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									End-to-end Solution
Securing and enabling content anytime, anywhere, on any device
NDS supplies the secure, enabling, and interactive technologies which allow TV operators to deliver digital content over multiple networks to TVs, PCs, STBs, PVRs, mobiles, and many other devices. The company has 3600 employees located in 15 sales, support, and development centers worldwide. NDS is a majority owned subsidiary of News Corporation and is traded on NASDAQ as NNDS.

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End-to-end Solution

End-to-end solution for Mobile TV services

Today’s consumers expect to watch TV on a range of portable devices that are becoming more affordable every day. As hardware and air-time prices drop, demand for Mobile TV services is skyrocketing. To take advantage of the commercial opportunities presented by Mobile TV, you need an end-to-end solution that lets you deliver the content and compelling services that consumers want.
The NDS Mobile TV solution is part of the NDS multi-platform offering that enables you to deliver content over any network, to any device. Whether you are a mobile operator looking to introduce new TV services or an existing TV provider looking to extend your service over other networks, it is the ideal end-to-end solution for growing your business. Secure integrated Mobile Digital Video Recorder (mDVR) — an extension to the home DVR experience that lets users pause and rewind live Mobile TV content “when the phone rings”, and record programs to watch later. Interactive services — NDS has developed a suite of interactive applications for Mobile that enhance the viewing experience and generate new revenue opportunities. Applications include games, voting, personalized weather updates, participation TV, and information services. NDS Mobile TV also supports the targeted and location-based interactive advertising applications successfully deployed on traditional TV platforms. Audience measurement — the NDS Audience Measurement System (AMS) captures a complete record of all forms of viewing and securely returns this data to your headend. Using this information, your business can evaluate the way viewers use the applications you offer, and then personalize your service to their preferences.

Based on VideoGuard®, the Mobile TV business enabler
NDS Mobile TV builds on VideoGuard content protection technology, the choice of the industry’s leading pay-TV operators. VideoGuard provides much more than robust security. It is a business enabler that lets you deliver premium content to subscribers through a variety of revenue generating business models including:
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Subscription services — create “packages” of channels and sell them in many different ways to drive revenues while giving subscribers a wider choice of viewing options. Pricing tiers — apply differential pricing and special promotions to specific groups of subscribers. Pay-per-View (PPV) — enable users to purchase a one-time program from their ESG and send entitlements either in-band within the broadcast stream, or out-of-band through the mobile network. Video-on-Demand (VOD) — securely deliver requested On-Demand content directly to the subscriber’s device. Removable media — enable users to watch the secured content that they downloaded to their PC and copied to removable media cards for watching on their handset. NDS content protection on the card ensures that you can apply the usage rights inherent in the content, wherever it is watched.

Hybrid headend that lets you deliver multiple services
NDS Mobile TV supports content delivery to one-way and two-way devices and integrates with multiple handset models, chipsets, operating systems, and SIMs. That means your pay-TV business can take advantage of convergence by delivering a full range of services and applications to multiple devices: Secure broadcast TV — NDS Mobile TV supports all major broadcast delivery standards including DVB-H/SH, T-DMB, MediaFLO, WiMAX, and STiMi. Feature rich Electronic Service Guide (ESG) — a user friendly ESG displays all the services you offer. The Mobile TV ESG features a fully customizable GUI that carries your brand as well as the same look and feel across all the devices carrying your pay-TV service. On-Demand services — securely stream or download content directly to the subscriber’s device, either in-band within the broadcast stream or out-of-band through the mobile network.

The pay-TV industry’s leading content protection
For more than two decades, VideoGuard has been the industry’s leading content protection system because it has an unparalleled security track record: • The most trusted name in pay-TV content protection • More than 75 million active digital pay-TV subscribers • All platforms piracy free for over nine years • Protects over $32 billion of pay-TV revenues • Integrated in over 150 STB models, PCs, and mobile devices As a result, VideoGuard customers all over the world have seen their business grow and flourish, free from the negative effects and limitations resulting from piracy.
® ®

End-to-end Solution

End-to-end solution for Mobile TV services

The best pay-TV security, now available for mobile
With VideoGuard Mobile providing content protection, rights management, device authentication, and usage tracking on any device, your business will earn the respect of content owners who trust NDS technology to protect their high-value content.

Supporting content delivery across multiple platforms
In the age of convergence, delivering TV content to a single device is no longer enough. Subscribers want total control over how and where they watch, whether it is on the mobile phone, PC, PMP, or TV. The NDS Mobile TV solution fully integrates with the NDS Unified Headend so you can centrally manage content and service delivery across other networks to multiple devices. With the Unified Headend, you can also offer unique cross-network business scenarios that improve subscriber loyalty and generate more revenues. For example: • Order the same broadcast subscription package for your mobile phone as you get on your TV • Book a Pay-per-View event from the TV for delivery to your phone, so you can watch it on-the-go • Use the phone to book a program to record on your home DVR • Get free VOD credits for the TV when subscribing to a Mobile TV service

Our conditional access solutions have a security record unmatched by any other vendor because we deploy unique safeguards including: • An expert cryptography team that develops unique algorithms for each platform • A security roadmap designed to fight piracy • A global operational security team that detects and prevents illegal activities before they threaten your business The NDS Mobile TV end-to-end solution includes components in the backend server and in user devices such as set-top boxes (STBs), DVRs, and mobile phones. Optional hardware-based, SIM-based, and SVP™ security extensions provide the extra security you need to let subscribers distribute content to other devices and share it with friends.

Third Party Systems

CA/DRM Headend
Broadcasting Services

Delivery Network


Management Station and User Interface

Broadcast Encoding

Broadcast Encryption
Satellite STB/DVR

Interfaces to Third Party Systems for Managing: Billing Content Business Management Platform

iTV Services

CA/DRM Modules
Secure Gateways VG DRM Servers Conditional Access Pre-Encryption TV/VOD Metadata Search and Delivery






EPG, ESG, Web Portals, Servers


On-Demand Services
Customers VOD Management Advanced Apps Content Servers VOD Servers


NDS component
PMP Mobile

Non–NDS component

End-to-end Solution

End-to-end solution for Mobile TV services

Complies with industry standards
Because NDS Mobile TV is an open standards system, it gives your Mobile TV business the freedom to choose between hardware and software vendors. You can then build your network using the best components available at the most competitive price. As an active member in various standardization committees, including DVB, ISO-7816, MPEG-2, OMA, and TV Anytime, NDS is at the forefront of all technological developments in the Mobile TV space.

An experienced service and device integrator
With integration and customer support operations located worldwide, NDS can provide local technical services to assist mobile operators and handset vendors in promoting their Mobile TV strategy. NDS has proven experience, both as a prime system integrator and sub-system integrator. Our uncompromising standards for quality and reliability ensure that any partner or customer will greatly benefit from the integration and testing services offered by NDS.

NDS Mobile TV — your platform for Mobile TV success
With the NDS Mobile TV solution, your platform can offer so much more than secure broadcast TV. It supports multi-network delivery, enabling both mobile and current pay-TV operators to offer a competitive mobile TV service that includes DVR, interactive, and audience measurement. By integrating with the NDS Unified headend, NDS Mobile TV provides a natural growth path for TV service providers to extend their pay-TV service by offering content over other networks to multiple devices. The NDS Mobile TV solution is the only solution that lets you take full advantage of the mobile TV opportunity in the new world of convergence.

Mobile Broadcast Headend
Interactive Management System

Mobile Device


Interactive Apps

Handset applications such as TV video player

Descrambler TV Program Information StreamServer


ESG Database

VideoGuard® Mobile Encryptor Content Stream Parsing CA/DRM Agent

Secure Container (Ex. SIM/USIM/SD Memory Card)

Key Management Component

EMMG Customer & Business Management Station

NDS component Non–NDS component

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