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					The Harmony between the Kitchen and Bathroom. Moen design and innovation breathes life into its tagline: “Buy it for looks, buy it for life.” Had Edison not invented the light bulb, we'd still be working by candlelight. Had Bell not invented telephone, we'd still writing letters to long-distance relatives. Historically, quantum leaps in innovation are made by great pioneers and their inventions, and Moen is no exception to that rule. How a Legend Began from Combining Two Opposites: Hot and Cold Prior to 1937, cold water had nothing to do with hot, so people used cold and hot water separately. In 1937, a man changed this by channeling cold and hot water through just one faucet. That innovation helped people adjust the temperature of the water easily, working between hot and cold. This man was Al Moen, founder of Moen Faucets and the legendary era of Moen as a premium faucet brand began. Fortune magazine praised the Moen faucet as “one of the top 100 most innovative products in U.S.A, in the 20th century.” Explorer and Developer – Moen It's said that the history of Moen is the history of modern faucet industry. The birth of the single-handle faucet that mixed cold and hot water surprised everyone and made Moen the number one brand of faucet in the U.S., while taking the lead in North American market. Now after more than 60 years of ceaseless efforts, Moen has become one of the biggest worldwide manufacturers of components like high-end faucets, kitchen sinks and bathroom hardware fittings, with manufacturing centers and sales networks across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Asia. More than a decade after Moen’s entry into China’s market in 1994, the company has covered more than 180 cities throughout the country, as well as successfully received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, which demonstrates Moen's pursuit of excellence and quality. Adhering to the idea of creating a Chinese water experience, Moen has become one of the leaders in China in bathroom, shower and kitchen equipment. During the past 60-plus years, Moen has been a leader in the industry, providing the best products for people everywhere. This is not just Moen's management philosophy, but also the company's mission. The Quality and Fashion of Kitchen and Bathroom Through the company's persistent pursuit of innovation, and its combination of quality and fashion, Moen has fused contemporary design and the latest in technology into every concept and product. Utilizing the latest design software and laser incision, Moen products are more accurate. Each Moen product is tested in terms of form, function, water flow and strength of materials. It's then

retested while being improved on and adjusted. Moen has always insisted on the practice of maintaining its quality using most advanced scientific techniques and technology. The “Revolution” sprayer series is an excellent product made by Moen. Its unique design brings you the enjoyment of a massage during shower. The three channels of water create a variety of shower massage possibilities. The continuous flow from the sprayer delivers a warm, wet comfort. The revolutionary turning water enables the experience of heated water massage. M-PACT is a brand-new valve system, created exclusively by Moen, is supported by a variety of product series. When users installed a water faucet equipped with M-PACT device, they can change the style of faucet at any time by just replacing the faucet and handle, but not the valve system. So it is not only convenient, but it can also reduce costs. In addition, infiltration system, PureTouch, meets the demand for pure drinking water from a faucet. Space plating technology prevents the faucet metal from “fading, wear, tear and rust” for the lifetime of the faucet. And the constant temperature and controlling valves enable you to control the temperature and flow of water freely. Moen has more than 800 patents, backed up by design and scientific technology, which have become part of everyday life for many families, while giving new consumers the “Moen” experience in their kitchens and bathrooms. Enjoying harmony As one of global designers and manufacturers of quality kitchen and bathroom products, Moen believes that a “harmony” can be achieved through innovation in science and technology while integrating high-end design for a breadth of line in contemporary kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Whether it's the harmony of body and mind, man and water, or dreams and space, Moen technology and design brings them all together. The Legend Achieves Harmony Water, man, life, space and dreams working together in a perfect state of harmony. These aren't just words. They are part of a beautiful life style advocated by Moen through its slogan: “Buy it for looks, buy it for life.”

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