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									Coffs Coast Polyclayers Newsletter
Polymer Clay “Fun Days” Group
Organised by Hector Vera We are a group of clay enthusiasts who are interested in the art of polymer clay and get together to explore techniques such as metallic leaf inclusions, faux surface designs, stamping, painting & caning. We inspire each other to keep creating with this exciting artistic medium. The “Fun Days” are open to anyone with basic working knowledge of polymer clay or who has previously attended a Polymer Clay workshop. These are not formal classes, so you will need to bring all your materials and an apron. Morning tea is provided for you. The Fun Days are held the third Friday of each month from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Space is limited, so reserve your place now. Ph : (02) 6655 9170 for more details.

Hector Vera
Spring 2009


Nepalese Women… Victims of Violence Improving their Lives through Polymer Clay

Product News
Kato Clear Medium

Sharmila, one of the youngest girls, using the pasta machine and the extruders donated by Jen Tattam of Metal Clay AU
Wendy Moore
Leader of the Sammunat cheer squad
A new improved formula that is crystal clear! Cures at 135°-150° degrees C. Superior for transfers and multilayer image making. Kato Liquid Clay is the strongest, most permanent clay available on the market today. Preferred

Introduction to Polymer Clay
This is a fabulous workshop for beginners. Participants will learn the basics of conditioning clay and reducing. You’ll learn how to use a pasta machine effectively, and we’ll be creating a spiral cane, striped loaf sheet, a Bullseye cane as well as a Skinner Blend Sheet. Finishing and clay curing will be covered.

The clayers of the Coffs Coast would have been better prepared for one aspect of claying in Nepal than I was! It is hot, hot, hot. Claying in such humidity was a new experience for me, not to mention teaching in a language I barely knew and with very limited access to just about everything we think of as “claying essentials”. Even clean glass bottles for rolling

were not as easy to get as you would think. Let alone an oven. The early days of the Nepal Polymer Clay Guild have been challenging, exciting, nerve-wracking, frustrating and often hilarious!!! I hope I can convey a little of that for readers of the Coffs Coast Polyclayers newsletter.

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“In the Faux Dicroic Glass Workshops, I instruct my students to use a craft heat gun to clarify any opaque areas, as soon as the piece is taken out of the oven” Hector Vera
by Artists, this new phthalate free formula allows the artist to make moulded and flexible features. Use for grouting and adhering polymer clays. Clear Medium finishes projects with crystal-like coating and makes perfect photo transfers. Color Kato Liquid PolyClay works great as a tinting medium for Kato PolyClays and for colorizing transfers.
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Websites of Interest “Stamping” Stamped Fragments of Clay Using Stamps with Polymer Clay five_scrapbooking_supplies_to.html Scrapbooking Supplies to Use with Polymer Clay

Instructor: Hector Vera

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Coffs Coast Polyclayers Newsletter
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Hector Vera
Spring 2009


What’s Hot!

Polymer Clay Daily

Artist Interview with Sera Pinwill “The Fabulous Frippist”
Hector Vera: How did you discover polymer clay and how long have you been using it? Sera Pinwill: I discovered packets of fimo in my local Lincraft whilst buying paints about 15 years ago. I bought a few packets and proceeded to make some very colourful….
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Daily tips about polymer clay art and artists
Polymer Clay Daily is a blog written by Cynthia Tinapple of Worthington, Ohio to showcase fine polymer clay art and to serve as a portal to the polymer clay community. “Recently the art of polymer clay has become enmeshed with beading, and PMC and sculpture and craft. As it’s gained popularity, I have had to work harder and harder to find really good pieces. I felt frustrated and guessed that there were others who were looking for better inspiration too. This blog takes a highly curated approach to showcasing the best polymer clay art online. In that way I hope to re-energize myself and to move the community forward.” Cynthia Tinapple

Polymer Clay Artwork Showcasing New Zealand Artist


oni Ransfield “Polymer clay gives me the creativity that I love with the vast range of colours the clay comes in as well as creating my own colour palette”. Toni is happy to work with her customers on special orders. If you have something that you would... ...Read the full story at in “News & Articles”

Clay Down Under : Christi Friesen’s Aussie Tour 2009
Christi Friesen is a fabulous teacher and exceptional artist, from America, whom I had the privilege of meeting during her Clay Down Under Aussie Tour, in June 2009. Christi has a wonderful way of praising and encouraging her students, and so... ...Read the full story at in “News & Articles”
Faux Surfaces in Poly- Book Reviewer: Roz Eberhard-Swan mer Clay: 30 Techniques & Projects that The Eclectic Studio Imitate Stones, MetExcellent Instructional & Project based book als, Wood & More

By Irene Semanchuk Dean

Polymer artists aspiring to create Faux surfaces need look only to this book ( And Chameleon Clay ), between the two of them, they have nearly all the essentials covered. My students love this book as it is so easy to follow the clearly written projects should you so choose. Most, simply use the recipe and then create their own masterpiece. I prefer this too, as there were only a few projects that I really liked. My favourites were the River Stones, Bronze ( aged ) and Pewter, fabulous. It was also nice to have projects that were not dedicated to jewellery. This book is essential to your library if you are a teacher, essential if you like to have specific recipes and above all is good plain polymer at what it does best - a wonderful mimic.

About the Reviewer: Roz has worked as a multi media artist for over 16 years. Disciplines used in her unique wearable art and jewellery pieces include Off Loom Beadweaving, Textiles, Felting, Polymer Clay and Resin. The past few years have been spent working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). As a certified Teacher with PMC she incorporates its limitless possibilities in her jewellery and objet d’art designs. Roz is the inaugural President of the PMC GUILD of Australia/NZ and works with community colleges in Sydney and private workshops around the country.

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