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									Times Higher Education Award 2006 ‘Outstanding International Student Support’

April & May 2008 University improves overall ranking by six places
• 10th in the UK for Tourism, Transport and Travel • 11th in the UK and best in the North West for General Engineering • In the top 20 for Media Studies, Communications and Librarianship, Social Work and Building, Town and Country Planning The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has once again been confirmed as the top modern University in the North West. Released Tuesday, 13 May, the latest Guardian newspaper university league table shows UCLan has improved its overall ranking by six places. The University has been placed in 62nd position out of 117 institutions and ahead of all its modern North West rivals. University of Central Lancashire’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Alan Roff said: "Like the recent Independent newspaper table these results confirm our position as the North West’s leading modern University. “Nationally, in the key measures of assessment and feedback and graduate prospects UCLan is a leading light. And I’m particularly pleased that this latest table highlights a wide variety of course areas where we are amongst the leaders in the UK.” UCLan courses in Agriculture and Forestry and Tourism, Transport and Travel are ranked in the UK’s top ten. While Building, Town and Country Planning, General Engineering, Social Work and Media Studies, Communications and Librarianship are ranked in the top 20. UCLan is classed as the leading modern University throughout the UK for Business and Management Studies while it has been commended for the quality of its courses in Philosophy, Biosciences and Art and Design. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor added: “We are offering a quality educational experience which represents outstanding value for money. Our investments in facilities, teaching staff and quality, together with our strong focus on graduate employability have enabled us to enhance all aspects of student life.”


UCLan had become a full member of SZVUP
University of Central Lancashire has signed official agreement with Shenzhen Virtual University Park (SZVUP) on 8 April 2008, symbolizing UCLan had become a full member of SZVUP. University of Central Lancashire will commit to various researches in applied sciences including Digital Sciences, Modern Manufacturing, Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Technology. Chairman of the Board of University of Central Lancashire, Mr Brian Harris, Deputy Vice
UCLan Shanghai Office: 021-63280908 UCLan Shenzhen Office: 0755-26538314 www.uclanchina.cn uclanshanghai@gmail.com uclanshenzhen@gmail.com www.uclan.ac.uk

Times Higher Education Award 2006 ‘Outstanding International Student Support’

Chancellor Angela Murphy, In-Country Manager Shaun Tiddy, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen City, Mr LIU Ying Li, Asssociate Director of Shenzhen High-Tech Office Madame QIU Xuan and Mr ZHANG Heng Chun, Vice-President of Shenzhen University Mr RUAN Shuang Chen, Dean of International Mr GAO Li Tian, together with representatives from Hong Kong City University and Shenzhen Virtual University Park have attended the ceremony.

Students in Shenzhen Welcome the Olympic Torch
5 月 8 日,2008 北京奥运圣火传递来到了中国深圳。中央兰开夏大学深圳财会金融专业的同学们自发组织 起来,迎接火炬的到来。 同学们的衣服前面印着“LOVE CHINA", 背后印着“BEIJING 2008.. ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM"..左边的 袖标还有 UCLAN06 的标志。 大家中午 12 点在深圳大学正门集合,烈日炎炎下站了接近 3 个小时,终于看到了等待已久的奥运火炬。 虽然火炬在大家视线中的时间很短,但是大家都很有激情,气氛也很好,很多路人都驻足观看,并给同学 们拍照……兰开夏大学深圳办公室采集了部分照片与大家分享。

UCLan Shanghai Alumni Event in April 2008
UCLan Shanghai office organized an alumni party on 12th April. Most of the alumni attended at the first year graduates from the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT) and UCLan joint programme. Some of them went into career after completing their Diploma study, some of them completed Bachelor degree and came back to China, a large number of graduates continued Master study at UCLan, and one of the alumni combined study with some work placement in China. Alumni were sharing their work experience and networking while enjoying the food and chocolate. After receiving a Master degree, among those who have
UCLan Shanghai Office: 021-63280908 UCLan Shenzhen Office: 0755-26538314 www.uclanchina.cn uclanshanghai@gmail.com uclanshenzhen@gmail.com www.uclan.ac.uk

worked for two years in China, there is one alumni has been promoted to Marketing Manager position, a couple of them find their career start after experiencing difference kinds of jobs in various industries. To build up UCLan Chinese family, this kind of gathering provides a good opportunity for UCLan to hear alumni's voice for future events. One day out for BBQ and bigger events were suggested.

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