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					Easy Affiliate Marketing.
The simplest way to get fabulous money from the internet is from the affiliate program. Believe it or not, you don’t even need you own product to get money online. Affiliate program comprises of a website, blog or article that brings in traffic to the advertisers website. Once an advertiser grabs a deal through an affiliate program, the affiliate gets paid for this, as a commission. Sometimes the commission can reach up to 50% to 75% from the original price. If the original price is $ 200 and the commission is 50%, you will simply get $ 100 without having headache thinking about shipping and customer service as the manufacturer does all that. Simply say if you can bring a buyer to the advertisers’ website you will get your paychecks. Amazing isn’t?? How to become an affiliate??? How can i generate income from an affiliate program?? Maybe these questions bother you to become an affiliate, don’t worry i will show you the ways. To become an affiliate, you can easily sign up for Clickbank as an affiliate. For me Clickbank is a great place for an affiliate to find great products and get a lot amount of money. Once you are an affiliate with Clickbank, you can start your campaign to promote any of the offers in their marketplace. Don’t surprise if you can find a product with commission up to 75% from the original price here. They also have a lot different product available to choose. If you don’t like click bank you can choose other market place such as, commission junction, pepper jam network, link share and azoogle ads. You also can find product to promote as affiliate at e Bay and Amazon. Some individual and companies also have affiliate programs, but you may want to be very careful in selecting some of them because they may not have reliable payouts. Ok before we start our affiliate campaign we need a few important tools. Don’t worry I will explain it as simple as I can.

1. Blog
From your blog you can get as much as traffic you can. The rule is simple high traffic = high click and high click mean you can get more commission from your affiliate program.

2. Squeeze Page or Opt-in Page.
The purpose of this squeeze page or opt-in page is you can get your potential buyer name and e mail. Then, in future you can use this information to follow up then turn them into your buyer.

3. Auto responder

This software can help to manage your customer name and email. You can use Aweber or Get response as your auto responder. Believe me if you want to be a super affiliate you really need this service. You also can use free auto responder such as autobot.

Now you can apply a few strategies to skyrocket your income as an affiliate. Firstly, you can write an article about your product and spread it in ezine or scrib. Don’t forget to put your link in the articles. For example your affiliate product is about MLM marketing, so you can write tips about MLM marketing. Then, you can leave comments on famous blogs with the same niche as yours. Actually when you leave a comment you also can write your url and attract more traffic to your blog or website. Last but not least you can promote your affiliate product by joining forum or group. Every forum has their rules so make sure you read them first. In the forum you can share information and get a lot of tips from others. Be a good participant and it will help you to become a super affiliate. For more killer tips you can click here

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