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              Instruction for gasoline scooters

   This is a motorized folding scooter with low power, which is specially
used for sporting and entertainment, with centrifugal toe-wearing clutch,
speed reducing on gear, chain drive, assembled with powerful single
cylinder air cooled, two stroke engines, which will make you safe and
comfortable when you are operating it.

1. General safety precaution
      Scooters can be hazardous to operate. Please operate it with the
  following safety instruction, if you fail to take proper precautions, a collision
  or fall may quickly occur. If you have any questions as to the operating
  condition of your scooters, turn off the engine and walk your scooter.
  These scooters should be ridden by persons with excellent vision, balance,
  coordination, reflexesmuscle tone, strength, and good decision making
1. Please read this manual and all safety labels carefully, know about its
   function, maintenance and service method completely, and follow correct
   operating procedures.
2. Minors shall never operate without adult supervision.
3. Never operate your scooter on surfaces, which are slick or unstable due to
   dampness, loose gravel, etc.
4. Never operate your scooter on any public street, road, or highway.
5.Never operate your scooter without wearing proper safety equipment.
  Including: helmet, shoes, protective clothing and pads.
6.Never operate your scooter under influence of alcohol or drugs.
7.Always ride with both hands on the handles.
8.Never operate at excessive speeds. Proper speed is determined by terrain,
visibility, operating condition and experience.
9. Never attempt wheelies, jumps, or other stunts.
10.Always inspect your scooter prior to each use to make sure it is in safe
  operating condition. Follow inspection and maintenance procedures and
  schedules described in this manual.
11.Never operate your scooter on steep hills or inclines.
12.Do not turn at excessive speeds.
13. Maintain proper tire pressure as described in this manual.

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  14.Fuel is highly flammable. Keep it safe from any source of fire,
     especially when refueling.
  15.Engine and muffler get hot while in use. Do not touch.
  16.Keep all body parts and clothing away from belts or chains.

  II. Main parts description

     3. Throttle Control
                                  2. Stop switch

                                                              1. Rear brake handle

                                                                      12. Fuel tank
    4. Lining chamber

                                                                    11. Rear fender

    5. Folding part

                                                                      10. Rear wheel

                                                                     9. Engine

                                                                  8. Pedal
    6. Front wheel
                                              7. Kick stand

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III. Assembly instruction:

1. Assembly.
1.1 Take folded scooter from carton.
1.2Tighten folding part; ensure the handle bar to be steady.
   ( See illustration 1 )
1.3 Fix the screw. (See illustration 2).
2. Fix lining chamber.
3.Install fuel tank (See illustration 3).
4.Adjust rear brake. (See illustration6).

4.1 Adjust rear brake screw to work very well.
4.2 If break worn too much, please replace.
5. Adjust rear chain. (See illustration 7)

IV. Check prior to riding and Caution:
1. Check fuel line flexible; check the flexibility and reliability on front and
  rear brake actuation, if it is not in good situation, adjust it in time.
2. Filling air for front and rear tire should be proper. Normally, air pressure
  is 85 P.S.I. Too much air can cause rough ride, if tire pressure is too
  low, it will have an effect on the speed and fuel consumption, which
  will decreased.
3. Chain should be checked and adjust frequently, and lubricant so that
  the chain flexible.
4. Check all bolts and nuts if they are loose, please tighten it if necessary.
5. Keep body clean and away from moisture high temperature and gas

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V. Instruction for operating
1. Preparation: check stop switch, spark plug and fuel in-line and fuel
  return line if connected properly. Use unleaded gasoline and good 2
  cycle engine oil in the ratio of 25: 1 when filling in fuel tank. If
  not mixed to proper ratio, the engine performance may decrease or
  damage to the engine may occur.
2. Press the clean priming bulb underneath the carburetor until fuel can
  be seen in the clear plastic fuel return line. (See illustration 7)
3. Close choke valve. (See illustration 8)
4. Pull the starter grip briskly and return gently, engine should start within
   a few pulls. (See illustration 9). Then, open choke valve.
5. If there are any difficulties on start-up, open air adjustor a little, turn
  throttle control handle, and pull up start handle, engine start, then,
  choke valve.
6. Proper riding: after start-up accelerating slowly.
7. Stop: press stop button on the handle bar. (See illustration 10)
VI.   Maintenance and service
1. Check fuel level before start-up, refill fuel when needed. If fuel is not
  Flowing, check all bolts and nut if lightened, Check fuel for leak.
2. Warm-up 3-5 minutes after cold start-up, then, use.
3. Breaking-in (wear-in) is important to engine, within first 20 hours, choke
  must not be opened fully, after 20 hours, perform complete maintenance
  to engine, check air filter each 20 hours, clear spark plug and adjust its
  clearance 0.6-0.7mm each 50 hours, clear fuel tank and refill if necessary,
  clear carbon in combustion chamber and muffler, check spark plug if in
  good condition.
4. To ensure long life of engine, please use fuel in accordance with the

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5. If engine is abnormal, pleases have professional people checked and

VII. Troubleshooting
A.     Start-up is hard
1.Check if fuel flowing smoothly, and if there is air bubble in line press
  cup to pump fuel into carburetor.
2.Check the spark plug and wiring for connection.
3.Check fuel mix ratio, or for clogged gas filter.
4.Check if air filter is clogged.
5.Check the stop switch if short circuit.
6.If you attempt to start the engine too many times, there might be excess
  fuel in
  the cylinder. Remove
  spark plug and allow excess fuel to evaporate. Reassemble.
7.     Remove spark plug to check the gap between spark plug if it is
0.6-0.7mm, and
8.Connect spark plug wire, pull start grip to see if spark is produced.
B.      Engine no high speed
1. See if choke is open.
2.Check if fuel line is clean.
3.Adjust air oil density screw.
C.      Engine can have a start-up but stop while working.
1.See if air filter is clogged.
2.See if muffler and fuel line is blocked.
3.Adjust idling speed screw(See illustration 11 ), clockwise turning for high
  anticlockwise turning for low speed.
D.     Engine lack of power
1. Vent on fuel tank cover is blocked.
2.Fuel line is blocked (sediment), leakage or fuel filler blocked by dirt

VIII. Storage procedure

To store engine, engine should be cool to touch, moisture not more
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   than 80%, good ventilation, isolated from easy-burning or erosion chemicals.
      If you plan to not use your scooter for a long time, please empty the fuel
   lank and Start-up the engine to run all fuel in the carburetor, and remove
   the fuel pipe.

       IX. Technical data:

       Item             Parameter                  Item                  Parameter

      Engine          Single cylinder      Fuel Consumption           75m / 1      GAL
                    air-cooled 2 stroke

CYD DIA¡ó stroke       36¡ó 32(mm)          Fuel tank volume               1 Qt

   Sparkle plug           BM6A                 Max speed                   I2mph

   Carburetor         Double films               Weight                   42 lbs

   Speed idling       2200 ± 2(X)rpm       Min gap away from                4 in

 Rotation engine    Counterclockwise              Load                    250 lbs

 Sparkle plug gap        1.0023               Package size          1180*330*505 (mm)

    Fire mode                CDI          Length¡ó width¡ó height   1220*350*1040 (mm)

       Start          Pull start rope         Wheel Base                   38 in

       Fuel           Unleaded gas              Tire type                  9inch
                      High grade 2
     Output               33 c c           Width of steering               18.5 in
      Power          I.H.D./6500rpm              Torque               0.9Nm/3800rpm

   Clutch type         Centrifugal            Tire pressure         85P.S.I(except solid

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 Fig. 1 Tighten the folder

                       Fig. 2 Install the bolts of the handlebar
                       horizontal pipe

UFREE SCOOTER                    

Fig. 3 Install fuel tank

                           Fig. 4 Adjust the rear brake

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      Fig. 5 Adjust the chain

                                 Fig. 6 Remove and install
                                        the rear wheel

         Fig. 7 Press the bulb

                                   Fig. 8 Close choke valve

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                Fig. 9 Pull start-up

                                                Fig. 10 Stop switch

                 Fig. 11 Adjust idling speed screw







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