1 Rock Hill School Division School Improvement Plan 2009-2010 by ytrusdm7


									                                                                   Rock Hill School Division
                                                                   School Improvement Plan

                                                                 Revised : September 11, 2009

School: Northside Elementary                   Goal Leader(s): Elaine Howie/Elizabeth              Pathway: Quality Work Element: Evaluate student
School of the Arts                             Rollins                                             Design & Delivery     work and performance to
                                                                                                                         plan and inform instruction
                                                                                                                         (formative assessment)
(Step 3) Goal Name: Designing                  Description: On the spring MAP 2010 students in grades 2 5 will show growth at each grade level on
quality work for student                       the Building Vocabulary strand. 60% or more of students will score met or exemplary on PASS.
academic achievement
Statement of Need: (Data Capture/Analysis Steps 1 & 2)                                             Objectives:
(Based on Spring 2009 MAPS scores)                                                                    A. 60% of students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will score met or exemplary
A. Building Vocabulary based on MAP:                                                                       on ELA on the 2010 PASS test.
    * Grade 3 students averaged 189.8 RIT in Building Vocabulary                                      B. 60% of students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will score met or exemplary
                                                                                                           on Math on the 2010 PASS test.
    * Grade 4 students averaged 199.4 RIT in Building Vocabulary
                                                                                                      C. The average spring RIT score for the building vocabulary
    * Grade 5 students averaged 208.9 RIT in Building Vocabulary                                           strand for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will increase by 2
B. Expected Level of Proficiency for Mathematics instruction on the PASS state                             points.
test is 57.6% Met or Exemplary. The trend data reflects student past scores:
    * 05-06 36.5% Proficient or Advanced
    * 06-07 35.5% Proficient or Advanced
    * 07-08 26.1% Proficient or Advanced

    Action Steps/Strategies (Step 4)            Need                Implementation                                  Monitoring (Step 5)                        Completion
                                                A, B,
                                                           Team                Resources/              Person(s)         Evidence (How       Reporting       Target      Com
                                                etc.                                                                    will we know it is
                                                          Members          Staff Development          Responsible                            Timeframe        Date        p
                                                                                 Needed                                     working?)                                    Date

1. In weekly professional learning teams,       A       (All Teachers)   *MAP Scores Data          Linda Crute          *Discussion of       *Monthly      *Weekly
teachers will analyze Fountas and Pinnell,                                                         Bonnie               weekly Guided
MAP, and running records assessment data                E. Saverance     *Rock Hill Schools        Constantine          Reading lesson
and collaborate on strategies for reteaching            K. Romero        Literacy Guide (Word      Cassidy Valerino     plans/anecdotal
and accelerating students in ELA with                   J. Hicks         Study section)            Grade Level Chairs   records/focusing
particular attention paid to strategies that            K. Dunbar                                                       on Word Study
will improve student s Word Study skills.               D. Knox          *Guided Reading
                                                        C. Chastain      lesson data to also                            *MAP Scores          *3 x year     * 9/09
                                                        D. Carlyle       include anecdotal notes                        Data                                12/09
                                                        M. Larson                                                                                            3/10
                                                        R. Means         *Spelling Inventory
                                                        P. Finley                                                                            *Monthly      *Monthly
                                                        K. Knight        *Writing Workshop                              *Electronic Data

                                                     S. Dove          Folders                                      Wall
                                                     J. Lamb
                                                     M. Herlong       *Journaling / Response
                                                     S. Lewis         Journals
                                                     N. Pratt
                                                     D. Hicks
                                                     J. Shields
                                                                                               Elaine Howie
2. Using flexible Guided Reading / Word       A      (All Teachers)   *Rock Hill Schools       Pattie Bechtler     *Discussion of      *Monthly    *Weekly
Study groups that are based on the data                               Literacy Guide (Word     Marco Vaughan       weekly Guided
from spelling inventories and MAP data                                Study section)           Bonnie              Reading lesson
collected and analyzed, teachers will                                                          Constantine         plans / anecdotal
instruct and assess students in Word Study                            *Guided Reading          Cassidy Valerino    records focusing
strategies.                                                           lesson data to also      Linda Crute         on Word Study
                                                                      include anecdotal data
                                                                      especially Word Study                        *MAP Scores         *3 x year   * 9/09
                                                                                                                   Data                            *12/09
                                                                      *MAP Scores Data                                                             * 3/10

                                                                      *Spelling Inventories                        *Electronic Data    *Monthly    *Monthly
                                                                      *Electronic Data Wall

                                                                      *Schedule that allows
                                                                      for flexible grouping

3. All students in grades 1 5 will            A, B   K. Dunbar        *Guided Reading          Constantine         *Discussion of      *Weekly     *Weekly
participate in Academic Intervention for 30          D. Knox          lesson data / Word       Linda Crute         weekly Guided
minutes each day. Student needs for                  C. Chastain      Study lesson data        Cassidy Valerino    Reading lesson
remediation, support, or acceleration in             D. Carlyle                                Elizabeth Rollins   plans / Word
Word Study instruction and Math Skill                M. Larson        *MAPS Scores Data                            Study plans
development during AI time will be based             R. Means
on student data collected and analyzed.              P. Finley        *Rock Hill Schools                           *MAPS Scores        *3 x year   * 9/09
                                                     K. Knight        Literacy Guide (Word                         Data                            *12/09
                                                     S. Dove          Study section)                                                               * 3/10
                                                     J. Lamb
                                                     M. Herlong                                                    *Academic           *Weekly     *Weekly
                                                     S. Lewis                                                      Intervention
                                                     N. Pratt                                                      Forms and
                                                                                                                   Lesson Plans

4. Teachers will collaboratively review and   A      K. Dunbar        *Writing prompts         Constantine         *Writing            *3 x year
reflect on student s writing samples                 D. Knox                                   Cassidy Valerino    prompts
(horizontally & vertically) to find ways to          C. Chastain      *Writing samples
strengthen teaching and learning.                    D. Carlyle       chosen by teachers                           *Writing
                                                     M. Larson                                                     samples
                                                     R. Means        *Writing rubric
                                                     P. Finley                                                        *Writing Rubrics
                                                     K. Knight
                                                     S. Dove
                                                     J. Lamb
                                                     M. Herlong
                                                     S. Lewis
                                                     N. Pratt
                                                     J. Shields
                                                     D. Hicks

5. Implementation of Math Workshop               B   All Classroom   *Lab Classroom visits       Grade Level Chairs   Implementation     Weekly         May 10
techniques, as outlined in District Math             Teachers        by staff                    Crute                of strategies in   Collaboratio
Expectations Guide will assure that each                             * Ongoing support from      Valerino             lessons            n Notes
child is engaged in meaningful and                                   *Math coaches and DO        Rollins              Observations of    Monthly
challenging work.                                                    staff                       Constantine          lessons being      leadership
                                                                     *Curriculum Maps                                 taught             Meetings
                                                                     *UbD lessons                                     Lesson Plans
                                                                     *Manipulatives                                   Math Walk-
                                                                     *Math Expectation                                Throughs
                                                                     Guide                                            Professional
                                                                                                                      learning teams
6. All teachers will utilize pre/post tests      B   E. Saverance    *Houghton-                  Grade Level Chairs   Pre/Post Test      Monthly        Monthly
with item analysis to inform instruction and         K. Romero       Mifflin/Harcourt Math       Crute                Scores             Leadership     on the 5th
intervention time. The goal is for 90% of            J. Hicks        resources                   Valerino             Item Analysis      meeting        of the
students to meet 80% mastery. Re-teach               K. Dunbar       *Standards based            Rollins              Chart completion   Sept. 09       month,
time will occur during academic                      D. Knox         teacher made                Constantine          of each unit       May 10         beginning
intervention time, enabling teachers to plan         C. Chastain     assessments                 Grant                based on the                      Sept. 09
for instructional delivery based on                  D. Carlyle      *Curriculum maps                                 district-wide
curriculum maps and test data.                       M. Larson                                                        curriculum map
                                                     R. Means                                                         Electronic Data
                                                     P. Finley                                                        Wall
                                                     K. Knight
                                                     S. Dove
                                                     J. Lamb
                                                     M. Herlong
                                                     S. Lewis
                                                     N. Pratt

7. Students in grades 2-5 will participate in    B   C. Chastain     NWEA RIT band               Grade Level Chairs   MAP scores         Monthly        Sept. 09;
30 minutes of RIT leveled instruction based          D. Carlyle      resources                   Valerino             Electronic Data    Leadership     Dec. 09;
on MAPS testing data in mathematics                  M. Larson       NCTM                        Grant                Wall               meeting        March 10
(algebra, numbers and operations,                    R. Means        strategies:http://illumin   Rollins                                 Sept. 09-
geometry, measurement and data analysis              P. Finley       ations.nctm.org/Web         Constantine                             May 10
and probability) The instruction will be             K. Knight       ResourceList.aspx?Ref
delivered at the child s tested level and with       S. Dove         +4&Grd=
the goal of moving them to the next level by        J. Lamb
challenging them in a non-threatening,              M. Herlong
focused setting of their level of need.             S. Lewis
                                                    N. Pratt
                                                    J. Shields
How will we communicate the plan? (Step 6) This plan will be communicated in a series of meetings with the faculty and staff before, during, and after the plan
implementation. Leadership team members will also meet with grade levels to review the plan at various times throughout the school year. The plan will also be communicated
with the parents and community during PTO and SIC meetings as well as placed on the school website.


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