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					Model solution to Quiz 1 a. b. c. d. 2. a. Caching is a technique that stores “soon to be used” data, such as most frequently used data, most recently used data, or data that are expected to be used next, at a nearby and/or fast accessible place. Caching is widely used inside computer system, such as using two levels caches to store such data. It also widely used in Web services, where most frequently accessed Web pages are stored locally for fast accessing. The purpose of caching is to speed up the data accessing process when there is significant speed difference between devices, such as CPU and main memory. Counted as correct definition of caching if mention “caching is a technique/method that stores most frequently used data at a fast accessible place” -5 when only provides explanations about what cache is. -3 when only not mention “store cached data at a nearby and/or fast accessible place” b. A router is a device that forwards packets along networks. It locates at the gateways of networks, and uses packet headers and routing table to determine a forwarding path. It also acts as a “buffer” for the packets until they are ready to be forwarded. -10 when the “buffer” role is not mentioned. DNS translates text domain names to numeric values URL HTTP is a set of rules that defines how Web pages are transferred on the Web Real player, or Windows Media player

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