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The PCT’s are committed to ensuring that all the providers within Hertfordshire deliver the commitment to eliminate mixed sex
accommodation by December 2009. This plan sets out the overall approach being taken by the PCTs to ensure that all providers
meet the commitment by the deadline.

PCTs commitment:           Same-sex accommodation: your privacy, our responsibility

The same-sex accommodation: your privacy, our responsibility campaign aims to all but eliminate mixed sex accommodation from
hospitals in England by 2010. Over the next six months, all trusts and PCTs will be expected to show how they plan to eliminate
mixed sex accommodation. Staff have a vital role to play in meeting this objective in giving all patients the best possible experience
during their time in hospital.

Same-sex accommodation in practice

The need to deliver the highest standards of privacy and dignity applies equally to all areas of healthcare. Achieving these high
standards will usually mean ensuring that men and women do not have to sleep in the same room or share toilet and washing
facilities. Patients should not have to pass through areas used by the opposite sex to reach their own facilities. Same-sex
accommodation can be provided in:

   •   same-sex wards, where the whole ward is occupied by men or women only
   •   single rooms, or

   •   mixed wards, where men and women are in separate bays or rooms

In exceptional cases, there may be no alternative to treating men and women together, for example in high-tech care (with one-to-
one nursing), very specialised care or urgent/emergency care. Staff must look at the impact on all patients involved, and do their
utmost to maintain the individual’s privacy and dignity. Patients should be moved to same-sex accommodation as soon as

Current level of compliance

The table below sets out the number of areas that are compliant with the DH guidance on same sex accommodation as at 30th
June 2009. This plan will be updated throughout 2009 to enable the PCT to monitor the performance of providers as the deadline of
December 2009 approaches.

           PROVIDER                     COMPLIANT AS AT JUNE 30TH 2009               NON- COMPLIANT AS AT JUNE 30TH 2009
                                               Number of areas                                Number of areas
     West Herts NHS Trust                            22                                             12
East and North Herts NHS Trust
  Hertfordshire Partnership                 All sites are fully compliant                                  0
       Foundation Trust
  Hertfordshire Community                                 8                                                5
        Health Services

OBJECTIVE            ACTION                  EVIDENCE OF         LEAD                  TIMESCALES              UPDATE (Oct 09)
To ensure the PCT    Board sign off          Briefing papers     Clare Hawkins         Ongoing with bi-     Executive briefing
Boards are fully     action plan             Board reports and                         monthly reporting to April 2009
aware of the         Executive briefing      papers                                    Boards
requirement to       on SSA                                                                                 Board agreed plan
implement the        Board Briefing on                                                                      July 09
SSA guidance by      SSA
December 2009        Regular updates in                                                                        Board update
                     Board Performance                                                                         Sept 09
                     Ensure                                                                                    Board update for
                     responsibility for                                                                        Nov 09 Board
                     privacy and dignity
                     is clearly defined in
                     roles and
                     responsibilities of
To ensure the        Ensure submission       Email trail         Clare                 Ongoing with            CP attended SHA
SHA/DH are aware     of plans by SHA/DH                          Hawkins/Catherine     fortnightly reporting   network
of the progress      deadlines                                   Pelley                to SHA                  November 09
being made in        Participate in SHA      Notes of
Hertfordshire to     conference calls        conference calls
implement SSA        Participate in SHA      Notes of meetings
guidance             SSA meetings
To ensure that all   Include requirement     Action plans        Catherine Pelley/Jo   Plans agreed by         Action plans for
NHS Trusts have      to deliver SSA in       Contract includes   Field/Clare           June 30th 2009          WHHT/ENHT/HPFT
plans in place to    contract with           SSA                 Jones/Janet Lewis                             and PCT provider
meet the SSA         providers                                                                                 agreed with Trusts

guidance by both     Ensure providers           Email trail                                                and submitted for
the June 30th 2009   meet deadlines for                                                                    approval June 11th
and December         returns to SHA
2009 deadlines       Plans to include                                                                      Further feedback
                        •   Completion                                                                     on plans to Trusts
                            date                                                                           Plans for
                        •   Funding
                                                                                                           resubmission on
                        •   Board approval
                        •   Publication
                                                                                                           29th June
                        •   Governance
                        •   Bed                                                                            All plans agreed
                            management                                                                     with SHA/Providers
                        •   Patient
                            information                                                                    All plans published
                        •   Clinical policies
                                                                                                           updates received
                        •   HR policies
                        •   Training                                                                       Sept 09
                     Participate in SHA         Notes of review
                     review                     Risk register                                              All plans published
                     Include on PCT risk        DSSA return                                                updates received
                     register                                                                              Oct 09

                                                                                                           Phase 2 visits to be
                                                                                                           completed by mid

                                                                                                           Phase 2 visits
To ensure the PCT    Include SSA in             Notes of contract   Catherine Pelley   MDS agreed by       DSSA on Patient
have a               patient experience         monitoring                             PEC on 22nd April   Experience Whole
performance          minimum data set           meetings                               Monthly SLA         Systems
management           MDS reporting part         MDS report to                          monitoring          Committee

framework in       of contract            Whole system                                        (PEWSC) agenda
place to deliver   monitoring process     patient experience
SSA                Feedback to Whole      committee
                   system patient
                   Identify on
                   fortnightly DSSA
                   returns areas of
                   concern and raise
                   through contract
                   leads and clinical
                   Ensure need to
                   deliver DSSA
                   agenda built into
                   winter planning and
                   swine flu planning

To agree a         Publish SSA            Website              Catherine Pelley   June 30th   PCT published plan
communication      commitment and         Comms plans from                                    on website
plan to inform     action plan on PCT     providers
patients and the   website                Audit of providers                                  Updated plan to be
public of our      Agree                  websites                                Ongoing     published
commitment to      communication          Provider public
deliver SSA.       plans with providers   information
                   Raise awareness of     Staff brief
                   P and D in staff       Chief Executive

                 communications         briefings

To ensure        Deputy DoN part of                 Catherine Pelley   First SSA review    Learning shared
learning from    the DH SSA review                                     16th June 09        with providers.
other areas is   programme                                             Lessons shared by
shared across    Share learning on                                     email to all
Hertfordshire    return from visits (                                  providers