Pre-reading Strategy - Story Imp

					Pre-reading Strategy - Story Impression
Below are some clues to the story we are going to read. You will use the clues to write your own version of the story. After we have read the story we will compare what you wrote with the actual story. Try to use each of the words in creating your story as close to the order that they are in the list.

Story Chain

Story Prediction

China  Ji-Li Jiang  Young Pioneers  Liberation Army  writing big posters  humiliation, cry, throwing up  rebellion  Red Guards  enemies  true friend  Red Successor nominee  graduation  searches, ransacking  Propaganda Wall  fear  Junior high at last 

locked up  making up stories  harvesting rice  letter, hunt, discovery  death  American freedom Lesson Plans Day One Anticipatory Set: Students will respond to the following question in their journal. They will be asked to write at lest one paragraph. 5 minutes Suppose that your family today was being mistreated by friends, neighbors, and your government simply because there your grandparents were of a certain wealth or status. This accusation might lead to ridicule, persecution, and incarceration. How would you feel or what might you want to do to make the situation better.

Pre-reading Strategy for Red Scarf Girl - Create a Story Impression 30 minutes Share Story Impressions 15-20 minutes Provide real summary of Red Scarf Girl