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ENG 407 Short Story


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									ENG 407 Short Fiction Fall, 2003 Tuesday 5:30 — 8:30pm August 26th Introduction to the Course Sept. 2nd

Dr. Peter F. Murphy

May, Charles. ―Introduction,‖ The Short Story: The Reality of Arifice.* Boccaccio’s Decammeron: selections (1348 – 1353)* Defoe, Daniel. ―A True Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal‖ (1706)* Available on line at: http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Texts/veal.html Lawrence, James Cooper. ―Theory of the Short Story‖* Merimee, Prosper. ―Mateo Falcone‖* Available on line at: http://www.bartleby.com/195/7.html Kleist, H. ―The Beggarwoman of Locarno‖ (1806)* Hoffman, E. T. A. ―The Sandman‖ (1816)* Poe, E. A. ―Review of Twice-Told Tales,‖ 45-52* Hawthorne, N. ―Young Goodman Brown‖ (1835), 43-54 Hawthorne, N. ―Rappacini’s Daughter‖ (1846), 62-86 Poe. ―The Fall of the House of Usher‖ (1840), 101-117 Poe. ―The Purloined Letter‖ (1845), 118-134 Gogol, N. ―The Diary of a Madman‖ (ca. 1835)* de Maupassant , G. ―The Necklace‖ (1844)* Jewett, S. O. ―The Courting of Sister Wisby‖ (1888), 266-279 James, H. ―The Real Thing‖ (1893), 168-189 Bates, H. E. ―The Modern Short Story: Retrospect‖* Far, Sui Sin. ―In the Land of the Free‖ (1900), 3-11 Joyce, James. ―Araby‖ (1914), 42-47 Chekov, A. ―The Kiss‖ (ca. 1917), 17-34 Mansfield, Katharine. ―Her Fist Ball‖ (1922), 35 – 41 Lawrence, D. H. ―The Horse Dealer’s Daughter‖ (1922), 96-112 Babel, I. ―In the Basement‖ (1924), 201-209 Naimy, M. ―His Grace‖ (1925), 111-116 Hemingway, E. ―Big Two-Hearted River‖ (1925), 416-432 May, C. ―Introduction: A Survey of Short Story Criticism in America‖* Faulkner, W. ―That Evening Son‖ (1931) 464-478 Hsun, Lu. ―Benediction‖ (1920s or 1930s)* Shusei, Tokuda ―Order of the White Paulownia‖ (1935)* Bonner, M. ―The Whipping‖ (1939), 12-20










Stroud, Theodore A. ―Critical Approach to the Short Story‖* Casares, A. B. ―The Idol‖ (1940) 42-65 Wright, R. ―The Man Who Was Almost a Man‖ (1940) 522-531 Rubiao, M. ―The Ex-Magician from the Minhota Tavern‖ (1948) 101-107 Kafka, F. ―Jackals and Arabs‖ (1948) 167 – 170. Yamamoto, H. ―Seventeen Syllables‖ (1949) 128-138 O’Connor, Frank. ―First Confession‖ (1951) 355-363 Singer, I. B. ―Gimpel the Fool‖ (1953) 240-253 Capek, Karel. ―The Last Judgement‖ (1956) 234-239 O’Connor, Flannery. ―A Good Man is Hard to Find‖ (1955) 552-565 Cortazar, J. ―Axolotl‖ (1956) 9-15 Borges, J. L. ―The Circular Ruins‖ (1956) 22-29 Rau, Santha Rama ―Who Cares?‖ (1958)*




11th Lispector, C. ―Love‖ (1960) 108-118 Sang, Nguyen. ―The Ivory Comb‖ (N. D.)* Su-gil, An. ―The Green Chrysanthemum‖ (ca. 1950s or 1960s)* Nicol, Abioseh. ―The Truly Married Woman‖ (ca. 1950s or 1960s)* 18th Alonso, Dora. ―Times Gone By‖ (ca. 196os)* Malamud, B. ―The German Refugee‖ (1963) 34-44 Marshall, P. ―To Da-Duh, In Memorium‖ (1967) 351-360 Mphalele, Exekiel. ―Mrs. Plum‖ (1967)* 25th Fuentes, C. ―The Doll Queen‖ (1969) 265-281 Barthelme, D. ―The Indian Uprising‖ (1968) 712-717 Marquez, G. G. ―The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship‖ (1972) 373-379 Silko, L. M. ―The Man to Send Rain Clouds‖ (1981) 191-195 Dec. 2nd Thammachot, Ussiri. ―Nightfall on the Waterway‖ (1983)* Jen, G. ―In the American Society‖ (1986) 153-165 O’Brien, Tim ―On the Rainy River‖ (1990)* Holleran, Andrew. ―Sleeping Soldiers‖ (1994)*

Critical essays by Poe, Lawrence, Bates, Shroud, and May’s ―Introduction: A Survey of the Short Story,‖ come from May, Charles. Short Story Theories. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1976.


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