bpps new acca f4 textbook (chinese corporate and business law)


BPP’s New ACCA F4 Textbook (Chinese Corporate and Business Law) 

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The BPP edition of ACCA F4 textbook-Chinese Corporate and Business Law will soon come out! F4 textbook is written by expert authors and subject specialist. It provides a clear route to understanding and applying the knowledge required for a successful exam performance. The materials are designed to address the different stages of your preparation, whether you need to learn, practice, revise or rehearse, we have the study material to help you achieve your goal.

Why you choose BPP Study Text
User-friendly coverage of all you need to know for a successful exam result Unique fast-forward system guiding you through key areas Quizzes, examples and Exam Focus Points to reinforce information Practice questions, chapter roundups and reference to the ACCA Learning Outcomes See below the content covered by F4 Corporate and Business Law (For exam in 2009), dealing with most recent 2008 Corporate and Business Law of China:
Part A Essential elements of the legal system 1. Court structure 2. Sources of law 3. Judicial interpretations Part B Property law 4. General principles of property law 5. Ownership 6. Usufructuary right 7. Security interests 8. Possession Part C Labour contract law 9. Formation and effect of labour contract 10. Forms of labour contract and non-competition clauses 11. Dissolution and termination of a labour contract 12. Collective labour contract and dispatch of labour service 13. Legal liabilities Part D Contract law 14. Formation of contract 15. Validity of contract 16. Transfer of contract 17. Various demur rights 18. Subrogate right 19. Dissolution of contract and termination of contract 20. Legal remedies for breach of contract 21. Specific contracts of sales of goods, agency and financial leasing Part E Company law 22. Formation of companies 23. Registered capital and contributions of capital 24. Administration and regulation of companies 25. Mergers and divisions of companies 26. Accounting and dividends Part F Enterprise bankruptcy law 27. Acceptance of the application for bankruptcy 28. Bankruptcy administrator and functions of administrators 29. Debtor’s assets 30. Bankruptcy expenses and community liabilities 31. Declaration of the creditor's right 32. Creditors’ meeting and creditors committee 33. Rectification and compromise 34. Bankruptcy liquidation Part G Securities law 35. Corporate bonds and stocks 36. Trading of securities 37. Obligations of disclosure 38. Legal liabilities caused by illegal activities Part H Corporate behaviour and legal liabilities 39. Fraudulent behaviour in corporate management and securities transactions 40. Civil, administrative and criminal liabilities

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