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									World Fastest RC Car Record
Remote controlled cars supercharged by electric motors and nitro engines are few of the fastest rc cars available to rc hobbyists. Although, battery powered radio controlled cars cannot beat the fastest nitro models base on performance and speed. In this article we will look at the fastest rc cars available. This is important to determine your buying decision. Nic Case’s Schumacher Mi3, holds the world record for fastest R/C car with a max speed of 161.76 mph. This remotely controlling vehicle so called RC cars is using a gyroscope-based steering-correction system which is normally used in R/C helicopters.

The car is aerodynamically designed and looks like a wingless jet. This factor give Schumacher Mi3 some extra mph, In addition he added an 11-horsepower R/C motor combined with 12-cell R/C airplanes battery pack. Since this rc car is very fast Nic Case build a carbon-fiber chassis to generate sustainable down force, and also modified a wheel drive system to improve traction. The total cost of this car is about $4000 and has no brakes system, just wait for the car to decelerate to make it stop.

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