2010 Business Plan Contest Teambuilding Mixer Energy Clean Tech by ytrusdm7


									                                                 2010 Business Plan Contest Teambuilding Mixer
                                                             Energy & Clean Tech
HAVE AN IDEA...looking for teammates

Joseph Byrnes                                                     jtbyrnes@fas.harvard.edu           Idea description: Multiple Ideas
My skills:                                                        non-HBS Harvard
Skills needed for team:
Malte Horeyseck                                                   mhoreyseck@mba2010.hbs.edu         Idea description: Restaurant Chain Concept
My skills:                                                        HBS EC
Skills needed for team:
Clemens                                                           craemy@mba2011.hbs.edu             Idea description: Providing safer taxis in Latin America
My skills: Sales, PE                                              HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Marketing, finance, legal
Kishan Madamala                                                   kmadamala@mba2010.hbs.edu          Idea description: A social media aggregator (collecting
My skills: Operations Management                                  HBS EC                             user-generated data from Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that
Skills needed for team: Website Design, Familiarity with Web                                         uses statistical analysis to help sales forecasting &
Scraping,                                                                                            prediction.
Aneesh Kulkarni                                                   aneesh.kulkarni@post.harvard.edu   Idea description: Managing Biomedical Data
My skills: Software Development, Project Management               non-HBS Harvard College
Skills needed for team:
Lincoln Edwards                                                   ledwards@mba2011.hbs.edu           Idea description: Online test prep
My skills: Marketing/Sales                                        HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Computer
Eric Newman                                                       enewman@mba2011.hbs.edu            Idea description: Niche web content distribution
My skills:                                                        HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Content rights mgmt and streaming video
Beri Meric                                                        bmeric@mba2010.hbs.edu             Idea description: connections
My skills:                                                        HBS EC
Skills needed for team:
Charles Jennings                                                  cejennings@mba2010.hbs.edu         Idea description: Scaleable energy efficiency retrofitting
My skills:                                                        HBS EC                             business.
Skills needed for team:
Kira Petersen                                                       kpeters@fas.harvard.edu                  Idea description: related to meeting needs of children in
My skills: ideas                                                    non-HBS GSAS, Harvard University         urban areas
Skills needed for team:
Shreya Maheshwari                                                   maheshw@fas.harvard.edu                  Idea description: Microfinance startup for education of
My skills: Fundraising, Concept design and business plans           non-HBS Harvard College Student          women in India
Skills needed for team: Knowledge of financial industry, esp
Lara Dolan                                                          ldolan@mba2011.hbs.edu                   Idea description: I would like to develop a solar power in
My skills:                                                          HBS RC                                   small towns in the developing world.
Skills needed for team:
Justin McLeod                                                       jmcleod@mba2011.hbs.edu                  Idea description: Value-Based Payer-Provider
My skills: Operations, Analytics                                    HBS RC                                   Intermediary
Skills needed for team: Medical Expert; Health Insurance Industry
Windsor Hanger                                                      wghanger@fas.harvard.edu                 Idea description: www.hercampus.com
My skills: Marketing, ad sales.                                     non-HBS Harvard College, Class of 2010
Skills needed for team: Digital marketing, ad sales, content
Varun Gupta                                                         vgupta@mba2011.hbs.edu                   Idea description: Micro-generation of electricity
My skills: Management & Finance                                     HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Engineering capabilities
Ellen Choi                                                          echoi@mba2010.hbs.edu                    Idea description: Ecommerce for sporting equipments
My skills:                                                          HBS EC
Skills needed for team:
Erica Harris                                                        eharris@mba2010.hbs.edu                  Idea description: Jeans designed for women of color
My skills: Marketing (American Express, General Mills)              HBS EC
Skills needed for team: Finance, Retail Experience
Derek Flanzraich                                                    dflanzr@fas.harvard.edu                  Idea description: Hulu-like distribution
My skills:                                                          non-HBS Harvard College Senior           platform/aggregator for web series & semi-professional
Skills needed for team:                                                                                      content for the web
Emily Zhang                                                         ezhang@mba2011.hbs.edu                   Idea description: Online fashion retail
My skills: Strategy and operations                                  HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Web startup and design
Terra                                                               trogers@mba2010.hbs.edu                  Idea description: energy-neutral, community-focused,
My skills: Operations                                               HBS EC                                   residential developments
Skills needed for team: finance, design
Paul Singh                                                          gsingh@mba2011.hbs.edu                   Idea description: Search Fund
My skills: Finance, Sales                                           HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Operations, General Management
Mohammed Aaser                                                       maaser@mba2011.hbs.edu                   Idea description: Widget on retailer websites allowing
My skills: Sales, Marketing, Business Development                    HBS RC                                   friends to ask questions of their friends
Skills needed for team: Development
Marc-Kwesi Farrell                                                   mfarrell@mba2010.hbs.edu                 Idea description: Creating a new Online Sports content
My skills: General Mgmt, Biz Dev, Strategy, Fundraising              HBS EC                                   delivery model
Skills needed for team: CTO/Chief Architect; Some Biz Dev and
Robert Motzek                                                        rmotzek@mba2011.hbs.edu                  Idea description: Online platform for optimizing
My skills: Strategy & FInance                                        HBS RC                                   distribution of perishables
Skills needed for team: Execution, technology
Morgan Hermand Waiche                                                mhermandwaiche@mba2010.hbs.edu           Idea description: medical website
My skills: website specialist                                        HBS EC
Skills needed for team: medical knowledge
Christina Hruska                                                     chruska@mba2010.hbs.edu                  Idea description: medical device for imaging
My skills: engineering, market analysis, grant writing               HBS EC
Skills needed for team: medical or high technology sales
Pedzi Makumbe                                                        pmakumbe@mit.edu                         Idea description: renewable energy consulting
My skills: technical/business                                        non-HBS MIT
Skills needed for team: business development
Yohanes Frezgi                                                       yfrezgi@mba2011.hbs.edu                  Idea description: Aggregating provider health outcomes
My skills: Consulting/VC                                             HBS RC                                   for consumers
Skills needed for team: someone with a medical background
Priyanka Bakaya                                                      pbakaya@mit.edu                          Idea description: Have 6 different patented technologies
My skills:                                                           non-HBS MIT Sloan and PK Clean (energy   need to commercialize
Skills needed for team:                                              start-up)

Ami Malaviya                                                         ami@mba2011.hbs.edu                      Idea description: Online healthcare portal
My skills: Consulting, technology                                    HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Medical background a plus
Daniel McCready                                                      dmccready@mba2011.hbs.edu                Idea description: Create an online early-stage funding
My skills: Leadership, passion, IT/tech, access to lawyers           HBS RC                                   model based on professional networks.
Skills needed for team: Finance (VC/angel fundraising, i-banking),
Web 2.0

Eric Small                                                           erics@rapidchargellc.com                 Idea description: Exclusive License for Rapid Battery Re-
My skills: BA Georgetown, MSM Arthur D. Little                       non-HBS Potential Difference, Inc.       Charge patents from major university. Even lead acid
Skills needed for team:                                                                                       batteries can be recharged 15 minutes. Lithium ion
                                                                                                              projected to be 10 to 15 minutes. Opportunity in growing
                                                                                                              $700 million industrial electric vehicle charger market
Norma Stewart                                                        nstewart@seas.harvard.edu                 Idea description: Publishing company specializing in Hip
My skills: Typing and researching                                    non-HBS Harvard Extension School          Hop literature novel
Skills needed for team: Website, market research, financials
Abhay Srinivas Kothari                                               akothari@mba2011.hbs.edu                  Idea description: establishing two way networks between
My skills: supply chain management, manufacturing                    HBS RC                                    small scale innovators and large firms
Skills needed for team: marketing, legal
Libbie Fritz                                                         efritz@mba2011.hbs.edu                    Idea description: building education in countries of need
My skills: strategy and operations in management consulting          HBS RC                                    via micro financing and social networking in western 1st
Skills needed for team: finance, b-plan writing, research                                                      world countries
chika ekeji                                                          chikae@mit.edu                            Idea description: I have several
My skills:                                                           non-HBS MIT Sloan
Skills needed for team:
Mike Lloyd                                                           lloydmd@mit.edu                           Idea description: Consulting organizations to help them
My skills:                                                           non-HBS MIT                               set up effective energy management programs
Skills needed for team:
James McLaughlin                                                     jmclaughlin@mba2011.hbs.edu               Idea description: 1) Active-Controls: actionable data for
My skills: project management, drug development                      HBS RC                                    drug licencing 2) ProNeuro: Safer small molecules
Skills needed for team: chemistry, in vivo animal modeling,
Ilias Beshimov                                                       ibb@mit.edu                               Idea description: IT solution to improve efficiency and
My skills:                                                           non-HBS MIT                               cost of healthcare
Skills needed for team: Mobile platforms, web applications, sales,
Aymeric Sarrazin                                                     aymeric.sarrazin@sloan.mit.edu            Idea description: Deploying solar in developing countries
My skills:                                                           non-HBS MIT-Sloan                         (especially Africa)
Skills needed for team:
Maria Fraile                                                         Frailema@MIT.edu                          Idea description: Mobile that works as a local phone
My skills: Sales                                                     non-HBS Sloan                             wherever you go. Avoid roaming fees. Targeted to
Skills needed for team: Telecom or electrical engineer                                                         business and sales people who travel abroad.$6B market
Attila                                                               axf@seas.harvard.edu                      Idea description: Residential Electricity Efficiency
My skills: business development, utility industry exp.               non-HBS Harvard School of Engineering &   Program
Skills needed for team: energy efficiency expertise and marketing    Applied Sciences
Piruze Sabuncu                                                       bsabuncu@mba2010.hbs.edu                  Idea description: international money transfer
My skills: marketing                                                 HBS EC
Skills needed for team: online marketing, social networks
Jimena Almendares                                                    jimena@mit.edu                            Idea description: Technology to clean polluted water only
My skills: Strategy, business development, marketing, sales          non-HBS MIT Sloan, 1st year               using low power electricity
Skills needed for team: Entrepreneurs, business development,
Shelby clark                                                        sclark@mba2010.hbs.edu               Idea description: relayrides.com - the world's first p2p
My skills:                                                          HBS EC                               carsharing service
Skills needed for team: Marketing and Data analytics
Justin Butler                                                       jwbutler@mit.edu                     Idea description: I would like to build a cap and trade
My skills: Engineering, data analysis, finance                      non-HBS MIT-Sloan                    carbon exchange.
Skills needed for team: cap and trade experience
Ravi K Kummamuru                                                    Ravi.kummamuru@dartmouth.edu         Idea description: Modification on a solar thermal idea
My skills: Electrical Engg, Physics, Material Science               non-HBS Dartmouth College, Physics
Skills needed for team: Business, Law, Entrepreneurship
Sombit Mishra                                                       smishra@mit.edu                      Idea description: Fitness IT data tracking
My skills: Analytics. user interface, product marketing, MBA        non-HBS MIT Sloan
Skills needed for team: Software Engineers, Fitness Professional,
Mina Hsiang                                                         mhsiang@mba2010.hbs.edu              Idea description: Energy efficiency/solar installations
My skills: Engineering, technology marketing, government            HBS EC
Skills needed for team:
Derek Haas                                                          dhaas@mba2010.hbs.edu                Idea description: developing new measurement tools for
My skills:                                                          HBS EC                               a consumer application
Skills needed for team:
Nhaim Khoury                                                        nhaim.khoury@gmail.com               Idea description: Connect a consumer electronic product
My skills: Computer Engineering, Management Consulting              non-HBS MIT                          to a mobile device (laptop, smart phone) and exploit its
Skills needed for team: Web design, Electrical engineering                                               information over a website
Akshay Saxena                                                       asaxena@mba2011.hbs.edu              Idea description: Assisted search
My skills: Business development, sales, marketing                   HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Application development for the i-phone
and pcs
Alexander Wait Zaranek                                              awaitz@post.harvard.edu              Idea description: Compute and storage "clouds" for
My skills: Biophysics PhD, Computer Science, BSc                    non HBS/MIT Harvard Medical School   Personal Genomic Medicine
Skills needed for team:
Allyson Ke                                                          ake@mba2011.hbs.edu                  Idea description: Internet Consumer & Retail
My skills: Business                                                 HBS RC
Skills needed for team: IT, Website programming, Tech
Alvaro Febrel                                                       afebrel@mba2011.hbs.edu              Idea description: eCommerce - Selling shoes and shirts
My skills: Finance, Analytical, Passion for technology              HBS RC                               in Spain
Skills needed for team: Thrilled with technological issues/Comp.
Brandon Rumbelow                                                  brumbelow@mba2011.hbs.edu             Idea description: I have neither a team nor an idea, but
My skills:                                                        HBS EC                                I'm interested in joining a team.
Skills needed for team:
Costas Boussios                                                   costas.boussios@gmail.com             Idea description: social networking for mental health
My skills: Technology, Entrepreneurship                           non HBS/MIT MIT, Research Affiliate   patients
Skills needed for team: business development and strategy
Daniel Gulati                                                     dgulati@mba2011.hbs.edu               Idea description: Monetizing entertainment content using
My skills: Founder of several businesses prior to HBS             HBS RC                                handheld devices
Skills needed for team: Software development skills
Daniel Levy                                                       dlevy@mba2010.hbs.edu                 Idea description: New online network connecting experts
My skills:                                                        HBS EC                                to consumers.
Skills needed for team:
Edward Fu                                                         efu@mba2010.hbs.edu                   Idea description: Online promotions
My skills:                                                        HBS EC
Skills needed for team:
Evan Baehr                                                        ebaehr@mba2011.hbs.edu                Idea description: Salesforce for people. A new CRM for
My skills: product design                                         HBS RC                                individuals to manage networks of relationships.
Skills needed for team: Programming
Fredrik Maro                                                      fmaro@mba2010.hbs.edu                 Idea description: Doing a field study at HBS where we
My skills: Strategy, Finance, Marketing (General Management)      HBS EC                                are developing a business plan
Skills needed for team: Web developer, programmer
Halle Tecco                                                       htecco@mba2011.hbs.edu                Idea description: looking for opportunities
My skills: product management / startup experience                HBS RC
Skills needed for team:
Henluen Wang                                                      hwang@mba2010.hbs.edu                 Idea description: Web-based tool to collect financial data
My skills:                                                        HBS EC                                for investment purposes
Skills needed for team:
Jonathan Van Wyck                                                 jvanwyck@mba2010.hbs.edu              Idea description: Online game with fantasy sports
My skills: Management skills and fantasy sports knowledge         HBS EC                                characteristics which simulates role of the general
Skills needed for team: Tech backgrounds, internet start-up                                             manager of an NBA team.
Justin Reed                                                       jreed@mba2011.hbs.edu                 Idea description: TippiTops is a Web 2.0 business
My skills: Business, Management, Finance, Sales                   HBS RC                                dedicated to helping people share and discover Top 10
Skills needed for team: Software engineering, Computer Science                                          lists for anything and everything, whether they be
                                                                                                        practical, impractical, or just plain fun.
Kassidee Kipp                                                     kkipp@mba2010.hbs.edu                 Idea description: Online mid-range art rent-to-own online
My skills:                                                        HBS EC                                platform
Skills needed for team: web design, business planning, finance,
art expert
Kelli Moles                                                           kmoles@mba2011.hbs.edu       Idea description: Interested in joining a team
My skills: General management, financial, strategy                    HBS RC
Skills needed for team: n/r
Manoj Patel                                                           mpatel@mba2011.hbs.edu       Idea description: Unique internest based advertising to
My skills: Doctor, web-based start up - www.scrubs.co.nz              HBS RC                       niche audience
Skills needed for team: coding
Marc Weiner                                                           mweiner@mba2010.hbs.edu      Idea description: Assembler of existing web technologies
My skills: Great team, existing HBS professor advisor                 HBS EC                       into a new communication network.
Skills needed for team: Intellectual curiosity, web and server-side
Michael Pao                                                           mpao@mba2011.hbs.edu         Idea description: Alumni Management SaaS
My skills: Strategy, Finance                                          HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Technical (Programming)
Minal Mehta                                                           mmehta@mba2010.hbs.edu       Idea description: Travel planning
My skills: Product Mgmt, Biz Dev                                      HBS EC
Skills needed for team: Engineering, Design
Mohammed Aaser                                                        maaser@mba2011.hbs.edu       Idea description: Local Coupon program through SMS
My skills: Sales, Information Systems Architecture                    HBS RC
Skills needed for team: Programming/Development, Sales
Nick Edwards                                                          nedwards@mba2010.hbs.edu     Idea description: A subscription business that would
My skills: Biz Dev, sales, marketing, and startup experience.         HBS EC                       enable consumers to easily access packages of premium
Skills needed for team: web developers and biz development                                         media content across the web. In some respects, the
                                                                                                   business is a hybrid of a cable company, Facebook
                                                                                                   Connect, and Paypal.
Nikhil Kalghatgi                                                      nikhil.kalghatgi@gmail.com   Idea description: Need 1-2 developers to accelerate
My skills: Business Development & Marketing                           HBS RC                       growth, founder, initial product, and some funding are
Skills needed for team: database engineering, web service                                          already established.
Qiao Ma                                                               qma@mba2010.hbs.edu          Idea description: internet-based microfinancing website
My skills: marketing, strategic thinking, sales                       HBS EC                       for new ventures
Skills needed for team: familiarity with website development
Sunil Raman                                                           sraman@mba2011.hbs.edu       Idea description: Mobile App and Destination site the
My skills: Former Product Manager/Engineer at Microsoft               HBS RC                       helps people more effectively shop for groceries over the
Skills needed for team: Software Engineers                                                         Internet
Thomas Shapiro                                                        tshapiro@mba2011.hbs.edu     Idea description: I have an idea but it involves technical
My skills:                                                            HBS RC                       computer skills.
Skills needed for team:

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