Lesson Plan Speaking Class by ytrusdm7


									Speak with Me Lesson Plan Sample

   1. Estimated Class Duration: 45 minutes
   2. Suitable Grade: Grade 1 Students
   3. Class Goal: To be able to speak daily conversations and to learn new words

                                                    Class Summary
                       This part will cover Say It right, Say It right Again, and Extra! Extra! Sections.

  Preparation      Student book + Workbook
                   Sample Introduction
  Introduction     Teacher: Hello. Everyone. How are you all doing today? Today, we are
   (Warm up        going to learn about ‘Greeting’. Does anyone know what does ‘greeting’
   questions)      mean?
                   greeting: to say hello or hi
                   Teacher: When we meet friends, what do we say to each other?
   Following       Student 1: Hello.
    Question       Student 2: Hi.
                   Teacher: Very good.
                   Teacher: Please turn to page 8. I am going to play the CD for you. I want
                   you to look at the picture carefully while listening.
                   (Teacher plays the CD.)
                   Teacher: OK. What are the children doing in the picture 1?
                         Waving hands to each other, saying hello to each other
                   Teacher: How about in the picture 2? What is the boy’s name?
                         Sam
                   Teacher: Now please look at page 9 and you will hear the same
   Main Work
                   conversation once again. This time I want you to read the conversation
                   silently while listening.
                   (Teacher plays the same track.)
                   Teacher: Let’s learn some new words! Repeat after me please.
                   (Teacher says the word first and children follow./Teacher can play the CD
                   and let the children follow./It is better for the teacher to point the picture
                   while reading the word aloud with children.)

                   Teacher: Ok. Now, I want you to find one person. And practice what we
  Group work
                   have learned today.

Speak with Me Lesson Plan Sample

                    Students slowly find their partners and ask each other questions and
                   the teacher walks around and inspect each group. Correct word spellings
                   or grammatical mistakes one by one if needed. Also, ask more detail
                   questions and try to get more information out of the students.
                   Teacher: Albert. What did we learn today?
                   Albert: Hello. Hi.
                   Teacher: Kelly. How do we ask if you don’t know someone’s name?
                   Kelly: What’s your name?
    Closing        Teacher: Tomorrow we are going to learn about introducing yourself. For
                   your homework, I want to you practice speaking aloud what we have
                   learned today and please finish page 4 in your workbook. Bye Guys and
                   have a wonderful day.
                   Students: Bye.

                                                   Class Summary
                                        This part will cover the Storytelling section.

                   Teacher: Let’s make a small speech! Please turn to page 13 and listen to
                   Sam’s Story first.
                   (Teacher plays the CD.)
                   Teacher: Do you understand what he said? Who is the boy in the picture?
                         Sam
                   Teacher: What did he say?
                         He is tall. He is strong.
   Main Work       Teacher: Now, I want you to draw your face in the box below. Then write a
                   few things about yourself.
                   (Students draw a picture and jot down a few words or sentences.)
                   Teacher: Are you all done? Kelly, can you show your picture to the class
                   and tell us about you.
                   (Kelly starts to speak.)
                   Teacher: Well done. You see? Making a speech is easy and simple. Good
                   job, Kelly. Who’s next?


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