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									Interwoven and Perfectus Contract Management Solution

This solution provides a feature rich, collaborative environment that addresses the critical contract needs of contract professionals and corporate legal departments:  How do I manage the entire contract management process from creation to execution, including contract generation, collaboration and negotiation, and workflow?  Is it possible to offload the contract creation process into the departments and only get our corporate legal department involved when non-standard issues arise?  How do I provide a secure, collaborative environment to enforce business processes and ensure legal and regulatory standards, where our users, outside counsel and business partners can all work together regardless of location?  How do we establish a library of approved clauses to insure the contracts created are compliant and standardized? With the achievement of process improvements, corporations are able to:  Automatically create compliant, standardized contracts, eliminating costly retyping errors and making them ready for the negotiation process.  Use extranet collaboration workspaces to negotiate the contract terms which results in a full audit trail of the process.  Easily capture the Key Performance Indicators to support vendor and spend analysis during the creation process.  Simplify Clause Change Management and maintenance of the contract content The joint solution delivers contract composition, collaboration, workflow and document management in an integrated Web-based desktop experience. Users anywhere in the enterprise can easily create contracts, enforce business approval process, negotiate with outside parties and publish and manage contracts and associated documents.

Interwoven and Perfectus Solutions have joined forces to deliver a robust, feature rich Contract Management solution. This solution is targeted at corporations and corporate legal departments who have identified a need for contract management that can easily be deployed enterprise wide. Companies today are under increasing competitive pressure to improve operational efficiencies, and lower operational costs. Corporations must accommodate increasingly stringent regulations, legislation, and shareholder demands to disclose timely corporate information. At the same time, the volume of contracts and other business critical documents is growing at levels that exceed even the highest industry predictions. As a result, the demand for solutions to help comply with these requirements has never been greater.

Contract Management Challenges
Achievement of secure, centralized contract collaboration and management Corporate governance and compliance issues Reduce risk and liability in contractual agreements High costs of contract creation, negotiation and management Insight into key contract data and milestones

Interwoven provides an ideal infrastructure for implementing contract management solutions. By managing documents throughout the enterprise, this solution provides a collaborative repository for the secure management of contracts and documents, contract negotiation, and the tracking of data and metadata. Perfectus provides document and contract composition with easy-to-use interviews. Documents are generated quickly, accurately and consistently-- allowing you to create more documents with fewer resources.

Contracts are generated through the Perfectus EasyInterview, a web form based interview that composes contracts based upon a users responses to questions. The responses and user-defined business rules determine the clause, data and metadata content of the contract. Once the contract has been created it is automatically managed and profiled in the Interwoven WorkSite MP repository. Customers can map their business process into the system to ensure adherence to corporate and regulatory processes and compliance. The solution allows contracts to be edited, revised, and sent through approval workflows. This collaborative environment allows for outside counsel and business partners to participate in drafting and negotiating using WorkSite Collaborative Workspaces. Audit trails are also maintained to ensure compliance, track document access and medications, and process adherence. Since the solution captures all appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) during the creation process, it is now possible to track expiration dates, perform vendor and spend analysis as well as provide feedback to management on the state of contract commitments. Finalized agreements can be published to Knowledge Workspaces to provide insight and research capabilities so Legal and other departments can quickly access contracts, respond to business partners and streamline new negotiations by viewing and leveraging previous work.

About Interwoven Interwoven, Inc., provider of Enterprise Content Management solutions for business, enables organizations to unify people, content and processes to minimize business risk, accelerate time-to-value and sustain lower total cost of ownership. Interwoven delivers deep industry-specific solutions which reduce business process cycle time from initial collaboration through design, production, sales, marketing, legal review, IT and service. Interwoven leads the industry with a serviceoriented architecture today and easy-to-use, best-in-class components and solutions. Today, nearly 3,400 enterprises, law firms, and professional services organizations worldwide are Interwoven customers including BT, Ford, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, General Motors, Jones Day, Motorola and Yamaha. Interwoven is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., with offices around the world. For more information visit About Perfectus Solutions Limited Perfectus Solutions is a leader in Document and Contract Composition. Perfectus Solutions’ patented and awardwinning products streamline the contract automation, generation and delivery processes for companies in various industries. Perfectus Solutions has become known as the go-to company for document composition, exploiting the most robust internet and document processing technologies with its deep understanding of business process automation, enabling its customer to realize an increase in productivity and cost recovery shortly after implementation. Founded in 1999, Perfectus Solutions has offices in London, Sydney, San Francisco, and Auckland. For more information visit Interwoven, Inc. 803 11th Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA (408) 774-2000
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Solution Benefits
Reduce and streamline the cost of creating and managing contracts throughout the enterprise. Savings flow directly to the bottom line. Enable contract and business process compliance and provide audit trails Reduce contract cycle time Collaborate and negotiate securely with internal and external users Manage clauses and achieve simplified and accurate change management in a standardized library

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