour of elastic liquids under dynamic stressing Asymptotic structure of the stress eld in ow past a cylinder at high weissenberg number 25 Special cylindricalfree surfacejets of liquid crystallinepolymersand their stability 47 Simulation of bre suspension ow with shear-induced migration 65 Numerical simulation of the steady recirculating ows of ber suspensions 81 Slow steady fall of rigid bodies in a second-order uid 91 Flow of second order uids in curved pipes 117 Transient extension and relaxation of a dilute polymer solution in a four-roll mill SWJ Brown, PR Williams M Renardy Q Wang XJ Fan, N Phan-Thien A Poitou, F Chinesta GP Galdi W Jitchote, AM Robertson J Feng


901 2000

Journal of Sound & Vibration
685 Prediction of ow-induced structural vibration and sound radiation using energy ow analysis 711 Vibration control of bending modes of plates using active constrained layer damping 735 An e cient method for sound transmission in non-uniform circular ducts 749 Ritz-type dynamic analysis of cross-ply laminated circular cylinders subjected to di erent boundary conditions 769 Dynamic analysis of multi-stepped, distributed parameter rotor-bearing systems 787 Modal analysis of multi-span timoshenko beams connected or supported by resilient joints with damping 807 Broadband disturbance attenuation over an entire beam 833 Dynamics of a rotor-bearingsystem equipped with a hydrodynamicthrust bearing 873 Numerical experiments on a vibrating circular plate of non-uniform thickness and a concentric, inner, circular support 878 Transverse vibrations of a simply supported rectangular plate of generalized anisotropy with an intermediate oblique support 886 Upper bounds on responses of linear systems under transient loads Park CH. Baz A. Utsumi M. Messina A. Soldatos KP. Hong SW. Park JH. Hong SW. Kim JW.

2274 1999
Han F. Bernhard RJ. Mongeau LG.

Moheimani SOR. Petersen IR. Pota HR. Jiang PL. Yu L. Gutierrez RH. Rossi RE. Laura PAA. Larrondo HA. Avalos DR. Laura PAA. Shahruz SM. Lords TRC.

Journal of Sound & Vibration
895 899 915 935 949 965 979 987 1003 1019 1049 1083 1109 1119 1120 1122 1133 Workshop on rail corrugations and out-of-round wheels A linear wheel-track model to predict instability and short pitch corrugation Evolution of rail corrugation predicted with a non-linear wear model The in uence of railpad sti ness on wheelset track interaction and corrugation growth Measurement of longitudinalrail irregularitiesand criteria for acceptable grinding Enlargement of out-of-round wheel pro les on high speed trains Polygonalization of wheel treads caused by static and dynamic imbalances Damage detection in smart structures through sensitivity enhancing feedback control On the scattering of sound by a rectilinear vortex The application of a boundary integral equation method to the prediction of ducted fan engine noise On contact-induced standing waves in rotating tires: experiment and theory A new derivation of the frequency response function matrix for vibrating nonlinear systems Periodic solutions of strongly quadratic non-linear oscillators by the elliptic lindstedt-poincare method Comments on "an exact solution for a simpli ed model of the heave and pitch motions of a ship hull due to a moving load and a comparison with some experimental results" Comments on "an exact solution for a simpli ed model of the heave and pitch motions of a ship hull due to a moving load and a comparison with some experimental results" - author's reply Comparing the perturbed eigensolutions of a generalized and a standard eigenvalue problem On the vibration of one-dimensional periodic structures Knothe K. Grassie SL. Muller S. Nielsen JB. Ilias H.

2275 1999

Grassie SL. Saxon MJ. Smith JD. Morys B. Meinke P. Meinke S. Ray LR. Tian L. Howe MS. Dunn MH. Tweed J. Farassat F. Chatterjee A. Cusumano JP. Zolock JD. Adams DE. Allemang RJ. Chen SH. Yang XM. Cheung YK. Aryanpour M. Ghorashi M. Wu JS. Cha PD. Gu WQ. Stephen NG.

Journal of Sound & Vibration
1 11

2281 1999

Delamination detection in composite laminates from variations of their modal Valdes SHD. Soutis C. characteristics Anisotropy e ects on the vibration of circular rings made from crystalline silicon Eley R. Fox CHJ. McWilliam S.

37 51 69 91 109 129 157 177 199 211 218

Transient response of rotating laminated plates with interfacial friction under accelerating conditions Periodic string response to an impact and a suddenly applied concentrated stationary force Low-frequency mode transaction in the free in-plane vibration of curved beams Non-linear forced vibrations of an inhomogeneous layer Sensitivity of planetary gear natural frequencies and vibration modes to model parameters Ground vibration generated by a load moving along a railway track The e ect of modal coupling in random vibration analysis The angular response of parametric arrays - general numerical solution On the cross wavelet analysis of du ng oscillator Subspace signal retrieve method for utter test Disturbance propagation paths in a constrained axially moving string

Rao JS. Yu YD. Shiau TN. Belotserkovskiy PM. Tarnopolskaya T. de Hoog FR. Fletcher NH. Coskun I. Engin H. Erguven ME. Lin J. Parker RG. Sheng X. Jones CJC. Petyt M. Dahlberg T. Zheng M. Wang LS. Kyprianou A. Staszewski WJ. Tan YH. Pei CM. Zhao LC. Saeed HM.


Journal of Sound & Vibration
227 Characteristics of the shell-type coriolis owmeter 243 An experimental study of the impulse response of a vibro-impacting cantilever beam 265 A universal matrix perturbation technique for structural dynamic modi cation using singular value decomposition 275 A lumped-mass model for the dynamic analysis of the spatial beam-like lattice girders 305 Vibrations of beams and helices with arbitrarily large uniform curvature 333 359 377 397 421 443 447 448 452 Liu JK. Chan HC. Wu JS. Hsieh M. Lin CL.

2282 1999
Kutin J. Bajsic I. Wagg DJ. Karpodinis G. Bishop SR.

Tarnopolskaya T. De Hoog FR. Tarnopolsky A. Fletcher NH. The non-linear free vibration of fully clamped rectangular plates: second non- El Kadiri M. Benamar R. White RG. linear mode for various plate aspect ratios Vibration and buckling of deep beam-columns on two-parameter elastic Matsunaga H. foundations Moving forces identi cation on a multi-span continuous bridge Zhu XQ. Law SS. Finite element dynamic model updating using modal thermoelastic elds Humbert L. Thouverez F. Jezequel L. Construction of a portable test rig to perform experimental modal analysis on Kennes P. Anthonis J. Clijmans L. Ramon H. mobile agricultural machinery Comments and additions to "transverse vibrations of circular, annular plates with Amabili M. Garziera R. several combinations of boundary conditions" Comments and additions to "transverse vibrations of circular, annular plates with Laura PAA. several combinations of boundary conditions" - reply A note on the stability and chaotic motions of a restrained pipe conveying uid Denisov KP. Khitrik VL. Fundamental frequencies of timoshenko beams mounted on pasternak foundation El-Mously M.

Journal of Sound & Vibration
459 Numerical simulation of laminar ow past a transversely vibrating circular cylinder 477 Active control of mowing sound source radiation - numerical modelling in the space-frequency and space-time domains 511 The interaction of perturbed vortex rings and its sound generation. part ii 543 Dynamic modelling and stability analysis of axially oscillating cantilever beams 559 How many modes are acceptable and how do people improve the modes? 569 Fully coupled bu etinganalysis of long-spancable-supportedbridges: formulation 589 Highlights of aeroacoustics research in the us - 1998 611 Vibration of multi-span non-uniform bridges under moving vehicles and trains by using modi ed beam vibration functions 629 Lqg ga design of active noise controllers for a collocated acoustic duct system 651 A mechanical lter concept for control of non-linear crane-load oscillations 683 Free vibrations of elliptical rings with circumferentially variable thickness 701 Comments on "non-stationary responses of a non-linearly coupled pitch-roll ship model under modulated excitation" 703 Localization of free vibration modes in systems of nearly identical vibration absorbers 712 Forced vibrations of a clamped, circular plate of rectangular orthotropy

2283 1999
Patnaik BSV. Narayana PAA. Seetharamu KN. Martin V. Ko NWM. Leung RCK. Tang CCK. Hyun SH. Yoo HH. Jiang JS. Tong WH. Sun DK. Xu YL. Ko JM. Lin JH. Raman G. McLaughlin DK. Cheung YK. Au FTK. Zheng DY. Cheng YS. Lin JY. Sheu HY. Chao SC. Balachandran B. Li YY. Fang CC. Hwang RS. Fox CHJ. McWilliam S. Ghorashi M. Alsuwaiyan AS. Shaw SW. Pistonesi C. Laura PAA.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

2284 1999

717 Parameterization of damage in reinforced concrete structures using model Wahab MMA. De Roeck G. Peeters B. updating 731 Vibration control of shear deformable laminated plates - modeling implications Chang MY. Librescu L.


761 The boundary point method for the calculation of exterior acoustic radiation problem 773 Vibration control of a structure by using a tunable absorber and an optimal vibration absorber under auto-tuning control 793 Design selection and analysis of a swept and leaned stator concept 837 Sound attenuation characteristics of right-angle pipe bends 845 Shear and normal strain e ects of core layers in vibration of square sandwich plates under clamped boundary conditions 857 Identi cation for critical utter load and boundary conditions of a beam using neural networks 871 Dynamical behavior of ywheel rotor suspended by hysteretic force of htsc magnetic bearing 889 Mathematical modelling and simulation of vibration control response of intermediate support parameters in a hanging cantilever 915 Simultaneous placement of actuators and sensors 923 Linear dynamics of curved tensioned elastic beams 931 Singular points of intensity streamlines in axisymmetric sound elds

Zhang SY. Chen XZ. Nagaya K. Kurusu A. Ikai S. Shitani Y. Envia E. Nallasamy M. Sarigul AS. Lee BC. Kim KJ. Takahashi I. Hikihara T. Adachi H. Moon FC. Ueda Y. Nazeer MM. Khan AF. Afzal M. Ahmed N. Gawronski W. Hover FS. Triantafyllou MS. Chien CF. Waterhouse RV.

Journal of Sound & Vibration
939 961 977 995 1017 1035 1057 1079 1103 1125 1145 1167 1182 1195 Partial feedback linearization on a harmonically excited beam with one-sided spring Creating and verifying a research-grade simply supported cylinder with pzt actuation Sensitivity analysis of local global modal parameters for identi cation of a crack in a beam The e ect of multiple impacts on the dynamics of an impact system Dynamic analysis of rotating curved beam with a tip mass Dynamic analysis of an automatic dynamic balancer for rotating mechanisms E cient vibration modelling of elastic vehicle track systems Using fast vibrations to quench friction-induced oscillations Non-linear dynamics and stability of circular cylindrical shells containing owing uid, part ii: large-amplitude vibrations without ow Bifurcation and amplitude modulated motions in a parametrically excited twodegree-of-freedom non-linear system Veri cation of local kramers-kronig relations for complex modulus by means of fractional derivative model Natural frequencies of annular plates having contact with uid Tradeo s in design complexity - temporal versus spatial compensation Detection of cracks in cantilever beams: experimental set-up using optical techniques and theoretical modelling Narayana KL. Jebaraj C.

2285 1999
Heertjes MF. van de Molengraft MJG. Nijmeijer H. Niezrecki C. Cudney HH. Yin XC. Wang LG. Park JH. Kim JH. Chung J. Ro DS. Scholar C. Perkins NC. Thomsen JJ. Amabili M. Pellicano F. Paidoussis MP. Ji JC. Yu L. Chen YS. Pritz T. Liang CC. Tai YS. Li PL. Smith GC. Clark RL. Tomasel FG. Larrondo HA. Laura PAA.

Journal of Sound & Vibration
3 Acoustic attenuationperformanceof circular expansionchamberswith single-inlet and double-outlet 21 Asymptotic analysis of wave propagation along weakly non-uniform repetitive systems 65 Simulation of rst and second order scattering by rough surfaces with a sound ray formalism 89 Multi-parameter linear periodic systems: sensitivity analysis and applications 113 Boundary control for a general class of non-linear string-actuator systems 133 147 183 194 199 Selamet A. Ji ZL. Embrechts JJ.

2291 2000
Burr KP. Triantafyllou MS. Yue DKP.

Seyranian AP. Solem F. Pedersen P. Zhang F. Dawson DM. Nagarkatti SP. Rahn CD. Development of a ray tracing computer model for the prediction of the sound Yang LN. Shield BM. eld in long enclosures A velocity method for estimating dynamic strain and stress in pipes Finnveden S. Pinnington RJ. Internal acoustic response of a simply-supported cylinder with single mode struc- Niezrecki C. Cudney HH. tural vibration Structural damage detection using modal norms Gawronski W. Sawicki JT. Semi-active utter control by structural asymmetry Liu HJ. Yang ZC. Zhao LC.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

2292 2000

273 E ect of phase, frequency, magnitude and posture on discomfort associated with di erential vertical vibration at the seat and feet 287 Non-linear dynamics of gear-pair systems with periodic sti ness and backlash 311 Free vibration of clamped orthotropic sandwich panel 329 Vibrational power ow in the moving belt passing through a tensioner 355 Increasing the natural frequencies of circular disks using internal channels 377 Vibration analysis of beams with general boundary conditions traversed by a moving force 389 Accuracy, e ectiveness and improvement of vibration-basedmaintenancein paper mills: case studies 411 Calculation of point mobilities at generic multi-plate beam junctions 431 A further note on the "recurrence scheme for the generation of two-dimensional boundary characteristic orthogonal polynomials to study vibration of plates" 435 Transient response of multi-degree freedom linear systems with time-dependent parameters using orthogonal polynomials 445 Constrained layer damping in nite hearing deformations

Jang HK. Gri n MJ. Theodossiades S. Natsiavas S. Lok TS. Cheng QH. Kwon YI. Ih JG. Renshaw AA. Abu Hilal M. Zibdeh HS. Al-Najjar B. Sarradj E. Xu D. Jiang TY. Srirangarajan HR. Banait PJ. Yu JH. Batra RC.


Journal of Sound & Vibration
755 Free vibration and buckling of in-plane loaded plates with rotational elastic edge support 775 Periodic forced response of structures having three-dimensional frictional constraints 793 Vibration transmissibilityof a unidirectionalmulti-degree-of-freedomsystem with multiple dynamic absorbers 807 Vibration of a double-beam system 823 Analysis of impact force variation during collision of two bodies using a singledegree-of-freedom system model 837 The e ect of detuning parameters on the absorption region for a coupled system: a numerical and experimental study 859 Prediction of low-frequency tones produced by ow through a duct with a gap 879 Exact correspondence between eigenvalues of membranes and functionally graded simply supported polygonal plates 897 An e cient, two-dimensional implementation of the owcs williams and hawkings equation 913 Performance of pendulum absorber for a nonlinear system of varying orientation 935 Free vibration of laminated circular piezoelectric plates and discs 957 Dynamic response of linear systems to moving stochastic sources 973 Mode identi cation of high-amplitude pressure waves in liquid rocket engines 993 Torsional instabilities and non-linear oscillation of a system incorporating a hooke's joint 1003 Suppression of limit cycles in a class of non-linear systems by disturbance observers 1013 Modal actuators and sensors Gorman DJ. Hsueh WJ.

2294 2000
Chen JJ. Yang BD. Menq CH. Vu HV. Ordonez AM. Karnopp BH. Rajalingham C. Rakheja S. Cuvalci O. Grace SM. Cheng ZQ. Batra RC. Lockard DP. Ertas A. Cuvalci O. Ekwaro-Osire S. Heyliger PR. Ramirez G. Sun L. Greenberg BS. Ebrahimi R. Mazaheri K. Ghafourian A. Chang SI. Shahruz SM. Rajarama SA. Gawronski W.

Journal of Sound & Vibration
1023 Dynamics of a exible beam carrying a moving mass using perturbation, numerical and time-frequency analysis techniques 1057 Optimal sensor actuator placement for active vibration control using explicit solution of algebraic riccati equation 1077 Transmission of yaw seat vibration to the head 1097 Parametric instability of a leipholz column under periodic excitation 1115 Vibroacoustic response of a thin cylindrical shell excited by a turbulent internal ow: comparison between numerical prediction and experimentation 1157 Sound transmission through a thin ba ed plate: validation of a light uid approximation with numerical and experimental results 1171 Coulomb friction oscillator: modelling and responses to harmonic loads and base excitations 1193 Some observations of modelling of wave motion in layer-based elastic media 1213 Determination of the mutual radiation resistances of a rectangular plate and their impact on the radiated sound power 1235 Structure optimization to enhance its natural frequencies based on measured frequency response functions 1257 A new perturbation technique which is also valid for large parameters 1264 Viscously damped mechanical systems subject to several constraint equations 1269 Cantilever beam vibration

2295 2000
Siddiqui SAQ. Golnaraghi MF. Heppler GR. Hiramoto K. Doki H. Obinata G. Paddan GS. Gri n MJ. Kang B. Tan CA. Durant C. Robert G. Filippi PJT. Mattei PO. Filippi PJT. Mattei PO. Maury C. van der Burgh AHP. de Jong CJM. Hong HK. Liu CS. Zhang R. Li WL. Gibeling HJ. Park YH. Park YS. He JH. Gurgoze M. Hizal NA. Ho mann JA. Wertheimer T.

Journal of Sound & Vibration
1 31 45 69 101 111 133 149 171 187 195 In uence of permanent turbulent air ow on acoustic streaming A triangular fourier p-element for the analysis of membrane vibrations Theoretical characteristics of the vibration of sandwich plates with in-plane negative poisson's ratio values Preliminary experiments on noise reduction in cavities using active impedance changes Partial eigenstructure assignment for the quadratic pencil Free vibration of symmetrically laminated thick-perforated plates Sound insulation of doors - part 1: prediction models for structural and leak transmission Sound insulation of doors - part 2: comparison between measurement results and predictions E ect of uid depth on the hydroelastic vibration of free-edge circular plate On the vibrations of an axially vibrating elastic rod with distributed mass added in-span Free vibration of unidirectional ber reinforcement composite rotor Valdes LC. Santens D. Houmat A. Scarpa F. Tomlinson G.


2301 2000
Lacour O. Galland MA. Thenail D. Datta BN. Elhay S. Ram YM. Sarkissian DR. Chen CC. Kitipornchai S. Lim CW. Liew KM. Hongisto V. Hongisto V. Keranen J. Lindgren M. Kwak MK. Han SB. Gurgoze M. Inceoglu S. El-Mahdy TH. Gadelrab RM.

Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design
0 Special issue on remnant life 373 Dual boundary element methods for three-dimensional dynamic crack problems 395 Methodology to analyse aerospace structures repaired with a bonded composite patch 413 Ensuring the continued structural airworthiness of the airbus a300 commercial transport aircraft 423 Material properties from small specimens using the punch and bulge test Collins RA.

346 1999
Ciavarella M. Hills D. Wen PH. Aliabadi MH. Young A. Naboulsi S. Mall S.

Brook eld DJ. Li W. Rodgers B. Mottershead JE. Hellen TK. Jarvis J. Lohr R. HowardHildige R. Carlton A. Whelan M. 437 Stress eld parameters to predict the fatigue strength of notched components Atzori B. Lazzarin P. Tovo R. 455 Accelerated life testing and thermomechanical simulation in power electronic de- Nicoletto G. Pirondi A. Cova P. vice development 463 Identi cation and measurement of ductile damage parameters Bonora N.

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids
211 233 275 301 Composition modulation and nanophase separation in a binary epilayer Micromechanics of toughened polycarbonate Impact induced phase transformation in shape memory alloys Experimental analysis of deformation mechanisms in a closed-cell aluminum alloy foam 323 Superimposed nite elastic-viscoelastic-plastoelastic stress response with damage in lled rubbery polymers. experiments, modelling and algorithmic implementation 367 General conditions for uniqueness in materials with multiple mechanisms of inelastic deformation 397 A new class of extremal composites

482 2000
Z Suo, W Lu S Socrate, MC Boyce YICHAO Chen, DC Lagoudas AF Bastawros, H Bart-Smith, AG Evans C Miehe, J Keck H Petryk O Sigmund

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids
429 Functional methods and e ective potentials for non-linear composites 461 Multiphase composites with extremal bulk modulus 499 Finite elementmicromechanicalmodellingof yield and collapsebehaviourof metal matrix composites 529 The e ective electroelastic moduli of textured piezoelectric polycrystalline aggregates 553 Conservation integrals in couple stress elasticity 565 from creases to conical de ections in a buckled thin sheet: stress focusing versus singularities in strong deformations of a thin elastic sheet 581 A thermodynamic internal variable model for the partition of plastic work into heat and stored energy in metals 609 Observations of transonic crack velocity at a metal ceramic interface 621 Micromechanical simulation of the failure of ber reinforced composites JIANGYU Li VA Lubarda, X Markensco S Chaieb, F Melo

483 2000
YP Pellegrini, M Barthelemy, G Perrin LV Gibiansky, O Sigmund MM Aghdam, DJ Smith, MJ Pavier

P Rosakis, AJ Rosakis, G Ravichandran, J Hodowany J Wu, V Gupta CM Landis, IJ Beyerlein, RM Mcmeeking

Journal of Thermal Stresses
737 Process-altered surface convection e ects in a coupled thermoelastic analysis of rapid sliding indentation with friction 757 Growth instability during planar solidi cation with a mold of nite thermal capacity 781 Axisymmetrical thermoelastic behavior for a nonhomogeneous medium with a penny-shaped crack 805 An energetic restriction on a numerical scheme in one-dimensional dynamic thermoelasticity Brock LM. Yigit F. Jeon SP. Tanigawa Y. Mihailescu-Suliciu M. Suliciu I.

228 1999


Journal of Thermal Stresses
829 Relaxation e ects on thermally induced vibrations in a generalized thermoviscoelastic medium with a spherical cavity 841 A fully coupled thermo-mechanical micromechanics model 875 Thermoelastic vibrations of a laminated rectangular plate subjected to a thermal shock 897 A two-dimensional generalized thermoelasticity problem for a half-space Mukhopadhyay S. Williams TO. Aboudi J. Adams RJ. Bert CW. Sherief HH. Helmy KA.

229 1999

Journal of Thermal Stresses
1 15 47 59 71 A spatial decay estimate for transient thermoelastic process in a composite semispace Small time behavior of hygrothermal stresses in axisymmetric double-layer cylinders Gleeble machine determination of creep law parameters for thermally induced deformations in aluminium dc casting Optimization of the stress-state in thermoelastic shells based on generalized energy criteria The e ect of work hardening on thermally induced deformations in aluminium dc casting Ignaczak J. Chang WJ. Weng CI.

231 2000
Farup I. Drezet JM. Mo A. Iveland T. Zozulyak Y. Ostapski W. Farup I. Mo A.

Journal of Vibration & Acoustics-Transactions of the ASME
429 433 440 446 453 460 468 476 482 488 495 501 506 508 509 On equivalent linearization using wavelet transform Experimental robust control of structural acoustic radiation Adaptive vibration isolation for exible structures Piezoelectric array sensing for real-time, broad-band sound radiation measurement Modelling a structural-acoustic coupled system with an equivalent lumped parameter mechanical system Analysis of acousto-ultrasoniccharacteristicsfor contact-typetransducerscoupled to an orthotropic composite plate Analytical implementation of wave-absorbingcontrol for exible beams using synchronization condition Dynamic e ects in elastothermodynamic damping of metal-matrix composites with spherical reinforcement A study of control strategies for the reduction of structural vibration transmission Two-stage adaptive line enhancer and sliced wigner trispectrum for the characterization of faults from gear box vibration data Characterization of nonlinear vibrating systems using internal feedback and frequency response modulation Torsional wave propagation in a circular cylinder with a periodically corrugated outer surface On the energetics of a spinning exible beam Vibration control of smart composite beams with embedded optical ber sensor and er uid On stability of time-varying multidimensional linear systems

1214 1999

Basu B. Gupta VK. Cox DE. Gibbs GP. Clark RL. Vipperman JS. Ertur D. Li YG. Rahn CD. Preumont A. Francois A. Dubru S. Kim SM. Brennan MJ. Liu T. Kitipornchai S. Liew KM. Wang G. Utsumi M. Srivastava SK. Mishra BK. Jain SC. Gardonio P. Elliott SJ. Lee SK. White PR. Adams DE. Allemang RJ. Kim JO. Fung RF. Leng JS. Asundi A. Liu YJ. Wu JW. Fung RF.

Journal of Vibration & Control
3 19 An approximate model for wave propagation in rectangular rods and their geo- Nayfeh AH. Abdelrahman WG. metric limits Representation of green's function integral operators using wavelet transforms Chou KC. Guthart GS.

61 2000


Recursive parameter identi cation of a class of nonlinear systems from noisy Moustafa KAF. Emara-Shabaik HE. measurements 61 Resetting virtual absorbers for vibration control Bupp RT. Bernstein DS. Chellaboina VS. Haddad WM. 85 Modeling and control of a manipulator joint driven through a worm gear May DC. Jayasuriya S. Mooring BW. transmission 113 H-in nity control of active constrained layer damping Crassidis JL. Baz A. Wereley N. 137 Controlling unstable rolling phenomena Goodwine B. Stepan G.


Journal of Vibration & Control
163 189 207 223 243 257 273 291 309 Substructure simulation of viscoelastic-elastic multibody systems Adaptive numerical methods with arbitrary xed samplings Optimum shape design of rotor shafts using genetic algorithm Simulation of structure control and controller design within a nite element code Suppression of regenerative chatter via impedance modulation Phase delay control of a cantilever beam Analysis and design of delayed resonator in discrete domain Stability improvement of motion of a rotor with an active control method Comparison of linear and nonlinear control of a slewing beam

62 2000
Liu AQ. Lam KY. Reddy JN. Rahrooh A. Motlagh BS. Choi BG. Yang BS. Zehn MW. Enzmann M. Segalman DJ. Butcher EA. Hwang JK. Choi CH. Song CK. Olgac N. Elmali H. Liao MF. Gasch R. Kolk O. Kletschkowski T. Rietz RW. Inman DJ.

JSME International Journal Series A-Solid Mechanics & Material Engineering 424 1999
451 Special issue on fracture and strength of materials and structures - foreword 452 Recent developments in piezothermoelasticity: inverse problems relevant to smart structures review 459 Two-dimensional wave front shape caused by a point impulsive source 463 Discrete dislocation dynamics study of fracture mechanism and dislocation structures formed in mesascopic eld near crack tip under cyclic loading 472 The creep line-spring model: estimates of creep fracture parameters for surfacecracked plates 479 Mechanical and thermal analysis of aging in strained polymethyl methacrylate 485 Dislocation density analyses of bulk semiconductorsingle crystal during cz growth process e ects of crystal anisotropy 492 An electroelastic problem of an in nite piezoelectric body with two inhomogeneities 499 Theoretical development of thermal buckling phenomenon of thin-walled plate due to moving heat source 507 Boundary element analysis for unsteady elastodynamic - problems based on the laplace transform 515 A simpli ed approach to analysis of large de ections for rectangular plates with a cross-sti ener 521 Theory of reinforcement damage in discontinuously reinforced composites and its application 530 Improvement of design reliability for buckling load maximization of composite cylinder using genetic algorithm with recessive-gene-like repair 537 Transition from small to large interlaminar cracks in ber-reinforced laminated composites 546 On the mechanics and physics in the nano-indentation of silicon monocrystals 560 E ect of grinding method on bending strength of silicon nitride 568 Thermomechanical e ects due to hot rolling contact on the energy release rates of multiple interface cracks in layered media 578 Simulation of crack growth in thermal stress cleaving using line heat source 585 Toughening mechanisms of rubber toughened pmma 592 Composition pro le for improving the brittle fracture characteristics in semiin nite functionally graded materials 601 E ects of test conditions on fracture toughness and fracture morphology of polycrystalline ice 610 Fatigue behavior of steel pipes containing idealized aws under uctuating pressure 618 Boundary element inverse analysis for stress separation in thermoelastic stress analysis 624 Evaluation of time-dependent fracture mechanics parameters of a moving crack in a viscoelastic strip Nakamura H. Tauchert TR. Ashida F. Noda N. Payton RG. Nakatani A. Kitagawa H. Sugizaki M. Guozhong C. Shiratori M. Nanzai Y. Miwa A. Cui SZ. Miyazaki N. Kuroda Y. Ishihara M. Noda N. Kawamura R. Tanigawa Y. Watanabe H. Yamasaki K. Arai M. Adachi A. Matsumoto H. Kimura K. Okamoto M. Tsunose K. Tohgo K. Cho YT. Todoroki A. Sasai M. Kimachi H. Tanaka H. Tanaka K. Zhang LC. Tanaka H. Sakaida Y. Tanaka K. Goshima T. Ishihara S. Yamauchi N. Koizumi T. Saimoto A. Imai Y. Motomura F. Todo M. Takahashi K. Jar PYB. Beguelin P. Sekine H. Afsar AM. Uchida T. Kusumoto S. Hagiwara N. Meziere Y. Oguchi N. Zarea M. Champavere R. Hayabusa K. Inoue H. Kishimoto K. Shibuya T. Yoneyama S. Ogawa K. Misawa A. Takashi M.

JSME International Journal Series B-Fluids & Thermal Engineering
573 Some considerations on the modeling of disperse multiphase ows by averaged Prosperetti A. equations review

424 1999

586 Flow resistance and strouhal number of a vortex shedder in a circular pipe 596 Analysis of aerodynamic sound source with measurement of static-pressure uctuation 605 Numerical study of the ow and the sand movement around a circular cylinder standing on the sand 612 Experimental investigation on the aerodynamic characteristics of a tandem wing con guration in close ground proximity 619 Boundary layer control with a moving belt system for studies on wing-in-grounde ect 626 Prediction of wall-bounded turbulent ows with blowing and suction - testing of a second-moment closure without wall-re ection redistribution terms 634 Characteristics of cavitation-induced sonoluminescence under conditions of cathodic protection 641 Experimental study of cavity ow behavior on a 2-d hydrofoil 649 Study on cavitation damage characteristics around a hollow-jet valve 658 E ects of liquid viscosity on characteristics of waves in gas-liquid two-phase ow - characteristics of huge waves and disturbance waves 667 Development of the calibration facility for small mass ow rates of gases and the sonic venturi nozzle transfer standard 674 Measurement of velocity and turbulence scale near the spark plug by using a two-color piv method 683 Endothermic reaction and heat transfer characteristics of a catalyst-coated n experiment of n with methanol decomposition reaction 691 The interaction between upstream and downstream heat transfers on the burning and extinction of dilute spray ames 699 Role of elementary reactions in ame structure and unsteady behavior of twodimensional fuel jet di usion ame 708 Molecular dynamics study of gas-surface interactionconstructionof a gas-surface scattering model 715 Equation of state for aqueous ethanol mixtures in the temperature range from 270 k to 420 k at pressures up to 200 mpa 723 Thermal expansion and temperature measurement in a microscopic scale by using the atomic force microscope 731 Study of critical heat ux during natural convective boiling in vertical tubes and vertical annular tubes submerged in saturated liquids 737 Study of meandering closed-loop heat-transport device vapor-plug propagation phenomena 745 Directional characteristics of radiation re ection on rough metal surfaces with description of heat transfer parameters 752 Numerical simulation of combustion and nongray radiative heat transfer in a furnace and its comparison with experiments 760 Quantitative 2-d fuel distribution measurements in a direct-injection gasoline engine using laser-induced uorescence technique 768 Emissions reduction using multiple stage diesel combustion 776 Study on high speci c power micro-stirling engine

Igarashi T. Iida A. Otaguro T. Kato C. Shimode S. Kawamura T. Kan M. Hayashi T. Ahmed MR. Kohama Y. Ahmed MR. Sirogane H. Kohama Y. Shima N. Saito N. Okamoto M. Liu SJ. Ikohagi T. Liu SJ. Higuchi J. Ikohagi T. Wang GY. Liu SJ. Shintani M. Ikohagi T. Mori K. Kondo Y. Kaji M. Yagishita T. Nakao S. Takamoto M. Lee KH. Lee CS. Joo YC. Okuyama K. Ogawa A. Iida Y. Hou SS. Yamashita H. Djamrak D. Takeno T. Yamanishi N. Matsumoto Y. Takiguchi Y. Uematsu M. Igeta M. Inoue T. Varesi J. Majumdar A. Liu ZH. Chen YM. Hosoda M. Nishio S. Shirakashi R. Makino T. Nakamura A. Wakabayashi H.


Yoshimoto T. Okamoto T. Takagi T. Katsui M. Fujikawa T. Hattori Y. Koike M. Akihama K. Kobayashi T. Matsushita S. Hashizume T. Akagawa H. Tsujimura K. Fukui T. Shiraishi T. Murakami T. Nakajima N.

JSME International Journal Series CMechanical Systems Machine Elements & Manufacturing
825 838 847 856 865 871 877 884 891 898 907 914 922 930 936 941 Fractional calculus approach to dynamic problems of viscoelastic materials review Optimum design of er dampers for ambulances Fluctuation of periods in multisurface oscillation system Chaotic behaviors of nonlinear vibration system with stochastic excitation probability distribution of local expansion rates Stability analysis and bounded sliding-mode control of a class of multi-input bilinear systems Comparatively implementations of a 3-axial electrohydraulic control system A new method for improving the accuracy of spm and its application to afm in liquids Robust speed control of ultrasonic motor based on h-in nity control with repetitive compensator Two-dimensional vibration intensity measurement by wave composition Fuzzy refrigerant ow controller for package air conditioners adaptable to setting environments A new approachon modelingfor product developmentexpansionand uni cation Gain-scheduled control of a tower crane considering varying load-rope length E ects of position of shoe center on ski turn Adaptive sliding controller for uncertain second order systems Dimensional measurement of a curved pro le by the sensor positioning control Optional tuning of automobile accelerator pedal sensitivity with software torque meter Shimizu N. Zhang W.

424 1999
Murata Y. Maemori K. Matsuyama K. Madarame H. Okamoto K. Yoshida K. Sato K. Ishimura T. Chen YP. Chang JL. Lai KM. Wang YT. Lan CC. Chang MK. Gao W. Nomura M. Kweon HK. Oka T. Liu QG. Kiyono S. Kobayashi Y. Kimura E. Yanabe S. Shibata K. Kato M. Ito K. Kawai T. Ogawa A. Ozawa Y. Osumi M. Sekiya R. Mori T. Nagamatsu A. Sumida S. Nagamatsu M. Takagi K. Nishimura H. Sakata T. Tsukiyama M. Chang KM. Yang GJ. Shiraishi M. Takada Y. Morita S.


947 957

965 974 982 991 1003 1012 1021 1031 1041 1050 1056 1061 1068 1078 1085

Four-wheel independent steering 4wis system for vehicle handling improvement by active rear toe control Development of wheelchair experience system with force feedback and experiments of spatial recognition in virtual environment Cooperative behavior of a mechanically unstable mobile robot for object transportation Stability analysis of frictionless grasps with a two-dimensional spring model Nonlinear identi cation of a magnetic bearing system with closed loop control Basic theory on tooth contact and dynamic loads of gears - a path of contact of a gear pair having modi ed involute helicoids for one member Friction of sliding leadscrews under hydrodynamic lubrication - 1st report, establishment of clearance shape model and its analysis based on in nitely short bearing theory Friction of sliding leadscrews under hydrodynamic lubrication - 2nd report, veri cation of drunkenness-model theory and consideration of appropriate driving condition The gravity pendulum method for precise measurement of the tooth surface friction coe cient of a pair of mating gears Lubrication characteristics on sliding surfaces between piston and cylinder in a piston pump and motor - e ects of running-in, pro le of piston top and sti ness Studies on friction loss of spur gears - e ect of viscosity of lubricating oils and tooth forms The nash bargaining model used in an optimally designed pid controller for multiple objectives Identi cation of heat transfer coe cient on machine tool surface by inverse analysis Numerical analysis of ow and ber orientation in slit channel ow of short berpolymer melt mixture Structural optimization considering exibility - structural design of actuators using piezoceramics A learning-based methodology for control of scheduling in changing environment Knowledge in the domain of feature-based xturing planning

Lee SH. Lee UK. Ha SK. Han CS. Fujimoto H. Chen LY. Sano A. Sakurai Y. Shiroma N. Matsumoto O. Tani K. Saha SK. Yamada T. Mimura N. Funahashi Y. Chang SC. Tung PC. Honda S. Fukada S. Fukada S. Otsuka J. Hori K. Hayashi I. Iwatsuki N. Tanaka K. Kyogoku K. Nakahara T. Haizuka S. Kikusaki T. Naruse C. Nakamoto K. Konishi Y. Kondo K. Ishigaki H. Lee JD. Tanabe I. Takada K. Kato K. Zhang YX. Otake N. Nishiwaki S. Silva ECN. Li Y. Kikuchi N. Rashid Y. Hatono I. Ueda K. Wang CY. Inasaki I.

Mathematics & Mechanics of Solids
395 407 441 461 481 499 A note on ericksen's problem for radially symmetric deformations Complete elasticity solution to the stress problem in a planar grained structure Two-dimensional approximation of eigenvalue problems in shallow shell theory Scattering of high-frequency exural oscillations in thin plates Internally constrained mixtures of elastic continua Properties of acoustic polarization in a symmetry plane of monoclinic and higher symmetry media Hill JM. Arrigo DJ. Vigdergauz S. Kesavan S. Sabu N. Thomson GR. Constanda C. Klisch SM. Shuvalov AL.

44 1999

147 Deterministic behaviour of short time series 155 A method for determining model-structure errors and for locating damage in vibrating systems 169 General analytic solutions and complementary variational principles for large deformation nonsmooth mechanics 199 Edge singularities and kutta condition in 3d aerodynamics Gao DY.

343 1999
Celletti A. Froeschle C. Tetko IV. Villa AEP. Mottershead JE. Friswell MI. Mares C. Bassanini P. Casciola CM. Lancia MR. Piva R.

Mechanics Research Communications
635 641 649 657 665 673 679 687 693 701 709 Oscillators in resonance Catalogue of moire fringes for a bi-axially-loaded in nite plate with a hole The practical use of the hole method in moire Evolutionary shape optimization for stress minimization On sh waves in a pre-stressed layered half-space for an incompressible elastic material The state vector methods of axisymmetric problems for multilayered anisotropic elastic system A constitutive theory in thermo-viscoelasticity at nite deformation Frequency relationship between levinson plates and classical thin plates An implicit integration algorithm for plane stress damage coupled elastoplasticity Damaged-bone remodeling theory: thermodynamical approach Thermoelastic transient response of an in nitely long annular multilayered cylinder

266 1999
Elipe A. Deprit A. Cardenas-Garcia JF. Verhaegh JJE. Cardenas-Garcia JF. Verhaegh JJE. Li Q. Steven GP. Querin OM. Xie YM. Dowaikh MA. Wang JG. Fang SS. Huang ZP. Wang CM. Kitipornchai S. Singh AK. Pandey PC. Ramtani S. Zidi M. Jane KC. Lee ZY.

719 Nonlocal elastic analogy for wave propagation in periodic layered composites 725 On the symmetry group properties of equations of nonlocal elasticity

Wang YS. Ozer T.


Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures
285 Ultrasonic waves and material and defect characterization in composite plates 301 Predicting progressivedelaminationof composite material specimens via interface elements 319 Snap-through buckling analyses of composite shallow spherical shells 331 New methodology to establish bounds on e ective properties of cellular solids 347 Failure analysis of two-dimensional carbon-epoxy composite plate pinned joint 363 Identi cation of damage in composite structures: a numerical model

64 1999
Datta SK. Shah AH. Karunasena W. Chen J. Cris eld M. Kinloch AJ. Busso EP. Matthews FL. Qiu Y. Akkas N. Toroslu R. Dimitrovova Z. Faria L. Aktas A. Karakuzu R. dos Santos JVA. Soares CMM. Soares CAM. Pina HLG.

Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures
1 19 35 Plastically induced anisotropy on metal matrix composites Three-dimensional micromechanical modeling of cord-rubber composites E ects of particle interaction and size variation on damage evolution in lled elastomers 55 On stochastic modeling of interface defects in composite materials 79 A discrete-layer model of laminated hygrothermopiezoelectric plates 105 Micromechanical characterization of tensile strength of ber composite materials

71 2000
Kourkoulis SK. Andrianopoulos NP. Kocak S. Pidaparti RMV. Zhong XA. Knauss WG. Kaminski M. Kleiber M. Smittakorn W. Heyliger PR. Abu-Farsakh GA. Abdel-Jawad YA. Abu-Laila KM.

Mechanics of Materials
1 Finite deformation viscoelasticity laws 19 Modeling of crazing using a cohesive surface methodology 37 Two unequal cracks with coalesced plastic zones - the generalised dugdale model approach 43 Problem of an inclusion in an in nite body, approach in large deformation 57 Nonlinear electromechanical interfacial fracture for piezoelectric materials

321 2000
Huber N. Tsakmakis C. Tijssens MGA. van der Giessen E. Sluys LJ. Ali MM. Ali R. Diani JL. Parks DM. Shen SP. Nishioka T. Kuang ZB. Liu ZX.

Mechanics of Materials
131 An investigation of the heat generated during cyclic loading of two glassy polymers. part i. experimental 149 An investigation of the heat generated during cyclic loading of two glassy polymers. part ii. thermal analysis 161 Thermomechanical behavior of micron scale solder joints under dynamic loads 175 Stress redistributionand cavity nucleation near a di usively growing grain boundary cavity 193 Contact based analysis of asphalt pavement with the e ect of aggregate angularity D Rittel D Rittel Y Zhao, C Basaran PM Anderson H Zhu

323 2000

Mechanics of Solids
1 8 16 19 24 28 41 46 54 66 73 Optimization of tuning of a gyrodin system with minimal redundancy Analysis of the accuracy of the solution to the aircraft gravity gradiometry problem. Steady-state motions of two linked bodies The motion of a nearly-Hamiltoninan system with one degree of freedom in the case of a fourth-order resonance Analysis of natural vibration of a shaft with disks using the lagrange equations of the rst kind. Stability of the rotor of an induction motor in the magnetic eld of the current windings. Three-dimensional contact problem for a two layered elastic base with an unknown contact area Interaction of punches on an elastic half-space E ect of taking into account weak compressibility of a material in the problems of elasticity with nite strains. Analysis of the e ective elastic properties of a unidirectional glass-reinforced plastic by the generalized self-consistency method. Constitutive equations for isotropic multimodulus media. II.Nonlinear equations. V.N. Vasil'ev I.A. Papusha

341 1999
G.V.Mozalevskaya and E.I.Kharlamova O.V. Kholostova S.A.Zegzhda and M.P.Yushokov D.Yu.Skubov and I.V.Shumakovich V.M.Alexandrov,J.J. Kalker, and D.A. Pozharskii I.I.Argatov V.G.Kuznetsova and A.A. Rogovoi A.A.Pan'kov N.M.Matchenko,L.A. Tolokonnikov, and A.A. Treshchev



In uence of the volume di usion on the instabilityof a surface layer under thermal loading. 86 A method of complex solution to dynamic problems of plane elasticity for anisotropic media. 94 Comparison of penetration of star-shaped and conic bodies. 98 Interaction of plane elastic waves with systems of radial defects. 108 Deformation of metals under complex loading with abrupt rotation of the axes of the stress tensor. 112 The constitutive equations of aging materials taking into account physical and chemical processes. 118 The determination of the workability diagram 126 132 136 143 147 160 164

N.F.Morozov,M.V.Paukshto, and P.E.Tovstik. I.O.Osipov Yu.K.Bivin V.G.Popov A.M.Zhukov V.M.Pestrikov

S.E.Aleksandrov,D.Vilotic.R.V.Goldstein, and N.N.Chikanova Irreversible deformation of an incompressible medium subjected to uniform com- A.A.BUrenin, M.V. Goncharov, and L.V. pression near a spherical cavity. Kovtanyuk Investigation of the creep buckling of a rod on the basis of the Calladine-Drucker K.I.Romanov theorem. Successive formation of two unequal elliptic holes in a viscoelastic incompressible K.M.Zingerman and V.A.Levin solid: Finite strain. The anti-plane problem for a crack propagating with an arbitrary speed in an A.G.Bagdoev and A.V.Shekoyan anisotropic medium. Linear theory of a plane orthogonal lattice. L.S.Rybakov Accuracy estimates and correction of approximation of Green's frequency func- A.F.Starikov tions for elastic rods and beams. Modeling of the ight of a high-speed elastic missile with latticed control surfaces. V.A.Podobedov, A.T. Ponomarev, and V.M. Popov

Mechanics of Structures & Machines
0 Automotive research center - special edition issue - preface 365 Corba-based object-oriented framework for distributed system design 393 423 453 507

274 1999

Assanis DN. Papalambros PY. Bryzik V. Michelena N. Sche er C. Fellini R. Papalambros P. Optimization approach to hybrid electric propulsion system design Assanis D. Delagrammatikas G. Fellini R. Filipi Z. Liedtke J. Michelena N. Papalambros P. Reyes D. Rosenbaum D. Sales A. Sasena M. Case study for network-distributed collaborative design and simulation: extended Hulbert GM. Michelena N. Ma ZD. Tseng FC. life optimization for m1 abrams tank road arm Fellini R. Sche er C. Choi KK. Tang J. Ogarevic V. Hardee E. Modeling and simulation of an m1 abrams tank with advanced track dynamics Assanis DN. Bryzik W. Castanier MP. Darnell and integrated virtual diesel engine IM. Filipi ZS. Hulbert GM. Jung D. Ma ZD. Perkins NC. Pierre C. Scholar CM. Wang YS. Zhang GQ. Numerical methods for high-speed vehicle dynamic simulation Haug EJ. Negrut D. Serban R. Solis D.

Medical Engineering & Physics
379 Introduction to this special issue - intelligent data analysis in electromyography and electroneurography 389 Decomposition and quantitative analysis of clinical electromyographic signals 405 Autoregressive and cepstral analyses of motor unit action potentials 421 Global and detailed features of motor unit potential in myogenic and neurogenic disorders 431 Classi cation of the myoelectricsignal using time-frequencybased representations 439 449 469 479 487 499 507 517

216-7 1999
Pattichis CS. Scho eld I. Merletti R. Parker PA. Middleton LT. Stashuk DW. Pattichis CS. Elia AG. Zalewska E. Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz I.

Engelhart K. Hudgins B. Parker PA. Stevenson M. Detection of hidden rhythms in surface emg signals with a nonlinear time-series Filligoi GC. Felici F. tool Objective motor response onset detection in surface myoelectric signals Staude G. Wolf W. Quadriceps muscles activation in anterior knee pain during isokinetic exercise Cesarelli M. Bifulco P. Bracale M. E ect of electrode dimensions on motor unit potentials Dimitrova NA. Dimitrov GV. Chihman VN. Compensation of the e ect of sub-cutaneous tissue layers on surface emg: a sim- Farina D. Rainoldi A. ulation study Bispectral de-noising of the compound action potential for estimation of the nerve Papadopoulou FA. Panas SM. conduction velocity distribution The e ect of stimulus current pulse width on nerve ber size recruitment patterns Szlavik RB. de Bruin H. The emg diagnosis - an interpretation based on partial information Suojanen M. Andreassen S. Olesen KG.

Medical Engineering and Physics

218 1999

525 A pharmacokinetic model for multiple sites discontinuous gastrointestinal Y Plusquellec, C Efthymiopoulos, P Duthil, G absorption Houin

533 Two methods for the measurement of voluntary contraction torque in the biceps brachii muscle 541 Ultrasound velocity and attenuation in relation to maximum trabecula stress in the patella 547 E ect of aneurysmectomy on left ventricular shape and function: case studies 555 563 569 575 583 589 599

D Farina, R Merletti, A Rainoldi, M Buonocore, R Casale SM Han


YF Petrank, H Azhari, J Lessick, S Sideman, R Beyar Analysis of volition latency on antisaccadic eye movements YF Chen, T Chen, TT Tsai A 16-channel squid-device for biomagnetic investigations of small objects H Nowak, F Giebler, R Huonker, J Haueisen, J Rother, M Eiselt The incidence of radio-frequency impulsive noise within hospital buildings: initial AI Riemann, NE Evans measurements in the 450 mhz band Variation of the spatial position computed by roentgen stereophotogrammetric R Soavi, M Motta, A Visani analysis rsa under non-standard conditions Calculation of extracellular potentials produced by an inclined muscle bre at a NA Dimitrova, AG Dimitrov, GV Dimitrov rectangular plate electrode Dimensional change in muscle as a control signal for powered upper limb pros- LPJ Kenney, I Lisitsa, P Bowker, GH Heath, theses: a pilot study D Howard Book review: micromanipulation by light in biology and medicine, the laser mi- P Vadgama crobeam and optical tweezers

Nonlinear Dynamics
197 Melnikov-based dynamical analysis of microcantilevers in scanning probe microscopy 221 Dynamics of oscillators with strongly nonlinear asymmetric damping 247 Non-linear vibration of a travelling beam having an intermediate guide 267 Use of cholesky coordinates and the absolute nodal coordinate formulation in the computer simulation of exible multibody systems 283 Dynamics of a cubic nonlinear vibration absorber Natsiavas S. Verros G. Chakraborty G. Mallik AK. Yakoub RY. Shabana AA.

203 1999
Ashhab M. Salapaka MV. Dahleh M. Mezic I.

Oueini SS. Chin CM. Nayfeh AH.

Nonlinear Dynamics
297 309 319 361 381 Sweep tests on vibrating systems with power-law damping A modi ed exact linearization control for chaotic oscillators Periodic and homoclinic motions in forced, coupled oscillators Flexible multibody simulation and choice of shape functions Modal representation of stress in exible multibody simulation

204 1999
Ravindra B. Hagedorn P. Mallik AK. Chen LQ. Liu YZ. Yagasaki K. Schwertassek R. Wallrapp O. Shabana AA. Schwertassek R. Dombrowski SV. Wallrapp O.

Nonlinear Dynamics
1 3 Untitled - preface Cellular buckling in long structures

211 2000

Thompson JMT. Hunt GW. Peletier MA. Champneys AR. Woods PD. Ahmer Wadee M. Budd CJ. Lord GJ. 31 Solitary waves in nonlinear beam equations: stability, ssion and fusion Champneys AR. McKenna PJ. Zegeling PA. 55 Bending boundary layers in a moving strip Stump DM. Fraser WB. 71 Helical and localised buckling in twisted rods: a uni ed analysis of the symmetric van der Heijden GHM. Thompson JMT. case 101 The nonlinear dynamics of laments Goriely A. Tabor M.

Nonlinear Dynamics
135 Asymptotics of homoclinic bifurcation in a three-dimensional system

212 2000

Belhaq M. Houssni M. Freire E. RodriguezLuis AJ. 157 Homoclinic chaos in 2-dof robot manipulators driven by pd controllers Verduzco F. Alvarez J. 173 Joint sti ness control of a two-link exible arm Pun J. Semercigil SE. 193 Prediction of the compressible stage slamming force on rigid and elastic systems Carcaterra A. Ciappi E. impacting on the water surface

Nonlinear Dynamics
221 Dynamics of a two-pendulum model with impact interaction and an elastic Pilipchuk VN. Ibrahim RA. support 249 Global bifurcations in parametrically excited systems with zero-to-one internal Feng ZC. Liew KM. resonance

213 2000


265 A new trajectory reversing method for estimating stability regions of autonomous Loccu er M. Noldus E. nonlinear systems 289 On the calculation of stationary solutions of multi-dimensional fokker-planck von Wagner U. Wedig WV. equations by orthogonal functions

Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics
1 3 7 15 25 37 49 59 Prolegomenon Introduction Some thoughts on averaging techniques in stochastic dynamics Non-gaussian models for stochastic mechanics Solution techniques for pulse problems in non-linear stochastic dynamics Chaos and nonlinear stochastic dynamics Wave analysis by slepian models Parametric identi cation of systems with non-gaussian excitation using measured reponse spectra 73 A posteriori etimate of the random response of a dynamic system with autocorrelated addicitive noises 81 The geometry of random vibrations and solutions by form and sorm 91 Stochastic dynamics with fatigue-induced sti ness degradation 101 Some reliability aspects in structural control 109 Stochastic modelling of extreme action events in structural engineering 119 Group photo at sprogo No Author O Ditlevsen, S Krenk YK Lin, GQ Cai MD Grigoriu R Iwankiewicz, SRK Nielsen A Naess G Lindgren JB Roberts, M Vasta J Naprstek

151 2000

A Der Kiureghian K Sobczyk, J Trebicki M Battaini, F Casciati, L Faravelli T Vrouwenvelder No Author

Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics
125 Rare events probabilitiesestimation by "russian roulette and splitting" simulation technique 131 Some exactly solvable models for the statistical evolution of internal variables during plastic deformation 139 Application of load-dependent ritz vectors to bayesian probabilistic damage detection 155 Non-stationary and stationary coincidence probabilities for intermittent pulse load processes 169 Computation of response moments of high dimensional mdof structure excited by stationary non-gaussian random elds 175 Response variability for a structure with ssi and uncertain soil properties 185 Equivalent linearization for systems driven by levy white noise 191 A technique of closure using a polynomial function of gaussian process 199 Improved dynamic analysis of structures with mechanical uncertainties under deterministic input 213 Prediction of microchannel ows using direct simulation monte carlo 221 E cient path integration methods for nonlinear dynamic systems H Sohn, KH Law R Iwankiewicz, R Rackwitz F Poirion

152 2000
PG Melnik-Melnikov, ES Dekhtyaruk M Avlonitis, M Zaiser, EC Aifantis

S Jin, LD Lutes, S Sarkani MD Grigoriu ND Anh, NQ Hai G Muscolino, G Ricciardi, N Impollonia H Xue, Q Fan, C Shu A Naess, V Moe

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series AMathematical Physical & Engineering Sciences
3565 A lorentz invariant thermal lattice gas model 3589 Three-dimensional e ects in directional solidi cation in hele-shaw cells 3617 Bounds which incorporate morphological information for a nonlinear composite dielectric 3629 The coupling of chiral chains to mechanical distortions in elastomers 3645 On cavitation and degenerate cavitation under internal hydrostatic pressure 3665 Longitudinal dispersion by bodies xed in a potential ow 3687 Translation and related bounds for the response of a nonlinear composite conductor 3709 On the interfacial properties of micrometre-sized water droplets in crude oil 3725 Purely viscous uids 3743 Acoustic scattering by a parallel pair of semi-in nite wave-bearing surfaces 3767 Scattering by in nite one-dimensional rough surfaces 3789 Probabilistic modelling of water balance at a point: the role of climate, soil and vegetation 3807 Electrostatically actuated failure of microfabricated polysilicon fracture mechanics specimens 3825 Morphological instability of a whisker 3845 Nonlinear travelling waves in a rod composed of a modi ed moone-rivlinmaterial. i - bifurcation of critical points and the non-singular case

4551990 1999
Udey N. Shim D. Spanos TJT. Ajaev VS. Davis SH. Talbot DRS. Warner M. Terentjev EL. Sivaloganathan J. Eames I. Bush JWM. Nesi V. Talbot DRS. Willis JR. Yeung A. Dabros T. Czarnecki J. Masliyah J. Powles JG. Rickayzen G. Heyes DM. Papanikolaou I. Leppington FG. Chandler-Wilde SN. Ross CR. Zhang B. Rodriguez-Iturbe I. Porporato A. Ridol L. Isham V. Cox DR. Kahn H. Ballarini R. Mullen RL. Heuer AH. Kirill DJ. Davis SH. Miksis MJ. Voorhees PW. Dai HH. Zhao XH.

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series AMathematical Physical & Engineering Sciences
3875 Measuring bubble nucleation temperature on the surface of a rapidly heated thermal ink-jet heater immersed in a pool of water 3901 Microstructure in a copper-aluminium-nickel shape-memory alloy 3917 On the resurgence properties of the uniform asymptotic expansion of bessel functions of large order 3931 Topological bifurcations in three-dimensional magnetic elds 3953 Determining acceptance possibility for a quantum computation is hard for the polynomial hierarchy 3967 Rayleigh wave scattering in a wedge with mixed boundary conditions 3997 The stommel model of shallow coastal lagoons 4013 An elastoplastic contact force-displacement model in the normal direction: displacement-driven version 4045 The consequences of non-passive advection and directed motion for population dynamics 4061 Poincare normal forms for partial di erential equations 4077 A uni ed approach to creep of wood 4097 Stress invariance and redundant moduli in three-dimensional elasticity 4117 Supersaturation-dependentpolygonizationof growth spirals during crystallization from solution investigated using atomic force microscopy


4551991 1999
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Quarterly of Applied Mathematics
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581 2000

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics
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596 1999

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Shock & Vibration
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1034 1999

Thin-Walled Structures
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354 1999

Wave Motion
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Wave Motion
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181 Application of the parabolic equation method to medical ultrasonics

Wave Motion
197 Dispersive-dissipative solitons in nonlinear solids 209 A homogenisation approach to elastic waves in directional media 223 Acoustic and elastodynamic 3-d green functions for isotropic media with a weak velocity gradient 237 On strong ellipticity conditions for piezoelectric materials of the crystal classes 6mm and 622 255 Response of two layers overlaying a half-space to a suddenly applied point force 273 Scattering of electromagnetic waves by a rectangular impedance cylinder AV Porubov, MG Velarde B Lenoach, B Grover V Vavrycuk CH Daros and H. Antes

313 2000

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Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
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7911 1999

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Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik

7912 1999


795 Flow phenomena on rotary wing systems and their modeling Wagner S. 821 Unsteady convective di usion of solute in a micropolar uid ow through a cylin- Siddheshwar PG. Markande S. drical tube 835 New models for bending and torsion of variable cross section rods Alvarez-Dios JA. Alvarez-Vazquez LJ. Viano JM. 855 Parametric third-subharmonic resonance in nonlinear electrohydrodynamic Mahmoud YD. rayleigh-taylor instability with mass and heat transfer

Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
4 5 9 27 35 49 53 61 69 Preface Alwin walther 6 may 1898-4 january 1967 - a pioneer of scienti c computation german A generalized rayleigh quotient iteration for computing simple eigenvalues of nonnormal matrices Scattered data interpolation applying rational quadratic c-1 splines on re ned triangulations Modeling, simulation, and veri cation of the transportation process in vibratory feeders Inauguration of the minisymposium "in memoriam eric reissner" on march 24, 1997, at the annual meeting of the gamm 1997 in regensburg german A uni ed representation of variational principles in non-linear elasticity From reissner plate theory to three dimensions in large deformation shell analysis Soil-structure interaction - generalization of reissner's solution for the viscoelastic halfspace Kreutzer E. Schwetlick H. Schwetlick H. Losche R. Schmidt JW. Wolfsteiner P. Pfei er F. Stein E. Bu er H. Ramm E. Gaul L.

801 2000

Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik
849 860 Steady states of radially symmetric di usion processes Multibump solutions to possibly degenerate equilibria for almost periodic lagrangian systems 892 Dynamics of nonlinear structures with multiple equilibria: a singular perturbation-invariant manifold approach 925 Spectral properties of coupled wave operators 934 On the thermoelasticity of random structure particulate composites 948 Resultant forces and moments in mixed-mixedproblems of the theory of elasticity 972 A discrete-ordinates solution for poiseuille ow in a plane channel 982 Stokes ow through a staggered array of rectangular cylinders and the junction resistance 999 Stability of nonlinear vibrations of a deploying exible beam from a spacecraft 1006 Remark on a paper of r. usha and k. prema concerning a linear parabolic system

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