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					The right ingredients for your company’s success


What would you need to realize your business vision?
• Reduction of resources required while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of your production processes to 97%? • Processing of customer orders in as little as five minutes? • Faster response regarding on-time dispatch and reducing costs by 98%? • Doubling your throughput at no additional cost?

Results like these and much more have been achieved by leading vendors in the food and beverage industry around the world thanks to their partnership with Siemens. They use Siemens technology to secure a lasting competitive edge for themselves. You can have a taste of this, too. It doesn’t matter what aims you would like to achieve, because our extensive portfolio of field-proven solutions is guaranteed to contain the right ingredients for you. We support you with our outstanding technological experience and our global support network in over 190 countries. And we bundle know-how and performance to meet your specific needs in our special “Food & Beverage Competence Centers” in Europe, Asia and the US. See for yourself how we will realize your vision with our Food & Beverage Industry Suite.

Your good name guarantees the quality of your products Your good name is a priceless asset. Seventy-five percent of all consumers are conscious of the brand name when buying groceries. Quality plays a crucial role here. More than half of all consumers are prepared to pay a higher price for a higher quality brand. However, almost as many shoppers are ready to switch brands as soon as changes in quality or flavor become obvious. As a leading global vendor of quality assurance systems for the food and beverage industry, we have helped many manufacturers to implement the appropriate quality management systems – from individual plants and labs, right up to the world’s largest plants for food production. Thanks to our comprehensive quality assurance solution, one of these companies can handle orders today within five minutes, and provide express delivery without compromising on quality.


T Y

Food safety

Quality management Transparency

P R O D U

Availability Process optimization


How can you increase the availability of your products and simultaneously reduce stocks? If your business partners have to wait for your product, so do their customers. This is bad news, since more than a third of your customers are ready to change brands if your product is not available at the right time. To avoid such a scenario, many companies increase stocks and thus weaken their sales. But why? Would it not make more sense to increase the number of on-time deliveries by 10% while reducing inventory by 70%? With a manufacturing execution system (MES) from Siemens, you can achieve this and even more benefits, as the following examples demonstrate: A soft drinks manufacturer was able to save more than €1.2million by integrating its existing ERP system into the production level, because, thanks to the Siemens solution, the company not only met customer demands to maintain delivery deadlines of just two days, but was also able to significantly reduce waste, reworking and inventory. A leading sugar refinery significantly improved its delivery reliability and on-schedule dispatch by optimizing operations in the tank farm and by integrating production into the ERP system.


How do you turn time-to-market into one of your strengths? Fifty-seven percent of all new market products are not successful.1 If you’re second or third to market with your product, you’ll experience a sales loss of 25 to 30%. Small wonder, therefore, that the number of products with a time-to-market of less than 3 months doubled last year. That this requires a high degree of efficiency and internal cooperation is fairly obvious. But that it can also be implemented in complex international structures is illustrated by the example of a global player in consumer

packaged goods. Thanks to a Siemens solution, this company optimized its product specifications worldwide, resulting in significantly reduced innovation cycles.


AMR Research, European CPG Manufacturers Tackle NPD Improvement, April 2003, The Value of PLM, April 2003 Food Processing, The 32nd Annual Top 100 R&D Survey, May 2003



Is your supply chain fit for the future? Constantly changing market requirements influence the supply chain. How long do you need today from receipt of an order to delivery? 150 hours? But your customer expects delivery after 100 hours. How do you explain it, and what does it cost you to constantly monitor your inventory? By reducing the time in warehouse for finished products by one day, it has been shown that companies can save on average up to €8.5million per year. With our automation solutions for logis1

tics, materials handling, and inventory, we have helped many customers to boost their productivity; by enabling, for example, 98% reductions in costs for fulfilling short-term customer requests, or 80% reductions in storage area, securing a return on investment within just four months.

How strategic are your cost reduction initiatives? Competition in your sector – with high volumes but tight margins – demands that your cost reduction initiatives offer long-term practicability and sustained effectiveness. Use our know-how and technology here to implement results like the following: A leading brewer was able to turn its largest plant into one of the most cost-effective breweries in the sector with the help of Siemens products and solutions. The company far exceeded its own production efficiency targets.


How do you profit from food and beverage legislation? It has become law since EU Directive 178/2002: consumer awareness of healthy nutrition is growing ceaselessly and it demands uncompromising traceability of all flows of goods in your company. At first sight, this seems for many companies to involve huge costs, but a closer look reveals that it opens up enormous potential, because the right tracking system secures competitive advantages. We provide you with sustained support using a portfolio of products, systems and sector and process know-how tailored to your field, so that today’s investments pay out double tomorrow.


GMA, GMA2003, Logistic Study, April 2003


Process know-how: understanding technological requirements Many years of cooperation with mechanical equipment manufacturers and end customers guarantee our process understanding and technological know-how in producing beer, soft drinks, milk, tobacco, and much more. We have consistently turned our experience and competence in your field into sector-relevant products and automation solutions.

Logistics solutions: optimal flow of goods and logistics Cleanliness and hygiene in dairy production, dynamic processes in the beverages industry, diversity in the range of dry goods, or specialist know-how in establishing cold storage solutions – as the No. 1 in logistics, we offer you a variety of such solutions for your sector. For example, the warehouse management system MASTER Food & Beverage – for dynamic inventory management, perfect logistics, guaranteed cost effectiveness, and compatibility right up to the ERP level.

Industry Suite
Totally Integrated Automation
With Totally Integrated Automation, Siemens is the only vendor to offer an integrated basis for implementing customized automation solutions – in all sectors, from incoming goods to outgoing goods. TIA is characterized by its unique level of integration. With reduced interface overhead, it ensures the highest transparency across all levels – from the field level, through the production control level, right up to the corporate management level. Of course, you also profit throughout the entire life cycle of your plant – from the first planning steps, through operation, right up to modernization. And we offer you a high degree of investment security thanks to the integrated further development of our products and systems.


Energy concepts: for a first-class production climate For building automation, we offer you specific solutions and technologies – from high-tech clean rooms to the office. With years of experience and excellent know-how, we guarantee building management systems that meet validation requirements and provide you with the lowest energy, maintenance and operating costs possible.

Building automation: for a first-class production climate For building automation, we offer you specific solutions and technologies – from high-tech clean rooms to the office. With years of experience and excellent know-how, we guarantee building management systems that meet validation requirements and provide you with the lowest energy, maintenance and operating costs possible.
MES products and solutions: process optimization – horizontal and vertical In the area of MES, we provide you with a wide range of products for optimizing your operational management. Our component approach with SIMATIC IT and the modular SIMATIC IT components

IT solution providing: transparency at all levels For an optimized production process, it is important that the appropriate information is available at the right time and the right place. Our solutions for IT integration support you here in creating transparent processes, coordinating individual machine functions, controlling sequences, or connecting the corporate management level with the production level. Highly developed enterprise resource planning and supply chain management systems optimize the entire workflow – even across plant and company boundaries.

Food & Beverage
Totally Integrated Power
Energy distribution and management from a single source With Totally Integrated Power, we offer you integrated solutions for energy distribution in utility buildings and industrial buildings, from medium voltage to the power outlet. Equipped with the same communication and visualization standards as Totally Integrated Automation, all operating resources for automation, energy distribution, energy management and building management can be integrated, and overall solutions can be implemented for your sector.

Machine solutions: faster and more cost-effectively to the machine We have been setting standards in mechanical equipment manufacture for many years and we actively drive innovations – for mechanical equipment manufacturers, builders of packaging machinery, and users alike. Always with the stipulation of palpably reducing your costs of ownership. With innovative products such as the SIMOTION Motion Control System that guarantees simpler engineering and easier integration, improved quality, higher safety, and shorter standstill times. With modular machine concepts that allow you to respond quickly to changes in market situations, and that can be optimally integrated into distributed automation solutions. Or with SINAMICS, our new integrated family of drives that enables modular and scalable drive solutions across the entire range of power and performance. Solutions that can be flexibly adapted to individual tasks and easily expanded.

Life-cycle services: across the entire life cycle Siemens offers you services in every project phase of your plants. From design, through engineering, operation and maintenance, right up to retrofit. With optimized solutions for improved and more profitable processes. With a range that offers everything you could desire for servicing and supporting your plant, and reducing your life-cycle costs; from individual tasks, through complete maintenance contracts, right up to the operator model.

is unique worldwide. Sector-specific modules as well as individual solutions can be implemented quickly on the basis of standardized products. This makes it easier to optimize operations management linked to the business processes, modify production processes, and thus reduce life-cycle costs.

System integration: our partners near you Our cooperation with Solution Providers and system integrators creates a far-reaching network of automation professionals that serves your vicinity, too. The seal of quality of the Siemens Solution Providers has long been recognized on the global market as a badge of world-class service.

Competitive edge

Supply chain

Cost reductions

What next?
Find out for yourself what Siemens’ ideas, technologies and experience mean for your company. Our Food & Beverage Competence Center will be pleased to be of assistance. Telephone: +49 (911) 895 34 01 Fax: +49 (911) 895 23 02


Siemens AG Automation and Drives Competence Center Food & Beverage P.O. Box 48 48 D-90475 Nuremberg w w w. s i e m e n s. d e / fo o d - b eve r a g e

The information provided in this brochure contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in actual case of use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract.

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