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									Fast Start Training

GNLD International

Starting the Right Way
• Goals and Dreams – Why are you doing this? • Use the Products • Sell/share the products. • Share the opportunity. • Get plugged into GNLD. (sponsor, events, calls, tools, training, websites, etc.)

Starting a New Distributor
Simple Basics •Decide What You Want and Go for It •Follow a Proven Path •Take a Shot, Don’t Wait •Explain, Don’t Convince •Listen for Their Needs, Don’t Guess •Stay Around Supportive, Positive People •Be Persistent, Don’t Give up •Duplicate Yourself.

Goals & Dreams
• Where do you want to be five years from now?
• What is important to you now?

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!!

Goal Setting
• Types of Goals
– Long Range – Intermediate Range – Short Range

• Formula for Goal Setting
– – – – – – – Think Big Be Specific Write Your Goals Read Your Goals Work on Your Goals Visualize Your Goals Believe

• Kinds of Goals
– Economic – Business – Personal Growth

Use Your Products – Be Your Own Best Customer
• Set up your 100 pv autoship order • You buy at wholesale prices • You learn firsthand how well GNLD products work • You become a walking advertisement for your business. • Every product you buy, adds to your business volume

My Experiences With GNLD Products
Testimony: Products my family and I are using Example: Product: Aloe Vera Plus Testimony: Soothes stress away! Refreshing, like apple juice and mellow tea. Love the icy calming feel. I feel tranquil, but energized, renewed.

List Of Names
Prospecting - You attract what you talk about • People you know
– Don’t Prejudge

• People you don’t know
– Look for new friends

• Circle of Influence
– Always ask for referrals, people know other people.

• Become an Advertisement for your business • Follow-up and talk to people again
– Lives and situations change.

Develop Your List of Names
Don’t Prejudge

• Relatives
– Mother/Father – In-laws/Cousins

• Business Associates
– – – –
– – – –

• Friends
– – – – Neighbors Coworkers From church Online

Barber Car Sales Person Gas Station attendant Plumber
At kid’s school On airplanes At the Beach Standing in line

• People you meet

Follow Up
– Get to your prospect on time – shows integrity
– Ask what they thought of the information – Answer any questions – Handle any objections – Invite them to presentation – give two choices

Handling Objections
1. 2. 3. 4. Are the products expensive? I get everything I need from what I eat. I’m already using brand X. Is this one of those pyramid schemes?

6. 7.

I already take supplements from a health food store.
I don’t want to sell. I don’t have time

Types of Presentations
• • • •

I.D. One-on-one presentations Group presentations GNLD Experience / Hotel Meeting

Basic Business Training
• Inviting and starting New Distributors
– Be enthusiastic – Let them build curiosity and make and appointment – Don’t answer questions over the phone – Tell them to invite spouse – Be serious about your business – Have fun also – Invite them to look ($)

1. Your name, where you are from, how long you have been in the area, and a little about family 2. How and when you first heard about GNLD and who introduced you to it? 3. What has been your experience with the products? 4. Why have you decided to share GNLD with others?

One on One Presentation
• • • • • • • Husband and Wife Pay a compliment Let them talk about themselves What are their goals FORM PVP Powe Point Presentation DVD Presentation

Group Presentation
Meeting Room Conduct
Punctuality – Arrive Early. Dress Code • Proper Business attire please! • Smart Casual) • No Children – We all love our children dearly, but they can sometimes be distracting at business meetings. It is unfair to them • • • • No Smoking No Talking Seating Annoying – Ask your guest to use restrooms before meeting starts – Do not leave room while meeting is in progress – Do not talk guests or distributors while meeting is in progress • Be Enthusiastic

Have a GRAND OPENING With an In-home Party!
• Select a date & time that your sponsor can attend. • Develop your guest list. (invite twice as many people as you would like to attend!) • Have company and product information available for guest to take home. • Prepare a few healthy snacks (Great Bars, Aloe Juice, Shakes, Vitamin C, etc.)

How to Invite Your Guest!
• Send out invitations & post cards with RSVP request. (use your Pro Plan Post Cards!)

• Ask your friends & family to attend so you can get their opinion on the business and products. (create extra motivation to attend…)
• Ask for referrals!!! (request your guest to bring a friend)

• Follow-Up with your guest the day before your party.
• Develop your 2 min commercial!!!!! (include your who, where, why & when you work it!) • BE EXCITED!!!!

Closing - the Decision Making Process
• The Objective of talking to people about our products and opportunity is to get them to say YES • Helping them to decide (to say YES) is what we commonly call “CLOSING” • We must learn the fundamentals of closing: an essential attitude that can multiply your closing power.

Closing - the Decision Making Process
• To become a successful closer, you must be prepared
– Physically (applications, products, literature, etc) – Mentally (know your guest will want to join and succeed in the business)

• Closing should be done:
– a) early – b) often – c) late

• Where should you close?
– Wherever you have the opportunity – When the setting is right

• Remember closing is the end result of the selling process. Without it people will lose faith in you.

Exposing Your Business
Literature / Borchures • Personal Testimony (use the products) DVD’s & CD’s • Websites: Advertising One on One – Business Cards – Talk to People • Telephone • Home Shows • • • •

Starting the Right Way Business Basics
• • Open a special bank account for business Credit/Debit card for business only Business owners need business cards Diary/Appointment book


Files To Get Started
1. Product Bought

2. Product Sold
3. Product Consumed 4. Samples and Sales Aids

5. Income Tax Receipts

Methods of Earning
• • • • • • • • Earn 25% up 40% Discount 3%-20% Sales Volume Bonus Car / Cash Bonus - $150 - $1,000 Leadership Development Bonus Loyalty Points (Free Products) WOC Points – Travel Bucks Incentives and Benefits \

Starting a New Person
• Give products and literature
– Kit Opening within 2448 hours

• Help them set up their first meeting
– You do first – Both do second – They do third on their own

• Go over first steps
– List of names – Goal Setting -steps to director – How to invite – Business Basics

• Order Products

• Invite them to local meeting. • Show them landing page on website • Follow up

Marketing Plan Review
• Sales Volume Bonus When your monthly QPV Reaches Over 4000 2000 Your Bonus is 20% 15%

500 250

5% 3%

Marketing Plan Review

• Terminology
– – – – PV - Point Value BV - Bonus Value DC - Distributor Cost SRP - Suggested Retail Price

PPV - Personal Point Value QPV Qualified Point Value GPV - Group Point Value

Marketing Plan Review
Recognition Steps

Identify Your Next Two Levels of Achievement.

– A single order of 250 PV - 3% Bonus (basic plan & 5% Pro Plan if first two full months) – Multiple orders of 500 QPV (must include 100 PPV) - 5% Bonus – Manager Pin in recognition of your achievement. – Can achieve Senior Manager

Senior Manager
– A single order of 500 PV - 5% Bonus (basic plan & 10% Pro Plan if first two full months) – 1000 PV which can be QPV but must include 100 PPV - 10% Bonus – Senior Manager Pin in recognition of your achievement – Recognition in the GNLD News – Attend special training – On the way to become a DIRECTOR

• 10,000 QPV in 6 months
– End with a month of 4000 QPV – 100 PPV per month

• Director Pin in recognition of your achievement • Earn Leadership Development Bonuses • Qualify for World of Champions Medals • Become an Emerald Director

Duplicate Your Efforts!

12 Customers

Senior Manager

Become a
Director & earn


an average
part-time income of


$20K a year!

Emerald Director
• As a Director be qualified for 3 consecutive months
– 1st month as new director counts

• Emerald Director Pin in recognition for your achievement • Earn Car Bonuses • Recognition in the GNLD News • Attend Special training such as leadership school • Become a Sapphire Director

Car Bonus Chart
When your monthly QPV Reaches Your Car Bonus is $1,000 $800 $600 $150

20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000

Achieve Your Goals & Dreams

Stay Confident & Positive
• • • • Stay away from negative people Counter negative thoughts Be enthusiastic Focus on needs & dreams of others • Establish check points

Getting Started Right… Recap!
• Develop your Product & Business Testimonial.

• List of Names & Goals
• Learn your GNLD Tools. • Understand to become the MESSENGER. • Understand how to become a DIRECTOR • Have a Grand Opening for your Business. • Work your top 10 prospects with your sponsor.

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