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					Volume 56

No. 3 May/June, 2007

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Cover: The artwork of the Palestinian American artist Salwa Zarou. See article on page 6 for a short biography.

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Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

American Federation of Ramallah Palestine 2007 Ramallah Trip: April 3 to April 15
By Emeel S. Ajluni


n the Beginning

The anticipation had been building for several months. Each day I would anxiously check the news to see what had happened overseas. Would the Ramallah trip take place as scheduled? As the date for departure approached, it was finally decided that we would leave as planned. Easter in the Holy Land, Ramallah awaited our little hardy band of travelers. There would be thirty-two of us meeting at JFK Airport in New York to board the Royal Jordanian Flight to Amman. Our group consisted of young and old, college students and young adults, seasoned travelers to the Middle East and those on their first trip to Ramallah. Some were visiting their place of birth for the first time in 50 years. We came from around the United States, from San Francisco and San Diego, Chicago and Detroit, Philadelphia and New York, Houston, Washington and with our largest contingent from Jacksonville. It was only with the hard work of Jamal Jubran, our Federation President, and his courageous wife Nuha, that our trip took place at all and that it was as successful as it was.

and perseverance shown by our Palestinian brethren during our bus tours across the country.

Ramallah Trip 2007: President Jamal Jubran is shown here with Mayor Janette Mikhail (both behind the priest) leading the Sabt Elnour celebration parade during Easter festivities at the Manara Square when they received the Holy Light from Jerusalem.

Federation Business and Activities
The Federation would like to thank the generosity and hard work of the Ramallah Club of San Francisco. The San Francisco community raised over $95,000 for Ramallah programs with a special golf tournament last year. These contributions, combined with the funds provided by the Federation Relief Fund, allowed us to distribute over $120,000 to the deserving Ramallah Institutions. We must also thank Adham Salem, representing the Ramallah Club of San Francisco, for his leadership during our visits with the Ramallah Institutions. The Federation leadership had the opportunity to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Ramallah District Governor Said Abu Ali. Federation President Jamal Jubran led our delegation discussions in which we were able to raise issues of importance to the Ramallah Community in the United States. Chief among them were the concerns we have with land confiscation and title forgery, personal security and landlord rental rights. President Jubran explained the mission of the Federation to President Abbas, specifically the importance of our Scholarship Program and recent Fund Raising activities. President Abbas thanked the Federation for their efforts in collecting contributions for the Palestinian Mission in Washington.

Federation President, Gamal Jubran, his wife Nuha and Federation representative in Ramallah, Nijmeh Ganim with her brother Ganim Ganim. Miss Ganim made all the arrangements for our visit to Ramallah.

The highlights of our trip were attending the Holy Friday and Sebt el Nour Services in Ramallah. The hospitality provided by the Ramallah Municipality, Mayor Janet Michael and the City Council, our Federation’s Representative in Ramallah Nijma Ghanim, George Eways and the Ramallah Sixteen Committee was outstanding. Our transportation host, Nadia Musleh, helped us to understand the hardships

Sightseeing and Touring Palestine
The Ramallah Sixteen Committee organized several wonderful sightseeing tours for us. The ever-present Israeli checkpoints did cause our tour bus to waste time waiting in line and, unfortunately, forced us to
cont. on pg. 2


Hathihe Ramallah
cont. from pg. 1

May/June 2007

change our plans several times. Our group visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem on the first trip and Nazareth, Haifa and Jaffa on the second trip. They were experiences that all of us would remember fondly, especially the memories of traveling with our group. It goes without saying that many lifelong friendships were made on this Ramallah trip.

Ramallah Club of Amman Reception, Jordan and Egypt
Group picture taken in Ramallah Our group left Ramallah on Friday morning, April 13 to return to Amman for two days of sightseeing. Friday evening the Ramallah Club of Amman, representing over 90 families, hosted us at a lovely reception at the Regency Palace Hotel. Our heartfelt thanks go to Michael Salamy and the whole Ramallah Community in Amman for their extraordinary efforts. While in Jordan we were able to visit the beauty of the Roman ruins in Jarash and the second century ruins of the Christian city of Petra. From Amman our hardy band of travelers flew on to Cairo to see the glories of the Pyramids and ancient Federation President Jubran shown in this picture with some of the youth that accomEgypt. panied him on the trip to Ramallah. L to R, Sonia Bajalia, Jehan (Eadeh) Turner, The Federation would also like to thank Damon (Eadeh) Dewalt, Peter Eadeh, Ibrahim Shatara, President Jubran, Shawn all the Ramallah Institutions and their rep- Ziadeh, Deana (Eadeh) Dewalt and Pamela Sahouria. resentatives along with the local businessmen that donated their time and money to help with all the arrangements. In closing there is so much more to say and a thousand more stories to tell. Many more people should be thanked for their hospitality but to mention names would cause us to miss someone. In the end, the trip was a wonderful experience and it is my sincere hope that all of the Ramallah community in the United States has the The Federation President, Gamal Jubran, accompanied by the delegates and the Mayor of Ramallah, opportunity to visit (holding the wreath), in a ceremony to lie (the wreath) on President’s Arafat’s grave. Others in the picture from L to R include: George Eways, Adham Salem, Emeel Ajluni, Said Samaan, Nuha Jubran, President Ramallah. Jubran, Mayor Jeanette Mikhail, Samir Farhat and Ganim Ganim.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Why Israel is after me ...
by Azmi Bishara LATimes.com, 3 May 2007, Amman, Jordan

I AM A PALESTINIAN from Nazareth, a citizen of Israel and was, until last month, a member of the Israeli parliament. But now, in an ironic twist reminiscent of France’s Dreyfus affair in which a French Jew was accused of disloyalty to the state, the government of Israel is accusing me of aiding the enemy during Israel’s failed war against Lebanon in July. Israeli police apparently suspect me of passing information to a foreign agent and of receiving money in return. Under Israeli law, anyone, a journalist or a personal friend, can be defined as a “foreign agent” by the Israeli security apparatus. Such charges can lead to life imprisonment or even the death penalty. The allegations are ridiculous. Needless to say, Hezbollah, Israel’s enemy in Lebanon, has independently gathered more security information about Israel than any Arab Knesset member could possibly provide. What’s more, unlike those in Israel’s parliament who have been involved in acts of violence, I have never used violence or participated in wars. My instruments of persuasion, in contrast, are simply words in books, articles and speeches. These trumped-up charges, which I firmly reject and deny, are only the latest in a series of attempts to silence me and others involved in the struggle of the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel to live in a state of all its citizens, not one that grants rights and privileges to Jews that it denies to non-Jews. When Israel was established in 1948, more than 700,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled in fear. My family was among the minority that escaped that fate, remaining instead on the land where we had long lived. The Israeli state, established exclusively for Jews, embarked immediately on transforming us into foreigners in our own country. For the first 18 years of Israeli statehood, we, as Israeli citizens, lived under military rule with pass laws that controlled our every movement. We watched Jewish Israeli towns spring up over destroyed Palestinian villages. Today we make up 20% of Israel’s population. We do not drink at separate water fountains or sit at the back of the bus. We vote and can serve in the parliament. But we face legal, institutional and informal discrimination in all spheres of life. More than 20 Israeli laws explicitly privilege Jews over non-Jews. The Law of Return, for example, grants automatic citizenship to Jews from anywhere in the world. Yet Palestinian refugees are denied the right to return to the country they were forced to leave in 1948. The Basic Law of Human Dignity and Liberty, Israel’s “Bill of

Rights” defines the state as “Jewish” rather than a state for all its citizens. Thus Israel is more for Jews living in Los Angeles or Paris than it is for native Palestinians. Israel acknowledges itself to be a state of one particular religious group. Anyone committed to democracy will readily admit that equal citizenship cannot exist under such conditions. Most of our children attend schools that are separate but unequal. According to recent polls, twothirds of Israeli Jews would refuse to live next to an Arab and nearly half would not allow a Palestinian into their home. I have certainly ruffled feathers in Israel. In addition to speaking out on the subjects above, I have also asserted the right of the Lebanese people and of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, to resist Israel’s illegal military occupation. I do not see those who fight for freedom as my enemies. This may discomfort Jewish Israelis, but they cannot deny us our history and identity any more than we can negate the ties that bind them to world Jewry. After all, it is not we, but Israeli Jews who immigrated to this land. Immigrants might be asked to give up their former identity in exchange for equal citizenship, but we are not immigrants. During my years in the Knesset, the attorney general indicted me for voicing my political opinions (the charges were dropped), lobbied to have my parliamentary immunity revoked and sought unsuccessfully to disqualify my political party from participating in elections, all because I believe Israel should be a state for all its citizens and because I have spoken out against Israeli military occupation. Last year, Cabinet member Avigdor Lieberman, an immigrant from Moldova, declared that Palestinian citizens of Israel “have no place here,” that we should “take our bundles and get lost.” After I met with a leader of the Palestinian Authority from Hamas, Lieberman called for my execution. The Israeli authorities are trying to intimidate not just me but all Palestinian citizens of Israel. But we will not be intimidated. We will not bow to permanent servitude in the land of our ancestors or to being severed from our natural connections to the Arab world. Our community leaders joined together recently to issue a blueprint for a state free of ethnic and religious discrimination in all spheres. If we turn back from our path to freedom now, we will consign future generations to the discrimination we have faced for six decades. Americans know from their own history of institutional discrimination the tactics that have been used against
cont. on pg. 7


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

By Malina Von Joseph

eyes, eased their restless children with the same lullabies and harmony that, I as a child, my Tata comforted me with. I found even though I was armed with a limited Arabic vocabulary , "habbibi" and food phrases mostly, and disguised behind long blond hair that when I approached the mothers and fathers of the children and explained that I was Palestinian there was an instantaneous trust formed and a sense of comfort and understanding that the other volunteers from the US were foreign to. Over the course of the four day mission at Prince Hamzah Hospital, I was able to follow the children through pre-op, surgery, post-op and recovery, and comforting the parents as the mothers cried and silently prayed for the safety of their children and the fathers sat stoic stroking their worry beads. When the mission concluded, the team of 45 international medical professionals had performed 98 successful surgeries. Although Operation Smile has been changing the lives of children all over the world for 25 years, I cannot help to think that the mission I was so grateful to be a part of was different than the rest. The unpredictable daily lives of the innocent in Iraq is unimaginable and to be a part of a team that has given those children something so invaluable and taken for granted by most, a SMILE is the most overwhelming. Malina is the daughter of Richard and Rula (Ajluni) Joseph. THE STAFF OF THE MAGAZINE CONGRATULATES AND COMMENDS YOU FOR AN HONORABLE HUMANITARIAN MISSION..

Living for three years in what, some may consider, to be the most self-centered robotic city in the world and working in the fashion industry where handbags that cost more than most people’s annual income, are commonplace and have the power to alienate one from their value system and a greater scope of a world outside of New York City. This past April I had the opportunity to escape my little world and travel to Jordan to get a grip on reality, reacquaint with my culture and, most importantly, help those in need by volunteering for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a global non-profit organization that gathers medical volunteers from around the world to operate on children who were born with cleft palettes. The particular mission I volunteered for held a greater significance both emotionally and politically. Not only was it my first trip to the Middle East but the 100 children and their families, that were operated on who were flown in directly from Baghdad and Kurdistan had a great effect on me. With no medical background I was designated as the "Child-Life Specialist" also known as "Professional Bubble Blower." This role gave me the chance to engage on an emotional level with the children and their families. Initially, the parents of the children were very protective and their faces spoke of emotional stress and the reality of living in a world where each day that is peaceful is considered a gift. The mothers, covered with black head scarves emphasizing their kohl-lined almond


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Family Tree Project Update ...
Greetings Cousins: It has been a long time since I last updated our community on the progress of the Family Tree Project. Although it has been a long and tedious process, it was still enjoyable and quite educational. I am pleased to report that all the Ramallah Clans’ trees plus the Rafidi Family tree have been included in the website. In total there are nine clans, plus the Rafidi family. We have included full names, wives and daughters names, plus any available dates (birth, death, marriage, etc.). We have also received many updates to the family tree from many of you, either by mail, phone or email. I have heard from people whose ancestors were from Ramallah from as far away as Australia. So you can see that this project will help us connect with each other and pass our unique PalestinianChristian heritage to our children and grandchildren. Although we have been working hard at this project, we still need your help with updates. I realize that the tree as it stands now on the website is not as easy to navigate as I wished, but the software package that we use does not allow us to simplify the process any more. Many people did not realize that they can use the search feature in the program to find their name, or their parents or grandparents names. It does take a little bit of searching, but it is not too hard. Since our Arabic names are hard to translate, the spelling may appear in your family tree different from what you are used to. For example: the Habib family members can find their names as El-Habib, Al-Habib, or Habeeb. Same with the name Khalil; it can be spelled as Khaleel, or Abu-Khalil. Please try different combinations of the name you are searching for in the search function until you find the person you are looking for. When you go to the website www.afrpsanjose.com, and click on the family tree icon on the left side of the web page, there are instructions on how to navigate through the family tree. There is also a form that you can fill out with any updates or changes which you can send to me right from the website. Our goal now is to continue to make the entire Ramallah Community aware of this effort so they can send us updates. Meanwhile, we are evaluating book publishers, and methods of displaying the family trees in a hard copy book format, which is easy to follow and navigate. So please get on the website, review your family tree and send us updates so that when we publish the book, your information will be up-to-date. I can promise you that the final outcome of the book will be something that our entire community will be proud of. Since we embarked on this project, we have received many emails of encouragement. Thank you for your enthusiasm. However, we need your help now to encourage people to get on the website and send us updates. These updates are what make the final book valuable to all of us. We are planning to complete the update process by the end of this year, and publish the book by the end of next year. We expect the book to be printed on highquality paper with hard cover. It will have more than 2000 pages. I hope it becomes part of the library of every Ramallah descendant. At this point, on behalf of the Ramallah Club of San Jose, allow me to thank the following individuals for their hard work in helping me to input data and translating from Arabic to English. Their hard work and selfless enthusiasm is very much appreciated and they will be acknowledged in the book. They are: • Mr. David Salah for his help with the Jaghab Clan Family Tree. • Mrs. Najwa Samaan Saah for her help with the Awwad Clan Family Tree. • Mr. Paul Salah for his help with the Yousef Clan Family Tree. If you have any questions, or you want to send me updates, my email is: our-family-tree@sbcglobal.net. Looking forward to hear from you all soon. Sincerely, John Aziz Mogannam


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Career Profile...
Salwa Zarou
Salwa Zarou was born in Jaffa Palestine to Tawfiq and Huda Khoury, and grew up in Amman, Jordan. After working for the American Embassy/ United States Agency for International Development for five years, she immigrated to the United States and settled with her husband Tony and their three children in Detroit, Michigan. After the death of her husband, when her oldest son Omar was ready to enroll in college, she followed suit. Salwa began taking classes at Schoolcraft College and graduated Phi Theta Kappa with an Associate of Arts Degree. She then moved on to the University of Michigan School of Art, and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. She soon returned to college to obtain a Certificate of Art Education from Eastern Michigan University. Salwa has taught in the Detroit Public Schools and at Ladywood High School. She also taught for several years at "Kids on Campus," a summer program designed for gifted and talented children based at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI. Salwa has been captivated by painting, drawing, music and writing since childhood. She wrote poetry and fiction in Arabic and studied voice and piano. She concentrated on painting as well as teaching art, constantly creating new images and passionately working on communicating visual knowledge to her students. She works in all mediums, but prefers oils, pastels and watercolors. Salwa defines art as the concept of what is observed in nature. Salwa has exhibited her work extensively and has won many prizes, among them a second place award at the Farmington Artists Club Juried Exhibition. She has also painted murals for various cultural and educational organizations including the American Federation of Ramallah’s 1995 Detroit Convention; the "Olive Tree," a mural permanently housed in the offices of the Ramallah Club of Detroit; and countless other murals commissioned by the firm Artistic Design & Construction Corp for "North Star Estates," Her work has been displayed at the Kansas City Art Museum, the Livonia City Hall, the Art Dept. of Schoolcraft College, law firms, numerous Detroit and Fort Lauderdale area art galleries, as well as in many prominent homes in Detroit and South Florida. Most recently, she is a member and former Recoding Secretary of the Goldcoast Watercolor Society, a member of the Broward Art Guild, where she currently has been chosen as the "Artist of the Month," and a member of the National League of American Pen Women. Salwa raised three wonderful children who all became professionals with families of their own.

Woman of Strength ...
~ A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape... But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape. ~ A strong woman isn't afraid of anything... But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of her fear. ~ A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her... But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone. ~ A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future... A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them. ~ A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face... But a woman of strength wears grace. ~ A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey... But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

New Carter Center Field Office in Ramallah to Support Palestinian Democracy and Human Rights 4 May 2007
CONTACT: In Ramallah: Scott Custer 972-54-735-9181 In Atlanta: Deborah Hakes (404) 420-5124
The Carter Center is reinvigorating its presence in the PalestinianTerritories in support of peace for Israel, justice for the Palestinians, and the emergence of a viable, democratic Palestinian state. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and The Carter Center have long been committed to peace between Israel and the Palestinian people and the advancement of democracy and human rights in Palestine. With strong support from President Carter, the Center will maintain a field presence to closely monitor political developments on the ground, publish periodic reports on critical issues of democratic development in the territories, and work with local partners on human rights and democracy activities. President Carter led missions to observe Palestinian elections held in 1996, 2005, and 2006. The CarterCenter is also pleased to welcome Scott Custer, formerly with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, as the field director of the Ramallah office. Source: http://www .cartercenter.org/news/pr/ramallah_office.html

These books are available for your reading enjoyment...
Hathihe Ramallah Magazine P.O. Box 431244 Livonia, MI 48153-1244, (734) 425-1600 Bimonthly Magazine/Every Ramallah home must have it Subscription: $25 Torath Ramallah, Second Edition By Bahieh Kahlil Old Songs of Ramallah for Weddings, Engagements, Debke and Zaffeh. Arabic Price: $10.00, Order from the magazine Pictorial History of Ramallah, Part II By Dr. Naseeb Shaheen/385 Pages, 675 Pictures going back to the 1870’s. Your father’s or grandfather’s picture may be in it. Price: $50.00, including shipping. Order: Naseeb Shaheen Foundation Ramallah Book, P.O. Box 111156, Memphis, TN 38111 Sahtein – Middle East Cookbook Every new bride should have this book. It contains all your favorite Arabic food recipes and our Ramallah cooking. Price: $25.00 includes shipping. Order: American Ramallah Federation 27484 Ann Arbor Trail Westland, MI 48185 (734) 425-1600

Why Israel is after me ...

cont. from pg. 3

civil rights leaders. These include telephone bugging, police surveillance, political delegitimization and criminalization of dissent through false accusations. Israel is continuing to use these tactics at a time when the world no longer tolerates such practices as compatible with democracy.

Why then does the U.S. government continue to fully support a country whose very identity and institutions are based on ethnic and religious discrimination that victimize its own citizens? Azmi Bishara was a member of the Knesset until his resignation in April.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

The Endowment Fund campaign for fund raising is going great .The list of Contributors is growing every day . Please help in achieving our goal of ONE MILLION DOLLARS by becoming a contributor and adding your name to the honor list.
Adel & Gada Nazzal, CA John & Farha Rukab, FL Attallah & Marie Amash, MI Nadeem & Violet Mogannam, CA Dr. David & Angel Salah, MI Taisir & Rose Hanna, CA Peter Omran, CO Dr. James (Jimmy) Farah, FL Thomas & Vera Hishmeh, FL Samia Ajlouny, CA

$2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500

$500 500 500 500 500 1,000 2,500 1,000 500 1,500

Ibrahim & Samir Salamy Khoury, CA Samir & Miran Misleh, CA Charles & Juliette Hanna, CA Fred & Susan Misleh, CA Edward & Saundra Farhat, FL Marwan & Frace Sahourieh, CA K. Fred Ajluni, MI Khamis & Hala Ziadeh, MI Maher Ajluni, MI

2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 3,000 2,500

500 500 500 2,500 500 500 1,500 3,000 1,500

Thank you so much for your contributions. The Endowment Fund Committee and Jamal Jubran, Federation President

Please help the Federation achieve this goal. Send your tax deductible pledge to: ARF Endowment Fund, 27484 Ann Arbor Trail, Westland, MI 48185

John Paul Hishmeh Thursday, May 24, 2007
Hello from Ramallah! As I write this letter, sitting in front of me on my desk is a slew of papers. Student transcripts, exchange programs, field trips, the school bonfire, notes for the Romeo and Juliet film, college contacts, and three empty water bottles that I have neglected to throw in the trash can . . . all subtle reminders of daily scenes and countless activities that will soon be written in memory as "the three years at the Ramallah Friends Schools." This desk has accumulated scores of memories . . . hours of individual college advising, endless student council meetings, planning sessions for bonfires, dances, service projects, field trips, exchange programs, MUN conferences, and of course the daily incursion of friendly students who just want to stop by and say hello (my favorite!). Although somewhat outdated and oblong, this desk has sufficiently accommodated all of the daily scurrying for these three years. It has witnessed the good days and the bad ones, and on occasion, provided a head rest at the end of a long day. I will miss this desk, and all of the activities and people around it. As my time in Ramallah comes to a close, I honestly have a hard time finding the right things to say. It truly has been an amazing period in my life, and while I gained so much from this experience, I do hope that I have returned in manner to the life of the students, the school and this community. Ramallah is now my second home. These three years in Ramallah has afforded me with yet another delight . . . a wife! On June 16, 2007 I will marry a sweet girl from Bethlehem who has stolen my heart and my attention! Really, I couldn’t be happier and I wish all of you could be here! So, as the school year closes, I will have a wedding, spend the summer in Ramallah, and, God-willing, move to Kentucky with my wife, Rana, sometime before Christmas. Of course,as my departure grows closer I will be in touch.With love….


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

2 Smoke Shops with Beer and Wine in Georgia Ask for Laith @ 423-364-1922

VISIT THE NEW FEDERATION WEBSITE www.afrp.org You will be surprised to see so much information, pictures & links to other interesting sites. Read the ALQUDS Newspaper in Arabic.

The Federation is compiling a database of e-mail addresses of all our Ramallah people. Please send your e-mail to: Membership@AFRP.org and will automatically register your address. Visit the New Federation website: www.afrp.org

Plan to Attend This Great Convention!! NEW WEBSITE <http://www.ramallahclubdetroit.com>


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Sassy Sittat Society
Jacksonville, Florida Chapter

Common Threads
By Suzanne Saah

So, what now? You’ve worked and worked your entire life and now you’re retired or you find that you’re left alone because your spouse has gone to a much holier place (let’s hope). What do you do with your time? Life doesn’t end because your circumstances have changed. So often, vital, lively people wither away when they think they are no longer needed or serve a purpose in society. It’s important to find activities to keep you going, give you a sense of fulfillment and new direction. My father worked for many years as a chef but when he ‘retired’ he assumed the position of souse chef in my mother’s kitchen. But, that wasn’t all; he used to love making masabeh (prayer beads) from olive pits. He’d save every seed; brush, clean and air dry them until the day when he’d take out his trusty tools. He would carefully file down the rough edges and then drill holes into each pit, preparing them for the beading phase. He loved antique stores and junk shops because that’s where he’d find some of the coolest pieces for the ‘tassel’ of the misbaha. It brought him joy and a sense of accomplishment when he finished each one. The misbaha he made for me is one that I loved and cher- Dad and one of his olive masbaha… ish even more so, now that he’s gone. Each of my uncles has enjoyed this craft and many other hobbies, including taxidermy, furniture restoration, gardening and home renovation. These are peo-

ple who put their talents and God given abilities to create some extraordinary works. My Aunt Julia is well known in our family, for producing wonderful crocheted scarves for tables and dressers, little coats and blankets for a new niece or nephew and some really lovely pieces of traditional tatreez. However, in the last few years, my Uncle Nabih, has taken on an unconventional crafty venture for a man. One may not think a man would excel in this handiwork, but has…tatreez. From copying patterns of traditional Palestinian works like the Olive Tree representing Ramallah, the yoke of a khalak, kits from craft stores to needlepoint canvases, he seems to put his whole heart into each project. These works with varying degrees of complexity, have kept his hands and mind very productive. Whenever we meet, our conversations turn to what project we’re working on at the moment. Let me tell you, he’s always beating me out. I usually have several pieces going at the same time and so does he. But, he always finishes his projects while mine remain a pile of work in progress. I’m proud of him and all my uncles and aunt for keeping their minds and hands busy. These crafts and hobbies have brought temporary companionship to a lonely heart or one in need of some quiet time. Common threads…a simple needle, some thread and a piece of cloth not only transforms into a beautiful picture, but a productive soul.

Amo Nabih and his little helper Mimi, working on his latest project of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Hathihe Ramallah
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May/June 2007

Sassy Sittat Society
EDITOR’S NOTE:The issues that are discussed on this page concern all of us. Please read and send your questions to “Ask Sassy Sittat”, and we will respond to your inquiries, as space permits.

Dear Sassy Sittat I live in a city with a big Arabic community. I have noticed that the funerals I attended in the last few years seemed to have changed. The funerals use to be very sad and somber thru-out the grieving period of the rosary, funeral and mercy meals with people only eating a few bites. Although, people mourn the person who passed away and give sympathy to the families of the deceased, they also look forward to seeing each other since they haven't seen one another in a long time. They chit chat about different things, laughing and talking loud. The mercy meals after the rosary and funeral have become a feast with everyone eating wholeheartedly. My friends and I were looking around and talking among ourselves during the last mercy meal and questioned "has funerals become a social event like weddings and parties". Have we lost our sensitivity to the deceased and their families? My friends and I are guilty of this behavior as well. Is this behavior appropriate for nowadays. Is this behavior going on in all the communities? Sassy Sittat, have we lost our traditional values which are parents taught us. Lost Sensitivity Dear Lost Sensitivity, I must agree with you, our Arab community has become a bit insensitive, when in fact we should be hon-

oring the memory of a loved member of our community. I, too, have seen this rude behavior from our people: walking in late, leaving early, inappropriate clothing (some binaat wearing revealing blouses and some of their mothers wearing everything but basic black!), the constant talking during the memorial service, the absence of serenity, all this is disturbing. It is a shame when a solemn event turns out to be an opportunity to "see each other" again. The one thing our Ramallah community is especially known for is that we support and come together in times of trouble and sadness. As each of our elders pass on to a better life, a little bit of history dies with them and the realization that the new generation will further our traditions and customs in their own way. I believe it's a fact of life as we grow and assimilate more in our adopted country. So my advice to you my dear Lost Sensitivity, is to honor our deceased in a fitting way that you would want others to remember you and your loved ones some day.
Em Shofic’s says:Yeee! Shoe hoth? Wallah Abe oo Azzara! (How rude and embarrassing) Why these beoble have no resbect for the dead berson and the family? Fee Ramallah, we drive berson with no resbect out of our city with a asaah! (stick!) Blus, this is no aysha (dinner), you only subbosed to eat lookma (a bite) to honor the life of the berson. Aeb to expect dinner! I don't know shoe sar fil young beoble today. It make me very sad. I no raise my children like this. Habeebtee, my advice to you is next time you hear beoble talking during the jenaz (memorial service), turn around and tell them you are braying for el meyet (the deceased) and would like for them to stob now. This rude beoble may not like it and so I suggest you bring something izraak (blue) to wear in case they give you evil eye.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Anniversaries ...
50th Wedding Anniversary Sami & Ellen Ayoub
We are looking forward to celebrating as a family on a cruise in June. We Love You Always, Your Family

50th Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Wasef Zahran
celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on the 29th of December, 2006. They had a beautiful ceremony with all their children and their families, and their friends. Congratulations .

Jameel Rizik Harb
Graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley. Jameel will continue his legal career this fall in San Francisco, where he will work as an attorney for the international law firm of Latham & Watkins. Jameel is the son of Jerry Harb and Patricia Mousa.

Christina M. Kassis
Daughter of Rimon and Rola Kassis graduated from Garden City High School. she will continue her studies as premed at Wayne State Univirsity in Michigan

Jamie Katherine Farhat
Graduated from Trinity Christian Academy with high honors. She was the recipient of the Bright Futures Scholarship and plans to attend one of the Florida State University Colleges and plans to complete her studies in Medical School as a pediatrician or child psychologist. Ziadeh John and Jeanette Farhat are the proud grandparents of Jamie. She is the daughter of the late Farhat Ziadeh Eddie Ziadeh Farhat. God bless you Jamie. We are so proud of you.

Charles “Chaz” Issa Ayoub II
Son of Charlie and Nancy Ayoub of McLean, Virginia graduated from Langley High School and will be attending James Madison University majoring in Business-Finance. Congratulations and Good Luck!


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Danielle Ajluni Nelson
Daughter of Eugene and Deena Ajluni Nelson graduated from Birmingham Seaholm High School. She will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall.

Veronica Rose Zarou
Daughter of Charles and Rose Ann Zarou graduated from Kellenberg Memorial H.S.

William Zarou
Son of Jack and Sana Zarou graduated from Kellenberg Memorial High School, New York. He will be attending Nassau Community College in New York majoring Liberal Arts in Biology. Congratulations and best of luck.

Christopher Jerry Zayid
Son of Dr. Jerry & Sharon Zayid graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science, Biology. Chris will be attending Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in August.

Danielle Christine Shahin
Daughter of Louis and Debbie Shahin graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A in Finance.

Abla Talhami
Daughter of Najeeb and Lawrance (Shatarah) Talhami just graduated from Cooper Union, New York, in honors with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.

David Oliver Dostie II
Son of Jackie (Bateh) Dostie and David Dostie, graduated from the Bolles School. He will be attending Auburn University and pursuing a Civil Engineering degree. Congratulations!!

Alex Isa Mashni
Son of Isa and Linda Mashni graduated from Tates Creek high School in Lexington, Kentucky. He will be attending the University of Kentucky in the Fall.

Nicole Habeeb
Daughter of Michael and Reem Habeeb graduated from Hillsdale High School in San Matco CA. She will be attending the University of CaliforniaSanta Cruz..

Ashley Zarou
Daughter of Joseph and Judy Zarou graduated from Half Hollow Hills East H.S.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Jessica Zaou
Daughter of Nader and Sylvia Zarou, graduated cum laude from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Neurobiological Science. She will pursue a Masters of Science degree in Epidemiology at the University of Florida.

Maria Widad Ossama Kash
Daughter of Ossama & Jeannie Kash and Granddaughter of Salem & Widad Kash & George & Bahiea Qatsha, graduated from Great Valley High School in Malvern PA. She will be attending Neumann College in Aston, PA to receive a BSN in Nursing.

George Jack Farah, Jr.
Son of george Jack and Jean (Shunnarah) Farah of Jacksonvilee, Florida. Graduating from Bishop Kenny High School and will be attending either FCCJ or UNF.

Ryan Michael Aneed
Son of Sam & Shereen Aneed graduated from Stevenson High School in Livonia Michigan and will be attending Central Michigan University.

Adrianna Jessica Ayoub
Daughter of Richard & Siham Ayoub graduated from Walt Whitman High School and will be attending West Virginia University. She will be majoring in Early Childhood Education.

Alysia Kreitem
Daughter of George and Rhonda (Ajlouny) Kreitem graduated from Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, CA. She will be attending the University of California-Davis.

Christopher George Salameh
Son of George and Delilah Salameh, received a Bachelor of Science degree from Jacksonville University, with a major in Biology. Congratulations and best wishes for your future.

Samir Atef Freij
Son of Atef & Vivian Freij graduated from Stevenson High School in Livonia Michigan.

Lindsey Totah
Graduated from St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco. The daughter of Joseph and Caroline Totah of Pacifica, she will attend the University of San Francisco where she will enter the School of Nursing.

Lauren Totah
Graduated from St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco. The daughter of Paul and Kathryn Totah of Pacifica, she will attend Santa Clara University where she will enter the College of Arts and Sciences.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Tarik Issa Kash
Son of Issa & Anna Kash, graduated from Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, MD. He plans to study Computer Animation.

Joseph Keeper
Son of Joe & Sharon Keeper and grandson to George & Dell Keeper of Columbia MO, and Shawky & Jannette Mousa of Livonia MI. He will be attending Rutegen University.

Jennifer Ajlouny
Daughter of James & Laurie Ajlouny of Orchard Lake, Michigan, attended Marian High School and graduated from West Bloomfield High School. She will be attending Oakland University and pursuing a degree in teaching.

Mallary Sue Varley
Daughter of Dr. Larry and Marianne (Ajluni) Varley graduated from Andover High School in Bloomfield Hills. She will be attEnding Wayne State University, studying Pharmacy in the Honors program.

Sonya Kassis
Daughter of Rimon and Rola Kassis graduated fromthe University of Michigan - Dearborn with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism.

Christina Anis Ayoub
Daughter of Anis & Nawal Ayoub graduated from Marple Newton High School in Broomall, PA with Honors. She plans to study Actuarial Science at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where she received an academic scholarship.

Jamilah Batteh Brown
Daughter of Kevin and Brenda Batteh Brown, granddaughter of Fuad and Mary Batteh, graduated from Duncan V. Fletcher High. She earned 4.65 GPA. She also earned 12 varsity letters, having served as captain of the volleyball, basketball, and flag football teams. She was also the Sr. Class Parliamentarian. Jamilah will be attending the University of North Florida in the fall. Congratulation and best wishes always.

Elias E. Henry Salameh
Graduated from George Town Law School in Washington,D.C. and will be pursuing a law career in the San Francisco area.

Quinne J. Henry Salameh
Graduated from Chico State in California with a degree in Social Services and will be starting Culinary school in Portland,Oregorn.

Christina Hasbun
Daughter of William & Carol (Salamy) Hasbun graduated in Graphic Arts & will be pursuing her career in Los Angeles area.

Anthony Joseph Petraucosta
Son of Lorene Salamy graduated from Berkley,CA, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Economy& will be working for Morgan Stanley Bond Dept. in S.F.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007



Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

submitted by Maria Harb

Cole Hazeltine, Age: 11 May 18, 2007

My Trip to Ramallah with the Federation was the best trip I’ve ever taken. It was full of exciting twists and turns. One of my favorite places was where my tata grew up. It’s old now, but it’s still very beautiful. They have the best food in the world there. There is this one place called Abu Sqandr and it has the best Shawerma sandwich I’ve ever had. We went to the place where my Sidi was born. That was in total shambles. But the cool thing about that house is that it is so old that the Israelis can’t tear it down. Our fifth day in Ramallah was odd. There was a kidnapping in Al Minara taken place by Israeli Police. Then we heard gunshots. It was pretty scary. Nevertheless, I had the best time in the world. Speaking of the Yahood, let me tell you about my "exciting" time with them. That was horrible. In between Jordan and Palestine there is a VERY BAD checkpoint. I was taking pictures of the main part of it and an Israeli soldier came up to me and told me to delete them. This is where the "fun" begins. They held us, permitting the rest of the Ramallah Federation group to leave. There were only a few of us left. There was Mr. Jamal Jubran, the President, Ms. Sonia Bajjalieh, Mrs. Emily, my two umos Sean Ziadeh and Dr. Mark Ziadeh; also my tata, Mrs. Hala Ziadeh and I. The room that they held us in was very uncomfortable. The Israelis had us on flat iron benches, with the paint peeling off, and tons of flies buzzing around our heads. But I just sat there with a smile on my face. This is why, the Israelis do that to us to discourage Palestinians from coming back, whether it is to visit, sell property, stay, etc., they want to make our time there miserable. But don’t let this article discourage you. Go back to our homeland, visit, stay, have the time of your life. I’m glad I got to go to Palestine.
*The Magazine Staff is proud of you Cole..Good Luck! Cole is the grandson of Khamis and Hala Ziadeh of Farmington Hills Michigan

To our y oung re aders : Please s end us y our favorite riddles or jokes an d we wil l print them fo r you. The Exe cutive E ditor

Laugh out Loud Riddles
What bird steals from the rich to give to the poor? The math teacher saw that little Johnny wasn’t paying attention in class. She called on him and said, “Johnny! what are 4, 2, 28 and 44?”
Answer: Robin Hood


I hope that all of you are having a fantastic summer being with your family and friends without worrying about your schoolwork! Remember to have fun, be safe, and smile over the summer!!!

Answer: Incorrectly

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

Answer: Little Johnny quickly replied, “NBC, CBS, HBO and the Cartoon Network!”

Hey Kids!


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Community News
Correspondent: Ghada Shunnarah

College Graduations
Ibrahim Hussam Zayed earned a Masters Degree in Arts and International Relations from the University of Akron. Congratulations and we wish him more success in the future.

Baby girl, Natalia to Mr. and Mrs. Omar Shunnarah Baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. William Shunnarah Baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bateh

Community News
The Cleveland Board of Directors would like to announce the purchase of a new club house for the community. Congratulations on this accomplishment and many thanks go out to all those who were involved with the purchase preparations.

High School Graduates
Janelle Issis (daughter of Dr. John and Janet Issis) graduated on May 22 from Vestavia Hills High School Anthony Shunnarah (son of Michael and Samia Shunnarah) graduated on May 22nd from Vestavia Hills High School Shereen Shunnarah (daughter of Reyad and Ghada Shunnarah) graduated on May 22 from Vestavia Hills High School We congratulate all of our graduates! We ask that God may bless them with a prosperous future.

Correspondent: Rimon Kassis

Baby Boy, Issa George Martha to George and Dina Martha.

Dr Andrew Ajluni the son of Dr. Anis & Clare Ajluni to Dr. Linda Murad daughter of Dr. Nisreen Murad and the late Dr, Jamal Murad. Congratulations to the happy couple.

College Graduates
Tanya K. Shunnara graduated at the top of her class from Cumberland Law School at Samford University. Eisa Shunnara graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in finance.

Club News
Ramallah club held a get-together on Thursday April,12,2007 members had good time and a good food. Starting June,6th Ramallah Club will be open to all young adults every Wednesday night for a mid week get a way. New game room which includes: Pool Table, Foot Ball Table, Air Hockey Table, Ping Pong Table, and soon to come a Plasma TV.

The Ramallah Community would like to extend their deepest sympathies to: The Ajlouny family for the loss of Virginia Ajlouny. The Issis family for the loss of Salem Essis of PA.

Correspondent: Susan Sakleh

The Detroit community would like to congratulate Dr. Nader Said Warra for his promotion to Chief Neurology Resident at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. George Saba was appointed as a founding member of the Advisory Board of the Immigration Clinic at the University of Detroit School of Law.

Baby girl, Nora to Jerry and Summar Rayyan. Baby girl, Leila to Faris and Natalie Rafidi. Congratulations to the proud parents and their families.

Club News
The club held its annual Easter Party. All in attendance enjoyed a night of dancing and great food. Thank you goes out to President Rayan Rayan and his executive committee on a job well done.

The Detroit community would like to welcome: Jamil Shukiereh from Ramallah Olivia Salem Muffareh from Ramallah

Church News
With the blessing of his Eminence, Metropolitan PHIIP, The basilica of St. Mary celebrated its 35th Anniversary on the weekend of April,27-29th. During the time of celebration on April,28th. Father George and Khouria Nouhad hosted a breakfast to thank all those who have faithfully served this community over the past 35 years. Also Metropolitan PHILIP was there to offer his thankfulness to the community and its Shepherd, father George for all what he did to the arishioners of St. Mary, and to bless the groundbreaking to the Future Mariam Center.

Visit to Ramallah
Michael Rayyan, Susie Rayyan, John Michael Rayyan, Ronnie Michael Rayyan, Bobby Shawki Rayyan, John Rayyan Rayyan, Randy Riad Kash, Hanan Rafidi, Jimmy Rafidi, and Hikmat Rafidi all went to Ramallah in order to attend the wedding of Ronnie Rayyan to Diana Awad. All have since returned home safely. Welcome back and congratulations.

Correspondent: Ragda Harb

Correspondent: Yusra Zanayed

High School Graduations
Mona Eadeh daughter of Hussam and Ibtisam Eadeh Rita Bader, daughter of Peter and Rima Bader Congratulations to the graduates.

Baby girl, Camille to Shehab & Kim Salah Baby girl, Reyam to Issa & Hadeel Baba Congratulations to the proud new parents!


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Community News
Lydia Azmi Zayed to Jean Franzois Zaky Earl William Thomas the 4th to Dahlia Saliba Salameh of Jacksonville Florida. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Author, Politician and Activist. A woman we are very proud of. The even also featured a Palestinian Cultural Exhibition Auction of handmade Palestinian dresses representing the unique traditions of twelve different villages and cities in Palestine. The Khalaks were modeled by beautiful Palestinian women and the Ramallah Khalak was modeled by Natalia Imad Khalaf. The funds raised will benefit economic development for the women of Palestine, helping establish the first woman-owned and operated canning factory in the West Bank.

High School Graduates
Jouded Mousa Zayed, Diae Issa H. Zaid, Saleem Mousa M. Zayed, Habib Maher Zaid, Samer Issa M. Zayed, George Abdalla, Kristen Mazin Khalaf, Christina Baba, Jehad Zaibak, Lorin Raja Foteh, Kristie james Eadeh, Jenine George Zaibaq, Ibrahim Nabil Moubayed, Shadia Mazin Baba and Tammer Ganim, son of Mazen & Joanne Ganim graduated from Houston Christian High School and will be attending The University of Houston on an academic scholarship. Congratulations to all the graduates and their proud parents!!

The Houston Community extends it’s sympathy to the Nasra and Baba families for the loss of Fadwa Nasra.

Correspondent: Aileen Farhat

College Graduates
Natalia Khalaf, daughter of Imad & Dena Khalaf graduated with honors from Rice University with a BS in Biology. Natalia is a National Collegiate Scholar and a member of the PHI BETA KAPPA Honor Society. She received the Leonard Ormsby Scholarship and will be attending the University of Texas Medical School in Houston this fall. Nicole Mousa Khano, daughter of Mousa & Janette Khano graduated with a BA in Advertising and a minor in Graphic Design from University of Houston. Monica Shawki Salameh, daughter of Shawki & Nina Salameh graduated with a BA in Marketing from University of Houston with Honors from the Deans List. Tanya Hatem Khalaf, daughter of Hatem & Yvette Khalaf graduated with a BA in Retail Merchandising and a minor in Business Foundation from the University of Texas in Austin. Jivar Nihad Foty, son of Nihad & Jean Foty graduated with a BA in Business and Finance from the University of Houston. Lena Issa M. Zayed, daughter of Issa & Sawsan Zayed graduated with a BA in Accounting from the University of Houston and will continue her with her Masters this fall. Janan Adel Sackllah, daughter of Adel & Muna Sachllah graduated with a BS in Biology from St. Thomas University and has been accepted to the University of Texas to continue her Masters in the School of Public Health - (Epidemiology) Congratulations and best of luck to the proud graduates!

Baby Boy, Justin Richard to Richard and Christy Rukab

Miss Rana Farhat to Mr. Francisco Esquivel Miss Charlene Farhoud to Mr. Robert Entwistle Miss Michelle Kalil to Mr. Darin Taylor Mr. Michael John Mousa to Miss Jamie Odeh Mr. Waleed Michael Eadeh to Miss Jaime Dawn Rich Congratulation and best wishes

High School Graduates
Jamie Katherine Farhat graduated from Trinity Christian Academy on May 24, 2007 with high honors. She is also duel enrolled in FCCJ where she is working toward her AA Degree. She was the recipient of the Bright Futures Scholarship and plans to attend one of the Florida State University College and plans to complete her studies in Medical School where she wishes to enter the Medical fields either as a Pediatrician or Child Psychologist. Ziadeh John and Jeanette Farhat are the proud grandparents of Jamie. She is the daughter of the Late Farhat Eddie Ziadeh Farhat. God bless you Jamie. We are so proud of you! George Jack Farah, Jr.,Son of George Jack and Jean (Shunnarah) Farah of Jacksonville, Florida, graduated from Bishop Kenny High School and will be attending either FCCJ or UNF. We are proud of you and good luck in the future David Oliver Dostie II, son of Jackie Bateh Dostie and David Dostie, graduated from The Bolles School. He will be attending Auburn University and pursuing a civil engineering degree. Congratulations!!! Brittany Nicole Rukab, daughter of Joe & Joanne Rukab, Graduated from St. Augustine High School Cum Laude. She will be attending the University of North Florida.

Arrived from Ramallah
Neimeh Subhi Zaibaq, Violet Fahed Sayeg

Left to Ramallah
Mr. & Mrs. Saman Baba, Mr. & Mrs. Issa Baba, Mr. & Mrs. Ganim H. Ganim, Mr. & Mrs. Musa Jamil Musa, Mrs. Maria Issa H. Zaid & son George, Mr. & Mrs. Bassam Jada, Mrs. Miladeh Zahran, Lamaa Khalaf, Mr. & Mrs. Abdullah Kawaja.

Left to Lebanon
Joseph & Randa Baba Chadrouai & daughter Mahassen Laila

Ladies Activities
Ladies Club celebrated a Mother's Day Luncheon and also took a trip to L'Auberge Casino in Lake Charles LA. Both events had a great turn out and lots of fun.

College Graduates
Shannon Akel daughter of Marwan & Betty Akel graduated from University of North Florida with her Bachelor's Degree in English and a Minor in Education May 4, 2007. Congratulation. Anthony Christopher Louh, Son of George &Violet Louh graduated from University of North Florida with his Masters of Business Administration on May 4, 2007 Deena Janan Bateh, Daughter of George Z. Bateh and the late

Community Activity
Palestinians for Peace & Democracy, Houston Chapter Cosponsored a Gala honoring Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, a Scholar,


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Community News
Janan G. Bateh, Graduated from Stetson University College of Law with a Juris Doctorate. Deena has accepted a job as an Assistant State Attorney with the 4th Judicial circuit of Florida. Congratulation. Christopher George Salameh, Son of George & Delilah Salameh graduated from Jacksonville University, Received a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology. Congratulations and Best wishes for your future. Jessica daughter of Nader and Sylvia Zarou graduated cum laude from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Neurobiological Science. She will pursue a Masters of Public Health Degree in Epidemiology at the University of Florida. Congrats! ple attending. Miss Kristen Salameh was the chairwoman for the function and she did an outstanding job. Mr. Peter Farhat Announced, They are planning a wine and cheese event for their next gathering. The Federation President Mr. Jamal Jubran and his wife Nuha, Mr. Samir Farhat and his wife Badia, Mr. Said Samaan and his wife Samira, and Mr. Edward Farhat and his wife Sandra recently came back from the Federations trip to Ramallah. They all enjoyed the annual trip with the Federation, and we welcome them back home.

In the last magazine, it was incorrectly reported that Samir Farhat was the chairman for the Afif Safieh visit. The Ramallah American Club would like to thank John Rukab for his hard work and dedication to chairing the Afif Safieh visit. We appreciate all of his efforts. We apologize for the mistake.

Church News
Ladies Auxiliary hosted a Lenten luncheon on Sunday March 25th2007 the chairladies are Mrs. Asma, Suad Munira Salameh. The luncheon was a great success they sold all of food. Fr. Kamal expressed his profound thanks and appreciation to the chairladies, all the ladies who came and helped, and to the men for frying the fish dinners. The church Palm Sunday celebration was held on April 1st. We celebrated the joyous holiday with our children carrying their decorative candles and flowers around the church. It was a beautiful site. The 28th Annual $100 fundraising dinner was held on Sunday April 29th at the Ramallah American Club. The theme for the annual fundraiser was to dress in our Arabic clothing. Everyone enjoyed seeing each other our heritage outfits. The Ramallah youth performed the debka before our dinner took place. Everyone thought they did an outstanding job. Father Kamal thanked Miss Beverly Michael, Dr. Ramsey Salem, Dr. Muneer Hanna, Mrs. Nadya Farah, and everyone who helped to make this years fundraising dinner such a success. The ladies Auxiliary of our church held a mother’s day cover dish on May 10. It was an extremely special night honoring our mothers. Mrs. Sue Rafidi thanked all the ladies who participated and the chairwomen Mrs. Lamia Soud and Salwa Akel. We would like to wish all of our mothers a happy Mother’s day.

The Jacksonville Community would like to extend its Deepest sympathy to the following: To the Farhat and Jaber family for the loss of their beloved Sara Hanna Farhat To the Farhoud and Ossi family for the loss of their beloved Zareefeh Ishaq Farhoud To the Samaan family for the loss of their beloved Nader Samaan (Ramallah, Palestine) May their memories be eternal

Correspondent: Christine Tawasha

Baby boy, Isiah Larry Mashni to Larry and Amanda Mashni. Born on April 16. Congratulations!

Tarik Aweimrin, son of Ghassan and Fairuz Aweimrin (Martha), to Cheri Bowman on April 28. God grant you many years!

Club News
The Ramallah Youth Club of Jacksonville held there annual Easter Party March 18, 2007. All the kids, parents, and grandparents enjoyed the party. The President, Mr. Teddy Bateh, thanked the chair ladies Mrs. Brenda Bateh-Brown and Miss Janice Farhat, for a job well done. The paid up member dinner was held at the Ramallah Club on April 15. Three hundred and fifty people attended and enjoyed the gathering. The steak dinner was prepared by our President Mr. Teddy Bateh and the board members. Thanks for all their hard work and an outstanding job. Our spring picnic was held on April 22, 2007, and everyone enjoyed the fire roasted chicken. The club provided a spacewalk and slide outside for the kids. All of the families enjoyed the new outside activities. The youth took responsibility for selling the sweets for the picnic and they did an outstanding job. Out President Mr. Teddy Bateh thanked the chair ladies Mrs. Cindy Gazaleh, Mrs. Sylvia Zarou, and all of the men who came early to cook the chicken in the morning. They all did an outstanding job. RBPS held their annual membership party with over 40 peo-

High School Graduations
Alex Isa Mashni, son of Isa and Linda Mashni, graduated from Tates Creek High School and plans to attend the University of Kentucky.

College Graduations
Julie Ann Hanna, daughter of Wanda Mashni Hanna, graduated from the University of Kentucky with a double major in business management and marketing. Hani George Madbak, son of George Elias Madbak and Laila Hanna Saadeh, graduated from the University of Kentucky, College of Engineering with a Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering on May 6, 2007. He will be moving to Charlotte, NC and will work for Duke Energy as a project engineer. Congratulations to Hani and his proud parents.

Olvid Shahin, daughter of Salim and Nadia Mufarreh, journeyed to Lexington from Ramallah to visit family. Victoria, Aida, Issa, and Afaf Ackall traveled to Ramallah to visit family.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Community News
Correspondent: Saham Zarou Suheir Hanna and their 5 children, through the PCRF.

It breaks my heart and fills my eye with tears to announce the passing of my nephew Sean Jalal Hanna who was born on July 30, 1986, entered eternal everlasting life on April 28, 2007. Sean is survived by his father Jalal, mother Linda (Hishmeh), brothers Jessie, Ryan and sister Jillian. The entire community of New Jersey sends their deepest condolences to the Hanna and Hishmeh families. May God give you all the courage that Sean had and his strength to help us all with his passing. Always in our hearts. Rest in Peace Sean. For more information go to www.sean-hanna.memory-of.com.

Wafa (Aghabi) to John Gionta Farid Zaid to Christalee Punger Adham Zaid to Marlena Hanna Congratulations and Best Wishes !!

High School Graduates
Veronica Rose Zarou graduated from Kellenberg Memorial H.S. Daughter of Charles and Rose Ann Zarou Ashley Zarou graduated from Half Hollow Hills East H.S. Daughter of Joseph and Judy Zarou William Zarou graduated from Kellenberg Memorial H.S. Son of Jack and Sana Zarou Jason James Khoury graduated from Westbury H.S. Son of Jimmy and Abir Khoury Congratulations and Best of Luck !!

Correspondent: Nawal Ayoub

High School Graduates
Christina Anis Ayoub graduated with honors from Marple Newton High School and received a scholarship for her academic achievements and will atten St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia.PA. Maria Ossama Kash graduated from Great Valley High School in Malvern.PA.and plans to attend Neuman college in Aston,PA. to receive BSN in nursing. Congratulations to the graduates and best of luck.

College Graduates
Danielle Christine Shahin graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Finance. Daughter of Louis and Debbie Shahin.

The NY community extend their deepest condolences to: Ibrahim and George Kaywood and families for the passing of their father Shawki Kaywood and to his sister, brothers and their families. Louis, Walter, Reneh and Susan (Shahin) Bauer and their families for the passing of their father Hanna Shahin. May they rest in eternal peace......

Community News
The Arab council in the city of Philadelphia including Mr Naim Ayoub & Mr Nader Ayoub interviewed 4 mayor candidates, and they discussed the Arab community situation in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Chapter of (A.D.C) celebrated it’s twenty fifth anniversary, and Mr Naim Ayoub was honored for he was the one to establish this chapter.

Spelling of College graduate from last issue.. should read... Michel A. Zarou Solounias...... not Michael.

Correspondent: Suheir Hanna

Correspondent: Charlene (Hanna) Koussa

Club News
March 17, 2007, was a night to remember. A benefit hafla was held to raise money and to honor The PCRF (The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund) and a young 10 year old boy named Adham Ghalia. The New Jersey and New York Ramallah Club’s joined hands and raised over $18,000. Thanks to all our guests and supporters who made the evening a great success. For more information please contact Suheir Hanna at Hannas320@aol.com or The PCRF at www.pcrf.net or email at pcrfl@pcrf.net. We would like to welcome Ahlam Abuowda, a 16 year old Palestinian girl who came to us from the Gaza Strip. She came for a cornea transplant which was kindly donated by an American family who lost their 15 year old daughter due to a car accident. The transplant which was done to the right eye, took place on April 4, 2007. The left eye surgery is scheduled for May 16, 2007. Alham went from being legally blind, to the right eye achieving 20/40 vision. This surgery was successful thanks to the generous help of Dr. Michael Wong, a Princeton based opthamologist and also to the surgical center of Central Jersey and New Brunswick. Wills Eye Hospital provided the cornea. Ahlam is being hosted by Nidal and

Baby girl, Dalia Angela to Wadie and Angela Ahwal. Baby girl, Rania Anne to Wael and Anne Ahwal. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents!

Visit to Ramallah
Julie Misleh

The San Diego community extends its deepest sympathy to Mary Misleh and family on the passing of her brother, Shawki Kaywood, in New York. May he rest in peace and his memory be eternal.

Correspondent: Fadwa Ajluni

Baby boy, Eli Issa to Louis and Sonya Omran Baby girl, Isabella Maria to Jeff and Maria Ajlouny Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents!

Samer Mitri to Linda Nasra. Mabrook! Best of wishes.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Community News
High School Graduates
Jenna Burigde daughter of Jihan (Ajlouny) and Paul Burigde Jenna Salah daughter of Linda and John Salah Emile Ramzi Nijmeh son of Ramzi and Nahla Nijmeh. Lauren Omran daughter of Sam and Nancy Omran Karissa Issa Ajlouny graduated from Valley Christian High School Ashley Kahoush daughter of Rajai & Susie(Shaheen) Kahoush . Leanna Elserougi daughter of Nabil and Maha Elserougi. Amanda Salamy daughter of Elias and Wisam Salamy. Congratulations to all the graduates and to all the proud parents and grandparents!

Jack Nabil Wakileh, son of Nabil and Suheila Wakileh, to Juliana Mizera Johnny Khoury, son of Nabil Khoury to Christina Nazzal, daughter of Naeem and Helen Nazzal. Mazin Tawasha, son of George Tawasha to Kristen Saman, daughter of Johnny Saman. Peter Dabai, son of Samir and Jackie Dabai to Rita Polino. Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds!

College Graduations
Kristin Michael Jaber received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Santa Clara University. Lorie Faraj received her law degree.

College Graduates
David Sam Jaber graduated with a Master Degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University. Tylar Aflixio son of Tom and Karen Aflixio graduated with a BA degree from Portland University. Melissa Kahoush the daughter of Rajai and Susie(Shaheen) Kahoush graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.S. degree in Psychology. Amy Qura daughter of Yusif and Anan( Farr) Qura graduated from University of San Francisco with a B.S. in Political Science. Nataly Persekian daughter of Robert and Da’ad (Amireh) Persekian graduated from San Jose State with a B.A in Criminal Justice. Suzanne Aboujuedum daughter of Daoud and Hala Aboujuedum graduated from Santa Clara Law School with a degree of Juris Doctorate. Congratulations and Best Wishes to all the graduates, the proud parents and grandparents.

Club News
The club held it’s “Family Night” and fun was had by all! The Funtaza is still going strong. Special thanks to Azmi Habeeb, Jiryes Nazzal, Hanna Habeeb and George Sahourieh. Many attend this weekly function and enjoy the delicious food and various games. Along with all the fun, a birthday cake was presented to Anwar Dughman for his sixtieth Birthday! Happy Birthday and we wish you many more!

The club extends its deepest sympathies to the following families: The Shamieh family for the loss of Yusef Shamieh, March 21, 1925 - May 11,2007. The Salem family for the loss of Fred Salem, November 17, 1925 - April 7, 2007 The Nasrah family for the loss of Fadwa Issa Nasrah . The Bajalieh family for the loss of Khalil Yacoub Bajalieh. The Hanna family for the loss of Adib Hanna, August 26, 1927 - March 22, 2007 May they rest in peace.

Community Activities
The League of Arab-American Women enjoyed a Mother’s Day Dinner at the Dish Dash. The forty ladies in attendance had a wonderful time. The ROMEO Club of San Jose started their summer picnic at Kiley Park. 26 of the retired gentlemen had a lot of fun enjoying each other company barbequing and playing Tawleh.

Correpondent: Vivian Ayoug

The community of San Jose wishes to extend our deepest sympathies: To Afaf Ajlouny on the loss of her brother. To Sawsan Nijmeh on the loss of her mother. To the Salah family, David, Paul, Salah and Basil for the loss of their loving mother Marie at the age of ninety nine. May their memory be eternal.

High School Graduates
Amanda Paul Ayoub, daughter of Paul & Sandy Ayoub, graduated from Blytheville High School. Congratulations and Good Luck!

College Graduates
Paul Nimer Ayoub, son of Paul & Sandy Ayoub, graduated from The University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Film. Congratulations and Good Luck! _ _Richard Kerry Gibbs, son of Laura Sam Ayoub, Graduating University of Maryland, Bachelors of Science in Finance and a minor in English. _College Parks Scholars Citation in International Studies. Congratulations and Good Luck!

Correspondent: Heyam Dughman

Baby girl, Isabella to Dave and Linda (Jaber) Fernandez. Baby boy to Enrique and Ghada (Kharsa) Rowan. Baby girl, Emma to Jeff and Shadia Jones (Bazlamit)


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

Anton Sami Bazlamit

§«ªdõH »eÉ°S ΩƒMôªdG
June 12, 1943 - March 9, 2007

The San Francisco community lost one of their beloved citizens on Friday, March 9, 2007. Anton Sami Bazlamit died unexpectedly at the age of 63. Anton came to the U.S. from Ramallah in 1957 and moved to San Francisco in 1959. He worked very hard to support his family, but always found time to laugh and make friends. Anton was known for his sense of humor and his love for life. Being a very social person, Anton was usually the first one up to dance at weddings and parties. Anton is survived by his wife, Juliette, his four children and their respective spouses, Robert Bazlamit, Sandy and Mike Ogolin, Shadia and Jeff Jones, and Michael and Joy Bazlamit; his three grandchildren; his brother Elias and his wife Mary; his late sister Nadera and her husband Samir Totah; and many other loving relatives. His family and friends miss him daily and forever have him in their hearts.

would be there, but her physical body couldn’t keep up with her unstoppable spirit. While the phone may continue to ring, there is a void with each time it is not her. Her smile was contagious, her energy boundless and her sense of humor never ceased even until the end. She still has us laughing with the multitude of memories. Behind our tears and pain of losing her, we have a lifetime of stories. For this and so much more, we thank her. Tete, we buried you on your birthday. We will continue to celebrate your life. We miss you more with each passing day.

Yousef Kashou

´ƒ°ûb ∞°Sƒj ΩƒMôªdG
1/16/1929 – 12/10/2006 Beloved brother & cousin

Souad Naim Totah

íWƒW º«©f OÉ©°S áeƒMôªdG
September 19, 1930 - September 15, 2006

The Totah, the Jaber families and San Francisco Community are deeply saddened by the passing of their beloved wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Souad was an incredible spirit. She was a loving wife to her husband Naim for 61 years. A caring mother who never stopped worrying about her three children, Basem, Hilda and Yacoub, as well as their spouses Maha and Yousef. If they weren’t enough to care for, she had 8 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren with whom she nurtured and loved with all her heart. Souad was the type of woman who cared about everyone who crossed her path. Whether it was a neighbor or a person at the local Farmer’s Market, she made sure they were cared for (which usually meant giving out her homemade bread or a knitted blanket she made for them). Her family and friends could always expect a daily phone call. Her grandchildren undoubtedly would receive the “Where are you, Tete?” You always knew she

No words can describe how much you’ve touched our lives. Your innocence, smile, and kind heart will greatly be missed. Your memory will live on and smiles will always touch our hearts when we think of you. You will forever be missed. Yousef Kashou was born in Ramallah on January 16th, 1929 and went peacefully to the Lord on December 10th, 2006. He is survived by his sister Sara KashouBlumberg and his many cousins. Yousef was known as the “Barber of Ramallah” and he touched many lives. There wasn’t a time when he wasn’t smiling. Dearest Yousef, you will always be “forever in our hearts”.

ø«gÉ°T ¿ƒL ΩƒMôªdG
9/16/1924 - 4/23/2007 Tulsa,Oklahoma

John Shahin

John Shahin, born in the West Bank on 9/16/1924, passed on to glory on 4/23/2007. Survived by his four children Louis (Debbie), Walter (Carol), Reneh (Patty), Susan (Jimmy) and thirteen grandchildren, died at home while all of his family were around him. He was an active member of the Saint John’s Orthodox Church, volunteering much time in the church and the community, he was respected and loved by all. He will be greatly missed . May he rest in peace.


Hathihe Ramallah

May/June 2007

§«ªdõH ∫’O áeƒMôªdG
October 10, 1923 - December 31, 2006

Dalal Bazlamit

Dalal passed away in San Francisco where she lived since 1962. Beloved wife of the late George Bazlamit; loving mother and mother in law to Anton and Juliette Bazlamit, Elias and Mary Bazlamit, and Samir and the late Nadera Totah. She will be deeply missed by her 12 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Dalal was known for her strength, great cooking, and the dozens of blankets she knitted that kept her grandchildren and great grandchildren warm. She was greatly loved and will be missed dearly.

along with his wife as Kentucky Colonels. He was involved in the church and helped in every facet possible.He also helped establish St Andrews Antiochian Orthodox Church in Lexington . He also was on the council for St George Greek Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids and helped bring about many helpful changes. Being diagnosed with cancer in July 2004 was a blow, but he fought tooth and nail. He won the first bout. He had a new grand baby and just walked his daughter down the isle. He had a lot to fight for. He had his spirituality, the love of his family and friends to help. The second time was fought the same, but God wanted him more than we did. He went to see his maker in peace & dignity with his family around him. Love, laughter and big smile is what we all have on our faces when we think of him. He will be greatly missed.

Joseph K. Martha “Zou Zou”

ÉKQÉe ∞jRƒL ΩƒMôªdG

April 10, 1947-December 19, 2006

George Adel Saah 2007 - 1962

Joseph K Martha, beloved husband to Rozette (Joudeh) and much loved father to Dena, Shuckry, Zezette & her husband Martin, and Charlie & his wife Crystal. He was loved by his grand children, Kamiel , Zoey & Hannah. He was also survived by his brother Issa, sisters Hanneh, Selma, Samira & Nawal, nieces & nephews & their spouses. Joseph was born in Ramallah and moved to Livonia in 1965. He was instrumental in bringing his parents and extended families to the U.S. for a better life. Zou Zou as everyone knew him had a huge heart and even a bigger smile. He brought laughter and the love of life to anything he did. Everyone who knew him loved him from their first meeting. It wasn’t a wedding until he was on the dance floor to lead the debka. He was the Ramallah Club President in Lexington, KY. He helped bring the Arab Community to the forefront in the 1980’s and was awarded the honor

ΩƒMôªdG ´É°üdG ∫OÉY ''¢ùjôL'' êQƒL
2007/2/23 »a ¬HQ QGƒL ≈dEG π≤àfEG ¢ùjôL ∫OÉY ''¢ùjôL'' êQƒL ÜÉ°ûdG »a ¬àeÉbEG AÉæKCG ÉeÉY ø«©HQ’Gh á°ùeÉîdG õgÉæj ôªY øY ´É°üdG √AGQh ÉcQÉJ ,¬HÉÑ°T ¿É©jQ »a ÅLÉØe ¢Vôe ó©H ɵjQƒà°Sƒc √AGQh Gƒ°û«©«d ¿ÉªjEG âNCGh º°SÉHh OɪY øjƒNCGh ¬jódGhh ø«àæHG .áÑ«°üªdG áMGóah IQÉ°ùîdG ôѵd áæjõM á°ùFÉH IÉ«M QÉe á°ù«æc »a ájQÉcòJ º«°SGôe ÜÉ°ûdG ó«≤Ø∏d º«bCGh Gòg øjô°û©dGh ™°SÉàdG Ωƒj ófÓjQÉe - ∑ÉeÉJƒH »a ¢ùdƒHh ¢Sô£H .2007 ,¿É°ù«f ô¡°T øe øe πc á∏FÉ©dGh ó«≤ØdG …ódGh ôµ°ûj áæjõëdG áÑ°SÉæªdG »ah q ó∏îdG äÉæL ≈dEGh .º«¶©dG É¡HÉ°üªH á∏FÉ©dG ∑QÉ°Th ¬jRÉ©J Ωób o q .ÜÉÑ°ûdG áæjRh »dɨdG Éfó«≤a Éj

The purpose of the obituary is to notify family, friends and the Ramallah Community of the passing away of a loved one. Please be brief and kindly adhere to the following guidelines:-

*Obituary notices should not exceed 200 words or a quarter of a page maximum. *If write up exceeds the required space, the magazine staff has the right to edit and reduce the write up to a limit of a quarter page including a photo.


2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

á````«dÉ`````édG QÉ````Ñ`NCG
.≥jƒ°ùàdG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH øà°Sƒ«g á©eÉL øe ¢SÉ°ùµJ á©eÉL øe âLôîJ ,∞∏N â«#jEGh ºJÉM áªjôc ,∞∏N ºJÉM É«fÉJ .∫ɪY’Gh ¥ôتdÉH ≥jƒ°ùàdG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH øà°ShCG »a IOÉ¡°ûH øà°Sƒ«g á©eÉL øe êôîJ ,¬Jƒa ø«Lh OÉ¡f πéf ,¬Jƒa OÉ¡f QÉ#«L .πjƒªàdGh ∫ɪY’G »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG øà°Sƒ«g á©eÉL øe âLôîJ ,ójGR ø°Sƒ°Sh ≈°ù«Y áªjôc ,ójGR ≈°ù«Y Éæ«d IOÉ¡°ûd É¡à°SGQO πªµà°Sh áÑ°SÉëªdG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH .ô«à°ùLɪdG âfÉ°S á©eÉL øe âLôîJ ,á∏î°S ≈æeh ∫OÉY áªjôc ,á∏î°S ∫OÉY ¿ÉæL á©eÉL »a â∏Ñob óbh ,AÉ«M’G º∏Y »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH ¢SÉeƒJ á«∏c øe ô«à°ùLɪdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üëdGh »dÉ©dG É¡ª«∏©J ΩɪJ’ ¢SÉ°ùµJ .(áÄHh’G º∏Y) áeÉ©dG áë°üdG .º¡JÓFÉ©dh º¡d Éæ«fÉ¡J .ø«éjôîdG ™«ªéd ∑hôÑe ∞dCG :á«dÉédG äÉWÉ°ûf ''ΩÓ°ùdGh á«WGô≤ªjódG πLCG øe ø«ææ«£°ù∏a'' á°ù°SDƒe øe ¢SÉ°ùµJ ´ôa ΩÉbCG IQƒàcódG ¿G ±hô©ªdGh .…hGô°ûY ¿ÉæM IQƒàcó∏d ɪjôµJ áªî°V á∏ØM .É©«ªL É¡H ôîàØf å«M ,ᣰTÉf á«°SÉ«°Sh áªdÉYh áØdDƒe »g …hGô°ûY õjô£àd á«æ«£°ù∏ØdG ájQƒ∏µ∏ØdG ∫ɪYCÓd GOGõe ≈∏Y á∏ØëdG â∏ªà°TGh á«æ«£°ù∏a Ió∏H 12 øe ájQƒ∏cƒ∏ØdG ø«JÉ°ùØdG â°VôY å«M ¢ùHÓªdG ''≥∏îdG'' ¿Éch äÉ«æ«£°ù∏a äGhÉæ°ùM ø«JÉ°ùØdG â°ùÑd óbh .áØ∏àîe ™jQÉ°ûªdG ºYód πØëdG ™jQ Oƒ©«°S .∞∏N OɪY É«dÉàf ¬à°VôY ób »∏∏eGôdG Ö«∏©J ™æ°üe ∫hCG ¢ù«°SCÉJ ºà«°S å«M ,äÉ«æ«£°ù∏ØdG AÉ°ùæ∏d ájOÉ°üàb’G .á«Hô¨dG áØ°†dG »a äÉ«æ«£°ù∏ØdG AÉ°ùædG ¬µ∏ªJ :…RÉ©J ihóa áeƒMôªdG IÉaƒd ÉHÉHh Iô°üf »à∏FÉY ≈dG É¡jRÉ©J ôMCÉH á«dÉédG Ωó≤àJ .ôÑ°üdG É¡jhP º¡dCGh Ió«≤ØdG ¬∏dG ºMQ .Iô°üf

ójÉfR iô°ùj :á∏°SGôªdG

:ó«dGƒe .π«ªc ÉgÉ«ª°SCG IOƒdƒªH ìÓ°U º«ch ÜÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .ΩÉjQ ÉgÉ«ª°SCG IOƒdƒªH ÉHÉH πjógh ≈°ù«Y ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .º¡JÓFÉYh øjódGƒdG ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :ìGôaCG .»cGR ¢ùjhõfGôa ø«L ≈dG ójGR »eõY Éjó«d ±ÉaR ºJ ,π«Øæ°ùcÉL øe áeÓ°S ÉÑ«∏°U É«dGO ≈dG ™HGôdG ¢SÉeƒJ ΩÉ«dh ∫ôjEG ±ÉaR ºJ .GójQƒ∏a .ø«æÑdGh á«gÉaôdÉHh .º¡JÓFÉYh ¿É°Sô©dG ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :äGQÉjR óªëdG .èjÉ°U ó¡a â«dƒ«ah ,≥ÑjR »ëÑ°U ᪩f øe πc ¬∏dG ΩGQ øe π°Uh .áeÓ°ùdG ≈∏Y ¬∏d ºfÉZ ,¬à∏«≤Yh ÉHÉH ≈°ù«Y ,¬à∏«≤Yh ÉHÉH ¿É©ª°S :øe πc ¬∏dG ΩGQ ≈dG QOÉZ É¡æHGh ójGR ≈°ù«Y ÉjQÉe ,¬à∏«≤Yh ≈°Sƒe π«ªL ≈°Sƒe ,¬à∏«≤Yh ºfÉZ áLGƒN ¬∏dG óÑY ,∞∏N ᩪd ,¿GôgR IOÓ«e ,¬à∏«≤Yh ´óL ΩÉ°ùH ,êQƒL .¬à∏«≤Yh .≈∏«d ø°SÉëe ɪ¡àæHGh …hGQó°T ÉHÉH GófQh ∞jRƒL ¿ÉæÑd ≈dG QOÉZ :äGó«°ùdG …OÉf äÉWÉ°ûf ≈dG á∏MQh AGóZ á∏ØM ∑Éæg âfÉc å«M ΩC’G ó«©H äGó«°ùdG …OÉf πØàMEG âbƒH ™«ªédG ™àªJ .¢Sƒ∏éfG ¢Sƒd ,õdQÉ°ûJ Iô«ëH »a êô«H’ ƒæjRÉc .Ö«W :ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG ôgÉe Ö«ÑM ,ójGR ≈°Sƒe º«∏°S ,ójGR ≈°ù«Y AÉ«°V ,ójGR ≈°Sƒe √OƒL Éæ«à°ùjôc ,∞∏N ¿RÉe ø«à°ùjôc ,¬∏dG óÑY êQƒL ,ójGR ≈°ù«Y ôeÉ°S ,ójGR êQƒL ø«æL ,Ió«Y ¢ùª«L »à°ùjôc ,¬Jƒa ÉLQ øjQƒd ,≥ÑjR OÉ¡L ,ÉHÉH ¿GƒLh ¿RÉe πéf ,ºfÉZ ôeÉJh ÉHÉH ¿RÉe ájOÉ°T ,¢†«Ñe π«Ñf º«gGôHG ,≥ÑjR ¥Éëàd’G …ƒæjh, ájƒfÉãdG ¿É«à°ùjôc øà°Sƒ«g á°SQóe øe êôîJ ,ºfÉZ .»°SGQódG ¬bƒØàd á«°SGQO áëæe ≈∏Y π°üM å«M øà°Sƒ«g á©eÉéH .GôgÉH ÓÑ≤à°ùe º¡d ≈æªàf .ø«éjôîdG ™«ªL ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG á©eÉL øe ±ô°T áLQóH âLôîJ ,∞∏N ÉæjOh OɪY áªjôc ,∞∏N É«dÉàf »a Iƒ°†Y É«dÉàf ¿G ±hô©ªdGh .AÉ«M’G º∏©H ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH ¢ùjGQ Éà«H …Éa ø«bƒØàªdG á«©ªL Iƒ°†Yh á«æWƒdG ø««©eÉédG ø«bƒØàªdG á«©ªL á«∏µH ≥ëà∏à°Sh »Ñ°ùeQhCG OQÉfƒ«d á«°SGQódG áëæªdG ≈∏Y â∏°üMh .ÉHÉc .ΩOÉ≤dG ∞jôîdG »a øà°Sƒ«g »a ¢SÉ°ùµJ á©eÉL »a Ö£dG á©eÉL øe âLôîJ ,ƒfÉN â«fÉLh ≈°Sƒe áªjôc ,ƒfÉN ≈°Sƒe ∫ƒ≤«f .»YÉæ°üdG º«ª°üàdGh ájÉYódG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH øà°Sƒ«g ±ô°T áLQóH âLôîJ ,áeÓ°S Éæ«fh »bƒ°T áªjôc ,áeÓ°S »bƒ°T ɵ«fƒe

܃jCG ¿É«Ø«a :á∏°SGôªdG

:äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG É°ùæcQBG ∫Gôàæ°S á©eÉL øe ,܃jCG …ófÉ°Sh ∫ƒH πéf ,܃jCG ôªf ∫ƒH .᫪bôdG ΩÓa’G »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH IOÉ¡°ûH ófÓjQÉe á©eÉL øe ,܃jCG ΩÉ°S GQƒe πéf ,¢ùÑ«L »∏c OQÉ°ûàjQ »ª∏©dG ¥ƒØàdÉH IOÉ°TEG ™e ,ájõ«∏éf’G á¨∏dGh πjƒªàdG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG .¢ùcQÉH á«∏c øe á«dhódG äÉ°SGQódÉH .ôgÉH πÑ≤à°ùªH äÉ«æªàdG ™e ø«éjôî∏d Éæ«fÉ¡J :ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG π«ØãjÓH á°SQóe øe ,܃jCG …ófÉ°Sh ∫ƒH áªjôc ,܃jCG ∫ƒH GófÉeCG .≥«aƒàdGh ìÉéædG É¡d ≈æªàf .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .ájƒfÉãdG

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

á````«dÉ`````édG QÉ````Ñ`NCG
QhÉH (ø«gÉ°T) ¿GRƒ°Sh ¢ûæjQ ,ôàdGh ,¢ùjƒd ≈dG IQÉëdG ÉæjRÉ©J Ωó≤f ɪc .ø«gÉ°T ÉæM ºgódGh ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd º¡JÓFÉYh .ó∏îdG äÉæL º¡æµ°SGh ø«aƒàªdG ¬∏dG ºMQ :¿ƒéjôîdG »cÉàæc á©eÉL øe âLqôîJ ,ÉæM »æ°ûe GófGh áªjôc ,ÉæM ¿BG »dƒL .≥jƒ°ùàdGh ∫ɪY’G IQGOEG IOÉ¡°ûH êôîJ ,IOÉ©°S ÉæM ≈∏«dh ∂Hóe ¢SÉ«dG êQƒL πéf ,∂Hóe êQƒL »fÉg »a ∂dPh ,᫵«fɵ«ªdG á°Sóæ¡dÉH ¢SƒjQƒdɵH IOÉ¡°ûH »cÉàæc á©eÉL øe Éæ«dhQÉc çQƒf »a •ƒdQÉ°T áæjóe ≈dG »fÉg π≤àæ«°S .2007 ,QÉjCG 6 .™jQÉ°ûe ¢Só桪c ábÉ£∏d ∑hO ácô°T ™e 𪩫°S å«M ¢ùà«J á°SQóe øe êqôîJ ,»æ°ûe Góædh ≈°ù«Y πéf ,»æ°ûe ≈°ù«Y ¢ùµ«dCG .»cÉàæc á©eÉéH ¥Éëàd’G …ƒæjh ájƒfÉãdG ∂jôc .≥«aƒàdGh ìÉéædG º¡d ø«æªàe ø«éjôîdG ™«ªéd Éæ«fÉ¡J :äGQÉjR IQÉjõd ¬∏dG ΩGQ øe âeób ,ìôØe ÉjOÉfh º«∏°S áªjôc ,ø«gÉ°T ó«#dhCG .Ó¡°Sh ÓgCG .πg’G IQÉjõd ¬∏dG ΩGQ ≈dG IQÉjõH GƒeÉb ∫É≤Y ±ÉØYh ≈°ù«Y ,IójÉY ,ÉjQƒàµ«a .áeÓ°ùdG º¡àaGQ .øWƒdG »a πg’G

ÉæM ô«¡°S :á∏°SGôªdG

:…OÉædG QÉÑNCG »a ≈≤Ñà°S »àdG »dÉ«∏dG øe 2007 ,QGPBG øe ô°ûY ™HÉ°ùdG á∏«d âfÉc áKÉZEG á°ù°SDƒªd ÉeGôcEG äÉYôÑàdG ™ªéd á∏ØM ⪫bCG å«M ,IôcGòdG ºgOCG ≈Yój √ôªY øe Iô°TÉ©dG »a ≈àØd ÉeGôcEGh ø««æ«£°ù∏ØdG ∫ÉØW’G Ée ™ªéd ɪgOƒ¡L ∑Qƒjƒ«f …OÉfh »°SôLƒ«f …OÉf óMh ó≤d .á«dÉZ ø«ªYGódGh ±ƒ«°†dG ™«ªéd Oƒ©j ôµ°ûdGh .Q’hO ∞dCG 18 ÜQÉ≤j AÉLôdG äÉeƒ∏©ªdG øe ójõª∏dh .πØëdG Gòg ìÉéfEG ≈∏Y GƒªgÉ°S øjòdG »fhô൫d’G ¿Gƒæ©dG ≈∏Y ÉæM ô«¡°S âN’ÉH ∫É°üJ’G ∫ÉØW’G áKÉZEG á°ù°SDƒe Ö൪H hCG hannas320@aol.com ¿Gƒæ©dG ≈∏Y ø««æ«£°ù∏ØdG »fhô൫d’G ójôÑdG hCG www.pcrf.net<;http://www.pcrf.net .pcrfl@pcrf.net øe âeób »àdGh ÉeÉY 16 ÉgôªYh IOƒY ƒHCG ΩÓMCG áHÉ°ûdÉH ÖMôf ᫵ѰûdÉH âYôÑJ óbh É¡æ«Y ᫵ѰT ô««¨J Ö∏£H Éæ«dEG äAÉL .IõZ ´É£b çOÉM »a ÉeÉY 15 ÉgôªY ≠dÉÑdG É¡àæHG äó≤a ᫵jôeCG á∏FÉY IQƒµ°ûe ,¿É°ù«f øe ™HGôdG »a ºJ ób ≈檫dG ø«©∏d ᫵ѰûdG ´GQOREG ¿Éch .IQÉ«°S .2007 ,QÉjCG 16 »a iô°ù«dG ø«©∏d áMGôédG âªJh Gòg .2007 ≈檫dG ø«©dG »a ájDhQ ≈dG É«fƒfÉb Iôjô°V IÉàa øe ΩÓMCG ∫ÉM ô«q ¨J Gò¡Hh QƒàcódG ≈dG á«∏ª©dG ìÉéf ≈dG ôµ°ûdG Oƒ©jh .40/20 QGó≤ªH »a ¿ƒ«Y ìGôL ƒgh ¬àYGôHh √Oƒ¡éªH ´ôÑJ …òdG èfhh π«FÉî«e .∂jƒ°ùfhôH ƒ«fh »°Sô«L ∫Gôàæ°S »a áMGôédG º°ùb ≈dEGh ,¿ƒà°ùæjôH â«H »a áØ«°V ΩÓMCG âq∏M .¿ƒ«©∏d õ∏jh ≈Ø°ûà°ùe á«fô≤dG Ωób óbh Gòg .á°ùªîdG ɪ¡dÉØWCG ™e ¿É°û«©j å«M ÉæM ô«¡°Sh ∫É°†f :…RÉ©J »a ódh …òdGh ÉæM ∫ÓL ¿ƒ°T »NCG øHG »©æd ≥«ªY k≈°SCG »°ùØf »a õëj ,2007 ¿É°ù«f 28 »a ájóH’G IÉ«ëdG ≈dG π≤àfGh 1986 ΩÉY RƒªJ 30 ¬àNGh ¿ÉjGQh »°ù«L ¬JƒNGh ,(᪰ûM) Góæ«d ¬eCGh ,∫ÓL ¬«HCG √AGQh ÉcQÉJ .᪰ûMh ÉæM »à∏FÉY ≈dG IQÉëdG É¡jRÉ©àH »°SôLƒ«f á«dÉL Ωó≤àJ .¿É«∏«L ôÑ°üf »c ¿ƒ°T É¡H ≈q∏ëJ »àdG áYÉé°ûdGh ôÑ°üdG ºµ«£©j ¿G ¬∏dG øe Ö∏£f øe ójõªd .óH’G ≈dG ÉæHƒ∏b »a ¿ƒ°T ≈≤Ñ«°S .áMOÉØdG IQÉ°ùîdG √òg ≈∏Y »fhô൫∏dG ¿Gƒæ©dÉH ∫É°üJ’G ≈Lôjo äÉeƒ∏©ªdG

∑Qƒj ƒ«f
hQR ΩÉ¡°S :á∏°SGôªdG

:ìGôaCG .Éàfƒ«L ¿ƒL ≈dG »HÉZCG Éah ±ÉaR ºJ .ôéæH »d Éà°ùjôc ≈dG ójGR ójôa ±ÉaR ºJ .ÉæM Éæ«dQÉe ≈dEG ójGR ºgOCG ±ÉaR ºJ .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .º¡JÓFÉYh ¿É°Sô©∏d Éæ«fÉ¡J :ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG ÆôÑæ«∏«c á°SQóe øe ,hQR ¿BG RhQh õdQÉ°T áªjôc ,hQR RhQ ɵ«fhô«" .ájƒfÉãdG ∫ÉjQƒeÉe õ∏«g ƒdƒg ∞dÉg á°SQóe øe ,hQR …OƒLh ∞jRƒL áªjôc ,hQR »∏°TBG .ájƒfÉãdG â°ùjEG ∫ÉjQƒeÉe ÆôÑæ«∏«c á°SQóe øe ,hQR AÉæ°Sh ∑ÉL πéf ,hQR ΩÉ«∏jh .ájƒfÉãdG …ôÑà°ùjh á°SQóe øe ,…QƒN ô«ÑYh »ª«L πéf ,…QƒN ¢ùª«L ø°ù«L .ájƒfÉãdG .ôgÉH πÑ≤à°ùªH äÉ«æªàdG ™e ø«éjôî∏d Éæ«fÉ¡J :äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG Gôà°ùaƒg á©eÉL øe ,ø«gÉ°T »HOh ¢ùjƒd áªjôc ,ø«gÉ°T ø«à°ùjôc ∫É«fGO .πjƒªàdG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH :…RÉ©J OƒYÉb êQƒLh º«gGôHG ≈dG IQÉëdG É¡jRÉ©àH ∑Qƒjƒ«f á«dÉL Ωó≤àJ ΩƒMôªdG IƒNEG ≈dEGh ,OƒYÉb »bƒ°T ΩƒMôªdG ɪgódGh IÉaƒd ɪ¡JÓFÉYh .º¡JÓFÉYh ¬JGƒNCGh

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

á````«dÉ`````édG QÉ````Ñ`NCG

á∏î°S ¿GRƒ°S :á∏°SGôªdG

ƒµ°ù«°ùfGôa ¿É°S
¿ÉªZO ΩÉ«g :á∏°SGôªdG

:ó«dGƒe .GQƒf ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H ¿ÉjQ ôª°Sh …ô«L ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .≈∏«d ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H …ó«aQ É«dÉàfh ¢SQÉa ≈∏Y º©fCGh ɪc .áeÓ°ùdG AÉæHG øe ¬∏dG ɪ¡∏©L .∑hôÑe ∞dCG :…OÉædG QÉÑNCG øjòdG ™àªJ å«M ,∑QÉѪdG í°üØdGG ó«Y áÑ°SÉæªH ájƒæ°ùdG ¬à∏ØM …OÉædG ΩÉbCG .ájò«ØæàdG ¬àæédh ¿ÉjQ ¿ÉjQ ¢ù«FôdG ≈dG ôµ°ûdG Oƒ©j .Ö«W âbƒH Ghô°†M :äGQÉjR OGƒY ÉfÉjOh ¿ÉjQ »fhQ π«∏cEG ä’ÉØàMG »a ácQÉ°ûª∏d ¬∏dG ΩGQ IQÉjõH ΩÉb ,¿ÉjQ »bƒ°T ܃H ,¿ÉjQ πµjÉe ¿ƒL ,¿ÉjQ …Rƒ°S ,¿ÉjQ πµjÉe :øe πc ,…ó«aQ »ª«L ,…ó«aQ ¿ÉæM ,¢ûb ¢VÉjQ …ófGQ ,¿ÉjQ ¿ÉjQ ¿ƒL .º¡JOƒY áeÓ°S ≈∏Y ¬∏d óªëdG .…ó«aQ ⪵Mh

:ójGƒe .Ó«HGõjEG ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H RófÉfôa (ôHÉL) Góædh ó«ØjO ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .ôcP πØ£H ¿GhQ (É°SôN) IOÉZh ∂jôfEG ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .ɪjEG ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H ¢ùfƒL (§«ªdõH) ájOÉ°Th ∞«L ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG :ìGôaCG .Gôjõ«e ÉfÉ«dƒL ≈dG ,á∏«ch á∏«¡°Sh π«Ñf πéf ,á∏«ch π«Ñf ∑ÉL ±ÉaR ºJ º«©f áªjôc ,∫Gõf Éæ«à°ùjôc ≈dG ,…QƒN π«Ñf πéf ,…QƒN »fƒL ±ÉaR ºJ .∫Gõf ø«∏«gh áªjôc ,¿É©ª°S ø«à°ùjôc ≈dG ,á°TGƒW êQƒL πéf ,á°TGƒW ¿RÉe ±ÉaR ºJ .¿É©ª°S »fƒL .ƒæ«dƒH ÉàjQ ≈dG ,»YÉHO »cÉLh ô«ª°S πéf ,»YÉHO ôà«H ±ÉaR ºJ .ø«æÑdGh á«gÉaôdÉHh .º¡JÓFÉYh ¿É°Sô©dG ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG øe ¿ƒæØdG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y â∏°üM ôHÉL πµjÉe ø«à°ùjôc .GQÓc ÉàfÉ°S á©eÉL .IÉeÉëªdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ìôa …Qƒd â∏°üM .GôgÉH ÓÑ≤à°ùe ɪ¡d ≈æªàf .∑hôÑe ∞dCG :…OÉædG QÉÑNCG .Iô¡°ùdÉH ™«ªédG ™àªà°SG å«M ''á∏FÉ©dG á«°ùeCG'' á∏ØM …OÉædG ΩÉbCG ¢ùjôL ,Ö«ÑM »eõY ≈dG ôµ°ûdG Oƒ©j .¥É°Sh Ωób ≈∏Y Iõ£æØdG âdGR ’ •É°ûædG Gòg »a ¿hô«ãµdG ∑ôà°ûj .ájQƒMÉ°S êQƒLh ,Ö«ÑM ÉæM ,∫Gõf ≈dG áaÉ°VEGh .áØ∏àîªdG ÜÉ©d’Gh »¡°ûdG ΩÉ©£dÉH ¿ƒ©àªà°ùjh »YƒÑ°S’G ø«à°ùd ¿ÉªZO QƒfCG OÓ«e ó«Y áÑ°SÉæªH ᵩc ¿ƒcôà°ûªdG Ωób ó≤a ìôªdG .AÉæ¡dÉH áÄ«∏e Iójóe IÉ«M QƒfCG ñÓd ≈æªàf ,ô«îH ™«ªédGh ΩÉY πc .ÉeÉY :…RÉ©J :á«dÉàdG äÓFÉ©dG ≈dG É¡jRÉ©J ôMCÉH á«dÉédG Ωó≤àJ
.2007/11/5 - 1925/21/3 ,á«eÉ°T ∞°Sƒj ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd á«eÉ°T á∏FÉY .2007/7/4 - 1925/17/11 ,ºdÉ°S ójôa ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd ºdÉ°S á∏FÉY

¢ûb ¿Ghôeh ÜôM IóZGQ :á∏°SGôªdG

:…OÉædG QÉÑNCG …OÉæd ójóL ≈æÑe AGô°T øY ø∏©j ¿CG ófÓØ«∏c …OÉf IQGOEG ¢ù∏ée ô°ùj πjõédG ôµ°ûdG ™e ,ºî°†dG RÉéfE’G Gòg ≈∏Y IQÉëdG Éæ«fÉ¡àH Ωó≤àf .á«dÉédG .AGô°ûdG ᫪∏Y ΩɪJEG »a GƒcQÉ°T øjòdG ™«ªL ≈dEG :äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG äÉbÓ©dGh ¿ƒæØdG »a ô«à°ùLɪdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ójGR ΩÉ°ùM º«gGôHG π°üM ¬dɪYCG »a ìÉéædÉH ¬d ÉæJÉ«æªJ ™e ∑hôÑe ∞dCG .¿ôcBG á©eÉL øe á«dhódG .¬∏Ñ≤à°ùeh :ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG .Ió«Y ΩÉ°ùàHGh ΩÉ°ùM áªjôc ,Ió«Y ≈æe .QóH ɪjQh ôà«H áªjôc ,QóH ÉàjQ .ôgÉH πÑ≤à°ùªH ɪ¡d ÉæJÉ«æªJ ™e ÉàjQh ≈æªd Éæ«fÉ¡J

á°TGƒW ø«à°ùjôc :á∏°SGôªdG

:ó«dGƒe É«Mõb √É«ª°SCG πØ£H »æ°ûe GófÉeCGh …Q’ ≈∏Y ¿É°ù«f 16 Ωƒj ¬∏dG º©fCG .áeÓ°ùdG AÉæHG øe ¬∏dG ¬∏©L .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .»æ°ûe …Q’ :ìGôaCG á°ùfB’G ≈dG ,(ÉKôe) øjôªjƒY Rhô«ah ¿É°ùZ πéf ,øjôªjƒY ∑QGO ±ÉaR ºJ .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .¿É°ù«f 28 ïjQÉàH ∂dPh ,¿ÉeƒH …ô«°T

.Iô°üf ≈°ù«Y ≈ehóa áeƒMôªdG IÉaƒd Iô°üf á∏FÉY .á«dÉéH ܃≤©j π«∏N ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd á«dÉéH á∏FÉY .2007/22/3 - 1927/26/8 ,ÉæM ÖjOCG ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd ÉæM á∏FÉY .¬JÉæL í«°ùa º¡æµ°SGh ø«aƒàªdG ¬∏dG ºMQ

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

á````«dÉ`````édG QÉ````Ñ`NCG
.∑hôÑe ∞dCG .º¡JÓFÉYh AGó©°ùdG øjódGƒdG ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :ìGôaCG .»fÉ¡àdG πªLG ™e ∑hôÑe ∞dCG .Iô°üf Góæd ≈dG …ôàe ô«ª°S ±ÉaR ºJ :äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG øe ∫ɪYC’G IQGOEG »a ô«à°ùLɪdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ôHÉL ΩÉ°S ó«ØjO π°üM .¬jRƒg âfÉ°S á©eÉL IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ,ƒ«°ùµ«qaGC ¿ô«ch ΩƒJ πéf ,ƒ«°ùµ«qaGC ô∏jÉJ π°üM .ófÓJQƒH á©eÉL øe ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG øe âLôîJ ,¢Tƒëc (ø«gÉ°T) …Rƒ°Sh »LGQ áªjôc ,¢Tƒëc É°ù∏«e .¢ùØædG º∏Y »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH â«à°S Éeƒfƒ°S á©eÉL ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH ƒµ°ù«°ùfGôa ¿É°S á©eÉL øe âLôîJ IQƒb (QÉa) ¿BG .á«°SÉ«°ùdG Ωƒ∏©dG »a âLôîJ ,¿É«µ«°SQÉH (Iô«ªY) óYOh äôHhQ áªjôc ,¿É«µ«°SQÉH »∏JÉf .á«FÉæédG ádGó©dG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°ûH ¬jRƒg âfÉ°S á©eÉL øe ÉàfÉ°S á«∏c øe âLôîJ ,º°†L ƒHCG ádÉgh OhhGO áªjôc ,º°†L ƒHCG ¿GRƒ°S .IÉeÉëªdG »a IOÉ¡°ûH ¥ƒ≤ë∏d GQÓc .ôgÉH πÑ≤à°ùªH ÉæJÉ«æªJ ™e º¡JÓFÉYh ø«éjôî∏d Éæ«fÉ¡J :ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG .»Lhô°ùdG É¡eh π«Ñf áªjôc ,»Lhô°ùdG Éæ«d .áeÓ°S ΩÉ°Shh ¢SÉ«dG áªjôc ,áeÓ°S GófÉeCG .ájƒfÉãdG ¿É«à°ùjôc »dÉa á°SQóe øe »fƒ∏éY »°ù«Y Éà°ùjôc ,¢Tƒëc (ø«gÉ°T) …Rƒ°Sh »LGQ áªjôc ,¢Tƒëc »∏°TBG .…óLô«H ∫ƒHh (»fƒ∏éY) ¿É¡«L áªjôc ,…óLô«H Éæ«L .ìÓ°U ¿ƒLh Góæd áªjôc ,ìÓ°U Éæ«L .áªéf á∏¡fh …õeQ πéf ,áªéf …õeQ π«eEG .¿GôªY »°ùfÉfh ΩÉ°S áªjôc ,¿GôªY øjQƒd .ôgÉH πÑ≤à°ùªH äÉ«æªàdG ™e ø«éjôî∏d á«Ñ∏≤dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :á«dÉédG äÉWÉ°ûf Ω’G ó«Y áÑ°SÉæªH AÉ°ûY á∏ØM äÉ«µjôe’G äÉ«Hô©dG AÉ°ùædG á«©ªL âeÉbCG .ôNÉØdG AÉ°û©dÉH Ió«°S 40 â©àªà°SG å«M ,¢TGO ¢ûjO º©£e »a å«M ∑QÉH »∏«c »a á«Ø«°üdG ¬JÉgõf ¬jRƒg ¿É°S »a ƒ«ehQ …OÉf GC óH ôgõdG ádhÉW Ö©∏H Gƒ©àªà°SGh øjóYÉ≤àªdG øe 26 ágõædÉH ∑ôà°TG .AÉbó°U’G á«©eh äÉjƒ°ûªdGh :…RÉ©J ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd »fƒ∏éY ±ÉØY ≈dG É¡jRÉ©J ôMCÉH ¬jRƒg ¿É°S á«dÉL Ωó≤àJ .É¡«NCG .É¡eCG áeƒMôªdG IÉaƒd áªéf ø°Sƒ°S ≈dEGh º¡JódGh áeƒMôªdG IÉaƒd π°SÉHh ìÓ°U ,∫ƒ> ,ó«ØjO ,ìÓ°U á∏FÉY ≈dEG .ÉeÉY ø«©°ùàdGh á©°ùàdG õgÉæj ôªY øY …QÉe .¬JÉæL í«°ùa º¡æµ°SCGh ø«aƒàªdG ¬∏dG ºMQ ™«ªédG ™àªà°SG å«M 2007 ,¿É°ù«f 22 ïjQÉàH ™«HôdG ágõf …OÉædG ΩÉbCG ™àªà°SGh ,∫ÉØWÓd áØ∏àîªdG ÜÉ©d’G …OÉædG ôqah óbh .…ƒ°ûªdG êÉLódÉH ºg áÑ«Ñ°ûdG AÉ°†YCG ¿Éch Gòg .≥∏£dG AGƒ¡dG »a ágõædÉH ™«ªédG ¢ù«FôdG Ωób .ΩÉ«b ô«N ∂dòH GƒeÉb å«M äÉjƒ∏ëdG ™«H øY ø«dhDƒ°ùªdG É«Ø∏«°Sh ádGõZ …óæ°S ø«Jó«°ùdG áæé∏dG »à°ù«Fôd πjõédG ôµ°ûdG íJÉH ó«J .êÉLódG »¡£d GôµÑe Ghô°†M øjòdG ∫ÉLôdG ™«ªL ôµ°T ɪc .hQR 40 øe ôãcCG É¡«a ∑QÉ°T å«M ájƒæ°ùdG ájƒ°†©dG á∏ØM RMPS ΩÉbCG ô«N É¡∏ª©H âeÉbh áæé∏dG á°ù«FQ áeÓ°S Éæ«à°ùjôc á°ùfB’G âfÉc .É°üî°T øÑédG Ωó≤«°S ΩOÉ≤dG ™ªéàdG ¿CG äÉMôa ôà«H ó«°ùdG ø∏YCG óbh .ΩÉ«b .ò«ÑædGh ¬àLhRh äÉMôa ô«ª°Sh ,≈¡f ¬àLhRh íJÉH ó«J ¢ù«FôdG øe πc OÉY GQófÉ°S ¬àLhRh äÉMôa OQGhOEGh Iô«ª°S ¬àLhRh ¿É©ª°S ó«©°Sh ,á©jóH .áeÓ°ùdG ≈∏Y ¬∏d óªëdG .¬∏dG ΩGQ ≈dG OÉëJ’G ™e º¡à∏MQ øe :í«ë°üJ áæéd ¢ù«FQ ¿Éc äÉMôa ô«ª°S ¿G »°VɪdG Oó©dG »a ÉkC £N ÉfôcP ób Éæc ≈dG ôµ°ûdG Ωó≤j ¿G …OÉædG Oƒj .á«aÉ°U ∞«ØY ô«Ø°ùdG IQÉjõd ô«°†ëàdG .á«aÉ°U ∞«ØY ô«Ø°ùdG ∫ÉÑ≤à°SG áæéd ¢ù«Fôc ÜhDhódG ¬∏ª©d ÖcQ ¿ƒL .Oƒ°ü≤e ô«¨dG ÉC £îdG Gò¡d Qòà©fh :…RÉ©J :á«dÉàdG äÓFÉ©dG ≈dG É¡jRÉ©J ôMCÉH π«Øæ°ùcÉL á«dÉL Ωó≤àJ .äÉMôa ÉæM IQÉ°S áeƒMôªdG IÉaƒd ôHÉLh äÉMôa »à∏FÉY .Oƒgôa ≥ë°SEG áØjôX áeƒMôªdG IÉaƒd »°UÉYh Oƒgôa »à∏FÉY .(ø«£°ù∏a ,¬∏dG ΩGQ »a) ¿É©ª°S QOÉf ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd ¿É©ª°S á∏FÉY .¬JÉæL í«°ùa º¡æµ°SGh ø«aƒàªdG ¬∏dG ºMQ

ƒZÉjO ¿É°S
É°Sƒc (ÉæM) ø«dQÉ°T :á∏°SGôªdG

:ó«dGƒe .ÓéfBG É«dGO ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H ∫ƒMCG ÓéfBGh ™jOh ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .¿BG É«fGQ ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H ∫ƒMCG ¿BGh πFGh ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .ɪ¡JÓFÉYh AGó©°ùdG øjódGƒdG ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :…RÉ©J IÉaƒd É¡à∏FÉYh í∏°üe …QÉe ≈dG É¡jRÉ©J ôMCÉH ƒZÉjO ¿É°S »a á«dÉédG Ωó≤àJ ¬jhP º¡dGh ó«≤ØdG ¬∏dG ºMQ .∑Qƒj ƒ«f »a OƒYÉb »bƒ°T ΩƒMôªdG É¡«NCG .¿Gƒ∏°ùdGh ôÑ°üdG

¬jRƒg ¿É°S
»fƒ∏éY ihóa :á∏°SGôªdG

:ó«dGƒe .≈°ù«Y É«∏jCG √É«ª°SCG πØ£H ¿GôªY É«fƒ°Uh ¢ùjƒd ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .ÉjQÉe Ó«HGõjEG ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H »fƒ∏éY ÉjQÉeh ∞«L ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

á````«dÉ`````édG QÉ````Ñ`NCG
.∑hôÑe ∞dCG .GójQƒ∏a ≈∏Y â∏°üM ,íJÉH ¿ÉæL áeƒMôªdGh íJÉH êQƒL áªjôc ,íJÉH ¿ÉæL ÉæjO áØ«Xh â∏Ñb óbh .¿ƒ°ùà«à°S á©eÉL »a ¥ƒ≤ëdG á«∏c øe IÉeÉëªdG IOÉ¡°T áj’ƒd á©HÉàdG 4 ºbQ ∫ó©dG ᪵ëe »a áj’ƒdG »eÉëªd IóYÉ°ùªc .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .GójQƒ∏a IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y π°üM ,áeÓ°S á∏«dOh êQƒL πéf ,áeÓ°S êQƒL ôaƒà°ùjôc ∞dCG .π«Øæ°ùcÉL á©eÉL øe AÉ«M’G º∏Yh Ωƒ∏©dG »a ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG .∑hôÑe â∏°üMh ±ô°T áLQóH âLôîJ ,hQR É«Ø∏«°Sh QOÉf áªjôc ,hQR ɵ«°ù«L πªµà°Sh .ájƒ«ëdG ÜÉ°üY’G Ωƒ∏Y »a ¢SƒjQƒdQɵÑdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y øe áÄHhC’G Ωƒ∏Y »a áeÉ©dG áë°üdG »a ô«à°ùLɪdG ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d É¡à°SGQO .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .GójQƒ∏a á©eÉL :á°ù«æµdG QÉÑNCG 2007 ,QÉjCG 25 óM’G Ωƒj »eÉ«°U AGóZ á∏ØM äGó«°ùdG á«©ªL âeÉbG πØëdG ¿Éch .¬eÓ°S Iô«æe OÉ©°Sh ≈ª°SCG Ió«°ùdG ø«àdhDƒ°ùªdG âfÉch √ôµ°T ¢üdÉN øY ∫ɪc Ü’G ôÑY óbh .πc’G ™«ªL ™«H ºJ å«M ÉëLÉf »a ¿óYÉ°Sh ¿ô°†M äGƒ∏dG äGó«°ùdG ™«ªL ≈dEGh ø«àdhDƒ°ùªdG ≈dG .∑ɪ°S’G »∏≤H GƒeÉb øjòdG ∫ÉLôdG ≈dGh ,πØëdG ºJh .¿É°ù«f øe ∫h’G ≥aGƒªdG óM’G Ωƒj ø«fÉ©°ûdG ó«©H ∫ÉØàM’G ¿Éc ∫ƒM GhQÉ°Sh QƒgõdGh á∏«ªédG ´ƒª°ûdG ∫ÉØW’G πªM å«M ∫ÉØàM’G .Qhô°ùdGh áé¡ÑdG øe GƒL GƒaÉ°VGh á°ù«æµdG Ωƒj (Q’hO áFɪdG AÉ°ûY) …ƒæ°ùdG äÉYôÑàdG ™ªL πØëH ∫ÉØàM’G ºJ ó«∏≤àdG ¿Éch .»µjôe’G ¬∏dG ΩGQ …OÉf »a ,¿É°ù«f 29 ≥aGƒªdG óM’G IógÉ°ûªH ™«ªédG ™àªJ .ájó«∏≤àdG á«æ«£°ù∏ØdG ¢ùHÓªdG AGóJQG πØëdG Gò¡d å«M ,AÉ°û©dG πÑb áµHódG ¢übôH áÑ«Ñ°ûdG âeÉb óbh .»Hô©dG …õdÉH πµdG ,πµjÉe »dô«Ø«H á°ùfB’G ∫ɪc ÜC’G ôµ°T óbh .º¡FGOCÉH ™«ªédG ÖéYCG øe πch ,ìôa ÉjOÉf Ió«°ùdGh ,ÉæM ô«æe QƒàcódGh ,ºdÉ°S …õeQ QƒàcódGh .πØëdG Gòg ìÉéfEG ≈∏Y óYÉ°S .QÉjCG 10 Ωƒj Ω’G ó«Y áÑ°SÉæªH AÉ°ûY á°ù«æµdG »a äGó«°ùdG á«©ªL âeÉbCG k …ó«aQ ƒ°S Ió«°ùdG äôµ°T å«M ,äÉ¡e’G ™«ªL ºjôµàd πØëdG ¿Éch Oƒ©°S É«ªd ø«àdhDƒ°ùªdG ø«Jó«°ùdGh øcôà°TG äGƒ∏dG äGó«°ùdG ™«ªL .kGó«©°S Éeƒj äÉ¡e’G ™«ªéd ≈æªàf .π≤Y iƒ∏°Sh :…OÉædG QÉÑNCG ïjQÉàH ájƒæ°ùdG ∑QÉѪdG í°üØdG ó«Y á∏ØM π«Øæ°ùcÉL »a áÑ«Ñ°ûdG …OÉf ΩÉbCG OGóLCGh äÉ¡eCGh AÉHBGh áÑ«Ñ°T øe ™«ªédG ™àªà°SG .2007 ,QGPBG 18 GóæjôH Ió«°ùdG áæé∏dG »à°ù«FQ ôµ°ûH íJÉH ó«J ¢ù«FôdG ΩÉb óbh .πØëdÉH ìÉéf’ Oƒ¡ée øe ¬H ÉàeÉb Ée ≈∏Y äÉMôa ¢ù«fÉL á°ùfB’Gh ¿hGôH-íJÉH .πØëdG áYÉb »a º«bCG ób º¡JÉcGôà°TG øjOó°ùªdG AÉ°†YÓd AÉ°û©dG πØM ¿Éc 350 øe ôãcCG ™àªà°SG å«M ,¿É°ù«f 15 ïjQÉàH ∂dP ¿Éch ,…OÉædG AÉ°†YCGh íJÉH ó«J ¢ù«FôdG ≈dG πjõédG ôµ°ûdG Ωó≤f .πØëdG Gò¡H É°üî°T .ºë∏dG íFGô°T »¡£H º¡eÉ«≤d IQGOE’G ¢ù∏ée

äÉMôa ø«∏jBG :á∏°SGôªdG

:ó«dGƒe ∑hôÑe ∞dCG .øà°ùL √É«ª°SCG πØ£H ÖcQ »à°ùjôch OQÉ°ûàjQ ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG o .áeÓ°ùdG AÉæHG øe ¬∏dG ¬∏©L ,ɪ¡JÓFÉYh øjƒHÓd :øe πc ±ÉaR ºJ :ìGôaCG .π«Øjƒµ°SEG ƒµ°ù«°ùfGôa ÜÉ°ûdG ≈∏Y äÉMôa ÉfQ á°ùfB’G .π°ùjƒàfEG äôHhQ ÜÉ°ûdG ≈∏Y Oƒgôa ø«dQÉ°T á°ùfB’G .Qƒ∏«J øjQGO ÜÉ°ûdG ≈∏Y π«∏N π«°û«e á°ùfB’G IOƒY »ª«L á°ùfB’G ≈∏Y ≈°Sƒe ¿ƒL πµjÉe ó«°ùdG .¢ûàjQ ¿hO »ª«L á°ùfB’G ≈∏Y Ió«Y πµjÉe ó«dh ó«°ùdG .AÉæ¡dG ÉgDƒ∏e á«LhR IÉ«M º¡d ø«æªàe É©«ªL º¡d Éæ«fÉ¡J :ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG 24 ïjQÉàH »ªjOÉcCG ¿É«à°ùjôc »à«æjôJ á°SQóe øe äÉMôa øjôKÉc »ª«L πª©J å«M FCCJ á«∏µH á≤ëà∏e É°†jCG »gh ,±ô°T áLQóH 2007 ,QÉjCG á«°SGQódG áëæªdG ≈∏Y â∏°üM ób âfÉch .AA IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üëdG ≈∏Y äÉ©eÉL ióMEÉH ¥Éëàd’G …ƒæJh (ôgÉÑdG πÑ≤à°ùªdG) ô°ûJƒ«a âjGôH ∫ƒ≤ëdG óMCÉH êôîààd Ö£dG á«∏c »a É¡à°SGQO »¡æà°S å«M GójQƒ∏a ¿GQƒîØdG ¿GóédG .∫ÉØWÓd á«fÉ°ùØf áÑ«Ñ£c hCG ∫ÉØWCG áÑ«Ñ£c ÉeEG á«Ñ£dG äÉMôa ΩƒMôªdG áªjôc »gh ,äÉMôa â«fÉLh ¿ƒL IOÉjR ɪg »ª«éd .É¡H Qƒîa ™«ªédGh »ª«éd Éæ«fÉ¡J .äÉMôa IOÉjR …ójEG êôîJ ,ìôa (IQÉæ°T) ø«Lh ∑ÉL êQƒL πéf ,ô«fƒL ,ìôa ∑ÉL êQƒL á©eÉL hCG FCCJ á©eÉéH ÉeEG ≥ëà∏«°Sh ,ájƒfÉãdG »æ«c ܃°û«H á°SQóe øe .ìÉéædG ¬d ≈æªàf .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .UNF ,»à°ShO ó«ØjOh »à°ShO íJÉH »cÉL πéf ,»fÉãdG »à°ShO ôØ«dhCG ó«ØjO IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d ¿ôHhCG á©eÉéH ≥ëà∏«°Sh ,¢ùdƒH á°SQóe øe êôîJ .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .á«fóªdG á°Sóæ¡dG »a âfÉ°S á°SQóe øe âLôîJ ,ÖcQ ¿GƒLh ƒL áªjôc ,ÖcQ ∫ƒ≤«f »fƒà«H ∞dCG .GójQƒ∏a ∫ɪ°T á©eÉéH ≥ëà∏à°Sh .±ô°T áLQóH ájƒfÉãdG ø«à°ùLhCG .∑hôÑe …QÉeh OGDƒa Ió«ØMh ¿hGôH íJÉH GóæjôHh ø«Ø«c áªjôc ,¿hGôH íJÉH á∏«ªL ∫ó©e ≈∏Y â∏°üM å«M ájƒfÉãdG ô°ûà∏a ¿ÉµfO á°SQóe øe âLôîJ íJÉH IôFÉ£dG Iôµ∏d øàHÉc âfÉch á«°UƒJ ádÉ°SQ 12 ≈∏Y â∏°üM ɪc .4^65 .ô«N’G ∞°ü∏d ΩɶædG á£HÉ°V âfÉc ɪc .Ωó≤dG Iôch á∏°ùdG Iôch .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .∞jôîdG »a GójQƒ∏a ∫ɪ°T á©eÉéH á∏«ªL ≥ëà∏à°S :äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG ¢SƒjQƒdɵÑdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y â∏°üM ,π≤Y »à«Hh ¿Ghôe áªjôc ,π≤Y øfÉ°T ∫ɪ°T á©eÉL øe 2007 ,QÉjCG 4 ïjQÉàH º«∏©àdGh ájõ«∏éf’G á¨∏dG »a .∑hôÑe ∞dCG .GójQƒ∏a IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y π°üM ,ìƒd â«dƒ«ah êQƒL πéf ,ìƒd ôaƒà°ùjôc »fƒãfBG ∫ɪ°T á©eÉL øe 2007 ,QÉjCG 4 ïjQÉàH ∫ɪYC’G IQGOEG »a ô«à°ùLɪdG

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

á````«dÉ`````édG QÉ````Ñ`NCG
á°ûbÉæªH GƒeÉbh ,áæjóªdG IóªY Ö°üæªd ø«ë°Tôe á©HQCG á∏HÉ≤ªH ,܃jCG .É«ØdOÓ«a »a á«Hô©dG á«dÉédG ádÉM ø«©HQ’G iôcòdÉH ADC ájô°üæ©dG áëaɵªd á«Hô©dG ᪶æªdG ´ôa πØàMEG Gòg Gƒ°ù°SCG øjòdG óMCG ¬fƒµd ܃jCG º«©f ó«°ùdG ºjôµJ ºJ ,¬°ù«°SCÉàd .´ôØdG

IQÉæ°T IOÉZ :á∏°SGôªdG

¢ù«°ùb ¿ƒªjQ :π°SGôªdG

:ó«dGƒe .É«dÉJÉf ÉgÉ«ª°SCG á∏Ø£H ¬à∏«≤Yh IQÉæ°T ôªY ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .á∏Ø£H ¬à∏«≤Yh IQÉæ°T ΩÉ«dh ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .á∏Ø£H ¬à∏«≤Yh íJÉH ¿ÉjGôH ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .AGó©°ùdG øjódGƒdG ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J ™e ,áeÓ°ùdG AÉæHG øe ¬∏dG º¡∏©L :ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG øe ,â«fÉL ¬à∏«≤Yh ¢ù«°ùb ¿ƒL QƒàcódG áªjôc ,¢ù«°ùb π«fÉL âLôîJ .2007 ,QÉjCG 22 »a ájƒfÉãdG õ∏«g É«Ø«à°ù«a á°SQóe É«Ø«à°ù«a á°SQóe øe ,IQÉæ°T IOÉZh ¢VÉjQ áªjôc ,IQÉæ°T øjô«°T âLôîJ .2007 ,QÉjCG 22 »a ájƒfÉãdG õ∏«g É«Ø«à°ù«a á°SQóe øe ,IQÉæ°T á«eÉ°Sh πµjÉe πéf ,IQÉæ°T »fƒãfBG êôîJ .2007 ,QÉjCG 22 »a ájƒfÉãdG õ∏«g .ôgÉH πÑ≤à°ùªH º¡d ÉæJÉ«æªJ ™e ,ø«éjôîdG ™«ªL ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :äÉ©eÉédG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG á©eÉL øe ±ô°T áLQóH IÉeÉëªdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y IQÉæ°T É«fÉJ á°ùfB’G â∏°üM .OQƒØfÉà°S »a ¿ƒfÉ≤∏d óf’ôѪc »a ÉeÉH’CG á©eÉL øe áÑ°SÉëªdG IOÉ¡°T ≈∏Y IQÉæ°T ≈°ù«Y π°üM .ΩÉ¡éæeôH .º¡dɪYCG »a ìÉéædG º¡d ø«æªàe ø«éjôî∏d Éæ«fÉ¡f :…RÉ©J º¡Jó«≤a IÉaƒd »fƒ∏éY á∏FÉY ≈dEG IQÉëdG É¡jRÉ©àH ¬∏dG ΩGQ á«dÉL Ωó≤àJ .»fƒ∏éY É«æ«Lô«a áeƒMôªdG ºdÉ°S ΩƒMôªdG IÉaƒd ¢ù«°ùb á∏FÉY ≈dG IQÉëdG É¡jRÉ©àH á«dÉédG Ωó≤àJh ɪc .É«fÉØ∏°ùæH »a ¢ù«°ùb

:ó«dGƒe ¬∏©L ,∑hôÑe ∞dCG .≈°ù«Y √É«ª°SCG πØ£H ÉKQÉe ÉæjOh êQƒL ≈∏Y ¬∏dG º©fCG .áeÓ°ùdG AÉæHG øe ¬∏dG :ìGôaCG ,»fƒ∏éY ô«∏ch ¢ù«fCG QƒàcódG πéf ,»fƒ∏éY hQófBG QƒàcódG ±ÉaR ºJ QƒàcódG ΩƒMôªdGh OGôe øjô°ùf IQƒàcódG áªjôc ,OGôe Góæ«d IQƒàcódG ≈dG .ɪ¡JÓFÉYh ø«°Shô©∏d Éæ«fÉ¡J .OGôe ∫ɪL :…OÉædG QÉÑNCG .Ö«W âbƒH ™«ªédG ™àªJ å«M …OÉædG AÉ°†Y’ ’ÉØàMG …OÉædG ó≤Y AÉ°ùe πc ¬HGƒHG …OÉædG íàØ«°S 2007 ,¿GôjõM øe ¢SOÉ°ùdG øe AGóàHGh k ≈∏Y …ƒàëJ ÜÉ©dCÓd IójóL áaôZ íààØào °S å«M á«∏°ùàdGh ¬«aôà∏d AÉ©HQCG ,ádhÉ£dG Iôch ,»cƒ¡dG ádhÉWh ,Ωó≤dG Iôc ádhÉWh ,hOQÉ«∏«ÑdG ádhÉW .ÉeRÓH RÉØ∏J RÉ¡L GóL ÉÑjôbh :äGRÉéfEG ¢ù«FQ Ö°üæe ≈dG ¬©«aôàd ´Qh ó«©°S QƒàcódG ≈dEG É¡«fÉ¡J á«dÉédG Ωó≤J Éæ«fÉ¡J .âjhôàjO »a OQƒa …ôæg ≈Ø°ûà°ùe »a ÜÉ°üY’G áédÉ©e ´ôa .¬à∏FÉYh ó«©°S QƒàcódG ≈dG IQÉëdG ƒ°†©c ¬æ««©àd ÉHÉ°S ¢ùdƒH êQƒL ó«°ùdG ≈dG É¡«fÉ¡J á«dÉédG Ωó≤Jh ɪc á©HÉàdG ¥ƒ≤ëdG á«∏c »a Iôé¡dG IôFGód …QÉ°ûà°S’G ¢ù∏éª∏d ¢ù°SDƒe .¬à∏FÉYh êQƒL ≈dG IQÉëdG Éæ«fÉ¡J .âjhôàjO á©eÉéd :äGQÉjR .¬∏dG ΩGQ øe Iô«≤°T π«ªL ó«°ùdG Ωhó≤H á«dÉédG ÖMôJ .¬∏dG ΩGQ øe ìôØe ºdÉ°S É«Ø«dhCG âN’G Ωhó≤H á«dÉédG ÖMôJ ɪc :á°ù«æµdG QÉÑNCG ¿Gô£ªdG Éfó«°S ácQÉѪHh á«°ùcPƒKQ’G …QÉe á°ùjó≤dG á°ù«æc â∏ØàMEG 29 - 27 ïjQÉàH ∂dP ¿Éch .ø«KÓãdGh ¢ùeÉîdG É¡°ù«°SCÉJ ó«©H Ö«∏«a ܃¡∏°T êQƒL ÜC’G ΩÉb ä’ÉØàM’G ø«H øeh ,2007 ,¿É°ù«f áØFÉ£dG √òg ¢UÓNEÉH GƒeóN øjòdG ™«ªéd Qƒ£a ºjó≤àH OÉ¡f ájQƒîdGh á«dÉédG ôµ°Th Ö«∏«a ¿Gô£ªdG Éfó«°S Ωó≤J ɪc ,á«°VɪdG áæ°S 35 ∫ÓN ,á°ù«æµdG »a ø«∏°üªdG áeóîd √Éeób Ée ≈∏Y êQƒL Ü’G É¡«YGQ IOÉ«≤H .ºjôe Ió«°ùdG õcôe AÉæH ≈∏Y πª©dG AGóàHG ∑QÉHh

܃jCG ∫Gƒf :á∏°SGôªdG

:ájƒfÉãdG ¢SQGóªdG øe ¿ƒéjôîdG øJƒ«f πHQÉe á°SQóe øe ±ô°T áLQóH ܃jCG ¢ù«fCG Éæ«à°ùjôc âLqôîJ ≥ëà∏à°Sh ,á°SQóªdG »a É¡bƒØàd á«°SQóe áëæe ≈∏Y â∏°üMh ájƒfÉãdG .É«ØdOÓ«a »a ∞jRƒL âfÉ°S á©eÉéH ¿ô«ØdÉe »a ájƒfÉãdG »dÉa âjôZ á°SQóe øe ¢ûb áeÉ°SG ÉjQÉe âLôîJ »a É¡à°SGQO πªµàd É«fÉØ∏°ùæH ,øà°ShCG »a øeƒ«f á©eÉéH ¥Éëàd’G …ƒæJh .¢†jôªàdG .ôgÉÑdG ìÉéædG º¡d ø«æªàe º¡JÓFÉYh ø«éjôîdG ≈dG Éæ«fÉ¡J :á«dÉédG QÉÑNCG QOÉfh ܃jCG º«©f øjó«°ùdG ¬«a ɪH ,É«ØdOÓ«a áæjóe »a »Hô©dG ¢ù∏éªdG ΩÉb

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

πjƒW ÜÉ«Z ó©H AÉ≤d
…QƒN áeÓ°S :º∏≤H
™e AÉ≤d »a RhõY π«∏L ó«°ùdG ¬∏dG ΩGQ QÉ≤«°Sƒe iôf IQƒ°üdG »a »a ¬JQGR .ÉeÉY ø«©HQCG øe ôãcCG ÜÉ«Z ó©H ó«ÑY ihóa á«qæ¨oªdG áHô£ªdG á∏«∏b ô¡°TCG πÑb Qƒ°üæe ôgÉW É¡LhR ™e GójQƒ∏a - π«Øæ°ùcÉL áæjóe .GójQƒ∏a ܃æéd ɪ¡≤jôW »a áÄLÉØe âfÉc É¡fCG ∫É≤a á∏HÉ≤ªdG ∂∏J øY π«∏L PÉà°S’G oâdCÉ°S ¬fCG »fôqcnP .ɵjôeCG »ah ¬∏dG ΩGQ »a ≈≤«°SƒªdG äÉjôcP äQÉKCG Ió«©°S PÉà°S’G É¡ª¶f …òdG ¿ÉÑ°ûdG á«©ªLh ¬∏dG ΩGQ ó«°ûæd øë∏ªdG ¿Éc q óbh ''¿Éë£dG'' á«∏«ãªJ øëd ¬fCG É°†jCG »fôqcPh É«fÉæM º«gGôHG ΩƒMôªdG q .É¡«a ø«∏㪪dG øe »fƒ∏éY ÉæM ΩƒMôªdGh ÉfG âæc π«∏L øµdh ''ÉgPÉà°SG'' ¿Éc RhõY π«∏L ó«°ùdG ¿G ó«ÑY ihóa âdÉb Iô«ãc äGôªJDƒe »ah IOó©àe äÓØM »a á∏jƒW Ióªd É¡cQÉ°T ¬fCGh »Hô©dG AÉæ¨dG ∞bGƒeh ≈≤«°SƒªdG ´GƒfG ±ô©J âfÉc É¡àKGóM òæe É¡fG »d ∫Éb .¬à∏FÉY OGôaG øe OôØc âfÉc ihóa ¿G ∫Ébh á«°ùcPƒKQ’G á°ù«æµdGh ¬∏dG ΩGQ OÉëJGh Üô©dG áÑ∏£∏d ''»Ñ«ÑM øjCG π«d Éj'' á«æZC’ ∫hC’G É¡qÑM ¿Éc á«Hô©dG á«dÉédG ¿G ∫É≤a ''ƒæjh Ö«ÑëdG ƒæjh'' áªjó≤dG É¡JÉ«æZCG ióMEG ôcòj ¿Éc ¿EG π«∏L PÉà°S’G âdCÉ°S ...øjô«ãc √ô«Zh QƒædG óÑY º¡æ«Hh ø«æ¨ªdG á«≤Hh ''ó©°S ø«dQÉe'' ø¡æeh äÉ°übGôdG øe ô«ãc ™e É¡JÓØM ôãcCG »a QÉ≤«°SƒªdG RhõY π«∏L ¿Éc ... Ö∏≤dG ìôØoJ áªjób äÉjôcP .ÜÉÑ°ûdGh ≈Ñ°üdG ΩÉjCG äÉjôcP .πjƒW ÜÉ«Z ó©H äÉjôcP

oC ΩhÉbÉ°S
ójÉfR áeÓ°S :º¶f
É°SDƒÑdG ôàéJ ÉaÉjh p¿GõMC’G øe øÄJ ¢Só≤dG t t ≈°ùfCG ød pIôªdG Ω’B’G ºZQ ÉfCGh r qo n É°Só≤dGh πeôµdGh ÉØ«M É°SCÉ«dGh nIqOuôdG oâr∏nànbh ... n±ƒîdG oârÑngrQG C pØ£oj ¿CG o¬oæpµrªojG ... π«∏dGh ?É°ùª°ûdG n∫Éà¨j ¿CG hCG nÅ C pëdG pÖ∏≤dG nøpeh ÉjDhqôdG s»æ«Y øe n¥ô°ùj r¿G ?É°q ù C É°SôY »d ÉØ«ëH º«bCÉ°S .. r¿ÉªjE’ÉHh ôÑ°üdÉH ÉfCÉa qo p ¢VQC’G âëJ øpe º¡ehÉbÉ°S r r o o oC »°†bCG ≈àM º¡ehÉbÉ°S r o o oC ≈°VQG ønd »q≤ëH âªq∏°S ¿EG rC r o oC »°†eCG ≈àM rºo¡oehÉbÉ°S oC oøeõdG ∫ÉW ɪ¡e ºo¡oehÉbÉ°S oøªãdG ¿Éch oº∏¶dG qóà°TGh øWƒdG É¡d ìhôdGh ôÑb ¬d º°ùédÉa o o l o øªJDƒe »bƒ≤ëd ÉfCÉa º¡ehÉbÉ°S o o o o oC øصdG »g ¢VQC’G ¿EÉa äó¡°ûà°SG GPEGh o n o

á°SôîdG ¢SÉ«dG ñC’G øe ≈dEG Ghô¶æj ¿CG πÑb º¡Hƒ«Y ≈dEG ¿hô¶æj øjòdG ≈dEG ≈HƒW .¢SÉædG ܃«Y ÉæY ó©HCG º¡∏dCG .â∏qcƒJ ∂«∏Yh âjóàgEG ∑QƒæH º¡∏dCG .´ÉLhC’Gh º¨dGh º¡dG q q

áeÉg áXƒë∏e
Qó°U Ée ''¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg'' »a ''¿É°ù«f/QGPBG'' ô«NC’G Oó©dG »a ô°ûof ,»àjƒc øWGƒe πÑpb øe πµc ø««æ«£°ù∏Ø∏d íjôéJh äÉfÉgEG øe Gô«ãc ∫hÉ£J ÖJɵdG ¿G ɪHh .á∏éªdG ÜÉàc óMCG ¬«∏Y qOQh AGôb ó©H ÖZôj ɪHQ ,íbƒdG ø«¡ªdG ¬dÉ≤ªH Oƒ¡©ªdG øY êôNh óªMCG QƒàcódG ∫É≤ªd á°ûbÉæªdGh ≥«∏©àdGh OôdG ''¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg'' :»JB’Éc êQóªdG »fhô൫dE’G ¬©bƒe ≈∏Y ¬ª°SG Gògh …OGó¨ÑdG .awtaad@yahoo.com

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg

... OÉëJ’G ¿hDƒ°T
ø«HôਪdG øe Góah πÑ≤à°ùj Iô«ÑdGh ¬∏dG ΩGQ ßaÉëe »°SÉ«°ùdG ºgQhO π«©ØJ ≈dEG ºgƒYójh IóëàªdG äÉj’ƒdG »a
á¶aÉëªdG AÉæHCG Iô«ÑdGh ¬∏dG ΩGQ ßaÉëe »∏Y ƒHCG ó«©°S .O ÉYO π«©ØJ ≈dEG ᫵jôe’G IóëàªdG äÉj’ƒdG »a ø«HôਪdG ÉæëdÉ°üe Ωóîj ɪH ∑Éæg QGô≤dG »©fÉ°U ≈∏Y §¨°†∏d »°SÉ«°ùdG ºgQhO äÉj’ƒdG »a ¬∏dG ΩGQ OÉëJG øe Góah ¬dÉÑ≤à°SG AÉæKCG ∂dP AÉL .á«æWƒdG ¢ùeCG ìÉÑ°U ¬Ñàµe »a ᫵jôe’G IóëàªdG .OÉëJ’G ¢ù«FQ ¿GôÑL ∫ɪL á°SÉFôH ìô°T ≈dEG óaƒdG øe ßaÉëªdG ™ªà°SGh øe IóëàªdG äÉj’ƒdG »a OÉëJ’G πªY øY áØ∏àîe äÉWÉ°ûf »a ádÉ©ØdG ácQÉ°ûªdG ∫ÓN ∞∏àîe ≈∏Y á«æ«£°ù∏ØdG á«°†≤dG ºYód AɪàfG ≥ªY ≈dG ßaÉëªdG QÉ°TCGh .Ió©°U’G ÉjÉ°†≤H º¡bÉ°üàdGh ø«HôਪdG ¬∏dG ΩGQ AÉæHG »æWƒdG º¡ÑLGƒH º¡eGõàdGh º¡Ñ©°T Ωƒªgh ¥ô£dG ∞∏àîªH ôªà°ùªdG º¡dÉ°†f ∫ÓN øe ºYódG õjõ©J É¡fCÉ°T øe »àdG πFÉ°SƒdGh »æ«£°ù∏ØdG Ö©°ûdG ¥ƒ≤ëd »dhódG ɡરUÉYh á∏≤à°ùªdG ¬àdhO áeÉbEÉH áYhô°ûªdG º¡°UôM ≈dG GhQÉ°TCGh .∞jô°ûdG ¢Só≤dG ô°üe »a äòNoCG OÉëJ’G óaƒd IQƒ°U øe GC õéàj ’ Aõéc ΩC’G º¡àæjóe ™e ºFGódG π°UGƒàdG ≈∏Y ójó°ûdG .»æWƒdG º¡eGõàdG AÉæH’ π°UGƒJ øe ¬∏ãªJ Éeh óaƒdG IQÉjR ßaÉëªdG øqªKh OÉ°TCGh .º¡Ñ©°Th º¡æWh ™e ø«HôਪdG »æ«£°ù∏ØdG Ö©°ûdG IóëàªdG äÉj’ƒdG iƒà°ùe ≈∏Y »æWƒdG ºgQhóH ßaÉëªdG ¬fƒeó≤j …òdG …ƒæ©ªdGh …OɪdG ºYódG ∂dòch ᫵jôe’G áaOÉ¡dG á¶aÉëªdG á°SÉ«°S ≈dG ßaÉëªdG QÉ°TCGh .º¡àæjóªd º¡¨∏HG å«M ø«HôਪdG ÉgAÉæHCG ™e ¿hÉ©àdGh π°UGƒàdG õjõ©àd ø«HôਪdG ¿hDƒ°ûH ¢üàîe º°ùb çGóëà°SG ≈dG Oó°üdG Gò¡H »fhôàµd’G ≠bƒªdG »a á«°SÉ°SCG ájhGR ¢ü«°üîJ ∂dòch á©HÉàeh π°UGƒàdG iôY ≥«Kƒàd á¶aÉëªdÉH ¢UÉîdG ∫ÓN ºJh .ø«Hôਪ∏d øWƒdG »a ΩRÓdG ¿ƒ©dGh äÓ«¡°ùàdG ¬∏dG ΩGQ AÉæHÉH á≤∏©àªdG πcÉ°ûªdG ¢†©H åëH AÉ≤∏dG IOÉjR ∫ƒc ƒg á«aƒµdG …óJôj …òdG πØ£dG .´GOƒdG á∏ØM AÉæKCG äòNoCG óaƒ∏d IQƒ°U ócCG å«M º¡JÉcÓàªe ≈∏Y äÉjó©àdG GójóëJh ø«HôਪdG .øjÉàdõ«g äÉjó©àdG ádGREG ≈∏Y πª©dGh πcÉ°ûªdG √òg á©HÉàe ᫪gCG ßaÉëªdG óaƒdG ¢ù«FQ Ωób ɪc .¢Uƒ°üîdG Gò¡H ¢ù«FôdG QGô≤d Gò«ØæJ ∂dPh IóëàªdG äÉj’ƒdG »a á«dÉédG ôªJDƒe Qƒ°†ëd ßaÉëª∏d ᫪°SQ IƒYO .ΩOÉ≤dG ¿GôjõM ô¡°T »a

v ¬`∏dG

ΩGQ √òg v
56 áæ°ùdG

2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG 3 Oó©dG

¢SGƒb º«©f ÜôM OGDƒa ʃ∏éY Ëóf ÉHÉ°S êQƒL …QƒN êQƒL

ôjóŸG ÒJôµ°ùdG ¥hóæ°üdG ÚeCG ƒ°†Y ƒ°†Y

32.......... OÉëJ’G óah πÑ≤à°ùj Iô«ÑdGh ¬∏dG ΩGQ ßaÉëe :OÉëJ’G ¿hDƒ°T 31.............................................. πjƒW ÜÉ«Z ó©H AÉ≤d 31.................................. ójÉfR áeÓ°S º¶f øe ô©°T :ΩhÉbCÉ°S 30...................................................... á«dÉédG QÉÑNCG

Oƒf .¬∏dG ΩGQ √ò¡dh Éæd áÑ°ùædÉH ᫪gG äGP º¡FGQBGh AGô≤dG äÉ¡«LƒJ πª©dG ‘ ÉfQGôªà°SG ≈∏Y ™é°ûŸGh õaÉ◊G ¿ƒµàd É¡H Ohõàf ¿G Ú°ü∏fl ¿G Ió«Øe äÉ°SGQOh ™«°VGƒe ¬jód øe πµH ÖMôf ÉæfGh .áeóÿGh .á∏ÛG ¿GƒæY ≈∏Y É¡H å©Ñj »fƒ∏éY ádÉg ájò«ØæàdG IQôÙG

.hQR iƒ∏°S ᫵jôe’G á«æ«£°ù∏ØdG áfÉæØdG ∫ɪYCG øe Oó©dG Gò¡d ±Ó¨dG ™e á«æ«£°ù∏ØdG áѵædG ó©H â∏≤àfGh ,ø«£°ù∏a ÉaÉj áæjóe »a iƒ∏°S äódh â∏ªY ¿G ó©Hh .É¡«a âYôYôJ å«M ¿ÉªY ≈dG …QƒN iógh ≥«aƒJ É¡jƒHCG .IóëàªdG äÉj’ƒdG ≈dG äôLÉg ,äGƒæ°S ¢ùªN Ióªd ¿ÉªY »a á«∏c øe âLôîJh á©eÉédÉH iƒ∏°S â≤ëàdG ,hQR »fƒJ É¡LhR IÉah ó©H .ø¨«°û«e á©eÉL »a á∏«ªédG ¿ƒæØdG Ö°UÉæe IóY â∏¨°Th ,øcÉeCG IóY »a á«æØdG iƒ∏°S ∫ɪYCG â°VôoY .á«∏ëªdG ᫵jôe’G á«æØdG äÉ°ù°SDƒª∏d

ìÓ°U ìÓ°U »Hô©dG º°ù≤dG ʃ∏éY ôgÉe …õ«∏éf’G º°ù≤dG ʃ∏éY Ëôc Oó©dG á«MÉààaEG »æ°ûŸG Òª°S …OGƒædGh OÉ–’G ¿hDƒ°T Ö¨L ¿ÉæM ,ÉæM ÉHÉ°S ≈∏«d QÉÑNC’G

.IóëàŸG äÉj’ƒdG ‘ Éjƒæ°S kGQ’hO ¿hô°ûYh á°ùªN .IóëàŸG äÉj’ƒdG êQÉN Éjƒæ°S kGQ’hO ¿ƒ°ùªN äÉfÓY’G .É¡fCÉ°ûH ¥hóæ°üdG ÚeCG á©LGôe ≈Lôj
(248) 214 - 7588 :¿ƒØ∏J .ô°ûædGh áªLÎ∏d ∂°ù«HGQCG ™HÉ£e ‘ äóYCG

OÉ–’G ‘ Iƒ≤dG ‘ ÜÓ£dG øe áÑîf πÑb øe 1952 ΩÉY "¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg" â°ù°SCÉJ …OGƒædGh OÉ–’G áeóN ‘ á∏› »gh .¬∏dG ΩGQ AÉæHG øe øjh á©eÉL .ºgóLGƒJ øcÉeG ‘h øWƒdGh ôé¡ŸG ‘ ¬∏dG ΩGQ AÉæHGh äÉ°ù°SDƒeh ¢ù«dh É¡HÉàc ô¶f á¡Lh øY §≤a È©J ô°ûæJ »àdG ä’É≤ŸGh AGQ’G ‘ Égô°ûf øµÁh ,ôjôëàdG Iô°SCG ô¶f á¡Lh øY È©J ¿G IQhô°†dÉH ."¬∏dG ΩGQ √òg á∏›" ƒg ÉgQó°üe ôcP GPG á≤aGƒe ¿hO iôNCG äGô°ûf



3 Oó©dG 2007 ,¿GôjõM/QÉjCG

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