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30 Commercial Road Toronto, ON M4G 1Z4 Tel: 416.696.2215 Fax: 416.696.6857
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The FACTOR Story FACTOR: Fostering Grassroots Musical Diversity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Pivotal Role of Independents with FACTOR Support FACTOR Support Trickles Down Radio and the Music Industry Join Together FACTOR Expands with CTL and Government Funding FACTOR support Impacts Both Domestically and Internationally Indies as Leading A&R Players FACTOR’s Connection Coast to Coast to Coast FACTOR Challenges


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Alberta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 British Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Outside Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Manitoba . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 New Brunswick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Nova Scotia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Newfoundland and Labrador . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Ontario . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Prince Edward Island . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Yukon & Northwest Territories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Quebec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Saskatchewan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35




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Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I became involved with FACTOR, now 25 years later it has evolved into this incredible success story that has people around the world singing, dancing and enjoying Canadian music. Those who have gotten involved with FACTOR know how it has (and will continue to) work in tandem with its funding partners, the Department of Canadian Heritage and Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Think about it, we have the music industry, the government and radio broadcasters all working together. And it has worked! We have also enjoyed a very strong relationship with the music industry who has shared their challenges with FACTOR which in turn has helped to shape the programs and funding provided by the foundation. For all of you that have participated at the funding, Board, NAB, Committee or jury level, a big thank you for all you support over the years. Through the various positions I have served at FACTOR, I have had a tremendous opportunity to have a front row seat to the development of the Canadian music industry over the past 25 years. I am very proud to lead this organization and look forward to seeing what the future holds. I do want to take a moment to acknowledge both the past and present members of the FACTOR Board of Directors, National Advisory Board and staff. They are the backbone reason that has enabled FACTOR to accomplish what it has. To all the artists, labels, managers, distributors’ etc. thank you for allowing FACTOR to participate in your dreams. Larry Leblanc was commissioned to write a piece on FACTOR, not the facts on FACTOR but how FACTOR has connected/impacted on the development of the industry. I hope you will take the time to read it. It puts a lot of context to how the industry has developed and some insights into the current challenges facing the industry. FACTOR has stayed the course for 25 years and has continued to evolve along with the music industry. With the current challenges facing the industry, I know that based on what we have accomplished in the past, “all I can say is look out world because Canada is going to be an even stronger force to be reckoned with.” Sincerely,


Heather Ostertag, C.M. President and CEO FACTOR



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From April 1, 1982 to March 31, 2007 FACTOR has: • • processed 43,203 requests for funding totaling $398,117,290 approved 16,184 projects for funding with offers totaling $124,609,233

On average 37.46% of all applications received an offer of funding. On average 31.22% of funds requested were offered. FACTOR supported sound recordings have sold over 31.6 million copies worldwide, generating retail sales in excess of $705,000,000. From inception to March 31, 2007 FACTOR has received $135,966,529 in funding. It breaksdown as follows: FACTOR received $86,986,457 in funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage FACTOR received $37,828,948 from private radio broadcasters Loan repayments have totaled $7,239,440 Interest earned has totaled $3,911,684

On average FACTOR has spent 12.46% per annum on administration. During the early years administration costs were a much higher percentage of the budget. Over the past 5 years it has been approximately 10% of total revenue.

Loan Repayments $7,239,440 5%

Interest $3,911,684 3%

Radio $37,828,948 28% Government $86,986,457 64%




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Written by Larry Leblanc
There is practically nothing drearier than being a developing musical act touring. The physical wear and tear on members is immeasurable. It’s a nether world of loading up rented vans, staying in low-budget rooms, and fighting to be heard by audiences. Artists traveling Canada know where they have been. Summer-time, it’s driving across deserted prairie roads so hot the asphalt and tar have melted. Winter-time, it’s snow storms in Atlantic Canada; snow drifts in northern Ontario and Quebec; and bears blocking the road in the Rockies. It’s driving through the prairies at 25 km. per hour because the roads are so icy you aren’t supposed to travel. “Then, if you are an up-and-coming band, a good opening slot is about exposure,” says guitarist Josh Ramsay of Vancouver-based Marianas Trench. “It’s a series $100 shows. Between gas and food for four guys, $100 is like petty cash. Sell some merch, and you might get your own bed that night. We would not have had the same debut album (“Fix Me”) if we didn’t have tour support from FACTOR early on.” “The Trews may not have seen the inside of a tour bus if it wasn’t for the support of FACTOR,” adds the band’s guitarist John-Angus MacDonald. That Canada is a leading global source of commercial pop and rock music is underscored by the global popularity of Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Shania Twain, Nickelback, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morissette, Diana Krall, k.d. lang, Barenaked Ladies, Billy Talent, Simple Plan, Finger Eleven, Deborah Cox, Glenn Lewis, and Three Days Grace- the bulk signed by multinational companies. International markets have also clearly embraced—on varying levels—such musically diverse acts as Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Leslie Feist, Patrick Watson, Bruce Cockburn, Ron Sexsmith, Blue Rodeo, New Pornographers, Bedouin Soundclash,


Four foreign-owned multinationals-- EMI Music, Universal Music, Sony BMG Music, and Warner Music—dominate Canada’s music market, and collectively account for 90% of revenue. They have significant advantages, of course, over Canadianowned independent labels. This includes having sales and working capital from their parent company lines; their own national distribution systems; a n d a c c e s s t o d i s t r i b u t i o n n e t works worldwide. In recent years, as the multinationals in Canada cut back on direct signings, the Canadian independent label and artist sector, benefiting from the growth in popularity of MySpace, Last FM, and YouTube, has become the primar y marketing window for emerging Canadian acts. This pivotal role of independents is underscored by the fact that the majority of Canadian jazz, country, blues and classical music is issued by independent sources. Another case in point also is that a coterie of entrepreneurial Canadian indies has developed such significant emerging acts as Joel Plaskett Emergency, Belly, Jenn Grant, K’naan, Nathan, Champion, Dave Gunning, the Golden Dogs, Justin Nozuka, Malajube, Emile-Claire-Barlow, Final Fantasy, Cadence Weapon, the Deadly Snakes, Julie Doiron, Miracle Fortress, Joel Kroeker, and Little Miss Higgins. “I continue to be struck by the supportive nature of the community in Canada,” wrote British DJ/historian Bob Harris in Maverick magazine (Oct. 2006 issue). “My strong impression is that the mix of financial support offered by FACTOR and other funding bodies, alongside Canadian government a c k n o w l edgement and the shared experiences of road and hardship, bond the people who are trying to

Metric, the Dears, Hot Hot Heat, Kid Koala, Buck 65, Sum 41, the Duhks, Tegan & Sara, Alexisonfire, Stars, the Trews, Silverstein, and Tokyo Police Club---the majority being with Canadian-based independent labels. As well, Canada has produced a significant number of folk/roots, jazz, urban, blues and classical performers that enjoy notable careers home and abroad. This includes folk and roots-based Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Harmer, Kathleen Edwards, Paul Reddick, Jesse Cook, the Bills, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, Jorane, James Keelaghan, Alana Levandoski, and Fred Eaglesmith; George Canyon, the Roadhammers, Michelle Wright, the Wilkinsons, and Shane Yellowbird in country; urban-based K-os, Saukrates, Choclair, Jacksoul, Ivana Santilli, and Massari; jazz acts like Holly Cole, Jane Bunnett, Molly Johnson, Denzel Sinclaire, and Dave Restivo; as well as the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Measha Brueggergosman, and Angele Dubeau in classical. “The success of Canadian music in recent years has definitely been a factor in HMV Canada's continuing ability to expand into new markets.” From HMV Canada’s website.




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make a living in this huge, sparsely populated country. They know that they are not going to sell a million copies of their records in Canada alone, so there is more smalllabel infrastructure, more awareness of the concept of building a following one fan at a time.” “FACTOR has really brought a profile onto Canada,” agrees singer/songwriter Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. “Its support has enabled us to evolve, and tour overseas as a nine or ten piece band.” “FACTOR support is pivotal to my career every second of the day,” says country star George Canyon. “Everybody makes the assumption that when you get a major record deal, it’s all buttercups and roses. But the music business is a business, and everything costs money.” A private non-profit organization providing assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian independent recording industry, the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (originally called The Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records) is the bedrock of Canada's music industry. It has played a pivotal role in Canada’s emergence as a global music player. “We would not be here if it wasn’t for FACTOR,” flatly states Nettwerk Productions president Ric Arboit. “We would not have been able to do a second or a third Sarah McLachlan album without FACTOR.” “Without FACTOR, I wouldn’t be here,” Bumstead Productions owner Larry Wanagas admits. “It’s that simple.” “FACTOR support is crucial to our label,” adds Jonathan Simkin, president of 604 Records in Vancouver. “It enables us to compete internationally.”

“FACTOR’s help for my first album (“Something Goin’ On Here” in 2003) made a big, big difference,” recalls British Columbia country star Aaron Pritchett. “For recording the album; for touring and having merchandising; and getting distribution of the album. If you compete with everybody on radio, it’s tough. (As a Canadian country artist) you are up against Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw and all of these major country artists that record in Nashville with big budgets.” Jazz saxophonist/flautist Jane Bunnett, adds, “The key moment in my career, for sure, was my first record ‘In Dew Time’ in 1988. The fact we were able to do an international record with FACTOR’s help was pivotal. We wanted to make the best record we could. FACTOR support allowed us to do that.” With a staff of 14, FACTOR administers contributions from sponsoring radio broadcasters as well as two components of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Music Fund programs. Monies are allocated according to programs overseen by a 11-member board of directors with representation from music and broadcast industries. FACTOR awards loans to Canadian-owned labels, and Canadian artists to aid in the production and marketing costs of recordings and/or DVDs for commercial release. It offers grants to defray production costs related to music videos. It supplies funds for domestic and international business development, and supports m u s i c industry tours and showcases. It also offers funding to three programs developed for emerging recording artists: the Independent Recording Loan, the Professional Demo Award, and the

Professional Publishers and Songwriters Demo Award. As Canada’s music business evolved internationally, and with more opportunities available through more platforms than ever before, the significance and impact of FACTOR funding have also increased. While the major beneficiaries of its programs have been record companies and individual artists, branches of the Canadian music industry that now greatly benefit from its funding include managers, publishers, recording studios, video makers, and music industry associations. “There’s a trickle down effect,” points out Wanagas. “A label applying to FACTOR for a recording will spend money working with studios, producers, engineers, graphic designers, photographers, wardrobe artists, make-up artists, and publicists. If the label applies for marketing support, they spend money on publicists, video directors, editors, and so on.” Blue Rodeo front man Jim Cuddy lauds FACTOR’s support of musical diversity, and the grassroots sector, “You want the representatives of your culture to be more than just the pop hit,” he says. “Although they are a great story, they don’t tell the whole story of what’s going on in Canada. FACTOR has been an enormous boost in telling Canada’s musical story.”

Following the introduction of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s 30% Canadian content radio regulations on AM in 1971, and on FM in 1975, many Canadian private broadcasters were, in principle, supportive of the need to help Canadian talent, and the need to build a solid record industry infrastructure. But it wasn’t until the ‘80s, they offered to play a leadership role.

In its 25 years, FACTOR has administered over $112 million in funding to assist in the development of the Canadian artists, and the independent music industry. In 2006-2007, it provided in excess of $14 million to support the sector.




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FACTOR was founded in 1982 as a result of discussions between the radio and music industries. It was founded by the Canadian Independent Record Production Assn. (CIRPA), the Canadian Music Publishers Assn. (CMPA), and by three major Canadian broadc a s t i n g c o m p a nies—CHUM Limited, Moffat Communications Limited, and Rogers Radio Broadcasting Limited. 1982 was co-incidentally the year an unprecedented number of Canadian pop artists jumped onto U.S. radio charts and radio play lists. “BEAVER TAKES A BITE OUT OF UNCLE SAM” read a headline in the Toronto Star (April 10, 1982). Seventeen acts made it onto Billboard’s Top 200 album chart in the year, including Rush, Loverboy, Saga, Aldo Nova, April Wine, Chilliwack, Triumph, Eddie Schwartz, and Bob and Doug McKenzie. These successes, followed the next year by Prism, Red Rider, Aldo Nova, and Bryan Adams, as well as the solid domestic successes of such Canadian country acts as Carroll Baker, the Family Brown, and Terry Carisse, however, obscured the fact that competition from the United States, both in terms of superstar product and the dominance of the multinationals, dwarfed Canada’s homegrown music industry. The vast majority of Canadian recordings were then being produced by independent labels operating on shoestring budgets having almost no funds for promotion, sales campaigns and the other functions that enable hits. While the CRTC’s CanCon quota had served an important role in establishing opportunities of exposure for Canadian artists previously, private broadcasters then felt that there were now insufficient new Canadian releases to satisfy their CRTC broadcasting requirements. Due to individual CRTC licensing commitments, these broadcasters were also required to invest in Canadian talent, which included stations supporting local musical events and funding “homegrown” albums of emerging talent.

“We were concerned with the quantity and quality of product available,” recalls Chuck McCoy, then a programmer at Moffat Communications. “There were concerns that the things we were doing with our money weren’t effectively bringing for ward more commercial product for our stations to play.” “We kept throwing things against the wall hoping they would stick,” recalls Duff Roman, then director of industry affairs, CHUM Ltd. “But there weren’t enough records (for airplay). FACTOR was a survival initiative (for broadcasters).” Widely credited with the idea of launching FACTOR is Attic Records co-founder Tom Williams who first broached the idea of a funding foundation with the three co-founding broadcasters. There were also pivotal meetings in the same period between Roman, and Department of Communications policy advisor John Watts; and between J. Robert Wood, program dir. of CHUM Radio, and True North president Bernie Finkelstein. Williams told broadcasters it’d be to their benefit to help improve the quality of Canadian recordings by providing production loans and grants. Recalls Williams “CHUM had just given $30,000 to a big band festival. At the same time, Bob Wood was complaining there weren’t enough Canadian records for CHUM to live up to its CanCon commitment. I tied those two things together. I told him, ‘If you have to spend this money anyway, why don’t you do something to help Canadian recordings?’ Then I met with (vicepresident) Jim Sward at Rogers, and with McCoy and Jim McLaughlin (vice-president Moffat Radio) and got their commitments.” “Tom argued the money broadcasters were spending on Canadian talent was not being

used to the betterment of artists’ careers,” recalls McCoy. “He had the idea that the broadcasters donate money through a board, represented by broadcasters and record company people, and we would fund records. We thought it was a good idea. We had a few meetings with our friends at Rogers and CHUM. That’s how FACTOR was born.” Funds would initially be provided by broadcasters as part of their Promise of Performance (POP) licensing commitment to develop Canadian talent as required by CRTC. “Broadcasters,” recalls Roman, “looked at what commitments under our POPs we could bundle up and make available for funding. It came to a pot of $200,000.” Next came a meeting with executives at CIRPA-- representing the interests of the English-speaking independent music sector in Canada-- and the CMPA at CHUM’s boardroom in Toronto. This led to FACTOR’s founding with a board of seven directors drawn from the radio and music industries. The organization was conamed by Roman--coming up with FACT-and CIRPA’s executive director Earl Rosen who suggested adding “OR” for “on records.” “Already, it was a collaborative effort,” jokes Roman. FACTOR was initially administered by CIRPA, and Rosen was its president from 1982-1986 FACTOR’s sole mandate was to help produce Canadian recordings suitable for radio airplay and retail sales. It started with a single program-- lending money through a jury process for production of recordings. “We wanted records for airplay; the music industry wanted to sell records,” explains Roman. “We didn’t accept the broadcasters’ argument that there wasn’t enough good Canadian music,” recalls Rosen. “We said if there was more money for labels to invest in production then Canadian recordings would sound more like the international




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productions.” Adds Rosen, “CIRPA wanted to support all genres of music, and broadcasters agreed to let selection juries recommend projects. Among the first applications approved, there were quite a few that were noncommercial.” FACTOR’s requirement that independent labels or individual artists must own their own masters was an important precedent for the future. Few labels or acts working with multinationals then owned their masters. This requirement would give labels and artists significant clout over the years to negotiate better deals for themselves with multinationals or to better operate as production companies. Soon afterwards, numerous private broadcasters transferred at least part of their local talent budgets to FACTOR. Says Roman, “We enticed other broadcasters saying, ‘Nobody needs another homegrown album. Join us and be part of FACTOR.’” At first, however, there was sizable wariness within Canada’s music industry over the role of FACTOR. ”People were skeptical,” admits Roman. “We did gather credibility because we had some very good people involved from the music industry. And like them, we broadcasters checked our guns at the door." By 1983, with an investment of $530,000 and over 70 recordings, the fund was being hailed as a true sign of industry-wide cooperation and accomplishment. In Oct. 1983, newsletter “The CHUM Report” made note of Canadian private broadcasters’ new responsibility: “If you are not a radio program manager or music director, your foremost concern as a broadcaster is likely not with the rise and fall in output of the Canadian recording industry. But it should be. The connection between the number of new Canadian content albums and singles released every week and success in reaching ratings and sales objectives is far more directly related than many

realize…For radio teams to build audiences and increase revenues, the players we put on the field must be competitive with those of our opponents.” In 1985, private radio broadcasters and French-language sound-recording firms formed MusicAction to create a similar production fund to FACTOR, primarily for French-language recordings and videos.

of $300,000 annually. “It helped us a great deal,” recalls Roman. “Then the feds came the next year, and we started talking real dole.” A significant benefit to FACTOR’s future from the merger was attaining Heather Ostertag, then an administrative assistant at CTL. “My impression when I met Heather was she was a work in progress,” recalls Roman. “A real work horse.” 1985 was the year that Canadian artists had another rush on the domestic marketplace and American hearts again. Bryan Adams, Corey Hart, Rush, Loverboy, Triumph and Gino Vannelli each had a strong year. Domestically, there were also the successes of new Canadian acts such as Platinum Blonde, Gowan, Parachute Club, Luba, Helix, Honeymoon Suite, Headpins, the Payolas and Jane Siberry. Meanwhile, however, there were growing concerns that Canada’s independent sector needed to be more aggressive in providing financial backing for its artists' international efforts. While multinationals have affiliates in most foreign markets, most Canadian independent labels must license their catalogs or specific product abroad either through a single worldwide deal with a multinational or on a territory-by-territory basis with a multinational or independent distributor. For Canadian independents, securing a meaningful U.S. release had long served as a gateway to international success. Yet, despite an impressive international showing by Canadian artists in the 80s, there were still considerable obstacles in securing releases of Canadian masters in the U.S. Generally, Canadian-based independents attempted to build an impressive sales success at home before trying to secure a “meaningful” release from as many of the international labels or distributors as possible, including a coveted U.S. release. But the wall was high. You could count without difficulty the numbers who’d made it over. “When I got k.d. lang signed to Sire Records in 1985, she was one of the few Canadians signed directly to an American


The same year, in order to increase its production fund, and support a wider variety of musical genres, FACTOR merged with the Canadian Talent Library Trust to form the shortly-lived FACTOR/CTL. CTL was a non-profit trust, operated by St a n d a r d B r o a d c a s t i n g t h a t h a d produced 268 popular and light classical albums since 1962, including those by Hagood H a r d y, P e t e r Appleyard, John Arpin, K e a t h Barrie, the Boss Brass, and the L a u r i e B o w e r Singers. CTL had first distributed its recordings only to subscribing broadcast stations, but it began leasing its masters for commercial release in 1966.

CTL provided FACTOR with further funding




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company,” recalls Wanagas. “Nobody in Canada even had international releases with the major American companies controlling rights. How things have since changed.” Music video stabilized the record business after its late 1970s/early 1980s slump. Previously, it would have taken years of press coverage, in-store posters, concerts and albums for an act to reach that level of audiences. Music videos, besides selling records, could also fuse an artist’s name with easily grasped personas.

favorable conditions for Canadian-owned companies—one which would act as a stimulant to private-sector funding. The program’s intent was to increase the number of quality pr oduc tion s by providing financial support from demo to master stage, as well as support for videos, touring, and radio syndication. The influx of federal funding ensured FACTOR’s effectiveness and enabled it to expand into other areas. In 1988, for example, FACTOR launched two new programs: Direct Board Approval Loans, intended to assist Canadian-owned active labels; and Professional Publisher and Songwriters Demo Awards to assist Canadian songwriters and publishers to produce quality demos. However, with the public funding, FACTOR had to break away from being under CIRPA’s administration due to its role as a lobby body. Rosen stepped down as executive director. A brief stint in the position by former WEA Music of Canada A&R head Gary Muth led to Roman and Ann Graham, director of Rogers Radio stepping in for a year. This was followed by another oneyear stint by Mel Shaw, past president of CIRPA, and founding president of Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (CARAS). Shaw recalls that Roman, who was also president of FACTOR for its first six years, was “Not only a driving force, he was a logistical force at FACTOR.” Shaw adds, “Duff knew what the broadcasters wanted to accomplish, and he fully understood the focus of the record industry. The programs were carefully thought out.” While SRDP funding allowed FACTOR to do so much more because there was so much more money available, it also led to the

organization coming under blistering music industry attack, particularly in the regions which cited favouritism. There was criticism that many of FACTOR’s loans, grant applications and approvals were rock music, and that the majority of approvals were from Ontario. “Ever ybody had a different take on what FACTOR should be,” recalls Roman. “The six early years were tough. I had everybody coming to me saying they could do it better.” “Everybody then was going, “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” recalls Ostertag. At the invitation of the Alberta Recording Industries Assn., Shaw returned to his hometown of Calgary to drum-beat FACTOR. He was overwhelmed by the reception. Performers Tom Kelly and Gene MacLellan encountered a similar reception when they went to Atlantic Canada for FACTOR a few months later. After Shaw left, Roman and Graham began seeking a new head administrator, It eventually dawned on them that Ostertag, by now the director of operations, was the obvious choice. “Heather is the classic case of an administrator who did much of the work, knew more than her bosses, and got none of the credit,” recalls Vancouver songwriter Jim Vallance, then a FACTOR board member. “Duff and Ann realized the best candidate was already in the room, and Heather got the job. It’s a bit of a Cinderella story.” “It took us awhile to learn that Heather was really backing up some of the people who passed through here,” agrees Roman.

However, the downside of video was that it substantially drove up the cost of releasing albums. While videos could be produced then for under $10,000, industry standards dictated minimal production costs of $1520,000 with maximum Canadian costs ranging from $75,000-$100,000. FACTOR's role grew significantly in 1986 when, after consultations with the various segments of the recording and broadcasting industries, the Department of Communications (DOC), began the Sound Recording Development Program (SRDP). Under SRDP, the DOC committed itself to invest $25 million over a five year period. The DOC chose FACTOR to administer 60% of the Fund for English & other-language companies, while MusicAction would administer the remainder for the French and other-language projects. The SRDP program offered assistance to Canadian-owned companies for the production of Canadian audio and video music, and radio programs; and to support marketing, international touring, and business development. It was the government’s first comprehensive program directed at strengthening the infrastructure of the Canadian-owned record industry. SRDP was intended to create the most




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As FACTOR evolved, a supportive Canadian media for Canadian artists evolved in the ‘80s. This included regular coverage from local daily newspapers and local TV stations and from such music-based national publications as Music Express, Canadian Musician and Canadian Country Music News. Regular national video coverage of Canadian acts was being provided by MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, and the YTV show “YTV Rocks.” The recording industry was then ser viced by two trade publications, The Record and RPM Weekly. Still, despite inroads into markets outside Canada that seemed inconceivable a decade earlier, popularity in Canada often did not hold much weight elsewhere, particularly the United States. Although they enjoyed strong domestic success, recordings by such notable Canadian acts as Honeymoon Suite, Platinum Blonde, Parachute Club, Dalbello, Frozen Ghost, Zappacosta, Headpins, Payolas and Rough Trade disappeared into the backwater of regional American markets. For those Canadian independent labels or acts seeking distribution outlets outside Canada, the obstacles were significant because they lagged behind the multinationals due to lack of finances and contacts. Meanwhile, the escalating production costs of making records and videos, plus the marketing costs associated with co-op retail advertising and in-store positioning, was placing financial stress on many Canadian indies. Independent labels and artists needed the supplemental support that SRDP provided to meet the challenges of the marketplace. Ideally, FACTOR financial funding was deemed a loan which Canadian-owned independent companies could use to record and support Canadian artists and eventually recoup on. However, FACTOR often

represented a high-risk bank of last resort. Some labels knew they wouldn’t be making money from what were essentially developmental projects which would take several albums before substantial revenue would be realized. Though the companies put up half the finances for recording and marketing support, FACTOR support was more appealing than putting up the full 100% of financing.

program was effective in producing completed works which attracted significant public attention. In a speech at the Music Canada Conference in Toronto on March 17, 1990, then federal Communications Minister Marcel Masse acknowledged the increasing demand in the industry for funding, saying, “The number of c o m panies now qualifying for SRDP funding is growing at such a rate—over one hundred per cent growth—that the program is swamped by more applications than it can possibly fund.”

Nettwerk’s Arboit, recalling the impact of early FACTOR funding on Nettwerk says, “We were three guys with day jobs who pulled nothing out of the company. FACTOR gave us $12,500 to start the Grapes of Wrath’s ‘Treehouse’ album. That was like winning the lottery. Not only did we get that but we could get $25,000 to tour. Being young and resourceful, we made $25,000 go a long way.” Jim Cuddy recalls the benefits of FACTOR funding in building an international profile for Blue Rodeo. “We’ve been able to go to Australia, Europe, the U.K, and the United States, largely because of FACTOR. Those tours are large undertakings for a band our size. But you want to represent the kind of band you are when you tour. We opened for Edie Brickell in Europe in 1989. That put us at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and in front of a lot of international Warner affiliates.” By 1990, FACTOR had 12 sponsoring broadcasters and its budget for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 1990 was just over $3,000,000 covering funding for 7 programs. SRDP was being recognized as a most useful government strategy because the

(SRDP) was made permanent in 1991, the program, now known as the Canada Music Fund Council (CMFC), allocated $5 million annually to the development of the sound recording industry in Canada; 60% to the English-language industry, represented by FACTOR, and 40% to the French-language industry, represented by MusicAction. By this time, FACTOR had provided recording assistance to more than 1,100 artists in all styles and supported more than 50 tours and the production of some 200 music videos. The base of Canadian labels---almost doubled in 1984-85 to 1995-96 (+81%) according to the Apr. 2000 report “Evaluation of the Sound Recording Development Program--Final Report.” The core of major companies under Canadian control with a revenue of $1 million represented 15%. It grew significantly from 9 companies in 1984-85 to 23 in 1995-96. At the same time, the growth of foreign markets made artist development in Canada more globally oriented. Labels increasingly began to look to develop artists who could leap international boundaries. Alannah Myles, Celine Dion, the Cowboy Junkies, the Tragically Hip, Jane Child, Rita MacNeil,




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Page 10

the Jeff Healey Band, Colin James, Kon Kan, Skinny Puppy, Mary Margaret O’Hara, and Jane Siberry made significant international gains in the early ‘90s. Still, some of Canada’s biggest domestic successes of the period, including the Northern Pikes, Tom Cochrane, Men Without Hats, Maestro Fresh-Wes, Gowan, Luba, Blue Rodeo, Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts and Sass Jordan experienced practically no international profile. But this began to change. In 1992 Sarah McLachlan, Crash Test Dummies, the Holly Cole Trio, Loreena McKennitt, the Grapes of Wrath, and 54:40 broke through internationally while enjoying success in Canada. By the early ‘90s, FACTOR support became even more relevant as a vibrant, grass-roots alternative scene developed with a high number of alternative-styled bands enjoying sizeable success releasing their own independent recordings, leading to intense A&R scrutiny from multinationals. Initially leading the way were Barenaked Ladies, Sloan, Moxy Furious, the Waltons, Doughboys, I Mother Earth, Ashley MacIsaac, King Cobb Steelie, Lowest of the Low, Change Of Heart, and Eric’s Trip. While support from MuchMusic and alternative and college radio was vital in boosting the careers of these acts, it was also the enthusiastic support of such major retail chains as Sam the Record Man, and HMV Canada. At HMV’s Yonge Street flagship store, for example, the independent section ran from 600-1,000 titles, and was front racked near the high-traffic ground floor entrance. HMV promoted independent product by utilizing a chart, in-store displays, and in-store listening posts. Noticing that Canada's independent sector had become a potent A&R source, multi-

nationals in Canada began to eagerly seek out such talent via tie-ins with independent labels and artists via pressing and distribution agreements, co-ventures, or licensing deals. Meanwhile, Canadian country music was attaining more credibility. A star system had been established by the likes of Ian Tyson, George Fox, Michelle Wright, Prairie Oyster, Gary Fjellgaard, Patricia Conroy, the Good Brothers, Lisa Brokop, and the Johner Brothers. Canada’s urban acts, including D r e a m Warriors, Michie Mee & LA Luv, Kon K a n , Maestro FreshWes, and M a i n Source, were spreading the word internationally that Canadians could make great dance music. 1995 provided one of Canada’s most productive years, as McLachlan, McKennit, Siberry, and Crash Test Dummies set the pace internationally. At home, the most popular Canadian independent artist was Toronto-based singer/songwriter Hayden. His album “Everything I Long For” topped indie charts in the country for months. Other leading independents releases were registered by Pluto, Treble Charger, Glueleg, Len, Eric’s Trip and Monoxides. The following year, releases by Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette and Shania Twain dominated the global music marketplace. Canada finally was being widely recognized as a leading repertoire source. Wanagas noticed significant differences to Canada’s music industry when he returned in 1999, after 8 years in the United States. “I became aware very quickly how things had changed,” he says. “When I left Canada in 1991, it was very difficult to have a full time job in the music business in this country unless you were employed by a As well,

major record company, a major publisher, SOCAN or CIRPA. “When I came back, I could see you could make a living in the music business in Canada. That there was an infrastructure. I could see it the minute I got here. A lot of the change had to do with FACTOR.”

In its efforts to ensure that there was a national presence having a voice in who received funding, FACTOR started working with the provincial music industry associations (where they existed). The associations represented FACTOR to their local industry and helped with the dissemination of information about the various programs. As well, they shared the responsibility with FACTOR of conducting juries. The associations assigned a staff member to act as a Regional Evaluation Co-Ordinator (REC). In 1991, it started out with the associations doing it on a volunteer basis. As the relationship developed and the associations became comfortable with representing FACTOR and holding juries, more and more time was dedicated to program development and in 1995 the National Advisory Board was created. At the bi-annual meetings the associations bring forward any feedback (both negative and positive) they had received. This ensures that FACTOR continues to remain responsive to the needs of the industry coast to coast to coast. “I am very proud of our National Advisory Board and the relationships FACTOR has developed with the provincial and territorial music industry associations throughout Canada. One could say they are a cornerstone in the success FACTOR supported projects have had” states Ostertag.

In 2001, the Canadian government renewed its commitment to the recording industry by developing the Canadian Sound Recording Policy under the Canada Music Fund (CMF), which includes t h o s e s u p port programs FACTOR administers.




12:33 PM

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However, CMF was rolled into a new threeyear overall cultural program, Tomorrow Starts Today. This led to CMF—including t h o s e p r o grams administered by FACTOR—being switched to "temporary" status, and being subject to annual federal cabinet approval. This "temporary" status, and perceived threat to FACTOR’s future, spurred an independent committee of 20 Canadian music industry figures to launch the “Save Canadian Music” campaign in 2003. There have since been concerns that FACTOR was being sidelined to a lessened industry role by the Music Entrepreneur Component (MEC) program launched by Canadian Heritage in Sept. 2005. Initial funding for the program began to flow April 1, 2006. MEC—with an annual $10 million budget funds 19 established Canadian-owned labels. Nine of these— including Justin Time, Aquarius, Analekta, Tox, all in Montreal; Marquis, and True North in Toronto, and Nettwerk in Vancouver--previously drew funding from various FACTOR programs. “The launch of MEC shows a measured result of what we did for over two decades,” points out Ostertag proudly. “We grew companies. We still have plenty of labels at FACTOR, and will continue to have success stories.” However, due in part to evolving new communication technologies, there has been a dramatic shift in the recording industry in recent years. Downloading of music via the Internet and widespread CD-R copying, coupled with competition from such leisure products as DVD video, and computer games, has adversely affected recorded music sales worldwide. FACTOR realized that the Canadian-owned label and artist sector needed additional supplemental support to enhance their competitiveness within the growing digital economy, and to help it meet the challenges of the domestic marketplace, as well as to export their catalogs abroad.

As a result, FACTOR undertook an evaluation of its programs and relationships and roles with its sponsors in 2005. The evaluation was conducted on behalf of FACTOR by Ascentia and there was input from 878 people drawn from music and broadcast industries. “We had been struggling with overhauling programs because we were only getting one year contracts from Heritage,” explains Ostertag. “Do you reinvent FACTOR if it may be closed down? Once we had the five year commitment, we started the review

are increasingly seeking a great international presence. ”FACTOR helps us compete globally,” says Peter Cardinali, owner of jazz-styled Alma Records in Toronto. “We’ve been able to offer support to make international product that competes internationally. It lets us develop product and artists. Anybody I’ve ever spoken to in any territory elsewhere are very envious that we have something like this.” Many predict a grim picture for Canada’s independent sector if FACTOR closed down. “I can’t imagine the Canadian music industry surviving without FACTOR,” says Rosen. “FACTOR is as important, if not more important than it’s ever been,” says Wanagas. Ostertag agrees, “There’s always going to be a place for FACTOR because there is always going to be emerging talent. We’re developing the farm team and preparing them for bigger and better things.”

process. Then we refocused the organization, and streamlined our programs.” “At most times, FACTOR has been very responsive to the industry’s needs, and have listened very carefully,” points out Bernie Finkelstein, president of True North Records in Toronto. “Touring, marketing and promotion funding became more important,” says Montrealbased FACTOR Chair, Jim West, also president of Distribution Fusion III, and Justin Time Records. “It used to cost $200 an hour to record, now it’s a lot less. And at the same time marketing and promotion costs skyrocketed.” The reorganization was timely. The music industry worldwide began 2007 as a punching bag, in the throes of a slump that appears terminal to many of the people who work in it. Lay-offs have been commonplace throughout the industry--in Canada and elsewhere--as music sales have fallen. Yet, Canadian independent labels and artists with FACTOR support are finding a more receptive global audience for their catalogs while building a strong brand identity within Canada. As well, confident about their international networking skills, they

About Larry Leblanc

Larry LeBlanc has been a leading figure in Canadian music for four decades. Canadian bureau chief of Billboard, the U.S.-based music trade he has been associated with since 1991, Larry was also the co-founder of the late Canadian music trade, The Record. His byline has appeared in such p u b l i c a tions as Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, and Maclean’s. He has been extensively quoted on music issues in hundreds of publications including Time, and the New York Times. In recent years, Larry has acted as a consultant for The Canadian Competition Bureau, The Canadian Private Copying Collective, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, CHUM Ltd., and the Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada.




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Jim West – Chair Kathleen McNair – Vice Chair Alvin Jahns – Treasurer Rob Farina – Secretary Pegi Cecconi


Ric Arboit Terry Kelly Wendy Duff Nicole Jolly Brian Depoe Brian Hetherman

Duff Roman – Director Emeritus

Past Members of the Board of Directors of FACTOR include:
Alan Wood Alexander Mair Andrew Hermant Ann Graham Aubrey Winfield Bill Kearns Bob Templetion Brian Chater Brian Keevil Charlotte Bell Chuck McCoy Don Shafer Doug Ackhurst Duff Roman Earl Rosen Eric Stafford Gary Slaight Greg Stewart Hal Blackadar Harvey Glatt J.J. Johnston Jason Sniderman Jim Vallance John Redmond Larry Wanagas Marc Paris Mark Lazare Peter Parrish Randy Lennox Richard Hahn Robert Farmer Robert Redmond Bolded denotes past President/Chair of FACTOR Board of Directors Roy Hennessy Sandy Sanderson Sheri Jones Francis W.H. Davies Steve Harris Steve Kennedy Steve Prendergast Sylvia Tyson Terry Flood Terry McBride Tom Berry Tom Williams Vic Wilson Vincent DiMaggio Wayne Patton




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ALBERTA RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION R Alana Ryan R Charlotte Bowman R Gary McDonnall R Kennedy Jenson R Juliette Charney R Maryanne Gibson ABORIGINAL REPRESENTATION N Curtis Jonnie N Errol Ranville MUSIC R N N R R R R CIRPA N N N BC Amanda Schweers Bob D'Eith Ellie O'Day Ellie O'Day Kate Polsky Leah Neale Savry Bou MUSIQUE NEW BRUNSWICK R Claudia Boucher R Glenn Ingersoll R Melissa Gallant N Robert Bellefleur R Robert Bellefleur R Yolande Bourgeois MUSIC INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR N Denis Parker R Denis Parker R Janet Cull R Jennifer Winsor MUSIC R N N R & FILM IN MOTION Denis Landry Denis Landry Mark Palumbo Mike Large SASK MUSIC N Carrie Horachek R Diane Nolte R Greg Kurtz N J.P. Ellson R Julie Desjarlais N Marian Donnelly R Marian Donnelly R Noreen Neu URBAN MUSIC ASSOCIATION OF CANADA N Aisha Wickham N Will Strickland MUSIC N R N R YUKON Barbara Chamberlin Grant Simpson Mark Smith Mark Smith


Brian Chater Cori Ferguson Duncan McKie

CANADIAN MUSIC PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION N Catharine Saxberg EAST COAST MUSIC ASSOCIATION N Steve Horne INDUSTRY AT LARGE N Alvin Jahns N Erin Kinghorn N J.P. Ellson N Marc LaFrance MANITOBA AUDIO RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION N Gaylene Dempsey R Gaylene Dempsey N Sam Baardman R Sam Baardman R Sara Stasiuk MUSIC MANAGERS FORUM N Brian Hetherman N Susan De Cartier

MUSIC INDUSRY ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA R Anthony Ring R Christine Buiteman R Christine Flemming N Gordon Lapp R Janet Lee Brannon R Kasia Morrison R Ross Piercey N Shelley Nordstrom R Sheri Jones N Tanya Wolstenholm MUSIC R R N PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Betty Lou Jordan Campbell Webster Grady Poe

QUEBEC R Shevaughn Battle R Tanya Wolstenholm

KEY N –represents member of National Advisory Board R- represents a Regional Evaluation Co-Ordinator It should be noted that for those individuals that have been listed twice it is because they worked with FACTOR in both capacities. For those names hat are “bolded” it represents those individuals currently involved with FACTOR.




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% of Total Approved Applications 5.13% 18.36% 4.97% 1.03% 1.08% 6.07% 48.15% 0.63% 11.63% 1.49% 0.59% 0.88% 100.00% % of Funds Offered as Compared to Requested 34.77% 35.75% 46.26% 41.60% 33.52% 38.97% 37.27% 45.95% 38.37% 28.62% 51.63% 54.41% 37.46%


Applications Received 2,387 8,310 1,740 399 522 2,520 20,911 222 4,905 842 184 261 43,203

Applications Approved 830 2,971 805 166 175 982 7,793 102 1,882 241 95 142 16,184



35, 000 30, 000 25, 000 20, 000 15, 000 10, 000 5, 000 0 AB BC MB NB NL NS ON PE QC SK US YT

Applic ations Approved

Applic ations Submitted




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% of Funds Offered as Compared to Requested 14.34% 27.20%


Funds Requested 23,789,115 78,388,484 10,083,400 3,108,040 3,593,048 17,707,438 205,005,805 2,781,709 44,205,886 5,368,600 2,811,414 2,274,350 399,117,291

Funds Offered 3,410,334 21,318,038 4,082,213 1,221,958 906,978 5,972,701 65,938,731 1,452,646 17,323,233 1,152,078 859,622 970,700 124,609,233

% of Total Offered 2.74% 17.11% 3.28% 0.98% 0.73% 4.79% 52.92% 1.17% 13.90% 0.92% 0.69% 0.78% 100.00%


40.48% 39.32% 25.24% 33.73% 32.16% 52.22% 39.19% 21.46% 30.58% 42.68% 31.22%


300,000,000 250,000,000 200,000,000 150,000,000 100,000,000 50,000,000 0 AB BC MB NB NL NS ON PE Funds Offered QC SK US YT

Funds Requested




12:33 PM

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% of Applications Approved as Compared to Requested


Applications Received

Applications Approved

% of Total Approved

Aboriginal A/C

102 1,431 4,880 523 778 8 3,226 1,847 1,561 484 525 1,738 4,925 392 3,779 4,122 653 2,361 3,390 1,875 1,050 3,553 43,203

39 335 1,830 196 364 6 1,076 609 432 174 128 655 1,661 113 1,270 1,636 255 742 901 557 411 2,794 16,184

0.24% 2.07% 11.31% 1.21% 2.25% 0.04% 6.65% 3.76% 2.67% 1.08% 0.79% 4.05% 10.26% 0.70% 7.85% 10.11% 1.58% 4.58% 5.57% 3.44% 2.54% 17.26% 100%

38.24% 23.41% 37.50% 37.48% 46.79% 75.00% 33.35% 32.97% 27.67% 35.95% 24.38% 37.69% 33.73% 28.83% 33.61% 39.69% 39.05% 31.43% 26.58% 29.71% 39.14% 78.64% 37.46%


Alternative Childrens Classical Comedy Country Dance Easy Listening Folk/Blues Heavy Metal Jazz/Blues Pop Reggae Rock Roots Rock Alternative Rock Harder Rock Softer Urban World Multi Genre TOTAL

8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0
A/ Al C er na tiv e C hi ld re n C la s ss ica l C om ed y C ou nt ry D Ea sy anc e Li st en Fo ing lk /B H ea lue s vy M et Ja al zz /B lu es R oc k R oo Al ts te rn at R oc iv e k H ar R de oc r k So fte r U rb an W or M ld ul ti G en re R oc k Ab or ig Po p R eg ga e in al

A pplic ations A ppr ov ed

A pplic ations Submitted




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% of Total Offered % of Funds Offered as Compared to Requested


Funds Requested

Funds Offered

Aboriginal A/C Alternative Childrens Classical Comedy Country Dance Easy Listening Folk/Blues Heavy Metal Jazz/Blues Pop Reggae Rock Roots Rock Alternative Rock Harder Rock Softer Urban World Multi Genre TOTAL

1,118,441 14,282,436 45,013,403 4,901,874 8,264,706 123,401 25,336,815 15,281,172 12,506,125 3,462,210 4,981,306 18,592,772 45,869,763 3,549,814 43,526,492 36,402,944 3,924,122 19,479,086 25,919,658 22,586,492 10,960,015 33,034,241 399,117,290

269,328 2,527,572 12,850,113 1,331,525 2,791,620 93,315 6,536,862 3,520,624 2,761,491 1,092,438 1,073,113 5,897,056 12,425,598 651,109 13,248,568 10,648,710 1,231,688 6,248,899 6,014,866 5,748,616 2,773,050 24,873,071 124,609,233

0.22% 2.03% 10.31% 1.07% 2.24% 0.07% 5.25% 2.83% 2.22% 0.88% 0.86% 4.73% 9.97% 0.52% 10.63% 8.55% 0.99% 5.01% 4.83% 4.61% 2.23% 19.96% 100%

24.08% 17.70% 28.55% 27.16% 33.78%


75.62% 25.80% 23.04% 22.08% 31.55% 21.54% 31.72% 27.09% 18.34% 30.44% 29.25% 31.39% 32.08% 23.21% 25.45% 25.30% 75.29% 31.22%

70,000,000 60,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 0

l Al A/C er na ti C hi ve ld re n C la s ss ic C al om ed y C ou nt ry Ea sy Dan ce Li st e Fo nin lk g H /Blu ea e vy s Ja Me zz tal /B lu es Po Re p gg ae R oc R k oc R k Al oot s te R rna oc tiv k H e R ard oc k er So fte r U rb an W M or ul ld ti G en re
Funds Reques ted Funds Offered

Ab or

ig i





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a.k.a. AA Sound System Aardvark Safari Aaron James Activate Against The Grain Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir Agriculture Club Airwave Al Brant Alien Rebels Alix Bean Amanda Rae Cross Amber Dawn Fleury Amos Garret & Doug Sahm Amos Garrett Amy Seeley Andi Zack Andrea Michelle Andrew Creaghan Ann Vriend Anna Beaumont Anne Loree Annette Barkley Anthony Gromniski A-Okay Arlene Kole Asani Aubergines Back Alley John Barbara Chamberlin Barbera Brocke Beauty Myth Becari Belvedere Benjamin Perrier Big Dave McLean Bill Dowey & Blues Devils Bill Kole Billy Bob Black Diamond Bob Kitella Bomba Bourne & MacLeod Boyd Williams Brad Bayley Brant & Skelly Brent McAthey Brent Saks Brian E. Buchanan Brian Elwood Brian Hayward Brown Eyed Susans Buccaneers BURST Calliope Cannon Anny Cape May CapodelCapi Capt. Nemo Captain Tractor Carey Jay Carla Rugg Carmen Carolyn Harley Cathy Bayliss Chad VanGaalen Charlotte Wiebe Chikara Chixdiggit Chunk Cindy Church Cindy Scott City Streets, The Clayton Bellamy Band Clear Isabel

Colin Arsenault Colin Linden Colleen Marie Brown Corb Lund Band Cori Brewster Cori Brewster/S. Lester-Smith Corrie Chant Craig McIvor Cripple Creek Fairies Cristina Menz Crow Girls Crystal Kid Curtis Santiago D.V.L. Dale Nikkel Dance Nash Danceielle French Danceny Hooper Dar Volk & Le Vrai Dave Hamilton David Orrell David Wilcox David Wilkie & Cowboy Celtic Dayle Simpson Debbie Zepick & MVP Debra Edgar Debra Power Debut Deltans Deville Dino Martinis Donald Anthony Varze Doug Corriveau Doug Faires Downchild Blues Band downway Duane Steele Dudes Earthquake Pills EarthTONES El Chupacabra Ellen McIlwaine Everett LaRoi Exit 303 Falconhawk Faunts Filmmaker Fire Engine Red First Draft Floor Frank Trainor Gary Fjellgaard Gary Fjellgaard and Valdy Gary Wilson George Fox George Koufogiannakis Gil Grand Gina Williams Glen Halls Glen Stace Glen Stace, Joey Novak Glenn Pettit Gord Bamford Gordon McCulloch Grace Under Pressure Grain Grift Ground Guaranteed Gypsy Butterfly Harley Symington Harry Manx & Kevin Breit Heather McKenzie-Bueckert Higher Power Holly Wright Hot Little Rocket Huevos Rancheros Hyperpsyche Ian MacDonald

Ian McCallum Ian Tyson Jake Mathews James Cote Jan Kreuger Janan Frances Jane Hawley Janet Belma Jay Willis Jeari Czapla Jeff Healey Jeff Hendrick Jeff Kushner Jessica Schoenberg Jim Henry Jimmy Whiffen Joanne Myrol Jo-Anne Whitley Joe MacIsaac John Cain John Hamnett John Wilson John Wort Hannam Johner Brothers Jolene Riou Jon Nordstrom JorDance Cook JorDance Cook Band Jori Page Project, The Josh Flint & Chad Holtzman Jr. Gone Wild Just Karen Cunningham Karen K. Karen Romanchuk Kathleen Yearwood Kenton Gilchrist Kia Kadiri Kickstart Kilgore Trout King Muskafa Kiss The Midget Kitty Cochrane Kris Demeanor Kris Demeanor & His Crack Band Kris Wenzel Krista Hartman Kristian Alexandrov Larry Lee Vannatta Las Vegas Crypt Keepers Laura Vinson & Free Spirit Laurie Clark Leadfoot Twins, The Leon & Eric Bibb Lesley Schatz Lester Quitzau Leviride Liese McDonald Lillian Penner Linda Paton Lisa Hewitt Long John Baldry Lorna MacLachlan Lorrie Matheson Lorrie Matheson & Brass Tacks Luann Kowalek Lux Mad Bomber Society Madrazor Mae Moore Maple Creek Maria Dunn Mariko Yamagishi Beason Mark Korven Mark Mallett Mark Sterling Marshall Tully May Run McDades

Michael James Shields Michael Shellard Michael Wyatt Werbisky Mico Mike Comrie Mike Gouchie Mike Plume Band Mike Scullion Mike Shields Mike Stack Militant Rap Party Minervah Mocking Shadows Mollys Reach Mykal Ammar Myrol Nancy Laberge Narcis Hadzismajlovic Neo A4 nickel finger No Diving Norm Rooke Old Reliable Orgy of Lost Souls Oscar Lopez Oti & Crystal Raven P.J. Perry Quartet Painting Daisies Paperboys Paradise Motel Pat Hatherly Paul Brandt Paul Descoteaux Paul Faber Paul James Paul Wood Phattoe Picasso's Life Plaid Tongued Devils Polyjesters Porter Hall Prairie Oyster Presence Pressure Kill Common Style Q.E.D Qwest R! society Ralph Boyd Johnson Randy Owen Bishop Raw Boswin Ray Bonneville Rayovaq Red Line Reese Klaiber Rembetika Hipsters Rita Chiarelli Robert Burton Robert Burton & The Strange Robert Burton Hubele Robert Walsh Rockin' Highliners Rock'n Horse Band Romaniacs Ron Mahonin Ron Varze Running on Ice Russian Artist Factory Sailcats Sailcats Samantha King Samantha Robichaud Sandro Dominelli Sandro Dominelli Sextet Seanachie Shirley Lange Shirley Thiel Simon Fisk Trio Simpson Brothers, The SIR

Sir Sista's By Culture Slash & Bleeding Hearts Sleave SMAC SMAK Smalls Something Else Sons of Daughters Source South Mountain St. Crispin's Chamber Ensemble Steb Sly Steve Chivilo Steve Pineo & Groovemakers Strange But True Stratejakets Summerlad Supersift Susan Moss Sweet Lucy Swiftys Sylvia Tyson Tami Greer Tanya Kalmanovitch Tanyss Nixi Tanyss Nixi & the Angry Mob Tariq Teresa Neuman Terry McDade Theo De Gagne Theresa Wasden This Fear Thomas Alexander Tim Leacock Tim Tamashiro Tim Williams Titanic Reaction Tom Landa & the Paperboys Tom Phillips Tom Wilson Tony Caputo Tracy Cadman Trikl Act Triphoria TUrbanine Twin Fangs Unltd Unstable Thought Vailhalen Val LeRoy Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard Valerie Mizzoni Various Artists - The Gift VeDanceta Vivianne Cardinal Voya Wayne Allchin Welcome Wendy McNeill Wendy McNeill & Fiends Wesley Chu Wild Colonial Boys Wild Heart Wilfred N and the Grown Men Wisdom Woodpigeon Wynona-Sue & The Turnpikes You Say Party! We Say Die! Zappacosta




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54:40 3-2-1 Ladies and Gentlemen 1 Luv 12 Gauge 4 Real (Various Artists) A.C. Newman A-440 Aaron Booth Aaron Cadwaladr Aaron Pritchett Abandoned Youth ACountrystic Love Active Pass Adrian McMorran Adrienne Pierce After All Against My Religion Age of Faith Agent Aimless James Al Rodger Alan Wild Alex Cuba Band Alex Mckechnie Alexz Alfie Rage Alibi Alicken Hue Alijha Alison Hogan All About Us Allen Dobb Allison Crowe Alonso Alpha Yaya Diallo Aly Young Alyssa Nielsen Amarantos Amie Moore Amir Koushkani/ Vcr. Chamber Choir Andrea Helen Pearson Andrea Klas Andres Andrew Arida Andrew Dowling Quartet Andrew Smith Andrews & Lawrence Andromeda Anet Anet (former Hormone) Anna Hostman Anna Tkachenko Anne Leader Anne Leader / Colin Sharp Anne-Marie Wilkinson Annette Ducharme Annihilator Anselmo Arlen Park Armchair Cynics Art Ellefson / Jazz Modus Band Art Napoleon Art of Dying Ashleigh Robinson Ashley Park Asian Youth Gang Asza A-Trak audio lava Awkward Stage Babblebrook Babe Gurr Babyface Ballet Mecanique

Barney Bentall & Legendary Hearts Barnum & Baird Orchestra Barrie Smith Barry Mathers Bassic Instincts Bates Motel Be Good Tanyas Beekeepers Begwon Belairs Belinda Bruce Bella Belle Starr Belly Button Window Belter Belvedere Ben Hur Ben Rogers Bend Sinister Between The Lines Beverley Elliott Beverly Klass Bianca Carli Bif Naked Big Big Lions Big Rig Sweeties BigMuff Bill Henderson Bill Hilly Band Bill Leeb Bills Billy and The Lost Boys Billy Butcher Bishop Brigante Black Halos Black on Black Black Rice Blackie & The Rodeo Kings Blake Havard Blinded Blinki Blue Island Blue Mundae Blue Northern Blues Berries Bob D'eith Bob Kemmis Bobby Doucette Bob's Your Uncle Bocephus King Body Electric Bonnie Ste - Croix Bontempi Book of Lists Bookroom Bootleg Boris Aeven/Realm Bossanova Bottleneck Bounty Hunta Boxcutter (former Window Pain) Boy Wonder Brad Turner Quartet Brad Turner Trio Brain Chain Freedom Brainbox (Brothers & Systems) Brand New Unit Brass Roots Brent Howard Brent Howard & Southern Cherry Brice Morrison British Columbia Boys Choir Britt Black Brock Davis Brothers Creeggan Bruce Countryghlan Brundlefly Buck 65

Bull Dogs Bullfrog Burnettes Buttless Chaps By A Thread By Divine Right Cal Batchelor Band Calamalka Camille Thomas Canadian Guitar Trio Canadian Tenors Candice Nolan Candy Apple Green Canned Hamm Cannonball Jones & The Fishtones Carl Ragan Carly Jepsen Carmelina Cupo Carmen Hillary Carnival Band Carol Sokoloff Carolyn Arends Carolyn Arends Trio Carolyn Knight Carolyn Mark Cartels Casey Marshall Band Castle Project Catherine St. Germain Catlow Chad Makela Chanelle Dupre Charlie Mackenzie Charlotte Anne Wrinch Charlotte Virtue Che: Chapter 127 Chi Turner Chicharones Chin Injeti Chloe White Chris Field Chris Frye Chris Michaels Chris Tarry Christie Grace Cinderpop Cipher (Common Knowledge) Circlesquare Circus In Flames Claudia Payne Clayton Carrigan Clea Roddick Clear Water Club Of Rome Clumsy Lovers Coal Colin Arthur Colin James Colin Sharp Colleen Coadic Colorifics Complete Conjure One Contestants Cooldown Corbin Murdoch & Nautical Miles Cordes en Folie Corey Abrams Corey Primus Cori Brewster Cozybones Cradle to Grave Craig McKerron Crankshaft Cranston Foundation Crash Creators

Creature From A Faster Planet Crowned King Crusoe Crusoe / Anne Leader Cruzeros Crystal Cote Crystal Joy Li-Pak-Tong Cub Curtis Blayne Curtis Tulman Cynthia Hall d.b.s. D.O.A. Dal-Dil-Vog Damn The Diva Dance Beer Dance Mangan Dancea Irving Dancecing On Glass Danceiel Bremnes Danceiel Lapp Danceiel Powter Danceielle Desjardins Danceny Mack Darcy Hepner Daryl Burgess & Rhythm Snakes Daryl Jahnke Dasha Postnikova Dave Burton Dave Ferguson Dave Nichol David Brockington David Cambrin David Cory David Francey David Gogo David Goodman David Graff David Hoerl David Lyle David Park David Raven David Wilde Davor Vulama Dawn Ellingson Day Four Daybi Daytona DDT Dead Celebrity Status Dead Voices On Air Dear god Debbie Bergeron Deborah Caldwell Delerium Derringer Despistado Destroyer Devin Townshead/Ocean Machine Devon Townsend Diamond In The Rough Diana Raye Diane Barbarash Diane Taylor Dianne Kauffman Dick, Jane and Sally Diddlers Diesel Candy Dirtmitts Diversions Diversions, frmrly Accidental Death DJ Dickey Doo DJ K-Rec Dobb and Dumela Doe Re Me Don Hardy

Don Rooke Donald R. Gehring-"Daddy G" Don't Blink Dorn Beattie Dorothy Missing Dosha Double Dragon Double Eagle Band Doubting Paris Doug & The Slugs Doug Milledge Doug Mix Doug Naugler Douglas Pashley Douglas Simpson Download Drexel's Eye Drop Pop Girl Duane O'Kane Dudes Duo Noblesse Obligo Dustin Bentall Dyhan Roberts Earle Peach & Friends Ebrahim Econoline Crush Ed King Eddie Carrigan Edmo Eduardo Mandiola Eileen McGann Elaine Goingo Elena Di Giovanni Elese Elias Elizabeth Elizabeth McQuade Emily JorDance Empty Vessels Empyria EQ Erik Johnson Esma Hasanovic Euneverse Evan Chan Evaporators Evil Explorers Eye Desire Fabulon Faith Trio Falcons Family Man Fancey Fara Fara Palmer Farmer's Daughter Fear of Flying Fear Zero Feed Bag Feel Trip Feisty Feminists Fen Fidgital Fifth Business Finesse & Showbiz Fiona Lehn Flange Flannel Jimmy Flip Nixon flipswitch Flu FNDMNTL Folk on the Road Tour Following Horus Fourth World Francis Garcia Fraser James MacKenzie




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Fraser MacKenzie Fred Everything Freedom Rain Freeflow Frenzy Freshbread Frog Eyes Front Front Line Assembly Funk'N'Stein Funkyard Furios Gabezra & The Way Out Galileo Garfield Garliconspiracy Gary Comeau Gavin Hope Gay Genius Geoff Berner Geoff Gibbons George Mallette Georgen Mounten River Band Georgina Taylor GG Dartray Ginger Ginnie Giovanni Amenta Girl Nobody Give Global Hi - Fi Perspective Go Four 3 Gob Gonch Messiah Gordon G McLaren Graham Bleasdale Grames Brothers Gramma Funk Grapes of Wrath Great Aunt Ida Great Conspiracy Great Escape Great Lake Swimmer Great Uncles of the Revolution Green Room Greenhouse Greentara Greg Magirescu Greg Sczebel Gypsalero Happy Campers HappyMan Hard Rock Miners Harpdog Brown& The Bloodhounds Harps of Avalon Harry Manx Heavy Blinkers Heck Hemant Rao Her Sweet Time Hermit Herold Nix Hethro Highway Freak Ticket Hilary Grist Hilt Hinterland Hip Pocket Hirshee Hissy Fit Honeymans Hot Hot Heat Huevos Rancheros Hume Hylozoists Ian Coleman Quartet

Ian Johnstone Ian McDougall Sextet Ian Tarasoff ID's Immaculate Machine Incognito Indian Lion Inhabitants Iris Irises Itch J Burgess Band J. Knutson J.J. J.T. King Jabber Jack Harlan Jack Tripper Jackie Brown Jacqueline Leiske Jacqueline Rendell Jaime RT Jambanja/Ilana Moon James Keelaghan Jamie Donald Jane Eamon Janet Russell Jar Jas Forest Jason Mitchell Jaybird Jazzberry Ram Jeanette O'Keefe Jeans Jeet K da Tripmaster Jeevyn Dhaliwal Jeff Danceiels Jeff Morris Jeff Sutherland Jeffrey Hatcher & The Big Beat Jellyfishbabies Jen Naration Xperience Jen Paches Jenifer McLaren Jenna James Jennifer Campbell Jennifer Hershman Jennifer Webster Evans Jenny Whiteley Jerk With A Bomb Jess Lee Jessica Beach Jessie Farrell Jet Set Satellite Jets Ovehead Jillian Michaels Jim Byrnes Jim Byrnes A Countrystic Band Jim Mennear Jimmy Roy's 5 Star Hillbillies Joanne Stacey Joe Countryghlin Joe Cruz Joe Keithley Joe McDonald Joel Feeney & Western Front Joel Kroeker Joel Parkes Joey Keithley Joey Novak Joey Wright John Alden John Bottomley John Demers John Doheny Quintet

John Gogo John JorDance John Mann John Mitchell John Noren John Philip Wade John Pippus John Prisland John Reischman & the Jaybirds John Smith, Pip Skid, Gruf Johnny D. Johnny Ferreira Johnny Ferreira & The Swing Machine Jonathan Fossey Jonathan Hetherington Jonathan Inc. JorDance Carrier JorDance Doell Josh Martinez Joyelle JP5 Judy Atkin Judy Radul Ju-Ju Julia Beattie Julie Anne Vik Julie Doiron June Katz Jungle Just Like Jackie Kanatan Aski Karen Colville Karin Plato Duo Karin Plato Quintet Karine Zamor Kat Wahamaa Kate Lines Kathryn Wahamaa Kathy Brown Kathy Kidd & Kongo Mambo Kathy September Kavita Kayle Kelly Brock Kelly Salloum Kelly Spencer Kemal Morris Ken Mayo Ken McCoy Ken Michael Kenny Hess Kevin Hearn Kevin Kane Khac Chi Ensemble Kick in the Eye Kids These Days Kill Rhythm Kim Linekin Kim Redlin Kim Willoughby Kinnie Starr Kinship Kirby Kaye KIVA Kiva K'naan knock-down-ginger K-Rec Kristal Barrett Kristen Keturah Kristen Pettinger Kristina Kristy Thirsk Krome Kym Brown Kyprios

L. Kabong Lache Cercel and Roma Swing Ladies & Gentlemen Ladybugs Lampa Landing Party Lara Elizabeth Bratlien Larry Ayre & 2 Jive Larry Evans Larry Pink/Don Williams Larry Wayne Clark Last Day Lost Laura Doyle Laurie Bricker Laurie Thain Lava Hay Layla Zoe Lazarazu Lazy Susan & the Turnarounds Leanne Lamoureux Leeroy Stagger Lenora Clare Leola Adams Leslie Alexander Lestor Lex Lhasa LiBeatos Lily Frost Limblifter Lincoln Page Linda Kidder Linda McRae Linda McRae & Cheerful Lonesome Lindsay Ell Lindsay May Lions In The Street Liquid Amber Lisa Brokop Lit From Within -Various Artist Little Games (Bruno Gerussi's) Locos Bravos Lo-fi Love Long John Baldry Looking For Larry Lorne Black Lorraine Finch Lotus Child Lotus Eaters Lovena Fox Lowest of the Low LuAnn Reid / Larry Wayne Clark Luanne Brust Lullaby Baxter Lyn Stone Lynda McKillip Lynda McKillip / Tom McKillip Lynda McKillip/ Ron Irving /Tanya Hancheroff / Ste Lyndia Scott Lynne Donovan Lynne Taylor Donovan Macedonian Mazl-Tov MacGregors Mad Pudding Madeleine Morris Madisen Mae Moore Mani Khaira Maow Maplewood Lane Marc LaFrance Marc Lafrance Marc Stewart

Marcelle Nokony Maren Ord Maria Ho Mariam Matossian Marianas Trench Marianne Grittani Marisa McIntyre Mark Browning / Ox Mark Critchley/Itch Mark Hasselbach Mark Lazeski Mark Nodwell Mark Perry Mark Petersen Mark ShelDance Mark Vescovi Marnie Mains Marnie Mortenson Martina Sorbara Mary Ancheta Mary Barry Mary Saxton Marybeth McRae Masabo Culture Company Matt Simpson Matthew Good Band McGnarley's Rant McKenziestar Mean Reds Mei Han Melanie Dekker Meligrove Band Melisa Devost Meta4 Metalwood Metropolis Michael Barabas Michael Booth Palmer Michael Bzowy Michael Carey Michael Crozier Michael Dekkers Michael Friedman Michael J. Weterings Michael James Dickson Michael Kaeshammer Michael Sager / Jeff Dyck Michael Weterings Michelle Michelle Carter-Leis Middlesex Miguel Graca Mike Allen Mike Arsenault Mike Clark Mike Locken Millennium Project Minority Misty Mitch Merrett Moe Denburg Moev Mohawk Lodge Moka Only Molestics Monalisa Amirsetia Monday House Moneyshot Monica Schraefel &HerHungryBand Monica Z Moritz Behm Mother Mother of Pearl Mothra Motion Soundtrack Mountain Bluebirds M-Strain Mudgirl




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Mudlarks Murray Gable Muscle Bitches Mushroom Trail musica intima Mya Max & Transformer Myk Gordon Myra Davies Mystery Machine Mythos Naomi Goldman Nardwuar & The Evaporators Narissa Young Natasha Thirsk Nathan Nathan Tinkham & Keith Picot Nazanin Neil James Neko Case & Her Boyfriends Nellie's Room Nemesis Gypsy Neumatix Neurotics New Deal New Ozone Rangers The New Pornographers Nickelback Nigel Mack & The Blues Attack No-1 Noah Pred Noah's Great Rainbow Nora Lynn Boutin Norine Braun Norman Foote Novalua Novillero Numb Nylons Octoberman Oh Susanna Old Man Luedecke Old Reliable Oleksa Lozowchuk Once Just Only Orchid Highway Organ Ostwelve Out Of Your Mouth Ovation Ox P.J. Jackson P:ano Pacific Baroque Orchestra Pacifika Paige Millar Painted Self Paloma Pan Panurge Paper Moon Paperboys Parkas Party Fever Patrick Belanger Patrick Jacobson Paul Alexander Paul MacDonald & Frank Ludwig Paul Plimley Paul Plimley w/ Lisle Ellis & Scott Amendola Paul Schmidt Paula Toledo Perry Smith Pete Bastard Pete McCormack

Peter Esau Peter Honeychurch /the Zealots Peter Lanyon Peter Mann & The Lonely PHD Pied Pumkin Pink Mountaintops Piperjane Mckinnon Pissed Off Wild Pleasure P-Money Po' Girl Pod Point Blank Polar Bear Poor Folk Poorfolk Powder Blues Powderfinger Precious Precious Fathers Pretty Boy Floyd Pretty Green Primordia (Brothers & Systems) Pro Soul Projektor Puck's Puentes Brothers Quadra Queazy Quinton David Irving, Rudner, McKillup, R.A.N.C.H. R.J. Van Dyke Rabnett 5 Rachel Goldman Rachel Matkin Rachelle Van Zanten Radio Berlin Radiogram Ragga Muffin Rascals Raghu Lokanthan Rainwalkers Rally Car Ralph Ralph White Random Damage Random Dolmens Randy Swanson Rant Music Raw Red Moses (Tongue) Ray Condo & The Ricochets Ray O'Toole Raymond May Real Eyes Real McKenzies Rebel Alliance Rebel Phoenix Band Red 1 Red Herring Red Light Sting Red-X-It removal Resin Ressurection Mary Retrograde Reverie Sound Revue Rheal Poirier Rhys Fulber / Conjure One Rhys Fulber Project Ria Falkner Richard Reagh Rick Bockner Rick Colbourne Rick Patterson Rick Scott Rick Tippe Ridley Bent

Ringpiece Rio Roach Rob Paches Robby C Robert James Robert Wilson Robertson - Roth Robin Bell Robin Brock Robin Shier Quintet Rock N' Hyde Rocky Swanson Roderick Parrett Roger Dean Young & the Tin Cup Roger Lee Romaniacs Ron Braungel / Bobi Muckle Ron Campbell Ron Fairbairn Ron Irving Ron Mahonin Ron Thaler Ronnie Way Roots Roundup Rosco Blur Rose Chronicles Rose Ranger Rosetta Stone Rosette Rosette Sharma Ross Douglas Ross Green Roxanne Hall Roy Chong Roy Forbes Roy Kozar Royal Thomas Rozy Karim Rudner / Weinmaster / Prichett Rudner/Samograd/Harvey/Leiske Rumours Run Chico Run Russell Batchelor Ry Ryan Dahle Rye Catchers Rymes with Orange s.k. robot S.W.A.R.M. Sacred Hearts Saddlesores Saffron Henderson Sall Gibson SAlternativeeens Salvador Dream SAM San Jose West Sandi Sandy Scofield Sarah McLachlan Sarah Taylor Sarcastic Mannequins Saturnhead Saul Berson Scibble Scott "Edmo" Lazzara Scott Larson Scrubbengretchen Scum Element Sean Macdonald Search Secret Society Shademakers Shaman's Dream Shamar Shango Ashe Shannon Doig

Shape Shapes & Sizes Shari Ulrich Shashi Lata Vick Shawn Hlookoff She Stole My Beer Shelley Campbell Shinen Show Business Giants Shy Thunder Side 67 Sik Logik Silence Silk Road Silk Road Music Silo Simon Kaos Simon Kendall Siobhan Duvall Six Million Dollar Band Skatomatics Skeena Skinny Puppy Skywalk sleddogs Sleepwalker Slowburn SMAK Small Sins Smokin' Frogs Smoxz Smugglers SNFU snfu SNRG Social Deviantz Sofarnothing Solution Soma City Ward Sondra Gordon Sound Pressure Manifest SoundSculpture South of Main Spacious Countrych Sparkmarker Sparrow Spin Doctors Spirit of the West Spitfires Springer/Ducommun Group Spygirl Stacy Burke Stand & Scream Star Collector Stephanie Thomson Stephen Fields S. Franke & Noises From Toolshed Stephen Lester-Smith Stephen Neale Stephen Ogden Sterr Steve Alexander Steve Dawson Steve Hall Steve Karagianis Steve McCall Steve Reynolds Steve Robertson (Kin Pin) Stinkmitt Stonehouse Stray Hearts Submission Hold Sue Leonard Suits Suits XL Sumalao Sun Like Star Sunyata Superstar

Superstock Surfdusters Susan Einarsson Susanne Mares Suzanne Gitzi Suzanne Little Sweatshop Union Swollen Members Sylvana T.K.O. T.M. Harding T.Nile Tami Greer Tammy Fassaert Tamz Tandava Tania Elizabeth Tanya Marie Tanya Tagaq Gillis Tara MacLean Taralyn Boyden Tariq Taste of Joy (Michele Gould) Taylor James Ted Moore & The Borders Teddy Boy Tegan & Sara Templar Ten Second Epic Terror of Tiny Town Terry Brennan Theory of a Deadman There's No Mona They Shoot Horses Don't They Third Eye Tribe Thirsty This Side Up Thomas Thomas Thomas/Bruce Session Thor Thornley Threat From Outer Space Three Inches of Blood Thrill Squad Thurston Thurston 5 Tianna Lefebvre Tiffany Poirier Tiller's Folly Tim Compagna Tim Fuller Tin Foil Phoenix Tippy A GoGo Todd Habekost Tom And Lynda McKillip Tom Howie Tom Lewis Tom McKillip/Lynda McKillip Tom Neville / Murray Boal Tom Wilson Tommy Floyd Tongue Tony Papa & The Theory Tony Rudner/LuAnne Reid Torselyn Town Pants Toybox Tracey Singer Tracy Ensign Tracy Lea Duo Tracy M Tracy Moar Trance Blackman Treble Charger Trevor Jensen Trevor Newland Trooper Troy Reid Tuck




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Turf City Two Tall Women Two Trains Tzimmes Ugetsu Ulrich Henderson Forbes Underground Outlaws Underwater Sunshine Unit E Universal Freak V.E.J.I. Van Django VanCountryver Cantata Singers VanCountryver Chamber Choir VanCountryver Nights Varnish

Veda Hille Veil (Gunn) Veji Velveteens Verbrilli Sound Veronica Sawyer Version Vertigo Vickie Dawn Gourley Vidals Video Barbeque Vikki Flawith Vincent Black Shadow Vincent Degiorgio Vinsynch Publishing Violet Cameron

Viveza Vox Phantom Wade Imre Morissette Wailin' Jennys Wailin' Walker Band Wardells Warren Flandez Warren Halstrom Waskesu Water Walk, The Wayne Lavallee Web Wendy Bollard Wendy Hudson Wendy McLachlan Wes Mackey

West End Girls Whitfield Wicked Zero Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band Wild Strawberries Willie Dunn Winston Wisteria Witchazel Within The Seed Woebegone Wonika Woodhands Woody James Band Wow WPP

Wretched Ethyl Xavier Rudd Yael Wand YellowBelly Yoko Casionos Yolanda King Young & Sexy Young Gun Young Saints, The Zayne Zeellia Zimmer's Hole Zolty Cracker Zombo-X Zubot & Dawson

33 39 Steps 4-Star Movie Aceboy Anne Louise Genest Boats

Brian Hughes Brighton Rock Brown Eyed Susans Bryn Roberts Colette Wise Densil Pinnock Faith Factory Francine Kay George Canyon

Honeymoon Suite Jane Siberry Jessica Schoenberg John Nugent Johnny Reid k.d. lang Laurie Kerr Mad Child Marty Gillan

Moe Koffman Montana Nancy Simmonds Patricia Conroy Peaches Penny Dionne Prairie Oyster Red Blanket Rick Livingstone

S&B Skinny Puppy Sue Medley Sweatshop Union Terilyn Ryan Tia McGraff Touchstones WAlternativeer Zwol Waterwing

12/7 Waking Eyes A Perfect Day A Year From Monday Aaron Peters ACountrystically Inclined Act One Adam Dafoe Afterbeat Agriculture Club Al Simmons Alana Levandoski Alexis Kochan & Paris To Kyiv Andrew Carlson Andrew Fraser Angela Nespiak Another Joe Art Turner Asani Ashley Carter Attics B. S. Romeo Barrymores B'ehl Ben Sures Bill Iveniuk & Earthworm Band Black Jacket Blair Hordeski Sandwich Bliss Blueprint Gallery Blush Bonaduces Brad Mazur Bundys Burke-Gaffney Burnt Burnthe8track Cambrian String Quartet Cara Luft Carjackmatt Carolyn Brant Cat Jahnke Catch 22 Cecile Brown Celine's Real Killer Cheer

Cher Maendal Cheryl Paille Chickee's On The Run Chocolate Bunnies Choke Chris Freeman Chris Marten Group Christel Radomsky Christine Fellows Christine Fellows and the Red Letter Day Comeback Kid Cookson Hills Cost of Living Countryntry Hearts, The Countryrtney Wing Crash Test Dummies Cynthia Hlady Dalai Lamas Dance Frechette Danceiel Frechette Danceiel Koulack Danceny Kramer Danceny Schur/Sheila Friesen das macht show Dave Hopwood David Stetler Decibal Beads Delina Demigod Derek Kun/ J. Fyles/R. Francis Derek Miller Devil Music Diana Pops Dik Trickle Dish Doc Walker Domenica Dominique Reynolds Driver Duhks Duotang Dust Poets Eagle & Hawk Earthsong Easily Amused Edmond Dufort Ether City Fallward

Fans of Fun Farrell Bros Farrell Brothers Finjan Flo Floor Thirteen Foster Martin Band Fred Penner Fresh I.E. Fubuki Daiko Gardening With Alice George Yourchek Ghost Of Modern Man Gilroy Grant Johnson Greg Gardner Greg Leskiw Greg MacPherson Greg MacPherson Band Greg Milka Crowe Guerrilla Funk Monster Guy Smiley Harlots Harlots Harvey Henry Hayley Gene Heather Bishop High Noon Holly McNarland Home Crew Home Team House of Doc Hypnogogo Insect Gods Inuit Throat Singers J.P. Hoe James Creasay James Ross Jamie Lillie Jane Bunnett Jane Bunnett & The Spirits of Havana Jaylene Johnson Jennifer Hanson Jenny Butler Jeremy Proctor JFK & the Conspirators Jigfest Band Jills

Jodi King Jodie Borle Johnny Gawd Johnny GAWD Jon Buller Jonah Stone Jp Hoe Julian Austin June Harris Katelyn Dawn Keith and Renee (Easily Amused) Kelita Kelly Fairchild Project Ken Gold Quartet Kenny Shields Kerry Kingsland Kiera Lee Kimberley Dawn Knut Haugsoen & Vikrama Knut Haugsoen's Quartet Kris Manikum/Mr. Man Kyle Riabko Lanes Larry Kunkel Layaway Plan Leaderhouse Len Udow Leonard Shaw Leslie McInnis Lianne Fournier Lindsay Jane Lisa Yerex Lisa-Marie Serafin Livid Load Loco Losing Focus Louisiana Hot Sauce Lovedaddys Lucie Idlout Luke Anthony Lynn Olagundoye MacPherson Band Madrigaia Manitoba Hal Marcie Campbell MARIA - Various Artists Marie-Claude McDonald

Mark Aptekman Mark Reeves Mark Reeves and the Groove Maryka Matt Cairns Meatrack Men In Kilts Michael Jones Mike Petkau Mishi Donovan Mission House (Swerve) Moneen Moses Mayes Moses Mayes & The Funk Family Orchestra Motel 75 MTQ My Brother Jane Nathan Nathan Rogers Neal Pinto Nicky Mehta No Deluxe Nothing Norman B. Foote Norman James Clemis Not 1/2 Not Quite Lucy Novillero Orchid Highway Our Mercury Papa Mambo Paper Moon Perms Pete Samples Pink Steel Platinum Black Projektor Propagandhi Pushing Daisies Quinzy Radio-Hypnotic Randy Hiebert Rats For Friends Rayne Delaronde Reason Red Fisher Red Seed Richard Moody Rocki Rolletti




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Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra RWPO & JFK and The Conspirators Sam Baardman Sandra Stritz Saxology Canada Scott Nolan Scott Nolan Band Scruj MacDuhk Seed Organization Selfmademan Seven Shade Shawn Tester

Sheila Vickaryous Sick City Sights & Sounds Sinewave Sixty Stories Slavek Hanzlik Sonia Marie Sonic Bloom Soup of the Day Special Fancy Spur of the Moment Staci-Michelle Wuerch Stefan Bauer Stephen Bell

Steve Bell Steve Bell With The Wpg Symphony Stikman Strange Angels Sundoz Suzanne Bird Swing Cats Sylvie Tara Lyn Mohr Ted Longbottom Tele Telepathic Butterflies Tequila Mockingbird

TiffanyJoy Hirniak Tin Foil Phoenix Tom Dunlop Tom Jackson Tracy K Transonic Tuesday's Girl Twilight Hotel Ukranian Old Timers VaGiants Valdy Vanderveen Vav Jungle Vikrama

Vince Fontaine Volume Waking Eyes Walle Larsson Band, The Wedgewoods Welfare Starlets, The Wilderness of Mirrors Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Wyrd Sisters Zen Bungalow

283 A is A a.k.a. Alexander Caplin An ACountrystic Sin And Then Some April Wine Ashley MacIsaac Atlantic Arts Trio B.J. Shannon Banshee

Beggar's Gold Bluegrass Diamonds Brent Mason Carson Downey Band Chris Colepaugh Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew Debbie Adshade Denise Murray Dionisus Eagle Feather Eddy Gouchie Edmund Dawe Eric's Trip

Grand Theft Bus Hardship Post Hot Toddy Hot Toddy / Isaac & Blewett Isaac & Blewett Isaac, Blewett & Cooper Ivan Hicks & the Maritime Express J.P. LeBlanc J.R. Vautour Jessica Rhaye Joan Kennedy Joe Fahey Joey Knight

Julie Doiron Julie Doiron & the Wooden Stars Kevin Chase Kora Vetch Woolsey Kumar Mike Stevens Modabo Nando Speranza Nicholson Paul Lauzon Punters Ryan Leblanc See Spot Run

Shanklin Road Since August Skydiggers Sol Solstice Stephen Rideout Tarbaby Test Tone Channel Thrush Hermit/Hardship Post Vetch Y Zero Celsius Zero Degrees Celsius

A.J. And The Red Hots Adrenalin Adrian Hewitt Alex Mason with The Silverfish Alfie Zappacosta Alma Latina Amelia Curran Amy Solowij Andre Aucoin Andrea Cosman Comeau Andrea Curry Andrew Gerald McDanceiel Angelo Spinazzola Annick Gagnon Ardyth & Jennifer arlibido Art Student Aselin Debison Ashley MacIsaac Audrey Alexander Barra MacNeils Barron / Harbour Benn Ross BIG ethel Big Picture Bill Dawe Bill Donnelly Bill Hellewell Black Pool Blaine Miller Bluegrass Lawnmower Bob Quinn Brakin' Tradition Brandon Langdon Breather Brenda Stubbert Brett Ryan Brian Bourne Bridge Coven Bridget Bezanson Bruce Guthro Buck 65 Bucket Truck

Bucky Adams Burdocks Burnt Black Butterside Down Caledonia Cameras In Paris Camouflage Nights Carol Ritchie Carroll Godsman Ceilidh's Homet Charismatics Charlie A'Countryrt Charlotte Embree Cheticamp Chiselhand Chris MacQueen Christina Martin Classified Connie O'Brien Contact Cool Blue Halo Coping Cory Tetford Countrynting Zero Cross Session Crush Cuillin Cyril MacPhee & Brakin' Tradition Damhnait Doyle Dark Red Light Dave Anderson Dave Carmichael Dave Curry Dave Gunning David Burke David Burke Project David MacIsaac David Myles Dead Red Debbie Baker Deep Delores Boudreau Deontae Dion Crocker Divorcees

Dog Day Don Osburn Doris Mason Douglas September Dr. Yellow Fever & the Jive DRUM! Duncan Wells Dutch Robinson Eileen Joyce Elevator Dave Ennis Sisters Eric Angus Whyte Ernest Laidlaw Ettinger Evans & Doherty Fallacy Fine Line FireRooster (Bats InTheBelfry) Fission Flashing Lights Fleur Mainville Fluid Four the Moment Frank Mackay Funky Bummer Garrett Mason Gerry Ogilvie Gillis Glamour Puss Glenn Graham Glenn McMullen Glenn McMullen/Jody Chapman Glenn Vincent Breen Gluetones Gordie Sampson Gospel Heirs, The Grace Babies Great Big Sea Guthries Heavy Blinkers Heelwalkers Hi Lo Trons His Luscious Uncle Holiday Snaps Human

Hunoo Hurtin' Unit I Was a Spy Ian Janes Ian Mckinnon and Gayle Martin Ian McKinnon and Symphony Nova Scotia ICU Inbreds In-Flight Safety Inland JMK J. Lewis MacKinnon J.P. Cormier Jack McDonald Jakki Rogue Band Jale Jamie Sparks Jason Haywood & The Divorcees Jason MacDonald Jayne Ings Jeff Bower Jeff Cross Jenn Grant Jennifer Roland Jeremy Pike Jerome Smith Jimmy Swift Band Joan Kennedy Joanna JoanneRolls/B.Appleby/B.Martin Jody Chapman Band Joe Fournier Joe Palaschuk / Toots Dunford Joel Plaskett Joel Plaskett Emergency John Allan Cameron John Campbelljohn John Campbelljohn Trio John Curtis Sampson John Gracie John MacDonald John McMullin John Parker John Snyder Johnathan M. Mullane

Johnnie Joint Highway Project Jon Mullane Jon Wasson Jonathan M Jonathan M. Mullane Julian West Julia's Rain Kaleb Simmonds "Kaleb" Keith Adams Kelly Fawcett Ken Enman Kevin Kelly Kevin MacDonald Kevin White KILT Kim Stockwood King Konqueror Knifey Moloko Knucklebones Kristina Trites L.C. Posse Lamar Ashe Lana Grant Laura Smith Lennie Gallant Leonard Conan Linda Brooks Linda Carvery Lisa Evans Lisa MacDougall Little Miss Moffat Little Red Rocket Louisa Manuel MacKeel MacLean Sisters MadHat Mae Moore Mantra Marc Schultz Mark Raddin Mars, We Love You Marshall Mary Jane Lamond Mat Budreski




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Matt & Mike Johnson Matt Mays Matt Mays & El Torpedo Matt Minglewood Matthew Beasant-McKeown Meaghan Smith Melanie Hall and Basic Blues Melissa Vidito Merry-Go-Round Band Michael Bonter Michael Jerome Browne Michael Sampson Michael Smith Mickey Lane & Smokey Ridge Mike Barkhouse Mike MacInnis Mike O'Neill Mike Smith MIR Morgan Davis Mother's Fear Muddy Creek Murdock Museum Pieces Muzz Marshall Nanci Ahern Nathan George Nathan Wiley Nathan's Flat Never

New Brunswick Nick Raine Norm White Norma MacDonald North of America Novaks Novelty Salesmen P.F. Station Pat Riley Paul Cram Orchestra Paul Eisan Paul Lamb Paul Moore Paula Danceyluk Peggy Gillis Plan Plumtree Pogey Pretty Deadlies Psience Purple Helmets, The Quentin White Radio Therapy Rankin Family Ranters (P.G.M.) Rawlins Cross Razzmatazz For Kids Realworld Reatta Rebecca West

Rebeka Reed Rich Aucoin Rick Gautreau Rick Jeffery Blues Band Rob Anderson Rob Currie Rob Jessome Robb Cribb Robert Thomas Rock Ranger Rockstone Ron Hynes Ronald Martin Gillis Route 5 Ruby Daley Rudy Rylee Madison Samantha Robichaud Sandbox Sandbox Legacy Sarah Levy Scott Macmillan-Celtic Mass... Scott Parsons Screaming Genies Sebutones Shameless Shauna Lee McKillop Shawn Birt Shelter With Thieves Shine Factory

Shorty Smith Shyne Factory Sierra SIG Sister Moon Slainte Mhath Slight Return Slowcoaster Smack Dab Sons of Maxwell Sons of Membertou Stan Rogers Tribute - Various Stephanie Hardy Stephen Blacker Stephen Harley Stephen Outhit Stephen Zaat Steven Bowers Steven Bowers' in Theory Band Steven Gates Steven MacDougall Strange Young McGuiness Stunt Chimps Sunfish Susan Crowe Sylvie Proulx Taxi Chain Technonology Terry Kelly Thrush Hermit

Thursday Toads Tim Feswick Timber Tinker's Damn Todd Harrie Todd Smith Tom Gallant Tracey Dares Trevor Chesal Trevor Conrad Trina Troy MacGillivray Tyler Messick & the Museum Pieces Vagabond Vanessa Parsons "Asia" Vees Vicki MacNutt Vince Morash Warm Warren Robert Wayne Hunt Wayne Nicholson Willie Drennan Willy King Wingnuts Wintersleep Witchdoc Yes Men

Andrea Monro Andrew Ledrew Barbara Warren Billy and The Bruisers Booming Airplanes Bung Celtic Connection Chris Batstone Chris Ledrew Christina Smith & Jean Hewson Christopher Mercer

Chronicles Colleen Power Co-Stars Crimson Wall Damhnait Doyle Damian Follett Danceette Eddy Denielle Hann Dewy Butler Duane Andrews Esther Squires Fables Figgy Duff Fine Crowd Fireign Gerard Nash

Gravelpit Campers Hynes Brothers Jason Greeley Jean Hewson & Christina Smith Jeff Dyer Jeik Kalonga Loksa Jill Porter Jimmy Lee Howard John J. Phillips John Phillips Karla Pilgrim Kathryn McKinlay Katrein Kelly Russell And The Planks Kenton Patrick Pike Liz Band

Lori Clarke Lost in Paradise Madman Orchestra Margaritas Calling Mark Bragg Mark Bragg & The Black Wedding Band Mercers Mopaya Pamela Morgan Pressure Drop Punters RASA Rasa Rick Hollett Rod Jackson Sandbox

Shanneyganock Sharecroppers Shawn Basha Sheavy Sherry Ryan SilverSeed Sonya Abbott T Biggs & The Mad Scam Tanya Penney Teresa Connors Terry Penny Timber Trimmed Naval Beef

13 Engines 2 Grand 2 Rude 2Preciious (Lee Aaron) 2RSQ PhD 4 Ever Tonite 40 Fingers 49 Acres 4th Pyramid 54-40 5-9 Vibration 69 Duster 88Fingaz 95C 98DA A A is A A Million Evil Pennies A Northern Chorus A. Vanderburgh / W. Routledge A.J. Bardo A.M.P. Aaron Booth Aaron Crangle Aaron Davis & David Piltch Aaron Kronis

Aaron Lightstone Aashna Abdigani Hage Abdul-Wahab Antar Nagi Abeena Samm Abigail Abolengo Abolengo (Voodoo Jukebox) Aboriginal Voices Radio Absolute Faith Aceboy Aces Wild Achanti Acid Test Acorn Acosta / Russell Action Jackson & Easy Co. Actov Life Adam Alexander Adam Balsam Adam Faux Adam's Rib Ado-Adolfo Adrian Miller Band Adrian Nicholas After Dark After The Fall After The Rain

Ahdri Zhina Mandiela Aileen Lombardo Air Pirates Al Kenny Al Simmons Al Van Wart/John Findlay Alan Connelly Alan Frew Alanis Morissette Alannah Myles Al-Beeno Albert Hall alcoholism Alcona Alee John & The Mexx Alex Alex Baird Alex Bulmer Alex Dean Quartet Alex Horvath Alex Pangman Alexander Caplin Alexandra B. Baird Alexina Louie Alexisonfire Alexisonfire/Moneen Alexz Johnson Alexz Johnson (Instant Star 2)

Alfie Zappacosta Ali Bartlett Alice All Systems Go Alla Kadysh Allan Beardsell Allan Gorman Allan Heidebrecht Allen Derderian Alligator Pie Allister Bradley Allister MacGillivray Alonzo Alrick Carter Alternativea Moda Alternativein Yildiz Orkestar Amakudari Amanda Bentley American Flag Amy Craze Amy Gaudaur Amy Millan Amy Sky Ana Countrytinho Ananimus Andi Duncan Andre Andre Ashfield

Andre Ethier Andrea England Andrea Florian Andrea Heins Andrea Koziol Andrea Lake Andrea White Andrea Wright Andreena Mill Andrew Cash Andrew Ferguson Andrew Henderson Andrew James Kizik Andrew Scott Andy McLean Andy Sheppard Andy Stochansky Angel Duss Angel Luis Marquez Angel Marr Angels For Tea Angstones Anhai Ani's Whisper Anita Perras Anita Perras & Tim Taylor Anita Wintzer Ann Bentley




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Anna Gutmanis Anna MacDonald Anna Miransky Annattie Anne Lederman Anne Lindsay Anne of Green Gables Anne Walker Annette and The Revtones Annie Berthiaume Another Blue Door Anthony Brown Anti-Gravity Janitors Anton Kuerti Antonella Varone Antonio Mendez Anvil Anyhowtown Apostle of Hustle April K. April Verch April Wine Arcana Archie Alleyne Quartet Arden McManus Ari Posner Ariel's Worm Ariestarrr Ariginal Arise & Ruin Arkadi Chakhmelian Arlene Bishop Arlene Smith Aron Niyitunga Arraymusic Arrogant Worms Arsen Torlakovic Art Bergmann Art of Fresh Artichokes Asassini Asetha Power Ashanti Ashgrove Ashley MacIsaac AstroGroove Attack in Black Attic Audio Banditz August Aulos Trio Austin Autorickshaw Avallon Aviva Avulsion Awesome Team AWSM Ayni Aynsley Saxe B - Funn B. Gaynor B.T.K. B.W. Pawley Road Show B2K Baby Eagle Bageshree VanDancea Vaze Barbara Allyn's Feeling Tones Barbara Lynch Barbara Pritchard Barbara Sherk Barlow Barnard and Brohm Barney Bentall & Legendary Hearts Barney Cummings Barra MacNeils Barry Elmes Barry Haggarty Barry McLoughlin

Basic English Basic Roots Bastinados BB Siege Beau Dixon Beautiful 2000 Beautiful Nothing Beautiful Skin Bebop Cowboys Bed of Nails Bedouin Soundclash Bedrokk Beehive Singers Belinda Belinda Metz Belly Bel-Vistas Ben McPeek Ben Somer Ben Sures Beneath Augusta Benjamin Darvill Benson Reid Bernie German Bernie Labarge Bernie Schmidt Bernie Senensky Besharah Besnard Lakes Betty Moon Betty Moon (Bambi) Beverly Glenn-Copeland Beverly Mahood Beverly Vallee Bicycles Big Black Lincoln Big Faith Big Fish Eat Little Fish Big House Big Rude Jake Big Sugar Bigmouth Biko Bill Bell Bill Candy Bill Culp Bill Gilliam Ensemble Bill King Bill King/Jazz Report All Star Bill McBirnie Bill Northmore Bill Rogers Bill Usher Bills Billy Andrusco Billy Durst Billy Klippert Billy Talent Bionic Bird Bird Sisters BK Black Avalon (Kim Brown) Black Backs Black Jays Black Katt Black Mountain Black Tears Blackeyes Blackglama Blackie & The Rodeo Kings Blair Packham Blaise Pascal Blame blanche Blank White Page Blasternaut Blaxam Bleecker Street

Bleep Blend Blending (now Candid Man) Blondes Blood Meridian Bloor Station Blue Rodeo Blue Skies At War blueScreen BlueScreen Bluestone Blurtonia Bob Mahaney Bob Snider Bob Wiseman Bobby Cameron Bobby Cameron Band Bobby Edwards Bobby Fisher Boby Curtola Boogiewall Soundsystem Boomers Boone Bootleg BoUrbanon Tabernacle Choir, The Bourne & MacLeod Bowfire Box Boy Boys Night Out Boz Faramone Brad Lyons Bradley McInnis Brady Bidner Brannock Device Brass Connection Brassmunk Braze Breit Brothers, The Brenda Archer / Glenn Frew Brenda Gaynor Brenda MacIntyre Brenda McMorrow BrenDance Canning Brenden Gillam Brenna MacCrimmon Brent Lee and the Outsiders Brent Neil Taylor Brent Wardrop / Tim White Brett Ryan Brett Smyth Brian Black Brian Black Thunder Brian Blain Brian Borcherdt Brian Byrne Brian Current Brian Dickinson Quintet Brian Dunn Brian McDonagh Briar Boake BriarRose Brigham Phillips Britton Broadway Brock Simpson Broken Silence Broken Social Scene Brooks Sisters Broomfiller Brothers Cosmoline Brothers Creeggan Brown Hornets Brown/ Fox/ Fjellgaard/ Kidder Bruce Cockburn Bruce Cockburn Tribute-Various Bruce Dancea Tournay Bruce Jones Bruce Madole

Bruce Miller Bruce Worthington Bryan Switzer Bryant Didier Bryden Baird Plus Six Bucker Buddah Brothas Buddy Caine Buffalo Brothers Bull Mastif Bundock Bungled Countryp Burke Carroll Burns Burst Bush Bush Doctors, The But I'm Just A Kid But I'm Just A Kid By Divine Right Cadence Weapon Cadillac Bill &TheCreepingBent Caitlin Hanford Camilla Cook Camille Douglas Camouflage Nights Canada Rocks Cannes '92 Canada's Finest: Dancece Canadian Brass Canadian Brass & Friends Canadian Chamber Ensemble Canadian Electronic Ensemble Canadian Sax Quintet Cancer Bats Candi Candice Meidell/Carl Harvey Candy Marie Captain Randy & the Rad Runtz Captain Tractor Cara Pendlebury Caren Cole Carl Braund Carl Henry Carl Kees & Golden Fiddle .... Carl Strygg Carlos Bastidas Carlos del Junco Carlos Morgan Carmen Romero & Miguel de la Bastide Carmen Westfall King Carmine Carn-Allemano Quintet Carnations Carol McCartney Carol Medina Carol Welsman Carole LeClair Carole Pope Caroline Wiles Caroly Larson Carolyn Dawn Johnson Carrie-Lynn Perry Carson Cole Casey Bogin Cash Brothers Caspian Rabone Cassandra Vasik Cat Cate Friesen Catherine Manoukian Catherine Robbin Catherine Robbin & 13 Strings Cathy Goddard Cats Can Fly Cauterize Cavel S Rowe Cecilia B. Celtic Blue Cha Cha Reble

Chad Hanlon Chad Richardson & The Hit Piccasos Chalk Circle Change Change of Heart Chanj Charlie A'Countryrt Charlie Clements Charlie D. Charlie Kert Charlie Major Charlotte Szivak Cheap Suits Cheerleader CHeeZBOxx Chenille Cherry Smash Cheryl Beatty Cheryl Lescom Cheryl Spears Chesterfield Inlet Cheza China Blue Chinook Trio, The Chloe Choclair Choirs of St Mary Magdalene Chore Chosen to Method Chris Bottomley Chris Casserly Chris Koster Chris McKhool Chris McKhool's FiddleFire! Chris Paul Harman Chris Perry Chris Seldon Chris Smith Chris Strange Chris Warren Christina Paoletta Christina Taylor Christine Fellows Christine Graves Christine Hamilton Christine Laforest Christoph Brodbeck & Randolph Bowen Christopha Stylez Christopher Dunphy Christopher John Christopher Ward Christopher Warren Christos Hatzis Chrome Yellow Co. Chuck Labelle Chucky Dancger Band Chunk Chyna Woods Cilo featuring Phatsoulz Collective Cimarron Cindy Archer Cindy Cook Cindy Cook & Glenn Bennett Cindy Gomez Cindy Matthews Band, The Cities in Dust Citizen And The Katt Citizen Kane City & Colour City and Colour -Dallas Green Claire Jenkins Clarknova Classified Claude Allard Claudio Perri Claudio Vena Clay Claymen Clayton "C"




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Clayton / Scott Group Clean Slate Cleopatra Cleveland CLIC Cliff Roberts Clifton David Clifton Joseph Cliks Clue Committee, The C'mon Coast Cold December Colette Baron Colin Amey Colin James Colin James & the Little Big Band Colin Linden Colleen O'Brien Collin Barrett Collington Daley Colormen Combustion Lente Comfort Command Performance "Blue Rodeo" Compass Concise Concrete Mob Condition Constancia Constantines Continuum Contemporary Music Ensemble Controller.Controller Coral Corb Lund Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles Corey Ellis Corky and The Juice Pigs Cormiers Cormiers featuring Mallory Johnson Corndogs Corporate Funk & Associates Cory Lee Cottage Industry Countryrage of Lassie Cow Cowboy Junkies Craig Cardiff Craig Farraway Craig Lyonsmith Craig Martin Craig Riley Craig Robertson Craig Ruhnke Craig Skala Crash Kelly Crash Vegas Crawl Creaking Tree String Quartet Creepshow Crimson Critical Nation Cruel Timothy Crush Luther Crybaby crybaby Crystal Clear Crystal Pistol CSI - Various Artists Cuff the Duke Culjak Culture Shock Cursed Cut-outs CYN Cyril Rawson Cyrus D. Keldie / Y. Vander Kley D. Michelle Gold

D.J. Serious D.O, Slakah the Beatchild D.O. D.X. Da (Da/Cocada) Da Real Ting Daddy Szigeti Dahlia Sahanatien Dakota Dale Nikkel Dale Sontag Dale Waterman Damhnait Doyle Dance Hill Dance Madison Dance McVeigh Dance Washburn Dancea Edmonds Dancece "P" Music Team Dance-E-O DanceHIQ Wane Danceica Bastidas Danceiel Bood Danceiel Kano Danceiela Nardi Trio Danceielle Bentley Danceko Jones Danceni O'Neill Danceny Brooks Danceny Marks Danceny Michel Danceny Spidell Danceny Thompson Dancete Dancete Young Daphne Nissani Dari Darin Martin Dario Toso Dark Angel Blues Band Darla Thompson Darrell O'Dea Darren Barrett Darren M Hamilton Darryl Riley Daughters of Eve Dave Gunning Dave King Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra Dave MuRock/Pop Hardery Dave Nicol Dave Reaume Dave Wall Dave Withers David A Berger David Agyemang David Archibald David Azlin David Bacha Band David Blamires David Bradstreet David Braid & Canadian Brass David Braid Sextet David Buchbinder David Burton David Celia David Clarke David Deacon & Antithesis Soc. David Deacon & The Word David Francey David Gibson David Goldman David Greenberg / Doug MacPhee David Hutchins David Hutchison David Jeffrey David K. David Kalmusky David Leask

David Martin David McLachlan David Occhipinti David Quinton David Ramsden David Restivo David Robertson David Roy Parsons David Sereda David Teichroeb David Turkstra David Usher David Wilcox David Williams David Wilson Dawgs Dawn Cumberbatch Dawn M. Callan Day After Dayna Sheen Days Of You Dead Beat Honeymooners Dead Reckoning Deadly Snakes Deadman (Big House) Dear Departed, The Dearly Beloved Dears Death Sentence Debbie Bechamp Debbie Dennis Debbie Johnson Debi Sander Walker Deborah Dunleavy Deborah McIvor Declan Nine DeDe Higgins Dee Brown Deep Deesha Degrassi: The Next Generation Compilation Deli Llamas Delusional Denis Jestadt Denise Day Denise Ferguson Denise Pelley Denise Williams Denizens Dennis Hiscox Dennis O'Toole & BanDancena Derek Miller Derek Swain Derivation Des Simone Despot Devin Stoneham Devon Devon Haughton Dexters Present Dezzie Ranks Dharma Bums, The Diamond Diamond Life Diana Planche Diana Williamson Diane Chase Dianne Gillham Dianne Parke-Jones Dick Richards Diego Marulanda Diego Marulanda & Pacande Diemen X Dieselhum Digging Roots DIN Dinner is Ruined Dione Taylor

Direktive 17 Dirtmitts Dirty Little Secret Disciples of Power Disposition Distinct Nature Divine Brown Dizzy Spell DJ Kemo DJ Pete Moss DJ's Rule DK IBOMEKA DL Incognito Do Make Say Think Doc MacLean Doc Walker Dockie Roberts Doctor ogpile Dominic Mancuso Dominicanada Don Bell Don Neilson (Neil Donnell) Don Parchem Don Ross Donald Quan & Ron Korb Donelda Hunter Donna Dunlop Donna Ferra Donna Ferreira Donna Grantis Donna Makeda Donna O'Connor Donne Robert Donny Anderson Dope Poet Society Dorion Double Rock and Countryrtnie Ire Double Soul Doug Barr Doug Cameron Doug Norquay Doug Riley Douglas Haas Douglas September Dov Shalyn-Gray Downchild Blues Band Dr. Bike Dr. Pop & The Noise Drae Drew Hawkins Drew Nelson Band, The Drex Inkredible Drive Channel Driveway Driving Blind Drum DS5 Dub Solution Dufflebag Theatre Duhks Duncan Lindsay Dunes Duo Corda Dust Radio Dustin Braiden Dustin Brodhagen Dustkickers Dutch Mason Dwayne King Dwight Gayle Dyad Dyan Maracle-The Diane Maracle Band Dylan Heming Dympna McConnell Dympna Radford Earth Machine East Coast Journal East Of Eden

Ed Bernard Eddie M Eddie Schwartz Eddie Staxx Eddy Moon Edward Bullen Edwin Eithne Rigby E-Key and the Head Elaine Spall Elana Harte Eleanor McCain Electrik City Band Elizabeth Hill Elizabeth Shepherd Trio Eliza-Jane Scott Ellen Gould Elliot Moose Elliott Brood Elmer Iseler Singers Elmer Iseler Singers & Cdn. Brass Elton Lammie EM Embassy Ember Swift Emerson John Emm Gryner Empiricals End Enoch Kent Epsilon Equus Eria Fachin / Lou Bartolomucci Eric Baragar Eric Eggleston Band Eric Murakami Eric Nagler Eric Robertson & Canadian Brass Erica James Erin Benjamin Erin Ford Ernesto Ernie G Erroll Starr Essentials Esthero Eternia Eugene Amaro Eugene Ripper Eugene Smith Eugene Williams Euphoraphonic Eva Everything Evalyn Parry Eve Egoyan Eve Goldberg Evelyn Stroobach Everest Evergreen Club - comtemporary gamelan Everything At Once Exchange Exciter Exposure DExultate Chamber Singers Eybler Quartet Eye Eye Face The Pain Faith Chorale Faith Walker Faithdown Fallacy Flow Familiars Fat Man Waving Fatal Vision Fatales Fathead Fathers & Sons Feal Features




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Fefe Dobson Feist Feist / Daddy Szigeti Felicity Jane Williams Fembots Fifth Column Figgy Duff Final Fantasy Fiorucci Project First Republic Fit For Kings Fito Blanko Fiyah Fjellgaard/ Good Bros./ Perras Flairs Flannel Jimmy Flashing Lights Flashlight Flashlight Brown Flatland Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band,The Flying Colours Flyte FM Ford Pier Forth Inversion Fortunato Fortune Smith Four 80 East four corners no walls Four Square Francine Scala Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Frank Nevada Frank Trainor Frankie Ano Frankie Campo Frankie Wilmot Franklin The Turtle Frank's Adventure Frantics Fred Copple Fred Eaglesmith Fred Penner Fredlocks Asher Free Press Free Thinkers Freedom Street Freeflight Freshwater Drum Friendly Rich Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People Friendlyman Front Frunt Page Full White Drag Fullblast Funkasaurus Funland Band, The FURNACEFACE G. Stokes Gabe Lee Gabriel Gail Hawkins Galaxy Trio GALITCHA Galitcha Galore Gandharvas Garfield Tinker Garnett Ford / Mike Campbell Garrity Garth Baker Garth Douglas Gary Beals Gary Fjellgaard Gary Kiyoshi Nagata Gary Scott Gasoline

Gayle Ackroyd Gayleen Froese General Genes Genevieve Miller Gentleman Reg George George Axon George Banton George Bradley George St. Kitts George Szabo/James Aguanno George Turcotte Germain Brunet Gerry Mcnally Gerry Smith Ghetto Concept Ghost is Dancecing Gil Grand Giles Tomkins Giovanni Ruiz Giselle Brohman Giselle Sanderson Giselle Zenger Glamatron Glen Fast Band Glen Hall Glen Hornblast Glen Stace Glenda Rush Glenn Bennett Glenn Marais Glori Gage Glori Gage / Jody Ellis Gloria Blizzard Gloria Kaye Gloria Saarinen Glueleg God Made Me Funky Golden Dogs Gonzy Good Brothers Goodbye Glory Gordie Tapp Gordon Downie Gordon Downie & The Countryntry of Miracles Gordon Lightfoot Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Gordon Monahan Gordon Shawcross Jr. Gorgeous Gotham City Gowan Gowan Brae GQ Graeme Kirkland Grand Theft Gumball Grand:PM grandeur Grandeur of Ghosts Grant Davidson Ford Grant Edmonds Grant Fullerton Band Grant Heckman Grant Lyle & The Brotherhood Grapes of Wrath Graphidi Logik(Split Decision) Grass Great Escape Great Lake Swimmers Great Lakes Brass Greenhouse Greg Gow Greg Hanna Greg Hobbs Greg Kavanagh Greg Runions (Big Band) Greg Warren

Greg Wyard Gregg Lawless Gregory Hoskins Gregory Hoskins&TheStickpeople Gregory Lambert Grey Area Grimskunk Grindig Groove Growl Grupo Taller Guh Guitar Mikey Gulp Guy Stefan Gwen Swick Gypsy Soul Hadrian's Wall Hagood Hardy Haight Ashbury Haines & Leighton Hal Draper half full Half-Size Giants Handslang Handsome Devils Hani Muse Hannaford Street Silver Band Happy as Hell Harlow Harmony Trowbridge Harpoon Missile Harrison Kennedy Hassenpfeffer Hawaii Hawksley Workman Hayden Hayley Hart Haywire Haze Headlines Headstones Headview Heart to Heart Heater Heather Bambrick Heather Dale Heather Ginzel Heather McLeod Heather Morgan Heather Yantha Heavy Petters Heillig Manoeuvre Helder Pereira Helen Kim Helix Hell Billys Hellmarys Hemispheres Hen Pals Hennessey Hennie Bekker Henry Kucharzyk Henrys Heretics Heroes Heron Hey Vera Heyden hHead Hidden Cameras High Dials High Plains Drifter High Street High Voltage Higher Ground Hilario Duran Hilario Duran Big Band Hilario Duran Trio

Hill Himadri Hip Selfnosis Hokey Jeremiahs Hollerado Hollow Holly Cole Holly Go Lightly Holly McNarland Holy Fuck Homestyle Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Serontina Hooky Hopeless Hot Sauce Hover Brothers Howard Lopez Howie Beck Hugh Fortune Hugh Marsh Hunnytruck Hush Hush Hush Hydrofoil I Mother Earth I Spies I.C.E. i.d. Iain McNally Ian Gaither Ian Gill Ian Jutson Ian Smith Ian Wheatley and Alex Sinclair Icy Fingers Identity Crisis Idiom Idle Sons Idyl Tea Ilia Avroutine Ill Statyck Ill Will Illeet Illuminati Images In Vogue Imaginary Heaven Immigrants In Essence In The Ditch In The Flesh Inbreds Index Infernal Majesty In-Flight Safety Innerstate Instant Star Instant Star Alexz Johnson Instant Star III Intrepid Stylez Iota Ira Brown Iris Kacor Irish DescenDancets Ironic Twist IRS Irshad Khan Itsa Skitsa Ivan Ivana Santilli J Richard Hutt J.C Smith J.M.B. J.P. Cormier J.W. Jones Jacek Kochan Jack Breakfast Jack DeKeyzer Jack Grunsky

Jack Pyl Jackie Findlay Jackie Marino Jackie Richardson Jacksoul Jaclyn Whittal Jacqueline Ann Findlay Jacqueline Smith Jacques & the Shakey Boys Jakalope Jake and the Blue Midnights Jake Chisholm Jake Langley Jake Leiske Jake Willis Jakki James James Aldrin James Ambrose James Bryan James Cameron Harris James Campbell James Campbell / Anton Kuerti James Campbell/Kevin McMillan James Goodman James Gordon & Sandy Horne James H. Robinson James Keelaghan James L. Clayton James MacDonald James Matt James Miller James Moore James Sawyer Jamie Browning Jamie Dakota (Sarah McEwen) Jamie McKenty Jamie Organ (aka J. Byron) Jamie Reynolds/Melissa Stylianou Group Jamie Ross Maden Jamie Warren Jana Lee Reid Jane Bunnett Jane Bunnett Ensemble Jane Bunnett Quintet Jane Doe Jane Miller / Doug Romanow Jane Siberry Janee Janet Theory Janette Platana Jani Lauzon Janice Hall Janice Powers Jannetta Janos Jaqe Jarvis / Sinclair / Gay Jason Andrews Jason Blaine Jason Collett Jason DeNicolais Jason Fowler Jason McCoy Jason McEwen Jason Plumb Jason Wilson & Tabarruk Jay Mooljee Jay Riehl Jay Semko Jay W. McGee Jaydn Jaye Jaymz Bee Jayne Harvey Jazmin Jean Beckford Jean Meilleur Jean Papineau-Countryture Jeanette Marie




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Jeanine Noyes Jeannette Schwager Jeannie Niokos Jeen O'Brien Jeff Goldberg Jeff Jones Jeff King Jeff Martin Jeff Pearson Jeff Straker Jeff Wolpert Jeigh Madjus Jelleestone Jenna Burke Jenna Gawne Jennie Laws Jennifer McLaren Jennifer Noxon Jennifer Warren Jennifer White Jenny Robinson Jens Lindemann with the Salvation Army Staff Band Jeremy Robinson Jermain Maxwell Jermaine Richards Jerry Alfred & The Medicine Beat Jersey Jess Koffman Jesse Van Cameron Jessica Ehrenworth Jessica Ostrikoff Jessica Vigars Jessie Stein Jesus Christ Jevon Rudder Project Jewelle Blackman Jill Barber Jill Zmud Jim Bryson Jim Cronk Jim Cuddy Jim Guthrie Jim LaMarche Jim Lamarche Jim Lawlis of the Babooshka Club Jim MacDonald Jim MacMillan Jim McIntyre Jim Witter Jimmy Bowskill Jimmy Rankin Jimmy Swift Band Jimmy T Jitters Jivewires JK Gulley Joani Ransom Joanna Jones Joanne Perica Joanne Powell Jodi Lyn Hawkshaw + Wyoming Joe Lucchetta Joe Passion Joe Quartaroe Joe Ruscica Joe Sbrocchi Joe Sealy Joe Sealy / Paul Novotny Joe Thistel Joe Trio Joe Virus Joee Joel Kroeker Joel McLeod Joel Parisien Joel Wade Joey Ferrera John Abberger

John Alcorn John Allan Cameron John Alonso/Laura Nashman John Borra John Bottomley John Boyd John Critchley John Forbes John Ford John Fortunato John Griffith/Thompson/McCurdy John Hong John Jackson John James John Laing Singers John Landry John Lewis John Ludgate John Maracle John of Mark John Panchyshyn John Southworth John Stott John Taylor John Thomas John Voss Johnnie DeGiuli Johnny Burke & Howard Morash Johnny Dee Fury Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra Johnny Hollow Johnny Pearl Johnny Ruthledge Jolly Llamas Jon Levine Band Jon Tanner Jonah Cristall-Clarke Nonet Jonasson Jonathan Abraham Jonathan Cummins/Bionic Jonathan Seet Joni Mitchell Tribute -Various Jonnie Bakan Sextet Jonno Miller-Williams Jonny James Jorge Jarzabek Jorn Anderson Josee Joseph Modi Joseph Petric Joy Brown JoyDrop Jude Haines Jude Langmuir Judy & David Judy Brown Band Judy Hotte Judy Loman Judy Vandenberk Juice Jukejoint Julia Dunk Julia Marshall Julia Wallace Julian Milkis Julie Crochetiere Julie Gibb Julie Mahendran Trio Julie Sparks Juliette Colden Jully Black July 26th Movement Junction Junior J Just Me Justin Abedin Justin Bowman Justin Ewart Justin Gray

Justin Hines Justin Hines Justin Rutledge JW Jones Blues Band J-Wyze Enterprize k.d. lang k.d. lang & the reclines Kahana Kairene Kaleefah Kalonji-Muteba (Didier) Kameka Kansas City Express Kardinal Offishall Karen David Karen Gamble Karen Silver/Mickey Valentine Karen St. Louis Kari Drue Abraham Kari Robertson Karina Long Karla Crawford Karma the Mystical Son Karyn Ellis Kat Rocket Kataklysm Kate Bowen Kate Proctor Katenen Dioubate Katey Morley Katherine Stratas Katherine Wheatley Katherine, Cate & Crowe Kathleen Edwards Kathleen Farley Kathryn Rose Kathy September Kayla Kayla Goren Kayte Kayte Burgess Kayte Burgess Kazzer KCC & DanceceSpeak Keating-Jones Kee'no Keith Buddle Keith Glass Keith Oakley Kelly Vohnn Ken Dirschl Ken Harnden Ken Ramm Ken Whiteley Kenny King Kenny Munshaw Kenny Neal Kenrick Kent Rock Kepler Kerrin Mehagan Kerry Anne Kutz Keven Daken Kevin Aichele Kevin Barrett Kevin Connelly Kevin Cooke Kevin Drew Kevin Fox Kevin Lochhead Kevin MacDonald Kevin McMillan Kevin Powers/Soulshine Kidd Sisters Kids on the Block Kieran Overs Quintet Killer Dwarfs Killjoys Kim and Jerry Brodey

Kim Band Kim Cole Kim Doolittle Kim F. Wagner Kim Mitchell Kim Rogers Kim Rosemay Kim Stevens Kim Temple Kimberley Wetmore Kinder-jim King Apparatus King Cobb Steelie King David And The Pharaohs King Nancy King Ujah Kinga Kinnie Starr iran Ahluwalia Kiran Singh Kirk Broadbridge Kirk MacDonald Kirsten Jones Kirsten Nash Kiss the Midget Kite Kiyoshi Nagata Taiko Ensemble Kobe James Kobena Acquaah-Harrison Koko K-OS Kraken Kristi Magraw Kristin Sweetland Kronicle Krush and Skad Kubzavod Kumari Kurt Viehbacher Kuzsins Kwansa Kye Marshall Jazz Quartet Kyn L.A. Allen L.B. "The Ambassador of Love" (Lee Braithwaite) La Favoritte La Roche LAL Laliberte & McKhool Lani Lapointe Larry Folk Larry Goguen & Lost Wages Larry McQuarrie Larry Mercey Band, The LASERBABIES Lassies Latefallen Laughing Dogs (Carpet Frogs) Laura Cavacece Laura Colangelo Laura Gonsalves Quintet Laura Lynn Laura Nashman Laura Nashman & Michael Moon Laura Ranieri Laura Repo Laura Rose Laurel MacDonald Lauren Eyton-Jones Laurence Kavanagh Laurie Corrigan Laurier Saxophone Quartet Laury Shedler Lavarius Lawn Lawrence Brissenden Lawrence Cherney

Lawrence Gowan Laws Layah Jane Layah Singer-Wilson Lazer Current Lazo Leah Salomaa Leahy Leather Uppers, The Lee Aaron Lee Pui Ming Ensemble Leggat Brothers Lei Leigh Latulippe Len Ottesen Lenka Lichtenberg Lenn Hammond Lenni Jabour Lennie Gallant Lenny & The Top-Hats Lenny G & The Capitol City Swing Band Lenny Graf Lenny Graf and the Capitol City Orchestra Lenny Solomon's Trio Mundo Leonard Johns Leroy Sibbles Les CountryCountrys Benevoles Les Kilt Leslie Spit Treeo L'ETRANGER Leviride Levon Ichkhanian Levride Liane de Lotbiniere Libby Liberty Silver Liddle Lie Detector Life Lili Zohar Lillian Allen Lily Frost L'Image Lin Elder Lincoln Lincoln Alexander (Lynx) Linda Bennett Maquire Linda Catlin Smith Linda Farkas Linda Hanchar Linda M Linda McLean Linda Randle/Jerome Way Lindi Lindsay Thomas Morgan Lindsay West Lindy Linford Allen Lin-Mudler Duo Liona Boyd Liquified Lis Soderberg Lisa Erskine Lisa Hewitt Lisa Logan Lisa Lougheed Lisa Patterson Lisa Swain Lisette Livid Liz Tansey Lizzy Mahashe LMT Connection local heroes Local Rabbits Loco Zydeco Lomantis Londa Larmond Long Rider




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Long Way Home Longriders Lonnie James Look People Loose Booty Loose Ties Loreena McKennitt Lorelei Loretto Reid Loretto Reid & Brian Taheny Loretto Reid Band Lori Alternativeer Lori Cullen Lori Gottefried Lori Hodge Lori Nuic Lori Rideout Lorne Ryder Lorraine Scott Lorraine Segato Lost & Profound Lost Johnny Lou Applebaum Tribute - various artists Lou Cavaliere Lou Natale Louis Simao Louisa Florio Louise Pitre LouWop LovecanaL Low Level Flight Lowdown Lowest of the Low Lucia Pegoraro Lucie Idlout Ludes Luge Sessions Luis Ochoa - Cimarron Luke Doucet Lunch at Allens Luther Wright & the Wrongs Lyft Lynda Burns Lynette Louise Lynn Harting-Ware Lynn Marie Miles Lynn Miles M. El M`rabet M. L. Fallis M.I.N.D. M.L. Fallis M1 Mackenzie Mad About Plaid Mad Love Mad Violet Madame Mangos Uprising Culture Maderaz Latin Music Madhouse Madlocks Madonna Tassi madrid Maestro Magdalene Maggie and the Gidge Maggie Moore Magneta Lane Magnets Mahogany Rush Mahones Majors Malaika Malcolm Burn Malhavoc Malice In Wonderland Mana Manchild (New Deal) Mann Overboard Mannequin

Mannon Manteca Manteye Manuel Larrabure Manuela Silvani M-Appeal Maracatu Nunca Antes Marble Index Marc Arsenault Marc JorDance Marc JorDance/ Cindy Church/ Murray McLaughan/ Ian T Marc Warren Marcelo Puente Marcia English/ Rachel Lovewell/ Michael St. Clair Mardi Jayde Maren Ord Margot Glatt Margot Glatt/AiDance Mason Maria Antonakos Maria D'Amelio Marianne Dunn Marie Bodine Mario Marengo Mark Browning Mark Cassius Mark Haines Mark Inside Mark James Fortin Mark Kelso Mark Korven Mark Manthei Mark Ripp Mark Sauvageau Mark Schmidt Mark Tara Mark Zubek Mark's Patchwork Markus Marni Levitt Marqus P. Marshall Nketiah Marshall Tully Martha and the Muffins Martha Johnson Martin Damsell Martin Tielli Martin van de Ven Martina Sorbara Marty Jones Marty Morell Latin Jazz Quintet Marvel Marvelous Sauce Mary Ellen Gillespie Mary Jane Lamond Mary Lou Fallis Mary Lou Sicoly Mary Lu Zuhalan Mary Lynn Renn Mary Lynn Wren Mary Zilba Marybeth Gignac Mary-Ellen Gillespie MaryEllen Teagan Gillespie Maryem Tollar Massa Massari Matadors Matic Matisse Matt Matt Maxwell Matt Minglewood Matt Segriff Matthew Barber Matthew Divine-Giasone Italiano Matthew Good Band Matthew Haly

Matthew Johnston Matthew Osborne Maureen Forrester Maureen Kennedy Maurizio Iacono Maven-Post Max Woolaver Maxine Willan Maxwell King Maxx Bros. Mayday Parade Mayhem Morearty Maza Meze MC Loucii McAuley Boys MEA Mean Red Spiders Mecca Media Mania Medium Meesah Meg Lunney Meg O'Brien Megan Jerome Trio Megapop Meighan O'Brien Melanie Doane Melanie Durrant Melanie Joy Melanie Joy Douglas Meligrove Band Melissa D'Souza Melissa McClelland Melissa Rebronja Melissa Stylianou Mellonova Melt Melvin Melwood Cutlery Memphis Messiah Mendelson Joe Menno Vaz Mer Mercey Brothers Mere Mortals Meredith JorDance Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia Meryn Cadell Messenjah Mezza Luna Mhedikc Mia Sheard Michael Michael Barry Michael Bell Michael Bolla Michael Bracken Michael Breen Michael Burgess Michael D'Amico Michael Davidson Michael G. Waite Michael Johnston Michael Kaeshammer Michael Lake Michael Martin Michael Maxwell Michael McDougall Michael McKenna Michael McKenna/Maddie Willis Michael Occhipinti Michael O'Connell Michael Piccolo Michael Pickett Michael Pokrousky Michael Racioppa Michael Ritchie Michael Rossiter Michael St. Clair

Michael St. George Michael stclair Michael Stitt Michael Stuart Quartet Michaela Foster Marsh Michel Bérubé Michele Foster Michelle Brown Michelle Francis Michelle Gold Michelle Hart Michelle Illiatovitch Michelle McAdorey Michelle Wright Michie Mee Micky Absil Micky Absil / Sandy Bernard Midnight Craving Midways Mighty Yah-Man, The Mike Downes Quartet Mike Erb Mike Evin Mike Ford Mike Knight Mike Murley Mike O'Sullivan Mike Robins Mike Skinner Milan Kymlicka Miller and Lawrence Mindbender Miniatures MINX Miriam Mavridis Miriam Snider Mischke Misguided Buzz Mistablunthamastamind Mistacronks Mitchell's Corners Mitra MJ Mobile Moe Berg Moe Koffman Mohamed Hasaballa Molestics Molly Blooms Molly Johnson Molten Blue Mommy Monarch Brothers Moneen Money Money Monica Schroeder Monkeyhouse Monkeywalk Monoxides Monsoon Monster Voodoo Machine Monuments Galore Monze Moonstarr Morbidox More Or Les More Plastic Moreen Meriden Morgan Davis Morganfields Morgonn Morningstar Mosea Most Serene Republic Most-Hi Mother Tongue Moxy Fruvous Mr. Bennett Mr. Bones

Mr. I/O Mr. J Mr. Mustard MTC Mudgirl Mudmen Muhtadi and Friends Mummble Ducks Murray McLachlan Murray Schafer Ensemble Mushfiq Ensemble Musica Viva and Friends Musicus Bortnianskii Mustards My Brilliant Beast My Dead Sister My Dear Heretic Myles Hunter Mystery Romance Myth of Innocence N.Q. Arbuckle Nadia Syed Nadina Makie Jackson & Guy Few Nadine McHorgh Nadine Navarre Nadja NADJIWAN Naiman, Taheny, Quinn & Coole Naked Planet Naked Research Nancy Denault Nancy Nash Nancy White Naomi (songbirdsixx) Naomi Emmerson Napolean Solo Naro Nashman / Fortin Nat Roman Natalie Henderson Natasha Kinne Natasha Waterman Nathaniel Dett Chorale National Velvet Naturally Black University Nature Nazka Ndidi Onukwulu Neal Busby Near Oblivion Neeraj Prem Masih Neil Campbell Neil Cruickshank Neil Leyton Neil R. Campbell NEO A4 Neotone (Pukka Orchestra, The) Neufeld Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra (NOJO) Neutral Zone Never But Always Never Never (TWiST) Neverending White Lights New Berlin Chamber Ensemble New Deal New Digs New Love Parade New Music Concerts Next Nic Holas (Nicholas Balkou) Nicholas Stirling Nick Ali & Cruzao Nick Hamilton Nicky Lawerence Nicola Vaughan Nicole Andrea Aube Nicole Holness Nicolle Night Sky Picture Night Sun




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Niki Andre Nine Mile Nines Nite No Surrender No Warning NOJO Norman Mombourquette Northern Brass Not By Choice Nothing In Particular Novaks Novia Lamont Novia McLymont NQ Arbuckle Nu Black Nation Nuginduck Nylons O.T. October Browne Odel Johnson Odette Doyley Odin Red Ofra Harnoy & TO Chamber Orch. Oh Susanna OK Lucky Oliver Jones Trio Oliver Schroer Oliver Twiggins Oliver Whitehead Quintet Omar Ales Omar Nelson Omar Thomas Ales ON ONE One Free Fall One Horse Blue One Love One Second 2 Late One Step Beyond One Take One To One ONE-900 onlyforward Option Ordinary Day Orford String Quartet Organ Organized Rhyme Orhan Demir Trio Original Crayons Originals Orquesta Bestiol ory no'man Oscar Petersen Tribute-Various Oskar Morawetz Otis Our Lady Peace Out to Lunch Outfit Ouzo Power Oval Emotion Ox Ozonerangerz Page Two Palace of Wisdom Pam Gerrand Pamela Brennan Pamplemousse Paper Cranes Paperboys Paperclip Parabolica Parachute Club, The Parkas Parker Paromita Adhikari Partland Brothers Parts Unknown

Passenger Passion Storey Pat Temple Patootihed Patria Patricia O'Callaghan Patrick Canavan Patrick Cardy Paul Coburn Paul Cook Paul DiSalle Paul Gross/David Keeley Paul Humphrey Paul Irvine Paul Janz Paul Kacor Paul Lalama Paul London Paul Macleod Paul McCann Paul McKay Paul Ragnar Paul Reddick Paul Reddick & the Sidemen Paul Sheremeta Paul Tobey Paul Waring Paul Watson Paul Wild and the Style Paula Lynn Walker Paula Manderson Paulina Mac Pavlo Peace by Piece Pedras da Rua Peggy White Peirson Ross Penderecki Quartet& Natochenny Penfield People From Earth Perris Perry Family, The Perry Kemp Persona Pete Linseman Pete Swann Peter Bayford Peter Cugno Peter Elkas Peter Foldy Peter Katz Peter Katz and the Curious Peter Linseman Peter Mathers Peter Mueller Peter Randall & The Raindogs Peter Sabourin Peter Swann Petr Cancura Pezz Phantoms Phase IV Phased Forward Phatt al Phil Berberian Phil Disera Phil Dwyer Phil Francis Phil Reynolds Philip Dent Candelaria Philip Emond Philip Stanger / Mantilla Philomene Hoffman Phono - Comb Picastro Picture Comes To Life Pieces of Train Pierre Germain Pierrot Ensemble

pigfarm PikiHed Pilate Pillowheads Pilot Speed (formerly Pilate) Pip Pipedream Pistol Noon Plasma Blast Plasterscene Replicas Plasticine Play Pocket Dwellers Point Blank Point of Power (Sahara) Polarity Bears Poledo Pollyannas Poor Marqus Popjoy Popov & Vona Populars Porkbelly Futures Port of Call Postage Stamps Prairie Oyster Premiera Shock Premiums Primitive Fire Prince Yellow Private Sector Priya Thomas Prodigal Sons Project X Proper Etiquette Protest The Hero Providers Proyecto Urbanano Prozzak Psyche Psychetonics Psycho Circus Puentes Brothers Puirt a Baroque Pukka Orchestra, The Punch Face Punchbuggy Punjabi By Nature Pup Puppet Pursuit of Happiness Quartertones Quartette Quartetto Gelato Que Vida Quincy Gold Quinsin Nachoff Quits Quiverleg R&R R. Vanderburgh / W. Routledge r.a.w. child Rachel Gauk Rachel Kane Rachel Schwartz Radio Silence Radioblaster Radioland Jazz Compilation Rae Billing Raggadeath Rail T.E.C. Rain RainDancece Raising the Fawn Ramessar Quintessence Ramon Taranco Rance Nakamura Randall Chung Random Allies

Random Killing Random Order Randwiches Randy Bachman Randy Hutchings Rapid Transit Rare Air Rarefaction Rascalz Rave Revues Raven Polson - Lahache Ray Hickey Jr. Ray Lyell Ray Montford Ray Montford & Under The Wire Ray Ray Ray Robinson Rayon "Hayah" Henry Razed Roof Razorbacks Read A Book On Tape Reason Disappears Rebecca Campbell and Justin Haynes Rebecca Leeann Rebecca Timmons azed Roof Razorbacks Read A Book On Tape Reason Disappears Rebecca Campbell and Justin Haynes Rebecca Leeann Rebecca Timmons Red Red 5 Red Autumn Fall Red Orkestra Red Rain (Geoff Dahl) Redeemers Redletter Reggae Cowboys Regulars(Trouble With Jan) Reid Jamieson Reid Taheny Band Reign Rena Gaile Rendezvous:Midnight Rene Gely Renee Rowe Republic of Safety Resistance Rev. Revelation Band Rezza Brothers Rhea's Obsession Rheostatics Rhinos Rhume Rhythm & Truth Brass Band Rhythm N' Step Rhythm Slaves Rhythm Unit (Brothers) Rhythm'n Soul Rich Baker Rich Dodson Richard Baker Richard Challenger Richard Chycki Richard Citroen Richard Kendall Richard Maddock Richard Samuels Richard Underhill Richard Whiteman Trio/Quartet Rick Avalis Rick Lazar & Montuno Police Rick Morrison Rick Rose Rick Santers Rick Shadrach Lazar & Montuno Police

Rick Skol Rick Tait Ricky Wells Ride The Bull Ridley Bent Right As Rain Rik Emmett Rikki Rumball Rikoshay Ringing Rique Franks Rita Chiarelli Rita Ghent Rita Johns Rita MacNeil River City Rockettes River run Rivka Golani Rizdales Ro Dolla Rob Carroll Rob Louden Rob McConnell Rob Piltch Rob Szabo Rob Uffen Ensemble Robb Cribb Robbie Patterson Robbie Rae Robert C. Shaw Robert Davis Robert Michaels Robert Munsch Robert Priest Robert Reynolds Robert Silverman Robert Tremills Robert Warsh Robi Botos & Kristy Cardinali Robin Bank$ Blues Band Robin Black & Intergalactic Rock Stars Robin Sharma Robyn Hayle Rochester a.k.a Juice Rock Plaza Central Rockboy Rocket Science Rocketface Rodney Brown & The Northern Roots Band Roger Clown Roger Cross Roger Farrar/Peter Randall Roger Rainbow Roger St. Denis Roman Grey Roman Wilde Ron Allen Ron Hawkins Ron Hawkins & the Rusty Nails Ron Hynes Ron Hynes Tribute - Various Ron Sexsmith Ron Vendetti Ronald & Ruth Moir Ronney Abramson Ronnie Hawkins Rory Dyck Rory Lavelle Rosanne Baker Thornley Roscoe Project Rosewater Foundation Rosie Allagas Rosita Stone Ross Harwood Rough Edges Rough Trade Rousseau-Carlton Duo Roxanne Potvin Roy Patterson




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Roy Styffe Roy Williams Royal City Royal Wood Roz Bell RSP Jazz Quartet Rubber Snake Ruby Ruby Loves U Ruddy Valentine Rude Mechanicals Ruffins Rufus Run With The Kittens Rupert Gayle Rush Russ Hyduk Russian Futurists Rustbucket Ruthann Springle Ryan Dennis Rythm Twins S. Hollingworth /J. Dillabough S.S.T. Saarinen & Sinclair Sabat/Clarke Sachne Sacrifice Sadies Sage Said and Done Saidah Baba Talibah Saint Peter Salads Sally McKay Salmonblaster Salome Bey Sal's Birdland Salvin Sarrow Sam Bonee Canada Sam Crosby Sam Durrence Sam Ellis Sam Noto Sam Roberts Sam Roberts Band Samantha Collard Samantha Terry Same Sandra Beech Sandra Currie & Windows Sandra Gemmill Sandy Lee Jones Santers Sara Craig Sara Hamilton & David Sara Inksetter Sara Westbrook Sarah Burton Sarah Craig Sarah Daye Sarah Harmer Sarah Keates Sarah Melody Sarah Shafey Sarah Slean Sasha Niechoda Sasha Rose Sattalites Saukrates Savage Steel Scam Artists Scarlet Drops Scarlett, Washington & Whiteley Scenes Schom Scott b. Sympathy Scott Doyle Scott Loomer

Scott Orr Scott Paterson Scott Shae Scotty Campbell Scrappy Bitch Tour Scratching Post Screaming Trees Sean Bray Sean Kelly Sean Roberts Sean Simmonds Sean Stephens Seazon Secret Sector Seven See Spot Run Seeds Sown Seismic Selah Selections Selina Martin Semi-Auto Reflex September Child Serena Ryder Seventh Sense Seventh Sign Seventh Son Sewing With Nancie Sexton Bonnevie Shad Shade Shadowbox Shady O'Grady Shaes Shala Shalabi Effect Shallow, North Dakota Shaman Shane Cutler Shane Harvey Shane Philips Shannon Bryant Shannon Gaye Shannon Lyon Shannon Weir & The Even Strangers Shanty Boys, The Sharlene Wallace Sharon Jackman Sharon Musgrave Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale Sharon S. Jackman Sharron McLeod Shauna Major Shauna Rolston Shaune Ann Feuz Shawn Santalucia Shaymlyss Shaza Shego Band Sheikh Sheila Deck Shelley Coopersmith Sheltered Life Sheltering Sky Sheree Jeacocke SheriDance Sherise Valley Sherri Coates Sherrie Lea Sherry Sherry Kean Sherwood Lumsden Shesmar Shikasta Shiraz Shiraz Tayyeb Shirley Eikhard Shirley Myers Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch

Shocore Shonna Brown Shorty Groove Shoshona Kish Shout out out out out Shovelhead Jones Show - Do - Man Showtyme Shuffle Demons Shun-Di SIANSpheric Sibongile Sidemen Silence Silk Stockings Sillan & Young Silver Silver Hearts Simbaa Simon Chase Simon Wilcox Simone Denny Simpleton Simply Saucer Sinclaire Sing Along With Tonto Sinisters Sin-Tones Siobhan Crawley Sirens Sister Anne Sister Saigon Sister Someone Sisters Siyakha Skaface SKARD 1 Skratch3 Sky Skydiggers Skye Sweetnam Slant SLEEP Sleeper Set Sail Slik Toxik Slinky Slo Fuse Sloan Slowburn Slowpoke SLUMBERLAND Smalltown Preachers Smilin' Ben Smoke Snailhouse Snapper SNAPPER Snapping Toes Soho 69 (Andy Curran) Sol Solitair Soma Sonic Sonia Collymore Sonia Funk Sonification Sophie Milman Soul Function Soul Tattoo Soulfish Sound Bluntz Sounds of Sonic Unyon Sour Landslide Spa Space Elevator Sparkys Speak Speakeasy Special Eddy Special Ice

Speed Kings Sphere Clown Band Spice Spice "Mo Betta" Spicoli's Spin The Susan Spirits And Trains Spit/Gogo/Big Faith/Barenaked Spit/Rheostatics/Jellyfishbabi Spitfires Spookey Ruben Spoons Squiddly Squirm Staggered Crossing Stamp Collective Stan Meissner Stanhope O'Neil Thompson Starling Stars State of Mind Station Twang Steaming Toolie Stefan Gnys Stefania Rea Stefano Stefi Beck Stefano Stefi Beck Stem Stephane Moraille Stephanie Martin Stephen Allison Stephen Craig Stephen Didunyk Stephen Fearing Stephen Foster Stephen G. G. Durrant Stephen Ledlie Stephen Worrall Steve Bereza Steve Castellano Steve Durand Steve Fox Steve Haflidson Steve Hagen Steve Hogg Steve Holt Jazz Quartet Steve Ingram Steve Koven Trio Steve Lucas Steve Raiman Steve Wingfield Steven Cogdell Steven Crown Steven Lee Olsen Steven Vitali Stew Hooey Stewart Hooey Stich Wynston Stickpeople Stirling Stoker Brothers, The Stone Idols Stool Finger Stop Die Resuscitate Stradio Straitjakket (Julius Butty) Strange Advance Strange Neighborhood Stranger Than Fiction Strat Andriotis / Tom Carney Strawman Stu Peterson Stu Shepherd Stuart Laughton Stutter Styell Subliminal

Subtractor Suckerpunch Sue Enriquez Sue Foley Sue Foley Band Sue Medley Sue Patrick Breit Sue Wood Sugarbush Sugarfield Sugarnuckle SugarPush (Beggar's Choir) Sully Sunday Warrior Sunforce Sunshine Devil Super Friendz supergarage Superhalo Supers Supervox Surface Tension surrender dorothy Susan Aglukark Susan Artibello Susan Bryant & Moanin' Bones Susan Conn Susan Corrigan Susan Davy Susan Enriquez Susan Hammond - Look at Mozart Susan Hoeppner Susan Hoppner / Judy Loman Susan Tyler Sushiboy Suzanne deBussac Suzanne Nuttall Suzi & The Revells Suzi Leckie Suzie McNeil Suzie Vinnick Sven Gali Swallows Sweet Sound Sweetblood and the Hounds Sweet-Sapp Swing 69 Swing Gang Sydney Syke Sylum Sylvia Tyson Sympathy Syntifik Syrah Savoy Syre Syren T. Nile T.K.P. T.O.E. Tabarruk Tabula Rasa Talivaldis Kenins Tall New Buildings Tallisman the Mystic Linguisticz Tam & Tash Tamara Levitt Tamara Williamson Tamarack Tami Levitt Tammy Raybould Tangerene Tangiers Tanglefoot Tania Koster Tanika Riley Tannis Slimmon Tanny Meddows Tano




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Tanya Mullings Tapps Tara Lynn Hart Tara Macri Tara Slone Taras Target Tarig Abubakar & The Afronubians Tarig Ahmed Taxi Chain Taylor Davis Taylored Tazmaniacs Tea Party Tebey Tebey Ottoh Ted Bushey / Colleen Sackney Teds TeeJae Teenage Head Tejinder Walia Teknicolor Raincoats Temperance Ten Seconds Over Tokyo Tera Vainen Terence Gowan Terilyn Ryan Terilyn Spooner Terri-Lynn Dymock Terry Bone Terry Cade Terry Cade Terry Carisse Terry Carisse Terry Crawford Terry Gowan Terry McKenna Terry Sumsion Terry Tufts Terry Watkinson Tetrezene Tha Formula The Cliks Theo Boakye Theresa McKay Theresa Sokyrka THERMOcline Theset Thine Eyes Bleed This Minor Tremble Thom Ryan Thomas Evan Davis Thomas Handy Thomas Ryder Payne Thomas Wade Thomson Lawrie Threat Signal Three Pound Universe Three Sheets To The Wind Thrust Thumpy

Thyron Lee Whyte Tia Tiara Tim Clement Tim Fischer Tim Harrison Tim Louis Tim Mech's Peep-Show Tim Ryan Tim Taylor Tim Tickner Presents Time Warp Timmy Tuttle and the Hopscotch Crew Timmy Vaughn Timothy Brady Tin Bangs Tina Newman Tina Turley Tingouly Tip Splinter Tira Title Toastmaster General(J.Slansky) Todt Tokyo Police Club Tom Davis Tom Hooper Tom Rogers Tom Taylor Tonal Harmonic Distortion Tone Tone Poets Tony Barrett Tony Clip Tony D Tonya Kennedy Too Bad To Be True Top Prospects Toronto Mass Choir Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra Tough Puppets Tourists Toya Alexis Toyyz Tracey James Traci Kennedy Tracy Rice Tragically Hip Trailer Park Boys -The Movie/Big Dirty band Train In Vain Tranquility Base transient Trapdoor Treasa Levasseur Trees Trevor Finlay Band Trevor Norris Trews Trey Mills Trey Mills, Dwight Dudiak, Nicole Holness

Tribes of March Tribute To Wes Montgomery Tricky Woo Trio Lyra Trio Norte Tripnotic Trish Bentley Trish Colter Trish O'Brien Tristan Psionic Triumph Trout 22 Tru Paz Trudy Artman True True Myth TSP T-Trau Tu Tudjaat Tuesday's Angels Turn Off The Stars Turnip Tuuli Twiggy 'N' Oliver Twin Image Two Hours Traffic Two Minute Miracles Two Penny Opera(Loose Marbles) Two Thirds Water Tyde Tye Clarke Tyler Smith Tyler Viaene/Andy Scott Quarte UBAD Umberto Micheli Uncle Chaos Uncle Don Uncut Undadogg Unified Union Station Universal Honey Unknown Citizens Untitled/Sammy Tetzba V.I.P. Valery Gore Van Allen Belt VanCountryver Chamber Choir VanCountryver New Music Society Vandal The Urbanan Camper Vanelle Vaughn Passmore Veal Vena Cava Venus First Vern Cheechoo Veronica Gyimah Vezi Tayyeb Vibrolux Vicki McKearney

Vickie Van Dyke / Tom Wade Victoria Boland Village Idiot Vincent Wolf Violet Ray Vis-a-Vis Vital Sines vitaminsforyou Vito Alvaro Vito Rezza & 5after4 Vivian George Vivian Xia Vivianne LaRiviere Vivienne Williams Voice in Mind Voivod Voyce W.A.B. Ministries W.A.B. Youth Choir W.E. W.J. Kent Waking Eyes Walk Wallace Barnes Wallen Roberts Wallis Giunta WAlternativeons Wapistan Warm WARM Warren Wayne Warsawpack Washington Wives Watchmen Watertown Trio Wathahine Way Wayne Cass Wayne Faulconer Wayne Omaha Weakerthans Weekend Weeping Tile Weights & Measures Well Wellington Lambert Wellington Lambert Trio Wendy DeMos Wendy Sommerville/James Doris Wendy Watson / Lewis Manne We're Marching On Wesley Williams aka Maestro Fresh Wes Westcott & Kolb Whales What It Means To Be Jewish Whetherman Groove Tube White Cowbell Oklahoma White Elephant White Heat Whitehead/Robinson Quintet Whiteley Brothers

Whitenoise Whitey Houston Wide Mouth Mason Wild Strawberries Wild 'T' & The Spirit Will Hemmings Will Millar Willi Williams William Beauvais William James William Jones & Gino Salvador William Rogers William Van Zyl Willie P. Bennett Windsor Dukes, The Winston Grant/Prince Rashie Wintersleep Wio-K Wisconsin Wiz Bryant Woodenstars Woodrow Word People Workshops World Gone Mad Worrall Wray Ellis Wyrd XLR8 X-Quisite Year of the Gone Yellow Butterfly Yeti Yohanna Vander Kley Yoshi Lumanda You Say Party! We Say Die! Young Galaxy Youth in Asia Youth Outreach Mass Choir Youthinasia YOW Yuevi Yuval Fichman Zaffi Gousopoulos Zak Sheppard Zaki Zama Hyman Zamboni Jiver zedsketch Zlatko Cetinic Zoe Zoe Bentley, Dancey Kane Zoe Hamilton Zoe 'N' Sam zoebliss Zubot & Dawson Zukanus ZuZuPetals Zygote

Catherine MacLellan Celtic Tide Chris Corrigan

Craig Dodge Cynthia MacLeod & Gordon Belsher Dance McCarron Eyes for Telescopes Grow Up Talking James Shaw Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris & Lawrence Patzer Jive Kings John Boswell John Southworth Julia Schurman Kim Albert Kim Gould

Kris Taylor Lennie Gallant Mark Haines & Tom Leighton Maxine MacLeod McCarron Brothers Pat Deighan Pat Deighan & the Orb Weavers

Patricia Murray Randy J. Martin Roy Johnstone Strawberry temp Teresa Doyle




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39 Steps Anne Louise Genest Ashlyne Bigg Aylie Sparkes Barbara Chamberlin

Ben Mahony Bodra Elia Brenda Lee Katerenchuk CobAlternative Connection Danceette Readman Danceiel Janke Derek Holmes Gordie Tentrees Bionic Bishop & Masse Black Sheep Bless Bliss Blue Dancece Blue Ink Blue Seeds Bonnie Wurst Boreades de Montreal Borisoniks BoUrbanon Gautier Bowser & Blue Box Bradyworks Bran Van 3000 Brian Hughes Brighton Brigitte Pace Bro Henry Bruce Cameron Bryan Hughes (Beau Geste) Buck 65 Bundock Butta Babees Camaromance Capones Caprice Carl Dixon Band Carlos Placeres Carmen Campagne Cast CatBurglaz Celia's Fansye Centrifugal Force Chance-One (Josiah Brown) Charly Buss Chelsea Bridge Chevrier / Shink Chin Injeti Choir Chris Brown & Kate Fenner Chris MacLean Christian Son Christine Jensen Christine Jensen Sexette Christopher Pennington Chromeo Clarence Smith Jr. Claude Lamothe Claudia's Cage Clifford Stevens Clifford Stevens Band Clodya Berenson Clove Condition Connie Kaldor Constantinople Constantinople & Guest Artist Cooper Black Coral Egan CPC Gangbangs Crazy Rhythm Daddies Crowned King Crystal Castles Cursed Curtis Matthews Cussy Nicodemo D.D. Jackson D.J. Ray

Hungry Hill Indio Saravanja Jerry Alfred & The Medicine Beat Joe Bishop & Kendall Sullivan Kate Weekes Kendall-Ann Sullivan Kim Barlow Kim Beggs Da Freshmen Dagger Dale Boyle and the Barburners Danceiel Taylor, T.E.M. & Emma Kirby Danceielle Duval Danceko Jones D-Anne Danceny Bedard Danceny Kerr Danceny Ranallo Daria Datson Four Datsons David Clayton Thomas David Devine David Hanrahan David Lee David Ritchie David Running Dawn Thomson Quartet, The Day Dream Deadlock (Silver Saddle) Dean Batstone Dears Death From Above 1979 Dee déjà vu Del-Gators Demolition Denis Lavigne Denise Murray Derek Brans Design Dessy DiLauro DeVay Diaga Diamond Itch Diodati DJ Champion Djelem Don J Don-Ray Dorian Sherwood Doughboys Drafted Dragosh Dream Warriors Drones Drunk Poets Dryer Duchess Says Dukeslande Dust Echo Hunters Eden Eileen Quashie Elana Harte Elana Harte & Lionheart Elastic Zebra Elizabeth Dehler Elizabeth Dolin Ember Swift Emilia Longo Emily Haines Emm Gryner Ensemble Arion Ensemble Caprice Eric Fillion & Sylvain Lamirande Erin Hibberd Estelle Ste-Croix

Manfred Janssen Matthew Lien Michael Brooks Mr. Vein Natalie Edelson New Orleans North Nichols & Rae Nicole Edwards Exhaust Expos Eyes on You Famous Lovers Favorite Nation Feu Therese Field Register Fifty Nutz Five Bands - Various Artists Flashlight Brown Flatliners Fly Pan Am Fox Fraser Fran Avni Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Frank Raposo Frank Ross Band Frankies & Freaks Fraser MacDougall Fraser MacPherson Freddie James Fredric Gary Comeau Frenetics Frida's Brow FUBAR (Various Artists) Fussy Cussy G.T. Express General Rudie Genevieve Charest Genevieve Soly Genna Genticorum Gentlemen's Club George Hilal Geoulah Geraldine Arie Ghishlain Poirier Gilbert Kafka Gina Bausson Ginger Snap (Blue Oil) Gods of Taste Godspeed You Black Emperor! Gogh Van Go Grafenberg All-Stars Granite Cuts Grimskunk Groove Kings Gruesomes Gryphon Trio Guy Robitaille Hanged Up Hank Engel Harry Mann Hart-Rouge Hayes "Kali" Thurton Haze and Shuffle HDV Helix hHead High Dials Higher to Fall Hilary Porter Hot Springs Hotdogs Howling Mind Glide Hudson Chamber Ensemble Hugh Ball and What It Is Ian Kelly Ian Tamblyn Idoia Prieto

Peters Drury Quartet Peters Drury Trio Say No More Susie Ross Undertakin' Daddies Various Sergei Istomin

11:30 401 32nd Day 39 Steps A Silver Mt. Zion Acrylic Adam Chaki Adam Karch Adam's Apples Adrian Clark Aids Wolf Ajo & The Hungry Boys Alain Comeau Alan Airport Alan Gerber Alan MacGregor Alcvin Takegawa Ramos Aldo Nova Alex Clements&Misguided Specie Alex Formosa Alex Shield Alexander Caplin Alise Marlane Bowler All Systems Go All the Answers Amanda Mabro Amethyst's Universe Amon Tobin Amy Milan Anael Anat Hartal Andre Moisan Andrew Cash Andy Milne Angel (Ange Beaulieu) Angela Desveaux Angele Dubeau et La Pieta Anique Granger Anna Webber Annakin Slayd Annie Ebene Antidote Anton Kuerti Arcade Fire asexuals Ashley Newall Aubrey Dayle Avenue Awesome Collective (Jenna G.) Azuca Azuure Pekan Babelfish Barra MacNeils Barry Allen Taylor Beached Whale Beau Kavanagh Bedouin Soundclash Beefriendz Bell Orchestre Below The Sea Belvedere Bernard Primeau Jazz Ensemble Besnard Lakes Bif Naked Big Idea Billie Kallahan Billy Kerr

Ilona Pal I'M'L In Mynd Indiscipline Infini-T nsurgent Intakto Ire Isabel Bayrakdarian Isabelle Nazon Island Island City Monsters Islands J.F. William Jacques Gaines Jacynthe Vidal Jaffa James Alex Murdoch James Ehnes James Mahaffey James Murdoch Jamie Campbell Janina Fialkowska Janis Steprans Jason Camlot Jay Pea Jaymie Jazz Pharmacy Jean Madar Jean-Pierre LaBreche Jeff Johnston Jeff Johnston Quartet Jenifer Aubry Jennifer Meade & Genuine Faith Jeri Brown Jerry Devillers Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry & the Sons of Rhythm Jerry Snell Joanne Pelletier Joanne Simonetti Joaquin Diaz Jodie Resther Joel Miller Johanne Blouin Johanne Poirier John Farley John Horrocks / W. Harrington John McGale & Toyo John of Mark Johnstones Jon Ballantyne Jon Day Jonas Jonathan Simon Jorane Joshua Bishop & Stephane Masse J-Seven Juan Jose Carranza Julia Rohan Julian Austin Julie Doiron Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars Julie Shephard Julien Thomet Jump In The Pool Kali & Dub Karmen Karyn Kydd (Karen Gallagher) Kathy Phippard




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K-Bosh Kenny Colman Kent Austin A.K.A Majess Keralea Pollock Kerr Drummers Kevin Dean Quintet Kick Poets Kid Koala Kill The Lights King Khan and his Shrines King Nikklas Kingpins Kirk MacDonald Kish KSB La Bande Baroque La Nef & Meredith Hall Lady Shelly Land Of Talk Laura Daici Laymen Twaist Lea Lea Longo Leather Uppers Lederhosen Lucil Les Georges Leningrad Les Idees Heureuses Les Mod's Les Sexareenos Les Voix Humaines Lesbians on Ecstacy Let's Go To War Leyden Zar Lhasa Lia Lia Longo Lia Longo, Emilio Fulcro, Bruno Perri Li'l Andy & The Karaoke Cowboy Li'l Buck LI'L BUCK Lily Frost Lime Inc. Linda Morrison Lindsay Robins Lindy Liquid Lisa Lapointe Lise Boucher & Jean Marchand Little Birdie Little Jo and The Hurricane Live Cinema Liz Powell Lizanne Evely Lo & the Magnetics Loe Pesci LooseHead Lorne Lofsky Lorne Scodnick Lorraine Desmarais Trio Lorraine Klaasen Louis Alexis Louise-Andre Baril et Therese Motard Lovely Feathers Luba Luc Beausejour Luciano Laserra aka Luca Luise-Andree Baril & Therese Motard Lwudx Lyna Cob Lyne Fortin Lynne Lamarche M.J. Vallee & Paul Millette Mac Thornhill Mack Mackenzie & Three O'Clock Magic Kite Magic Wandas Mahee Mahvish Mai'Jing

Malvinas Mandeville Manon Bedard Manteca Marc Andre Vinet Marc Cote Marianne Paquette Marie Vallee Marie-Andrée Ostiguy Marie-Claire Seguin Marie-Nicole Lemieux Marilou Gauthier Mario Lanas Group, The Mark Meyuhas Mark Perry Mark Pinkus Markis Marla Marlon Grant Marlowe Martha Wainwright Matt Herskowitz Matt Tomlinson Matter Matthew White Maxelle McAuley Boys MCJ & Cool G Me and My Bones Me Mom & Morgentaler Melodie Farkas-Dayle Melodies on Canvas Men O' Steel Mentake Merlin Factor, The Meryn Cadell Metric Michael Breen Michael Dozier Michael Farquharson Michael Gauthier Michael O'Brien Michael Ryneveld Michel Kounou Michel Lambert Quartet Michel Lemieux Michelle Campagne Micro-Maureen Midway State Miguel Graca Presents Soulnotmind Mike Coriolan Mike Russell Mikey Dancegerous Mindstorm Minna Re Shin Minstrels Mishima Missing in Action Mission District Mitchell Magonet Mitsou Mobsters Modern Man Molasses Molinari Quartet MollyBelle & Dax Moments Musicaux Montreal Baroque Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir Moo Moonlight Society Morse Code MosesChild Mosquito-B MOSQUITO-B Mother Mother Mozart MSTRKRFT Muczynski Trio

Myster Phayze N.O.M.A. Nadine Medawar Nanette Workman Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet Nasty Nasty Joe Nathalie Michel Nettye Stamper Next Nicola Ciccone Nicolas Nikko Nina K. Nitza Njacko Backo-Kalimba Kalimba Norman Iceberg Norman Slovacek Notre Dame de Grass Nowhere Oblik Offsides Oliver Jones One One Love Band One Night Band One Ton Ora P Bailey P.E.Z. (Pop Element Zoo) Pallbearers Pambiche Panache Panhandler Panurge Papo Ross & Orquesta Pambiche Paradox Parental GuiDancece Paris Black Paris In Red Parking Angels, The Parkside Jones Pat Labarbera Patrick Lehman Patrick Norman Patrick Watson Paul Bailey Paul Boudreau Paul De Laurier Penny Lang Penny Traders Pete Farrell Peter Hay & JorDance Officer Peter Pringle Pigeon Hole Plajia (Members: Patrick Pleau, Bryan Ortiz, JeanPlanet Smashers Plants and Animals PLASTER Plastics Platinumberg Movement Pole Vault Polliwog Pony Up Poorfolk Portfolio Pride Priestess Psychotic 4 Pursuit of Happiness QRN(Quite Ridiculous Nonsense) Quadraceptor Quartango Quatuor Franz Joseph Quatuor Molinari Quinimine Ragged Randall Spear & The ACountrystic Brothers

Ranee Lee Ranee Lee featuring Oliver Jones Ray Bonneville Ray Condo& His Hardrock Goners RCOLA Reagan Hicock Real World Rebecca Henderson Remi Bolduc Remi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble Renann Renee Marc-Aurele Reset Resistance Rhythm Method Richard Abel Richard Abel / Francis Goya Rick and the Studers Ricky J Rise Rob Lutes Rob McConnell Rob McConnell Tentet Robert Atyeo Robert La Posta Robert Torr Robert Vann Roberto Lopez Project Robertson Roch Voisine Roderick Clarke "Renegade" Rosie Emery Rubber Marlyn Rubberman Rusty Saint Alvia Sainte Catherines Samia O'Day Samina Sapo Sara Diamond Sari Dajani Sass JorDance Satellite of June Sativa Sean Friesen Secret Dezire Sergei Trofanov Sergi Trofanov Serial Joe Serina Jung Seven Positivity Seven Sisters Shades of Culture Sharada Banman Shine Like Stars Shooting Ruby's Shovelhead Shyna Shyne Factory Sikus Sixtoo Slan Slangblossom Slap Happy Five Slaves On Dope Slippery Pete Slov Slowburn Snipes Snitches Socalled Soft Canyon Solo & Inch Sonny Greenwich Sons of Maxwell Sonya Cote Sonya Papp Sophie Young

Soul Attorneys, The Spaceshits Spaicy Specifics Spek Spins Splitting Seams Squatters (now No Tango) Stacey Picciano Stars Starvin Hungry Steak 72 Steel Rail Stone Bassani Straight Talk Strangely Dancedelion Streetnix Subb Sum 41 Sunday Sinners Susie Arioli Susie Arioli Swing Band Suzie LeBlanc Swamp Circuit Sword Sylvia Devlin Synthetic Folk Hero T for Two Tadros Tafelmusik Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra Tchukon Teddy Heaven Telefauna Tessa Jones Testarosa The Besnard Lakes Theatre of Early Music Tico Tiga Tim Brady Tim Posgate Timber Tim's Myth Tinker Tino Izzo Tommy Mack Tony Leccisi Too Many Cooks Toyo Trace Sitter Trans-X Treble Charger Tricky Woo Tricycle Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay Trio Lorraine Desmarais Trisha Pope Tulip Undercovers Unicorns United Steelworkers of Montreal U-Turn Vanessa Lengies Vann De Lorey Vendettas Vernon Buckley Veronica Speedwell Vivienne Deane Voix Humaines Voix Humaines & Guest Warped Tour Canada Stage Wayne Dwyer We Are The Take We Are Wolves Web Wells Wendy Wiseman Where it Hurts




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Whereabouts Will Millar

Winks Winks, The

Wolf Parade Wolfe

World Provider Yaya Diallo & Kanso

Ytheband Zita and the One Ton Experience

Against The Grain Alison Uitti Andrea Menard Andrea Menard (The Velvet Devil) Anthony Kelly Ash Jones B.C. Read B.C. Read and the Bullets Beachcombers Ben Schenstead Bent Blazers Blood Lines Bob Evans Brad Boymook Brad Johner Brenda Baker Brenda Chute (Frohaug) Brian (B.C.) Read Brian C. Read Brian Sklar & The Prairie Fire Brian Sklar & The Tex Pistols Butterfinger Carrie Catherine

Carrie Horachek Celia Davidson Schreiner Chester Knight & The Wind Churko Clarence Humble Cockrum Sisters Cracker Cats Craig Farrell Craig Salkeld Crooked Creek Crystal Image Danceny Balkwill David Freeman David Taylor Denise Lanceley Donna Maria Boser Doug Sylvester downhere Eileen Laverty Electric Embrace Eva Gold Fay Beaman Laing Five Minute Miracle Francis Marchildon Funk 'N' Stein Grant Bastedo

Guy Harvey HarCountryrts Henri Loiselle Holly Silzer Hooligans Hugh - Dawn Countryntry Ian Eaton & Battle River Into Eternity Jason Kruger Jason Plumb Jeff Wyatt Jen Lane Jennifer Gibson Joel Fafard Joel Fafard Band Joel Grundahl Band John Lindsay Jonah Jo's Diner Junior Pantherz Kathy Micheals Kevin Barrett King Street Healers Kyle Riabko Leonard Lorena Butts Lorraine Hartsook

Lowland Chronicles Mandy Ray Mark Kleiner Power Trio Mary Mary Megan Lane & Deep Set Soul Melanie Laine Metalist Method 2 Madness Micheals Trio Mike Stafford Mike Vancha Mishi Donovan Morgan & Joel Morgan Mayer Mother Hubbard Murky Dismal Nicol Lischka Northern Pikes Paddy Tutty Rachel Gerein Red Blaze Refiner's Fire Choir with Angie Tysseland Ricasso Rob Palacol Roberta Miranda Rochelle Major Roxanne

Scott Patrick Sean Hogan Second Glance Sexually Attracted to Fire Shandar Gray Shane Yellowbird Shyne Sin Adik Sister Joe Skavenjah Soso & Epic Sound Junkys Sourmash Streetnix Surface Susan Bond / Byron Olsen Suzanne Paschall SweetsAlternative Terri Harris Terry Collison Toasters Touchstone Gurus Vaughn Childs Wheatmonkeys Yahoos




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