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					                                                   For those that do not have a Version 3 Peer
                                                   Reviewed Farm Plan (have not attended an
                                                   EFP workshop after Apr. 1, 2004) there is a 2
                                                   day workshop on Jan. 27 and Feb. 3, 2010.
                                                   Day 1 – Wednesday, January 27, 2010
           Canada-Ontario                          Admaston/Bromley Community Centre, Barr Line
       Environmental Farm Plan                     10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                                   Day 2 – Wednesday, February 3, 2010
   Delivered by the Ontario Soil and Crop          Admaston/Bromley Community Centre, Barr Line
         Improvement Association                   10:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Growing Forward provides funding for the           To register and for more information, call
environmental cost share program between           Glen Smith at 613-628-2987
April 2009 and March 2013. Producers with a
Farm Business Registration Number and a                   Growing Your Farm Profits
Peer Reviewed Version 3 Farm Plan are
eligible for up to $30,000.00 in cost share to
correct high risk situations to the environment,      Delivered by the Ontario Soil and Crop
identified in their Farm Plan.                              Improvement Association

Many elements of the former program have           Growing your farm profits is the place to start
been combined with some new opportunities          planning for your business success. The two-
such as Farm Energy Audits, Energy                 day workshop will give you the tools to assess
Conservation Measures for Agr. Purposes, and       your current farm management practices. You
Renewable Energy Production for Agricultural       will understand how proactive planning can
Purchases.                                         influence effective decision making.
                                                   Shelley McPhail, Almonte, your workshop
This is a 4 year program and the funds for
                                                   facilitator will help you prioritize your goals and
2009 ($7 million) have already been
                                                   identify resources to help meet your goals. The
committed. Application forms for 2010 will be
                                                   workshop will help you identify your business
available around January 1st. The program is
                                                   strengths in marketing, production, financial
presently under review by the Ontario Ministry
                                                   management,          human     resources,     social
of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
                                                   responsibility, succession planning, business
                                                   structure and business strategy.
It is important to get your Project Proposals in
early. The moneys for the 2nd year will be         This workshop will help improve your farm
spoken for very quickly.                           management skills and business plans.
                                                   There are cost-share dollars available to farm
For Project Proposal applications or brochures     families who attend the workshops and
providing details of the program, contact Glen     complete an Action Plan for financial
Smith at 613-628-2987.                             management counselling, succession planning
                                                   and business structure. A workshop was held
There may be an opportunity for producers to       in Renfrew in Nov/09 with 27 registered; an
receive top-up funding to 70% or 100% under        excellent response for this program.
the Species At Risk Program in 2010 for some
categories under the cost-share program, such      We will be organizing another GYFP workshop
as Upland and Riparian Area Habitat                in the fall of 2010
Management,       Relocation    of   Livestock
                                                   For more information contact Glen Smith at
Confinement     Facilities,  Erosion   Control
Structures(Riparian Areas).
         Renfrew County                                Under Contract
          Soil and Crop                       Veterinarians under contract with the
                                              Ministry of Northern Development and
      Annual Meeting                          Mines to provide Veterinary Services to
                                              large animal producers in Renfrew
   Friday, December 11th, 2009                County and Nipissing District are:
             Galbraith Room,
            Renfrew Armouries                 • Dr. Tony Ruyter, Cobden Animal
                                                   Centre, Cobden – 613-646-2345
         Starting at 10:30 a.m.
           Lunch provided by                  • Dr. Andres Aadoson, Aadoson
      Balsam Hill Women’s Institute                Veterinary Services,
  Registration Fee - $10.00(includes lunch)
                                                   Cobden – 613-646-2187

    For more information contact              • Dr. Linwood Fisher Veterinary
   Dean Matheson at 613-646-9622                   Services, can be contacted
                                                   through the Cobden Animal
President                                          Centre at 613-646-2345
     Dean Matheson – 613-646-9622
                                              • Dr. Laurie Jeffrey, Madawaska
1st Vice – President                               Veterinary Clinic,
      Ian McGregor – 613-432-2754                  Renfrew – 613-432-9187

2nd Vice President                            • Dr. Andy Pender – Pinnacle Animal
      Jamie Box –        613-433-9736              Hospital, Renfrew – 613-433-3100

Secretary/Treasurer                              For more information, contact:
     Glen Smith –   613-628-2987
                                                    Chairman, Renfrew County
                                                  Veterinary Services Committee,
                                                   Ray Pender at 613-432-5521,
                                                  Vice-Chairman, Jack Ferguson
                                                         at 613-646-2932,
                                                  Secretary/Treasurer, Glen Smith
                                                         at 613-628-2987
Maple Syrup Producer's Association                          2009
            (OMSPA)                                 Custom Farmwork Rates
      Ottawa Valley Chapter
     Annual Information Day                             Brought to you by the
                                                         Ontario Soil & Crop
  Saturday, January 9th, 2010                         Improvement Association
        10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  Mapleton House, 3505 Hwy #28
     (Hardwood Lake area).                               2009 Custom Farmwork
                                                              Rates Report
            Topics will include:
   Food Safety Funding Initiative Update                  Needed:
  Upcoming Voluntary Quality Assurance           Custom Farmwork Operators
       Program for Maple Producers               The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and
                                                 Rural Affairs is preparing to complete the
Making value added products (Maple Sugar)
                                                 Custom Farmwork Report on rates charged in
Tips and Tricks for installing maple pipelines
             in the sugar bush                   Your participation would be much appreciated.
                                                 Over 300 custom operators helped make the
   Lunch available on your own, on site.         2006 report a success!
        Members of OMSPA free,
     non-members $5.00 at the door.              Why should you complete the report?
          For more information:                  The Custom Farmwork Report Summary is
 Carol Anne Bonenberg, Sec/Treasurer of          used by farmers and custom operators alike as
   Ottawa Valley Local - 613 735 2366            a reference in planning and operating their
                                                 businesses. A copy of the 2009 Report
                                                 Summary will be mailed to each person
                                                 who completes the report form.

                                                 How do you participate?
                                                 If you provide custom farmwork services and
                                                 are interested in participating please contact
                                                 John Molenhuis at
                                                 or 613-475-9472 to be added to the mailing
                                                 list. Report forms will be mailed out in early

                                                            Visit OSCIA at
           RENFREW COUNTY                           developments           surrounding        supply
        NATIONAL FARMERS UNION                      management. We want our dairy producers in
                                                    Renfrew County to know that should any
         Dave Mackay, President                     adverse developments occur, the NFU will be
 Telephone: 613-582-7379 or 613-649-8211            contacting those in responsible positions and
                                                    locally we will be given direction of what action
                                                    to take.
The Renfrew County National Farmers Union
continues to work on issues affecting family        Low Livestock Prices: Locally the NFU
farms of all commodities and all sizes in this      continues to work on how we as farmers can
county and across the province.                     deal with the dysfunctional marketplace for
                                                    cattle and hogs that exists in Canada. The
Free Range Turkey Issue:                 Earlier
                                                    NFU believes that balance needs to be
NFU/Ontario and Organic Council of Ontario
                                                    returned to the beef/pork market in Canada
banded together to persuade Turkey Farmers
                                                    and we need to concentrate much more on our
of Ontario from imposing a rule on turkey
                                                    own markets.
farmers (with quota) to prohibit outdoor access
                                                    The issue of low livestock prices, and the
for turkeys. While the NFU’s policy is to
                                                    NFU’s 16 point solution to the Livestock Crisis,
support orderly marketing, this move by the
                                                    will be brought to the M.P.s when some 100
Turkey Farmers Board of Ontario may be
                                                    NFU delegates visit Parliament Hill on
infringing on farmers rights to produce organic
                                                    Thursday, November 26th during the NFU’s
                                                    Annual Convention in Ottawa.
NFU/Ontario is pleased to report that the
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural
                                                    Direct Marketing Course:        On Saturday,
Affairs stepped in to pressure the turkey board
                                                    February 6, 2010, the Ottawa Valley River
to make concessions so quota holders can
                                                    Institute, the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op and
comply with national organic standards.
                                                    the Renfrew County National Farmers Union
Locally, Renfrew County NFU participated in
                                                    are sponsoring a day-long course called “Direct
the letter writing campaign.
                                                    Marketing” to help producers sell directly to
Federal Prison Farms: The pending closure           local restaurants and local consumers. For
of six prison farms across Canada is still on the   more information contact Cheryl Keetch at 613-
horizon. These penitentiary-operated farms,         756-3884 or Bob Dobson at 613-646-2488.
located on the very best agricultural lands, are
worked by inmates and provide local fresh food
for the institutions, and surpluses in some
cases are donated to local food banks.                      UPCOMING NFU MEETINGS
The Frontenac Institution near Kingston                (Everyone welcome to attend all meetings)
contributes $900,000 annually to the local          December 2nd, 2009
economy. Because the NFU’s mandate is to            872 Government Road, Beachburg, 7:30 p.m.
work on behalf of family farms for the
betterment of rural Ontario/Canada, the NFU         January 6, 2010
along with other organizations hope to stop the     872 Govenrment Road, Beachburg, 10:00 a.m.
closure to protect the land for future food         February 3, 2010
production.          Please    log      on     to   Film – “Food Inc.” to express your               Sacred Heart Church Hall, Cboden, 7:30 p.m.
opinion. Every comment is helpful.
                                                    March 3rd, 2010
W.T.O. Negotiations Ongoing: It is reported         872 Govenrment Road, Beachburg, 10:00 a.m.
that Agriculture will come again to the forefront
in early December at W.T.O. in Geneva. Two
of our NFU Executive were at W.T.O. in 2005.
They are keeping a close watch as to any
                 Renfrew County
                     4-H News                         Renfrew County Holstein Club
                  Submitted by: Agatha Crogie

                                                                 Annual Meeting
A new year has started for the 4H program in            Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Renfrew County and clubs are up and running.
There are 2 Christmas in the Valley clubs
                                                          Cobden United Church Hall, Cobden
running, with one in Douglas and the other in
Haley Station. A sports club has also started,
                                                                    Lunch - $10.00
and will introduce a variety of new sports to the
                                                              Grace United Church Women
members on a monthly basis. January will see
the start of the Square Dancing Club in
                                                            Guest Speaker- Louis Patenaude
Cobden and who knows what other clubs will
be announced, as we have a number of
ambitious leaders that are always coming up
                                                         Call meeting to order
with new ideas and projects.
                                                         Minutes of the Annual Meeting held
                                                          December 9, 2008
Check out Renfrew County 4-H on Facebook
                                                         Financial Report
to stay up to date on what is going on
                                                         Appointment of Financial Reviewers
throughout the county.
                                                         Presidents Report
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from                  Election of Directors
Renfrew County 4-H Association!                          National Director
                                                         Councilors’ Report
Agatha Crogie,                      Ontario Branch Directors
                                                         Guest Speaker
                                                         Ontario Branch Field Person
                                                         Other Business
                                                         Motion to Adjourn

                                                              For more information, contact
                                                             Ron MacLeod at 613-646-9990

                                                                   Monthly meetings:
       Renfrew County                                Renfrew County Cattlemen's meetings are held the
     Plowing Match 2010                                        third Thursday of the month

                                                     Renfrew County Plowmen's meetings are held the
   Saturday, September 18                                     third Wednesday of the month

                                                     Renfrew County Federation of Agriculture meetings
                 at the farm of
                                                            are the fourth Monday of the month
 Stewart and Vera McBride
                                                       Arnprior Federation of Agriculture meetings are
      RR 4, Cobden                                        held the second Monday of each month


26-28 NFU National Convention
                                                         Attention to all Organizations
27    4-H Annual Banquet                              Please mark your calendars with the
                                                    following dates to submit articles for the
                                                        Renfrew County Farm Newsletter
DECEMBER                                                 February 22 & May 24, 2010
1     Grow Your Farm Profits Workshop               Please send to

1     Forage Focus, Napanee

2     NFU Meeting                                             Renfrew County
                                                          Federation of Agriculture
8     Holstein Club Annual Meeting
                                                             Monthly Meetings
11    Soil & Crop Annual Meeting                The Federation monthly meetings are held
                                                    the fourth Monday of each month at
                                               Opeongo High School, beginning at 7:30 p.m.
                                                 Please feel free to attend these meetings

6     NFU Meeting
                                                              Arnprior Region
27    EFP Workshop
                                                          Federation of Agriculture
27    Burn it Smart! Workshop                                Monthly Meetings
                                               The Federation monthly meetings are held the
                                                2nd Monday of each month, 8:00 p.m. at the
FEBRUARY                                         Galetta Community Hall, Galetta Side Rd.
                                                   For further information, please contact
3     EFP Workshop                              Ernie Smith, ARFA President, 613-623-3439

3     NFU Film, “Food Inc.”

13    Ottawa Valley Food Cooperative Annual
      General Meeting                                        PUBLICATIONS MAIL
                                                         AGREEMENT NO. 40005042
13    East Indian Cooking Workshop
                                                         RETURN UNDELIVERABLE
                                                        CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO:
                                                     RENFREW COUNTY AGRICULTURAL
                                                         LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE
                                                      C/O S BOWES, 305 JENNETT St.,
3     NFU Meeting                                         RENFREW ON K7V 3C5

16-18 Ottawa Valley Farm Show
                       The Ottawa River Institute is pleased to present:

                          Burn it Smart!
   Watch for more
   information on
    this workshop
      in January!
                          Low Emission Wood Burning
                           Wednesday January 27, 2010
                              Burn Display Time: 6:30-7pm
                              Workshop Time: 7:00-9:30pm
                          Cobden Agricultural Hall, Astrolabe Rd.
                                       Cobden ON

                     Presented by John Gulland, one of Canada’s
                      most experienced wood heat specialists.

  A workshop to help you burn wood better -
   in your wood stove, fireplace or furnace.
HOW TO BUY FIREWOOD AND               A non-commercial, educational event for
GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.                 people who burn wood at home.

FIND OUT IF YOUR WOOD                     Learn to burn wood more efficiently
BURNING SYSTEM IS UP TO                   Burn less wood, make more heat
DATE.                                     Get your questions answered
                                          See a dramatic burn display comparing
                                          an old ‘airtight’ to a new technology
TRAINED EXPERTS                           stove
ANSWER YOUR                           For more information contact:
QUESTIONS.                            Project Coordinator Cheryl Keetch at 613-756-3884

             Visit the Ottawa River Institute at
                       The Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative is pleased to present a
                                      one day producer workshop:

                       DIRECT MARKETING
                        Marketiing Your Products Diirectlly to Consumers
                        Market ng Your Products D rect y to Consumers
                                Saturday February 6, 2010
                          Time: 9:30 - 4pm | Cost: $30 includes lunch
                              Admaston Bromley Community Centre,
                                  1766 Barr Line, Douglas ON
                                        Pre-registration is required.
                              To register contact: Cheryl Keetch 613-756-3884
                    or Bob Dobson 613-646-2488

 Direct Marketing workshop is presented by an experienced farmer from the Ecological
 Farmers’ Association of Ontario.
                                                 Some of the topics covered in this workshop include:
 Having a great product is different from
                                                       Nuts and Bolts of Direct Marketing
 selling a great product. This Direct                  Making a Living from a 1.5 Acre Market Garden
                                                       Considerations for Direct Marketing Meat
 Marketing workshop will review all                    Direct Marketing Herbs
                                                       Keeping Quality through Storage, Transport,
 aspects of selling your product; from
                                                        Handling and Display
 promotion, packaging and displays to                  Pricing Your Product
                                                       Marketing to Stores and Restaurants
 pricing. Farmers markets, CSAs, road                  Creating Effective Displays
                                                       Promotion Ideas
 side stands, pick your own farms and
                                                    This workshop is made possible by a grant from the Ontario Trillium
 food co-ops will be reviewed as will             Foundation. Co-sponsored by the National Farmers Union Local Chapter
                                                                      and the Ottawa River Institute.
 marketing to stores and restaurants.

  Brought to you by the Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative and the
                        Ottawa River Institute.                                 Cost: $20
                                                                                Includes a delicious
                                                                                East Indian Lunch!
      SAT. FEBRUARY 13, 2010 - 9AM TO 1PM

                                                                                          Cooking Workshop

A hands-on East Indian cooking demonstration
   and workshop using local food ingredients.
   - Learn how to create mouth-watering dishes
         with authentic East Indian flavors! -

                                                                       East Indian

                      - Space is Limited! - Pre-registration is required -
        To register please contact: Cheryl Keetch 613-756-3884 or
The Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative and the Ottawa River Institute gratefully acknowledges funding for this
                               project from The Ontario Trillium Foundation.
                   Visit us at and