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Desktop Challenges SunTM Virtual Desktop Solutions Solution Architecture Solution Components Recap





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Desktop Management – Business Challenges
Money Matters
Lower CapEx Optimize OpEx Reduce Costs of Management, Support and Energy

Agility Matters
Increase Productivity, Access and Mobility Launch New Apps and Services with Ease Mitigate Risks, Maximize Security

Eco Matters
Decrease C02 Emissions and Hydrocarbons Improve Corporate Social Responsibility

Do more with less

Save the Planet

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Desktop Management - IT Challenges
Economics and Ecology Reduce Complexity and Improve Efficiency Energy Costs Are Draining the Bottom Line Sprawling Devices Hard to Manage, Support and Service Business Continuity and Resilience Disaster Recovery Planning is Non-Negotiable Downtime is Not an Option Support Mobile Users, Relocations and Distributed Facilities Security and Compliance are Paramount
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Business Agility Ability to Deploy New Services is Critical to Remain Competitive

Optimize Allocation of IT Resources

What Is Desktop Virtualization?
It's anytime you separate the desktop “image” from the desktop “device”  It is a method to improve management and resource utilization through a centralized infrastructure. It can be:  Server Based Computing – Windows Terminal Services, Citrix, Unix, Linux  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Hosted Virtual Machines)  Streamed Images to traditional PCs

Sun Virtual Desktop Architecture
LDAP/A D Server

SGD Server




VDC Service VDC Service

VDC VDC Client Client

VDC Tools

Sun Ray Server
VDC VDC Client Client



ESX Server
Sun x64/x86 Server(s)

VirtualCent er Server

VDC VDC Agent Agent

Sun x64/x86 or SPARC Server(s)

Sun Ray Software

Windows, Linux or Solaris Desktops to Sun Ray Clients

Sun Ray Software Sun Ray Software

Sun Ray

The Sun Ray Solution
A deeper look
• A secure, cost effective way to deliver Windows, Solaris, and Linux Desktops from a stateless Thin Client

The Sun Ray Solution
Supported Platforms
• Operating Systems > Solaris 10 5/08 or Higher > SPARC and X86 > Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 5 > SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 • Bare metal, LDOM's, VM's > A full instance of a supported OS required

Sun Ray Features
Appliance Link Protocol
• UDP based display protocol between the Sun Ray Desktop Unit (DTU) and the Sun Ray Server Software. > DNS, VoIP, Video, and more also use UDP • Protocol has it's own mechanisms for detecting screen damage, out of order packets, etc.  DTU interprets ALP rendering commands into a local frame buffer which drives the raster refresh to the display • Screen updates as they occur in response to application activity

Sun Ray Features
Zero Admin Client
Local Applications Local Operati ng System Memory CPU Hard Drive Local Applications Local Operat ing System Memor y CPU
Nothing to Manage

Sun Ray Client

Sun Ray Features

• No userland applications execute on the Sun Ray
> You never will load application on a Sun Ray

• Only transient, cached state (such as frame buffer content) is permitted in Sun Ray devices • The Sun Ray Servers maintain the true state at all times • Users are isolated from desktop failures and may move freely between terminals • Zeroed out on power reset
> Except for data held in GUI Firmware > Letters of Volatility available for customers

Sun Ray Features
No OS (?)

• What OS does your printer have? • Designed with security in mind
> Affords for an extremely small instruction set

• Commands are never executed by the user, only on behalf of the user • Extremely small RTOS normally called firmware
> < 700K (P8 models) Firmware includes > VPN Client (Cisco, Juniper/Netscreen) > Video Codecs (H.264 Baseline, VC1) > Emergency TFTP loader (so you don't brick your DTU) > Boot sector which performs POST and DSA signature checks > Desktop functionality (HID, Ethernet, ALP Engine)

Sun Ray Features
Hot Desking

Sun Ray Client #1

Session Manager


Sun Ray Client #2

Sun Ray Features
Hot Desking
1 2


Sun Ray Client #1

Session Manager

Sun Ray Client #1

Session Manager


Sun Ray Client #2

Sun Ray Client #2

Sun Ray Features
Hot Desking

Data Center New York





San Francisco


Sun Ray Architectures and Sizing
One Solution, Many Possibilities

• Solaris Desktops • Linux Desktops • Windows Desktops
> Traditional Server Based Computing > RDP/ICA > VDI

• Other via “Kiosk Mode”
> Green Screens > AS400, Main Frame, Tandem, etc > Web based Applications > Browser based suites like Google Apps

Sun Ray 2FS Virtual Display Client
Deliver World's Best Infrastructure & Remote Service Technologies

Built-in fiber port for military grade security connections Native dual-head (Xinerama) for enhanced productivity High resolution at 1920x1200 at 24bit color Ultra-low power consumption Built-in smart card reader Mass storage USB port on front of the device for easy access
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Sun Ray 270 Virtual Display Client
Integrated 17” display @ 1280 x 1024  Projector out, video in  Flexible VESA mounting options  One USB port and all audio connectors on front bezel  Compact unit, great for multi-head  Two serial ports and three USB ports on back of unit

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Multiple Monitors (Up to 32 Monitors)

Sun Ray Clients
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Sun Secure Global Desktop Software

Secure web-based access to virtually any application on any device

Sun Secure Global Sun Secure Global Desktop Software Desktop Software





The Sun Secure Global Desktop Software
A deeper look
• Secured Applications and Data • Business Continuity • Mobility • Application Choice

Windows XP Pro Windows Vista

Complete Application Access Infrastructure

Windows XP


Solaris OS

Windows 2000 or 2003 server


Sun Secure Global Desktop




Mac OS X

Mainframe/ AS/400

TN3270E TN5250






Easy to Use
Seamless Integration with Client Environment
• Remote applications behave like local applications • No re-training required, reduces user concerns about using virtualized display applications > Applications launch from user's Start or Launch menu > Remote windows integrate seamlessly with local windows > Open and save local documents with remote applications (if allowed by admin) > Print to local printers (if allowed by admin)

The Webtop Interface
Microsoft Excel on Windows 2003 Applications launched from webtop

Firefox on Solaris

Application Launch Integration

Remote apps appear in Start menu Apps can be launched from desktop icons

Seamless User Experience
Ability to print from local and remote apps

Ability to access remote files and applications

Ability to launch applications from Start menu Ability to access local files and applications



Local Environment

Suspend & Resume

Excel suspended on Windows XP

Excel resumed on Sun Ray

Suspended Session

Resumed Session

Centralized Administration
• Familiar web-based Sun console interface • Single consolidated tool manages SGD array • Easy and intuitive to use • Powerful features • Localized to English, French, Korean, Japan, Traditional and Simplified Chinese


• Move sensitive applications and data off desktop systems and into the data center • Reduce impact of hardware theft • Protect company intellectual property • Use identity management to control application access • Create an audit / billing trail for application usage

Security – Controlled Copy and Paste
• Administrator assigns a security label to each application • Local apps are also assigned a security label • Copy and paste is prevented when copying from a high and pasting to a lower security labeled application

Copied data not available to low security application

Enterprise Interoperability
• Rich suite of Web Services APIs allows: > User interface customization > Integration with portals and other environments • Uses industry-standard SOAP and XML • Web Services APIs used within product to implement key features

Sun VDI Software

Windows, Linux or Solaris Desktops to almost any Client
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VirtualCenter Server

LDAP/AD Server

SunTM Virtual Desktop Connector Sun Virtual Desktop Connector

Sun Ray Software Sun Ray Software

Sun Secure Global Sun Ray Global Desktop Desktop Software



Windows Sun Ray Ultra Thin Clients

Mac, Linux, Solaris Mobile

Sun VDI with xVM Infrastructure

... Sun xVM Infrastructure

xVM Ops Center

LDAP/AD Server

SunTM VDI Software Sun Virtual Desktop Connector

Sun Ray Software Sun Ray Software

Sun Secure Global Sun Ray Global Desktop Desktop Software



Windows Sun Ray Ultra Thin Clients

Mac, Linux, Solaris Mobile

Sun Rapid Solutions
• A complete package of hardware, software and services to deploy, manage and support your virtual desktop infrastructure offered as a Service
> Reduces management costs > > > >

Sun Managed Virtual Desktop Solution
Sun Managed Virtual Desktop


Installation & Support
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& complexity Provides enhanced security, performance & flexibility Better safeguards assets & intellectual property Significantly reduces energy & support costs Increases staff mobility & productivity- in and out of the office

Workshop & Assessment


Managed Services

Sun Virtual Desktop Solution - Recap






Sun Ray™ Server

Sun™ Secure Global Desktop Software



Solaris™ 10 OS
3270 / 5250 X11

VMware / Sun xVM

x86/x64-Based Server
Mainfram e/ AS/400 UNIX ®

• Display and manipulate sensitive data without it ever leaving the server
> > > >

No Local Data, Nothing Cached No hard disk or addressable•flash memory manipulate Display and No intellectual property risk if a client is lost or stolen it ever sensitive data without No local operating system, no leaving the server client virus issues > No Local Data, Nothing Cached > No hard disk or addressable flash memory > No intellectual property risk if a client is lost or stolen > No local operating system, no client virus issues

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• Windows, Linux or Solaris OS Desktop
> SPARC, x86, x64 servers > Full Integration with VMware infrastructure Deliver World's Best • Windows, Linux or Solaris > Infrastructure & Remote VDI Sun VDI or VMware
Service Technologies

OS Desktop • Full screen Windows desktops on Sun Ray clients > SPARC, x86, x64 servers
> Hot desk Windows sessions between devices >

Full Integration with VMware infrastructure > Sun VDI or VMware VDI

• Full screen Windows desktops on Sun Ray clients
> Hot desk Windows sessions

between devices

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Why Sun?
• Complete solution from the servers and storage in the datacenter to software, clients and services for the desktop • J.D. Power and Associates’ Certification for “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience”. Source: J.D. Power and Associates, October 2007*. • Value of Sun alliances > Sun + VMware > Sun + MSFT • Over 10 years of thin client experience
• Superior technology > True statelessness for maximum mobility and flexibility > The most secure desktops available > The most eco-friendly clients, Sun Rays, consuming only 4 watts of power
*J.D. Power and Associates Certified Technology Service and Support Programsm, developed in conjunction with SSPA. For more information, visit or

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Sun Ray Momentum
• Shipments nearly doubled from Q1CY08 – Q2CY08 • Sun Ray client shipments growing faster than the market at large • Sun customers can choose either Sun Ray Software or Sun VDI Software with their Sun Ray clients.

Sun Ray Shipments Yearly Trends




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Value of Expanded Sun/VMware Alliance

• Customers benefit from outstanding performance, especially over the WAN using the Sun Ray ALP protocol and VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 • Customers will have the flexibility to choose their preferred broker to connect Sun Ray technology and VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 > Sun Virtual Desktop Connector > VMware Virtual Desktop Manager • Sun offers VMware Virtual Desktop Manager via the Sun pricelist – one stop shopping and support • Sun partners have more options in choosing the best technologies to meet customer requirements and grow revenue opportunities
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Value of Expanded Sun/MSFT Alliance

• Sun and Microsoft are working together to offer customers the Solaris Operating System (OS) as a certified guest on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V • Sun is expanding its support for Microsoft technologies by providing Sun Ray thin client customers the ability to access Windows as a guest OS running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V • Sun Ray thin client customers will be able to use Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V to host user desktops originating on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Professional, and display these desktops on Sun Ray thin client devices over the network. • Windows Server 2008 Certification is already in place for a number of Sun x64 systems. This list of systems continues to expand.
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Thank you