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NUMBER: AGC-248.008



SUBJECT: Business Cards

1. APPLICABILITY: This policy applies to all Oregon Military Department (OMD) employees and individuals requesting OMD business cards. 2. AUTHORITY/REFERENCE: Interagency Agreement #5226


No 1. State of Oregon Business Card Format/Authorization Form

4. PURPOSE: To provide policies and procedures for obtaining OMD Business Cards. 5. POLICY/PROCEDURES: a. State employee requests for OMD business cards must be approved in advance by the employee’s manager. (1) The Fund Manager may authorize expenditure of agency funds to purchase cards for employees requiring business cards in performance of their duties. Authorization to purchase business cards with agency funds will be indicated by the Fund Manager signing Attachment 1 in the CUSTOMER INFORMATION section and listing the appropriate Program Cost Account (PCA) & Agency Object Code (AOBJ). (2) Supervisors may authorize an employee to obtain OMD business cards at the employee’s personal expense if the cards are not normally required in performance of the employee’s duties. The supervisor will indicate approval by signing Attachment 1. b. Oregon National Guard members that are not OMD state employees may order OMD business cards at their own expense with supervisor approval. The supervisor will indicate approval by signing Attachment 1. State procurement rules do not allow the purchase of business cards for non-state employees with agency funds.



c. To order business cards, submit Attachment 1, with payment if required, to the Financial Administration Division (AGC). The request will be delivered to: Oregon Military Department Financial Administration Division AGC Attn: Purchasing Agent PO Box 14350 Salem, OR 97309-5047 Phone: (503) 584-3911 Fax: (503) 584-3050 d. Review the instructions on Attachment 1 to ensure requests are completed correctly. Business cards will be printed exactly as written on Attachment 1. Card reprints due to incorrect information on Attachment 1 are the responsibility of the requester. All cards must have “Oregon Military Department” on the upper right corner, the recycle seal on the lower right corner, and the State seal on the lower left corner. Ensure spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and other information is correct. Attachment 1 may be submitted in handwritten form, or electronically produced in the “form” format. OCE will only allow for the exact number of characters per line so please ensure your request does not exceed the MAX allowed. If requesting the electronic version please notify @ AGC. This will be sent to your e-mail address. Do not return completed form by e-mail, unless it has been scanned with the appropriate signature and cost coding. e. For repeat orders, send a sample card from a previous order attached to Attachment 1. If changes are required, enter the new information on Attachment 1. Do not annotate changes on the attached business card. f. Individuals purchasing cards must submit payment with the request. Minimum order is 250 cards. For general business card pricing refer to IAA #5226 and applicable price agreements. g. Do not send cash through the mail. Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to the “Oregon Military Department or OMD”. Completed business card orders are returned to AGC for pickup by the requestor, unless an exception is allowed through the AGC Purchasing Agent, as there may be an additional shipping charge and exception to the normal documentation process.

//s// KARL D. JORGENSON Director of Financial Administration Oregon Military Department