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									PA Department of Transportation
Open Plan Operating Procedures

************************ Special Note for Consultants ************************

The files contained in this zip file were created for use on Department projects that are started
after October 30, 2009. It is the responsibility of the consultant project manager to coordinate
the usage of these files with the District Portfolio Manager in the District that your project is
located. Additional guidance is available in the Department’s Scheduling Manual, Publication

****************************** Standard Files *********************************

The following is a description of the standard files:

PDSMASTER - Standard PennDOT Master Activity List
PDSPRJ - Standard PennDOT Project Template
PDSKEY - Standard PennDOT Project Template (Select projects only)
PDSECON – Standard PennDOT Key Activities for Economic Stimulus Projects
PDSWBS - PennDOT Work Breakdown Structure
PDSOBS - PennDOT Organization Breakdown Structure
PDSCOST - PennDOT Cost Functions
PDSSTANDARD - PennDOT Standard Activities
PDSCAL - Standard PennDOT Calendar
PDSRESCAL - Standard PennDOT Calendar for Resources
PDSRES - Standard PennDOT Resource File
PDSTYP – Standard PennDOT Project Type File

Note: These files should not be modified in any way.

If or when a situation may arise that an overwrite or a modification to one of the above files is
present, the appropriate Central Office support contact should be notified of the situation
before any action is taken.
**************************** Usage of Template Files ****************************

The use of the accompanying templates coincides with Strike off letter 432-09-06 in that the
complexity of the project will determine which template is appropriate for the project. As
defined in SOL 432-09-06, the following project and templates are to be used:

a)      Major Complexity Projects – schedule utilizing the PDSPRJ template
b)      Moderate Complexity Projects – schedule utilizing the PDSPRJ template
c)      Minor Complexity Projects – schedule utilizing the PDSKEY template.

Accelerated Bridge:
Projects that are not required to use the PDSPRJ template are bridge rehabilitation, preservation,
and maintenance projects. In these cases, the PDSKEY template is required to be used.

American Recovery Rehabilitation Act (ARRA)
Projects that do not meet previous Open Plan policy or do not already have a project schedule
in Open Plan using a PennDOT template should use the PDSECON template.

The PDSMASTER file has all the activities that the Department felt would be vital for schedule
management and historical data purposes. The activity ID’s and descriptions have been
standardized in this file for purposes of collecting historical data. Since the activities listed in
the PDSPRJ are the only required activities, coordination with the District Portfolio Managers is
required to see which additional activities from the PDSMASTER file should be included in the
project schedule.

The PDSMASTER, PDSPRJ, PDSKEY and PDSECON are intended to be used as templates. Create a
new project using one of the four files. The file name should be the ECMS project number. The
process of modifying the schedule can then proceed.

Permitted modifications:

- Adding activities
- Deleting activities
- Creating relationships
- Modifying durations
Prohibited modifications:

- Changes to PDSWBS codes that are assigned to the PDSMASTER, PDSPRJ PDSKEY and PDSECON.
Improper assignment of the WBS codes will result in corruption of historical data.
- Changes or modifications to Activity ID’s or descriptions. If you need to add an activity that is
not included in the PDSMASTER, PDSPRJ PDSKEY or PDSECON file (a non-standard activity) you
will first need to seek approval from either the District Project Manager or Portfolio Manager.

Activities contained within the templates have durations. These durations are calculated based
on the historical data and may require modifications. Exceptions to this are those activities that
pertain to BOD and FHWA reviews; these activities are assigned the required duration and
should not be modified unless prior approval is granted by the appropriate party at the CO or
FHWA. All other activities within the template may require duration modifications.

Activities contained within the template also require sequencing logic. Logic ties (relationships)
between activities are not assigned and need to be set by the design team.

********************************** Questions **********************************

If you have any questions with regards to these files or their intended usage please contact your
District Portfolio Manager or Corey Notarangelo at 717-705-8535 or

Version 07.31.2009

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