; Confidentiality Agreement
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Confidentiality Agreement


An agreement between an independent contractor and a company engaging the independent contractor services to keep confidential information provided to the independent contractor. This agreement can be used and downloaded. The format is Microsoft Word.

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The services and obligations I have agreed to perform on behalf of ___________________ hereafter “Company” require I have access to and knowledge of certain confidential information. This confidential information may include, but is not limited to customer information, pricing data, supply sources, techniques, computerized data, maps, methods, product design information, market information, technical information, company standards and other confidential and/or proprietary information belonging to or licensed to, Company or its clients or customers, including but is not limited to, trade secrets, inventions, patents, and copyrighted materials hereafter “Confidential Information”. Some of this information may be made confidential by law or Company’s policies. Confidential information may be in any form, including but not limited to, obs
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