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S U R V I V A B L E Network

I N D E X
Future Intr Co

Survivability in System



Defining requirements for survivable System

Survivability design & implementation

Survivable Network



Network Survivability

Survivable Network

What is a


Survivable Network

Survivability Analysis Is ProtocolBased Not Topology-Based


what can we do to minimize the network Failure

Survivable Network

What is Network Survivability • • The goal is to determine how network topologies react while undergoing
multiple failures simultaneously. Systems respond differently when different faulty scenarios occur. The above figure illustrates three primary responses that a network would experience.


The capability of a Network to fulfill its mission, in a timely manner, in the presence of attacks, failures & accidents.

Why ? •

• The discipline of survivability can help ensure that such systems can deliver
essential services and maintain essential properties such as integrity, confidentiality, and performance, despite the presence of intrusions.

Survivability in Network System

Organizational Integration

Definition of Survivability

The Domain of Survivability

Characteristics of Survivable Systems

Survivability as Integration Engineering Framework

Organizational Integration
Pervasive Societal Dependency on network magnifies the
consequences of intrusions, Failures & amplifies the critical importance of ensuring network survivability.

Definition of Survivability

Capability of a network to fulfill it’s mission in a timely manner,
in the presence of Attacks , Failure & Accident.

. The Domain of Survivability .

Bounded Unbounded

In an unbounded system there is no Administrative control An unbounded system can be composed of bounded & unbounded system

Bounded & Unbounded Domain
Bounded Bounded

Transport Mechanism

Sys 1

Sys 2

Sys N Security policy of an individual bounded system cannot be fully enforced Outside of the boundaries of it’s administrative control.


Bounded & Unbounded Domain

? How it’s Works

Characteristics of a Survivable System
Resistance to Attack
Recognition of Attacks & the extent of damage

Recovery of full & essential Services after Attack
Adaptation & Evolution to reduce effectiveness of future Attacks








Fault – Tolerance


Survivability as Integration Engineering Framework
Research in survivability encompasses a wide variety of research methods Including the investigation of ___ • Analogues to the immunological functioning of individual parts • Sociological analogues to public health efforts at the community level

Survivability & Fault Tolerance Survivability & Security


Survivability Service

Essential Service

Categories of requirement definitions of Survivable systems include___ Function , usage , development ,operation & Evolution


System Scope


Consequences of failure

Interruption of service

Defining Requirements of Survivable System

System requirements Definition & Design________
Types of requirement Definitions are relevant to survivable systems

Distributed Services

Distributed Logic

Distributed Code

Distributed Hardware

Shared communicati on & routing

Diminished Trust



Defining Requirements of Survivable System

Requirement Definition for survivable System_______

The definition & analysis of survivability requirements is a critical first step In achieving system survivability.

Defining Requirements of Survivable System

Integrating survivability requirements with system requirements_______

System requirements refers to traditional user function that a system must provide

Defining Requirements of Survivable System

Requirement Definition for Essential Service_______

•The Set of Essential Services must form a viable subsystem for users That is complete & Coherent. •Requirements must be defined for making the transition to & form Essential service levels. •Provisions for tracing survivability requirements through design, code & test must be established. •Simulation of intrusion through intruder usage scenarios is included in the Testing process.

Each System requirements must be examined to determine whether it corresponds to Essential Service

Defining Requirements of Survivable System

Design strategies for survivable network depend on several assumption & constraints

•Any individual node of the network can be compromised.

Survivability •Survivability doesn't require that any particular physical Design component of the network be preserved. & implementation •Only the essential service of the network as a whole must surviv Technique •For reasons of reliability , design error, user error & intentional
compromise the trustworthiness of a network node or any node with which it can Communicate Cannot be guaranteed.

4 Aspects of Survivability solution strategies

Survivability Design & implementation Technique


IP Telephony Survivable Network

Survivability Design & implementation Technique

•Adapting & Developing architectural description technique to adequately describe large scale distributed system with survivability attributes. • Representing intruder environments through intruder usage models. • Creating an analysis method to evaluate survivability as a global emergent property from architectural specification. • Refining the analysis technology & instruments through tests of real distributed system.

Future Scope

In the future, network will become more and more essential to our lives. In order to design a reliable network, it is extremely important to understand the network performance under various conditions. Since networks are a very complex system, by combining computational science and network survivability theory, we will significantly improve our capability for analysing various forms of network topologies.


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