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Precision, High Resolution Mastering System

HoloMakerIIIb is the result of 5 years intensive development, producing the significant evolution in commercial holographic Optical Variable Devices (OVDs) based on HolomakerIIIa. Now HoloMakerIIIb meets much of the wishes lists that most digital holographic mastering users have.

By applying a concept of optical head and SLM ( Spatial light modulator) technology, HoloMakerIIIb significantly changes the data input mode from the spot input to the-shape-spot-input, and improves the exposure performance, scan accuracy and optical vision. More OVD image types, encryption patterns and micro-images are supported. HoloMakerIIIb also has been supported with the most advanced control system and software packages. HoloMakerIIIb is a powerful machine built by the original pioneers in digital holographic technology with 10 years of experience in the field.

Superior Imaging Solution with high density information
HoloMakerIIIb produces optical diffraction patterns in a variety of resolution
settings, which not only has the high quality kinetic optical effects, but also integrates a great deal of characters on each spot of optical diffraction patterns. This feature leads optical diffraction patterns more secure and more information contents. The optical head with DMD(digital micro-mirror device) is very more matched than conventional optical heads. The result is the better exposure performance, faster, more accurate data inputting and brightness optical diffraction patterns. With stability, reliability & easily replacement hardware, HoloMakerIIIb can be achieved more features.

High Resolution Images

Large format OVD

Micro-Text & Hidden images

3D Support

Wide application areas
Security mastering design for labeling and packaging Kinetic holographic patterns for hot stamping foil 3D image processing Optical data storage Education

From kinetic to more bright,
With improved accuracy, better exposure performance and optical vision
Due to not sensitive to vibration at normal circumstance, HoloMakerIIIb system can operated at high speed with distortion-free scan, either in the line-by-line scan mode or in the optimized scan mode. The later saves the most times of running because of our self-defined data file ARR. By separating the dot-size adjustment from the coincidence of the beams, one can easily set the resolutions on one pattern! HoloMakerIIIb is the fastest mastering system with more advanced features among the same type systems in the world.
* Ten times faster or more than other company’s models * Supported with the best processing software * Easier to be operated * High performances, low cost than any other systems
Pattern Designing Kinetic Effect Creation Micro-text/image creation Any Page-Making Any Pattern Combining Multi-Resolution Settings Multi-Color Settings Exposure Rate Adjusting Automatic Run-Protection

High resolution images More brightness: optical diffraction patterns will be increased 22% more diffraction efficiency under the square-spot mode than that under the traditional circle spot. Resolution range is from 100dpi to 6500dpi. Two data input modes: Dot input and Shape (Character) input More functions: Shape-encoding, direct writing (optional) More binary optics encryption schemes

High quality optical system Superior optical system also provides direct writing capability with small optional replacement. All optical elements – objective lens, tube lens, and SLM – are rigidly fixed on a single body and move together for focusing and coincident of beam to keep the highest quality grating.

Secure with true micro-text
Advanced HM software with powerful tools The most powerful software for the OVD designing
Bitmap to OVD format & OVD format to Bitmap Path definition Combination with layers Parameter transferring cutting Grayscale definition for kinetic effects Shape replacement Vector OVD materials Kinetic holographic guilloche generator Different Resolution display on one screen 2D/3D, 3D, Multiple Channels Photo processing Transparent Random Sub-pixel selection(up to 6 x 6) Filtering, rotating, enlarging, flipping Optimizing the data to minimum running times Time measurement of data before mastering Sub-pixel selection(up to 6 x 6) Multiple resolution alignment
HMC-OVD Input Controlling Program HMP-Optical Variable Images Processing Program

HMP3.0 & OVgraphic: converts *.bmp & *.tiff into *.ARR process *.ARR with many developed tools based on artwork design: crop, copy, combination, parameter transferring, transparent, random, shrink, 2D/3D, animation supports the micro-text optical storage with two files. One is ARR to control the optical effects and BMP to input the data of character. For each spot exposure, there is one character input Accepts the design from CorelDraw and other image processors HMC2.0 Controlling the operation of system according to *.arr, and parameter settings about the optical effects, exposure resolutions Supporting the character input at any spot times, positioning, running rates,

For excellence
Huge optical information on spots, lines& texts
HoloMakerIII-b has the optical information storage capability of 640 characters in one square millimeter! For an example: Vector text embed & multi-channels in one kinetic holographic patterns.

Now, optical Storage technologies can be used to store the large amount of characters on kinetic OVDs. For an instance, the kinetic optical guilloches which have the micro-text along the lines made up of micro-text of 30 80 microns.

Information is hidden on the random dots or lines which only can be opened with a special key


System Specifications
158dpi-635dpi 1270dpi 0.02mm 2540dpi 0.01mm 6500dpi** 0.004mm

Security Faster Easier

Write Resolution Size of the Dots Beam Shaping Input size / Rate

0.16mm-0.04mm Yes, any shapes

Square and circle / 15 format/s

Up to100x100 pixels Yes

Color Changing Pitch of grating Optical Head
Optical Storage

1 – 2 um, others can be as optional Yes, Rotation of 360 degree any character on spots / patter ns / / / good patterns Yes / / / super photo Yes Yes Yes / extra Micro-text Yes Yes Yes encryption Micro-image / / /

Text Quality Image format 2D/3D Grayscale Image 3D Images Special effect Direct Writing by

Yes, for Low frequency grating

**need to be special design

Blue Laser
Wavelength: 405nm Output of Power: 50 mW 10,000 hour warranty Power supply: 220V/50Hz/ 2.5kW

Times setting: controlled by software, executed by the special circuit Exposure rates: 1 us to 30s

SVGOptronics, Co., Suzhou Industrial Park, 478 ZhongNan Sreet, Suzhou 215026,China TEL:+86-512-6258956 FAX:+86-512-62520928

X-Y Stages
Plate size: Up to 164 mm X 184mm, 2 ~ 5 mm thickness Plate weight: Up to 2 kg Stage travel: 180mm X 180mm motorized stage

1024 X768 pixels 13 um X13um SNR:4000:1 Connection with computer

Optical Head
Your Distributor: 360 degree motorized stage, freely Minimum angle: 0.1 degree Grating Pitch: 9 slots, R,G, B colors Silvering color

Windows operating system 2.5GHz, 200GB HDD, DVD ROM 17 inch LCD monitor

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