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Purchasing and Travel Card Documentation:
Transaction Form –  Each receipt requires its own transaction form. Do not combine receipts to the same vendor on one transaction form. o Credits require their own transaction form o Airfare purchased online requires two transaction forms (one for the airfare itself [vendor is the airline] and another for the booking fee [vendor is the booking agency or website])  Faxed receipts are not acceptable. Contact the vendor and request the original be mailed to you.  Descriptions – answer the question “What am I purchasing?” in detail. “See receipt” or “Supplies” are not acceptable descriptions. o Example: registration for Jessica Favret o Example: pens, paper, white out, and post-it notes  Business Purpose – answer the question “Why do we need to purchase this? In detail. Avoid abbreviations and beware of just restating “what” you purchased. o Example: to attend the support staff conference o Example: for general office use  Approval Signature – make sure the proper approvals are being received.  If you cannot follow policy, write an explanation on the documentation stating why you cannot. It shows you know the policy and did your best to follow it. Tracking Log –  There should be an entry on the log that corresponds with each transaction on the monthly statement. o The first five columns should be completed by the user prior to receiving/using the card. o The last two columns should be completed by the user when returning the card. o This includes credits that are called in or discussed online with customer service. You can make an entry on the log stating a credit is expected, even if it does not show up right away. This will also help remind you of previous conversations if the credit does not come at all.  As a general rule, the log should never be edited. If an error is made, do not use whiteout or cross off the original entry so it cannot be read. Instead, attach an explanation.

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