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Reduce deployment risks and costs – stay positioned for growth
EDS, an HP company, provides best-in-class services and methodologies to help you build an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that automates existing manual processes, reduces operational costs, improves data quality and equips your organization with the flexibility it needs to move into the future. Our Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution manages and supports everything from design engineering to integration with legacy and business intelligence systems.

Solution Overview

EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution

Our CredentiAls
• EDS is one of the top service providers to the Energy industry, with more than 25 years experience, servicing more than 75 clients worldwide. • EDS owns intellectual property for industry solutions in hydrocarbon accounting, pipeline management, digital oilfields, smart gas stations, RFID, and electric utility liberalized date exchanges. • EDS serves clients of every major utility type, including electric, gas and water. • EDS was one of the first utility outsourcers and IT providers during electric power deregulation in the united Kingdom.

the Challenges
Global market restructuring, high energy prices, regulatory action and investor pressure to reduce costs have not only increased competition among utilities but are also forcing them to rethink their IT strategies. In addition, customers are demanding more tools and information so they can better control their energy costs. Advanced metering infrastructure deployments play a large part in today’s new strategies to meet those challenges. But implementations can be difficult and costly to manage in-house without experienced assistance.

How We Can Help
EDS can help you overcome the challenges with our Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution – proven to provide two-way communication with commercial, industrial and residential meters. We’ve partnered with Agility Alliance partners EMC, Sun Microsystems and Oracle to provide best-in-class technologies needed to build the infrastructure and store your data. We also integrate data collected from the meters into crucial business systems such as billing, customer service, field service and energy-demand management. Plus, you tap the deep resources and expertise of one of the leading service providers to the global utilities industry.

What you Can Achieve
REDuCE COSTS with EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution, you can significantly

reduce your meter-reading spend – including labor, fleet and safety-related costs. You reduce cost and risk as EDS efficiently manages meter deployment and integrates systems to interface with information collected from the meters. What’s more, you improve cash flow by reducing metering and billing cycle time. To cut costs further, you can outsource to EDS one or more meter-to-cash-related activities: data management; billing, remittance processing, credit and collections, and call center operations.
MAnAGE SuPPlY AnD DEMAnD EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution puts in

place systems and processes that let you manage demand for resources and offer consumers incentives for selective load control. Through data collected at 15-minute intervals, you gain detailed insight into how and when customers use resources. That way, you can offer customers price breaks based on time of use. Rates can change throughout the day, deterring use at peak times. This gives customers more control over their monthly bill and helps your organization prevent crippling shortages or blackouts.

EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution

Solution Overview

IMPROvE CuSTOMER SATISFACTIOn EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution

ensures more accurate meter reads through automated, remote data collection and transfers. It also streamlines back-office processing for billing, asset management and outage management. The results? Rather than having to call customer service and experience long hold times, customers can receive information about outages either via phone or the Internet. And without the data entry errors common in manual systems, you generate more accurate bills, field fewer calls and manage fewer disputes. All this translates to stronger customer relationships, higher customer satisfaction scores and lower costs.
GEnERATE nEW REvEnuE STREAMS Turn metering technology into a competitive

GenerAtinG business benefits fOr utilities:
utilities can achieve these results with the EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution: • Provide more timely and accurate billing. • Make cash flow available two days earlier, decreasing daily sales outstanding (DSO). • Optimize distribution assets such as transformers, capacitors and feeder lines. • Reduce the time for power restoration by having meters provide immediate notification of outage locations. • Offer new pricing options that incent customers to use more power during off-peak periods. • Deliver valuable new services, including Broadband over Power line (BPl) Internet services and related home-automation capabilities.

advantage. EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution enables you to widen your market reach by delivering profitable new services. Examples include home security and appliance diagnostic services for devices in the home – all available to customers for a usage-based fee.

the support you need
EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution integrates data from automated meters into existing business systems, such as billing, customer information, outage management, field service and energy-demand management systems. Our solution uses a best-in-class commercial off-the-shelf meter data management system to manage the metering network(s) as well as an operational data store. Additional value-added services include the following:
APPlICATIOnS RATIOnAlIzATIOn/MODERnIzATIOn Revitalizes your overall applica-

tions portfolio over time so that your organization can rapidly and cost-efficiently respond to changing market conditions. Through our proven three-step approach, EDS assesses your current portfolio; undertakes modernization activities to relearn, refactor, rearchitect, rehost, reinterface, replace and retire applications; and provides optimal ongoing management, development and hosting for the new portfolio, delivering to new service levels and performance metrics.
MAnAGED CuSTOMER InTERACTIOn SOluTIOn Improves customer service by managing

contact center processes using a common technology platform, applications and expert support staff. Delivers consistent services in a distributed environment – with multiple sites (onshore, nearshore and offshore) and multiple service providers.
CuSTOMER InFORMATIOn SYSTEMS AnD uTIlITY BIllInG upgrades or replaces your

“The future of AMI rests on meeting consumer needs with residual utility value and wholesale power pools.”
James Spiers Gartner Advanced Metering Infrastructure Policy Catches up With Technology

existing billing and customer information systems (CIS) to help you improve operations, reduce customer service costs, and address new business requirements and regulatory obligations. Supports both in-house and industry-standard CIS and billing systems.

Our Approach
AutOmAted meterinG lOWers COsts, resultinG in HAppier CustOmers
Operational costs and customer satisfaction were key challenges for one of the united States’ top municipal water and sewage utilities. In response, EDS engineered, constructed, implemented and hosts a wireless automated metering system. now, the utility and its customers enjoy real-time access to detailed data on water usage. Billing is faster and more accurate, with meter rereads completely eliminated. In addition, the utility can detect and repair leaks faster. As a result, customer satisfaction is up 10 percent, and the number of inquiries to the call center has fallen sharply. And the utility’s meter reading costs are down 72 percent. End-to-end project management by EDS ensures the success of your meter implementation. using our proven methodologies, we efficiently manage all program staff and vendors – giving you peace of mind. Digital metering can vastly increase the flow of information into your internal systems – easily delivering hundreds of millions of reads per month. With EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution, you handle these massive volumes of data efficiently without having to “rip out” your existing billing and customer information systems. This emphasis on cost-efficient reuse – an EDS hallmark – also extends to our applications portfolio modernization work. Our solution’s highly scalable data management system runs on multiple architectures, including Windows, SolarisTM, unIX and linux. We leverage our partners for the best-in-class technologies to be integrated in our solution. As an example, the Solaris platform supporting this solution resides on the revolutionary Sun FireTM servers which deliver triple the throughput while drawing one-fifth the energy utilizing Sun’s CoolThreadsTM technology. By design, our AMI solution supports technology from any metering hardware or software provider. That’s important over the long-term, since the available technology will continue to change and improve. We can usually support any digital metering technology you plan to use. If you’re looking to choose a metering vendor, ask EDS. We partner with leading providers in the hardware, software, meter data management and billing areas. unlike other solutions, EDS Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution doesn’t favor one communications path over another. It gives you multiple alternatives, including public and private radio frequencies, power line and broadband over power line carrier, paging and cellular networks, and satellite technology.

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