Clay County Comprehensive Plan

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					Clay County Comprehensive Plan

 Existing Plans and Initiatives   April 28, 2009
Recently Completed Capital Projects
  Clay County Courthouse (2007)
  County Transportation Building (2008)
  County Maintenance Building (2008)
  County Sheriff’s Office (2009)
Completed and Guiding Plans
 Clay County Budget (Annual)
 Water and Sewer Plan (2001, McGill)
 CC Health Department Plans/Studies
  Emergency Preparedness Plan (2009)
  Community Health Assessment (2008)
 Emergency Management Plans
  Hazard Mitigation Plan
  Emergency Operations Plan
  COOP/Disaster Readiness Plan
  Evacuation Plan
 Lake Chatuge Lake Study (2007, Hiwassee River
 Watershed Coalition)
Completed and Guiding Plans
 Downtown Area
  Hayesville Charrette (2008)
  DOT Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) (2009-2015)
  Southwestern Rural Planning Organization (RPO)
  Southwestern Commission Comprehensive Economic
  Development Strategy (Updated 2008)
  Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Plan (Updated 2008)
County Future Capital Needs

 Water and Sewer Along Hwy 69 (to state line)
 New Intake on Lake Chatuge
 Expansion of Waste Water Treatment Plan
 Construction of New Building for the Department of Social
 Renovation of Current DSS/Health Department Building
 New County Administration Building
 Renovate Old Courthouse
 Renovate Old Sherriff’s Building
 Expand Indoor Recreation Center
 New Elementary School
 Clay County 21st Centuries Program
 Courthouse Renovation
 Small Business & Entrepreneurial Assistance
   Nelson Heritage Park
   Jackrabbit Trail
   Community Appearance Work
 Healthy Carolinians (Health Department)
 Industrial Park (Dissolution of Authority, What Happens Next)
 Recycling Improvements
 Mountain Landscapes Initiative
 Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Projects
 Peacock Playhouse Revitalization
 Related to Land Development
  Subdivision Ordinance
  Building Height
  Watershed Protection Ordinance
  Floodplain Damage Prevention Ordinance
 Related to Farmland
  Farmland Preservation Ordinance/Voluntary Agriculture
Boards, Commissions, and Organizations
 County Appointed
  Soil and Water Conservation Board
  Water and Sewer Advisory Committee
  Recreation Advisory Board
  DSS, Health
  Community Appearance Commission
  Agriculture Advisory Board
 School Board
 Ag Extension Advisory Committee
 Non Profits
  Clay County Historical and Arts Council
  Lilith Lidseen Performing Arts Association (Peacock Playhouse)
Clay County Comprehensive Plan

Community Involvement Tools   April 28, 2009
Need Three Input Points
 Phase One: General Input
   Tell us what we need to know
   Tell us your vision for the county over the next 10 years
 Phase Two: Check Our Work
   We heard you, are we on the right track?
 Phase Three: Finalization
   Formal public hearing process
   We’ve listened to you and you’ve checked our work
   Now we’re going through the final approval process
   Last chance to make comments
Community Input Principles
 Citizens must be given the opportunity and
 encouragement to participate.
 A variety of input methods are needed to reach the
 greatest number of people.
 Efforts to reach underserved people should be made.
Awareness         Education        Input             Interaction      Partnership

Direct Mail       Public Education Open Houses       Visioning        Comp Plan
                  Meetings                                            Committee
News Releases,    (Special Topics) Public Meetings   House Meetings
Partner with                                         (Small Group     Citizen Planning
Media             Web Sites        Public Hearings   Meetings)        Committee
                                                                      (After Plan
Displays          Newsletters      Opinion Surveys Comp Plan          Completion)
                                   (Online Survey) Committee
Email, Website,
Social Media                       Focus Groups
                                   and Interviews
Large Scale Input: GATHERINGS
 Each committee member hosts 2 or more (number of
 people is up to you)
 Small group gatherings (Sunday school class, fishing
 buddies, coworkers, etc.)
 Set process and materials to guide process
 Easily reach lots of people
 More challenging logistics
 Safe space to talk
 Greater opportunity for scrambled information
 A way to reach the silent majority
 Can do other “target” groups: elderly, youth, etc.
Large Scale Input: COMMUNITY
 Large number of people at one time
 Host in 3-4 locations across the county
 Need to do at least one, even if we go with the gatherings
 Those who are more vocal take the floor
 Those who don’t respond to large meetings are less likely
 to attend
 More of a citizen time commitment (longer meeting)
 Less opportunity for information scramble
 Most likely a more diverse group at one time
Next Steps
 Two people willing to meet with me between now and
 our next meeting (soon)
 Email plan to you all before next meeting
 Final comments via email before next meeting
 Citizen Participation Plan to Commissioners in June
 Begin input process over the summer.