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									Press Release For Immediate Release April 17, 2007

i-Vision Participated in Intel Developer Forum 2007 i-Vision becomes Intel’s software partner for the development of interactive TV applications on the next generation Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC). i-Vision participated at the Intel Developer Forum being held in Beijing on April 17-18, 2007 presenting iTV services on UMPC. i-Vision collaborates with Intel to create a new mobile TV media platform on the next generation UMPC. Based on the hardware platform powered by Intel and the digital TV value-added application management system by i-Vision, future users will get interactive services relevant to the broadcast TV being watched, including enhanced TV programs, online surveys, interactive “infomercials”, TV online shopping and interactive government public information service.

i-Vision and Intel’s collaboration will create a new form of mobile entertainment. More consumers will soon be able to enjoy rich personalized videos, audio programs and interactive TV value-added services anytime, anywhere.

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Suite 12A05,Yingu Building 9, North 4th Ring Road Haidian, 北京市海淀区北四环西路9号银谷大厦12A05室, 100080 Tel: 010-62800810 Fax: 010-62800809

About i-Vision i-Vision is a Beijing-based company that develops mobile TV operation systems, interactive TV solutions and value-added services. The Company has established strategic partnerships with network operators, infrastructure solutions providers, device manufacturers and service providers to bring interactive TV services to various end devices including mobile handsets, smart phones, personal computers and set-top boxes. i-Vision is backed by Gobi Partners, a venture capital firm focusing on early stage IT and digital media investments in China. About UMPC The Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) category offers consumers small, ultra-mobile devices with full PC capabilities, uncompromised Internet access, anytime connectivity, and the ability to recognize and adapt to its environment virtually anytime and anywhere. About IDF Intel Developer Forum is the premier technology industry event that takes place around the world and draws technology professionals and companies who are actively directing where technology is going.

Contact: i-Vision Beijing Inc. Marketing: Tel: Fax: E-mail: Address: Ms. Scarlett Zhao 86-10-6280-0810 x3006 86-10-62800809 Suite 12A05, Yingu Building 9, North 4th Ring Road Haidian, Beijing PRC 100080

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Suite 12A05,Yingu Building 9, North 4th Ring Road Haidian, 北京市海淀区北四环西路9号银谷大厦12A05室, 100080 Tel: 010-62800810 Fax: 010-62800809

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