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									Provincial Programmes for Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation in China
Inception Workshop Beijing, 30 June 2008 Dr. Stefan Agne First Secretary European Commission Delegation in China

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning! I am very pleased to be here today. The new project Provincial Programmes for Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation in China will support the Government of China in transforming China's National Climate Change Programme into provincial climate change strategies and action plans. I would like to congratulate the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Norway for initiating this new project. At the EU-China Summit in Beijing on 5 September 2005, the EU-China Climate Change Partnership was established with the objective to strengthen our bilateral cooperation on climate change and energy issues. Under this partnership, the “development of one or more climate change programmes at the provincial level in China’ has been identified as a priority. And therefore, we are very glad to support and further strengthen this new project. The European Commission co-financing will allow • to extend the project activities to more provinces within China, • to deepen some of the actions (e.g. by conducting one feasibility study each for concrete climate change adaptation and mitigation measures), and • to disseminate project results within China and to other Asian countries such as India and Indonesia. EU action to combat climate change Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times and therefore, high on the policy agenda in Europe, China and many other countries. Earlier this year, the EU decided to unilaterally decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 20% as compared to 1990. We are even prepared to go further, if other industrialised countries take on similar commitments under a new international climate change agreement and large emerging economies take nationally appropriate actions according to the principle of common but differentiated responsibility. The EU is actively supporting its partner countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EU-China cooperation on climate change Let me say a few words about EU-China cooperation on climate change. The challenge for both China and the EU is to speed up the transition of their economies into “low carbon economies”. At the same time we must increase the capacity of our societies to adapt to climate change impacts that cannot be avoided.


In the European Union, the EU Member States hold the key to a successful implementation of EU climate change policies, and in China the provinces hold the key to a successful implementation of the National Climate Change Programme. There is clearly scope for sharing experiences. The European Commission and many EU Member States have a long history of providing technical and financial support to China in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are many technical cooperation projects as well as research projects on climate change and related topics such as sustainable energy sources and energy saving. There are also cooperation projects on more efficient use coal, which is China's main energy source and on carbon capture and storage. Let me mention three technical cooperation projects financed by the European Commission: • the EU-China Energy and Environment Programme (EC contribution of €20m), promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency; • the EU-China CDM Facilitation Project (€2.8m) provides capacity building in order to further enhance the role of the carbon market in China; • the EU-China Biodiversity Programme (EC contribution of €30m) covers many aspects of biodiversity conservation in China including the linkages between biodiversity and climate change and the policy measures that could be taken to minimise the negative impact of climate change on biodiversity. The EU also supports investment projects to reduce green house emissions: • At the 2007 EU-China Summit, the €500m China Climate Change Framework Loan was signed. Under this loan some six concrete mitigation projects are currently being prepared, which range from renewable energy to reforestation. • Under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), European companies and governments – that face hard-to-reach emission reduction targets under EU law – have signed up to some 650 projects in 2007 alone, with a value estimated at €4-5 billion (= RMB 40-50 billion). These projects will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in various parts of China. These substantial efforts support the policies and initiatives taken by the Chinese Government such as the target to decrease energy use per unit of GDP by 20% between 2006 and 2010. Cooperation with NDRC, UNDP and Norway The project we are inaugurating today will bring a new dimension to EU-China cooperation on climate change with its focus on Chinese provinces and create a new partnership between the NDRC, UNDP and Norway, and with China's provinces. We are delighted to join forces with all of you. All partners have been working very hard in order to put this new initiative in place. I would like to thank NDRC, UNDP and Norway for their excellent cooperation in preparing this new project. I sincerely wish this new project a great success. Thank you for your attention!


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