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									Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET) Question Papers

The moment you have decided that you want to do the Post-Graduate Programmes in Management offered by IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Roorkee to their 2-YEAR FULL TIME Post-Graduate Degree Programmes in Management offered by IISc and the IITs, the first step is to clear the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET) that is held every year around the month of November. Amidst the euphoria created by the CAT examinations going online this year and the subsequent media frenzy, nobody talked about JMET 2010 much. But all the same, cracking JMET is as tough as CAT if not more. Getting admssion for post graduate management programmes offered by the prestigious IITs was and is never a cakewalk. Ideally it never should be as well. Not surprisingly, the Management Schools of the IITs and IISc Bangalore, etc. have over the years produced lot of original Mangement research. The students who have opted to appear for JMET are no doubt brilliant minds who know very well what method of preparation will suit them the most. Still there is lot that can be said in favour of what can safely be termed as the `do the mock test' method. This method requires doing previous years question papers or attempting test or guess papers of JMET as part of the preparation. Obviously the more the number of JMET Question Papers that you are able to solve better will be your chances. Your confidence levels are bound to increase. The IIT - JMET Question Papers are there for the asking on most higher education websites. is one such site that you can rely on. The JMET Question Papers cover all the subject areas that aspiring candidates are reqquired to deal with in the entrance examination. Broadly speaking, clearing say two such JMET Solved Papers in about a week's time is certain to help you greatly in grasping the level of the difficulty o the questions that are generally asked in JMETs, the kinds of questions, etc. You are bound to feel extremely confident after solving say 10 such question papers. The JMET Question Papers are available for all the subjects that students are required to tackle in the entrance examination. The next step is to identify any of your faculty, teachers from the tutorial college where you know people, or even senior students doing Management courses who can evaluate your effort and provide a honest result. Given below is a low down on the pattern of IIT JMET Papers that is adopted by the JMET -Question Paper Pattern There will be only objective type questions. Candidates are required to mark the correct choice by darkening the appropriate circle against each question on an Objective Response Sheet (ORS). Negative marking for wrong answers means deduction for each of 25% of the allotted marks for each wrong answer. The 3 hour duration paper will consist of a total of 120 questions (objective / multiple choice type) in the following sections: Verbal Communication

The objective of this section is to test the candidate's comprehension and interpretative abilities in English as a language of business. Basically meant to evaluate the potential manager's decision-making capabilities, this section seeks to examine the candidate's felicity with common forms of expression, grammar and usage in business that would enable him/her to extract essential information from a variety of data, and arrive at an informed decision. Logical Reasoning This section has questions of analytical reasoning, argument analysis, and analysis of explanation questions. Quantitative Ability Here, the candidate's understanding of Basic Mathematics (Numbers; Operations. Data Interpretation Data Interpretation assesses the ability of the examinee to arrive at sound and valid interpretations from any given data set. It also assesses the ability of the examinee to understand data in different representative forms such as simple tables, histograms, pie charts, graphs, scatter diagrams, etc. Here, only simple data manipulations would be required and not involved calculations. The JMET Question Papers are thus very much there to help you all out. But the required effort we are sure will be there from your side. All the Best!!

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