Eligibility AP daily newspaper members in Colorado. Deadline Entries must arrive at the AP Denver bureau by 5 p.m., Friday, Oct. 05, 2007, or be postmarked by that date. Send entries to: CAPER Contest The Associated Press 1444 Wazee Street, Suite 130 Denver, CO 80202 Divisions There are three circulation divisions: *Division l Small newspapers, 10,000 circulation and below *Division II Medium newspapers, 10,001 to 100,000 circulation *Division III Large newspapers, 100,001 circulation and above Contest Period Stories or photos must have been published in the paper or posted on the paper’s Web site between Sept. 1, 2006, and Aug. 31, 2007. Entry Fees $15 per entry. Please make checks payable to "Associated Press Editors" (not AP) and send under separate cover to the address above. How to Enter Please use the form headed: "2006-2007 Newswriting Entry Form and Judging Sheet." Fill out a separate form for each entry submitted. For stories, submit original tearsheets or clear photocopies, with the story that is being entered clearly marked. Place each entry in a letter-size manila folder and staple a completed entry form to the outside. Disposition of Entries Sorry, we cannot return entries. Number of Entries No limit on the number of reporters who may enter each category. Judges may recategorize an entry.

Awards All first-place, second-place and honorable mention winners will receive engraved plaques. Any first-place story that was submitted to the AP and moved on the wire oncycle will receive a $50 check. (On-cycle means that the story moved on the wire in time to be published by another member paper on the same production cycle as the contributing paper. For example, a story submitted by one morning paper could be used by another member the same morning the contributing paper hits the streets.) Please check the appropriate box on the entry form if entry was used on-cycle. Judging Contest will be judged by AP member editors in another state. PLEASE NOTE: Each newspaper entering the contest will be required to offer at least one staff member to judge entries from another state. (This does not necessarily mean the person will be needed. We will contact you when it’s time to judge.) Please indicate this person's name on the entry form. CATEGORIES SPOT NEWS STORY: Deadline coverage of a single spot news story published in a single edition of the paper, with sidebars if applicable. BEAT REPORTING: Recognizes depth of coverage on a single topic, or breadth and depth of enterprise in a beat area. Maximum five stories per entry, with sidebars if applicable. BUSINESS STORY: A single story on a business or economic subject, with sidebars if applicable. ENVIRONMENTAL STORY: A single story on an environmental subject, with sidebars if applicable. FEATURE STORY: A single feature story. SERIES: A series of stories on the same subject, either hard news or newsfeatures. INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING: A story or series that demonstrate extensive research or original investigation. Judges will consider enterprise exhibited in developing sources and compiling information, effectiveness of use of public records and/or computer assisted reporting techniques, clarity and impact. NEWS COLUMN: Three columns constitute a single entry by a single columnist. EDITORIAL: Up to three editorials constitute a single entry from a single author.

HEADLINE WRITING: Honors excellence in headline writing by an individual. Headlines may be from any section of the paper, and one writer may enter heds from a variety of sections – news, sports, editorial, feature, etc. Heds will be judged on impact, clarity – and wit as appropriate. Enter five headlines per writer. SPORTS STORY: A single sports news or feature story, with sidebars if applicable. SPORTS COLUMN: Three columns constitute a single entry by a single columnist. INFORMATIONAL GRAPHIC: Each entry is a portfolio of up to three graphics by one artist or team of artists. ONLINE: BREAKING NEWS: Recognizes site’s commitment to covering news “real time.” Criteria include regularity and effectiveness of Web updates outside the newspaper’s publication schedule; use of reader notification such as e-mail alerts; packaging of news with relevant content from the site, and reader interaction including forms, polls, chats, etc. Judges will visit all sites in the size division on the same day, with the date to be chosen at random by the judges. Submit URL with entry form. Please include an explanatory note briefly describing how site handles breaking news and directing judges’ attention to the relevant features. ONLINE: SPECIAL PACKAGE: Multimedia package from the newspaper’s Web site. Package can be on a breaking news event or another subject. Award recognizes innovative and effective use of the online medium to tell a story in deeper ways that the member does in print. Judges will look for innovative use of the staff’s original content and potentially vendor material in a variety of formats; reader interaction; ease of navigation; value to the reader. Submit URL for the package with the entry form. If the package is no longer available online, contact AP’s Denver bureau to discuss a format acceptable to the judges. GENERAL EXCELLENCE: Submit newspapers for three consecutive days: Sunday, April 22, 2007, and two consecutive days preceding or following. Newspapers not publishing on Sundays should submit their Saturday, April 21, 2007, and two others editions preceding or most closely following. Entries will be judged principally on overall journalistic excellence, service to the reader, engagement with the community and reader appeal. Judges may give secondary consideration to design or other factors. PUBLIC SERVICE: Recognizes exceptional effort to improve public welfare by spotlighting an issue. Judges will consider how the newspaper made full use of its resources in serving the public good, and the quality of journalism exhibited. Submit a single story or series. Entry may be accompanied by a one-page cover letter. Entries from papers in all size categories are judged together.

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