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									Sherman Bucheger, CPS ’10 ~ Master of Arts
Because of Regis, Sherman is able to make his dream of teaching in college a reality. As a disabled veteran, he began his bachelor’s degree as an adult, following a career in the Army and various occupations. Today, he is a student in the Master of Arts program in the College for Professional Studies. His academic focus is history, primarily the U.S. Civil War. He also is pursuing a certificate in Irish Studies, which compliments his passion for Irish culture and music. When he’s not studying, he’s playing drums for the Irish folk band, Mulligan Stew. After graduation, he plans to continue into doctoral studies with the intention of eventually teaching college. “Just shy of my fiftieth birthday, I realize this is a major life change- as it is for many of my fellow classmates,” says Sherman. “I am grateful to Regis University for the support and the opportunity to achieve my goal at this point in my life.” The system of instruction is enabling him to explore the conventional mainstream threads of history as well as many of the lesser known events of the past in which he has great interest. “I consider myself fortunate to experience and benefit from all the College for Professional Studies has to offer and look forward to the day when I can proudly refer to the University as my alma mater.”

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