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									Story Sack Lincolnshire The story sack club at Boston Nursery School in Lincolnshire has been a success story of its own since the school opened 12 years ago. Heather Steed, headteacher, explains how the project has been an important part of their home school liaison programme. “Initially, Jane Dyer, our literacy coordinator, sent out a letter to all families to explain the principles of story sacks and to request their help to get the project off the ground. A number of parents with many and varied skills offered their support and the story sack club was born. Informal sessions were organised and parent volunteers were invited to join us for coffee, a chat and to make plans for the club. Following these sessions, parents set about creating the story sacks. They sewed, knitted and designed the bags and made props out of papier-mâché, wood and other materials.” “As well as the parents’ involvement, it was also important to have the support of two other members of staff, who are still active members of the group. The story sacks are a valuable teaching aid, but the children also borrow them to take home and share with their families. Parents are given a small pack of top tips to ensure they get as much out of the resource as possible.” “One parent commented: “Emma enjoyed the story sack – reading along with the tape and acting out the story with the props. We are going to make one at home!” To highlight the need for continual parental support, it has been very important to promote this resource through presentations to parents during open evenings and by displaying story sacks in the reception area. However, one of the most effective promotional tools has been the children themselves. Their enthusiastic participation in story sack sessions has been amazing and they are keen to relay what they have been doing to their parents. We have found that the children are always very keen to select their own sack.” “We will continue to ensure the story sacks are regularly incorporated into curriculum planning and all children have access to them in school. They have proved particularly valuable when working with our high percentage of EAL children and their families.”

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