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Entrepreneurial Skills & Business Plan

This training program aims to provide entrepreneurs
the know-how and writing skills to prepare a
business plan for start-up operations or fund raising.

We provide step-to-step guides to assist participants
to turn their entrepreneurial visions into business
blue prints.

Benefits of the Program

By completing this program, you will be able to:

        ♦    link your visions to an overall business strategy
        ♦    be familiar with formal organizational setup
        ♦    be able to understand your competitive advantages
        ♦    be able to conduct a robust financial evaluation
        ♦    be able to write up a business plan
        ♦    be conversant with fund providers’ assessment criteria

Course Outline

        Module One:        Entrepreneurial skills
        Module Two:        Business plan

The course contains two modules which require 7-hour for each module. Module One
of Entrepreneurial skills will focus on transforming entrepreneurial visions into a
business reality. Whereas, Module Two of business plan will provide participants with
hands-on experiences to draft a business plan for fund raising purposes.

Participants are also requested to be active during group interactions and be prepared
to submit a business plan by the end of the program.
    Module One:     Entrepreneurial Skills

               ♦   Self-assessment of Entrepreneurial traits
               ♦   Entrepreneurs and E-business
               ♦   Competitive analysis
               ♦   Strategy formulation
               ♦   Operations plans
               ♦   Financial plans and analysis
               ♦   Case Study

      Entrepreneurs will be invited to share their experiences of start-up businesses.

    Module Two:       Business Plan

               ♦   Purposes of Business plan
               ♦   Criteria of business assessment
               ♦   Critical assessment on business cases
               ♦   Strategy for writing business plan
               ♦   Business plan requirements
               ♦   Writing business plan

      Venture capitals/bankers will be invited to share their views on business case
      and fund assessment.

Who should Enrol

        ♦ Participant with an entrepreneurial spirit。

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