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					Webinar, August 4, 2008
Daniel Tschudy ... calling from Zurich / Switzerland


MPI Webinar, August 4, 2008

”Exhibition Stand Hospitality”
presented by Daniel Tschudy Meetings Industry Consultant & Editor

today„s webinar 1. 4 Questions to the participants 2. Introduction Exhibition Industry 3. Collecting Facts 4. Pre-exhibition management 5. Pre-exhibition marketing 6. Stand concept & appearance 7. Available at stand (including business card) 8. Personal appearance 9 Exhibition days planning 10. Attitude towards client / Sales action 11. Debriefing & Follow-up 12. Look at a few examples of stands

Questions to the Audience 1. Where are you from?
2. Are you male / female?

3. What is your level in your company?
4. Do you have to deal with exhibitions?

Tracey (at MPI Dallas), .... please take it from here ....


thank you Tracey ... .... now let‘s go one with the webinar ....

exhibition industry introduction

- Part of „meetings industry‟ (formerly MICE) - Always a bit on „own track‟ to rest of our industry - Refers more to business travel industry - No major global „exhibition-only‟ association (but many national or regional; i.e. IAEE, AFECA) - Yet substantial share in GNP for many cities - Exhibition centres often have Governmental involvement (ownership, political use, etc.)

exhibition industry trends

- More exhibitions for specific targeted segmentations (i.e. Generation Jones) - Personal contact more important than ever (as e-tools reduce quality and volume of exchange; i.e. text messages / SMS) - Personalisation (i.e. NikeiD) - Democratisation of information - Social networking (KLM Club China) - Life-story labelling

meetings industry global volume


US$ 250-350 billion

Total; US only
Conventions & Exhibitions Corporate & Association Meetings Incentive Travel

US$ 122.3 b.
US$ 67.92 (*) 48.15 6.24

(*) no separate exhibition figures available

let„s work now


pre-planning facts collection

- Who makes the basic decision; based on what? … .. standards? objectives? budgets? - Is there a usable „debriefing report‟ from last year‟s exhibition? - Which product or service should be highlighted – and which not? - Can the corporate C.I. be respected/introduced? - Are other commitments during the same week as the exhibition influence performance?

corporate / association objectives

- Why do we exhibit this time? - Will our clients be there too? - Are there better alternatives to serve our clients? - Or is it simply a „must‟? (if yes, why?) - Will there be other benefits from participating (i.e. education, staff motivation, meeting media and opinion leaders, benchmark?) - Will our competitors be there too (if not, why not?) - Bring objectives and reasoning to paper! - Then only make final decision to exhibit

pre-exhibition manpower planning

- Who is actually in charge of the project? - Can specific know-how be integrated early enough into stand-planning and construction (i.e. IT, C.I., hospitality, media-needs)? - Who will be working at the exhibition – and why? And do they „match‟ the anticipated visitor - How will the top management be part of the event?

pre-exhibition marketing

- Clear objectives will lead to clear marketing - Select key topic, key message or key product for your communication - Contact your potential visitors early - Give reasons for their coming to the exhibition - Motivate them to come (i.e. free entrance tickets, competition, merchandising, education program) - Plan mini-events at own booth - Distribute press-release via exhibition organisers - Prepare communication-set for journalist - Use exhibitors information tools (website, manual)

stand concept & appearence

stand concept & appearence

- Budget will drive volume and set-up of stand - But simple stands can be successful too - Appearance must equal image & identity of company or association (not only logos) - Reflect about different needs of visitors (trade, public, VIP, media, and visiting own staff) - Offer F&B, IT or private space only when justified - Does it need working place (sit down)? - Plan access to your stand accordingly - Only then: get offers from stand builders!

tips for your booth

- Location is everything! - Space is the most valuable tool – use it - Simpler is better - If you want visitors – let them in - Visualise stand number - Carry simple messages - Working space vs. brochures - (if possible) create back-up space - Hide personal belongings & rubbish - Think security

2 bad examples

available at your booth

- Business Cards

let„s talk about business cards

- Re-discover value of business card - Use card to initiate process - Mentality vs. globalisation - Manners are important again - Proper introduction might require preparation - Business card is „tool‟ of follow-up - What information must be on a card - Respect hierarchy yet support sales efforts! - How to give your business card (to whom, why, when …. and when not) - Be proud - as your card is

available at your booth ... cont‘d...

- Business Cards - Printed literature (according target audience) - Rates too - Give-aways only when justified (forget the candies…) - Merchandising: even for sales if appropriate - Running Pictures (no sound please) - Possibly linked to laptop (for messages)

personal appearance

- First impression counts - Clean hands please (not easy in exhibition halls) - And watch out for dust & sweat (prepare) - Dress code appropriate to industry & visitors - Easy with C.I. (pin, shirt, ties, uniforms), but ok if “in line” with other staff - Badge must show

exhibition days planning

- early arrival - decoration material and brochures / documents - planning of appointments - staff hours & breaks (should eat correctly) - communication network - exhibition briefing - daily briefing - security (keys, overnight values)

sales attitude

- Position in front of booth (not behind) - Just don‟t look bored … and guys: no hands in the pockets - Eye contact first and remain focused - Make conversation first (then sales) - Give card and brochure only with a reason - Introduce other staff only with a reason - Be open to everyone (you never know…) - Thank you and good-bye

sales action

- Accept time limits – for both parties - Accept flexibility (set date vs. floating visitors) - Hard-selling never works during trade exhibitions - Social talks and networking are sales too - Then listen: what this client wants - If client talks details, take notes - Don‟t produce your learned sales text - If you do not know, say so - Dare to say no - Explain possible follow-up‟s

a look at a few examples of stands

let„s work now

debriefing & follow-up

- Debriefing as soon as possible; and in writing for next year. - Take pictures of stand if relevant - Reflect on original objectives - Conclude debriefing with suggestions for next year

- Follow-up to clients only if needed (no-one wants standard emails & mailings) - Follow-up does not have to be there next day! - Don‟t send same documents as distributed

• Exhibitions are expensive but valuable tools • Without preparation, exhibitions are a waste of time • Client contacts must be as carefully handled (as if you would visit your client at his office) • Image of company, stand, decoration, personal appearance and sales effort must be identical; thus credible • Consider other benefits at exhibitions for ROI (education, motivation, networking, benchmark) • Report your findings

questions & answers

thank you very much