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									Practitioners in Action - Session A (9:30 am- 10:30 am)
A1 Information Searching: Effectively Finding A Needle In A Stack Of Needles
Lecture Room 2, Level 1 Podium B ‘Believe it or not, in some cases, searching for information in a public library is much faster using the Internet!’ Learn to seek information faster and more efficiently from Harold. Harold Aguinaldo (LT/DMD/AMK)

A2 'Innovative Teaching Strategies Educational Video: "Blood Glucose Testing" Performed By Creative Nurses
HRD Room, Level 2 Podium B Dedicated teachers not only ensure that students understand the subject matter but also see to it that they retain the information. Now, you will be able to see how videos can be used to achieve this. The lecturers from the Nursing Department are not just experts in their field but they are also highly creative in their teaching strategies. Lim Guat Hiong (LT/NR/BS)

A3 SQ - Welcome Aboard
Karaoke Lounge, Basement Podium B ‘Come to class and play board games.’ Now that's an offer most of our students won't turn down. Discover the 'how's and 'why's of using board games as a teaching strategy. Goh Liang Chew, Abdul Kader {LT/AS/BR}

A4 Using Graphic Organizer
Theatrette, Level 1 Podium B You may have used graphics to facilitate teaching and learning for your students. However, have you tried using graphics to plan and organize ideas? Your colleague, Aziz will share with you the benefits of using Graphic Organizers, some examples of graphic organizers and how it can be used for online learning. Aziz Bin Mohamaed Amin (PO12/IDT5/EDT)

A5 The E-Way To Discuss
Function Room, Level 1 Podium A Come and discover how you can hold an online class discussion with your students using the e-Tutor system. You’ll be amazed at how our students have responded to it but most of all you will be motivated to discover this feature for yourself and start an online discussion with your own students. Phua Chiew Kheng (LT/SS/CT)

A6 Putting The ‘How’ Before The ‘What’
Club ITE Table 1, Basement Podium B It’s important to find out ‘how’ our students learn before we decide ‘what’ kind of results we expect them to achieve. Find out how some lecturers have used this strategy successfully to improve their students’ understanding of one of the most difficult topics in their module. Ng Boon Hua, Cheong Chun Wai {LT/ME/TP}

Practitioners in Action - Session A (9:30 am- 10:30 am)
A7 To Enhance The Teaching Of Multi-Mode Counter In Digital Electronics Principles Module.
Club ITE Table 2, Basement Podium B Lecturers from Dover share their experience and success in the teaching of the multi-mode counter in electronics experiments.They will share with you the benefits of using their prototype. Pei Sze Chong, Ho Thiam Chwee{LT/EC/DR}

A8 Constructing The Integrated Project – A Viewpoint
Club ITE Table 3, Basement Podium B This sharing provides participants with an overview of the concept of Integrated Learning by students. You will also gain valuable insights on how to design some types of Integrated Projects that meet the criteria of curriculum design. If you wish to know how to come up with a good project to engage students meaningfully, this session is for you. Jeannette Xavier (LT/AS/MP), Norlida Kasmuri (SH/AS/AMK)

A9 Mobile Tutor
Club ITE Table 4, Basement Podium B Lecturers will share how to develop educational games, which can run on hand phones! A working model of a game will be demonstrated to participants. What better idea to tap on the interest and ‘expertise’ of your students to help them learn. So bring along your handphones and have fun. Allan Tan, Lee Kay Meng {LT/EC/DR}

A10 Improving The Attendance At The Morning Assembly
ABLE Corner, Level 3 Podium B Do your students have a tendency to be late or skip the morning assembly? Come and find out for how your colleagues in Balestier have addressed this concern effectively. Discipline is never easy but it helps to know what has worked with our students, reflect on the ideas shared to see if you can adapt or make use of them to make things work for you. Kee Kok Meng, Wong Moon Tee {LT/MCE/BR}

A11 How To Use Gsm Wireless Modem To Send And Receive SMS
Library, Level 3 Podium B Have you ever wondered how to overcome problems in harnessing current mobile technology into the project that you are doing? Come and learn from Fook Loy who is an expert in project work. He will share with you the ‘tricks’ in sending and receiving SMS using a Wavecom GSM modem via a personal computer. Cheong Fook Loy (LT/ME/DR)

A12 Safety In The Chemical Plants – Some Misconception And Realities
Lecture Room 1, Level 1 Podium B ‘Chemical Plants – Are they really dangerous?’ Many people including our students fear working in such industries because of major accidents that took place at such plants. So, what has been done to improve safety and allay such fears? Your colleague Pius will share with you the latest concept in industrial safety. Aloor Verkey Pius (LT/CPT/BB)

Practitioners In Action ~ Session B (11.00am-11.45am)
B1 Using Newspapers As A Teaching Tool (Workshop 1)
Function Room, Level 1 Podium A This is a session that has hands-on activities for participants and is specially arranged for all ITE teachers (technical & non-technical) who are interested in using a variety of teaching tools including newspapers to help their students learn. Madeline will demonstrate how to use newspapers to help students understand and remember better the theoretical concepts of technical subjects. She has run a workshop on this topic at a seminar organized by RELC recently and she was featured in the local newspapers recently. Madeline Sim Lai Choo (LT/AS/DR)

B2 Challenge And Learn
Karaoke Lounge, Basement Podium B Come and learn all about how your fellow lecturers have used a pedagogic approach based on Multiple Intelligence (MI) to engage students with different interests in the process of learning. Find out how they have catered to the varied intelligences of their students and learn about strategies to help you zoom in on topics that students are having problems with. Preethi Jebaraj, Lim Wee Fong (LT/ICT/MP)

B3 The Use Of It Training Package To Enable Students To Innovate, Design And Present In A Knowledge-Based Economy
HRD Room, Level 2 Podium B

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Practitioners In Action ~ Session B (11.00am-11.45am)

B7 Submission Monitoring System
Club ITE Table 2, Basement Podium B How can we monitor students' project work submission in a way that is almost effortless? Theresa and Chai Thiam will share with you their approach that has proven to be effective and could influence the way you implement project work in future. Theresa H Groyon, Lee Chai Thiam {LT/IT/DR}

B8 From 2d To 3d…An Experiential Learning Of Jig & Fixture Design
Club ITE Table 3, Basement Podium B Come and get a first hand account of how the use of 3D models facilitates learning and creativity in our students. Your colleagues will also share with you the benefits of trying this method. Andy Lim, Patemah bte Rasman {LT/ME/DR}

B9 Interactive Gaming Template For Online Quizzes
Library, Level 3 Podium B Do you want to know how to make interactive gaming templates for online quizzes? Not only will your colleagues from ITE Dover teach you how to do this but they will also share tips on reducing the time needed for creation of such materials. Swaminathan Arumugam, Tan Siew Choo {LT/Info-T/DR}

B10 Self-Directed Learning Approach In Autocad Drawing
ABLE Corner, Level 3 Podium B Your colleagues from Dover will share with you a software that has been specially created to package the various drawing tools that are similar to the actual Drawing Tools in the AutoCad software. Knowledge of this software will help students to reinforce and build up their learning capability. Sumarni Selamat, Thiruchelvan Nagamuthu {LT/EE/DR}

B11 Creating Interactive Quizzes The Idiot-Proof Way
Club ITE Table 4, Basement Podium B How do you create different types of interactive quizzes to satisfy the 6 intellectual levels of learning? You can learn about this and also about a freeware that aids in the creation of simple interactive Web-based quizzes. Ho Chin Hock (PO/IDT3)

B12 Using Interactive Video As Teaching Aids
Lecture Room 12, Level 2 Podium B Your colleague, Daniel, will share with you how lesson content can be categorized and taught through interactive videos. He will also let you in on creating an interactive video using a software tool from the Internet. Daniel Goh (SA 4 / IDT3 / HQ)

Practitioners In Action ~ Session C (2.30pm-3.30pm)
C1 Evaluating Web Resources
Lecture Room 12, Level 2 Podium B How do you evaluate the quality and accuracy of the information found on the World Wide Web? Our experts from the ITE HQ Resource Center will share with you valuable insights on searching the Web effectively and efficiently to get the information you want in preparing your lessons. Razia Sultanah (RC 01), Ng Cheng Kiat (PO/BS/RC)

C2 Tba (Teach By Asking) Method: A Newer Pedagogical Process To Draw Student Attention To Mastery Of Ideas And Knowledge.
HRD Room, Level 2 Podium B How do you develop student attitudes that encourage student learning? Come and discover a revolutionary approach to teaching. The use of questioning in teaching is not entirely new but TBA will provide some insights to reflect on your own teaching. S.Kanagarajah (LT/MEED/TP)

C3 What Students Want
Function Room, Level 1 Podium A So what do our students really want from teachers? Vivek conducted a study that has revealed interesting facts that helped him to respond more effectively to his student's needs. If you would like to understand your students' needs and be able to respond dynamically to maximize their development, come and gather some tips from your colleague. Vivek Kumar Singh (LT/MT/MP)

C4 Teaching Thinking Skills In e-Learning - Application Of Bloom's Taxonomy
Theatrette, Level 1 Podium B 'Thinking creatively' the buzzwords in our education system. But how do you develop materials and activities that promote this in our students? Experts from EDT will share with you easy-to-use template they have developed according to the Bloom's taxonomy that will help you design and develop such materials to facilitate the development of thinking skills in your students. Lee Tse Yew (SA7/IDT4) Tiffany Ho Peiwen (SA6/IDT5)

C5 Active Learning Strategies - Creating Excitement in Multimedia Technology Lesson
Karaoke Lounge, Basement Podium B According to educational research findings, students learn best when they are engaged and actively participating in their learning. Karen and Judy will share with you how to incorporate such strategies into lessons and also share some of their strategies, which include K-W-L and P-M-I. Come and find out what these are. Karen Lim Kim Eng (PO/IDT/EDT), Judy Lim Kim Kee (PO/RC)

C6 Learning Methods That Promote Students' Motivation To Learn
Lecture Room 2, Level 1 Podium B 'How do we motivate students to learn?' - That's a question on the minds of most teachers. Lecturers from ITE Tampines will share their experience and motivational strategies that can be used by teachers from all departments. Bok Kwee Eng, Mohd Ali bin Hamid {LT/ECE/TP}

Practitioners In Action ~ Session C (2.30pm-3.30pm)
C7 Business Challenge
Club ITE Table 1, Basement Podium B These lecturers let their students play 'Snake & ladders' 'Spin the wheel' and other games in class. Sharon and Meng Keen, lecturers from Bishan, decided to make learning fun and interesting by developing their own board games that are relevant to the modules they are teaching. They will share with you how these games not only made learning fun but also yielded many other benefits as well. Sharon Lee, Foo Meng Keen {LT/AC/BS}

C8 Integrating Creative And Critical Thinking Skills In The Problem-Solving And Innovating Processes - Significance Of ITE ES -Thinking Skills Module
Club ITE Table 2, Basement Podium B 'Thinking Skills Module' - How do they complement the teaching and learning of the technical trade modules? You will learn more of this from your colleague Lena. She will also share with you how to integrate creative and critical thinking into the problem-solving process something that is very important in the teaching of all modules and not just restricted to the ES modules. Lena Koh (LT/AS/TP)

C9 Wireless Networking To Facilitate Student e-Learning
Club ITE Table 3, Basement Podium B As the need for students to access computers for learning increases, we need to explore ways of helping them to meet these needs cost effectively. Wai Yip and Hen Lunn will share with you how non-IT trained staff may tap on wireless networking technology to achieve this. Chee Wai Yip, Lau Henn Lunn {LT/MCE/DR}

C10 The 'Magic Wand'
Library, Level 3 Podium B Have you ever wished to possess magical powers to get students to behave or listen to you? Well, your colleague Othman will introduce you to his 'Magic Wand', which has worked wonders in his class - that is as close to magic as you can get and even better because it works with our students. Othman Bin Abdul Rahim (LT/BB/EE)

C11 Sms-Speak To Build Rapport
Club ITE Table 4, Basement Podium B 'afaik', 'rofl' and 'dnd' … do you know what they mean? This session gives an introduction to the SMS language used by most young Singaporeans. As educators, if we understand the way our students communicate, we can understand them better. Come with your hand phones as this will be a hands-on session. If you cannot beat them, let them know you are also just as cool as they are because you also know how to speak their language. Maybe you might have an idea of how to use this as a teaching tool. Henrietta Chew(SH/AS/YS), Hajijah Koming (SH/AS/TP)

C12 Internet Control using WeeBee
ABLE Corner, Level 3 Podium B Wee Bee, an Internet version of custom designed VB I/O Interface Card, that saves the user/developer from buying expensive hardware/software solution and shields them from developing Internet controls which require technical know how in networking. This sharing can help teachers who want to jumpstart students learning of Internet controls system. Gerard Gilok Espinas, Ho Thiam Chwee {LT/EC/DR}

Symposium on Motivation and CCA
Chaired by Ms Alice Seow, CM/AS (East) ‘How can we nurture the ‘complete’ ITE graduate?’ ITE’s Total Training Philosophy states that we give students more than technical knowledge and skills. To prepare them for the world of work, a student’s educational career in ITE should provide the means to develop a healthy body and mind and acquire leadership and employability skills. Come and participate in this symposium where wider educational objectives are addressed as your colleagues share with you their ‘heart work’ and successes with ITE students.
Team from the East Network led by Thangaraju Ravi, SH/PE/BS comprising Neelamaykaruben, Muhammad Azlan Ahmad, Samri Sulaiman, Jessie S Y Ong. Kasee

Team from the West Network led by Pitchian Anthonysamy, SH/PEG/AMK comprising Byran Tin, Selva Rajoo, Rehunathan and Joyce Ng.

Symposium on Innovative Teaching Strategies
Chaired by Mr Raja Segar, CM/BS (West) ‘Activity Based Teaching -Innovation and Creativity in Action.’ Come and participate in this sharing by teachers from Bishan and Dover, their first hand experience with students. Whether your concern is on increasing the attention span of students or developing their attitudes to become life long learners, these groups’ sharing will provide strategies and inspire you to create innovative and fun learning approaches to motivate and enhance our students’ learning experiences.
Team from the East Network led by Nancy Chua, Wong Lai Fun, Chow Wai Har, Heng Soi Moey {LT/NR/BS} Team from the West Network led by Carena Chor, Mary Cheong, Sim Lai Choo, Audrey Sim {LT/AS/DR}

Symposium on Educational Technology
Special Workshop by the Educational Technology Unit (West) ‘How good can a courseware be?’ Is there a quality benchmark for good courseware? Even if there is, how can I get my courseware from what it is now to meet that high benchmark? Is there a simple and easy-to-follow method to get there?’Educational Technology experts from ETU(W) will hold a special symposium not only to answer your burning questions and needs in courseware development but they promise to give you a short and sharp workshop on rapid quality courseware development.
Team from ETU(W) [DR] - Lim Fong Lee, Sim Wei Choon, Roy Lam Fook Loy, Chow Yuen Choy and Seet Keng Mui.

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