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If you are zealous and keen to serve your nation at the same time, then you are certainly looking for career through CDS. Common Defence Service or CDS is for those who want to do something extraordinary and full of dignity. CDS exams are held twice in a year by UPSC. It is a common test for Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun; Naval Academy, Goa; Air Force Academy, Begumpet, Hyderabad; Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Eligibility required to enter this examination: Naval Academy is B.Sc. With Physics and/or Maths or bachelor of Engineering. Indian Military Academy/ Officers Training Academy is that the aspirant should possess a degree from recognized University or equivalent. Air Force Academy is B.Sc. With Physics and/or Maths, or, bachelor of engineering. CDS Exam Question Papers are available online. Sites like that has every thing related to education, makes these question papers available to its users, and the best part is that it is for free. You don't have to pay any charges for it. CDS Questions Papers can be downloaded and practiced. These question papers include exams like general knowledge or general awareness and General English. CDS sample Papers and other CDS Test Papers can be availed from Internet. These question papers help a lot simultaneously giving a clear idea of what kind of structure does the question paper has. One can easily check his or her preparation through these easily available CDS Test Papers. CDS is one of the toughest examinations. But if the preparation is thorough then its same as any other entrance examination. The subject knowledge and general awareness is a must. If you are really looking forward to make your career in defence services then you ought to be full of patience, its because if you clear CDS exam then you have go through a rigorous training. The examinations are held in the month of May and October. It has 40 centres through out the country where it is held. Aspirants are judged on two basis. 1st is the examination test and the 2nd is interview and personality test. The candidate is judged by an eagle eye. And if all the rounds are cleared then the candidate is sent to any one of the academies mentioned earlier. To have a bright and secured future CDS is one thing you should try for. Adarsh Sharma is the webmaster of For more information about CDS Exam Question Papers, CDS sample Papers and CDS Test Papers visit the site.

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Description: Common Defence Service or CDS is for those who want to do something extraordinary and full of dignity.