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					Praise for The Give Back Solution
"We're living in a time when everyone's called to be of service, to lift up a bit of our interconnected world with our gifts. And through the stories of everyday volunteers, this book magnificently shows that helping others is the best medicine there is. We think a lot less about our own troubles when we're serving someone else. Susan Skog has shown us that giving back ultimately gives us the warm connections, happiness and health we all seek." --Joan Borysenko, author of Your Soul's Compass and Inner Peace for Busy People

“In today’s society, creating accessible opportunities to reach out across global boundaries is more important than ever. The Give-Back Solution navigates you through a diverse array of unique opportunities with practical advice and genuine stories from the field for many types of volunteers and interests. This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in giving back in a global-2. 0 way.” --Steve Rosenthal, Chairperson, Building Bridges Coalition and Executive Director and Founder, Cross-Cultural Solutions “Susan Skog brings to light a modern insurgency of the most noble kind. The Give-Back Solution chronicles a growing movement of everyday folks who are choosing to travel thousands of miles to contribute their time, energy, and compassion in effort to help make a better world, and along the way, finding hope in the planet’s bleakest places and discovering shared human values in places poles apart. Skog’s examples of the kind of transformations that can occur, for both the volunteers and the communities they serve, will buoy the spirits of even greatest cynics and inspire a new generation of traveling humanitarians.” --Natasha Carvell, director of Travel for Good, Travelocity

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